We Made Ostrich Wings And Things Got Weird

(stutters) (imitates chicken clucking) – That's what ostriches do They just do chicken but louder

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Thanks again to Pronamel for sponsoring that portion of today's video All right, let's get into it Welcome to Mythical Kitchen where dreams become food Now, one of my favorite acidic foods is buffalo sauce, and we are gonna make a ton of it because today, we're fryin' up some ostrich wings This is something I have never done before, but I'm super excited

It's gonna be big, and stupid, and delicious just like a hedychium* You thought I was gonna say me didn't you? Maybe flip that mirror back on yourself All right, so we've broken the recipe down to three easy steps We have the time codes right there, but we also got a full-written recipe down in the description below in case you wanna go find and butcher your own ostrich one day, and I hope you do 'cause I hate ostriches One time, an ostrich thought I was trying to steal his girl

We'll talk about that later Let's get cooking (funky percussive music) All right, so we've got our ostrich wings here, and if you look at 'em, I suppose this is the drum and this is the flat This is a part I've never worked at before I have made ostrich loin before, and I've made ostriches very angry before, but I've never worked at the wings

So, technique we're gonna use is a little bit different If we just fry these straight up, it looks like there's a lot of connective tissue 'cause if we (stuttering) (stutters) (imitates chicken clucking) That's what ostriches do They just do chicken but louder (imitates chicken clucking) So, these have a lot of connective tissue on 'em You can see all the sinew, and all this fat, and all that stuff going in there

So if we were just to fry it straight up, you can eat ostrich meat pretty rare, it is a very red meat, but I wanna actually braise these So what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna salt them very heavily Ostrich, it's a very kind of lean weird meat despite there being all of their fat and connective tissue on this It's got a little bit of gaminess to it So to offset that, I'm gonna get a bunch of aromatics going in there

So I'm just get all the wings in there I have kind of a long-running grudge with ostriches, at least about a year-long, which is when we went and shot at an ostrich farm I see it in his eyes that he hates me, and that's fine, I don't need to be loved by everyone And the ostriches were all like really shy, right? Like, we're goin' around this farm None of the ostriches wanted to come and hang out, and we're all bummed until one comes up to me, and I thought he was like, bein' a homie

I thought he was like, "You look cool, "I wanna play" And then, he flares his wings, and his neck gets all red and flushed He goes (imitates ostrich clucking) And I'm like this seems cool, and the farmer comes up He goes, "That's a sexually threatening display

" And I'm like, "That's a weird thing "to say to a person, sir" Turns out, the ostrich was in heat, and he had a stable of women Carrie and Samantha were the actual hen's names No one wanted Miranda, am I right? And this ostrich literally thought that I was trying to steal his girls and populate the farm So what I'm sayin', ostrich chicks love me, bro

All right, so we're also using elephant garlic 'cause we got exotic meats in the pan We got exotic vegetables in here I'ma start doin' some exotic dances Palm heel strike! And so, we got our garlic nice and crushed When you crush garlic like that, it's gonna express all the allicin, and that's gonna mix with the ostrich fat, and it's gonna be nice and nice

That ostrich is smelling nice and fragrant So all we're gonna do, we're gonna pull these ostrich wings And then, we're gonna get 'em into like a nice deep baking dish You can use a dutch oven, you can use whatever These are looking somethin'

I'm gonna add a little bit more oil to this pan And then, I'm gonna start getting my aromatics sweating in there Any of that delicious, maybe, ostrich flavor, we don't know yet, is gonna be kind of trapped in what's called the fond of the pan there Swiggity swooty, look at that booty, and we're gonna get all of our aromatics sweating into that Along with our mirepoix, I'm gonna add a little bit of peppercorn

I like to add the peppercorn at this stage 'cause you're kinda toastin' it up in all that fat that's down there So we're just gonna get some nice browning on these vegetables Gonna hit it with some nice dry white wine You always wanna cook ostrich with a wine you'd wanna drink with said ostrich Not like, drink while eating ostrich, but like, if you're gettin' drunk with an ostrich, you know? Trying to pre-negotiate that ostrich, (beeps) These are typical poultry herbs

