Recreating Burger King’s Discontinued Angriest Whopper

– Just edit in the sesame seeds! – (laughs) – Go get some sesame seeds in post, God! (Jazzy music) Back in 2000 a Burger King introduced a spicy version of it's signature sandwich called the Angry Whopper But, they decided it wasn't nearly angry enough

So in 2016 they brought out the Angriest Whopper with even more anger, more rage built up inside of it! – They have since discontinued it, until today Because we're bringing it back – It's time for – [Together] Past Food! – (laughs) (Retro music) Trevor, I don't know if you know this, but you're dressed like Kid Vid from the BK Kids Club – I have no idea who I am – Yeah, 'cause that came out in 1989 And you were roughly negative 13 years old at that point (Trevor laughs) Trevor, have you ever had the Angry Whopper? – I have not had it, but I do remember it

I remember those really weird commercials where it was like there was a farmer – [Josh] Mm-hmm – [Trevor] And there was an onion And everything was really angry at him – The farmer was beating an onion, yeah

And then the onion wanted to exact revenge So the story of this burger is really a story as old as time – Yeah – A vegetable exacting revenge on the farmer who's beating him (Trevor laughs) All right, so the Angry Whopper had this bright red bun

And that was back in the day, when like everyone was going for Instagram first everything So there was a ton of food dye in the bun, but the bun actually had hot sauce baked into it It had jalapenos on it It had angry onions They just added angry in front of normal vegetable words

(Trevor laughs) And then put hot sauce on it It had Angry onions It had Angry sauce Which we kind of have to figure out what that is 'Cause I've eaten this hamburger, and the Angry sauce to me was just kind of a brown sludge that burned a little bit

– Yeah – So we're going to figure out how to make that We also have to make Angry onions So we got the actual dirt onions – [Trevor] Oh – [Josh] From Burger King

It's still got a little bit of Burger King dirt on 'em – [Trevor] Nice – [Josh] We're going to try those up, and make 'em real Angry 'Cause this is the actual onion from the commercial that was abused by the farmer He tried to exact revenge, then the farmer just slaughtered him mercilessly

– And I'm Kid Vid – And he's Kid Vid (Beep) Time to bring this – [Together] Back from the past! – Shut it down! (laser sound) We got Elijah's Xtreme Handcrafted Ghost Pepper Sauce You wanna try it? – Uh, no – Kid Vid would do it Kid Vid was cool Kid Vid wasn't afraid of anything

– I'm not Kid Vid (Josh laughs) – Don't say that – Oh That's hot – Ow

Let's start making this Trevor, you're the baking expert – I'm going to start putting some flour in the bowl – [Josh] All right, do it I got the yeast blooming

I'ma to whisk it together with tiny whisk Are you a fan of Burger King though? Like, is it in your top I feel like I know the answer, 'cause I've never seen you with Burger King

– I don't even know the last time I went to a Burger King I do love Chicken Fries though That's like what I– – You love Chicken Fries? – That's what I get when I go there, is Chicken Fries – Chicken Fries to me ruined fast food – Why? – It's like a chicken nugget, which is the perfect fast food food

McDonald's, Wendy's, they all got great nuggets And they're all like, "What if we cut the amount of chicken into like a third, "but then triple the breading on it? Would you like that?" – I would like that – Maybe it's a new generation thing What is that? Butter? – [Trevor] Yeah, I'm just softening it with my fingers – Is that why you're wearing sleeveless gloves? (both laugh) What's a sleeveless glove? (beep) All right, so we got the butter, the eggs, and flour working in there

And then we got the yeast blooming with the sugar And now is the most important part 'Cause the buns, sure they had hot sauce in 'em, but they were mostly just red Burger King, their most famous menu item might be, it was a Halloween themed burger I believe it was called the Nightmare Whopper? But thing when you eat a bunch of black food dye is it turns your poop a horrible shade of green

