Terry Crews Eats Turkey Testicles While Popping Pecs

– Oh, ah look at this – We're doin' it! – Oh it feels so good

– I've never done this before! It's the power of Terry Crews! – I tell ya, it feels good! You feel manly! (lively music) – Welcome to Food Fears, the show where I make something you hate taste great Today's guest is a prolific portrait painter, NYPD lieutenant and the best damn pec popper I've ever seen, you can find him on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and America's Got Talent, it's Terry Crews – Hey Josh – Hey man, how you doin'? – All right, good to see you, good to see you – Likewise

– Let's do it – I feel like we're old friends, I'd like to think of us as friends – I know, it feels good, we're pec poppin' buddies, let's try it – We're pec poppin' buddies – Oh look at it

– We're doin' it – Oh it feels so good – I've never done this before, it's the power of Terry Crews! – I'll tell ya, it feels good! Ya feel manly! – (laughs) So a little bit about how this show works I'm gonna take an item that you know, some people may not enjoy eating and then we're gonna eat it and then I'm gonna make a dish that I know you're going to love with it – Wow, okay

– All right so about foods that people might not enjoy, I've read that you stopped eating chitlins after you found out what they are – Yeah, I did I mean, I grew up, I loved 'em, we put hot sauce on 'em, and I couldn't believe it And I was done, I was done – For people who don't know, chitlins are pork intestines

– That's it, pork intestines Especially around the holidays – Mhm – It would be the turkey, the dressing, the chitlins I'd be eatin' 'em for years, I probably was about 14, 15 years old, I was like what is it? – Yeah – And later on I life I learned that actually pig intestines could be very healthy for you, it's like good fat

So I don't know what's right man, one day one thing is bad, one day one thing is good and now I'm up for everything – That's good, you're a dynamic person, you're willing to go with the flow of anything and that's especially helpful on this show – Yes – All right, so are you a cook yourself? I've read some stuff online that like you can throw down in the kitchen a little bit – I love to cook

I wouldn't call myself a cook, but man when I do, I get every ingredient, I sit there with all the little things measured out, just like my own little cooking show, and I enjoy it, it's peaceful To put things together you're a bit of a scientist It's like a painting – It's like a science painting – It is, it's so beautiful

– That's fantastic, all right Terry, you ready to get into this? – Yes – You sound so confident, I love it – (laughs) That's all I could muster right now – Terry you look less well than when you came in here – You know what, I am truly all about facin' my fears and today, I have to do it

– I love that well I hope in your nightmares you've seen turkey testicles before So they look a little bit innocuous but these plump little guys, the testes of a turkey – Uch – They're filled with a lot of nutrients, Terry – Oh man

– It's about the nutrients – Oh man – What's more nutritious than a testicle, where all life is born? – They're not turkey testicles, they're Lima beans! – Some people call testicles the Lima beans of the body – Oh my God, okay, what are they full of? – They got your riboflavin – Yes! – Your ascorbic acid – Uch, I feel it! – Your casein! – Casein! – It's gonna get ya pumped, it's gonna get ya pumped! – Oh my God! So you're saying, each one of these is gonna make me pop my pecs a little bit better

– Yes Sir – Oh my God, me and you together man – Let's do it Just like it's always been, just me and you – Okay

Oh man it feels warm – Yep yep, it's a lot more subtle – Oh man – We gotta eat it gently – Oh my God I can only look

– Oh! You feel it pop a little bit There's a lot more juice than I was expecting – Oh my God – Hold it together! – That was one of the most awful experiences I've ever had in my life – I'm so glad that I got to share that with you

– Uch, but I did it man! – Oh, I'm alive! – We did it, oh my God I can't believe I did that – I'm so proud of you – You see the sweat? – Oh yeah, it's glistening – I'm sweating, these are how turkeys are born, huh? – These are how turkeys are born

You witnessed the miracle of life in your mouth, Terry! – Uch! – It's a beautiful thing – I'm done, okay – All right – That went to a whole nother nasty level, let's go – Hopefully you're not done because now is the point in the show where I would typically the the guest to go occupy themselves for an hour while I cook, but I've already done that, I have the dish prepared, so we're just gonna cut to that footage so you can enjoy and we're gonna sit here and chat

