Takis Pocky Taste Test: Should This Snack Exist?

– What up, it's your boy Josh AK

A the bees knees, AKA, the duck's nuts, AK

A Vicky and Kevin, what the hell? It's that time again Time to take two iconic snacks, smash 'em together and see if they create a beautiful snack baby We asked you which to snacks you wanted to see smashed together and you chose Takis and Pocky Will this new snack be a smash? Find out because this is Snack Smash (intense electronic music) All right guys, so we're making Taki Pocky

We're not making Pocky Takis Baroompa! Shh – Shh – Can't do that Okay, so I have an idea on how to execute this

I think we did it (all laughing) I think we can go home, right now – Do these snacks smash? (food crunching) They smash! – Very good! All right, I'll see ya next time Like, comment, subscribe – Thank you

– Smash that bell fam, we're out I think we're gonna use the dominant flavor of Takis and try to create like the actual structure of a Pocky So Pocky is broken down in a couple parts Stop eating it If it makes you make that face

– They're so good – Are you just licking the seasoning off? – Yes, the best part – Someone needs to make the glaze and then we're gonna need a bang up Taki powder that we're gonna infuse into everything – Bang up – Are you just repeating the last words that I say to show that you're listening? – I'm listening! – I'm thinking Nicole, you are great at doughs and baking, you should do the actual breadstick

Me, I've sucked on more Takis than anyone that I know – Ooh, that's a lot of eye contact – So I think that I should be making the powder and then Trevor, I think you should do the glaze and the final dip All right And, family on three! One

– [All] Family! – All right Takis, we gotta see what's in these bad boys – Josh is making the actual Taki powder – So the main strategy here, we gotta suck on the Taki and we gotta combine all these ingredients in the spice grinder Ooh! Ooh, oh – Josh has this really keen ability to like lick a chip, whatever the chip may be and make the powder like it's legitimately the powder that they make at the facility

It's like this crazy super power he has – The main difference you're getting between this, and say like a Flamin' Hot Cheeto, is that instead of any cheddar flavor, you're getting a lot of actual chili flavor, which is why we are gonna use some New Mexico chili powder Just gonna go right in there I'm adding cayenne pepper, maltodextrin salt That wasn't salt! What was this? Aw, crap

That's sugar So what you're gonna do is you're gonna go in there with two fingers and you're gonna bale out some sugar Sugar Salt The salt is the one that says salt on it

Nutritional yeast, AKA, nooch It's the flavor that you get in a lot of vegan mac and cheese Lots of citric acid

Corn starch MSG Onion powder And then red dye number 40 Dump all that powdered food dye in there

Red dye number 40, very healthy Good for kids, they love it Red dye number 40 is really good for children because it's been linked to hyperactivity And what are kids not doing if they're hyperactive? Drugs I didn't open this one, hold on

(Josh blows raspberry) For legal purposes, red dye number 40 is not good for you May be linked to drug use, honestly, I don't know I'm not a doctor Ooh, oh you get the citric acid punch! The difference between this and my flamin' hot, flamis, my flamis Amos (laughs) You know what this should be called? Flamis Anus seasoning, 'cause that's what it is

It's gonna get those anus flames rearin' up Got just like a sick Neil Peart drum solo It just gets ya right in the face We listen to a lot of Rush in the kitchen I actually wrote an essay my sophomore year of high school on the song "Tom Sawyer" and what it means

I have no idea what it means and I got C- This is really perfect It's got a huge savory punch Suck on the fingy Ah! It's perfect

– Josh did a great job And you can tell he did a great job, because no one in the kitchen could breath after he was done – Wowsers! Kids eat these like all the time – So can we sing the "Taki Taki" song or is that copyright? I'm making the actual breadsticks, cookies, biscuit, hybrid thing, whatever you wanna call it that is the base of the Pocky I'm gonna attempt to like pipe it out with a piping bag and see what happens

Josh gave me a little bit of this Taki powder that I haven't tried yet I just like the way it tastes I know my face doesn't say that I like it, but ooh! Oh my God Ho, okay I'm gonna be adding my butter with my powdered sugar and then I'm gonna add my egg

Then I'm gonna add my Taki powder that Josh is making from scratch Then I'm gonna add a little bit of food dye just to make sure my color is on point Oh my gosh, it's coming from this side! These are gonna be red! Okay And then add my baking powder and some flour Okay

(machine buzzing) Now that that's mixing little by little, I'm gonna add a little bit of soy lecithin Now soy lecithin is used in a lot of consumer packaged goods to help emulsify everything together Bam, am I allowed to say bam? Emrol is not the only way who can say bam I don't know if he has like a copyright on it or something Is that cool, Emrol? Am I allowed to say bam? I think I could be able to say it And you know what, I think anyone can say bam

