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(food processor rattles) – Now you see you're getting the perfect marbling from the coconut oil that's staying nice and solid from the chilled beef (upbeat music) Spicy chicken nuggets, the frosty, and, of course, the Baconator

These are just some of the most iconic menu items from Wendy's past and present – But what does the future hold if society shifts towards a plant-based diet? No one can predict the future fast food better than Josh – Today, my time-traveling compatriot Chase and I will be creating the Vegan Baconator, Wendy's next mega viral menu item – This is Future Fast Food (upbeat electronic music) – All right Chase, have you ever made vegan bacon before? – I have not

– Eh full disclosure, me neither That's why we're doing (men laugh) four different things – Okay, good – Welcome to the future, where nothing is certain! Except for the rise of veganism due to methane emissions from cows All right, so what you're gonna do is you're gonna take that innuendo of an emoji and you're gonna clip off the ends of it and then you're gonna cut it in half and then slice it in very thin slices

I'm gonna make a marinade filled with many bacon-ish flavored items This is the loose thought process And then we're gonna take thin strips of various things, try and dehydrate them, and then fry them to make them crispy and see if any of them actually taste like bacon All right, so I'm gonna start by making the marinade You start by cutting that up

– Okay – I'm taking random things This is Bragg's organic coconut liquid aminos I don't necessarily know what it does, but it tastes a little bit smokey, a little sweet, a little savory, and I see a lot of vegan moms buyin' it at Whole Foods (Chase scoffs) So I'm gonna put in, what's that? Three tablespoons of that in there? That's lookin' really good

Have you been working on– (beeping) stop it! Have you been working on your knife skills? – I've just been watching your videos – Really? – Yeah – Oh my god, that means a lot! – I keep watching and just feeling like I need to do better, so – I watch the international taste test videos and I think that I need to show my midriff more All right I'm taking about a teaspoon and a half of liquid smoke in there You can smell that – Ooh, yeah – It smells like if you put bacon in a trash compactor, which sounds like a GMM episode

(Chase laughs) And I'm putting in some dark soy sauce in there and then a little bit of maple syrup because a lot of bacon that we taste, right, get that sweet maple hit, is what I'm thinkin' That's actually perfect, these slices are great – This is just a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be (Chase laughs) – Yeah, do you wanna switch? You can stir this up, taste it, and add more stuff 'til it tastes like bacon – Cool

– I'll take over the slicing duties – It smells like when you make really good ribs – We can make vegan ribs because in the future there's not gonna be any animals except for people will actually be the animals because we'll be kept as pets for the rich (Chase laughs) – There we go this looks exactly like bacon! (Chase laughs) You know, Wendy's in the future the Baconator is the king of the meaty fast food items, right? – Wouldn't the Whopper be the king of? 'Cause it's in the name? – Yeah, but that's just 'cause they haven't adopted the parliamentary system yet – Still, wow – They did the Impossible Whopper, right? You got Carl's Jr bringin' in Beyond Beef

Dunkin' Donuts is now doing a Beyond Sausage, love what you did there, and so Wendy's hasn't done any of this yet But you know carbon emissions, those are bad Cows fart out methane, that's cloudin' up the air People whopork is bad If you were a hipster bartender making my drink like that, I would be like, "Tip this dude $10 extra 'cause he's so confident" All right, I'm pretty satisfied I think you did a great job

(Josh gags) (Chase laughs) That's great so how did you combine all of these to taste like that? None of those flavor– like it created a sourness– – Did you see me? I wasn't looking – I know, but even on the off chance, all these things taste somewhat similar and somehow that tastes like it's gasoline (beep) Wow, so we have our perfect bacon sauce It tastes exactly like bacon – Oh, it's so good

It's my favorite thing ever – Chase, just paint a layer on the bottom and I'm gonna start layering this stuff and then you're gonna paint the top of each of these as well And then we're gonna dehydrate in the oven and see what happens – I think it was a marinade when you made it – There's no words for what it is right now, some sort of toxic sludge

Whoa, what do you got there? – These are tire treads that you flatten out – This is rice paper – Oh! – This is one of those newfangled, like vegan blog– – Like it's actually food? – Yeah, so what you do is you hydrate these a little bit This is the one that I'm most hopeful for, frankly So look it, Chase, look at it! Now it's all like this

