Recreating McDonald’s Japan Sandwich (International Fast Food)

– I really think my life has been deeply framed by the idea of shame, like everything I do (crew laughing) (lively music) The world is huge and full of exciting cuisines you usually have to travel to experience

But just because you can't travel does not mean you can't enjoy them yourself, we're taking a trip of the tongue out to Japan where McDonald's has a sandwich called the Ebi Filet-O – It's time for So Far So Good – So Far, So Good – Caitlin – Hi

– Thank you for joining me – Thank you for having me – Have you heard of shrimps? – No – They're like little nightmare bug creatures, but pink – Oh yeah yeah yeah

– Okay those, yeah yeah – Yeah those, gotchya – Okay so we're making the McDonalds Ebi Filet-O from Japan Ebi means shrimp in Japanese so these is literally translating to filet-o shrimp, which is something that we don't have in America – No

– Does the idea of this burger excite you? – Very much so, yes – You seem very excited – I am excited! – Have you ever eaten at international McDonalds? – No – One time at a McDonalds in France the cashier refused to sell me two burgers 'cause they saw I was one person – That makes no sense

– I was like, I'm American, this is my birth right – Yeah – Anyways, so in the Ebi Filet-O, comes with a panko battered shrimp patty, there's a mustard sauce and a shrimp tempora sauce but we're actually gonna be inspired by the 10th anniversary special edition that came out in 2015, which has black sesame paste and spicy tartar sauce on it – That sounds great – We're gonna do a little mix and match

– Perfect, I love that – I love shrimp – I love spicy – I have a hat on – I don't

– Fair – Cool – (speaking in foreign language) First step to shrimp, is to shrimp – Okay, so we have to take all these shrimp that have not yet been peeled and I know what you're saying, you have like kitchen people over there, why didn't they peel the shrimp? – Right – I have the same question – I was wondering that about Trevor, he's just sitting over there

– Eh, he's on Twitter, he's fine Okay so we have to peel these shrimp Just take it, grab the legs, take the shell off, grab the tail, pinch it, and you've got a peeled shrimp – Oh great – And then you gotta smell your hands all the time, that's something I do a lot in public and at work is I just smell my hands, them grimace

– How many of these do we need to do? – Probably a fair amount, I'm also gettin' pretty sloppy When you're blending shrimp, you can afford to have some legs in there – I just figured you wouldn't notice or if you did, you'd assume it was you so it was okay – Yeah, I might just throw some tail in there, I don't care Caitlyn, what's the best lamb kidneys you've had in your traveling? – Oh, I actually just went to New Zealand

– Wait, what was the best thing you had in New Zealand? – Lamb – Why didn't you eat its kidneys? – I don't know, I didn't – You're responsible for this lamb's death, you should eat its kidneys – Oh when I was in Australia, I tried kangaroo – Oh! – Felt awful about that

– Why, they're giant rats that happen to be really good at boxing but just because kangaroos are good at sports doesn't mean that – Yeah – They deserve any more respect – Don't fact check me on this but their like country animal or whatever is their country food – Like they eat their national animal? – There ya go, that's the sentence I was looking for – Well kangaroos are like a really invasive species so there's actually a program in Australia where you can literally just slaughter a kangaroo and they'd pay you money for it

– That's crazy – So that was like the Uber driving in Australia back before– – But what does that have to do with Uber? – I'm saying like it was a side hustle – Oh! – That wasn't how people got around, they didn't ride – I was like – A kangaroo to a place and then kill it – Got it, okay – You don't feel any like shame about that? – Should I? – Feel a lot of shame about a lot of things? – Well, not food

– I think my life has been deeply framed by the idea of shame, like everything I do (crew laughing) So we're gonna go ahead and blend up these shrimp and make a nice shrimp paste First try! – Whoa! – First try, food processor plugged in, get a load of that Nicole! Every one doubted me – We all were holding our breath – Okay so the Ebi Filet-O in Japan actually has like whole shrimp set in it but I wanna kind of binder, to bind the whole shrimp and so now we have to make this into well, we're eventually gonna make this into a pentagon because that was the shape of the Ebi Filet-O