And so this was like a thing It was like trending on Twitter that people were eating this black Whopper, and then pooping just a horrible swamp green color And so when the Angry Whopper came out, everyone was just like, "What color does this change your poo?" Find out tomorrow on Instagram, where it is just a live video stream of me and Trevor in the bathroom Trevor, so we got, this has gone through proof – [Trevor] Yeah

– [Josh] It's looking very nice and supple – [Trevor] It's very sweet – We're going to measure this out We're going for exactly 90? – [Trevor] Yeah – [ Josh] Yeah, this is a 90

– [Trevor] 86 – [Josh] 86 Good enough You want about plus or minus five grams – Two to three is usually– – Two to three is usually about– – Josh is probably plus or minus like eight or nine

– That's my It's like a handicap in golf – [Trevor] I'm going to watch how you do this

– [Josh] Yeah, so what you typically want to do is when you have a dough ball like this, you want to take it, and you know sometimes you do that But you just want to roll it like this And then you're going to use the natural curvature and warmth of your hand to kind of, you know, make a perfect sphere Look! (Josh exclaims) I made that! – Yeah – That's not bad

– Look at us Do you wanna flatten those down? – [Josh] Yeah, yeah – So that they actually kind of look like burger buns? – So the way to flatten down a bun is you take your hand, and then Am I bleeding? No, that's food dye That's definitely food dye this time And so what we're going to do is we're going to press it out, and it's going to look flat right now But then we're going to let it go through it's second proof And then we gotta sesame seed 'em

Why weren't their sesame seeds red? – 'Cause they don't grown that way in nature Unlike the red burger bun – [Josh] It grows off of a bush that a farmer abuses, and then the bun bush gets mad at the farmer, and then wants to bite the farmer back, but instead gets tragically slaughtered Have you seen "No Country For Old Men"? It's like that So I couldn't think of Javier Bardem for the Angry Whopper commercials

(Trevor laughs) – For the farmer? – That would have made me really buy it He plays the farmer – Yeah, he plays the farmer – Daniel Day-Lewis is the onion (Trevor laughs) What if Daniel Day-Lewis is the Burger King? Has anyone seen them in the same room? (Trevor laughs) We don't know! We don't know who the Burger King is

He's always wearing a mask Could be DDL – It could be one of us (laser sound) – [Josh] Do you remember when Burger King and Shaq made the Shaq Pack? – [Trevor] No? – [Josh] And the only thing that was different about it was it came with a cheese pouch? Yeah, you don't remember that? – No – [Josh] This is a real thing

Shaq was in like a size 68 triple long trench coat And he was like, "Oh, yeah" Dunking a cheese pouch on a fool's head – Have you listened to any of Shaq's rap? He has a really good song called "I Know I Got Skillz" Um, there's some hot bars in there

My favorite Shaq bar, "knick-knack Shaq-attack, give a dog a bone" (both laugh) No joke, that's the line – Knick-knack Shaq-attack, give a dog a bone – [Trevor] Delivered just like that – I remember playing the videogame Shaq-Fu This is the first time this show has actually gotten me nostalgic

And it took Shaq-Fu to bring me back there – All right, these are going in the oven at 375° for about 15 minutes – And while those buns are baking, let's make some Angry sauce (laser sound) The Burger King Angry sauce, it was unidentifiable brown But it was also quite syrupy

It was offensive tasting (Trevor laughs) It was very spicy It was angry, but also simultaneously mayonnaisey So we need to make a hot, brown, spicy, syrup mayonnaise And Trevor, I got just the trick to do that

– Okay – [Josh] So it's going to start with corn syrup It was kinda like a If, you know, your mom was trying to jazz up a sloppy joe, and just dumped a half a thing of cayenne in there, and was like, "Eh? Is this it?" And it is So we got a bunch of that, and then we're going to get vinegar in there – Okay – 'Cause it was kind of tangy It was tangy and mayonnaisey, and offensive to the senses