– Oh, wow! – And I'm just gonna cut these into bacon-like strips And then we're gonna, very safely, take our knife and use it as a spatula It didn't even cut the rice paper! (Chase laughs) And then you want to just great so now we're gonna take our rice paper and we're just gonna splat that down and then we're actually gonna bake the rice paper at a higher heat So we're gonna keep all that at about 275 for about an hour and three more hours (laughter) (beep) All right, Chase, what we're gonna do is we're gonna–what? (crew laughs) Can we have some focus on set? (beep) All right, Chase, so what we're gonna do We're gonna put that in the oven at 275 for one hour and then three more hours after that and then that one, we're gonna put in the oven for 15 minutes at about 375 – Okay – 'cause that one's gonna cook up quick

That has a lot of moisture to evaporate, this one doesn't We didn't put any mushrooms anywhere on these, did we? – (laughs) No, I think we completely forgot about those – All right, Chase, so we're gonna put that in the oven (beep) We're gonna put stuff in the oven and then you'll see (electronic whooshing) Chase, if you can't tell, we have all our vegan bacon

Think about Wendy's, they have so many resources, right? They could just grow animals from scratch that don't have a nervous system, but do have a delicious fatty belly – Yeah, don't feel pain and get a lot of bacon – So my thought: we're gonna take various things of this and we're gonna deep fry it and then we're gonna taste 'em and see which one tastes most like bacon So we're just gonna fry these for about 30 seconds Try to get some crisp on them

Bacon is crispy, people like it Wendy's bacon, especially I have nothing but love for Wendy's but they do have the lowest quality fast food bacon in the entire game Their bacon to me is so, so, so crispy and there's no life to it Not like these beautiful fried eggplant Hold on, I've cooked a lot of vegan food in my day

And this is what they do: they'll take tofu and boil up some seaweed and be like, "This is fish now" You know they just take random vegetable items and call it whatever they want So we're doing that Okay which ones do you have the most hope for? – I don't have hope for the tofu ones at all – Nah

– So I'm kinda split between this even though it looks weird and the eggplant – We still got the rice paper to fry up 'Cause I want to save that one for last 'cause I think that's gonna be the ticket 'Cause this looks, at least, it's a strip – I do think it's between that and the eggplant

– I think so too – But that's just 'cause of looks probably It's not bad – It's not bad – If you smell your fingers it smells like bacon

It smells like a highly processed fast food bacon which is what we're going for Let's try this vegan eggplant bacon Okay – It's really gross I'm sorry – You go to a crappy sandwich shop and they're like try our house-made chips and you're like they're gonna be bad and then you get 'em and they look like this and you know what they're gonna taste like

– Mm-hmm – They taste like that Well we'll go again let's try the tofu 'cause act like you like it, just lie to the camera It's easy – Okay

– Oh my God is that bacon? – Oh it's the best one yet – This is the best bacon I've ever had! (Chase laughs) Okay let's try the rice paper 'cause this is awful These are pretty cool and translucent We're technically just making egg rolls They're starting to get some – That's looking – crisp on it

– a lot more bacon-y than anything – It's got the bacon bubbles! – So if you wanted to do this more like bacon at home could you do it in a pan with oil instead of this way? – Yup! We shoulda done that in hindsight That woulda been a good idea Wow this looks like bacon – That is insanely bacon-y

– Kinda looks like a used condom if we're being honest I'm gonna pull this one Why does this look so much like bacon? You ever shocked with your own work that you produce? – All the time – All the time This is hot but like honestly this looks like bacon

– Yeah it's got like the fat pockets and the crispy parts – It's cracklin' like bacon – Mm-hmm (Chase crunches) – Bacon whatever! (Josh crunches) You wanna talk about how Wendy's bacon is all crunch and has no life to it? – Yeah this is – That's it! – I wouldn't say this is the best bacon but it's really damn good Wendy's bacon – This is damn good Wendy's bacon I'm diggin' this this is goin' on our Vegan Baconator and this is goin' on every Vegan Baconator comin' out of Wendy's circa 2024: the very far distant future where everything's gonna be fine just like it is in the present (electronic warbling) Welcome to office- (group laughs) I'm so soft, I'm big but I'm so soft! (beep) So Chase would you believe if we looked at all these ingredients that I would tell you that this would create a burger just so much like beef that you wouldn't believe it? Would you believe that? – (laughs) I don't understand what you asked? – Would you not believe that al these ingredients before you wouldn't create a burger that tastes so much like not beef that you would go wow? – Yes

