Recreating Carl’s Jr.’s Discontinued Baby Back Rib Burger

– [Phone] Thank you for calling Carl's Jr, how can I help you today? – Oh yeah, I wanted to know if they still have the Baby Back Rib Thickburger

– [Phone] I'm sorry, this is guest relations, but I can get someone to get back to you as soon as possible, I don't know about specific menu items – Oh, well good, and you know, if they don't have the Baby Back Rib Thickburger, I'll just have to make it myself – [Phone] Yeah, I don't know what we have, and what we don't have, I apologize – Okay, well thank you so much for the help – [Phone] Okay, well, good luck to you

(upbeat music) – Trevor, do you remember the Baby Back Rib Thickburger? – No, that's – How could you have forgotten the Baby Back Rib Thickburger? It was such a large cultural phenomenon – That sounds like a terrible idea

– In 2017, Carl's Jr introduces the Baby Back Rib Thickburger They partnered with Bubba Q, keep track of all this, Carl's Jr partners with Bubba Q, who partnered with Daymond John, who partnered with Shark Tank, who was the founder of FUBU This is all real So Bubba Q comes on to Shark Tank, and they have this process for deboning ribs, so they're serving what are called baby back rib steaks

– Isn't that the point of ribs, though? Is that they have the bone and then you eat 'em off of the bone? – Oh, not on the Baby Back Rib Thickburger, brought to you by Bubba Q, brought to you by FUBU founder Daymond John as featured on Shark Tank So Carl's Jr takes their Thickburger on premium artisan bun, and then they put a boneless rib steak on top of it So not only are you eating a burger, but you're eating boneless rib steak Ironically, they formerly had the Memphis BBQ Thickburger, which had pulled pork on it This is unpulled pork, this is the boneless baby back rib unpulled pork burger, brought to you by Bubba Q, funded by Daymond John as seen on Shark Tank

– Why do you know so much about this? – What do you mean why do I know so much about this, Trevor, this is my entire life, buddy! This is my raison d'etre, this is why I exist I eat Thickburgers, therefore I am – I'm really scared right now – So we've got the pickles, the burger patty, and the buns from Carl's Jr, but the sauce, the onions, and the ribs, we're gonna have to make and debone ourselves We are the rib deboners

We have to figure out how Bubba debones his ribs, and then we have to debone 'em – Stop saying debone – Join me in deboning these ribs – No, I wanna go home – Let's get to deboning, Trevor

So I got us a couple racks of ribs What if we could cook ribs so tender, they just debone themselves – I'm listening – We're gonna pressure debone the ribs I'm gonna salt up the water that's not in there

I'm just gonna put water, salt, and a bunch of liquid smoke – [Trevor] What's liquid smoke? – They actually take smoke that is condensed at the top of a dome, and then it rains down – Oh, cool, science – So get the ribs in a liquid smoke and salt solution, turn it to soup 'Cause I just press soup

It's like the microwave, you never actually set it to a time, you just press 30 seconds until you decide it's enough Just put it in the instant pot and hit soup – Making deboned rib soup – Making deboned soup Watch out, Trevor, stand back! I turned it the wrong way, because it's facing the wrong way than I normally do it

Stop, no, plug it, plug it! – Is it hot? Oh, it's kinda nice – Breathe in the rib air – That's disgusting – You know how you go to the beach and you can smell the ocean? – I hate that I have to stand so close to you right now – So we got wet meat

Well, it's sloppy, but it's a rib steak – That looks so unappetizing – It's a little gray, oh my god, have you ever been to Carl's Jr? Unappetizing's their middle name Ah, look how easily that debones Don't worry about how gray the pork is, gray is Carl's Jr's comfort zone when it comes to color palette

– Oh, it's so hot! – [Josh] Yeah, just grab it and rip out the bones That's a perfectly burger-sized rib steak – I'm proud of the effort, but I'm really, that doesn't look like something I wanna put in my mouth – Not yet it doesn't But Trevor, that's before it's got the Mississippi Honey Barbecue Sauce on there

In fact, I've caught Carl's Jr lying about what sauce they're putting on burgers I wrote a whole thing called "The Great Carl's Jr Thousand Island Conspiracy" – I've read your article, it's the best article you've ever written – Carl's Jr, when they came out with the Big Carl, which is a Big Mac knockoff, they came out with something called Classic Sauce, which was to mimic McDonald's Special Sauce But, when they introduced the California Double, which was to mimic In 'N Out's Double Double, they introduced Thousand Island, which of course everyone associates with In 'N Out's spread, however, Special Sauce in McDonald's does not have ketchup in it, In 'N Out's spread does, Carl's Jr was using the same sauce to mimic two different competing sauces