So what we're going to do is we're actually gonna freeze this into a circle and then, you're an artist – Cut it later – Cut it later Can you take this spoon and then you're gonna spoon some of this into the circle and try and shmear it around – Okay

– To an even base – Do like about a half inch and then we're gonna take some of the whole shrimp and then we're actually gonna set it in there, then when it freezes, we're gonna take it out of the freezer and we're gonna batter it and fry it and all that shrimp should and I use the term should, cook inside the crispy batter Great, and now we're gonna take the ring mold off, we got a perfect little shrimp circle and then we're just gonna put about four shrimpies in there Then we're gonna do this three more times then we're gonna get it in the freezer and then we're gonna fry stuff and also make condiments – Sure! – But also fry stuff

– Great! – Awesome – Awesome – Well let's do it! All right Caitlyn, we've got one of my favorite ingredients in the world to work with, this is kuro goma or black sesame, have you ever worked with this before? – Yes – Have you ever made a pizza out of glue? – Yes, no – That's the thing

– That's a lie, it was Mike – Oh I thought you made it – I know – Start taking credit, start like leaning in and just taking credit for a man's work – Do you remember that trebuchet I built? – Yeah! – That was cool! – That was incredible

– That was so crazy – And the car that you built on the cheese wheels that actually worked? – Oh I built the car? – Yeah – I like that version, yes I did do that – All right, dump some of the sesame seeds, dump, dump it, dump like a quarter of it, 'cause we need backups in case we screw up That's perfect, obviously we're not trying to darken these any more 'cause it's black

– Yeah – So we're just waiting to smell that kinda fragrant smell and that's gonna actually release some of the essential oils and then we're gonna put it in our little mortar and pessel, we're gonna bash it up with a little bit of honey – Okay – This is only on the 10th anniversary edition of the Ebi Filet-O but if there's any special edition of anything, I have to eat it Any time I travel abroad I immediately go to a McDonald's or a Taco Bell

– Really? – Because that's the kind of person I am Actually when I was in Israel, we had a tour guide, and I kept asking him questions I was like I know there's a big underground house scene in Tel-Aviv, what kind of energy drinks are popular? And he looks at me and goes "Josh, I figured you out, you are interested in smut" – Yeah – "You like the smut "of what people consume" – You were there for 10 minutes and he figured out Josh, smut

– Josh equals smut, yes – Josh equals smut – So we're just gonna dump some of these in here, bash it up, molka hete it up – [Caitlyn] So tell me more about Israel – I found out in Israel that I really love chicken spleens because they're illegal in the US, you can't get chicken spleens but my favorite street food in Israel was called a Jerusalem Mixed Grill

– Uh-huh – And it was chicken spleen, heart, liver, kidney and normal chicken thigh tucked into a pita who scoogs, have you ever had scoogs? – Scoog? – Yeah smoog, the dragon from the Hobit's franchise (laughs) So I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna stream in some honey in that and then you're gonna keep pounding until this turns into a nice paste that we can just shmear on the bottom bun Go faster though, yeah – [Caitlyn] I thought I was doing great

– No, I like to do kind of equal parts carrot and stick constantly where I constantly denigrate you, but also say you're doing great, sending mixed messages and then you don't know if you failed or succeeded – Well, it's a good thing I don't care – Perfect! That actually is looking really good, can I take a crack at it? – Please! – I was doin' it slowly for the people – You gotta, no you gotta violently bash it – Got it

– Gotta take out all the aggression, all the shame that you felt from childhood you gotta put into your sesame paste I think that's really good, try it It's tasty right? Got a real kind of roastiness to it, almost this kind of popcorn-y flavor – Yeah, I was gonna say burnt, but yeah – No, it's not burnt, it's not burnt

We didn't burn it! – No, it's good, I like it – That's gonna go well with the shrimp? – I think so – Should we cook some shrimp? – Yeah, what else are we gonna do? – I don't know! Right now we have circle shrimps, but we need to turn these into pentagon shrimps So what you're gonna do is just grab one of these, rip it off, and then you're gonna use this knife to cut it into a pentagon And while you're doing that, I'm gonna go ahead and get our wet batter going so we're gonna take the shrimp, we're gonna drop it in the flour, then into a wet batter just made with eggs and milk, and then into panko bread crumbs which are great 'cause they get extra crispy

