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– What up, it's your boy, Josh AKA the Brahma Bull, AKA the People's Champion, AKA if you smell, what Josh is cooking! It's that time again

Time to take two iconic snakes, smash 'em together and see if they create a beautiful snack baby We asked you which two snacks you'd wanna see us smash together And you chose Starburst and Klondike Bar Will this new snack be a smash? Find out because this is Snack Smash (upbeat music) We need to see how much Starburst we can fuse in the place of Klondikes

So Klondike bar, you obviously you got your chocolate, and you got your ice cream – [Nicole] Yeah – My teeth are sensitive, I'm sorry – Spit on the floor, spit on the floor – What are we doing? – So inside the Klondike bar, this is vanilla and it has chocolate on it

There are some that have caramel ribbons and stuff So I can add another dimension If we can infuse Starburst into the actual ice cream, I think that could work There's a lot of different gums and stabilizers in Starburst, it might work in ice cream And I think we should make a caramel to go inside of it

– What flavor are we gonna make? – So we should probably just get yellow out of the way No one likes yellow What are your favorite flavors? – I like pink – I like orange – I'm a red guy, 'cause it tastes like medicines

– Wait for real? – So we're just gonna make one to make it easy on us right? – We're gonna make cherry – No we should make orange – Pink is objectively the best flavor though – We're making three I hope you're happy

– I don't wanna make three – Can we not make three? – We're gonna make three This is an executive decision This is not a cheer-ocracy, this is a cheer-tatorship We're gonna do a red, a pink, and an orange

Then we we're gonna take the yellow, we're gonna turn that into caramel, ribbon it all throughout They're gonna be three different glazes And then cover the square in that It's simple – I'm excited

– Let's get to it! Again No, get back, again We're making lemon Starburst caramel Why are we relegating the lemon Starburst to the caramel? No one likes lemon Starburst People who say they do like it are lying, or they have very bad taste

Lemon candy sucks – My least favorite Starburst is yellow – I hate lemon Starburst – They didn't have the technologies to make good candies back in the day There was like one fruit, and it was a lemon

And then they had a giant thing of sugar and like, a fire Turn on the fire with a couple of lemon Starburst in there Then what are we gonna do? That's a great question, oh my God, I'm so glad you asked We're gonna dump a bunch of sugar in there 'Cause what is caramel? I don't know, I'm asking

Caramel is any amount of burnt sugar That means it's been taken past the point of I believe 315 degrees, and it gets that beautiful dark color and a very distinct caramel We're gonna eyeball all of this Why, because I'm doing this one Get a little bit of water, little bit of water

And then a fair amount of corn syrup I'm just gonna go ahead and get our syrup in there We're gonna stir that together, then let it come to a boil See the Starburst getting nice and melted It should break down well enough

A lot of people say their greatest fear is rejection or like a large spider with the face of a man But mine is silence because then I hear the own thoughts in my head And they scream Do you guys think birds are actually spies for the government? This is looking great, it's looking nice and caramelized Look how yellow it is

Dad look it Can you see? – Yeah – Look it Now tell me I did a good job All right

So this is looking pretty good The sugar's nice and caramelized We got a lot of yellow, which I like Who do you guys think would win in a fight, Lil Bow Wow or Lil Romeo? They're not little anymore That's the problem with all these rappers naming themselves lil whatever

What happens when they grow up? Lil Xan, Lil Pump, Lil Nas X, A Little Red Riding Hood, she was the original flow spitta Lil Peep, Lil Dom Trappy, Lil Cuz from the West I heard a song from him It was called just "Xanax Pancakes" Aw, smells like someone lit a bag of potpourri on fire

All right, so we're just gonna dump in the liquids Whoa, nelly! We've got me a live one! We want this to be extra liquidy at room temperature that way when it freezes, it's still gonna be liquidy and it's not just gonna pull out all my fillings because I have had extensive dental work So I once ate a gummy candy before an international flight and it took out just like a half of my tooth and then I just had a hole in my mouth and was in incredible pain for 12 hours and there was a couple next to me having sex It was a big plane, international flight, laying down in the middle across four seats, just (beep) it out (crew laughs) Citric acid is the final step to this

We want a little bit more of that lemony flavor coming through Dumpy dumpy dumpy that Let's see how this caramel looks Let's see if the Starbursts actually blended in there No

Yeah, you see how there's chunks in this caramel? The hallmark of a good caramel is less chunks There's a French phrase (speaks in foreign language) which means no chunky caramel So we're gonna go ahead and pour this through our Chinois It's just a triple fine mesh strainer And then it should get all those chunks out

Swirl that around, don't touch it even though you want to I'm so sticky I'm gonna have to shower in the sink again What we've gotten left with is this just burnt caramel chunks But here in Mythical Kitchen, we don't believe in food waste and there's a lot of good simple carbs in here, so

(Josh spits) (Josh yells) – Fun fact When my mom was pregnant with me, she would eat three Klondike bars a day I am making the ice cream bases for our Starburst Klondike bars I'm gonna start with my milk I'm gonna take some milk, some cream, and some sugar

