We Made A Funyuns Bloomin’ Onion

– You know what my favorite character from "The Town" was? The city of Boston (funky music) Welcome to Mythical Kitchen, where dreams become food

Have you ever been trying to decide between eating dinner over the garbage can from a vending machine, or going to your favorite Australian bar and restaurant? Now you don't have to, 'cause we're taking Funyuns and we're crusting that in a bloomin' onion Why would we cross a Funyun and a bloomin' onion? We're crossing a bloomin' onion and Funyuns Let's make the dang onion If you're following along at home, you can snag the time codes right there Right there

The time codes are right there, where you can snag them and make the recipe yourself I hope you do Let's get cooking (upbeat music) What we have here is an onion It was made famous by that one Shia LaBeouf movie "Transformers 2," and so what we're gonna do to bloom the onion, we're gonna go ahead and saw off the top here

So this is a very delicate butchery process The bloomin' cut is something very specific Outback has actually patented a machine they do it with, but today you are in the machine like Sasha Vujacic No one's gonna get that reference That's exciting for me

Look up Sasha Vujacic the Machine on YouTube All right, so you're just gonna take the onion You're gonna saw off the top, and then you're just gonna peel off the skin, just the outer layer You really want to make sure to keep the roots intact You're gonna take the little, it's called a merkin in the business

(laughs) So we're gonna go ahead and just saw off those little hairs right there So you want to make eight concentric cuts across the onion I failed geometry Yeah, we got it It's intuitive

It's more intuitive than you think It's like folding a crown trap, some of those intricate, sacred geometrical patterns that exist in the food world So you're gonna cut very deep into that, but you want to make sure that you're keeping the root intact, so don't make the cut go all the way through, and then you're gonna go ahead and cut that into quarters, and then you're gonna cut the quarters into quarters You're gonna quarter the quarters Just keep cutting the onion until it feels right

You'll notice by keeping the root intact, that all actually is pretty simple, and then we're just gonna do one more cut All right Shh! If you speak, the onion's gonna fall apart Now, what are the benefits of a bloomin' onion, as opposed to just like frying up some onions? Nothing We have this onion all opening up, but we've got to create a dipping sauce

Now at the Outback, they got a big pink mayonnaise, and if there's one thing I know in this world, it's big pink mayonnaise It's fun to set it out We're gonna do a homemade French onion dip, 'cause we're already infusing Funyuns into the onions Now we're gonna infuse three different kinds of onions into the onion dip to infuse into the Funyun crusted bloomin' onion, as featured in the Shia LaBeouf movie (funky music) All right, so we are making our French onion dip here

That is one of my all-time classic favorite foods I remember going to Super Bowl parties when I was younger People would take that little Lipton French onion soup mix, and they added some sour cream, a little bit of mayonnaise You got your French onion dip, but I never actually made it from scratch until recently, and so this is one of my favorite things to do because you get almost the same flavor, but 10 times the amount of work, but it's fun It's rewarding

It's like when people are like, "Why should I make my own ice cream from scratch instead of buying it from the store?" And it's like because sweat makes things taste good, not physically So what you're gonna do, you're gonna peel an onion You got a pan Heat it A key to working with onions, Rachael Ray, I remember watching her show back in the day, "30-Minute Meals," and she was like, always have a trash bowl next to you, so when you're discarding onion skins, you can just put it right in there, and so that's why I always keep it right on the ground next to my feet

I mentioned we're using three different kinds of onions We got white onion, we got white onion, and we got red onion, and shallot Shallot is almost an onion, right? We're gonna palm heel strike the shallot (whip cracks) That's gonna break it open and then you can feel it (laughs) I can't believe that worked

I didn't think it would work So we're gonna get some butter working in a pan, and then we're just gonna caramelize these onions You can really just turn them and burn them for this because we're gonna be blending the onions into some mayonnaise and some cheese If your onions start to burn, you can just deglaze it with water That's one of my favorite little cheats for caramelizing onions

There was a really famous article that came out a while ago where people were like, "Why does every recipe say it takes 15 minutes to caramelize onions? It takes 45 minutes, at least, to properly caramelize onions" That's where you're going wrong You're trying to do stuff proper in the kitchen Just cheat it You get the same thing, especially like we're not working in a French kitchen

We ain't in no French bistro We ain't even in an Outback steakhouse, which I have nothing but respect for, so really you can just burn the onions, deglaze it with water, and you get the same caramelized onion flavor as you would if you're doing it low and slow All right, into the trash bowl, Sorry And then other things that are going into this dip, we got some garlic going in there, garlic and onion, obviously a good flavor combination We also want to play off kind of the sweet of the onion, so we're gonna go ahead and be throwing in a little bit of fresh flamme

Thyme comes on little sticks, and so what you do is you just take your fingers and you can just pull off the leaves All right, so we're gonna take all of our onions and our thyme We're gonna get those sweating in the butter Just wanna hit this hard for about 15 minutes, then the thyme's actually gonna toast in the butter as well You're gonna get that nice and fragrant

