The Best Way to Reheat Leftover Pizza

– Ah, my beautiful pizza son, what-a happened to you? (upbeat music) ♪ Welcome to Mythical Kitchen where dreams become food! ♪ I feel like I hit that Today we are making Domino's Pizza stuffed chicken

Today, why are we making Domino's Pizza stuffed chicken? Well, a lot of people, especially after we did the Leftovers Challenge, have been asking me what do I do with leftover pizza And I never really had an answer because my answer was always eat the leftover pizza, it's good as it is But, this isn't for day one leftover pizza, right? This is the day four leftover pizza We're gonna take this pizza and we're gonna (laughs) chop it up and we're gonna stuff it into a chicken And then I got some Domino's Cheesy Bread because on the Domino's app, when you order a pizza, they always have a pop-up that goes, "Do you want Cheesy Bread?" And you go, "Nah, I'm okay, just the pizza, "that's basically Cheesy Bread as it is

" And then it goes, "Are you sure "you don't want Cheesy Bread?" And you go, "Yeah just the pizza for me today, thanks" And there's another pop-up that goes, "Order the Cheesy Bread, you want the Cheesy Bread" And then you'll always order the Cheesy Bread So we're gonna roast it on top of some leftover Cheesy Bread, too It should be really delicious, I think

Given the amount of grease that's comin' off this cool Cheesy Bread, I'm pretty excited to see what it's gonna do to a whole animal whomst b-hole we're gonna stuff all this pizza into Actually, fun fact, chickens don't have butt holes, they have what are called cloaca And my cloaca is itchin' for some pizza right now Let's get to it – [Producer] I think you just implied that you want to shove pizza up your own (bleep)

– All right, we've broken this recipe down to three easy steps and if you're following along at home, you can snag the time codes right there Right over there, right over there where the beach is Let's get cookin' I think I strained a rotator cuff flexing on camera (upbeat music) First step to roasting chicken, you gotta dry it off with paper towels

You never want to wash your chicken because, I know it seems ironic for me to talk about kitchen contamination, but if you do rinse your chicken, you can water droplets of salmonella everywhere So I like to just take a paper towel and get all of the moisture off of it And then, the second step, you have to remove the giblets and the neck from your chicken So, when you buy a whole chicken at the grocery store, it typically comes with all its viscera My chicken just has ping pong balls in it, so we're gonna get those out of there

I'm a big proponent of dry brining, so I like to take salt and I just rub it all over the chicken You wanna get it all in the nooks and crannies And you want about three tablespoons of salt goin' over this whole thing All right, so we're gonna take this chicken and you put it directly in the roasting pan and we're gonna let it sit overnight in the fridge, completely uncovered Don't worry about any contamination, salmonella's not gonna rise

Chickens are flightless birds, so the salmonella stays in tact in the skin And you wanna leave it overnight, uncovered, in the fridge because that way it's going to dry out and you're gonna get extra crispy skins Stuff my with Domino's, please I want the Cheesy Bread (upbeat music) In typically stuffing, you might use stale bread

We're using stale pizza, but we're still following the same rules You want to get as many aromatics in there as possible, and so we have about two tablespoons of butter that we're heating in a small saucepan Then we're gonna add out typical French mirepoix because what goes better with Domino's than French mirepoix? Ranch So were melting our butter over medium-high heat We're gonna start sweating that

In the meantime, we need to start cutting this pizza into small little bits Oh yeah, that's nice and crusty, that's what we want And we're just gonna add our carrots You can add 'em all at the same time, you're not tryin' to get any caramelization on them, you just want to sweat them down And then always, when you're sauteing vegetables, you want to hit them with a little bit of salt

It's gonna help draw out some of the moisture And then we're also gonna add in a little bit of oregano to really tie in that pizza flavor I think about this stuff No one can say that I don't put craft and care into my garbage And then we're gonna add a little bit of fresh cracked pepper