(Trevor laughs) – That's so much vinegar – Fair amount of vinegar And then it also brown – Okay – So to add the brown we're going to go with some Worcestershire

And then a little bit of tomato paste, just to add a little bit of body You know, like head body, head body – Body – Yeah, head body – You gotta go head body, head body

– I get it, I get it! I get a movie reference! – Holy crap! – Yes, "The Fighter" – Yeah – With, uh, Christian Bale – [Josh] All right, so we're going to whisk this together So this is going to thicken up, because as the corn syrup starts to get really cooked and reduced down, this is gonna get nice and syrupy

But to this we need to add a bunch of random spices We're going to add some Pimenton de la Vera (Trevor laughs) We're going to add some smoked paprika to that We're going to add a little bit of mustard powder – [Trevor] Okay

– [Josh] And we're going to add a little bit of black pepper Okay, if you ever just want to add spicy red to your food, cayenne is the way to go So we're going to dump that in there Yeah, a little (Josh mimics sneezing) (Trevor exclaims) All right, so just a little bit more All right, so this is cooked down You see how nice and syrupy is became? It kinda turned into Arby's sauce, but a little bit more browner Trevor, give me a hefty thwap of mayonnaise in there

– Okay, uh – The heftiest thwap you can thwap – Okay, I'm going to go really hefty, because I know that hefty for you and hefty for me are two very different– – I'm a hefty thawpy boy – Okay, some of it missed the bowl – That's perfect

And then we're just gonna stream in our syrup sauce, to make our brown unidentifiable syrup-nnaise Trevor this does somehow look– – [Trevor] You really weren't kidding – [Josh] Exactly like the Angry sauce Give it a taste See what it's at

– Oh You mean drizzle it? (Josh laughs) – Yes! – Oh! – [Josh] Now it's angry – That's angry – That's Angry sauce Trevor, we got more things to do

We gotta Remember that onion played by Daniel Day-Lewis from earlier? (Trevor laughs) – Yeah, yeah – Yeah, he's dead now

We gotta fry him up Now Daniel Day Wait, he's not dead, right? (laser sound) So what we're going to do is, uh, I'm going to dump a bunch of Panko into this

You are going to crack two eggs into that, and put in about a half cup of milk – Okay – And then dump a bunch of that hot sauce that we got from earlier into it – Ah, okay – We have cayenne pepper, we have Panko, we have onion powder, we have garlic powder

We got black pepper But, Trevor, boy do I have a secret ingredient Don't breathe, 'cause this is ghost pepper powder So we're gonna just spin this up in a blender to make it aerosolize and get everyone– – Oh my, Josh! – We're going to dump just a little bit of salt in there I like to kind of pre-flavor my powder

All right, so, uh, go ahead and step back a little bit Well, maybe I keep it covered, and I sacrifice myself like Bruce Willis did so Ben Affleck could make love to Liv Tyler (Trevor laughs) – There is more of that terrible spice in there than salt Like– – Yeah – It was like half of what was remaining in the bottle

– Did you know when they rolled out the Angriest Whopper in São Paulo, Brazil in 2016, they used a flame that was from an active volcano to light the grills? Why? – That seems a bit aggressive – Is that a good use of your time? (Trevor laughs) I would have used a big lighter and then lied Maybe they did lie! Did they take a video of it? – Imagine being the volcano guy – Did they take a video of it? – Getting paid minimum wage at Burger King, and they're like, "Hey, by the way, you gotta go up to a volcano later "today and get some lava" – "You see, we have, the burgers got red buns

(Trevor laughs) "So ipso facto, we need a cup of lava from you "So, just ahead and run down to the volcano (Trevor laughs) "And get it "That'd be great" All right, Trevor, So

– [Trevor] Uh-huh – [Josh] We're going to take – [Trevor] Yeah – [Josh] All these onions – I know how to do this – Okay

