Recreating Olive Garden’s Discontinued Breadstick Sandwich

– [Woman] Thank you for calling Olive Garden, how may I help you? – Hi, do you still have the spicy Calabrian chicken breadstick sandwich on the menu? – [Woman] We actually don't have that on the menu at the moment, no – Oh no, it was my favorite

That's totally cool, I guess I'll just have to make it myself – [Woman] (laughs) It's just breaded chicken, some Calabrian sauce, and you should be good – I think I'll be good, thank you so much for the help, I appreciate it – [Woman] All right, you have a great day – You have a great day, I'm gonna have to make it myself, Trevor! (lively music) Trevor, do you remember the breadstick sandwiches from Olive Garden? – I've been to an Olive Garden like maybe one time in my life

– That deeply upsets me as someone who, Olive Garden was like the fanciest restaurant they've been to until they were 16 years old Here we have Olive Garden's breadsticks and here we have their chicken but obviously this is not suitable for a sandwich So they took the dough they made the breadsticks from and they just made it into a larger bun, they just like fused three of these together and then baked it to create a breadstick bun, they thought this would save their entire business, right? So it's 2015, they were really down in the dumps they were like we need to double down, people love our breadsticks, let's made a whole sandwich line out of 'em and then they did and to promote that Trevor, you know what they did? – What did they do? – They started a freakin' free breadstick sandwich food truck and they drove it all around America and they just handed out free breadstick sandwiches – [Trevor] Olive Garden had a food truck? – That was like the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile except like the Olive Garden Wiener-shaped bun mobile, and they were just like do you want a free Olive Garden chicken parm breadstick sandwich? And they were like no thank you I got it at the actual restaurant, and it was really good man

– Why'd they take it off the menu? – They took it off the menu because no on apparently ate it I think it was ahead of it's time though 'Cause now Olive Garden, they've doubled down, they're like if it's not Italian, it's not gonna be on our menu – This is Italian – They served it with the most Italian french fries possible

So Olive Garden currently has on the menu that fit into this breadstick chicken sandwich is their actual chicken breast, we had to order the chicken parm with no sauce and no cheese, and this is what it comes as So we have to make the spicy Calabrian sauce that they toss the chicken in and a creamy Gorgonzola sauce, I like the way you do that son Then we have to recreate Olive Garden's breadstick dough to make our big old breadstick buns How's that wet spaghetti treatin' ya? – It's a cold ass noodle – Cold ass noodle

(lively music) So we're gonna start the process of making these breadstick buns right, the idea is we're making Olive Garden breadsticks but more big – Like a log – Like a log – Like a nice bread log – Like a good old bread log, some would call that a loaf of bread

We're just gonna start getting yeast blooming in water Olive Garden's bread, it's almost like a hybrid of like focaccia and then just like a white pullman loaf – Yeah – The focaccia I only say that because it's basically saturated in like some sort of viscous canola oil – Something I do know about Olive Garden, a lot of oil

– I once ate 13 Olive Garden breadsticks in one meal You might ask Josh why, well I was boogie boardin' all day you see Me and my best friend, in high school, we'd go to the beach every day and then on the way back – Yeah – We would stop in the Olive Garden, still in our flip flops and wet board shorts, sandy For 8

95 they had all you can eat soup, salad and breadsticks, we would eat the entire family bowl of salad and then see how many breadsticks and bowls of soup we could eat and I ate six bowls of zupppa toscana and 13 breadsticks – What! – Their zuppa toscana is delicious, it's spicy, it's creamy – That's so many calories! What was your daily caloric intake? – It was hovering at about 5,000 You needed a lot of breadsticks to keep all of the energy flowin', you know? We're gonna let this all knead together with a dough hook Trevor, lube up my bowl! So we got our bowl lubed up, whoa that smells nice, you ever just huff PAM? We're gonna let this knead for a couple minutes, cover it with a towel, then we can start shaping our dough logs

– Correct! – Whoa, I turned it up instead of off We're just gonna dump it unceremoniously into our bowl and we're gonna cover it with a Mythical Kitchen towel that I don't wanna get doughy ah screw it, and we're gonna let that rest for about an hour until it's double in size Then we're gonna start shapin' our logs and let those proof – That sounds good to me – Let's do it