Bam! Bam So I know this has raw egg in it, and I don't recommend you to do this, but I'm gonna do it 'cause Ooh, ooh We did it The Taki seasoning has a very distinct, like super sour super spicy like, face contorting flavor

I am a big fan – It was like Pablo Escobar and Satan himself did a collab and just cut up a fat brick of red terrible awful spice – Look, it's almost like the same color of the actual silicone spatula I'm using I'm going to put it in a piping bag with two bags so it doesn't burst or explode everywhere People traditionally use a bench scraper

Not me This is how I work out I'm gonna pipe super, super, super thin breadsticks on a Sil-Pad and then throw it in the oven and see what happens Ooh Great, that's not as bad as I thought it would be

Pokys are probably the hardest workout you can do in the kitchen It takes a lot of strength from this part of your body Oh this is hard This is hard work! Okay, sorry plants Sorry

– If she continues to pipe out that Pocky dough four times a week for the next six weeks, she should see some serious gains – Cooking is the best job in the world Oh my God I think it's all of the adrenaline, you know? Pumping through my body I can't feel anything right now

My wrists are gonna be bruised after this Oh my God Okay, last one, last one (Nicole grunts) Okay Cool! I'm gonna bake these off and see what happens

Trevor's making the glaze that we're dipping the Pocky into (Trevor coughs) – He just kept tasting the Taki seasoning and then going Mm – I'm gonna put this here and get it melting Basically what I'm doing is I'm taking a bunch of white chocolate, adding coconut oil to that and a bunch of the seasoning mixture that Josh made And you might be thinking, Trevor why do you have a pot of boiling water that you're putting a glass bowl over? If you were to heat it up just in a pan, it could get too hot too fast and cease up or it could burn really easy on the bottom

This would be done by now if we had a microwave It'd be easier to do in a microwave because we're not trying to temper the chocolate, we just want it to be melted But cool kids don't use microwaves Cool kids don't use microwaves because they cause brain damage Also because we don't have a microwave

Ah frick! Spatula fell on the ground – If I dropped a Sil spat on the ground, I would probably just wash it Nicole is telling me to wash the spatula, and Josh is over here telling me to not wash the spatula – I would breathe on it and then I would wipe it on my apron (lips smack) – Trevor put a sil spat in his mouth? – Don't tell 'em

– Trevor sticking that whole thing in his mouth to clean it off is, and I emphasize this, the proudest moment of my life – A lot of things that were once in Josh's mouth exited his mouth and ended up on the floor I mean, if you really think about it, Josh and I kinda just kissed (chuckles) – If you've ever seen me eat a California Pizza Kitchen barbecue chicken pizza, then you know exactly what kinda kisser I am – Kinda cute if you ask me

(Josh laughs) (Trevor laughs) (Crew members laugh) – Is it hot in here? Is it hot? The Taki seasoning is very aggressive It's red Yeah Yeah I want it to be redder though! – Trevor has a knack for glazes

That man knows how to bake – I don't really get mad at Nicole She's very supportive She doesn't do things that ignite visceral primal reactions in me like Josh does This absolute gremlin takes a whole slice of pizza, smothers it in ranch

– I can see the comparison to a gremlin, but here's the thing I don't take that as an insult – And smacks the Takis on the pizza – If you say it with a positive attitude, Josh eats like a gremlin! – After he ate the pizza, he went over to the sink and he just put his whole body in the sink and took a shower – I showered in the sink yesterday 'cause I was sticky from the pizza

– That's my boss, gosh I hope he doesn't see this Got a lotta hurt This is nice All right

Let's dip some biscuits in here So we have the Pocky breadsticks, we have the chocolate dip And then Trevor's gonna take some little Taki crumbs and he's just gonna gently dust with that All right, so Nicole, you're gonna pour that into this glass and then we gotta work fast I'm gonna dip in there and then we have our drying mechanism set up

Which is very scientific We're gonna hand it on clothes pins All right, pour it in that – [Nicole] I'm gonna do half of it – No, do all of it

– Okay, okay okay okay – [Josh] Executive decision – Okay – I'm the responsible one in the group – Okay

– I don't agree with that Nicole is definitely the responsible one in the group She is kitchen mom for sure – If I wasn't responsible, I wouldn't have washed all the barbecue sauce off my face before I drove home, because then it would've attracted ants in my car Trevor, don't drink this

