Recreating KFC’s Mac and Cheese Sandwich (International Fast Food)

– What's your favorite thing about Singapore? – I think it sings a pretty good (crew laughing) I'm sorry, it's been a long time since I've been out of the house

(lively music) – The world is huge and full of unique cuisine but we don't have to travel to experience it for ourselves today we're talking a trip of the tongue out to Singapore where KFC has a sandwich called the Mac and Cheese Zinger, mmm! – It's time for So Far So Good – So Far So Good Emily when I say Mac and Cheese Zinger, what do you think of? – Like a Twinkie – Why? – A zinger, isn't that like those little cakes? – Oh, the little snack cakes! That's so stupid, so the Mac and Cheese Zinger It was a fried chicken sandwich except the buns, instead of normal bread, was macaroni rounds that have been deep fried

– Oh that's great – So we gotta do that These very United States of America, we have gotten the macaroni, we have gotten the chicken, we have got the lettuce, but we still need to make the cheese sauce, the turkey bacon and the mac and cheese buns – Are we gonna do that in America as well? – I booked a flight to Singapore International travel is so cheap! – Why is that? – (speaking in foreign language) We have a brick of cheese here, I'm gonna start pointing with a spoon

I need you to grate about a quarter of that brick into there and then we're gonna mix cheddar cheese with the macaroni, that's gonna give it just an extra cheese binder for when we – Okay – Eventually freeze and fry these buns While you do that, I'm not gonna do much – Okay – I'm probably just gonna stand

– Are we gonna dress Aunt Pam? – Oh yeah, so this is a can of food lube, it's great, technically all lube is food lube if you really try hard enough, but all I'm gonna do is grease down the inside of the ring mold because we're gonna pack the macaroni into the ring mold and then remove it and then the lubes gonna make it go – Wow – Yeah – That's great – The beauty of cooking

– You look good, Pam It's good to see you too – Are you gonna grate the cheese in that bowl? – Oh! – I didn't know if that was like a– – [Emily] Do you do like this, or do you do it like this? – I like to brace the bowl against my kind of pelvis, yeah Do a pelvic brace with the bowl Yeah, there you go

Keep the elbow tight – Ow – Yeah, no you're doin' it right But flip it the other way so you're gettin' like more cheese yeah that's great, but do it like more better – Josh this is the first time – We'll switch, we'll switch

– To another human in six months and now you're gonna, I'm just very sensitive – I'm sorry, we're all so soft right now – Very sensitive and soft now – So sensitive here, I'm just gonna lube up our ring There, fast quick strokes, yeah that's good

I don't like that, that's, now it's weird – Daddy, am I doing good job Daddy? – I especially don't like that, I don't love it – Daddy! – Can we just start over? – I do good job for Daddy! – Can I go home? I don't like this, we haven't even drank I keep some Gin in the microwave – Ew! You put that in the freezer

– No no no no you don't wanna drink the gin warm – No! You just been, that's been in there the whole time? – We need our power juice – Aw – Our power juice – Well we can't drink from Daddy's cup 'cause the times are different

– Waterfall it, waterfall it – Oh, okay Now it's Daddy's fountain I don't see how Gin ties into this, I really think it would've been good to have some Kentucky Bourbon – It's tradition

It's good Kentucky gin! There it is, there it is, that's great You spilled some gin in the cheese Now we're on track, now we're on track to make the Mac and Cheese Zinger I'm gonna go ahead and mix the cheese in with this macaroni – I think that's, dang look at all that! – That's a lot of cheese

– See I'm not all bad at this What do you do with this sweaty cheese? – Eat it! – I think I'm gonna save room for this – That makes sense That'll probably be a little bit better All right that's a good amount of cheese so we're kind of just gonna mash the cheese into the sauce and create a kind of like cheese macaroni paste-ish

Obviously you're still gonna get the whole noodles in there so we got this all lubed up So Emily you're gonna take the spoon – Thank you, Pam – Thank you for your service – We appreciate you

– So you're gonna go ahead and spoon some of the macaroni into that and then I'm gonna – Was that a sneeze? That was so cute – I'm sorry! – Uch! – Get out (Emily laughing) – She had to sneeze into the mask too, isn't that sad? You know I was taught to like sneeze into your elbow like that? – Terrible idea – Children have thought that I'm dabbing and they'll see me and be like ha-ha

