Recreating Pizza Hut’s Discontinued Triple Deckeroni Pizza

(phone ringing) – [Man] Hi, thank you for calling Pizza Hut Is this for delivery or carry out? – Oh, you know, I actually just had a more general question

Do you still have the triple deckeroni pizza? – [Man] The which one? – The triple deckeroni It was a triple decker pizza with 90 pepperoni pieces inside of it – [Man] No, we don't have that anymore, I'm sorry – Oh, that's totally fine I guess a lot of stuff to make it myself

– [Man] Okay (upbeat music) – Trevor, do you remember Pizza Huts, triple deckeroni pizza – When did it come out? – It came out in 1997, what were you doing then? – I was dead – What do you mean you were dead? – I wasn't alive – Before you you're implying before you're born You're technically dead

– Yeah, because you're not alive, so your dead – All right, so in 1996, (Trevor laughing) so Pizza Hut's, triple decker menu came out in 1996 but the triple deckeroni pizza, didn't come out until 1997 And then in 2000 they tried to rebrand the triple deckeroni into the insider pizza Cause technically it was a pizza inside of a pizza And then it officially left stores in 2002

And not to be confused with the much later triple Treat Box (Trevor laughing) Are you following all this Trevor? – No, yeah, I got it all I got it all up in the brain – So it was a bottom layer of just the normal thin crust And then there was cheese and exactly 90 pepperoni pieces

– What is a pepperoni piece? – We'll get to that later because I got some words to say about their pepperoni pieces – Okay – And then there was another pizza crust on top of it that had cheese sauce and pepperoni, you know, like a pizza So it was like one unfinished pizza underneath a finished pizza – How is it a triple decker? – There's technically only two deckers to the triple decker, which is maybe why it went out of stores in 2000 I think they maybe got a bunch of lawsuits

I might have filed a class action when I was six years old, Trevor we've gone and sourced the pepperoni and the cheese from pizza, but we have to make the sauce and the crust ourselves, but we have to recreate their old sauce because they've introduced a new sauce that has quote, unquote more taste (Trevor laughing) No, I want the less taste sauce I want to bring our pallets back to 1996 When you were dead and I was a four year old child – Wow! I'm excited

– Let's bring the triple deckeroni back from the past three layers, 90 pieces of pepperoni, one, holacious taste, you only get that pun if you watch the commercial where they have the monks that break their vows of silence to say how good the pizza is (Trevor laughing) – From the past (upbeat music) Trevor today, I'm gonna teach you how to make pizza dough – Yes, sensei, – So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna measure out my flour very carefully – Okay – And then we've got our yeast and we have some warm water here The water is approximately 107 degrees Fahrenheit, mind you because yeast blooms in warm water

And so I'm gonna stir the yeast into that And sometimes I like to add sugar directly to the yeast cause yeast eats sugar in that it poos air – I wish you weren't kidding, but that's literally how it works – That's how it works, I know what I'm talking about – We're gonna take about two tablespoons of sugar, – Two tablespoons? – Two tablespoons of sugar that's kind of sweet for a pizza dough, but Pizza Hut dough, right? It's always pretty processed and very sweet So when you add more sugar to a yeast or dough, you're likely going to get more rise because it's literally giving the yeast more poo fodder

– Food Yeah There'd be a little pinch of salt in there All right So we're just gonna stir this together and then we're gonna let that yeast bloom

I'm gonna pour a bunch of oil in there because Pizza Hut dough, all of it is just filled with oil Trevor, when they were teaching you how to stuff pizzas inside of other pizzas in culinary school – Were there any special steps that they told you to take? – Um, no, usually just that you generally wanted to keep the pizza crust a little bit thinner than you normally would so that you don't get like such a huge lump of crust around the edge Cause you do have two crusts on top of each other, so – So we need to divide this eventually into two pizzas because there were two deckers to the triple deckers

– Wait a minute That's why it's the triple decker It's cause you have one decker and then the second decker and one plus two is three – So is that what it is – That makes it three – Is that like a Fibonacci sequence To be clear, it's a double decker pizza