We're just gonna add a little bit of sugar just to help these caramelize again When I'm talking about cheating caramelized onions, if you're cooking them low and slow for like 45 minutes, you're extracting all the natural sugars out of them that way, but if you're pressed for time, or you just got the ADD like I do, you can just add a little bit of sugar to it, and the sugar is actually gonna caramelize on the bottom of the pan It's gonna kind of cheat it Add a little bit of salt too Salt's gonna help dry out the moisture of those onions, and then you got pepper, 'cause pepper tastes good

You're gonna take your garlic You're gonna (whip cracks) palm heel strike all four, and then you're just gonna get 'em out of the garlic shells You can eat the garlic shells You can eat anything with a shell You ever seen people eat peanut shells? It's weird

I hope I'm not offending anybody, but people are out there eating peanut shells, and that's weird to me, but I get it as a kid, 'cause I ate peanut shells as a kid, but that's cause I got out, and we're just gonna give this a rough chop All this is gonna go in the blender anyway, so you don't have to worry too much about your knife cuts, but the more even you have your stuff cut, the more even it's going to brown in the pan And then this is gonna go right in the pot as well You can smell everything getting nice and fragrant, and the cubic cooking is keeping your station clean It's like an onion war zone

(laughs) And just saute those onions up This is gonna cook down for about 15 minutes, so I'm gonna take that We're gonna let it cool a little bit, and then we're gonna take all that super-concentrated allium flavor That's your onions, that's your garlic, that's your shallots that we punched and tenderized, and then we're gonna get it in the blender with a little bit of mayonnaise and cheese, and that's really gonna, it's gonna mayonnaise and cheese it up, that's all I was acting like it was gonna do something scientific that's really gonna round out the nuts, and then it's gonna get mayonnaise in your body

(clock ticking) (timer rings) We've got these cooking down now We've turned them off the heat and we've let these onions cool in the pan for just about 15 minutes You don't want to blend hot onions with your cold mayonnaise, 'cause then there's gonna be steam releasing off the onions, and that's gonna get water in your mayonnaise So if you see that, the onions are super nice and jammy, and they're nice and caramelized We didn't take them too, too, too far, and so we're gonna add all of the caramelized onions to the blender, and then we're gonna take some cheese that is Gruyere of variety

You can use any cheese You can use Swiss You can use cheddar, you can use goat, You can use brie, you can use blue, you can use Fontina, You can use pecorino How much time is this filming up? Do we have an ad run yet? We're using a little bit of Gruyere It's one of my favorite cheeses

It's like Swiss with a little bit extra, so we're just gonna dump that in there, and then we're gonna add a little bit of mayonnaise I remember once I thought I was about to get homemade French onion dip, 'cause I went to someone's house and they were like, "This is my secret recipe" They're like, secret recipe for French onion dip And I was like, "Oh my God, this is gonna be incredible 'cause I've only had the boxed stuff," and all they did was they took the Lipton soup packet, put it into sour cream, and then added a pinch of black pepper The pinch of black pepper was their secret, and now I revealed your secret, Allen

(blender whirring) We're gonna start slow, and now you're just gonna run it Just let it all incorporate itself There you go You got to play with the dials a little bit (groans) There we go

Now you can see it all muddy It's really gonna drag down into the mayonnaise Mayonnaise tornado is what's going on in there So now we got your beautiful French onion dip It's nice and smooth

This is gonna be perfect for that bloomin' Funyun Let's take a little taste Ooh, we should change the recipe Just mayonnaise and onion bisque If I could eat this with a spoon, this is nice

So you're gonna take your French onion dip from the blender We're gonna add a little bit of black pepper Thanks, Allen, for that secret tip And we're just gonna add this to the bowl, and then we're gonna get to frying up that bloomin' onion (upbeat electronic music) All right, so if you can see, we have our beautiful bloomed onion straight from down under

My name's Curtis Stone, and you're watching the Outback Channel What we're gonna do, we're gonna blend up Funyuns So we're getting ready to take that bloomin' onion, and normally it's coated in bread crumbs and all that, but we're gonna turn Funyuns into breadcrumbs and we're gonna pack all the onion flavor God, what an intoxicating smell As far as huffing stuff goes, Funyuns are among the safest and most pleasant things to huff

So I'm gonna go ahead and add a whole bag of Funyuns in there, and keep a couple for snacking, though, 'cause you're gonna want 'em and I'm gonna take just a little handful of flour I'm gonna cut the onion I'm sorry I'm just enjoying these Funyuns

All right, so we've got the Funyuns in the blender (blender whirring) So while that's working, we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna add in a little bit of extra garlic powder, and add a little bit of salt, and then a little bit of baking soda It's not gonna do much, and then I'm gonna add some white pepper to it as well Since we're cutting the Funyuns with flour, we want to add, there we go, mash it up We want to add a little bit of extra flavor to really bolster it

