Sriracha Fish and Chips Recipe

– Add a shot of vodka to your batter That was a real Sandra Lee pour of vodka

(upbeat music) Welcome to Mythical Kitchen where dreams become food Welcome to Mythical Kitchen where dreams become food Hey, welcome to Mythical Kitchen Did you know that here is where dreams become food? Welcome to Mythical Kitchen, enjoy your food Welcome to Mythical Kitchen

Here, dreams become food One of those'll work right? – [Man] Yeah – Today we're making grilled cheese ramen? Donut sloppy joes? Cheeto crusted pork tenderloin? No, today we are making Sriracha battered fish and chips Fish and chips is one of my favorite foods to make Today, I am doing it for you

So we're gonna kick it up a notch by adding a bunch of Sriracha into the batter It's gonna be really delicious And it's gonna get a little bit spicy You gotta do the spicy mom shoulder shake A little bit spicy

We've broken the recipe down to three easy steps The time codes of which you can find right there to follow along Let's get cooking So we're gonna start by making our chips Chips, as you know, is what the British call French fries

Futbol is what they call soccer What a crazy world we live in, right? All you need to do to make delicious French fries at home is put potatoes in cold oil and then heat it up You'll get some really great chips You could do that Or you could go the little extra fun route and do some Sriracha beer-battered potatoes

I am a huge fan of the hack of adding batter to fries That is actually what makes a lot of fast food fries, really delicious And so what I'm gonna start by doing is I'm gonna take some normal russet potatoes, also known as just a regular ass potato, and then I'm gonna square it off Just shave off a little bit to give yourself some nice cutting surfaces to work with Yeah, just shave your taters

Sometimes if you shave your tater, it's like you can get a rash And so what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna cut these pretty thick because real British style fries, but it feels wrong to say British style fries Chips, real British chips I'm Gordon Ramsay Hey, that's what he sounds like

You've seen him on the master class videos He goes, "Hey, I'm gonna teach you how to make an omelet" Anyways, we're gonna do about three quarters of a centimeter or an inches point (mumbles) We're gonna boil them in very heavily salted water And that's going to cook them all the way through A lot of the times, it'll be shorter

I like a nice long chip So it gives me more ketchup length on the shaft Why is the word shaft so funny? All right, so we have the water boiling and we're just gonna add a lot of salt You want it to be salty, like the tears of a manatee No, salty like seawater is what a lot of people say, because you want the salt to season the potato all the way through

The batter is going to be salted but you don't just want unsalted potato shafts in there You want it to get nice and briny So we're gonna drop our chips into the boiling water And all we're going to do is let that go for about five minutes You want them to be cooked all the way through and nice and tender

So you can just kind of flash fry them And then we're gonna dry them off on some paper towels, pop 'em in the freezer just for about an hour or two to set up So it doesn't heat the batter All right, the potatoes are nice and blanched and they're still holding up They're not breaking apart so we're just gonna get them on paper towels

Key to battering anything is to make sure it's dry Now we're gonna get these in the freezer and then we're gonna make sure they're dry And then we're gonna beer batter and fry them (kitchen timer rings) So we're gonna go ahead and beer batter some potatoes Beer battering is one of my favorite techniques of all time, but it should be called a champagne batter because Miller High Life is known as the champagne of beers

You would have to know that to get– It wasn't even a– it was a throwaway joke So we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna open a beer A lot of people– whoa, uh oh Knife slipping We might have a better bottle opener somewhere

I don't know where it is A lot of people will put stuff like eggs in there I don't necessarily agree with that I think I've got the perfect beer batter recipe down So I'm taking a cup and a half of flour, and I'm gonna add some salt and baking soda to that

And then we're just gonna go ahead and whisk it up So next we are going to add our beer to it You can use any light beer You can use any dark beer You can use anything you want, but I am just using a nice neutral Miller High Life

Another ingredient we're going to add is vodka Now, the reason you add this is because alcohol evaporates at a lower temperature than water And so when you add a shot of vodka to your batter, that was a real Sandra Lee pour of vodka When you add a shot of vodka to your batter, it's gonna evaporate quicker And it's actually going to create more air pockets, giving you a nice, lighter batter