So we got rosemary, we got fresh thyme, we got a little bit of sage Sage is a big heavy Thanksgivingy flavor It's just something that goes great with 'ya birds The most fascinating thing I learned about the ostriches though is that there's a huge like, in the '90s, while the tech boom was going on, there was also a huge ostrich boom A bunch of farmers got swindled into buying giant ostrich litters 'cause they were like, "Ostriches are the future

"In the distant year of 2002, "everyone's gonna be eating ostrich eggs "and ostrich meats and it's all healthy" And turns out, the only market for ostrich meat was this guy You're welcome, but also sorry So, just make that you're boilin' away for about five minutes It's reduced a little bit

Some of that wine flavor has gotten nice and cooked down I'm just gonna spin this pot way too freely And then, I'm gonna take it and I'm just gonna pour it into this You might be asking, "Josh, why didn't you just take "the ostrich wings and put it into that pot "where it would've easily fit?" That's not how to do I'm just gonna spread these incredibly hot aromatics out with your hands

And then, we are going to wrap this in foil and we're gonna pop it in the oven at 325 for about three hours 'til that meat has almost fall off the bone tender, but we kinda need to stay on the bones 'cause it's wings Let's wing it (funky bass music) So the first step to making buffalo sauce is we're gonna clarify butter I think it's one of the bigger mistakes that people do when they make home-made buffalo sauce They're just melting butter

When you get all those milk, fat, solids in there, then it's kinda gonna get a little bit chunky and a little bit funky, and make love tonight That's, is that even in the song? That's not even a reference to anything That's just me using just word diarrhea out of the mouth So it goes, (speaks gibberish) So all we're gonna do is we're gonna let our butter melt in the pan It's gonna cook over time

And then, we're gonna strain it Bingo, bango, that's your clarified butter (pan sizzling) (bell rings) All right, so we got this butter melting for about seven minutes over low heat and it's starting to simmer And if you see, we got this kind of butter scum on top And so, when you skim that off, that is what's going to clarify it

You could do it very meticulously with a spoon, and I know what you're saying, "Josh, you're the most meticulous and precise cook "on YouTube that I know" No I'm just gonna run this through a strainer You can also use cheesecloth, but this is a fine mesh china cap or chinois And so, I'm just going to strain it off

And you see, we've got the little scungy scunge in the bottom Then we're gonna dump in the hot sauce It's just a Louisiana-style hot sauce And so, we're gonna whisk that together, and make sure you spin the bowl I don't like to heat this

I just like to pour the hot sauce in the butter directly And then, the heat from the wings when you put the sauce on is going to kinda coat it Then we're just gonna add a little bat of that paprika Little bat of the paprika, bud! And then, we're gonna add a little bit of lemon pepper, a little bit of Chipotle chili, and then, just a little bit of lemon juice 'cause I really do love when the acid from a buffalo sauce counteracts all the fattiness from the fryin' What accent is goin' on today? Oh, that's the accent of ostrich farmers

They all hang out so they develop like a kind of unique way of speakin' And then, the garlic, I'm just gonna palm heel strike Palm heel strike! Kinda stuck there And so, we're just gonna let the garlic cloves kind of hang out in there And then, we're gonna strain 'em out when they're ready

Have fun hanging out, garlic I wanna taste it Ooh! (clicks tongue) That is lip-puckeringly acidic That's gonna do great on the ostrich wings We got the ostrich wings

They're done braisin' They've been coolin' for a little bit Now, we've gots to batter 'em and fry 'em Get 'em all sauced up (upbeat techno music) We got our ostrich fresh out of the oven, and there's some nice meaty structure to this ostrich wing

See, it's nice and tender It's not quite fall off the bone So it's gonna hold up nice in the fryer So now, after you dirty your hands, what you're gonna do is you're gonna make a wet batter So I'm gonna take the ostrich, and I'm gonna dress it in the flour, and then get the wet batter that is made from egg whites

Then, we're just gonna whisk up just to get a little bit of frothy It's gonna kinda whip up the proteins It should be a nice light batter just to give the sauce something to stick to So this egg white's all whisked up So we're gonna add ice-cold water to the batter

And then, we're gonna stir that up, and we're just gonna add some salt We got a lot of seasoning going into the ostrich We got a lot of seasoning in the sauce So I'm not super worried about seasoning the batter And then, we are using rice flour and potato starch