I feel like I'm insane for explaining all that That was a double decker pizza Their market is triple decker – You have a first deck and a second deck and one plus two equals three – All right, I'm just gonna need it out a little bit

What's your favorite thing to eat at Pizza Hut? – I don't go to Pizza Hut, but if I had to go to pizza, I'd probably get a pizza (Trevor laughing) See, I think the reason that I probably didn't eat at Pizza Hut as a kid is because in Idaho, we had a place called Idaho pizza company, which was like Pizza Hut, but it was like, good (claps dough) Ooh jeez, can you talk to me? I'm really uncomfortable, when you look at me like that – I'm blanking out a man If I had a nickel for every time someone said, I made them uncomfortable I'd have 95 cents

All right, you wanna spread it, we'll both spread it down I'm just gonna get the pizza dough in there It's gonna rise, it's gonna turn into dough and then we're gonna roll it out and we're gonna stuff it and we're gonna sauce it and we're gonna cheese it and we're gonna get how much decks on there? Two or three It's still unclear, but we're gonna put more deckers on this pizza (upbeat music) So now we have to make the sauce, this is how all the major pizza chains make their sauce, it's literally just tomato paste

That's reconstituted with water So that's what we're gonna do We're really just gonna take tomato paste, just keep spooning it in And then we're gonna dump about a tablespoon of sugar in there (Trevor laughing) – I'm just that's the correct ratio

Have you ever just tasted like pizza sauce, – That is not a tablespoon, – Go to little Ouwa now, – Stop lying to the people, – Probably about a quarter cup of sugar we're gonna take some oregano, cause that's one of those flavors that you just like associate with pizza Like smell that, – It smells like tomato – Yes, exactly There we can take a little bit of dehydrated garlic in there

– Okay – Now we're just gonna whisk it up and we're just gonna let it cook for a little bit When we smell that, like that smells like school cafeteria pizza, which is what fast food pizza is basically – And I totally get what you're saying, like if you take a bite of a pizza pizza, it's almost like a congealed Like it's not a sauce, it's like a paste

– Exactly This a sauce, look how pasty, that is, it hardly falls off the spoon (Trevor laughing) It's just thick tomato soup – Dump a bunch of salt in there Oh again this is, this is the less inspired, less tomato sauce of the swig of nineties

People didn't want tomato back then – It's not a good sauce, – But it's pizza sauce, I'm satisfied with that – I'm satisfied with what we've created now without tasting it in my mouth – But you've never tasted it You were dead when this was going on

– It's going everywhere – It's doing fine, oops some scolded me (Trevor laughing) (upbeat music) – You got to roll out this pizza dough, – Okay – So pizza dough, isn't rested And we actually punch it down Got it through a second croof

So, we're just gonna cut this into a half – Oh No – Oh wait No, no, no

We just got to, shave, we just got to shave it that way – No It's perfectly fine – That's fine right? (Trevor laughing) – Nice cut – Thanks man, l'm not very good at this sometimes

– It's okay – Now I'm just gonna roll it in a ball Cause we want it to be a perfect circle, right? Many pizzas are circle, in fact – Yes, most – Yes – Some for sure

– Whichever this is called bowling your dough So what you're gonna do is you wanna run your hands down and under and you're gonna create a little, what we call a dough nipple at the bottom Yes, just like that Well, I was doing it a little bit better Yeah, I was thinking if, if mythical doesn't work out, I'd just, you know, go to like teach at a culinary school or something

– Oh really? Yeah, what would you teach? – Well, you know, I could teach much, I can, I could do a seminar on red bull reductions I can teach kinda of like a masters class on, on Doritos And they're using in modern gastronomy There's really a lot of, — – I've heard a lot of culinary schools are looking for that, you know? Yeah – Most culinary schools, I believe they have actually went bankrupt recently, the report on Blue Academy, bankrupt, a scam for profit colleges

