Recreating Taco Bell’s Discontinued Volcano Taco

(phone dialing) – [Man] Taco Bell, hello – Hello, I was wondering if you still had the Volcano Taco on the menu

– [Man] No, no more – No, no more Volcano Taco? – [Man] No, no Volcano Taco, long time – All right, well thank you so much, looks like I'm gonna have to make it myself – [Man] No, no I don't have the salsa – Oh no no, you're totally fine

Oh no, it's all good, thank you so much for the help, I appreciate it – [Man] Okay – All right, have a great day (light music) Trevor, do you remember the Volcano Taco? – No, no I don't – It came out in 2008

What were you doing in 2008? – I would've been like eight years old in like third grade so, playing a lot of Pokemon, what? – All right, so the Taco Bell Volcano Taco It was marketed as like the spiciest taco ever created for the mass market at least Their whole thing was like get ready for the good hurt, but that might be why it failed is that it was too spicy for people and all the spice came from the lava sauce This was available on the entire volcano menu They would throw this hotten mayonnaise into a burrito and they say that it was taken off because they shouldn't share the menu with the Firey Doritos Locos Taco but I think, I think people back then couldn't handle the lava sauce

I think they couldn't handle the heat – Riddle me this, the Doritos Locos Taco is possibly the greatest fast food creation of all time – That's true – I will say that So, is it really worth it to bring it back? Or just make the Doritos Locos Taco spicier? – I think the lava sauce was the real victim in the Volcano Taco being taken off the menu

It was actually like pretty spicy, they claimed it had like 800 skullvills which is 50% more than their hot sauce, it still isn't like burn your mouth crazy – Yeah, okay – But I think that they need to bring back the lava sauce because I think people are ready for the heat now man – Yeah – So Trevor you might be asking me– – What is in the Volcano Taco? – You would be asking me that

So the Volcano Taco had a crunchy red taco shell, but here's the thing, it tasted like nothing, it was just red so it wasn't the Doritos Locos, it was before they had the scientific technology and will to infuse Doritos into a taco shell So from Taco Bell, we're using the shredded lettuce, their seasoned beef which is only 88% meat, which to me is even too high – How old do you estimate that that beef is? (laughs) Just by taste – That's a three day age What Taco Bell doesn't have is the crunchy red taco shell and the lava sauce so that's what we're gonna be focusing on creating, are you ready to get into it? – I'm ready! – Let's bring the Volcano Taco back from the future past

Let's bring the Volcano Taco back from the past Let's bring the Volcano Taco back to the future Let's take the Volcano Taco and we're gonna put it in a time machine and we're gonna bring it back to Colonial Williamsburg and we're just gonna completely blow everyone's mind (light music) Okay we have to make the crunchy red taco shell so we're gonna take Maseca right – Okay

– This is also known as masa harna so this is basically corn frower Corn frow – Corn frower – Corn flour, this is basically corn flour that's been treated with lye to break down the kernels – Okay

– Are you familiar with the process of nixtamalization? – I don't know but I was about to say that lye is what they dip the bagels in, yeah? – Yeah! Hold that, okay So we have the masa harina and we're gonna add our water to it and then to make it red, we're gonna do the same thing that Taco Bell did where we take red food dye and we go and we just squirt a whole bunch in there – That's a lot! And there's no extra, it's just red? – Literally just red, there was no flavor Taco Bell was doin' this a lot back in the day where they were just like we put food dye in our taco shells please eat it, I remember they did something called The Blackjack Taco – Mhm

– And it was literally just a black taco shell and they put like a jack cheese sauce in it and they were like Blackjack taco, you guys like Vegas, we like Vegas, we're party guys, you're party guys, eat the Blackjack taco And I found out about the Blackjack tacos, this is a little humble brag because my girlfriend in high school, yeah – You had a girlfriend in high school? – My first kiss when I was 17, it was lovely My high school girlfriend, her dad worked in HR for Taco Bell – Really? – And he would like tell me their seasonal releases that would come out

– Is that why you dated her? – Yeah dude, I went to Taco Bell's new campus opening friends and family event – Stop! – They had a nacho cheese fountain do you release what a nacho cheese fountain meant to 16 year old me? – I'd so, like that is just the most Josh thing Like there's no surprise at all that you dated a girl and her dad was like some hot shot Taco Bell employee – Oh yeah – I'm just proud that in high school that you had a girlfriend

I've seen some pictures – Against all odds high school me had a girl friend Okay, so we've got our balls rolls up – Okay – So you need to take this in the tortilla press and you're gonna flatten it between wax paper that's gonna prevent it from sticking together

– This wax paper? – Yes – Don't you have to make like a circle? – In theory That looks like a tortilla to me – [Trevor] It looks like a tortilla – That one might be a little bit dry we see some cracking at the edges

The way that Taco Bell makes their tortillas right, is you make like a thin, circular tortilla and then you have to put it in something that shapes it and then you deep fry it Taco Bell has like a whole copyrighted machinery system but I have something better! The taco shaper, 699 at Amazoncom Taco Shaper, not a sponsor