I really do love the Outback, though Outback is one of the most consistent chain restaurants I would go there for a fancy meal and also shout out to my buddy, Dave, in college, who worked at the Outback, and so we used to always just go there It was one of those Outbacks under a freeway, right? Not one of the prime Outback locations We used to just go there, and we'd just get free steaks and liquor, and just have ourselves a time with the locals

That was fun I miss going places All right, so we got that This is a little, probably like burnt Give me a sec, give me a second, give me a sec

Oh All right, so we got our bloomin' onion all bloomed up Oh, wait, these are eggs from a chicken, and so we're gonna go ahead and crack the eggs in there We're creating the wets We need to dust our wets here

This is from a tweet that only I know about The amount of jokes that you see me say on here, everyone's like, "Well, the Mythical Kitchen's so overwritten" No one writes things I just say a million things, and the editors pick the 15 that make me sound the least insane So I'm adding milk to eggs

What that's gonna do is it's gonna create an emulsification called egg milk This is a classic dredge and fry situation You're gonna take the onion You're gonna dip it in the flour We've got these heavily seasoned breadcrumbs

That is going to season all of it throughout The key to the bloomin' onion, however, we saw the intricate knife cuts, so we've got the whole onion all bloomed and unfurled, like a Georgia O'Keeffe painting, and so we got to get (laughs) Trevor, Google Georgia O'Keeffe paintings You'll learn something We got our onion

I'm just gonna put it into the flower, and then I'm gonna lovingly dust our wets with our dress In theory, you would want to separate literally every petal and get all of the flour in there, and in theory, that's what they do at the Outback, but I know enough to know that not every bloomin' onion's perfectly battered Don't do anything you don't want to do I haven't been to the dentist in years I cracked a tooth on a burger the other day

Maybe do things you don't want to do Now we're gonna go into our egg mixture I'm gonna go face side down That's the proper anatomy, and then I'm gonna use my hands and just kind of dollop some egg wash in there, really kind of use your fingers to press it in between the petals, and then I'm gonna drain some of that egg wash out, and then I'm gonna do the same thing I'm gonna press this mouth side down right into those Funyun bits

I'm gonna turn it over, and again, just try and dust everything in between all the petals, as much as you possibly can Possibly The H was that? Who am I, Ben Affleck? Ben Affleck from "The Town" That was a good movie You know what my favorite character from "The Town" was? The city of Boston

(person speaks indistinctly) Ain't nothing to it, but to do it Outback has a whole machine that does this You're gonna take chopsticks, and you're gonna poke at it intermittently That's gonna separate the petals So 340, it'll drop down to about 310 or so, and then it'll rise back up

You need this to cook the onion, 'cause that's just a big old brick of vegetable, as seen in that Shia LaBeouf movie (clock ticking) (timer rings) Let's take a peek-see at this bloomin' onion and the, holy crud on a cripes That looks incredible Look at that Jeepers creepers, my nippers are hard

That is a fantastic looking bloomin' onion This is a team effort Thank you, everybody, for being a part of this, from Big Dad to Oprah Winfrey and her book club for getting me through this All I gotta do now is to put the food in your mouth, and then you mashed your teeth at it, then you let it slide down your throat hole (upbeat music) All right, this bloomin' Funyun looks absolutely incredible, and I can't wait to dig into it, but I'm gonna let Sound Guy Chris dig into it 'cause I respect Sound Guy Chris' opinion

Chris, your opinion's valued All right, so we are keeping socially distant, so I am gonna hit Chris I'm not gonna hit Chris with the mythical spork harpoon, but I am gonna let him come and try it So Chris, why don't you just step on in here and just take a piece for yourself with your hands? – [Chris] Okay, okay – Yeah, yeah

– [Chris] You're loaded – The spork cam can be kind of symbolic – I don't know, the onion's blooming right in front of me I'm a little nervous – What? Don't be nervous about the onion

Just think of Georgia O'Keeffe No, you gotta use two hands – There we go – All right Wait, wait, wait

– Oh, what, what? – No, no, no, let me get the dip – I'm gonna put this in my mouth, and then I want you to feed me the sauce – [Josh] Yes, yes, yes – Okay – [Josh] Just keep it

Don't chew, don't chew, not yet Now slurp – Mmm – How is it? – Mmm – Mmm

– I like the mayo It's nice, and it sets it – The mayo coats the tongue – I feel the taste of Australia – Yeah, you're going down under

– Oh, yes, yes, deep down under – Deep down You're real deep under there If there's anything we learned today, it's that bloomin' Funyuns are delicious, and that we just need to be eating more Funyuns, and also that Georgia O'Keeffe, well, I don't think she was really painting flowers to be honest, if I'm being really honest – Then what was she painting? – And that's the question of the day

Thank you so much for stopping by the Mythical Kitchen We got new recipes for you every week We got new episodes of our podcast out every Wednesday wherever you get your podcasts Hit us up on Instagram @mythicalkitchen with pictures of your mythical dishes under #dreamsbecomefood We'll see you next time

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