What Happens When You Drink Expired Kool-Aid?

(upbeat music) (instrumental music) – These are expired 2005 You know I wasn't allowed to drink Kool-Aid

It was one of the things that my mum drew a boundary around – It smells like a spicier lemonade – Yeah (upbeat music) Tastes like an air freshener – It's bad, oh my God

– It tastes like an air freshener (chokes) (laughs) I'm a human (upbeat music) – You can be anything you want to be – What's happening to my mouth? – Should we call the fire department? – Something's happening in my mouth – Do you have any cleaner? I want some cleaner in my mouth

– Don't tell anybody I'm alone I'm alone I'm alone I'm alone

– Oh man – I might be drinking something that's got poison ♫ Lemon ice ♫ Kool-Aid ♫ Oh yeah – [Instructor] Click on the left to watch another This Is mythical video Click on the right to watch another, another This is Mythical video and click the circular channel icon to subscribe

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