Oh that's so thin, that's perfect – [Trevor] Do you remember the first time you ever ate at a Taco Bell? – Yes, first time I ever ate at a Taco Bell, I would've been six years old The regular taco was 59 and a taco supreme was I believe 79 at the time and it came with sour cream and tomatoes and I was like this is grown up taste

This is what grownups do I'm like basically like 30, flirty, and thriving – Stop! – As a six year old eating tomatoes and sour cream I can't explain to you how much that taco supreme meant to me at the time All right, let's try pulling this out of the deep fryer

This is lookin' good – [Trevor] I'm excited about this – This looks exactly like the Volcano Taco shell It's violently red – That's hot

– Whoa! – Why would you touch it? – I don't know, I don't know why I touched it! – What? – Why do I do any of the things that I do? – Just stop touching it! – I won't stop touching it – Stop touching it! – Ah – Josh! – This is my kitchen – [Trevor] I'm worried about your health (Josh laughing) – It engraves the words taco shaper into our taco bell, taco shell (laughs)

– [Trevor] Now they have to sponsor us – Now you have to sponsor us! Your watermark is on our freakin' tacos Thanks for that We got our taco shells goin', we're gonna keep makin' those Let's move onto some sauce, huh? Let's get lost in the sauce

– I would like to get lost in the sauce with you – Let's get lost together in the sauce (light music) There's a lot of myths surrounding lava sauce People say on Reddit that it was like a nacho cheese based sauce, that's not true at all You can tell what Taco Bell sauces are mayonnaise based by looking at the ingredients

If you see egg yolk and oil, then you know that's a mayonnaise-based sauce Any time you get this like new spicy jalapeno jack sauce it's just mayonnaise in your taco That creamy jalapeno sauce in your quesadilla, that's hot mayonnaise comin' straight to the dome The thing that made it cheesy was they used dehydrated cheddar powder – Okay

– So the ingredients and you can find this in the internet archives of what it was, was mostly jalapeno puree, that's red jalapenos, that's what you got So you're gonna trim the stems off of those, you're gonna throw it in here, and then I'm gonna blow torch 'em to roast 'em – You just want me to cut this off and toss it? – Toss it in there, and then I'm gonna blow torch it immediately so what we're really lookin' to do is blacken the skin, this is gonna start to cook the pepper and also it's gonna give it a nice roasty flavor And then we're gonna shed the skin off later This is what they do in the back of every single Taco Bell

– Okay – They got a designated torch guy and all you gotta do is puree this up and we're gonna mix it with our mayonnaise and our cheese – Why is mayonnaise in everything? – Yeah, you don't like mayonnaise – I'm not a big fan of mayonnaise but I love Taco Bell so – I like that we can be friends even though you don't like mayonnaise 'cause I like inherently don't trust people who don't like mayonnaise

– Maybe, you know what I think it is? I think it's the idea of mayonnaise by itself – Once you heat that mayonnaise up with cheese in 83 to 88% beef, it becomes magical – Yeah! – Okay, so now, we have to sweat these which means we're gonna throw it in a Ziplock bag so if you could just get it right in my pouch – Oh that's efficient You want me to get 'em in there? – Yeah

– Aren't they hot? – I don't know – I don't have fingers of steel like you do – Dude, just throw it in the pouch, thank you And then I'm gonna keep it tucked away – Okay

– And then that's gonna let the peppers sweat so that means that the skin is gonna come off very easily We're gonna get 'em in the blender and then we're gonna finish up our lava sauce Trevor the peppers are steamed in my pouch, you see they've gotten all nice and sweaty So can you just take it, you can see the skins already starting to fall off – Yeah

– All you gotta do, just use your hands – [Trevor] You're just gonna, just like, just take it off – [Josh] Yeah, look it's comin' right off – Josh what is your go-to Taco Bell order? – Kobe! So, Taco Bell, the entire game changed when they added their online ordering system And so now you can go through and you can substitute and customize you could've always done that, I know that 'cause my best friend Debre whose vegetarian in high school and he would always do the no beef sub beans hack if you go on there, hold on, keep up

– No I'm here – If you go on their online ordering thing, you can just add like potatoes, you can add creamy jalapeno sauce, you can add jalapenos to anything So I get a crunch wrap supreme and I add potatoes, jalapenos, and creamy jalapeno sauce and then it just becomes this like sphere because there's so much stuff in it with the potatoes that they can't even fold it into a proper hexagon, so it's just like a ball of all the best Taco Bell flavors, 'cause the potatoes Trevor, the potatoes soak up all the grease from their beef soup – Yeah? – And it's beautiful – My go-to is a quessarito and a Doritos Locos taco

– Imma puree this stuff Let's crank it to high, ah! – Ah! – Ah! (classical music) So we're gonna add a fair amount of that jalapeno puree Let's see how spicy this is – Okay (soft music) – It's got a kick