Gonna start whisking that up a little bit And actual different colors of Starbursts Orange is my favorite flavor of Starburst It's like eating a Dreamsicle It's phenomenal

It's like the sexy older cousin of the lemon one, you know what what I mean? And I'm gonna infuse the Starburst into my ice cream bases I'm gonna put my pink one in You know, pink is my second favorite one Ooh Look at that

And I'm just gonna put it on for 60 minutes And I'm gonna let it go! If you have 60 minutes to spare, you could always listen to our podcast, "The Hotdog Is A Sandwich" Pretty good Pretty good It's been 60 minutes

My ice cream has been fully mixed, fully churned It's beautiful It smells like a Starburst factory in here As you can se, the ice cream is a little bit soft, but we don't mind that it's soft, 'cause that way the caramel's gonna swirl in really really nicely So the way to do that is, I'm gonna let it go and as it's going, I'm gonna swirl it in

I take a hefty spoonful and then I kinda drizzle it in And then I take a chopstick and violently stab it so I make sure it's fully incorporated It's okay if it kinda freaks out at you There we go, that's fantastic Okay

So now that that's fully swirled, I'm gonna take this out – Nicole did great I'm taking home the leftover ice cream 'cause it's just fun to eat – And I'm gonna let this harden in the freezer for about 12 hours or overnight Doesn't matter

Just as long as it's a rock hard slob of ice cream And then we're gonna cut it out into really beautiful Klondike squares – I am making the glazes and because Josh, Nicole, and I can't decide on what the best Starburst flavor is, we're making three different kinds! I could do one at a time Theoretically That way each ones, oh there's chocolate on the burner

Dang it (video beeps) I'm just gonna get a little bit of jugglin' goin' on Ooh, it's getting crazy Oh! (video beeps) Chocolates melting Sometimes, you know, you can stir things with things that are meant for stirring

Or you can stir it with your hands You can really feel the chocolate Cooking's about feeling It's about being intimate with your food – Sometimes I do think Trevor's stealing my identity

He's kinda single white female-ing me – Trevor has such a vast ability to be so deeply emotionally intelligent, so I think there's no way he could be josh – He's gotta pack on like 50 pounds though to do that – Me, like spinnin' tracks right now My DJ name, Dr

Popcorn Because my beats are poppin' baby Freak yeah, that was cool These are melting nicely And I'm gonna start with pink

So this is gonna be strawberry I'm gonna do orange last because I don't have orange coloring I just have red and yellow So we're gonna see if I can make orange This one's gonna be really red

Because red Starbursts are aggressively red This is kinda thickening up a little bit I don't like that I don't like where that's going Just gonna move it off the heat for now

– I know that he struggled with the white chocolate, which happens from time to time, trust me If anybody screws up white chocolate, it's me – Chocolate's very finicky It's always been something that I have both loved and hated because when you do it right, it's really satisfying, but a lot of things can go wrong This is juggling

This one looks beautiful Red and yellow Those colors make orange I think Little bit of red, little bit of yellow Is it making orange? Kind of

Oh yeah Oh yeah, the double swirl action I'm like Ralph Macchio In "Karate Kid" I'm waxing on and waxing off right now

I like to wear bandanas sometimes and every time I wear a bandana, people always say, you look like you came straight from the Cobra Kai Dojo That is always a compliment to me I feel like sometimes people are being, like, mean I also don't think that they're the villains I think that Ralph Macchio was the villain of "The Karate Kid" franchise because he just rolls in from freakin' New Jersey, doesn't know karate

He starts hittin' on Johnny's ex-girlfriend played by Elisabeth Shue The fact that she acted like she was at all interested in Ralph Macchio's character, like Daniel Russo is an idiot Like what a ding-dong God, he's so annoying Freak Ralph Macchio

Well, you know we're two for three here – Trevor said he went two for three He actually went one for three Watch the game film The other one scorches and becomes completely crumbly

He went one for three – Pretty good for me – They say a one for three batting average gets you in the Hall of Fame Not when it comes to Starburst Klondike bars That's for like 95 mile an hour curveballs

– Also what we're not gonna do is forget to add our flavoring in I'm getting the flavors from France The three bottles are (imitating foreign language) That's a lot (imitating foreign language) Yeah

If I remember correctly Also, I hope I didn't offend any French people out there It's a beautiful language We got flavors in there now Let's get dippin'

– We're gonna take the ice cream We're gonna cut it into the exact shape of a Klondike bar We're gonna get it into our glazes And then we've made this, I like to call it the hillbilly anti griddle To make our anti griddle, I took a sheet pan and then Nicole actually bashed up a bunch of dry ice Poured that onto the sheet pan

We flipped another sheet pan on top of it – In theory, the anti griddle is dangerous because you're two steps away from making a bomb, but the way that we did it with proper ventilation is very safe and harmless – I'm gonna flip this over because the bottom pan is gonna be a lot colder – Okay – Ooh, yoi yoi

I was terrified when Josh flipped the anti griddle – I don't wanna call Josh an idiot explicitly, but I would say that it was inadvisable to flip the anti griddle in the way that he did – I thought the whole place was gonna erupt in like flames, but the opposite of flames, like cold flames – It may have not be the safest way to flip it, but it was the way that I did it I'm gonna grab the ice cream