(angelic singing) All right, now Halo – Ahhh! – Ahhh (light music) We want like a wet dough because Olive Garden's dough is just wet and oily and delicious Tell me about your dough shaping technique – [Trevor] Try and get it as flat out, you wanna punch out the air and get it sort of into a square shape

– The way your hands did that so deafly was actually like really fascinating Like I couldn't do that I tried to do what you're doing and I don't know how to make it into a square, it always just ends up like this screwed up parabolic curve – [Trevor] And then I just take it and I wanna pinch in and then I wanna pinch in again and right now is probably when I'd take the ends and kind of curve them in, and then I give it a roll for however long I want it to be and then I just take the ends one more time, try and pinch 'em in, roll it out a little bit longer and then seam down – Those are gorgeous, so these are gonna get a second rest right and then they're gonna actually proof up a little bit more and then expand out as they bake

Then just slather it in oil – As much oil as we can – We might just deep fry it – Who knows – Might as well

– We'll see how we feel – So our dough has been rested, now we're just gonna lather it up, right? – Yeah yeah yeah, just get it on there – Thick cake oil – Just, yeah – We got 'em lathered up in oil, they're gonna go into the oven but, we're gonna take a mixture of butter, oil, salt and granulated garlic, we're just gonna really roll them in there

Like you ever see like a person who just got like rolled in melted butter? Wow, I meant to say have you ever seen corn on the cob get rolled in butter? But then I imagined a person being rolled in butter and that's what came out of my mouth – That's what we call a Freudian slip – All right Professor Trevor, let's get these in the oven Crescent kick Oh look at that, that's lovely

These are lookin' good man – [Trevor] Oh you can hear the sizzle – It takes every ounce of restraint that I have which is about one ounce, to not just tear into this immediately – I know, right? – God, I want it so bad It's literally, it's all the calories of like four Olive Garden breadsticks in one bread log

I'm gonna do that, I'm gonna dust it with a little more particulate matter (burps) Welcome to Olive Garden, when you're here, you're friends (Trevor laughing) (lively music) – What is a Calabrian Chili? Like what makes this special? – Calabrian Chilies, they are chilies that are grown in Calabria, they're really good, just pop one out and try one, they're not hot They're pretty hot – (coughs) You lied to me

– So I'm just gonna do a little palm heel strike on the garlic, and then we're gonna crush that up Trevor, compose yourself, you're on a cooking show – (coughs) Why'd you lie to me? – And so, I didn't think you'd do it! Just gonna mince this garlic up good fellow style – You know I trust you, Josh – I'm sorry that I abused your trust

– [Trevor] Why would you do that to me? – I don't know! Should I eat one? – Yes It's quick, it hits ya quick, it's over now – Mmm, that's good So these are salted – Okay

– Then soaked in oil – Okay Mister Alfa Male, let me just eat a pepper and not react to seem like Trevors a little baby – I, from a young age learned that pain tolerance and masculinity go hand in hand and all I wanted was my dad to be proud of me, so now I don't show any emotion – Are you good? – What? – Do you wanna talk? – (laughs) No, I'm fine All right so we're gonna take a lot of these Calabrian chilies and we're gonna try choppin' 'em up and get those in the oil as well

I don't think Olive Garden still does these commercials but their old commercials they were like "We train our chefs in Tuscany in our cooking school" And they like just showed this weird B roll of Italy and it was just like, I feel like someones gonna fact check this claim and someone fact checked it and they were just like yeah, no they don't (Trevor laughing) And then they pulled those commercials All right so we're gonna add all the Calabrian chilies right into that pot – Fun fact, when I was in high school, I wanted to move to Italy and study how to cure meat

I like really wanted to go, learn how to cure meat and then open up a sandwich shop – I would love to do that with you – You wanna go with me? – Yeah, that's honestly, there's that old question like an office space, if you had a million dollars, money was no object, what would you do with your time? I would learn how to cure meats Actually no, I had this idea the other day, what I wanna do is start raising pigs but I wanna feed them weird diets You know how in Spain they have the pigs that only eat hazelnuts so they kinda taste like hazelnuts? – Yeah

– I wanna take like a pig and only feed them Olive Garden breadsticks and then like see if they taste like Olive Garden breadsticks – I think they would – That sounds kind of monstrous like Dr Morough stuff but I don't know, I wanna do it – It's for science