(lively music) To cook the turkey testicles I'm gonna add some white vinegar to boiling water and then I'm just gonna drop the testicles in there until they float to the top, we're gonna do the old blanche and shock because we don't want them to burst If there's a rule in cooking, it's that you don't want your testicles to burst, ever Look how plump and simple See this guy burst and you can see the nice and squishy insides there, that's fine, we're gonna rough chop some of these and get them butter poaching and then the ice bath is gonna quickly shock the testicles Always shock your testicles, ha-ha

And then dry them off on some paper towels So Terry said that he likes lobster mac and cheese as a cheat meal and when I think of shellfish, I think of Cajun butter So we're gonna go ahead and add our two sticks of butter to the pan and now we're gonna make a Cajun seasoning that we're gonna butter poach these blanched testicles in That's gonna combine salt, black pepper, paprika, the key to paprika is you gotta go to the cheapest store possible because they have the reddest paprika Onion powder, garlic powder, there we go garlic powder, Cayenne, that's gonna add your spice, marjoram and thyme, give that a nice stir

Yeah we're jus gonna go ahead and give it a taste Oh yeah, that's gonna set the testicles right off, it's gonna be fantastic All right, so we got our butter nice and frothed We're gonna add a pinch of the spices, then you're gonna stir that together with a spoon, don't want you butter to burn, if your butter starts scorching, you don't want that burn, acrid flavor on your testes Then I'm just gonna take a handful of testicles, some might call it a sackful and then we're just gonna pop them into the butter and you're gonna see the butter start to froth and then you're just gonna spoon the butter over the testicles

Let's get all of them in there, add all the testicles to the party So you're just gonna take some of that butter, make sure to really splash it over the testicles, you might get a little browning in the butter which is totally fine, browning is flavor, especially on testicles And just give 'em a little toss And then while this is happening, the spices are also toasting in the butter, they're getting so aromatic, you can smell the spermadic core, is that a little epididymitis I see? My epididymitis was inflamed when I got a hernia from picked up Ret in an episode of GMM That's a fun little fact

This is looking beautiful, it's smelling even beautifuler So our turkey testicles are done butter poaching, now we're gonna incorporate this into the next step Woop, that's good luck, Food Fears! Your favorite dish growing up, I've heard you talk a lot about mac and cheese – Yeah, I call it mac and jeezy – Mac and jeezy

– It's this baked macaroni and cheese that is the ultimate in satisfaction First of all, cheddar cheese, as sharp as you can get it, you want that stuff with a kick! The macaroni which provides that pasta fulfillment Like ga-ga-ga-ga, you know what I mean? – I know that face, that's the face I make when I eat mac That's the mac, that's the mac face – Umami, is that what they call it? – Umami

– Umami – Umami – Umami – Umami! – Umami! – Umami! – Good In Chinese, when you're hungry, they call it ugh! That's the perfect description

– It sounds how you feel – Of mac and cheese, ugh! – Ugh! – Yeah (laughs) – So now we're making Terry Crews' mac and jeezy This recipe has been in his family for 25 years, his mom used to make it every Thanksgiving, so this is gonna be a real good comfort food with him I'm whisking together cottage cheese, sour cream, little bit of egg and then a cup of cheddar cheese and jus a little bit of salt

I really like this recipe, this isn't how I do it but I think this is gonna be really fantastic, I think they're really gonna be just exactly like a lobster mac and cheese, except instead of lobster, it's a bunch of turkey nuts Then I'm adding my cooked macaroni noodles to that, I'm also gonna take my butter poached testicles, I'm just gonna add them whole right into the pot And you want a fair amount of Cajun butter in there 'cause I wanna marry the flavors, you know what I'm sayin'? Then I'm just gonna go ahead and mix that in, you don't want the butter to melt the cheese but you do want that Cajun butter flavor, along with the testicles That's fantastic, I'll keep those for snacking for later So you're gonna take a cast iron skillet and you're gonna take a little bit of coconut oil, rub that around so it doesn't stick and it's gonna create a nice, beautiful crust