Super slippery, right? – Yeah, I got it – You want your shrimp slippery Do you eat a lot of Japanese food? – I do, I love it, it's actually like my favorite food – Oh, what's your favorite Japanese dish? – I really like yaki noodles – Yeah? – Yeah

– I'm a big oodon fan One of my favorite places, Kiko whose operating the camera right now, what up Kiko? We used to go to this izakaya called Rios Sanpaku, down in Torrence – I've been there with you – We went there together! – Yeah, we went there, remember that night? – I forgot, I only remember Kiko being there, I'm sorry There would be reasons that we didn't remember

– Yeah – We went to Del Taco at four in the morning – There are reasons you didn't remember yeah yeah yeah – We ended up going to Del Taco at four in the morning, now I remember – Yeah, that was like one of my favorite nights

– That's one of my favorite places – That was a great time – To go in LA, I miss that place so so so much, I can't wait to go back This looks good, I like what you did there We're gonna take this here pentagon shrimp, we're just gonna drop it in the flour, get it all nice and covered, we're goin' wet hand dry hand, just gonna cover this in panko bread crumbs, get it all nice and crispy

– Have you ever deep fried? – No – Great, so the key is that the oil is more afraid of you than you are of it – I don't believe that – Okay, just very gently kind of insert the tip down and then pull your hand away and make sure it doesn't splash There it is! – Okay, cool, I did it, yeah – That was really good Okay keep an eye on that, I'm gonna keep battering these up

Do you remember the owner of Rios Sanpaku, we kept calling Kevin The General – (laughs) Yes – And we kept asking him why and he's just like I don't know, he just keeps calling me The General – Yeah, I do – And apparently once I went there with Kevin

– Apparently? – You know, you're not supposed to remember the whole time there But I went there once with Kevin and Kevin then went there with his wife later and the owner goes like hey, you were here with another girl last week right? And he was like what? And turns out he was talking about me So apparently to the owner of my favorite izakaya in LA, I look like a girl that would be in Kevin Rigg's league which is great – Oh, good for you – Yeah, I think that's a nice thing

These are looking nice and beautiful and golden brown, we're just gonna let these rest here – Okay – We're gonna fry up the rest of these and then we're gonna build our sandwiches – That sounds fun! – My hands are covered and gross Got our beautiful McDonald's buns, we out our crispy Ebi patties, we got our slightly wilted, McDonald's lettuce, but we need to make one more thing, in the McDonald's in Japan they call it aurora sauce or it's commonly known as tempora sauce, most people say it is a combination of ketchup and mayonnaise

So we actually have Japanese kewpie mayonnaise, it typically has more egg yolk and a little bit of MSG in it so it gives it that little (tongue clicking) You gotta do it (tongue clicking) All right cool – Okay – So you make that sauce, so do about equal parts like kewpie mayonnaise and good old fashioned American Heinz ketchup, best ketchup in the game, and then we have a little bit of spicy sesame oil in there, do more mayonnaise than that

You know someones new to this kitchen when they leave the amount of mayonnaise to that And then we have something called nanami togarashi powder – Okay – Which is Japanese for seven spice, it has a lot of chili powder in it, a little bit of sesame, a little bit of seaweed, just a little bit, just a little like, hold it there, perfect, that worked out remarkably well I love that you put your little touch on it afterwards

– Well I just thought, you know a little bit of Caitlyn You know, sure – Just a dash of Caitlyn, that'd be your cooking show name, Just A Dash Of Caitlyn – Welcome to A Dash Of Caitlyn, I'm Caitlyn and I don't cook – And I have no viewers – Yet

– Yet! – Not with that mind set you don't – I'll take yours – You can mix it – Okay, well you didn't, I didn't wanna like– – Sorry, I forgot that I have to say – I didn't wanna jump the gun a little bit

