Recreating McDonald’s Discontinued Arch Deluxe Burger

– [Lady On The Phone] McDonald's, how can I help you? – Hi there, I was wondering if you guys still have the Arch Deluxe burger? – [Lady On The Phone] I'm sorry? – The Arch Deluxe burger? I believe it was a promotional item, is it still on the menu? – [Lady On The Phone] The grilled chicken? The artisan? – Uh no, it's the Arch Deluxe, it was the burger for grown up tastes – [Lady On The Phone] Oh, no that's not available

– It's unavailable? – [Lady On The Phone] Yeah – Oh, that's a bummer, did you ever have it, was it good? – [Lady On The Phone] Uh, no – No, okay, well thank you much for the help I'll just have to make it myself then – [Lady On The Phone] Okay

(upbeat music) – Trevor, do you remember the Arch Deluxe from McDonald's? – I do not, I believe it was before I had taken my corporeal form So this burger came out in 1996, it was estimated that McDonald's spent like 300 million dollars on marketing, and research, and executing this, it was supposed to be the burger that transformed McDonald's into the cultural institution that was classy, it was the burger with adult taste It was marketed for like, date nights, and professionals, this is what business men were gonna be eating – Was that before or after they adopted the clown as their mascot? – So you see how this could have possibly failed, right? The burger that had adult taste was marketed to an entire generation that grew up with a clown mascot and ball pits, and all that But I think America just wasn't ready for the Arch Deluxe, it got the axe in 2000, I think we need to bring this back

I think this burger has promise, I think this is the American dream realized between a split top bakery potato bun So some of the elements that were on the Arch Deluxe burger, McDonald's still has, they use their signature quarter pound beef patty with American cheese, these slivered Spanish onions, signature pickles that get sweaty from the inside from all that beef steam, iceberg lettuce and tomato But what we have to make ourselves are their split top potato bun, sounds lovely We have to make a circular piece of bacon, because McDonald's somehow figured out a way to grow pigs in a small ball, and then shave off their little, circular sphere bellies – Is that the fancy part, 'cause this just sounds like a burger

– It is a scientifically monstrous part, and then we are making adult themed mustard sauce – What is adult themed mustard? – I will tell you about adult themed mustard when you're older, this is what gets me excited, this is what gets me up in the morning This and general dread Let's bring the Arch Deluxe back from the past (upbeat music) Evarts we're making the split top bakery potato bun

We gotta get our yeast dissolving in the water, 'cause that's gonna help it bloom, right? – Yeah, I don't know if you actually knew this, but I really enjoy baking – Yeah – I don't know if you were aware of that – Oh I'm very aware – So I actually– – Everything I do I'm asking you is not like a rhetorical question, I'm not like, right, this is a thing you do? I'm literally asking you, like, I don't know, do I have to do this? – No, this is good, dissolve, the water's warm, right? – The water's warm

It's about at 104 degrees, same as a hot tub Potato flour, that's a fun thing I was today years old when I found out that there's not just a whole ass baked potato inside potato bread, and that it is in fact, potato flour One of the reasons I never had the Arch Deluxe is because McDonald's had such a strong TY Beanie Baby phase – Wait, did you get Beanie Babies from McDonald's? – McDonald's would give out Beanie Babies, like, collector's item beanie babies, and back then they were like these Beanie Babies in 10 years are gonna be worth millions, and I was like, yeah they are, hit me up with that mighty kids meal, fam

– Some of my best friends when I was younger were Beanie Babies, I had a monkey, whose name was Patrick, named after Patrick Star, – The YouTuber? – Yeah, yeah that one YouTube was around, yeah – All right, so I'm gonna go ahead and take the yeast water along with some melted butter, I'm gonna pour it into all of our flour, sugar, and salt, and this should come together in a dough eventually, after I mix it up a bunch – Theoretically – So now we're just kneading the dough out

– [Trevor] Yeah, that's how you do it – Get your split stance – That's good kneading technique, I'm proud of you – I, thanks dad – Yeah

– I've really been working on this, I've been watching you at the way you work dough is your hands are supple yet strong, you know? They're tender, but they're also charismatic – That's actually the only reason I have any muscular structure at all is making bread – We're get in our greased up pan, gonna grease up a little more, and then we're gonna cover it with something – I don't think that's gonna work long run – It's gonna work, Trevor, just let me do my thing for a second

So now we're gonna let this rest for about an hour, until it doubles in size, this is gonna be the first proofing stage, then we're gonna form our bun All right, so I'm just gonna punch out this dough – You're going for the punch out method, I see – So my thinking is that McDonald's, right, their buns have a square bottom So we could hand roll dough like you'd typically make a burger bun at home, but I wanna get the square bottoms on 'em, so I'm punching 'em out like doughnuts

– I'm gonna choose to turn off every intuition I have about baking in my body, and I'm going to allow this to happen – I had this dough literally resting on the hood of my car, 'cause I was like, oh, I think it gets hotter there, that's good for doughs – Josh, how often do you eat at McDonald's? Because you seem to have a lot of knowledge about McDonald's – I don't eat as often at McDonald's as I did back in like, let's say like 2010 Back then the dollar menu was a dollar menu, Trevor