– That's a great! – Like, no! – [Emily] Maybe that's where that came from – Could've been Children lose respect for me immediately – Really? – Yeah 'Cause I have to come in being like the funny guy, 'cause it's kind of the same thing in this office where it's like oh, funny funny Josh and then I'm like hey, I need you to do this and they'll be like no he's the funny guy, I don't respect you! And then the child spits in my face

Hey look at that, we got these little mac and cheese rings – [Emily] Oh that's so cute – Yeah! – Can I make one? – I guess, whoa whoa whoa whoa, boo ba boo ba All right, that's not cute, that's a thick boy That's a little thick, I'm just gonna kind of do this a little bit

– Oh no! – There we go – Aw! – Fixed it, there we go, that's what we're lookin' for This is from KFC Singapore I don't know if you know this but fried mac and cheese is not typically indigenous to the region, I think they did this 'cause they were like what's the most American thing we can think of? – Mhm – Like this is what they think we're doing, and I love that! – I feel like that's the whole basis for your show as well isn't it? – Yeah! We try and take Americanism and then ramp it up to roughly 15 and a half

– Yeah – And we get deep fried mac and cheese – We're the same – Okay, now we gotta put this in the freezer So right now we gotta make the cheese sauce and we gotta make the turkey bacon

Turkey bacon, a lot of people have various opinions on it, I don't mind it, I'm fine with it I like these like scientifically monsterous food where they blended up a whole turkey and then put chemicals in it till it tasted like pig parts – But what's it made out of? – Presumably turkey Or the turkey bacon is a separate animal like the turkey vulture is an animal I don't know! – Vulture bacon? – Vulture bacon would be good

– Let's do that – We need more exotic animals in our lives – It's true! – So I'm just gonna take turkey bacon and I'm just gonna put it in a cold pan with a little bit of oil that's gonna heat it up gradually Normally you do that with real bacon that has fat to render and that's why you do that, so the fat slowly renders out – Uh-huh

– This doesn't have any of that but we'll figure it out, all we're trying to do is cook this and get it a little bit crispy and have a bacon weight, similar to a shake n' weight This is a bacon n' weight – Okay – So right now, we got a big old brick of Velveeter Feel it, just squish the Velveeter

Isn't that just the nicest – Ugh, it's like a baby leg of cheese! – I thought you were saying just a baby, how many baby legs you squeezing? – Not recently, but you know – Yeah, it's gotta be a baby you know or at least a baby you've seen before – Yeah! – Can you open this? Or do you think you can just squeeze it and it will come out? – No no no, Josh I just did my face this morning for the first time in six months! – Like anyone can tell? Uh, that was a joke – I know, I'm not wearing any makeup

– I've been lashing out a lot during quarantine, I've been lashing out a lot – Maybe you should just tell this baby how disappointing it is – You're a disappointment, you always ask me if I'm still watching The Office, of course I'm still watching The Office, Netflix! (Emily laughing) What else would I be doing? What else should I be doing? – This is also me in my pants at the moment – (laughs) I feel that I'm uncontrollably gaining weight but I'm here for it

– Ugh, so many stretch marks – Seriously, how do we get it open? – Can I just have some scissors, I don't wanna – Give me a second, a second, give me a sec Take a knife – Take a knife? – Take a knife! – Is this the rambo knife with the– – Yeah, steals souls and the hilt of it

Yeah yeah yeah, big time All right, so we got the bacon cooking and so now I'm gonna take a bacon weight This is a, it's really just like a metal plate but it's got a cute little cartoon pig on it and it's meant to keep bacon flat So we're just gonna let that go there This is gonna really ensure that our bacon is crispy you're gettin' all those edges pressed down into the pan

– Look at that – Our beautiful son – His name is Reginald – Yorooshalima, oh – Yorooshalima? – We agreed on a Jewish name

– Oh, is Reginald not Jewish? – Yeah wait, did we? Yeah, that babys Jewish (laughs) She gets it – With the rambo knife too nonetheless – Just like, half that – Parting is

Oh my God it's staying intact – There it is, I said half that, what's happenin' here? – Really? – What! – We're not doin' the whole thing? – Do the whole thing, screw it, do the whole thing, do the whole thing Yeah yeah yeah we're here, like what are we gonna do, we can't take it with us – That's really fun – All right we're gonna dump in a bunch of cheddar batter

