Red Lobster Nachos Recipe

– Keep choppin' this guy, ugh, ugh! (lively music) Welcome to Mythical Kitchen where dreams come with a side of cheddar bay biscuits Today we are making Red Lobster Nachos

Why are we making Red Lobster nachos? We're makin' Red Lobster nachos for Trevor This is actually cooking redemption, for Red Lobster for giving Trevor food poisoning back in December, Trevor didn't deserve that, Red Lobster didn't deserve that, Trevor deserves the Red Lobster nachos of his dreams and by God we're gonna make it happen for our little baby boy If you wanna make this recipe at home, we have the time codes right there, for which you can look at and do Let's get cookin' This is for you, Trevor! You're ma boy! (light music) All right so we are, I shouldn't come in scratching my head like I don't know what I'm doing

(crew laughing) Definitively, authoritatively, we are making our cheddar bay biscuit chips, hold up, we should probably rewind because you were under the impression these were nachos Nope idiot, we're makin' cheddar bay biscuit chips So we're gonna start by melting down just (laughs) a whole ass hockey puck of butter Red Lobster, when we went, me Trevor Nicole, Trevor got food poisoning, I had a great time, my stomach reacted very well to the undercooked scallops But my stomach reacted even better to their langastein spinach and artichoke dip, it is a seafood dip that is served piping hot with cheese and tortilla chips

So I started taking my cheddar bay biscuits and I would just dip them in this cheese and seafood dip So I thought, why not go all the way, make cheddar bay biscuit chips and then turn that into a nacho platter and then feed Trevor to redeem Red Lobster, owned by the Darden Incorporation's good name So you see it's very simple So I add vinegar to a little bit of milk, that's gonna turn into vinegar milk and we're just gonna go ahead and whisk that up a little bit I'm gonna take the flour from one bowl and we're just gonna add that to another bowl Take our cheese, puttin' the cheddar in the bay biscuits

What adds the bay? Red powder, red powder adds the bay to the biscuit Ah screw it, I'm gonna add some Old Bay! Where's it at? The bay in our cheddar bay biscuit is Old Bay Seasoning, if you don't have Old Bay seasoning, you can use a combination of like paprika and black pepper and salt and there's like a lot of celery seeds in this, little bit of cayenne That is exactly one tablespoon of Old Bay seasoning We also got salt and then we're gonna add baking powder and a little bit of sugar So we are going to whisk our vinegar milk into the white powder, let it come together a little bit and then we're gonna take our melted butter and just dump all that in there

So we're looking for like a relatively tight dough because we need to be able to roll it out and then cut it into triangles 'cause why, nachos is triangles, duh Oh, that's lookin' nice If your doughs lookin' a little bit wet, that was Nicole's cue, she started walkin' off with the flour If your doughs looking a little bit wet, just add a tiny bit more flour, keep combinin' stuff until it's able to actually be rolled out so we're waitin' for a nice solid dough to form and then I'm just gonna sprinkle some flour out on a nice clean surface and we're gonna dump the biscuit dough out there That worked out perfectly

Sprinkle a little bit more flour on top All right, now we're just gonna roll it and then cut it into our triangles My nana used to send my family a $50 Red Lobster gift card every Christmas and that was like the fanciest restaurant I'd ever been to until I was like 18 years old, and so I am still a huge fan and whenever I go there, it's like Christmas for me, except I'm Jewish so you figured it out, I'm eatin' shellfish, so like whatever Some people finally started callin' me on that in the comments, they're like you talk about bein' Jewish, you seem to make a lot of pork and I'm like eh, what are you gonna do? All right so we're just gonna pat out the dough, just gonna roll it, we're gonna put spinach and artichoke dip in a– And so we're just gonna cut these into triangles, we'll see how this works Well yeah, worked out pretty good

And we're just gonna place that on a silicone mat lined baking sheet Nicole, do you think they're gonna turn to chips? – [Nicole] They're gonna be a hybrid They're gonna be triscuits! – A triscuit, a trascuit, you know I had to blast ya We were talkin' about how like old school rap had the hardest themes but kind of the softest rhymes Cypress Hill rhymes a tiscuit, a tasket with you know I had to blast ya, genuis! Can we get Cypress Hill on the show? All right so now that we have all of our biscuit chips, we're gonna go ahead and bake 'em off at 400 degrees and then when they come out of the oven, we're gonna baste 'em with butter, give 'em the old butter baste

You know what they say, I'm a master baster (timer dinging) The biscuits bakin' for about 400 minutes at 10 degrees, we're just gonna, look at that, they're biscuit chips! So we have melted butter right here and we're just gonna dump in some granulated garlic That's gonna add that nice garlic And then we have paprika and we're gonna add a little parsley to the butter And then we're just gonna take a lil' toothbrush and we're just going to give those a nice slathering

That is the appropriate verb to do to biscuit chips You do the old cheddar base slather So we have our biscuits all slathered up in butter They look to me like they're ready to be seafooded I know Trevor is ready to be seafood

