White Claw Pancakes Recipe

– And the entire Whiteclaws just gonna go right into there (lively music) – Welcome to Mythical Kitchen where dreams come from a variety pack at Costco, you can buy anything there, you really can! Today we are making White Claw pancakes, the first time I had a White Claw I was like I don't get it, why not just drink a light beer? Natty Light got me this far in life, I wanna keep ridin' that Natty train and then the second time I had a White Claw, I was like okay I get it

And then the third time I had a White Claw, mind you this was all in the span of 10 minutes, I was like I think I'm startin' to understand By that sixth White Claw, I was like, I feel like I can make breakfast with this thing so that's what we're gonna do today If you follow along at home, you can snag the time codes right there Or right there, or right there but the real time codes are in there Let's get cookin'! (lively music) First up, we're gonna make a raspberry White Claw syrup because like what else would you make to go with White Claw pancakes? So we're gonna take about eight ounces of raspberries and then we're gonna dump in a half cup of sugar

Now the raspberries are gonna start to release some natural juices and we're gonna mash the sugar into the raspberries a little bit as it heats up Put in the White Claw, all the alcohol is gonna cook out, well not all of it, it's kind of a myth to how much alcohol cooks out when you heat it, but some of the alcohols gonna cook out, we'll find out after breakfast I suppose So you can hear the raspberries sizzling a little bit, we're gonna mash 'em up just a little bit, get that workin' with the sugar That's lookin' nice, you see them releasing some juices, this is a process called macerating, say it very carefully, master, macerating Gonna stir that up and then we're gonna get our White Claw in there and so the proper way to open the White Claw, get it in your pen, you're gonna take out your culinary keys, and then you're just gonna and the entire White Claws just gonna go right into there, I do have a long shoot day ahead of me and now I'm sticky and one of my biggest fears in life is being sticky, so we're gonna let this come to a boil and that's gonna do two things, it's gonna start to reduce, make the syrup nice and tight, and then two it's gonna cook out the 5% alcohol of the White Claws

Mmm, tastes like bad decisions at a bachelor party, shout out to Kyle, getting married, I'm very excited to ruin the Air B and B Me and my friends, we'll get like Air B and Bs every summer, there was one person on the Air B and B website that complained that she found quote hundreds of rib bones in her backyard, it wasn't a hundred, it was 72 to be exact and we didn't know where to put 'em because we were eating ribs in the hot tub of course and so we just threw them over the fence into our neighbor's backyard We thought like oh she has a dog, it barks all day, the dog would love the rib bones as a treat but no, they did not take our act of gratitude kindly Now, our syrup has really come together It's starting to reduce, it's really bubbling a lot and so now we have to thicken it up

We're gonna take some corn starch and water and just gonna go ahead and use our White Claw opening tool to stir that together, I hope my car works after this And then we're just gonna pour in the corn starch slurry, you see the syrup really start to thicken up and then we're gonna add our lemon juice just to give it like some real brightness and the brightness is gonna cut through any residual alcohol that ends up in the pancakes, what a weird sentence to say! So now that the syrup has really come together, we're gonna take about two tablespoons of lemon juice, I'm just gonna juice it straight from the lemon and I'm gonna hold it face up that way any of the seeds are gonna go right in my hand and we're just gonna juice that in there and then give it a nice stir And you wanna reduce this until it coats a spoon pretty well we're almost there, another minute, we're gonna pull this off the heat and then we're gonna start making our citrus compound butter and we're elevating the summer drink of ruining Air B and Bs (lively music) So now we have to make our citrus compound butter We don't have to make our citrus compound butter, adding White Claw to pancakes is all optional for your life So I'm gonna take out my citrus zester and I'm just gonna start grating a lemon, you wanna get about, that's not working too well

I'm gonna take about a tablespoon of zest, each of lemon orange and grapefruit, you can use any citrus that you want on this but I like to have a nice melange in there because I get classy in my White Claw pancakes, you know, White Claws aren't at all drinkin' on the beach, White Claws are about family and community White Claw is not a sponsor of this, I'm not sure if you can tell So we're gonna get our lemon zest in there, and then we're gonna hit it up on an orange, I like especially combining lemon and orange, 'cause lemon you get like all that freshness and orange you get that little bit of like a sweet pallet on it and then we're gonna get in the grapefruit for a little bit of bitter All right, so we have all of our citrus zest in there and now what we're gonna do is we're gonna pour oh fa– (light music) What I'm gonna do is pour in all the salt that I had there that I was gonna add a pinch of to it, what you wanna do, hold on, this is called the old pivot, this is the old PR flip What you wanna do is you wanna pour salt all over your citrus zest, that's really gonna bring out all those citrusy notes to it and then you gotta take your salt, and you're just gonna put it back where it came from and this is a process known as dry burking

All right so we've got all of our beautiful zest in our citrus dry burk bowl and now we're gonna take two tablespoons of sugar (light music) Get it together man, this is the rib bones all over again You're gonna get all of the oils blended into that sugar and it's gonna turn this beautiful kinda yellow orangeish color so now we're gonna take our softened stick of butter and we're gonna add that to our bowl and then we're gonna take our hand mixer, you could also do this with a whisk but we're gonna do a whipped butter It's gonna be a really light and airy texture and then you can just scoop it with an ice cream scoop, it's gonna taste exactly like I don't know Dennys mixed with a ZBT frat party And immediately go to the highest setting

