Ruffles Snickers Taste Test: Should This Snack Exist?

– What up, it's your boy Josh, AKA Donkey Teeth, AKA D'Glester Hardunkichud, AKA Dan Smith BYU And it's that time again

Time to take two iconic snacks, smash them together and see if they create a beautiful snack baby And we asked you which two snacks you wanted to see us smash together, and you said, Cheddar & Sour Cream Ruffles and Snickers Will this new snack be a smash? Find out, because this is "Snack Smash" (upbeat music) We got Cheddar & Sour Cream Ruffles and we got Snickers What in tarnation are we gonna do to this? Obviously, we gotta make some sort of seasoning powder because Snickers are divided into three layers, right? We got essentially three components here, right? You got the peanut and the caramel layer, you got the nougat layer, and then you have the chocolate coating

– What is nougat? – So nougat is a french candy It's essentially like, back in the old-timey days where they didn't have the technology to make good candy, so everyone was like, let's put sugar and eggs together and figure it out I think we can take actually potato pulp from the Ruffles and infuse that into the nougat – Are you telling me chips are made out of potatoes? – Potato chips are indeed made out of potatoes – That's great, you learn something new every day

– He's learning So we're gonna infuse a bunch of actual potato chips into the nougat Then we're gonna take our cheddar and sour cream powder, mix that into the caramel And then I think we can probably do the same thing with a white chocolate glazed finished – Another white chocolate glaze? – Another white chocolate glaze

Come on, Nicole, all candies are the same – You're right – It's just sugar covered in chocolate Do you guys feel prepared? Do you guys feel that I have given you the tools you need to succeed? – Not really – All right

– Yeah – And break! (whooshing) We gotta make the cheddar and sour cream seasoning for the Cheddar & Sour Cream Ruffles, so what I'm gonna do, is I'm gonna take some blue cheese and I'm just gonna lay it out here in an even layer and I'm gonna get this in the dehydrator I'm spreading a thin layer of sour cream on a silicone mat and I'm dehydrating that as well We're great All right, I'm gonna pop this in the dehydrator

My hands are slippery from the cream I don't think the manufacturer of the dehydrator would think of a lot of the things that we put in there The penises of seven animals It's a true Noah's Ark of animal penises have been in that dehydrator I think sour cream is frankly the least of his worries

So we have some sour cream and some blue cheese that's already been dehydrated See this got all nice and brown, it's gonna concentrate all that blue cheese flavor That's straight mold (Josh groans) It's just like that sweet little siren song of just like, you're eating mold All right, so we're gonna start with a hefty base of salt in there, that's always gonna be the first ingredient on these chips, and is the reason my pee is the color that it is

I have a sneaking suspicion it's the energy drinks, but often, there is a green tinge to it And then we're gonna go ahead and add a lot of dehydrated cheddar cheese powder, 'cause that's gonna be your dominate flavor in there And you're working in ratios, you're using your instincts, you've trained your whole life for this moment Butt milk! Not a sponsor Once you're in the pockets of big butt milk, there's no coming back

So we're gonna put buttermilk powder in there I'm taking the dehydrated sour cream and the blue cheese, and I'm adding that to the spice grinder with salt, corn starch, onion powder A skosh

Garlic powder A little bit of garlic powder Maltodextrin

Gonna hit them with the old maltodextrin razzle dazzle MSG You're just gonna do a tiny little punch Just buzzing it up 'til it's a nice uniform consistency (blinder whirring) Don't do this The smooth-nistas at Jamba Juice always rock the smoothie making blenders and so I assume it's doing something

A Raspberry Razzmatazz is always perfectly blended Okay, I think we're good to go Now we got to make that, whatever the next step is (whooshing) – Okay, action? – [Ben] Yeah – Yeah

Ben said yeah So today, I made the caramel that's going inside of our Snickers bar And if you know anything about making stuff with sugar is that it's fun So we're gonna start with a quarter cup of water I'm taking sugar, water, and corn syrup

Some how a hole ended up in the bottom and that saves time of me opening the top And I'm heating that up in a pan to 315 degrees until it's nice and bubbly and amber brown Dump a little bit of butter in here I believe that's four tablespoons And then this is heavy cream, which I will now measure

Nine tenths of a cup I'm gonna let that get melting In the event that you want your butter to melt, you should probably turn the burner on, which I will do now So sugar work, especially caramel is very finicky, and whenever you're heating up sugar in a pan you want to touch it as little as possible You don't want to be stirring it constantly with a spatula

There's peanuts I'm gonna put some in the caramel Trevor gets peanuts a little as a treat when he's a good boy Got this cheese powder here as also that I'm gonna be adding the caramel I'm a big fan of the Cheddar & Sour Cream Ruffles, I think it's a great chip

And I've eaten a lot of them He nailed the flavor, great job, Josh Oh, getting some bubbles That's exciting This gun is cool and it measures the temperature of things

