We Made A Tater Tot Chili Bowl

– Just a little bit of tomato paste to give it a little bit of a thickness of which with I am down (laughing) (upbeat music) – Welcome to Mythical Kitchen where dreams become food! Sorry, sometimes I struggle controlling the volume of my voice when I get nervous

Today's video is brought to you by Kroger Brand where awesome meets affordable Kroger Brand products are made to exceed expectations at an affordable price, and also they just taste great All the Kroger Brand products we're using today can be found at your local Kroger Family Store Today, we are making a tater bite chili bowl, and you might be asking yourself, what the heck is a tater bite chili bowl Here's my theory

If you would serve chili in a bread bowl, and I hope you do, you should also want to serve it in a giant bowl made from tater tots, so that is exactly what we're going to do, and we have broken the recipe down into three easy steps You can snag the time codes right there Let's get cooking (upbeat music) I've made tater tots from scratch before, but it so much easier to just use Kroger Brand Tater Bites They're delicious, they bake up awesomely crispy and they are perfect for shaping into a bowl

So let's get to that All we're gonna do is rip open the bag with a fork You have to rip open the bag with a fork That's key to the recipe These come frozen, but we have actually just let them come up to room temperature, just to give us a little bit more malleability with them

Tater malleability levels need to be at least 95%, otherwise this recipe isn't gonna work I'm taking a bit of inspiration from my Jewish heritage and we're doing this latke-style You take shredded potatoes and you mix them with a little bit of egg and flour to like make sure we can really hold it in the bowl shape when we fry it And then I'm gonna add three quarters of a cup of flour And there's already a lot of great oil in those tots and some good salinity, so we're not gonna add any more salt to it

And then just about two tablespoons of water, just to kind of turn this into a little bit of a dough Now you want this to be like a completely smooth mixture, but the potatoes are still really gonna hold up, and when you fry them, they're going to fry up awesomely crispy and be a bowl, (laughing) which was my favorite part of this recipe I love these cooking projects that turn into this, like, architectural project, because when I was a kid, I was really terrible at building blocks And like those little projects in school where they gave you marshmallows and toothpicks and they were like, build the highest tower you can, and mine would be like an inch and a half and I'd be like, I'm sorry, can I still go onto the next grade? And they were like, we don't think that's a good idea, Josh You never learned to read

And I was like, listen, eighth grade's hard You're eventually gonna get impatient and you're gonna wanna go in there with two forks Just mash her up good The idea behind a bread bowl, right, is that like you're sucking the chili out of it What did I, people don't suck chili

That's a weird thing The great thing about a bread bowl is you eat the chili or whatever soup is in it, and yes, chili is indeed a soup, and then you're left with the chili stained bread that you can just scoop out and eat with your hands And so that is the exact experience we're going for with this This is almost like a deconstructed then reconstructed chili cheese tots in a bowl shape The bowl has been wrapped with plastic wrap, and what we're gonna do is we're gonna take a little bit of oil, you can use nonstick spray, you can use literally whatever, just to kind of give it a little bit of lubricative action, and then we're gonna take our hands and just shmear the oil all around that plastic wrap

What we're gonna do is we're gonna pack the tater bites into the bowl We're going to create a large divot, it's gonna form around the outside of this I'm setting my intentions This is called setting your intentions I love tarot

And then we're gonna freeze the bowl and then we're gonna gently remove the tater bowl from it The oil's gonna help it unsheathe, and then we're gonna fry it Always lube up your hands, a little bit of oil, when you're working with tater bite dough And then you're just gonna take a lot of that and just pack it into the plastic wrap and use your hands to mash the taters around the bowl Really try and smooth it out

We want some good uniformity here I take this seriously, okay? This is my arts and crafts time All right, you know, I don't make my own scented candles I make tater bowls and sell them on the internet Please go to taterbowl

taterorgtaterbowlsbyjosh That's a registered trademark Actually, no, I don't think the patent office would give me that one What we have here is our tater bowl and we are going to wrap this in plastic and get it in the freezer for three hours

Then we're gonna unsheathe it, drop it in the deep fryer, and you're gonna have your perfectly crispy Kroger Brand tater bite bowl Whoo! (upbeat music) You know, I like my chili meaty That's why I am using Kroger Brand Shaved Steak It's savory, it's delicious It is going to add some awesome texture to our chili

So I'm gonna start by just getting two tablespoons of oil heatin' in a pan Another great thing about the Kroger Brand Shaved Steak is that there is no prep required It comes in these awesome thin ribbons that are perfect for something like a Philly cheese steak Look how thin that is There's some great marbling in there, and we are just going to add it to our hot oil

You wanna make sure your oil is very hot, so you wanna get some good browning on this and when we break it up with a spoon, it's gonna cook down super nice and tender, and it's gonna be absolutely delicious in the chili While the beef is sauteing, what we're going to do is add all our spices to it because we want to get, there's just beef particles floating in the air This is my favorite aroma in the morning They need to turn this into a candle, this is a fantastic smell So we're gonna go salt

We're gonna add our chili powders We're going New Mexico chili powder We are going chipotle chili powder And then, this is where it becomes a five alarm chili I don't exactly know what the alarm system is

Three alarm seems to be at the top, but we're gonna go a little over the top with habanero powder If you don't have habanero powder, you can totally substitute cayenne I love using habanero powder It's a fantastic product You can already see the beef frikkin' up, turning nice and brown, that's fantastic