Now, these ingredients are typically in a lot of Korean fried chicken wings, which are some of the best fried chicken wings on the planet that will kinda give them their beautiful texture So we got our nice loose batter created We got our fryer a little nice and hot, about 375 And now, all I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take the ostrich wings straight out of the braising liquid You could dry 'em off, but if you're puttin' 'em in the flour, the flour's gonna absorb all that moisture already

So I'm gonna get it nice and floured up a little bit And now, we're gonna take that I'm just gonna dredge it in this nice light fry coating Let the excess drip off a little bit And then, get that nice and gently into the fryer

And now, we will see what happens because it is as much a mystery to you, the viewer, as it is me, the chef All right, so I'm gonna keep taking more ostriches We're gonna take the little shin bone, arm shin, is what they call 'em in the ostrich-breeding community, of which I have found myself embroiled it Dip that, nice and pacy Again, this is gonna cause a very kind of thin shattering crust on it, which is what we want

And you're just gonna let 'em fry for a little bit longer (pan sizzling) (bell rings) So we're just gonna take the wings right out of the fryer And then, we are just gonna drop them straight into the buffalo sauce Get it all nice and coated, and we're gonna take this thing that is way too long to actually get coated We'll solve that later

So we got these wings I'm just gonna toss 'em (calming instrumental music) I've been eyeing this big daddy ostrich for awhile, just like that big daddy ostrich eyed me back when it went (imitates ostrich clucking) Abby, I'd lift my right leg when I do it too And so now, I'm gonna take this one This is, this is like a whole meal

You're just eating a whole like large part of a very large animal This is like a freakin' turkey leg you'd get at a renaissance fair, except this is an ostrich This is a dinosaur turkey leg This is what the T-rexes were eating at the run fair And so, I'm gonna take this

I'm gonna just splash some batter on it Just like macaroni in the pot, now you're gonna go ahead and take that ostrich wing, let it drip off a little bit And then, that's just gonna go into the fryer (pan sizzling) (bell rings) Oh, look at that Honestly, it looks like the foreshank of a baby ruminant, but it's an ostrich leg

And so, we're just gonna get that in the bowl Too big for the bowl I'm just gonna grab it That is hot It is super crispy

You can literally hear how crispy it is when you touch it with anything I wish you had hear-a-vision, but until they can invent a video where you can also have sound on it, I guess you'll just have to smell it through your screen I'm just gonna brush this down, get it all nice and coated in that buffalo sauce Yep, yep, yep, this is the right move for me Woo, it's hot! Oh, it's hot! But now wow, this wing looks so great

All I gotta do is plate it up We gotta get some more sauce on it, then I'm gonna go ahead and eat it Ow! (funky jazz music) These wings came out really incredible The meat looks super tender The coating is extra crispy

And the sauce, you can just see how much of it has soaked in there I think it'd be super delicious And to give you the most immersive experience possible, we're gonna put you right inside my mouth with the patented self-sporkin' cam I really wanna try and get the whole wing on here So I'm gonna try and just get in the muscle tissue

Yeah, yeah, we spilled the ranch, that's nice Just kinda get that in there And now, oh Oh God Whoa! This is a drip

I'm digging off this spork I don't care I need to dip this in ranch Oh my God I should probably explain to you what's happening, but I'm freaking flummoxed right now

It tastes exactly like a buffalo wing, dude It's all crispy and I'm holding the bone, but it really tastes like you've braised a tiny goat shank for a long time 'cause I like the texture of pot roast, but it's so spicy and acidic enough that, Oh my God, this is good! This is freakin' incredible, wow! Very seldom are my expectations on this show completely superseded, and that's happened today I'ma eat a carrot stick 'cause like no one eats the carrot sticks Thank you so much for stopping by Should I wait for my mouth to not be full? (beeps) Well, thank you so much for stopping by the Mythical Kitchen

We got new recipes for you every week We have new episodes on our podcasts every Wednesday, wherever you get your podcast My face burns Hit us up on Instagram @mythicalkitchen under #dreamsbecomefood with pictures of your mythical dishes, and we will see you next time I'ma go to town on this wing

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