Trevor when's the first time you went to Pizza Hut? I was seven years old and I was coming back from a kid's soccer game And uh, I had gotten a participation medal for being terrible at soccer because I don't know how to play soccer But it was a good time and the pizza was pretty mediocre – Man, the first time I went to Pizza Hut, I was eight years old and Pokemon, the movie, had just came out and we waited in line (oven beeping) It's shuts, stop it, I'm telling a story

We waited in line for like two hours because they're giving out these like special edition MuTu cards, right? – And I remember I was like Pizza Hut also has a Pokemon promotion going mom, can we please go to Pizza Hut? And she was like, we have food at home and I was like, look, I'm sick of the red Baron, French bread pizza Could we please go to Pizza Hut? They have special Pokemon thing And then we went there and they did not have the Pokemon promotion Still going on, it ended one day before and I cried and I cried – That is so sad

– Yeah I made that – Is that a real story? – Nah, I made all that up Yeah I don't remember the first time I went to pizza

So what you wanna do to the pizza is you're gonna take a little bit to prevent your pizza from sticking You're gonna sprinkle a little bit of semolina flour You're gonna take all your dough and you're just gonna drape it all along the circular pizza thing And you'll notice that when you roll dough out, it doesn't end up being a perfect circle But what you can do, – You'll take a knife – And you're just going to trace it around the edge of the pan to make a circle

All right, we'll we got our two doughs made – Exactly – More or less Now all we gotta do is throw the toppings on here You get a bake and then we have a perfect Pizza Hut, triple deckeroni pizza (upbeat music) – Trevor, it's time to build the dang thing – So you wanna, we got the two dough flaps there, you wanna peel one flat back, – Here, let me just, – Meanwhile, I have to count out 23 pepperonis ask me why, – Why do you have to count out 23 pepperonis? – Because in the triple deckeroni commercials, they specified that they're exactly 90 pepperoni pieces in the pizza

But if you slow down the camera, when they reveal it, you'll notice that this looks like a pepperoni pizza, – [Trevor] Yeah – Not the pizza to Pizza Hut – [Trevor] They cut them in four – [Josh] This is a pepperoni piece – [Trevor] This is a pizza built on lies – [Josh] Say what, – [Trevor] Built on lies

– [Josh] We've got 23 erroneous and I'm just gonna cut this stack – You really cutting up all the pepperonis – Yeah, dude, this is what Pizza Hut did I'm gonna do it All right I'm gonna take our 90 pepperoni pieces and just try and

– What, you're not gonna place them with intention Don't you care about this pizza Josh – I'm trying to invoke none pizza left beef vibes (Trevor laughing) – Where it's just kind of scattered decker, decker one, one decker We'll we only got 89 pieces, I found the 90th – Okay, didn't we eat two or was it the spare two from the half? – That was two cause 22 and a half times four is 90

– Yeah Okay – So 23 over 92 We ate two, – We ate two, so 92 minus two – I ate the 24th pepperoni slice (upbeat music) We're gonna take our top layer of dough

I think we should just kinda of like tuck and roll this underneath to create the crust – Do a little tuck and roll action, – Trevor, when's the last time you went to Pizza Hut? – The last time I went to Pizza Hut, was when I was in the 12th grade and I had just broken up with my girlfriend and um, – Ooh my gosh sorry, – She told me that I wasn't enough And I thought, well, I'm gonna go drown my sorrows in pizza and salad bar – That's really a beautiful way to show that fast food I mean, it brings people together

Like it's one of the things where, you know, it's always been there for us and we kind of take it for granted but – Yeah for sure – I, I broke up with my high school girlfriend at yogurt land parking lot in my final words to her — (Trevor laughing) – This is absolutely true This is dead true, I didn't know how to do it And so I was just like, Hey, can we meet at, I wanted a neutral location, right? And so I was just like, want to meet in the yogurt land, parking lot And we did it, uh, and she wasn't happy