– For science All right so we have all the Calabrian chilies are infusing into that oil, this thing is a little bit tangy and a little bit sweet, so I'm gonna hit it with some prosecco vinegar and then a little bit of sugar And then the sugar should help tighten the sauce up a bit – Is this just fancy vinegar? – Yes – What makes it fancy? – It's got prosecco in it! – What is prosecco? – Prosecco is the Italian version of champagne and also my preferred aperitif to drink before my Olive Garden meal

– Wait, apper (laughs) – You go to Olive Garden for happy hour, drink some six hour prosecco, that's a good time – Can you take me to Olive Garden for my 21st birthday? – Oh my God, Trevor I want your first legal drink, when you turn 21 to be a tiramisu martini at the Olive Garden That's the experience that I never had

I had some stupid craft cocktail at a fancy restaurant that my brother took me for my 21st – No, that's lame – No, tiramisu-tini That's what we're doing It's basically vodka, milk and Hershey's syrup, but it's delicious

– That sounds great – Do a nice little fine dice on this basil, toss some of that basillica in there This is lookin' like a sauce, no wait it needs one more thing I'm just gonna wing in some butter in there – Yeah! – You've had buffalo sauce, buffalo sauce is vinegar, butter and chilies

– Yeah! – We're doin' vinegar butter and chilies in this – Is that what buffalo sauce is? – Yes, that's what buffalo sauce is – Wait so we're making– – Didn't you make a recipe for buffalo sauce on the show? – No, I just use Frank's red hot, come on! – You see the sugar is actually starting to like caramelize now we have to do our what? – Chores! – Taxes! Oh God, I actually have to do my taxes, oh God (lively music) So we're gonna start by making a classic rue right? That's just butter and flour I think what they did is they just blended Gorgonzola into their alfredo sauce, not even realizing that we probably should've just gotten alfredo sauce from Olive Garden so we're gonna let the butter melt and then we're gonna add our flour to that

– Fun fact, the first job I ever had was working at an Italian restaurant, it was owned by an Italian man, some of the best Italian food I've ever had, great times with Chef Davide in the kitchen I'd like walk into the kitchen juggling lemons and they'd just kind of look at me and be like "the (bleep) you doing?" – I would watch an entire just sitcom of you and Chef Davide, we've got our cream sauce made, we gotta chop up some cheese – Yeah, some Gorgonzola – We're just gonna start mashin' up some Gorgonzola cheese This is like a nice mild and creamy bleu cheese

Wanna try some? – No, I don't actually – Dump in some Parmesan too, 'cause might as well Give that a try – All right Oh, that's lovely

It's gonna be so good on the chicken sandwich – Splendid! – What a splendid sauce for our chicken sandwich Let's make this damn sandwich (lively music) All right Trevor, we got all the components for our spicy Calabrian chicken sandwich we're bringing back from the past So you're gonna slice those two breadstick buns in half and then we're gonna lather up the griddle

– You want me to lather the griddle or lather the loaf? – Trevor, you lather anything you wanna lather, don't let me tell you, tell you, how to tell – Okay – This is the chicken Parmesan filets from Olive Garden without the sauce and the cheese and I'm not gonna lie, without the sauce and the cheese, it leaves a little bit to be desired But you don't go to Olive Garden for the food, you go to Olive Garden for the experience – What is the Olive Garden experience? – Oh Trevor, the Olive Garden experience

One, when you're there, you're family Two like, there's certain little Olive Garden rituals The server comes by and they like toss the salad, they ask you do you want your salad tossed? And you go, yeah I want my salad tossed? I'll pay extra for that And then they come by with just this giant hand crank cheese machine – Yeah – But the game is to see how long you can go without telling them that's enough cheese, because they'll just keep cranking it until the cheese is literally like three feet high

You feel like you've won something when you go to Olive Garden – Okay – You literally feel like you're part of this lottery system and they're like we have chosen you, you only have to pay $13 and you get this entire bounty Like there's something like really cool and old school about that – I guess I'm goin' on my 21st

– Oh you're goin' The price racks up once you start drinking all those tiramisu-tinis – Oh yeah – 'Cause the problem is, once you get one tiramisu-tini in ya, all you wanna do is drink more tiramisu-tinis – Oh I see, I see