And then we're just gonna give that a nice stir and we're gonna keep that sauteing just for about five minutes just to get everything nice and incorporated And then cut this pizza This is my go-to Domino's order, which is a barbecue chicken pizza with jalapenos on it When I'm really feelin' frosty, I'll add pineapple I used to get Domino's pretzel crust and Domino's has since discontinued the pretzel crust and only you can bring back Domino's pretzel crust

Call 1-800-Dominos-why-did-you-do-this-to-Josh- you-really-hurt-his-feelings And I will answer and then we can just have a nice conversation So typically, when you're making a stuffing, or a dressing, if it's outside of the bird, you would add the bread to the aromatics and then you would add some sort of stock But our stock is gonna come from the direct steam inside the chicken cloaca, or as we can colloquially call it, the chicken b-hole So, all that b-hole steam is gonna get into our stuffing and it's gonna kinda rehydrate the pizza

It's gonna get all that staleness out of it This is the perfect meeting of my two favorite animals in the animal kingdom, chicken and pizza All right, so the veggies are nice and sweated And you see there's almost a little bit of color on them but not too much Ah, my beautiful pizza son, what-a happened to you? And we're gonna add it right to that pot and we're just gonna shut the heat off

It's gonna steam a little bit and then that's just gonna help cram the pizza right inside that chicken Or, I mean, you could just eat this as a nice, cubed-up pizza stir fry There's no wrong way to eat your pizza Except for the way that I do it, hunched over a sink, dipping it into crushed-up Doritos and then showering in the sink Gosh, I miss being at work

Let's stuff this into a chicken Okay, so our chicken's been dry brining in the fridge overnight and we've dried it off with a paper towel It's 'cause the salt is gonna bring excess moisture to the top And now you're gonna reach in and you're just gonna get the one last egg out of it and then now you're ready to season So, what I'm gonna do, I'm just gonna take a little bit of oregano, sprinkle that on top, just for some nice greenage on there

And oregano kinda reminds you of pizza And then we're gonna get some black pepper on there We're not gonna go too aggressive with the seasoning Also, I think people who over-season roast chicken, a lot of the spices can burn in the oven, especially if your roasting it hot before the chicken skin actually breaks down And then a little bit of paprika

Just a skosh, just a skosh or paprika All right, and now, we have to go through the very delicate process of stuffing our bird If you've ever seen breached porpoise give birth, this is very similar What you're just gonna do is grab some with your hands and you're just gonna get it right in the hole That's perfect

And, you know, people have a phobia about touching raw chicken Just wash your hands afterwards, it's totally fine You don't want it to be too dense there, you don't really wanna pack it in there But, again, this is going to inflate when you put it in the oven because all that bread in the pizza is gonna soak up the chicken fat I am too proud of myself right now

Now, when you stuff a chicken, what happens is that it actually increases the roasting time and you have to decrease the temperature because the stuffing in there is actually going to insulate the heat So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna cook it at 400 degrees covered for about the first 40 minutes And then that's gonna prevent the skin from getting crispy, but I'm gonna uncover it after that, cook it for another 40 minutes at 400 degrees It should turn out perfectly Now, what we have to do, is we have to put this on a thing of Domino's Cheesy Bread

So this is actually one of my favorite recipes to make, where you roast the chicken with bread underneath so the bread actually catches all of the pan drippings It turns into these beautiful, nice, crispy croutons Now, I don't have kitchen twine, and I decided that fishing wire would not work to do this Have I wet a shoelace and tied together a chicken with that before? Yes Was it a good idea? Absolutely not

Now I got a pair of shoes that don't got a shoelace in it You really don't have to tie up a roast chicken The only thing that can happen is the wings can burn, so you're just gonna take the wings and your gonna take those tips, and you're just gonna tuck the tips underneath the breast So your chicken's in a nice little kinda prairie dog formation The legs, normally people will tie them together like that, but nothing bad happens if you just let 'em roast by themselves