The thermo gun doesn't make any sound other than the clicking of the trigger, but I think to think of it as a Phaser I play the Phaser sound in my head from Star Trek We're in the 300s, baby This is the part when it starts to ramp up and you look at it one second and it's 300, and then you look at it a second and half later and it's at 315, so I'm just gonna keep a steady eye 312

320! There it goes! Okay, off the heat and then whisk in the right hand It's gonna get steamy This is going so much better than I thought it would Oh, it's perfect Very important step is the cheese powder, because what's a cheesy caramel without cheese? And so we're just gonna dump it all in

(tapping glass) And whisk it So we're gonna let this cool off a little bit and then we're gonna lay it on top of the nougat and after it cools off, it's gonna get that nice chewy, soft caramel texture That's also when I'm gonna add the peanuts, because I want them to suspend in nice layers and not all just sink to the bottom (whooshing) – I'm gonna attempt to make a glaze again I know what happened last time

I really fudged it up Why is this seizing? This isn't a part of the plan Like literally, I made fudge So I'm really excited because I finally bought the good stuff Bakels white coating chocolate, and it has a bunch of stuff in it already

They have soy lecithin, they have milk powder I'm gonna dump, that much is good Just gonna let it melt up a little bit This time I'm gonna take my time and really make sure every single part of this glaze comes out perfectly Wow, this is amazing stuff

Look how thin it is already, and I don't need to add any Crisco brand coconut oil? Fantastic I'm coloring it with a combination of actual cheese powder that Josh makes and food coloring If there's any time for the white chocolate to seize, it's now I was working at a chocolate shop a few years ago, I would just be sleeping, I would just have nightmares like that, thinking of my chocolate seizing in the middle of a very intense project So everyone cross your fingers, cross your toes

I really want this to be perfect and delicious Cool I'm trying to mimic the chip exactly, and if memory serves me well, it's like this really pretty light dusting of cheese, where you can still see the potato, you know, creep through I want it to be more of like a whisper of cheese, instead of like a sock in the face of cheese, you know? A whisper of cheese sounds like this, hey, hey, there's cheese in this So I think this is a beautiful color

I'm gonna keep whisking it away to get all of the lumps out It felt amazing to succeed in something that I screwed up once before Guys, I made a glaze without any sort of problem happening Woo! You guys can't see it, but everyone's hands are like, woo, they're very excited for me (whooshing) – I'm making nougat over here

All right, sorry, we're on a tight deadline This is all gonna start with some sort of boiling sugar syrup, 'cause that's the only technology that they had back in the day when nougat was invented That was back in the era where every soda has cocaine in it and was meant to treat some disease And then in comes corn syrup We'll call it a cup and a half

(Josh exclaims) Turns out, one of these things is just a cup and a half, so that's cool So now we're just gonna stir this together It's on medium high heat right now I lied, the burner's cranked all the way up I said what you should be doing

That burner's all the way up Now what we need to do is get our egg whites whipping Egg whites, what do they do? How do they work? No one knows But they do have protein in them, and when you whip them up, they're going to froth, and then you're gonna have some more structure to your nougat So it's kind of the same theory behind a meringue, but we're just changing up the ratios by doing a lot more sugar

(mixer whirring) You're looking for stiff peaks You want me to describe a stiff peak now, don't you? I couldn't get into stiff peaks, thought it was weird for the sake of weird (Josh mumbling) Does anyone get that? Thanks, it's not a great joke A stiff peak is when you're able to stick a spoon into a meringue or something like whipping marshmallow or cream and the peak does not fall down Soft peak is when you get a little depression in the peak

But a stiff peak is when I'm just happy to see you So you can see, they're sticking to the spoon That's a good thing, we got nice soft peaks But if you over whip them, they can get crumbly So it looks like this is about ready to go

Take about a quarter of this mixture, and we're gonna stream it into this While it's going real fast and hot I'm streaming in about a quarter of that liquid into the beaten egg whites And then I'm letting that continue to heat to 315 degrees We're gonna put lecithin in there, because it's an emulsifier

That means it's also going to add some leavening to it 'Cause we want this to have almost a kind of marshmallow consistency We could have used gelatin, but Snickers ain't got no gelatin on the ingredient label But they got a lot of lecithin I'm crushing up the Ruffles chips and I'm adding that to the mixture that's in the stand mixer

So the potato chips are actually gonna dissolve from the heat and the moisture of the sugar syrup And now we're gonna go ahead and pour this slowly in there I'm streaming in the liquid that's reached 315 degrees Now we're gonna let this whip up for about six minutes, to whenever you think you should stop Then just buy a Snickers

Which was 20 minutes ago to be clear And I'm pouring that mixture out on a sheet pan to let it set in the fridge until it's nice and nougat-y (whooshing) All right, guys, we gotta work fast We got the caramel at perfect consistency, I'm gonna put the nuts in Trevor, I'm your nut guy

I've been your nut guy since day one – Nope, you're not my nut guy – Okay – I got a nut guy already – You are not his nut guy

– He and I should hang out Whisk it We gotta mound it – Whisk it – Whisk with a spoon