So, we don't exactly know what is in this sauce 'cause we've never eaten it But if I know anything about cheese sauces used at fast food restaurants, it's really a bunch of like cheese flavored chemicals in water and oil and various binders and things like that so we could make like a tasty batch of milk and add cheese to it, but instead I wanna see if we can throw a bunch of powders in a blender and then blend it up and then hopefully that heats it into a sauce – You know, you're the professional and I trust you very much – (laughs) I'm a professional (Emily laughing) All right so we want onion garlic powder, paprika and now I'm adding in milk powder because we're gonna add water to this to try and thin it out and so I want milk powder in there to essentially

– What the hell is this? – Neeto Fortificada! – Oh – Yeah! – Yeah, fortified milk powder, try it If you pull up a bunch of spit in your mouth and then put the milk powder in there then it turns into milk – Oh, Josh! – [Josh] It just, it turns into milk, try it! – You know what it reminds me of? – Huh? – The Smartfood Popcorn – It does, the white cheddar! – Yeah

– Yeah yeah It's probably just a bunch of milk powder in there – Yeah, now I know why it's so smart – We're just gonna pour a bunch of that in there and then dump water in Then I'm just gonna let it rip

– [Emily] Okay (blender blending) – [Josh] It looks like a cheese sauce! – No! – Oh what! (blender blending) – Ah! (Emily laughing) – I think we made cheese sauce – It got everywhere but the apron, what the hell! – Here here here, try it! – Eh, okay Oh – It's good, right? – It's really good

– Well, cheese sauce is done, let's check on that bacon The pan just never warmed Yeah, bacons not, eh, this is just, isn't workin' Well, we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna just drop that bacon in the fryer That bacon just never cooked so I'm putting it in the fryer

– Yeah – [Josh] This is gonna start exploding – This is how a super villain is made! – [Josh] Yeah yeah yeah it's just gonna happen, just chill You're more afraid of the spattering bacon than it is of you Yeah, this bacons pretty sweaty, that's the sweat

– Yeah, that's great – Yeah, it got me in the face – What a beautiful face to ruin – Oh yeah, well it happened Well I gotta plan, I don't know if I've explained this plan on camera before

But I'm just gonna try and look consistently worse until 20201 then hit 'em hard with the glow up – Oh, that's nice – Yeah – At this point I don't feel like I have any control over anything except just dumpin' crayola on my head every morning – Yeah, but what you should do though is act like you have control over something

– I'm just gonna stick to adult coloring books – There's an adult coloring book? – No, I have cats with hats – Are those like dirty coloring books? – I think it's just a coloring book, but it's hard Well, it's not hard, it's not difficult – It's not like– – Anyone can do it, anyone can color

– 18 and over All right so we're double dredging this – All right – So we're taking the frozen mac and cheese disc, puttin' them in flour, into egg wash, into panko and then we're doin' it again! – Okay, if you could travel anywhere, where would you go? – Like the moon – (bleep) you! – No I don't (laughs) everyone gets one! All right we're gonna drop that in there

No what like, uh! – I wanna go to Iceland, thanks so much for asking – You wanna go to Iceland (laughs)? So what I think we're gonna do is we got mac and cheese frying, right? – Oh that looks so– – Hey Emily, what's your favorite thing about Singapore? – I think it sings a pretty good! (crew laughing) I'm sorry, it's been a long time since I've been out of the house and I just really like (Josh laughing) – It's so funny 'cause I actually do feel that – I'm so happy to be here and I just really need to feel good right now so please, if you could just be like– – Support her! – Like lay off the whole, you try too hard, uh (Josh laughing) You try too hard! – You okay? – I'm fine! – You doin' all right? Yeah, rub the sequins it'll make you feel better! – I'm airin' it out, it's hot under this! – Dude but we got fried mac and cheese comin' up soon We're all great

If I had a nickel for every time I got way too drunk to deep fry food but deep fried anyways, I'd have 35 cents – You do the math kids, and do it in the comments below – [Josh] Do it over Zoom – I hate Zoom, it stresses me out – I stopped showing up to any meetings, I don't know if anyone noticed

– You know there's something weird about COVID I'm not sick – What? – Something weird about these times we're in (Josh laughing) I miss buses – I feel that

I miss just like being anywhere near people – Well, we're doin it now and we still wish we were somewhere else – And we're still miserable (Emily laughing) So anyways we got these mac and cheese buns fried Now all we gotta do is we gotta put on our turkey bacon which we've also fried