Hey Trevor, I'm on a new diet, ask me what it is – [Trevor] What is your new diet? – It's the seafood diet – [Trevor] You see food and you eat it? – No, I just eat scallops until I pass out Let's make some spinach and artichoke dip (light music) So now we're making spinach artichoke dip

However, we're kind of doing a hybrid This is a hybrid spinach artichoke dip and nacho cheese sauce that is gonna go underneath our mixed seafood scampi and on top of our biscuit chips You'll see, you'll see! So we're gonna do to start off with the classic beshemel we're just gonna put the glass in the pot, kind of mash it Cause I gotta start chopping up these artichokes Now an artichoke is technically a member of the tree family, and these are the seed pods of the artichoke tree

What that means is we're gonna chop them You don't want to be too fine You wanna get some nice big artichoke chunks in there I feel like if I punched it, it would turn into that – [Stevie] Try it

– Pretty much, you can go ahead and punch all your artichokes All right, so it was letting that butter melt down There, it's almost done And then now we're going to add our flour to it and we're just gonna give it a little mixy mixy just to get it nice and combined And we're gonna use a knife to do little kind of lateral stabbings on our garlic

Alright, garlic chopped I'm just going to add the garlic to the roux and then we're gonna stir that around to get it a little bit toastier Our roux is looking nice and frothy All the flour sticking into the butter So now we're just gonna dump in all of our milk and we're gonna whisk it

– Whatever, whatever we're here The sauce has thickened up so much We're just gonna go ahead and take all of our little artichoke bits and then we're going to add flour and salt What are the norm, pepper? We added salt and pepper Two things that commonly go together

Well, we're gonna take a whole brick of cream cheese and we're just gonna squeeze it out into this Cream cheese is honestly a really great hack because it's not going to add like a ton of aggressive flavor, but it is going to give you a bit of a fail safe So in case your sauce really sucks or it's grainy cream, cheese can honestly jump in there and just completely save it And then we're just gonna whisk this So while that comes together, we're gonna cook it down a little bit

It's gonna thicken and then we're gonna add our spinach A lot of people would use frozen chopped spinach in this, not me, why? I don't know, this is here I'm just gonna take all the spinach and I'm just gonna put it in there I'm just gonna go ahead and whisk it up And that spinach is just gonna kind of wilt down and you're gonna get nice big old chunks of artichoke and big old leaves of spinach

You know, big old spinach leaves We just have one more ingredient We're gonna add some shredded Monterey Jack cheddar It's exotic, all right So this is looking nice and thick and creamy

All that cheese is thickened up The spinach and artichoke dip This nacho cheese for our cheddar Bay biscuit Red Lobster, Trevor redemption, pooing his pants on an airplane story under cooked scallops from Red Lobster is up for you Did those words come together to form anything close to a coherent thought? – [Man] Yeah – We'll fix it in post

(lively music) So here I have a bask style domed pan This is big that they use in the Basque region of Basque And it's a, it wobbles a lot So we'll figure that out So we have our pan heating

We're gonna add butter to that But first we need garlic in there So I have 10 garlic gloves and what you're going to do is palm heel strike all the garlic cloves You can try and go fast So we have all 10 garlic cloves, palm heel striked and perfectly peeled and out of their shells

You guys get the time on that? Do you think that's good enough for Guinness World Record? That pan is smokin' Trevor, you're like Teflon! The key to chopping garlic is you wanna use a knife Keep choppin' this, ugh, ugh! So I'm gonna take the lobsters and I'm just gonna cut 'em right out of the shells Maybe use the shells for garnish, but I really wanna take the meat of the lobster Some would call it the tail and I want to chop it up, rip out its flesh, chop up the lobster into scallop-sized bits

Eh, what? It's probably funny So we got all the lobster cleaned up We got all the garlic ready, all the things seem to be ready to go So we're gonna do now is I need to dry up all the seafood because I want to sear it first for the scampi So we're gonna take our Mythical Kitchen official seafood drying towel and we're just gonna dump all of our seafood into it

When I'm making scampi, I like to sear it in a light oil that holds high heat really well to prevent the butter from browning And then you can deglaze it with butter and white wine that's gonna cook down So you get the nice, fresh taste of butter and you're not risking browning it, but you can cook the seafood at high heat And so I wanna get the seafood as dry as possible And you can see our pan is smoking hot

That's exactly what we want When you're working with seafood, you need to work quick So you're gonna get a little bit oil in there, and then you're going to add all your seafood in and the pans gonna start rocking back and forth a lot That's perfect, Nicole we gotta get a new pan You want to hear that sizzle

You want that high heat You see some nice caramelization happening in the scallop We're gonna let that go for just a tad more This is cookin' fast We're going to dump in all of our butter, gonna get that around the outside

We're gonna get our garlic in there I always try to find a little butter pool and just throw the garlic right in there We gotta let the pan heat up And then we're just gonna add a little splash of white wine, hit it with the juice of half a lemon, and then we're going to toss some parsley in it Give it one final toss