– You're saying Classic Sauce and Thousand Island Sauce were the same at Carl's Jr, but they called them two different things – Yes All right, so we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna make those crispy fried onions, and then move on to the barbecue sauce, are you ready? – I'm so ready – Oh my God, I was born ready – Oh, I'm so excited

– I'm more ready than you – No you're not – There's many ways of frying, Carl's Jr has the onion rings on a burger, and they've done fried onion nests before, this is not that, these are large fried onion petals So I'm just gonna dump a bunch of Panko, what is this, whole wheat? I got tricked, I got tricked into being healthy, this is BS, man! So we've got the Panko in there – How many eggs? – Just do one egg, just make a kinda loose batter, I'm gonna cut the Panko with some flour, and then we're gonna take some salt, and get that in there, and then lids

Oh God, my nemesis, oh no My favorite part about the Memphis- what is this burger called? The Baby Back Rib Thickburger, is that Carl's Jr used it as one of their first items, after they cut the sexed up ads – Those were so weird, that made me so uncomfortable, as a kid, when I was just watching Nickelodeon, and all of a sudden there was a scantily clad woman eating a burger that looked way too good – Dude, it was the weirdest thing I feel like the Carl's Jr commercials ruined my ideas on gender from a young age, more than anything else in society, I maintain that

And so when they stopped doing those ads, Carl's Jr was like "We need something else to do," and so they created a false fall character, where they were like "No, no, no, the son Carl Jr, "he was doing those ads the whole time, "now we got Carl Sr and he's a big man, "he eats big ol' rib burgers" – Yeah, yeah, yeah – And doesn't sexualize women – It's genius – Genius

– Genius – Create a fictional person to take the fall Just some character actor playing Carl Jr That's my favorite part of corporate accountability, it's like in the Simpsons, where Mr Burns sets up a canary to be the real CEO of the nuclear power plant

So you're just gonna dredge those onions in the flour Try and get 'em all coated, and really try and punch the flour into there 'cause the onions are gonna release some moisture And then we're gonna get 'em in the batter, and then get 'em in the Panko, then we're gonna fry 'em – Okay Do you want me to just leave 'em in the bowl with the Panko? – Yeah, yeah, actually yeah

– I didn't go wet hand, dry hand – Never go wet hand dry hand, wet hand dry hand is a scam, you want your fingers to be completely coated in Panko breadcrumbs, that way you can deep fry 'em afterwards and suck the crispy batter off as a snack – Don't deep fry your fingers at home, okay, only trained professionals like Josh and myself can– – "Don't deep fry "your fingers at home" Yeah, I think these are completely coated I feel good about these

These are ready to be deep fried Lemme go plug in that fryer – And fry it up! – All right, we're just gonna go ahead and pull the onions These look really good, they're basically a half an onion ring, but that's what it was on the burger, the little half onion rings This is to separate it from the Western Bacon Burger, and to separate it from the Memphis Barbecue Burger, because this is the Baby Back Rib Thickburger, which used to be called the Six Dollar Burger, but Carl's Jr in this entire marketing never thought to adjust for long-term inflation, so now the Six Dollar Burger, the idea was that it only cost three dollars, but it was to mimic a burger that would cost six dollars, but then it actually became six dollars due to inflation, so then they had to change the name to a Thickburger

Let's make some barbecue sauce We're gonna give Carl's Jr the benefit of the doubt that they're not just mixing their Western Bacon barbecue sauce with corn syrup, which I think is what they're doing to be clear But we're gonna go ahead and make this from scratch and try and mimic the flavors I loved the Baby Back Rib Thickburger for its scientific audacity It's like when you hear about researchers that are like "We're trying to clone babies

" It's like look, I don't know about the moral implication of that, but I love the scientific audacity of what you're doing – I don't know if that's a reason to like something – That's how I felt about Carl's Jr Baby Back Rib Thickburger It's gonna smell like boiling vinegar in here, but when you're making barbecue sauce, the key things you have to balance are tomato, vinegar, and sugar So this is Mississippi Honey BBQ Sauce, so we're gonna get little scoop of tomaters in there, and then we're gonna take the honey, and we're just gonna slowly drizzle some in

(Trevor laughs) I'm telling you, when you're making barbecue sauce, the key is to put nine times more sugar than you want in it, people are like "Oh my god, Sweet Baby Ray's "is the best barbecue sauce" – It is – Why do you think that is? – 'Cause there's a lot of sugar in it – 80% sugar I mean it's delicious, the balance of spice, sugar, and salt, honestly barbecue sauce, let's not sugarcoat it, or let's

Trevor, smell this This is called alcohol, you can drink it when you're older – Wait, can I even eat this barbecue sauce then? – We'll call your dad, we'll have a talk A little bit of– – What is that? – Dried mustard, dried mustard's good in barbecue sauce, it gives it a little bit of complexity to it A little bit of cayenne pepper