Cast iron skillets are great because they hold the heat really well so any time I can use a cast iron skillet, I always make sure to do so That's fantastic And then I'm adding the testicle mac and cheese to that And we're just gonna floopity floop some of those testes You don't wanna fill it all the way to the top because this is gonna start bubbling over and you want to account for some testicle burstage

Never want your testicles to burst because then you're gonna have to come in with a mop and the Costco managers gonna be mad at you The (bleep) did that mean? And now we're gonna top it with a little bit more cheddar cheese you guys I dumped all the cheddar cheese in there I was supposed to save some Nicole, I'm sorry Hey Nicole, Food Fears, thanks All right so now we're gonna take a little bit of extra cheddar cheese right on top, it's gonna get nice and crusty

And then one more thing, this is straight from Terry's recipe, a little bit of paprika, right on top And then this is gonna go in the oven, 375 for about 25 minutes Terry, I have a request – Yes – If we could play a game

It's a game that I don't believe exists but I call it pec pop karaoke – Okay – So the idea is, I'm gonna pec pop out the beat to a song, I want you to guess what it is and then you're gonna do the same All right, are you ready? – Uh-huh Uh, Shallow, by Lady Gaga

– Oh great song, but that's not it It was 1,000 miles by Vanessa Carlton (Terry laughing) – Oh you gotta do this Da da da da da da doo – Da da da da da da da – Yo that was, yo that was! – I tried man, I thought you could get it

– It was good I should've done the Beverly Hills Cop theme song – I think Shallow was just in my head – That makes sense, if you wanna do it, if you got a song loaded – Okay, imma go old school hip hop right now

– All right – I may even give you a little clue – Okay I don't got it, I don't got it, I don't got it I'm gonna say Xxplosive by Dr

Dre – Oh that's a really, that's close Planet Rock – Oh Afrika Bambaataa! – Cha boom cha boom boom boom cha boom boom cha boom – You did your job

– You know what I mean! – You held up your end of the bargain on that (Terry laughing) You held up your end of the bargain – So good! – So a lot of mac and cheese will have breadcrumbs on top and instead of bread crumbs, for our crispiness we're gonna do a little bit of crispy fried testicles So I'm simply slicing one in half, and yeah you can see all that supple tender meat on the inside right there, so we're gonna get a fair amount of that Cajun seasoning into our flour and stir that up Now we're just gonna toss the testicles in that flour

So testicles tend to be pretty wet, use paper towels to dry your testicles as much as you want you're just never gonna get all the moisture off So the flour should help with that Just kind of sift the flour with your hands and then these are gonna go straight into your egg wash, give them another good toss and those are gonna go right back into your flour and you wanna make sure your testicles aren't sticking together normally I just kinda shake out my leg and make it look like I'm stretching my hamstring So I'm gonna go ahead and load my spoon up All right, then we have our oil pretty hot, 375, we don't wanna overcook these

And they're just gonna go right in there And since we cut 'em in half, hopefully they won't explode Oh those are looking great Oh you know, they kinda all stuck together, no ones perfect, especially when it comes to testicles We see a lot of variation in size on here

Ones always bigger than the other How's that macaroni doin'? Oh macs lookin' good! Testicles are lookin' good! We're all lookin' good It's funny 'cause they almost look like fried oysters, that's why they call testicles the oysters of your pants So right when these testicles are ready to be pulled, we're gonna douse them in a little bit of Frank's Red Hot that's mixed with that Cajun butter from earlier that we saved from butter poaching the testicles Great, give that a little stir

(lively music) Actually a lot of that testicle flavor comes through, there's a lot of umami too those testes So testes when you fry 'em, they'll actually float to the top, which means they're not gonna get pure oil coverage so you're gonna have to flip 'em And if the testicles don't float to the top, you're gonna know they're a witch and they should be burned Witches don't float because their body is weighed down with lots of beebees So we're gonna take these jumbo shrimp, no these are testicles, and we're gonna put them into the Cajun butter and we're just gonna give these a nice toss to get 'em all coated