And my final words to her that I ever spoke to her were, well, I'm gonna get some yogurt land, video not sponsored by yogurt land Okay, so we're gonna take our dough docker Well, hold on should we cut a hole in the middle? – Do you mean just like, it's just like straight up cut like, so there's a, it's like a donut – Yeah – Why would you do that? – Because in the commercials they show a hole in the middle, but I can't tell if it was a food stylist wanting to represent what was inside the pizza or if it was a way to prevent steam from happening

Cause what happens if you bake it like this, it's gonna puff up like a cow zone We have the dough docker, but I don't know, if the dough docker is going to be strong enough – I thought you meant just take a stamp right out of it and make a pizza doughnut But yeah, you can kind of circle out Go ahead, you do you boss

Let me just, – Yeah just hold it – Tump it, Tump, wait — – I don't like calculus, this knife is too close to my fingers – Trevor don't speak All right, should we dock it too – Why not? – Yay, we're here, just give it some nice little dock marks We're just gonna spread, look how pasty this sauce is, though this is a dead ringer for Pizza Hut sauce

I don't care what you say – This is good – That's a nice even sauce layer You know, something's – Trevor — – Not good when Josh goes, it's good That's actually a good amount of cheese, thank you Just cover up, all the sauce

– All right, now we got our marronis One last step, we're just gonna brush the crest down with oil So all we're gonna do is we're gonna bake this at 450 degrees for about 15 minutes and then your triple deckeroni pizza will be, – Still non existent because it's not a triple decker (upbeat music) Trevor, we officially brought the triple deckeroni pizza, back from the past, – Yes we have – We've also brought back from the past

It's a special triple deckeroni box It's only one decker – We got to get the pizza into the box and then take the pizza out of the box so we can eat it – No touching (soft music) – Look at that

– Look at her – All right, I'm just gonna, – I wanna know what the inside of this looks like – There is, as soon as I cut into the middle, all the pepperoni and cheese grease, exploded out like a gusher Yeah, it looks like a pizza – It looks like a thick pizza

You can see the layer of dough Like you can see that the other layer of dough and then underneath a small layer of cheese and pepperoni, but it does look like pizza – It's a little less impressive than I wanted it to be, but I'm still excited about it – I am too – Are we gonna eat it along with our ice cold diet Pepsi? (Trevor laughing) – Yeah we are

(upbeat music) – This is pizza – I mean its a pizza, yeah Tell you what we did a good job of, we did a really great job of mimicking Pizza Hut pizza It's just like, it's a very chewy dough The sauce is very gummy and it doesn't have a lot of flavor

I said, we traveled all the way back to 1997 for better or worse Not everything was better than the nineties Tom Hadgoches, like super lame compared to, I don't know, like fortnite and stuff You know what I'm saying? Like not everything, sometimes it's nostalgic, it's a little nostalgic I think I'm learning that, when I eat a normal pizza? I don't think there's anything wrong with it

– Yeah – I'm not eating a normal pizza and being like, boy, I wish there was more cheese and pepperoni is a centimeter underneath the crust and also centimeter above another crust, creating two distinct decks and not three I've never thought that we'll eating a pizza All I'm thinking when I'm eating a pizza is like, wow, this is a very enjoyable experience – That's what's kind of sad as we've put a lot of work into this – And now it's just kind of an, a average pizza

– How many normal pizzas could we have made in the time that it took us to make this one triple decker pizza? – A lot ,yeah, – That's it, I think we learned a lot about ourselves and how we need to learn to accept that sometimes things should stay in the past, just like our regrets Something should stay in the past – Its deep If you disagree with me and Trevor and you think Pizza Hut, should bring this back from the past, tweet at Pizza Hut using #PastFood And thank you for joining us at Mythical Kitchen

We got new recipe videos every week – And don't forget to check out our hotdog is a sandwich every Wednesday, wherever you get your podcasts – And as always hit us up on Instagram at Mythical Kitchen, with pictures of your mythical dishes, thanks for stopping by and stay frosty, all you cuddle Kings and Queens I'm trying a new thing (Trevor laughing) It's that it's the thing you just heard

The nonsense words (Josh laughing) – [Man] You can cook up your own feast while wearing the mythical kitchen apron, available now @mythicalcom

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