And then we're gonna get this covered, throw it in the oven for whatever I said I did earlier I'll see you guys when this is done Sleep well, chicken, sorry for what I'm doing to you (sizzles) (timer rings) All right, so we have the chicken in the oven, the skin is beautifully crisp, and you know your chicken's done when the chicken goes, "I'm done, eat me" You know your chicken's done when the internal temperature reads 150 degrees and then you let it rest for about 15 minutes before slicing into it

It's gonna come up to that nice, safe 160 So, what we're gonna do, we've jacked the oven up to 450 degrees and I'm just gonna brush this down with barbecue sauce 'cause shut up! For once, just let me do my thing Like hit Tom Hanks in Castaway, the oven is my only friend I have a lot of friends, they're just all inanimate objects and none of them like me They're all plotting against me, I can see it in their eyes

We're just gonna take barbecue sauce and we're just gonna brush it on our chicken I'm using Stubb's instead of Sweet Baby Ray's There was a lot of controversy when I said Sweet Baby Ray's was the greatest barbecue sauce to ever exist I actually use a combination of Stubb's and Sweet Baby Rays 'Cause Stubb's, you get the savory spiciness, Sweet Baby Ray's, you get that sweet heat, baby

Since we're using barbecue chicken pizza, figured the barbecue sauce is gonna marry nice and good It's gonna be good Good to eat It tastes good in your mouth Get a nice little paint job and then the sugars in this are gonna caramelize when you pop it back in the oven

All right, if you don't have a pastry brush, just use a toothbrush (laughs) I hope no one uses a toothbrush Well, why not, you know? The chicken's cooked, you already got dirty bacteria food in your mouth, use a toothbrush to get the barbecue sauce on your chicken, why not? All right, this is all painted up and this is going to go back in the oven just for about 10 minutes to get a nice lacquer on it (sizzles) (timer rings) And action, wait, hold on My flip flop, uh-oh, my mircophone's caught in the flip flops again

I'm goin' shoe-less Why do I have shoes on, it's my kitchen? So, at long last, the chicken is out of the oven I thought about grabbing a plate, but then I was like, "Why? "I live alone, I wanna eat the stuffing "straight out of the hole" The stuffing got nice and caramelized, we got a beautiful glaze of barbecue sauce all over this chicken We got the Domino's ranch, one of the top three fast food ranches in the game

Look at all this beautiful bread underneath I'm gonna go in for the Cheesy Breadsticks first Let's see, (moans) oh that's great All the chicken juices really just soaked into there You see you get some beautiful caramelization underneath on that bread

It just smells like roast chicken I'm gonna dip it in ranch I think it's gonna be fantastic You ever think you know what something's gonna taste like and then it enters your mouth and your mind's completely blown? This has more flavor than anything I've ever put in my mouth Normally when you roast chicken, there are a ton of juices in the pan, right? Think about Newton's Conservation of Matter

All those chicken juices are now soaked up in Domino's Cheesy Bread It absorbed all that browned chicken flavor Now we gotta go in for the actual pizza stuffing Nice and dense, super steamy The cheese is kind of holding it all together

Hold on (slurps) We just invented something 'Cause here's the thing, barbecue chicken is my favorite way to prepare roast chicken, right? I love chicken and barbecue sauce Stuffing typically goes with Thanksgiving flavors When you get the barbecue sauce from the chicken and the pizza, the first thing that hits you is this little wave of probably fake hickory smoke

But it's actually really incredible and ties together the Thanksgiving profiles with this outdoor barbecue chicken profile This is really freaking good This is (sighs) I hate when this happens You do something and you're like, "Oh, that's probably a bad idea" And then you do it and it turns out to be a great idea

Screw a knife, man, just take your chicken and do that Little bit of extra barbecue sauce What a meal One chicken, one pizza, one guy alone losing his sanity, wearing short-shorts with pasty thighs I'll just stick that there for later

Thank you so much for joining us in Mythical Kitchen Leave a comment with what mythical dishes you wanna see us cook next Hit us up on Instagram @mythicalkitchen with #dreamsbecomefood or your mythical creations We got a new episode of A Hot Dog is a Sandwich every Wednesday, new recipe videos out every week We'll see you next time

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