All right, so once those spices have gotten nice and toasty, we are going to add our vegetables I like to keep it really simple with chili I'm simply going fresh jalapenos for spice and that little bit of like greeneneness, the greeneneness, and then we're gonna add some onion to it, just a little bit of tomato paste to give it a little bit of a thickness of which with I am down (laughing) The thickness of which with I am down is also going to get a little bit of garlic in there We've got a little bit of oregano

We got some white pepper, we got some black pepper, and then we have a little bit of granulated garlic Why would you add granulated garlic, if you already put fresh garlic in there? Uh No, I actually like the dried flavor of garlic as well In a chili for me, I really like when you get all of these toasty spices workin' in there, 'cause this is all going to cook together for so long that it's just become like super deep and complex and beefy And it's gonna be absolutely gorgeous

And look at that, like as opposed to using something like ground beef, which so many people have had the canned chili that has the ground beef in it This recipe is super, super quick And look at that beef, just like, breaks up We got all that nice and sauteed You can see the onions have softened

So now all we're gonna do is we're just gonna take a quart of chicken stock You could also use beef stock For me, chicken stock is just always a safe bet Just take a little bit of corn starch, add water to it, this is called a slurry, the most appetizing name in the chili business So we're gonna add the slurry in there, and that is just going to act as like a kind of thickener and emulsifier, it's gonna bring all the elements of the chili together

It's gonna get nice and thick You can already see it actin' a little bit And then we're just gonna toss a bay leaf in there, 'cause you've probably got one somewhere in your kitchen We're gonna let this boil for another 20 minutes That's just gonna reduce it down, get it nice and tight

You want a good, nice tight chili to go in those tater bowls Hey! Speaking of tater bowls, hard cut (upbeat music) We've got the tater bowls and these have been kind of par frozen, right, like they're not fully solid, but they are very malleable And so when we take 'em out of their plastic cocoon, you will see, we have a perfectly shapen bowl Now you could serve this frozen with some of the hot chili inside, be like a nice little like, you know, hot fudge and ice cream combination

But instead I think we should deep fry it to get it crispy again Always be safe when you're deep frying at home I always like to use a splatter guard just in case you get any moisture in there and it's gonna splash back at you Just pop the lid on top of that right now And so this is a little bit of a tricky frying conundrum because you have a bowl shape

So all I'm going to do is dip it down like this, let the oil submerge, and then the lid goes on top And then it's just a quick little four minute fry We're gonna pull it out, drain the oil and then gonna be a nice and crispy tater bowl that's gonna go underneath our chilis taters (timer bell ringing) Oh yeah This is indeed a bowl made of taters

The oil fills the middle, but that's actually great since it's gonna deep fry it all the way around This is looking pretty good I want it a little bit crispier and I wanna make sure that all the potatoes are completely cooked through So we gotta put it back in This is fantastic

Having to, like, find the buoyant tensile strength of a tater bowl This is science! And so we have our tater bowl all crispy fried and plated up, and now we need to get that chili in it Look at this chili After it's fully reduced, all that beef just breaks up It's gonna be super, super tender and delicious

And so we're just gonna take the chili and we're gonna ladle it right into the tater tot bowl This is wild This gets me so excited This is the reason I get up in the morning, that and a alarm clock So the idea is you wanna fill this all the way to the brim and then you're gonna gradually eat down the chili levels and then also eat the sides of the actual container that it's in

It's like the gum with the edible wrappers, except way better, 'cause it's a three pound bowl of chili We gotta get some garnishes on there You could throw anything on there You could throw absolutely nothing on there What I'm going to do is just get a little layer of sour cream

It's gonna temper the heat because remember, this is a five alarm chili, not three alarms, not six alarms, but five Six would be, that's too much So just gonna get a couple little dollops of sour cream on there Uh-oh, is this is gonna overflow the bowl? Yup, we're living dangerously, okay? When you're making five alarm chili in a tater tot bowl, you gotta live a little bit dangerously Get some of that on there

Get a little bit of cheese This is how I like to eat my chili I might put some crackers on there normally, but we're gonna put a couple extra little tater bites on there for garnish and then some green onions just for that little freshness and crunch Put the finishing garnish on there And there is your final tater bite chili bowl

I cannot freaking wait to dig into this After smelling fried potatoes and boiling chili all day, which again should be scented candles, you have no idea how much I'm looking forward to eating this right now (upbeat music) So we're gonna dive right in there All right, we gotta navigate our way through the garnishes, get a little bit of sour cream and cheese, and I'm gonna dig up some taters from the bottom of our tater bowl Oh yeah, you can feel the taters resisting against the spork

There we go And right down the hatch You get that softness from the crispy tater bites that have soaked up all that chili and, whoo, that is spicy That is five alarms, that could even be a six alarm chili if you really wanna go on technicalities The beef is super, super tender after it cooks down and really braises in all that liquid, it just like melts in your mouth

The taters are fantastic and I can't wait to eat the rest of that tater bowl And thanks again to Kroger Brand for sponsoring this video Remember you can grab all these awesome and affordable ingredients at your local Kroger Family Store And thank you so much for stopping by the Mythical Kitchen We got new recipe videos out every week

New episodes of our podcast out every Wednesday Hit us up on Instagram, @mythicalkitchen, with pictures of your mythical dishes under #dreamsbecomefood We'll see you next time Get as messy as you want in your kitchen, when you have the Mythical Kitchen Towel Available now at mythical


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