And we are ready to plate this up on top of our nacho biscuits (lively music) So we have our cheddar Bay biscuits chips We can start arranging these on a plate Now there's a lot of theories to nacho building, some people in Texas style, they like to do one big chip that has all the ingredients on it The whole joy of a nacho platter is like finding the perfect bite

It's like a treasure trove where you're searching to find the correct combination of ingredients to empower your life with beauty and joy And I love that about nachos To me, nachos are a food of opportunity You get a bad nacho You dive right back into the pile to find another one

To me, that's a metaphor of life You know, you have one bad experience It's like, well, all you can do is just kind of keep going, keep trudging along and they was able to talk through arranging all the nachos on the plate (crew applauding) Look at that The beauty of cooking shows you just say nonsense

Nachos aren't a metaphor for life, nachos are nachos! It's garbage food Now I'm just gonna take a large ladle of our spinach artichoke dip nacho cheese sauce, who came up with this, is this me? This is a me original And we're just gonna ladle our cheese sauce all over those chips, there we go We got a nice base of cheese sauce I'm gonna leave some of those chips a little bit bare and all that looks like throw up and then I'm gonna take our seafood scampi, get all of our scallops, they got some beautiful browning on them

I guess it's kind of like if you just took a whole Red Lobster meal and like kind of put it in the paint shaker, it would eventually turn into this So now I'm gonna take some of the, I call it shrimps scunge and we're just gonna get a nice drizzle of all that butter We're probably only rocking about 1700 calories now that means we've got about another thousand to go So I'm probably just gonna take a jar of Nutella and and pop it right in the middle and call it a day Ah, dude, someone get me a lemon slice that'll really brighten up the plate

Yeah, throw it I'll punch it, I'll punch the lemon slice out of it Why is this lemon have a full nipple on it? Where'd you get this lemon? Can we show this? This is grotesque, got a little shmeckle! I'm gonna try and just avoid it I'm just not gonna touch it Cut a little bit of the shmeckle skin

That's a bris (crew laughing) All right, this is exciting We got our plate of Red Lobster nachos, we got the cheddar Bay biscuits All that's left to do is to feed it to Trevor through his six foot long sporkpoon (light music) We have the finished dish

This is actually came out really incredible And I used the term actually, 'cause I'm not gonna BS ya, I was doubting it at some point But looking at the finished dish, man, I wish I could eat this, but I can't 'cause this isn't for me This is for our baby boy, Trevor Trevor are you ready? Are you excited? – [Trevor] I am, no

– Well, it's coming anyways That's life baby So give me the patented mythical spork harpoon, AKA the sporkpoon – [Trevor] I, I – Just wait for it 'cause we're gonna be coming in hot, okay buddy, I'm gonna flip a lemon slice to you, all right? – Okay

– There ya go – Was I allowed to catch it? – [Josh] Yeah yeah yeah, hold on, I'm gonna try and just get a full nacho on here – I'm gonna squeeze the lemon as it's approaching my face, okay? – Yeah yeah yeah, hold on, hold on Wait, Trevor, give me about 10 15 minutes – Okay

– Aghh! It's like a claw machine game – You can do it, I believe in you – [Josh] You never win, there we go! I think I got it – Can you get any more seafood, like a shrimp or a lobster piece? – Oh so what now the beggars are choosers, huh? Trevor you poop your pants on a plane to Idaho and now you're makin' demands – I didn't poop my pants! – This is, you pooped your pants! – I didn't poop my pants! – Shut it down! All right Trevor it's comin' whether you want it or not! Buddy, get the lemon on it! – No! – Whoa whoa whoa whoa! Trevor, get back here! I think I got it

Trevor, put the lemon on it and put it in your mouth Redemption Trevor This is for all those who can't – Oh – How is it? – I was expecting a crunch and then I bit into biscuit

That's really good actually – Really good, right? – It's very tasty The spinach and artichoke dip makes for a great chesse The fish, the shrimp is very well cooked Beautiful, much better than my experience at the actual Red Lobster

– Check back in 12 hours to see if Trevors gonna poop his pants in this kitchen just like he pooped his pants, he definitely did, on that trip to Idaho – I didn't poop myself – I thought you pooped yourself, that's why I was sayin', I wouldn't lie – I didn't poop myself! – I thought you pooped? – I almost – I thought that was the whole controversy

– I almost puked – I heard I almost pewped – Who says it like that? – That was an Idaho thing – What am I Stewie Griffin? Oh I almost pewped my pants on the plane (Josh laughing) – Hello Brian, I almost pewped my pants

Lois, I need a changey, I pewped my pants! – Baby need a wipey – Baby need, Lois, baby need wipey – (laughs) Thank you so much for watching Mythical Kitchen, we got new recipe videos every week We got new episodes of our podcast, a hotdog is a sandwich out, every Wednesday hit us up on Instagram @MythicalKitchen with pictures of your mythical dishes under #DreamsBecomeFood We'll see ya next time

Ah, I thought he was gonna get it Get as messy as you want in your kitchen when you have the Mythical Kitchen towel available now at Mythicalcom

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