And then of course, this is a Sriracha batter So we're gonna take a full half cup of Sriracha You really want to taste all of that chili flavor, gonna create this beautiful color And then actually a really important step to beer battering is you want to let it rest for at least ten minutes That way, all the flour's actually going to hydrate and it's gonna give all the carbonation in the beer and that baking soda some time

Baking powder, baking powder is baking soda Whatever! You wanna give the beer and baking powder some time to react with the flour And it's actually going to bind it a little bit And it's gonna thicken up So if your beer batter looks a little bit thin, it's totally fine because it's gonna thicken up because of science, the wonderful world of

You know, I failed AP chem That was hard Now we're just gonna let the batter rest and all we're gonna do is dip the French fries in it

Then we're gonna make our French fried potaters Some folks call it a Sling Blade some folk call it a Kaiser Blade Drop them into the beer batter I'm just gonna use my hands I like to take it and I like to shake it off

Then I actually let it kind of drain and rest on a rack All the excess batter is really gonna fall off Like if you think about the fast food fries, right? Arby's curly fries, they don't have a really heavy batter on it Just nice and light and thin So we're gonna let that kind of wick off and then we're gonna throw in there

Whoops! And it's just gonna get nice and light and airy A lot of the excess batter has dripped off And now we're simply gonna drop the fries into the fryer being sure not to overcrowd the pan because once the fries stick together, it's like how sea otters hold hands while they sleep to avoid drifting away But it's similar like that with fries You don't want to overcrowd them otherwise they will hold hands

And then the sea otters Don't overcrowd the oil So these are gonna fry up pretty quick because the potatoes are already cooked

And you're really just getting that batter crispy Uh oh, sea otters are holding hands I'm gonna pull the fries and then we're just gonna let these rest right back onto the wet batter 'cause I don't have anywhere else to put'em right now Now I'm gonna eat one It's hot but it's good

The fish, we're doing the fish now (trap beat buildup) I love frying fish more than anything in the world My dad used to take me fishing out on the Willamette River up in Oregon We would catch fresh brook trout And then all we do is we'd take some flour, he'd crack open a beer

He'd be like, "Wanna taste, son?" And then I'd be like, "Dad, I'm nine years old," and he'd pour it in the batter And then we would filet and fry up the fish fresh That's not true, my dad never took me fishing, but hey, we can still have fun frying fish We're gonna take some cod And then we're just gonna dry it off on paper towels

That way there's not gonna get any steam underneath the batter And then we're simply gonna salt it I like when doing fish and chips to look for a filet that looks exactly like this A little bit less like the misshapen one, but this one's fine too Dry it off, salt it

And you're gonna get it in some flour And then you take the little tail and you give it the old wiggle It's like when you get covered in delousing powder, when you walk into work You know, when they delouse you, and then you just shake it off (laughing) Get it nice and covered in beer batter

And then you wanna make sure to get the smallest edge of it Let the excess drip off The key to this when you get it into the oil, you wanna do a kind of swishing motion 'cause that's gonna seal up the batter at the end and it's gonna cause the fish to float and not hit the bottom So oil's nice and hot at 375, give it a little swish just like my dad taught me to do when we didn't go fishing in the Willamette River And then we're just gonna let that fry for about five and a half minutes

The batter is nice and curling up It's gonna get super super crispy Now I'm gonna work on the other filet I was watching Jeopardy! the other day and it was W Geography Clues The Willamette River came up

Alex Trebek is my real dad All right, so I'm gonna flip over that first filet Oh yeah, that is looking nice Just gonna go ahead and gently grab it with the tongs That is super nice and golden brown and the fish cooks up real nice and quick 'cause they're pretty thin cod filets

That is exactly what I want I'm gonna sprinkle a little bit of salt on there just because Oh yeah wait, listen to it You can't actually hear it I though you could– I don't have any nails 'cause I bite them

Trust me, it sounds crispy So this fish is all so crispy and now what's a plate of fish and chips without tartar sauce? Still a plate of fish and chips, but we're gonna make tartar sauce regardless Irregardless, in fact So if you thought that there was not enough Sriracha in this entire dish, then boy, do we have a treat for you It's just more Sriracha though, actually