– [Emily] Put on a turkey – Did it – Nice! – So we gotta take the mac and cheese buns we gotta put the turkey bacon on, we gotta get some cheese sauce on, we gotta get some lettuce and we gotta get some pre fried chicken filet patties – Philly patties? – Filet – Ah, okay! Then let's do that

– Let us So we got cheese sauce Here, try that – Thank you, Papa – Drink my daughter, drink from the spring of cheese

– Thank you, Papa – So we're gonna take some chicken, we're gonna put it on top of the cheese sauce real fast No, son of a, no! So we're gonna take some lettuce and we're gonna put it on top of the chicken – Hey Josh – Hey, what's up? – Look at me

– Yeah (laughs) So the typical way they do it in KFC in Singapore is they take the cheese and they shmear it on the lettuce, multiple hands have to touch it that's how it warms up the cheese to get into the lettuce sweat and then you're gonna let that kind of drip down and just mash it up a little bit But then you gotta get the chicken in a little pre cheese, this is what they call a pre cheese chicken in Singapore – Oh yeah – And we're gonna put that on top of the lettuce but then the bacon, the turkey bacon, unclear why, is there, we're gonna go ahead and kind of, here eat that, it's gross

– Oh, thank you – It tastes bad – They're whispering over there, I think we're in trouble – What do they want, stop! – What did we do now? – We can whisper about them, we can whisper about them! Ryans a home owner – I think you need to make sure to pronounce

– Ryan has a lovely home – He has a lovely home? – Yeah – His wife Jackie is a real gem – Is it ranch style? – All right, so we've squirted all the cheese on top in traditional Singaporean fashion and then now we just, crown the mac and cheese bun on there And that's it! We got our Singaporean KFC mac and cheese zinger but there's only one thing to do! Are you ready for a one way trip to Singapore? 'Cause we're not coming back! – I feel like I have to say yes

– Ya do! – Okay! – All right let's do it You go that way, I go this way – Oh, okay – [Josh] Singapore is that– – Bye! – Singapore is both ways – [Emily] Goodbye

(lively music) – So we have the mac and cheese zingers in front of us also we have my favorite sides from KFC, diet coke and a cup of gravy – Hold up, so gravy is a side? – Yeah, you don't need the potatoes with it – I thought it was more of a sauce – Nah, all right all right, pick up your zinger Look at this, this is heafty and the texture on it, feeling the bounce from the macaroni when you clutch the sandwich

– It is bouncy is definitely the, wow! – Give it a little dip in the gravy And I think we just eat it now – All right, okay (lively music) – What! – Oh, no – (laughs) The thing that hits you is the authentic Singaporean flavor

(Emily laughing) Right off the bat Ya taste the iceberg Somehow the strongest flavor for me is iceberg lettuce because there are so few other ingredients like it in this sandwich that it just pops and all I'm getting is sweaty iceberg – The panko is really good actually – The mac and cheese buns, they're well-executed, the cheese is melty in there

– Yep – Keep dippin' it in gravy – God I wonder how many points on Weight Watchers this is – Try it, plug it in – Oprah is gonna come over and slap me in the face

– (laughs) All right, let's get down to brass tax This only exists in Singapore, does not exist in America despite being the most American thing I have literally ever seen – Right? – Does America need to bring the mac and cheese zinger to America? – I think need is a really strong word – No one needs this, to be clear – Yeah, I think that want, oh yeah, I want it! – You're here for it, you want this in America

– Yeah, why not? – I'm a no! I would rather just have fried chicken with mac and cheese, I think by frying it all together and putting the sweaty iceberg lettuce in it, I think you have made a worse product Am I gonna eat all of this? Sure, am I gonna polish off that bottle of gin that I have warmin' in the oven? Of course! – Oh, you bet – I'm gonna sip down all this cold gravy, but I would just rather have them all separate And if you think KFC should bring the mac and cheese zinger to America tweet @KFC under #SoFarSoGood Thank you so much for stopping by The Mythical Kitchen, we got new recipes for ya every week and we got new episodes of our podcast A Hotdog is a Sandwich every Wednesday wherever you get your podcast

Hit us up on Instagram @MythicalKitchen with pictures of your mythical dishes under #DreamsBecomeFood, stay tuned next time when we take a trip of the tongue to the moon! Get as messy as you want in your kitchen when you have the Mythical Kitchen towel, available now at Mythicalcom

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