– Yeah! – That's got a much heavier than Taco Bell kick So that's gonna get cut down with a lot of this mayonnaise – Oh, yeah – And we're lookin' for, it was this like very burnt orange hue of a color and so we're trying to match that Take a little bit of that cheddar powder and dump that in, you want a fair amount, there's gonna be a lot of salt, we didn't salt the puree

The cheddar powder is gonna add the umami – The umami – Taco Bell has got umami – Umami! – And then almost everything at Taco Bell has some combination of like onion and garlic powder to it – Yeah

– And so, we're just gonna add – [Trevor] Oh we add cayenne too? – We add cayenne to adjust the heat level – Oh okay – So cayenne is like pretty much red jalapeno, cayenne pepper is red – Yeah – That's it, that's the end of that sentence

– I agree, I agree – Now let's see where we're at This is what lava sauce looks like It's got this kinda like pinkish, orangeish hue All the best tasting sauces on earth are just some sort of pink or orange mayonnaise

Everyones like I am from Utah and fry sauce is my favorite No in Hawaii we do yum yum sauce It's all just pink mayonnaise and it's all delicious – It's all mayonnaise – Wake up people! You're just eatin' orange and pink mayonnaise and it's delicious! All right, so give that a taste

Trevor jeez, use a spoon, be civilized – Ah – It's gettin' there, you taste the cheese – You put vinegar in it? – No – Were you supposed to? – Well, I wanted to adjust because mayonnaise already has acid in it, right? – Yeah

– And so, at Taco Bell they're probably just using citric acid Gonna add a little bit dash of vinegar – I was gonna say, I want some most spice too – I feel you – Okay

– Little more spice, there we go – Nice – That should be good Should we add a little bit of cayenne in there? – Yeah! – I think we should add a little bit of cayenne in there Just a dash, that's perfect

– That's perfect – I'm gonna taste, it's nice and staggy, very mayonnaise-y – There we go – That's lava sauce, man – I have never actually had real lava sauce so I'm gonna have to trust your judgment here, but it is really good

– Oh, it's spicy too! – I need a drink (light music) You know what time it is? – What time is it Trevor? – Taco time – These are crisp These actually turned out really good despite the branding on 'em Gently spoon in a layer of beef and I'm gonna trail you with the lava sauce

The construction of these is very important, the lava sauce has to abut the beef – How many grams of beef are we thinking? – About 200 grams of beef go into every Taco Bell taco That's not true – Is that a real number? – No, I just made it up (laughs) – I was like there's no way he knows that! So lava sauce second

– [Josh] Lava sauce second because them the sauce gets steamed by the beef – [Trevor] Okay – Taco Bell needs to sweat This is something I firmly believe You can't eat Taco Bell immediately after you get it, you need to let it sweat for like 15 to 35 minutes on your drive home, depending on where ya live, then you get back there, and you start eating your first item you go crunchiest to softest

Put the soft items in the microwave for 25 seconds you let that sweat even more while you eat your crunchy items, oh my God we have Volcano Tacos! Trevor, we took the Volcano Taco and we brought it back from 2008 – So you could say we brought it back from the past! – Which camera? (uplifting orchestral music) This looks like, like if you look at it from this angle without seeing the taco shaper branding on it – Yeah – This looks exactly like the Volcano Taco – Oh, mine has taco shaper on both sides

– So we got extra mayonnaise for dippin' – I like how you just call it mayonnaise – It's mayonnaise, that's what it is, it's orange mayonnaise I'm gonna do exactly how I would've prepared each bite when I was 16 in 2008 – Let's do it, teach me – First grab the fire sauce packet

– Okay – Rip it open with your teeth Now you're gonna try and spit it in your cup holder 'cause you're in your car (soft music) There it is All right now you're gonna go like about a half a packet

(Trevor laughing) Cock your head (soft music) Whoa, that's a flavor that takes me all the way back dude – Oh man! – Are you feelin' the heat? – Yeah, I don't know if you can tell but I hope my glasses don't fog up or anything – Oh my God that's delicious Trevor! – That's so good

– Do you think Taco Bell needs to bring this back? – Definitely lava sauce, I mean the red shell is like give or take but put this in a Doritos Locos taco and I am there, I'm there way too many times a week – Now they have the technology to Doritos Locos-fy a taco shell, they need to take the flamin' hot and they need to add the lava sauce to it and if they do that, that will be the Taco Bell item to break the internet harder than Kim K every could've – Oh like with the butt, with the Okay, I'm sorry, I'm taking this back, that was weird – [Josh] I'm gonna add some of Taco Bell's discontinued verde sauce to a taco and if you wanna see how to make that, head over to Instagram @MythicalKitchen we've got the full breakdown there

And if you think Taco Bell should bring this back tweet @TacoBell at #PastFood Thank you for joining us in Mythical Kitchen, we've got knew past food episodes on Tuesdays and new recipes every Thursday – And don't forget to check out A Hot Dog is a Sandwich on Wednesdays wherever you get your podcasts And as always hit us up on Instagram @MythicalKitchen with pictures of your mythical dishes We'll see ya next time

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