– I think you should – It looks yummy – All right, Trevor gently You missed all of it, you missed literally all of it Just get it on the chocolate – I can't, – Angle it

– you gotta hold it at an angle! – Okay, don't yell at me I'm sensitive! Delicate breadsticks, that's great! – It's good yeah – I think it's great Is that good? – It's good yeah – All right, so now we're gonna hang it One down, we did one down

– We did it – We did one, we did one We did one, we did one – Go, go, go, go, go – All we need is one

– If it's anything like the Flamin' Hot Pop Tart, which was like complex and beautiful, I'm sure it'll be a home run You gotta take care of 'em Be gentle – This is why I wasn't allowed to have a hamster as a kid – [Nicole] Yeah, I'm sure

– [Josh] I wasn't gentle with it – Gotta be gentle – Mr Chubby Cheeks He went to a farm

Mr Chubby Cheeks was my best friend Well he still is my best friend, I'm not allowed to go to the farm – What farm? Did he come back from the farm? – None of my pets came back from that farm I have a fair amount of friends on the farm

Lots of different species too – Don't send me to the farm, please – You're gonna love the farm They gotta lot of room for Mr Chubby Cheeks to run around

You can hang out with them Got two cats, Gordita and Chalupa – Wait, hold on Hold your horses – Sometimes, you know, your grandpa goes to the farm

I struggle with death anxiety – Stop – You mustn't squeeze – Stop! (laughs) – If you squeeze, it goes to the farm – Everything in my heart tells me that it should be a smash

But, I don't know – Oh my gosh, they keep breaking in here I hate my life – No you don't You're hanging out with your friends

– You guys are my coworkers I get paid to hang out with you I think the Takis Pocky will taste really really sweet, but also really really sour and spicy It could potentially mesh really really well together – [Josh] This is fine, this is good

– Angle it! – This is good I think this is looking good I made the seasoning and I know how abrasive it is Combining them in my mind mouth, it's not working But, crazier things have happened in this kitchen, like the time I showered in the dish pit from the pizza sticky

And that's how you make Taki Pockys With three simple steps What's Trevor doing? You said you hated those, why are you eating them? You said they made you feel sick – It's good in dust form – Oh my God

– What's a Taki Pocky without the baggy poch What's the Pocky Takis without the bags that they are, what's a Taki, without the pag of the Pocky-ging – The Pocky-ging! – Taki Pockys, let's go to the Pocky-ging (upbeat music) Got the finished Takis Pocky here are you excited? – I'm so excited – You both ate a lot of straight Taki dust

– It's so delicious Josh, what's that in your pocket? – Oh, Trevor, this is a Pocky I just wanted to see for comparison – [Nicole] Oh my gosh – Okay, this one's a little chunky

Trevor, you get the chunky boy I'm proud of our work and also I have truly no idea what we're gonna taste in these – I assume it's gonna be very sour, citric acid – I hope they make my eyes water – Based on what I was tasting earlier

– It's gonna be intense regardless – Touch tips – En Garde! Ha ha ha ha! All right (lips smacking) Oh you're in for a ride! Sour is the first thing you get That's the first thing you get from a Taki

– Onion – So we did a good job, yeah The onion and the chocolate is a hurdle But life is often gonna through hurdles in front of you and it's your job to overcome those hurdles – Onion

– Trevor looks like a baby that just got fed a lemon by his abusive parent who wants to make a TikTok video – It tastes like sadness – It's really spicy It's quite spicy – I think it's incredible

The breadstick crunches like a breadstick on that The chocolate coating is perfect You get all of that Taki flavor The (speaks in foreign language) – Yeah

– I've eaten one and half of these, my mouth is on fire – Mine too – I need a freaking diet coke – That's a Taki So we have our official Smash, Pass paddles here

And we have to vote on this You guys ready? On three, two, one, go (button buzzing) – I'm pass, we're all passing – Bye! – We're all passin', we're all passing, here's the thing – It's not good

– Food is art at some point And I think what we've done here is we've made a beautiful kind of performance art piece – This isn't our fault – This isn't our fault – This just wasn't destined to be

– No, the onion, the chili powder, and the chocolate for me is where I get hung up Because it kinda tastes like you're eating just dehydrated Ramen vegetables and then you're gettin' a bunch of chocolate and breadstick in your mouth – I'm not a fan You know, we really gave it the old college try though – I would rather shove the floor spatula in my mouth again than eat that

– Well thanks for stopping by Mythical Kitchen We got a new episode of the podcast coming out tomorrow We got another edition of snack smash coming out next Tuesday And we got recipes for you every week Drop a like, comment, and subscribe and we'll see you next time

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