You had one dollar, that meant you had a McChicken inside your body within like 15 minutes So I probably only ate there like, maybe like, I don't know, once every month and a half these days, 'cause I'm a big Taco Bell and Carl's Jr fiend – Okay, like I never go to McDonald's intentionally I always like, end up there, you know? It's like, oh, I'm in the McDonald's drive through, I guess I'll get a Big Mac

– How did I end up here? – How did I get here? – That is the thing, I think the Big Mac is already like, one of the most perfect fast food sandwiches to ever exist, and I like the thin patties I like the way that you smash it down and it's supposed to be this giant burger, but it just like, fits so neatly into your mouth But that's it, that was like part of why McDonald's wanted to do the Arch Deluxe burger, 'cause they wanted to get people in there They had this commercial they had like, two teens going out on a date, and like this guy is eating a normal burger like a cave man, there's this like, sophisticated woman, 'cept she's eating like an Arch Deluxe burger So they were trying to get you to go sit down in the restaurants, but ironically, did you know fast food seats are literally made to make you uncomfortable and feel like you're leaning forward, to influence people to leave faster? – No, I did not know that

– Absolutely true fact This is like a clash of two ideologies, right? It's like, do they want you out faster, do they want you to sit down, eat this Arch Deluxe burger? I just wanna sit alone in my car and let the shame wash over me of eating fast food in an automobile – I am the same, when I go to fast food places, I, even if I want to eat it there, I will never sit down in a fast food place I am a go through the drive through, park my car, and eat in my car – So we got buns that have risen, I think they're split tops, they're sesame seeded, they're egg washed, I'm gonna put them in the oven, for like 15 minutes

That's some nice little potato-y buns – Buns – Little bit of lift on it, you know, this isn't the star, we have the split top, they're potato buns, that's all we needed – If I saw this from a McDonald's, I'd be like, yeah, that's McDonald's – Good, that's what I was going for

– Yeah – All right, so now we gotta figure out how to make some circular bacon I got a few ideas mulling around in the old noggin – That's good because I have zero (upbeat music) – So, the whole reason for having circular bacon on there, right, is like you bite into a burger that has bacon strips on it, and you accidentally pull out a whole strip of bacon, you're like, oh no, the next bite ain't gonna have no bacon on it

You've been there, I've been there, we've all been there So what we need to do is figure out a way to make a solid sheet of bacon I'm just gonna bacon weave it – Bacon weave it? – Yeah, you ever bacon weaved? – I have not bacon, like, weaving baskets? – It is just like weaving baskets except you're weaving strips of the belly of a once sentient being All right, so the first one is going under those, and then you're gonna take these bacon flaps and you're gonna fold them back

– [Trevor] No, that's really good – Yeah, thank you – Yeah, Josh what is your, what's your go to order from McDonald's? – If the McRib is there I will always get a McRib Me and Ryan actually went and got a McRib and a whole Domino's pizza and we just ate McRibs, fries, and pizza for lunch one day That was like, one of the first days me and Ryan really bonded

– I've never eaten a McRib – [Josh] You've never eaten a McRib? – Never had a McRib – God, who raised you, man? We got our bacon weaved up, now we need to bake this off I'm gonna try and par bake it, so that's gonna get all the proteins to kind of fuse together – Congeal those bad boys

– Congeal those bad boys, and then we're gonna punch it out, and them I'm gonna try and flatten it into a pan This got, this is gonna be pretty good – That's all we got right now, so – Got raw bacon on my hands, pop that in there, bingo bango The bacon's all weaved up, and we just cooked it enough

The idea, this is about the size of a quarter pound burger We need to get two out of this, so I'm gonna see if I can just like, punch through it – That's not the intended purpose of that kitchen instrument, Josh – Trevor, you gotta think outside the bun No, that's Taco Bell

That's a circular piece of bacon, in my mind – [Trevor] That is – But right now, it's not quite crispy enough, and I want it to be a little bit flatter This is called a bacon weight – I've been using it wrong my whole life

– And now it's just gonna smash the bacon in there, let it cook for a couple of seconds, crisp up, all that fat's gonna render out, it's gonna congeal even more Look at this though, this circle bacon's like, really coming together It's getting nice and crispy, it's holding together Trevor, we got our circle bacon for our burgers The Arch Deluxe is coming back! (yells) (upbeat music) Trevor? – Yes sir

– We gotta talk about adult sauce – Lay it on me – So adult sauce, what does it really meant? McDonald's, for them it was just a mixture of mayonnaise and mustard But for me, I wanted to go a little bit more adult, 'cause you know McDonald's is also mixing other things in there We got garlic whole grain mustard, wow

What a big, grown up, adult mustard This mustard is, it's got a Roth IRA, I don't even know what that means – That's like a retirement thing, right? – Maybe And then, prosecco vinegar Why? 'Cause kids, too young to drink prosecco, can't do it