Well, you gotta narrate it though – Okay, so what we're doing is we're taking these onions and we're going to coat them in flour And then we're going take the onions that are coated in flour, and we're going to kind of dangle it between the fingers Get all the excess, like, chunky flour out – Mm-Hmm – And then, the onions are going to go in to the wet

And I'm going to put one hand in the wet, and then I'm going to get them coated in the wet Um, we're going wet hand dry hand So basically, that's so you don't get wet in your dry 'Cause you don't want wet in your dry And then we're going to take the onions and we're going to kind of get the wet off as much as you can

And then they're going in the spicy Panko The Angry panko And we're going to shuffle 'em around We're going wet hand dry hand (audio in slow motion) We're going wet hand dry hand

(audio in slower motion) We're going wet hand dry hand Aw, frick! I put my wet hand in the, ah! – Ah, man! Well, you know, you tried You tried to steal my job, and now you can't And we're just going to fry those off for a couple seconds I don't think, do you have anger issues? – No, I never get angry

– No, me either – Which is funny, because– – When's the last time you, like, did get really angry? – Uh, I was playing Runescape (Josh laughs) And– – Go on – Uh, I was in the wilderness and I had a lot of expensive stuff on me and I got skull tricked So basically what that means is– – Aw, you got skull tricked? – Yeah, I got skull tricked

– I'm sorry, man – So people– – Can you hand me that thing? – Yeah – No, I can't – All right, just stay there Talk about Runescape, talk about Runescape

– Yeah, so I'm in the wilderness and I had Bandos tassets on me, and they're worth like 30 mill GP at the time – No, like Bandos tassets? – Yeah, and then some PK, or player killers, came up to me and they used a nasty trick to make me skulled And when you're skulled in the wilderness you lose all your items And so they tricked me into getting skulled, and then they killed me and took my Bandos tassets (Muzak) Can I eat one? – [Josh] Yeah, try one

– [Trevor] Okay – [Josh] I need to know how spicy these are They actually look really fricking good though They're super crispy – They're really crispy

– They're really good – Can we just eat those? – I actually want to, these are so good – And it does get angry! – It gets angry, it's spicy, but it's not overbearing – Yeah, no – You guys were all shocked at how much ghost pepper I put in there

– Those are lovely – [Josh] Guys, those could be really good on a hamburger Trevor! – Yeah? – Let's I mean Kid Vid! (Josh laughs) Sorry Let's build this burger (laser sound) – Oh, they're so red! – They're so – Those are so aggressively red – Do you want me to do it, or you do it? – I want you to do it, because they're probably hot, and you have the hands of steel (Josh laughs) – I feel nothing Like in life, I do I have the capabilities of love

All right, so I'm going to go ahead and just cut these buns in half – [Trevor] Are they too warm to cut? – [Josh] What? They're too warm to cut, we should have let them cool – Well, we're past that now – We're here now – And I'm not angry

– [Josh] I'm not angry – I want you to know that despite this is the Angriest Whopper, I'm not angry – All the sesame seeds fell off (Trevor laughs) (Stevie laughs) – Okay, now I'm kinda angry – [Stevie] No! – [Josh] Calm down, you know, it's fine

We still have (Josh laughs) – [Trevor] There's like 10 – Just edit in the sesame seeds! (Trevor laughs) Can we get some sesame seeds in post? God! (beep) I lost my head for a second, and I am sorry

I shouldn't have done that – Let's build the burger! – Let's build the burger We're just gonna thwap a burger here I'll build this one, you build that one (Trevor laughs) We got the burger– – Josh, that's– – Just go under me

So we go the burger bun and we got the patty on the bottom And then we're going to put on about three slices of this just floppy Burger King bacon And then we're going to add our crispy onions (Trevor laughs) Why are these crispy onions like the best thing we ever made? – Yeah, I don't know – [Josh] All right, so we got the jalapenos on top of that, and then we're going to drizzle on– – Oh! – Some of this Angry sauce