That's gorgeous And you see that, lookin' like a nice, plump fried scrimp and so we're gonna add this to the top of our mac and cheese garnish a little bit of chives, little bit more Cajun seasoning So you're obviously a physical guy You know, you've been an athlete and you obviously keep in great shape What do you think you can learn about a creative profession from all of that physical training? Do you think it's help to you? – We live in a left brain society

So a lot of times everything is just like mark this down, get this thing going, but the creative side is all loose, creativity is the opposite of competition People have always been taught competition is a good thing, in fact it's the American way, but what happens is like it's a sin of comparison If I compare myself to you all the time, it'll never be good enough, 'cause I'll never be you In creativity, I'm just me! And let me tell you man, that's the thing that changed my life forever – Do you still have that like competitive instinct? Where you get out with body building, lifting, all that? – You know what, I would never even call myself a body builder, I stay in shape and I look how I look

I loved to run, I run four miles a day, most body builders would never touch running as much as I run I have a thing, in the last 10 minutes of my run, I always have the best idea of the day And I think there's something about the blood flow, something that works it out, see body builders don't think that way – Yeah – You know what I mean? So now I'm just like okay, whatever I do, I want my body to be perfect for

Like my body is built for Brooklyn Nine-Nine – I think our mac and cheese is finished baking so I'm gonna pull that out of the oven (lively music) Oh yeah that is nice and bubbly, you see an awesome crust, you got some of that testicle liquid has now released and is bubbling to the surface, that's great, so now all we gotta do is figure out our garnishes take a bunch of chives and wrap a paper towel around them Shout out to Chris Morning Star who taught me the paper towel chive trick Take a wet paper towel and roll up a bunch of chives, you can ensure that they don't spread out on you and you get perfectly symmetrical cuts every time

Chives gonna add just a little bit of freshness to really counteract those turkey testicles I think Terry will like this dish because it draws on his childhood It's a comfort food, when people are eating they want to feel loved, and I'm hoping to transmit a lot of my love into this dish and also testicles So now we're just gonna take those fried turkey testicles and we're just gonna lovingly arrange them on top almost like a bread crumb topping except not at all because it's filled with turkey testoculars Gorgeous, and now, for the final touch

Sacrilege, offensive, or mythical? You decide! ("Holy Ciao" by Raphael Lake) All right Terry, we have the final fish on the table, do you have any guesses what it might be? – Well I do see a little skillet handle, kind of in a pan, baked up good – You're right about that What I've made for you today, this is turkey testicle mac and jeezy – What! – So I used the mac and jeezy recipe that I found online, I've incorporated some Cajun butter poached turkey testicles in there 'cause I read that you also like lobster mac and cheese – Okay

– So for me, a little Cajun butter, some shellfish, except it's actually testicles, and some crispy fried turkey testicles on top just for a little bit of crunch – And they're in there – Oh yeah yeah, if you actually go in, you can actually see just like a whole one peakin' out – I can see it, there it is, oh yeah yeah – [Josh] If you wanna grab that bite, that might be a good one

– It's peakin' out, no I'm gonna grab a piece – [Josh] I'd get some macaroni with the fried ones – Yeah with a little bit of the cheese – That was the chef's intention

– [Terry] This one, okay a little mac – I'm an artist scientist – Okay, here we go – Uh-oh (dramatic music) – That's good! – That's really good

– That is really good! – It's your family's recipe – Without the balls – Yeah yeah yeah – [Terry] That is not bad at all – You're goin' back in, I'm goin' back in with you

– Mhm, you actually made it taste good man – That's fantastic – 'Cause that was absolutely horrible – Are you getting any of the testicle flavor? – It tastes like a patte, you know what I mean? – That's the texture in it, yeah Would you pay money for this dish in a restaurant? – Not with the testicle

– Yeah yeah no I mean – But I would, it's good, man! – Thank you so much for joining me Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing You can find Terry on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and America's Got Talent, we got new recipes every week, and more Food Fears comin' at ya, I'll see ya next time You can cook up your own feast while wearing the Mythical Kitchen apron, available now at Mythical


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