– I'm too young to drink prosecco, Josh – I forgot about that Can't wait to give you your first beer – My first beer – So we're gonna build this mayonnaise from scratch, then we're gonna add a bunch of mustard to it, and then get some prosecco vinegar, and then– – Wait, we're making mayonnaise from scratch? – Yeah, why? It's always been very successful every time we've made mayonnaise from scratch

I'm gonna crack some eggs in there, throw this in the trash can All right, so you're gonna help me – [Trevor] Oh, oh am I streaming? – I'm gonna whisk this up, and you're gonna stream that in as slowly as possible – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – I'm already failing, my shoulder's cramping

All right on three, one, two, go It's fine, leave it! I think it's going great Okay, switch – Okay Does this look like mayonnaise yet? – [Josh] Yeah, it's getting there

– Does it look like mayonnaise yet? – [Josh] Slower! – This is what happens in the back of every McDonald's (jazzy music) – Perhaps we were a bit overeager with our adult sauce – That's part of being an adult – That's part of being an adult, realizing your mistakes, and realizing when best foods can do something better for you We're gonna get like a three to one ratio on the mayonnaise, yeah get some good mustardy flavor in there

– I want you to know that I really, truly dislike mayonnaise – Do you like aioli? That was, oh, so when this fell on the ground it broke it – You went hard on the Worcester (stuttering) – That's the thing I respect most about Guy Fieri, not once has he ever pronounced Worcester properly I don't even know if I'm pronouncing it properly

He always goes (stammers) It's like McDonald's committing to the bit that Grimace isn't a sleep paralysis demon Grimace is the purple mass, he's not like, a form, like the Hamburglar is a burglar, Mayor McCheese is a bloated, corrupt politician, Ronald's a clown, what is Grimace? – Why do you know so much about canonical McDonald's lore? – Because I lived it, Trevor! You don't understand, man, growing up in the swinging 90's, that was all there was Was Mayor McCheese democratically elected? I move for a vote of no confidence and the insurgent governor of Ronald McDonald to take over, the people of Burgerville or whatever deserve better – Make the adult sauce

– I think I got it, let's try it Oh, tastes like adulthood Little bitter, little salty, lot of fun (upbeat music) all right, so we're gonna toast up these buns, the circular bacon is honestly a very cool part of this burger that I wish they would return to I don't know why they stopped, because that's awesome

Because you're gonna get bacon in every single bite We got another component that I forgot about, and that was fancy ketchup And so that's gonna go on the bottom bun, and then we're gonna put on that quarter pound, beef, cheese, and bacon combination And then on top, we're gonna go tomato, slices of crisp iceberg lettuce of whom's crispness is really not determined, and so you're gonna take a little bit of that adult sauce, put it on the top bun– – [Trevor] I love it when I get adult sauce on my bun – It's just gonna be nice and crowny, and look at that, Trevor! This is the Arch Deluxe, we've done it! – I'm ready

– But, it's not McDonald's unless it comes in a little plastic box that gets soaked in grease in your car – That's true – That you can then put the ketchup packets in and seal up the box and throw it away – Yeah, and then you have the box underneath the burger when you're eating a Big Mac, and all the lettuce drippings kind of fall out into the box, so they don't fall into your lap – But then the lettuce drippings always fall into your lap, but then you just kinda like, put them into the trash pile in your car where all the energy drink cans are

– Exactly, yeah – We went all the way back to 1996 and we got a box – Actually it was just, it was in his car the whole time We found one – So I drive a 1985 Toyota Tercel, you never know what you're gonna find in it

(dramatic music) – I mean, look at it, look at it – [Josh] You're about to taste history right now – I'm excited – Digging in – All right

(mumbling through mouthful of burger) – How much of that adult sauce are you tasting? I got some on my lips – The adult sauce is really good It's the mayonnaise mixed with the fancy mustard, it's coming through big time Also, the circular bacon, I gotta say, that was a very well, like, no bacon pull out, it was a well constructed bite of burger – There's no pull out, we got the mature mustard in there, I think this could be primed for a comeback, because McDonald's is trying to offer like, more premium burgers

This is just what they were doing like 25 years ago – I was skeptical at first, I'm gonna be honest The whole idea of a fancy burger from McDonald's seemed just like, what's the point, to me, but I'm here, I've tasted it, I'm on board with the like, 79 other people on Facebook that wanna bring it back – Well now there's 81, 'cause you and me are leading this McDonald's Arch Deluxe, it's a fantastic hamburger, it did not deserve to meet the fate that it did

But Mayor McCheese does deserve to be thrown out of office, Grimace is taking over, let's do it – Why Grimace? – Why not? – He's scary – If you wanna see this burger come back, tweet at McDonald's with hashtag past food, thank you so much for joining us in the Mythical Kitchen, we got new episodes of past food every Tuesday, new recipes coming at you every Thursday – We've also got new episodes of a hotdog as a sandwich every Wednesday, wherever you find your podcasts – And let us know in the comments what mythical dishes you wanna see us make next, you can find us on Instagram at Mythical Kitchen, we'll see you all next time

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