– Dude, look at these sauced up chickens – Wow, oh man – Look at that – That look so good! – All that glaze gettin' in there Before, kinda sad, a little bit tired

– Kinda sad – After, look at that – After It's Italian! – It's Italian! So this is our, this is our very authentic Italian Calabrian chili sauce that I'm now using a chicken filet to drizzle over the other chicken filets – That's big brain, that's galaxy brain

What are we gonna do with the extra sauce? – I think I'm just gonna do this right? – [Trevor] Yeah, why not! – I mean, what do we lose out on – All right, I think those buns are good, you wanna pull 'em? – Yep yep yep – Yeah yeah yeah yeah, okay okay – Oh! – Yeah yeah yeah – That's a perfectly spiced chicken

– What's happening here? – I'm so happy – So we're gonna take some of that Gorgonzola cream and that's just gonna go right on top Trevor, I like what's happenin' here – I'm so excited about this I feel like I'm at The Olive Garden right now

– Oh my God, if you were at The Olive Garden right now, you don't even know man All right we're gonna take some fresh Gorgonzola, that's goin' right on top, Trevor crown it Yep, there's your Olive Garden spicy Calabrian chicken sandwich, oh wait wait wait wait What are we doin', what are we doin' here if we're not doin' this! You're gonna wanna get a river of that just butter oil mixture drippin' down – I can't wait to put this in my mouth

– There is your Olive Garden spicy Calabrian chicken sandwich This is now back from the past, currently! – Currently right now! – In this moment! – Back from the past, it was in the past, it's now back – Back! – From the past – The future! – Here with us in the present – Let's eat this sandwich (lively music) Trevor, I'm sorry I can't give you the full Olive Garden experience but I still wanna make you feel like family so I got a nice beverage that both of us can enjoy, now this is alcohol-removed White Zinfandel and so I'm gonna go ahead and pour it

– Fancy – Olive Garden What we have here today is free alcohol-removed wine – Okay – Taste (soft music) – That'll do, yeah, that's good

– Beautiful, before we enjoy We must toss the salad ceremoniously This is too good– – Don't get it in my White Zinfandel, Josh – This is two portions of two-go salads by the way At The Olive Garden, they have the salad in a giant bowl of ice and they spin it and toss it, so spin the bowl

Spin the bowl for me, dude! – I just laughed in my glass! – Spin it, you gotta spin it, that's how Olive Garden does it, they got it in a thing of ice This has been sweatin' at room temp – I have White Zinfandel all over my face – Beautiful, now the feast may commence Ah, wait wait wait

Not only do you get a breadstick bun Trevor, you get breadsticks to go with your breadstick buns So here, the key to Olive Garden, you gotta order a side of sauce to dip the breadstick in Let us cheers to when you're here, you're family I gotta wash it down with a slug of wine Gin tin! – This is already the best dining experience I've ever had and we haven't even gotten to the sandwich yet

– Wait, let it build up, this is grape juice, bro It doesn't matter that you're not eating any of it, eat a single bite of salad, oh yeah They got the crispiest iceberg Let's get to these bread sticks, this is hefty dude – This is like four pounds! – Hefty sandwich! (soft music) Mhm! – Mhm

– The bun – Yeah – Little salt and garlic particles are the first thing that hits your palate It presses the garlic against the roof of your mouth and forces your entire body to take it in – This is actually so good

– I love everything about this Honestly – Yeah! – They really tried to do something different and hop on a cultural moment of the spicy chicken sandwich, they did a really good job The breadstick buns – Yeah! – Are really good, I think the world is ready, I think when Olive Garden opens back up to the world, they need to do it with the Calabrian Chili Chicken sandwich I think this – Yeah – Is their spokesperson sandwich

Olive Garden, get on board, you gotta bring this back from the past, come on, do it for me, do it for Trevor! – Please – And if you think Olive Garden should bring this back, let 'em know by tweeting @OliveGarden with #PastFood Thank you so much for joining us in the Mythical Kitchen, we got new episodes of Past Food every Tuesday and new recipes every Thursday – And don't forget to check out A Hotdog Is A Sandwich every Wednesday wherever you get your podcast – And as always hit us up on Instagram @MythicalKitchen with pictures of your mythical dishes

Bye bye, get as messy as you want in your kitchen when you have the Mythical Kitchen towel, available now at Mythicalcom

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