Can it go higher? It can, and you're just gonna drill it right in there like Michael Clark Dunkin in Armageddon Can it go higher? It can go higher! And you want like 100% whippage levels, lookin' nice and gorgeous, now just hit the eject button And that is your citrus-whipped compound butter Mmm, tastes like childhood, I used to eat sticks of butter So what! (lively music) So right now, we are making the actual White Claw pancake batter and I have long added soda water to pancake batter because the carbonation in it can actually make your batter lighter so that's something I really enjoy and I figured why not throw some White Claw in there, I'm using my favorite flavor black cherry

It's mostly my favorite flavor because no one else drinks it and so I got it all, so you want a full can of White Claw minus one sip Hits different in the morning, you know? You guys ever do White Claw mimosas? Claw-mosas? It's great, you pour in three quarters part black cherry to one quarter parts whatever other White Claw you have, because we're using White Claw as a liquid instead of say milk or cream we wanna add a little bit more fat in there so we're gonna do two yolks and one whole egg and the way to separate an egg, you can just dump it in your hands and let the whites run through your fingers but a more hygienic way, we're just gonna separate it in the actual shell, kinda pass it back and forth Our other egg here into the batter and then one whole egg, whoa! That's aggressive White Claw makes you aggressive in the morning We got our eggs in there, I like to add all my wet ingredients to a blender and I also like to make pancake batter in the blender because it just gets it nice and fluffy and you only have to use like one bowl So we got some melted butter in there, then we are going to add in our flour and then we're going to toss in this is both baking soda and baking powder

Little bit of sugar, little bit of salt, perfect Blender goes vroo Push it down to tamper a little bit (blender blending) Now your pancake (laughs) Now your pancake batter is lookin' nice and fluffy, let's make some pancakes

(light music) I have an electric griddle here, it is one of my favorite tools in the kitchen, it costs like 20, 30 bucks, go down to the Walmart, that's where I got mine I'm just gonna smear in a hefty amount of butter on there, then we're gonna take about a half cup of pancake batter and we are just going to dollop that right on the griddle, just a half cup and then the pancake will naturally spread itself out It's the pancake trying to get away from the White Claw 'cause it knows it shouldn't be there So we're gonna make a nice short stack of two Pancakes, the way to cook 'em is you put 'em on there and then they're pancakes, mazel tov

Now pancakes, you know they're ready to flip when the bubbles actually start to rise, you see it already starting to happen there The majority of the surface area is covered with bubbles, that means that the batter is getting cooked and it's aerating and you are ready to flip 'em Oh yeah, it smells like Claws! So we're cooking this on about medium heat when you cook pancakes you don't wanna do it on too high of a heat, everyone's dad growing up made burnt pancakes and I don't know how it happened but like don't dad burn your pancakes Ryan laughed 'cause he knows it's true Every time my dad tried to make pancakes like without fail they were just burned, no matter how low the flame was, no matter like how much we tried not to burn them, they were just burnt

The batter is actually gonna start heating through on that first cook on the sides so when you flip it, it just needs to go for like another minute and then it's gonna be done If you are consistently cooking raw pancakes, that might be a problem and then we can talk, but the rule of thumb for me is go about 70% on the first side you'll see the bubbles, the batter will start to cook all the way through, flip it one more minute and then it's done These look, oh look how big and puffy these guys are, that's fantastic, so the pancakes are feelin' done Start platin' these up and then we're gonna get our butter right on top when it's still warm so it starts melting, I'm gonna do a nice little fancy French technique called canilling You're gonna take spoons and you're gonna do this to it, I wanted to use an ice cream scoop but I couldn't find it, that's probably good enough

And then boom, beautiful canilla butter on there and then we're gonna get some of that beautiful, raspberry syrup on there that's infused with all that White Claw flavor, that is a heavy pour in syrup Whoops, the butters slidin' I need a fork, oh no we need to spork someone! – [Ryan] Sporking yourself – I'm sporking myself, I can't do that, I'll go blind! (lively music) As you see, all the butter has melted which means that you can add more butter If all your butter melts, you're allowed to add more butter

That's the rules of pancakes to me That's completely flooded with syrup, this plate of pancakes are lookin' too good, I gotta get it inside my mouth hole And to get you inside my mouth hole, I'm giving you the most immersive experience possible This is the self-spork cam, I've been self-sporking for the last several months every night before I go to bed And we're just gonna dig right into the pancakes, this is normally how self-sporking goes

(light music) Now that was a bite of food It was 80% butter (laughs) which is how I like my pancakes in the morning I got 80% butter, 15% White Claw, five to 105% pure deliciousness This is really good! Honestly, you don't taste the alcohol in it, you get a little bit of that like artificial flavoring Snap in there, tons of raspberry flavor, the citrus comes through, the pancakes are light and fluffy

This is everything you could possibly want from a healthy balanced breakfast Thank you so much for stopping by the Mythical Kitchen, leave a comment with what mythical dishes you wanna see us cook next Hit us up on Instagram with pictures of your food under #DreamsBecomeFood and that's @MythicalKitchen Got a new episode of A Hot Dog is a Sandwich out every Wednesday, new cooking videos out every week See you guys later, I'm gonna spork again, I'm gonna spork myself again

Twice in one day, huh? Ambitious! Mmm! See you guys later, I'll see you next time Make your kitchen more mythical with these stickers and magnets Now available at Mythicalcom

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