Possessed Chicken Hide & Seek

– [Alex] What? – [Camerman] Is that only me hearing that? – What? Yo, don't, don't do this dude You guys are acting like it's a joke, and I don't know if it's a joke or not

– [Mike] I wanna be Ten Feet Tall – It's late Mike – It certainly is – You asked me to stay late, we're the only ones here at the office, I'm feeling spooked – You heard of a creepy pasta? – Well sometimes my aunt's pasta scares me, because she cooks it for far too long

– I can already tell we're going in the wrong direction here – Oh, okay – Essentially it's like an internet urban legend It's been around for a long time, all these kids are making these weird little stories online, spooky stuff, – Slender guy – Yeah, you might have heard Slender Man has come out of this

– Spook Man – People have been reposting 'em, it's kind of like new wave chain email stuff, you know Say if you don't repost this 20 times, Little Spooky Steve's coming out from under the bed But one in particular that I'm very interested in is called one man hide and seek Now I don't know why you'd wanna do this, but this is a ritual for contacting the dead through a doll, I don't know why you want to give an evil spirit a vessel to come at you with, but a lot of people are doing it

I'd like to try to experience this, but I gotta, you know, make it more me – Okay, what would you like to have a demon inhabit? – It needs to be inanimate, it needs to have limbs, it needs to be something I like A cooked chicken – You want a devil demon to inhabit a dead chicken? – Yeah, with the skin coming off Okay, there's a bunch of stuff we need to complete this ritual, very specific items

Clearly we need a doll, instead you've brought me what looks to be an old, quite old chicken The other thing is you're supposed to stuff it with dry rice, like a witch would do We got the Uncle Ben's ready rice But I mean you stuff it in a chicken, it's all the same So at the conclusion of this ritual, we're gonna be using a sharp object

You got a carving knife, but it doesn't look like you know how to use this – No, no, it's fine – Next we need a needle and thread – I got a bunch of needles, and I got a bunch of thread – You're supposed to keep a cup of salt water to protect you for some reason, salt always a protectant, I figured this was more appropriate

This is like a chicken's salt water – Plenty of sodium in here – The last really good thing we have, we need our fingernails, and we need some spit – Spit? – Next thing we need is an incense, I don't believe in incense, it's nonsense Garlic smells great when it's cooking

So we're gonna cleanse our hiding spot with this – Don't do that (creepy music) – [Camerman] Is that only me hearing that? – What? Yo, don't, don't do this dude Yo, no, don't get that out You could kill somebody

Nobody Why is this the scariest building of all time after dark? – Geesh, where was I, we need a, ah god This guy needs a place to hang out Now normally it says you put it in a bathtub, and you submerge it under water We're just gonna throw it in the oven

– Who is that? Tell me that's not real Tell me, is that Link? You guys are acting like it's a joke, and I don't know if it's a joke or not Is it a bit, I just want to know if it's a bit? – [Cameraman] Did you tell him about the other thing? – No – What other thing? – At one point we were gonna hire an actor to be a homeless guy and– – See this is why I can't– – Well, – We didn't – But then, that's the reason why I was like, is this a bit, because we talked about doing a bit, and then we cut it

And we were like, no, we're not gonna do it because it takes away from this whole bit, which is the whole point of the episode But now, a bit is, I don't know if it's a bit, or if it's real life, and I am so confused here It sounded like, that didn't sound like pipes either, it sounded like so clearly someone was moaning – We got to prep our chicken here – [Alex] Okay, I'm stuffing it full of Uncle Ben's ready rice

– My nails are a bit short, I didn't prepare for this – Oh this is gross I don't care for this part Strong nail – Stuff that on in there, as deep as you want

– [Alex] Okay, that's one of my nails in there – Oh, I didn't think I was gonna have to hold it – Now what – I'm gonna attempt to sew it up, the hole is so big I don't recommend threading anything, or even using a needle with greased hands like this

I'm just gonna put this wherever it goes I wouldn't refer to it as sewn shut – [Alex] It's sewn together, I mean you can't get in there – There's only two things left to do, one is to put this chicken in the oven, I'll allow you to do that Last thing we gotta do is find our hiding space and cleanse it

So to initiate the ritual, we have to go and say a few things to the chicken, and then we're gonna come back here We can name it anything we want, but it cannot be one of our names – I don't have a good, I feel like you probably have a great name in mind – Gilda – Gilda? Okay, Gilda

– Now we have to initiate the ritual So I just need you to come over here and follow my lead Mike and Alex are the first it Mike and Alex are the first it – [Together] Mike and Alex are the first it

– Now what? – Put it back in the oven – In it goes – I don't like anything we're doing I'm trying to keep it cool, but I feel weird dude – Okay, okay, play it cool, now what? – We have to turn the lights off in here and go back to our hiding spot

Back in our hiding spot, I've given you a knife This knife is very important We're gonna stay in here, and we're gonna count to 10 with our eyes closed I know, it's a very stupid thing to do – [Together] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10

– We have to go out, find our chicken We say, I have found you Gilda, and you will stab it – I'm just trusting everything you say, like it's normal to do – I'm trusting strangers who have written this for no reason – Let's go stab this chicken

– Ready? – Mmhmm – I have found you Gilda – I have found you Gilda – Stab it – I missed

– You missed! Okay, okay, you are the next it Gilda – [Alex] You're the next it Gilda – Okay, no, leave it on the counter Okay, back to our hiding space – Oh no

– Okay, so we're back in our hiding spot There's one final thing we have to do here (clicking sounds) Why is that doing that? It's so hard for me to focus, if you can't tell I'm like, I'm here, but I'm not here Okay, we have broth here, which is supposedly like a protectant of sorts

We have to keep it in our mouths, but don't swallow it We're gonna go out and look for Gilda When we find it, we hack this broth all over it – We spit on it? – All over it And you say I win, I win, I win

– Three times? – Three times And you have to say that three times, if you don't get through it, the ritual does not end and this is potentially dangerous Allegedly, the chicken could reside here, – Forever – So I'm begging you, to just say, when we're there, you have to say it with me three times, I win, I win, I win – Okay, how's it go? – It's so simple

I'm praying right now that this stupid chicken is still on the counter – If that thing is not on the counter, – I'm going home, if that is not there, I will leave (Alex mumbling) – I win, I win, Alex no! Oh my god I literally told you so many times, all you have to do is say two words – It's so good

– This is extremely dangerous, things could potentially happen if you don't say this stupid little sign off, this is like a Ouija board on steroids – It was very nice – You are a fooL You're just gonna leave We literally have to get rid of this somehow

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