– A few more, maybe – All right, Nicole's my nut girl (Nicole laughs) – All right, we gotta mound it on the nougat – Mound it – You dump it, I'll mash

Nicole, get the pan Help! Could we have made this in a chocolate bar mold? No Stupid, idiot – Give me your hands (spraying) The idea is, we're gonna lay it in a full sheet

So we have the nougat, we have the caramel, this is still a little bit warm that's why it's pliable And then we're simply going to cut it with our dough cutter in the exact shape of a Snickers And then we are going to glaze it in our chocolate – Dunk it – Look at that, you can use the heat of your hand and assuming you've lubed up enough, which I hope you have

Then it's just gonna create a nice, sheen look on top – Always lube up – Is it gonna be like one big bar? – No, so we're actually using the king size Snickers, or the share size Because here's the thing, Snickers used to be real big, right? And then they got a lot smaller due to new dietary restrictions We're making king size

So we got enough to make at least three or four based on producorial direction – This has a big two, because there's two separate bars in here, which is the stupidest thing ever – Stupid, I don't have– – We're making one long bar – I don't wanna share with anyone I don't have any friends to share a Snickers with

I want one big bar to eat by myself in my car – One long bar One long bar One long Got floppy – All right, I'm gonna put this in the fridge It's sticky – Why is this my job? (whooshing) – All right, so this has sit in the fridge, see the caramel's oxidized a little bit, which is really great

This is looking like a No, don't lube me up for the cutting (spraying) – You'll thank me later

– Thank you – That was a good call, Nicole – Trevor, can you hold the Snickers? – Yeah, yeah, yeah – Press it against my sides – Okay, pressing it

Come on, strong man – So this is coming out of the fridge, so it is extra cold That's why it's so hard to cut right now – Is that what a fridge does? – We tried putting in a hot fridge, but it didn't work I want my Dr

Peppers to be hot in the morning I drink Dr Pepper in the morning, it's a breakfast soda Oh, look at that layer – That looks great

– Let's switch – [Trevor] Yep, yep, get up on the counter – Gotta rock it – Get in there, yep – Gotta rock it

– [Trevor] If you gotta get all the way on the counter, do that – Gotta have tight hips when you're making Snickers – Do what you gotta do – I'm just gonna – Get in there! You gotta want it! – [Josh] It's up

(Nicole laughs) – You gotta want it – One more cut Some might think, boy, how's your teeth gonna get through that, if all your body weight on a sharp tool can't? Find out, 'cause this is "Snack Smash" – Oh my god – Trevor, just hold the dang Snickers

– I'm holding the Snickers I've been holding the Snickers – All right, I'm gonna dismount – Wait, this is so ugly – You get all "Coyote Ugly" on the counter then

So now we gotta Look at that, that's a Snickers bar – Oh, that's pretty epic

– [Trevor] That's kind of, actually a Snickers bar – And now all we gotta do is glaze it in chocolate and then– – [Trevor] It's even got the peanuts – I really wanna try – Oh my, she just went for it – With your freaking hands, man

I hope the sour cream and cheddar Snickers tastes like that kind of salty, savory, chocolate covered pretzel situation, but with like a little bit of that blue cheese funk, 'cause to me blue cheese can go with sweet really well I actually have really high hopes for this All we gotta do is dip this again, then we're gonna get it in the fridge to set up And then we gotta put it into our Snickers packaging Hey, speaking of the packaging, I know what you're wondering

What is it? – Let's find out (upbeat music) – Look at this – This is insane – Look at that – Coolest freaking thing I've seen in my life

– I'm really excited to eat this – My hands are all The Pam

– I've been greased up since day one – Wow – Oh – Hey guys, why wait? Let's eat it 'Cause that was Snickers slogan and still might be

– Touch your tips Touch your tips – Touch tips Oh, this can't become a recurring thing – It chews like a Snickers

– It's like we made a Snickers – This is not a Snickers – What do you mean? – It's like really sour creamy – Mm-hmm – Are you guys tasting the sour cream? – It's just enough

– What's coming through for me is the blue cheese And you noticed how excitedly I said that Because I love it Sure it tastes like sour cream and blue cheese I don't think people are gonna be lining up to necessarily buy these, but that's we gotta vote

We have our official "Snack Smash" smash or pass, snacking paddle snacks So we're gonna do a three, two, one vote to whether we think this snack smashes or if we are passing on this snacking You guys ready? – Yes – Yes – All right, three, two, one

(dinging) – Smash! – Smash! No, Nicole, come on – It's a resounding pass Guys, I'm sorry, that sour cream was weird, that blue cheese weird, that onion was weird I don't like it I don't like it, I'm not gonna allow myself to enjoy that

Sorry – I think weird is good – I like weird – I lean into weird We're weird guys, be weird together

– Yeah, let's – Oh, no, god, that's not what was happening – Oh

– Thank you guys for watching this season of "Snack Smash", we got recipe videos coming out every week Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing We'll see y'all next time Make your kitchen more mythical with these stickers and magnets Now available on mythical


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