Throw in a little smoked paparika It's gonna kinda add in that liquid smoke Paprika, sorry, smoked paprika So we're just gonna let this all come to a boil Smell it, smell my socks

– It smells like vinegar Burnt the nostrils – Oh no, I gotta whisk faster! Oh no! I don't know what to do! Why didn't you do it? You're supposed to stop me from making mistakes, I'm the fun guy! You're the one that goes "Oh Josh, what an idiot, "look, he didn't do it" – You just kept whisking! – So we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna let this barbecue sauce reduce for about five minutes, we're gonna thicken it up with our corn starch, and then we're good to go on our Thickburger That's a lot of smoke, huh? – Yeah, well

– That's a lot of smoke, uh-oh Trevor, hit those up with some dry rub Now most of the time you dry rub ribs before you cook 'em But we boiled 'em Yeah, yeah, really cake it on

Oh, that's nice So we're just gonna spoon some of that sauce on top The dry rub's kinda caking to the sauce – No no no, it's okay, this is working – Is there a bone in there? – Did you leave a bone in? – I don't think I left any, what's that hard part, is that just meat? – That's just tough-ass meat

– Listen, man, there's a reason this burger was discontinued in the first place, okay? We're fighting such an uphill battle right here, Carl's Jr couldn't make this successful, why do we think we could? When Carl's Jr was serving this, they probably just had it in a drawer, and then they would just pull from a rib drawer We're gonna create our own rib drawer with our deboned ribs – That looks good, actually, now – The sauce got nice and caramelized from all that Mississippi honey I think we did get honey from Mississippi

– Did we? – Look at us, who would've thought? – Look at us – I'm just gonna lay down a little base of sauce And then we're gonna take a couple pickles, just lay down a couple Here, do you want a pickle of your own? – I would love that, yeah Thank you so much

– We're gonna get a nice onion base there Just a couple, 'cause the onions are key to this, Trevor, because why? – Because they're onions – I was hoping you'd say that That seems like a good amount, that seems really nice All right, so now we have our Thickburger patties

They're not that thick, but they are kinda inexplicably shapen like a sea anemone The funny thing is Carl's Jr is definitely making these patties in a factory, so they literally have a factory machine that is perfectly cut out to make irregular-looking burger patties, which to me is the most fascinating thing in the world, and that's not to mention the painted-on grill marks That said, I love me a Carl's Jr burger, you get the flame-broiled taste Big fan Grill marks up

– Grill marks up I gotta say, I was really not excited about this at all, I'm starting to get excited – Just think about the anticipation, we have a pretty good burger built, we're about to take what is a separate meal of barbecue ribs, and put that on top of our already separate meal burger – Heck yeah – Trevor, this stuff gets me wet, buddy

– Can we take that again? – [Josh] There's just a nice rib steak – Thank you – I'm gonna rib steak up my burg Now we just gotta crown it, and we gotta put it in what, Trevor? – Our mouths? – Oh, yeah, in a box Trevor, we brought this burger back from the past

– Yeah! – It's back from the past! – Back from the past! – Back from the past, it was in the past, now it's back! – It's back from the past! (regal music) – I'm gonna take it, and I'm just gonna try and kinda mash it down, 'cause this is a tall burger It's a thick burger – You could say it is a thick burger – That's a heck of a sensation (Trevor mumbles) So much food, think about this, you have multiple meals inside your mouth right now

Most interesting part is how many zones there are in the rib, 'cause you get some fatty pockets, you get some lean pockets Not a sponsor, Lean Pockets What are your final thoughts about this burger, because it is a taste sensation, look how gigantic that is – It's very protein-packed I'm not against it, the ribs go good with the burger, and the barbecue sauce that you made is really good

– Despite all that happened while making it – I don't know if I just enjoy it because it just tastes like meat and barbecue sauce? – Maybe a boneless rib sandwich would be a better go But, you're a burger restaurant, you're doubling down on your burgers, they're Thickburger, they've invested so much money into that marketing, they're running with it They need to bring back the boneless rib burger We're just going to keep ascending into more scientifically audacious fast food menu items

Carl's Jr, bring back the deboned Baby Back Rib Thickburger sandwich The world is ready for thicker burgers and thicker deboned ribs And if you think Carl's Jr should bring this back, tweet @carlsjr using #PastFood Thank you so much for joining us in Mythical Kitchen, we got new episodes of Past Food every Tuesday, and new recipes coming at you every Thursday – And don't forget to check out "A Hot Dog is a Sandwich" every Wednesday wherever you get your podcasts

– And as always, hit us up on Instagram @MythicalKitchen, with pictures of your mythical dishes – We'll see you next time – Bye bye, now Make your kitchen more mythical with these stickers and magnets, now available at Mythicalcom

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