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– Good mythical feature rat We want to let you know that this is a feature rat

And that's what we decided to call these things It's not, like, a feature would be a movie This is like a small thing which is basically a teaser to shamelessly promote what we've been working on over on the This is Mythical channel – How about a vignette? – I think it would have, like, vignetting if it were a vignette – Well imagine that there's vignetting as you see Collin and Micah talk about their very manly show Power Tool Cooking School

(laughing) (rock music) – It's school for tools who like to cook like fools – Yeah That's the most succinct way I could describe it Today we're gonna cook a chicken Caesar salad Today we're gonna cook a cheeseburger

Today we're gonna make chocolate peanut butter lava cake Today we're gonna cook a pizza – With power tools – So when we figure out what we wanna make I usually go to Collin and tell him what different kitchen tools look like – And then I take that and I just kind of mimic it with power tools and then we just kind of fly by the seat of our pants and see what works

– Well I like to surprise Micah with a lot of the power tools – This is insane What is this thing? – And it is always kind of funny when he sees it for the first time and is either really excited about how oh, this is like pretty much a kitchen tool Or he's terrified of it and doesn't want to be near it in any way – I'm scared of everything we did today

– Okay – Well this may be the worst idea we've ever had – Most kitchen tools don't have blades or needles that move excessively in and out towards your face – You shouldn't be afraid of any of the power tools It's just getting comfortable with them and learning how to use them

Ow! – You okay? – Nope So we're almost through – I like making the show because it illuminates the utter black hole of knowledge about food inside Collin's brain – This is something – Yeah? – Food related that I've actually done in the past – Really? – Yeah! – You've toasted bread before – I've toasted bread It's nice to get a home-cooked meal every once in a while

And I'm laughing because I just realized that it's a little bit sad that Power Tool Cooking School is my only source of home-cooked meals – That's really sad I think people should watch the show because it's fun You know, you can actually learn how to cook something I try to bring a little bit of that

Collin could actually teach you a little bit about tools But you can also see some good food being made in a really weird way There is it – Oh my god, look at that! – Wow! That's a Caesar freaking salad – Hear me breathing hard? (laughing) – That means he liked it

– Whoo-hoo-hoo – That is really good dude – Oh man – That's soft – Whoa! Oh, that's good bacon

Clink Good job man – So Micah, what's next for Power Tool Cooking School? – Uh, I'd say meatballs Click on the left to watch Power Tool Cooking School on This is Mythical – (Collin) Click on the right to watch another This is Mythical video

– (Micah) And make sure to subscribe to This is Mythical and never miss an episode of Power Tool Cooking School

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