– [Trevor] Angry syrup – [Josh] This really does look like the photo What shape is that jalapeno right there? – Uh, it's a heart – It's a nut sack – 'Cause we love

(Trevor laughs) – It's balls (Stevie laughs) I gotta hold it up, 'cause it's balls – [Trevor] It's a heart, because we love cooking

– Yeah – [Trevor] With each other – I nut sack cooking (Stevie laughs) All right, so we're going to put a couple of tomato Trevor, grab tomatoes – [Trevor] Man – I'm sorry for saying the heart was a nut sack – I forgive you, I guess – [Josh] I'm gonna put some of the lettuce on there

And just drop most of it on the ground (Trevor laughs) Okay Okay, just chill – [Trevor] Shh shh shh (Trevor whispering) If we're quiet the tomatoes can't move

I'm so scared Are we going to get fired? – [Josh] We're gonna get fired dude (Trevor laughs) – Frick – That's so much mayonnaise, dude That's so much mayonnaise on this bun

I had no idea – I have literally one sesame seed left on my bun The last little guy is hanging on – [Josh] I got seven! – I have one! – Four! (Josh and Trevor laugh) Wow, look at that Angry Whopper that could totally stand on its own if it wanted to It just doesn't

Trevor, we, Kid Vid! We came all this way, we brought this back from the past There's only one thing left to do Are you ready to slop on this Whop? (Trevor laughs) – No (Josh laughs) (beep) – Trevor, we came all this way We brought this back from the past

Are you ready to slobber on this Whobber? (Trevor laughs) (Beep) Trevor, Kid Vid, can I call you Kid Vid? – You can call me Kid Vid – Kid Vid, we came all this way We brought this back from the past All that's left to do is to eat it But, we got a little something extra special

We brought the packaging all the way back from the distant year of 2016 (dramatic sci-fi music) Trevor, welcome back to 2016, where Mark Ruffalo lead ensemble cast won Ocscar Best Picture winner That's right, "13 Going On 30" – Uh – Trevor, are you ready to eat this Angriest Whopper? – I am

– Let's dig into it Hey, now! (Trevor mumbles with mouth full) Okay! What level of rage and anger are you feeling from this burger towards you? – 62 – I'm about a 78! – It's coming through

– Actually, and the visual of the red, it's like on my fingers (Trevor laughs) That's a lot of food dye I'm mad about that – That's the angriest part about it, is just the aggressively red burger – This is really delicious to me though

– [Trevor] No, it's good – [Josh] And it tastes like I mean it's very Burger Kingy

The fried onions are really great I think that's the best part about this burger – Definitely – The pickled jalapenos give you that crunch, give you that spice, and then this brown sludgy dusty, quite delicious– – Yeah – Spicy, and creamy sauce we made

This is firing on literally all cylinders for me This is quintessential Burger King – It's dripping like a Burger King burger – Yeah The fact that you and I have eaten so many bites of this, we have never eaten this many bites of anything on this show before, to me is a testament to our final answer

Do they need to bring this back? – Definitely I mean, like, I don't eat at Burger King I never go there It's one of my least favorite fast food places, but I would go there to get this burger Like, I think they should bring it back

– [Josh] Yeah – It's really good – [Josh] Yeah And if you want Burger King to bring back the Angriest Whopper, tweet @BurgerKing under #PastFood Thank you so much for stopping by The Mythical Kitchen

We got new recipes for ya every week We got new episodes of A Hot Dog Is a Sandwich every Wednesday wherever you get your podcasts Hit us up on Instagram @mythicalkitchen with #DreamsBecomeFood Pictures of your Mythical dishes See y'all next time

I'ma keep eating this sweaty burger This burger is almost as sweaty as I am – I got Chicken Fries – You got Chicken Fries? Give me a Chicken Fry! I love Chicken Fries! – No, you said you didn't like 'em – I've always loved Chicken Fries

– They're for me – [VOICE] You can cook up your own feast while wearing the Mythical Kitchen Apron! Available now at mythicalcom

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