– That's what I'm telling you, today (beep) What we have here is La Fiesta Soya This is textured soy protein crumbles and we're gonna rehydrate these in water So you're gonna pour that into there – The whole thing? – Yeah, so we're tryna take some cues from Bob's Burger

We're gonna try and make this look and taste as much like beef as possible – I believe in us – So what we're gonna do is we're gonna take all of that La Fiesta Soya and we're gonna combine it with grated beets to give it that really red color We're gonna add some dark soy 'cause that adds all that umami – Ooh umami

– Ooh umami! (mumbles) And then we're gonna add some more things that make it look like meat so we're gonna add a bunch of spices to it, a little bit of liquid smoke 'cause that sells that burnt meat taste MSG of course, – Oh yeah! – the essence of umami, and some rice flour to bind it and then (mumbles) squares 'cause Wendy's? Wait ask me, hey Wendy's, I'm Wendy's in this situation, why aren't your burgers round? – Hey Wendy's why aren't your burgers round? – 'Cause here at Wendy's we never cut corners! Give it a good whiff tell me what it smells like Give me your tasting notes – It smells like cheerios that got moldy, – Yeah I get sweaty dog food Chase, would you believe if I told you that by combining the sweaty dog food with a few simple ingredients that it wouldn't not be beef in so far as Wendy's Vegan Baconator? – No! – That's right! So I'm taking all of the soy protein and I'm gonna dump it in here

Can you unwrap this little wet gift package? – Ooh yeah – And then grate the package into that bowl You gotta skin it! So skins on, so all we did, we took this beet, we roast it at 350 for like two hours – I did not know that there was skin on a beet – Yeah you roast it but then the skin should peel off really easily and then you get all that lovely beet flesh so you should be able to grate on that cheese grater which is now a beet grater

All right so we got all the soy in there, now we need to add things to it So you're gonna be gratin' that beet I'm just gonna dump in a bunch of salt Wendy's beef is very salty, Wendy's actually does have some of the best beef in the game so it's a shame that when cows go instinct in 2022 as we all know that Wendy's will just have to resort to this but luckily – That's soon – Oh dude, things are happenin' fast these days You kiddin', you watch the news? And I'm gonna dump in just a ton of MSG 'cause MSG kinda tastes like beef Well it tastes like animal Somehow there's distilled animal taste into a large powder and then rice flour 'cause it gives it this nice little dense chewiness and then it'll soak up any of that moisture that is in that soy

Chase, how are you doing? – I'm doin' great (men laugh) this is goin' really well – Okay I'm dumpin' in nutritional yeast in there Nutritional yeast kinda has that cheesy taste that's what a lot of vegan mac and cheese is made from They'll make some sort of vegetable puree then add nutritional yeast to it – This doesn't taste good though

– Nah none of this tastes good That's the whole thing about vegan food It's like you eat it and you're like, I could see how one would think that that would be bacon Is it good? Not necessarily And again I have nothing but respect for it except for all the disrespectful things I'm saying right now

How's it comin'? – A lot better now – It's doin' well, that's actually lookin' really, really good Let's see how much we got there Let's try that! I think I put a spoon in my (trays clatter) So we're just gonna – Is it this? – Chase would you believe me if I were to have had told you not less than three minutes ago that this is gonna be indistinguishable from cow meat? – Maybe! – Me too so what we're gonna do is we're gonna blend this up right now, it should form a smooth vegan meat paste and them I'm gonna take this cold coconut oil and try and pulse it in there to give it little fatty pockets to try and really reinforce that fat flavor and texture in there

– The other way – You do it – This it? – Yeah! – Then what? – Press the on button – On? (food processor whirs) – Look at that, looks like beef! – It does not look like beef – What do you mean? You ever seen beef? All right let's add a little more rice flour to this

Let's see if that does the trick This is rice flour or this MSG? (men laugh) Buzz it up, buzz it up, buzz it up! (food processor whirs) – Looks a lot more like beef! – Chase if I were to tell you! Oh we haven't added this yet The coconut oil, everyone knows when you're making veggie burgers, it's not beef until there's coconuts in it Go ahead and just add a lot of it So buzz it up! (food processor whirs) Now you see you're getting the perfect marbling from the coconut oil that staying nice and solid from the chilled beef

Chase now we have our perfect veggie patties You can take this out and form it – It's just chunks of coconut oil! – That's great that's what you want That's called marbling, you know like in beef you get the nice big old chunk of coconut sometimes? (Chase laughs) That's lucky! (electronic warbling) I'm just gonna ahead and I'm gonna drop that right in there Chase this is a life lesson: first to make a square, one must make a circle