– Okay – And then Nicole, you're gonna cut it out into the shape of that We're gonna do one by one We're gonna do orange first, ready? – Yeah, orange first – Orange first

– Pray with me Forrest, pray with me You guys remember that movie? All right – Why is he like this? – I don't know – How is he in charge of us? I shocks me every day when I come into work, – He's coming, he's coming back to us – Nicole, go, go, go! – Okay I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready

– Hey Josh, welcome back to the kitchen We're cookin' with – Like maybe there? – Cookin' with friends – Use this as a guide – Shoosh! Shoosh! – Use it as a guide

That's so small! – Something about working in the Mythical Kitchen that you should know about is that the game plans never actually work out Okay, go, go, go, go, go Speed of light, speed of light, speed of light Speed of light, speed of light, speed of light We were kind of frazzled

– [Josh] Anti griddle in – It's like a pancake – There we go Now, it's ceasing immediately – What am I here for? – I have one more

– We're just gonna trim that off Trevor, you're here, oh God, – I have one more! – Trevor wipe this off! – Wipe it off – One more orange, one more orange! – What this is orange? – Yes, orange, orange, orange, orange! – We're goin' hands – I don't think that the final step was frantic at all It went exactly the way that we planned and thought it would go and everything worked out perfectly

– Someone get those in the freezer, figure it out! – When do we get to grab them? – Figure it out! – Not me – Trevor! – Nose goes! – Get it, put it yeah! That's great, put it in the freezer – Okay (laughs) – Go go go go We're doing fine

There it goes, ow that's cold! – [Trevor] It doesn't fit! – This looks like a Jackson Pollock painting – There was a lot of yelling goin' on over here and over here (Nicole grunts) – Get the spatula – You are the best – Okay, red red red

– [Josh] Are you sure this is red? – Red! I said red Okay here, put the red – Shockingly, the anti griddle is working – I'm gonna put the red – What do you mean shockingly? – [Josh] Check this out

You put your fingers in – Yeah yeah, uh-huh – And now you got little crunchy treats – That's how Dippin' Dots are made, right? – Mm – You should just let me glaze things next time, sorry

– You literally asked for this job – I want to just glaze things next time – That's what I say to you every day in the kitchen and you're like, "This sucks" I'm like, Nicole, you asked for this job! – I'm a masochist, what do you want from me Josh? – Whoa, that's an overshare (Nicole laughs) – [Josh] All right

– What the – Yeah, give it a, that's nice – This is a protection spell – Yeah – Back demons! Do not sully our Starburst Klondike bars! – Witchcraft kinda spooks me

I kinda was hangin' out with this goth girl that was into witchcraft one time And it got real spooky real fast I had to get outta there – Okay So now that we have them glazed, we're just gonna go ahead and pop them in the freezer, about an hour

They should set up and then we'll be good to taste them I hope the Starburst Klondike bar tastes exactly like the middle of the road between a Starburst and a Klondike I hope it has that slight taffy consistency of the Starburst That real kind of juicy tangy acidity to it, but then just that like creamy chocolatey crunch of a Klondike bar

It could be really good All right, so we just gotta let those set in the freezer for about an hour and then we're gonna put 'em in our proprietary Klondike bar Starburst wrapper-ging (dance music) All right guys, we went through all that trouble to, how the? We didn't even make a yellow one How did it get in there? Geez No one enjoys yellow

Trevor, you get pink Oh that sweet diamond tap red Nicole, you get orange So, now we gotta taste these – Are we eating it with or without the skin? – I believe the chefs would recommend to eat this one skinless there, Trev

– Okay – [Josh] But you do you, buddy – No, that's okay – I'm so excited to eat this – Oh wow

Look at how cool that looks? – [Nicole] Let's touch 'em Mine is so thick guys – Mine's a baby – Why is the pink one thick? – Pack on some muscle there, Trev Let's do it

Cold! – It's ice cream, I forgot – Mm – Mm – My brain wanted it to be taffy (Josh laughs) – It feels sort of like taffy

– So you get a little bit of that caramel Are you guys gettin' the lemon perfume? – Oh yeah – Okay guys, now we have to actually vote using our official Snack Smash, smash or pass passles – Smash or passles – Smash or passles

– Passles That's a good one – At three two one we're gonna vote on whether or not we think these two snacks create a beautiful snack baby that we've drug out of the womb Ready? – Yep – Three, two, one

– Trevor is passing! No way! This smashes, you had a great time! – You just said it tasted just like a pink starburst! – I would rather just have a pink Starburst or a Klondike bar I'm gonna be honest with you – Fair – I love it I really like sour things

I love rainbow sherbet As a kid, I was a sherbet fiend This satisfies my sherbet fiendom – Me too, I thought this smashed perfectly – Thank you so much for stopping my Mythical Kitchen

Check out another episode of Snack Smash next week We got recipes every week Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing We'll see you next time You can cook up your own feast while wearing the Mythical Kitchen apron

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