We have a cup of mayonnaise and we're gonna add a quarter cup of Sriracha to it I measured it perfectly with my eyes Tartar sauce the perfect dip for fish because you have all the mayonnaise, AKA savory pudding, the best food in the world And then you're gonna add some nice freshness to it with a little bit of lemon zest Nicole always makes fun of me for the way that I just zest a lemon and I still don't know why

She just laughs whenever I do it Stop, I'm trying my best And then we're gonna add the juice from half a lemon into that And we're gonna add some fresh cracks of black pepper to it Yeah, that's nice

Little fresh cracks Now I'm gonna chop up capers Capers and seafood are like an all-time fantastic combination You just get all that salty brininess and it adds a little bit of that kind of like olive complexity to a dish that you're not gonna get from something like pickles Hey, speaking of pickles, we got some diced pickles we're also gonna add to it

Put your minced capers in there, get your pickles in, get some nice shallots, and that is all she wrote on the tartar sauce Who is she? Agatha Christie Give it a nice whisk And this is gonna be a very monochromatic plate of food on account of all the deep fry and Sriracha Don't worry, we got some parsley to garnish it with

All right, so we have our fish cooked We got our beer-battered fries fried We got our tartar sauce tartered Now is the important part This is a very delicate plating technique

Watch very carefully you're gonna take the fish and you're gonna lay it And then, but here's the trick is you gotta put another fish and then a large mountain of French fries Wow, that is really one color of food 'cause this is the best color of food You see any food that is this color, unless it's like a weird mushroom in the wild, don't eat that, but it's probably gonna taste really good Throw a little tartar sauce on there

And then here, this is the real trick to really green up this plate of food to make it a nice healthy salad We're just gonna tuck some parsley right in there And that is your Sriracha beer-battered fish and chips, the Sriracha tartar sauce I can't wait to dig into it, but first, let's just contemplate what we're doing here on Earth, you know Each and every day you go out and you just try and make it a little bit brighter for- Ooh, French fries

They're good (upbeat beat) All right, so we got this all plated up I need to give it a taste I'm gonna start with the salad course As soon as you get that little bit of a refreshing bite from whatever the green is, the tartar sauce, really excellent

Gonna move on to the potaters God, these just feel crispy You ever pick something up and it just feels extra crispy and you know how it's gonna sound when you bite into it? Oh yeah This is freaking excellent Why did I do that? I don't know

This is what I decided I should do Mm, what an absolute treat! But the real treat isn't the food itself No, the real treat is friendship and being able to take a six foot bayonet with a spork at the end of it and stab someone in the face with the fish that you made with love Speaking of a six foot spork bayonet Chris, are you ready buddy? – Oh my God, I've never been ready to be bayonetted in the face with a love fish before, but I'm ready now, Josh

– God, Chris, that means the world to me Let me just grab you a nice bite Well, let's spear a potato first I gotta turn this upside down to spear it There we go

(laughing) Got some sauce on it All right Chris, you ready, buddy? It feels like I'm gonna actually bayonet you Just get it nice and gently in there How's that? – I like how like fat and cushiony the French fry is It's like a really comfortable body pillow I can snuggle at night

– You still have like my ex-wife right? (laughs) Let me get some fish on there (laughing) We gotta go back upside down We gotta twirl it like pasta (laughing) – [Chris] Make sure you're dip it- – Chris, I'm doing the best I can All right, here we go, here we go, here we go

Here we go, coming in There it is, there it is Be the bigger fish, yeah buddy! Uh oh, uh oh, did I get you in the trachea? (laughs) – So crispy So flaky, tender Really delicious

I'm not used to tasting, I'm used to like listening, but this is the best of both worlds Thank you, Josh – You know what they say? Tasting is like listening for your mouth hole So thank you, Chris And thank you all for joining us in the Mythical Kitchen

We got new episodes of our podcast out Every Wednesday, new cooking videos every week Hit us up on Instagram @MythicalKitchen with pictures of your mythical dishes Using #dreamsbecomefood We'll see you all next time

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