But to make a circle, one must – Make a trapezoid I didn't have to take math in college! – And look at that we're successful-ish

In certain circles people think that we're successful In certain circles people sure don't You date a lawyer for a bunch of years you get treated like a side show – Fun fact, she and I had very similar hands – Dude I remember that

We didn't do anything with the information (Chase laughs) if that makes sense We just found out, we observed it merely we didn't find out So I'm gonna go ahead, I'm gonna drop this other patty

– (laughs) I don't know what to do now – What? – I feel so uncomfortable – Why this looks like just a great normal burger but why didn't we cut all the corners? – It got real uncomfortable, I just stopped – Cut all the corners! That looks great, that's a normal burger See if we can get under this guy

Yeah look at that! Now we gotta nice, hard sear on 'em and now we're just gonna take to get some good fat a nice lacquer on it, we're gonna take nice coconut amino butter Yeah look at that! That's just gonna sear right into those patties – Why didn't you do that after you grilled it? – Sometimes I don't have all the answers, Chase (men laugh) We're gonna throw, boom, one slice of vegan cheese on there, one slice of vegan cheese on there We're gonna get our bacon that shockingly tastes and looks a little bit like bacon

We're gonna put three of our bacon strips right there and then I'm gonna take this and we're just gonna pop it right on top, give it the old (burger crunches) (Chase laughs) the old back breaker maneuver Chase, vegan mayonnaise up that bun This mayonnaise is vegan – You made it? I sure did, we just emulsified a little bit of soy milk, avocado oil, vinegar, and stuff (spatula scrapes) We get that beautiful vegan burger 'round there

Pop that down, get som ketchup and more mayonnaise on the top bun and then we're gonna smash it down – Vegan ketchup? – Yeah ketchup is made of vegetables not fruits therefore it is vegan Chase that's all a Baconator is We got our beautiful beef patties, our beautiful rice paper bacon, our vegan cheese, our ketchup, and our mayonnaise We did it man! – I'm actually very impressed with the finished product

I was not confident at any step of the way – There were some points in this that I really doubted everything that I've ever believed in – How is Wendy's gonna market this? – Chase, I am so glad you asked So Wendy's slogan used to be "You know when it's real" Since there's nothing real about this burger technically speaking their new slogan's gonna be – [Narrator] "You know when it's fake but it tastes real at least as real as we could get it

" The Vegan Baconator from Wendy's, meat us halfway? – Chase had to run to the bathroom but I cannot wait to dig into this so Glorp-Glorp? (Josh claps) (eerie music) (Glorp-Glorp exclaims) Glorp-Glorp it's been so long, where have you been? (Glorp-Glorp exclaims) Attack ships off the shoulder of Orion, (Glorp-Glorp exclaims) sea beams glittering at the Tannhäuser Gate, (Glorp-Glorp exclaims) all of the memories were lost like tears in the rain? (Glorp-Glorp exclaims) Time to die? Well first you have to feed me this burger So hop to it Glorp-Glorp (Glorp-Glorp exclaims) Remember human mouths are on their face His people's mouths are our you know Yep, okay, gently (Glorp-Glorp exclaims) Thrash a little bit less And now we okay, okay, thank you Thank you Glorp-Glorp

(Glorp-Glorp exclaims) Yeah, linger a little more Glorp-Glorp can you go check on Chase? (Glorp-Glorp exclaims) Don't crack him, his people eat a lot of clams They like to crack living things Thank you Glorp-Glorp (Glorp-Glorp exclaims) My thoughts on the Baconator: the beef is a little bit gummy sure, that's on me

That's not on Wendy, Wendy you're a star but the bacon it's super bacon-y You get a lot of that meat flavor I still do believe that this is a future hit for Wendy's and I'm just trying to lay a path I want the rest of the fast food world to learn from my own personal failures to then create better fast food item for the future This is it right here

Would have been a lot easier if I decided to make a vegan frosty And if you think Wendy's should make this future fast food a reality, tweet @Wendys with #FutureFastFood they might roast you, they always do Thank you so much for joining us in Mythical Kitchen We add new videos every week and new episodes of our podcast ever Wednesday Hit us up on Instagram @MythicalKitchen with pictures of your mythical dishes under #DreamsBecomeFood

We'll see you all next time Glorp-Glorp is he from the future or is an alien? (crew laughs)

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