– Yeah yeah mix it, most sauces tend to be like a one color So I'm gonna take a little bit of this black sesame paste and I'm just gonna shmear it on the bottom bun This is where on the normal Ebi Filet-O you would have a little bit of mustard, but since we're taking inspiration from the 10th anniversary edition we're just gonna do a little shmear of that black sesame and now, we're just gonna add our ebi patties and then you are going to top that with lettuce Be artistic about it – Okay

– There it is, it's like a Jackson Pollock – What do you think of his art? – What do I think of his what? – Jackson Pollock's art – Oh I actually really like it, I love the way that his art forces your eyes to really travel quickly around the canvas – Yeah – And you can never actually focus on one particular aspect of it which to me that was the actual point of Jackson Pollock's painting – Yeah

– Do you like Jackson Pollock? – I mean, he's cool, it's just like, I could take this and just, that would be what he did – My favorite painter though is a guy named Hermann Nitsch, yeah he basically did what Jackson Pollock did but with lamb's blood – That is cooler, yeah – It's way, it's metal right? It's super cool! – It is – We're just gonna shmear a little bit of that tempora sauce on there and then, that's it! We have made the Ebi Filet-O, inspired by the 10th anniversary edition

– [Caitlyn] It's beautiful! – Caitlyn, are you ready to take your free cruise to Japan? – Oh, probably not – Ecole! – Okay – [Josh] Caitlyn, come on, we're goin' to Japan! – Okay, all right, I'm gonna go this way – [Josh] Caitlyn, no Japans over here! (lively music) Caitlyn wow – Wow

– Thank you so much for joining me in Japan – Thank you for having me, it's great to be here – Yeah absolutely, you ever been before? – No, I really wanted to go – I heard the McDonald's are great – I've heard that before too, but should we test it? – I think we should

– Okay – All right let's open this up I'm actually really excited for this Okay hold on, hold on, I always, whenever I get a sandwich like this I just like to give it a solid press You don't have to, but this is my method, I like to smoosh it down a little bit – Make it easier to eat? – Mhm

– Yeah – Get it like nice and compact – Okay – Ready to dig in? – Yeah – Let's do it

(suspenseful music) – This is good – Oh yeah Oh I'm gettin' a big ole rush of flavor – I like that a lot – What's the firs thing you're tasting? – Shrimp

– I got a lot of shrimp too! – That really comes forward in this, yeah – To me, everything on this sandwich freaking works Like the shrimp with that sweet black sesame and the sesame gives you a little bit of earthiness, you got like you know the classic fast food combination of ketchup and mayonnaise, in my house growing up we called it fancy sauce and then you know, the little crunch of lettuce on the signature McDonald's bun, everything about this is fantastic and if you look at the next best thing in American McDonalds the filet-o fish, there's no comparison – No, it is what it is – That's so one note

– Yeah – That's just like squishy and yellow American cheese and like an unidentifiable fish whereas this is identifiable shrimps To be clear, I have nothing against fast food shrimp, I've eaten fast food shrimp from Popeyes, from Long John Silvers, from The Del Taco, I wanna eat fast food McDonald shrimp – I do have a problem but that's okay, we can have different opinions I like this though! – Despite not being down for fast food shrimp, do you think the McDonald's in America should add this to the menu? – I do, but I want you to be the one making it

– You're taking about me making every single one of these at every single, there are 33,000 McDonald's locations – Yes – All right, well this has been the last show that I'll ever be on in Mythical I am now going to simultaneously be at all the McDonald's kitchens all at once, thank you for watching while this existed, I'm gonna go live in my eternal life of servitude making shrimp burgers, that's what you want? – Yep, I do – Okay, well settled And if you think McDonald's should add this to the permanent menu in the US, tweet @McDonald's with #SoFarSoGood

Thank you so much for stopping by the Mythical Kitchen, we got new recipes for ya every week, new episodes of A Hot Dog Is A Sandwich out every Wednesday wherever you get your podcast, hit us up on Instagram, @MythicalKitchen with pictures of your Mythical Dishes under #DreamsBecomeFood, we'll see y'all next time Get as messy as you want in your kitchen when you have the Mythical Kitchen towel, available now at Mythicalcom

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