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– Fear does not exist in this kitchen, does it? – No, sensei! – He's so well trained, it's incredible (upbeat music) Welcome to Mythical Kitchen where dreams become pork? Today's video is sponsored by the National Pork Board and we're honoring the glorious meat that is pork by making a chocolate coffee french dip sandwich

This is exciting for me, because not only is pork a lean and healthy protein, great for game season, but it's also packed with tons of flavor It makes a great canvas for a variety of seasonings and marinades And we're going to proof that today by infusing chocolate throughout this delicious and meaty classic sandwich If you wanna check out ways to incorporate pork into your healthy balanced diet, visit porkorg/cooking

I'll be breaking this down into three easy steps, so if you're following along at home, check out the time codes right there and we also got a full recipe in the description Let us cook (upbeat music) We gotta get our mirepoix chopped up So mirepoix is the French term for the mixture of carrots, celery and onion That's gonna act as the actual base for our pork loin roast

So we're gonna give it a very, very rough chop Gonna cut it in about one inches What? – [Ben] Cut it in about one inches? – Cut it in about one inches! That's about one inches And then we're just gonna take that and immediately through it into the pan We're gonna cut onion in half, peel it, and always make sure to have a trash bowl next to you when you're cooking

That way you can just take your onion skins and put them right into the trash bowl Just edit it, just edit it in Just edit in a bowl – All right, so we just want a nice rough chop So what we're doing is we're actually insulating the pork from the heat of the pan by laying it on the vegetables and the vegetables are actually going to kinda perfume the pork and flavor it in a nice base

So now, we just gotta drizzle it with about a tablespoon of oil All right, now for the actual pork So we're going a cocoa and coffee rub Gonna give if like a little bit of mocha flair, so we got some instant espresso powder going in right there and then we're adding some cocoa powder in there and then a little bit of chili powder So the chili powder's gonna give you a little bit of heat, but then the bitterness is really gonna tie in with the flavors of the cocoa and the espresso

And black pepper, 'cause black pepper and pork is, (sighs) what a lovely combo And then we have sugar A little bit goes a long way And salt So we're just gonna stir this up with the tiniest whisk in the world

All right, so before we rub the pork down, you gotta get your You're just gonna go ahead and put your hands in gloves See how much easier that was, Ben? All right, so we're gonna take two Three, do three Why two? Why would you stop at two? That'd be crazy

We're gonna take three tablespoons of our rub and we're just gonna dust it all over the pork So pork loin is great because there is just the tiniest, tiniest fat cap on top that's gonna insulate you from a lot of heat in the oven Pork loin can stand a lot more heat than tenderloin which is great when you're adding vegetables and creating au jus and all that And just get the end pieces All right, so we're just gonna pop that on top of our vegetables and then a little more for good luck

Good luck, pork! I've got our pork seasoned, loaded on top of the vegetables We're gonna pop that in the oven at 425 degrees (timer ticking) (timer dinging) Now the misconception about pork is that it has to be overcooked for it to be safe, which is not true For tender, flavorful, and safe pork, you wanna make sure your trusty meat thermometer reads 145 degrees You're looking for a beautiful light blush color on your pork when you eventually slice it open for your sammiches

That is gorgeous We got a ton of nice browning on that Browning equals flavor You got a lot of Maillard reactions going on But now we have to temperature check it

So you're gonna go ahead and grab your tongs It's a soft G like in GIF And then you're gonna go ahead and shove your thermometer through the thickest part, which for a roast like this, is right through the center Perfect! All right, so we're gonna let this rest And then we're gonna move on to the rest of our sandwiches

Don't gesture with tongs That's dangerous How dare you (light music) What I'm gonna do, is I'm gonna be using the vegetables for making the jus So I'm gonna take the beautiful pork roast, and I'm just gonna let that hang out there

I kinda wanna get to, (babbles) I'm gonna let that pork come up to room temperature before I slice it, that way all the juice is really sort of solidified in there and all the flavor stays packed in And then you're gonna slice it, create a sandwich and it's gonna get a gentle warming in the jus Hey! Speaking a jus, let's do that All right, so we're gonna start heating that pan on high

And what we're gonna do is we're gonna take a tablespoon of that leftover, what's this called? Powders Take a tablespoon of you leftover flavor powder and we're gonna dust that in there That's actually gonna start to toast up with the vegetables in the bottom of the pan, then we're gonna de-glaze it with some pork stock So we're just gonna stir that in And then you're gonna smell it

You're not gonna smell it, I'm gonna smell it get nice and toasty A little roasty toastiness And then also, we have to start caramelizing onions For me, French dips mean caramelized onions I don't need that

I'm gonna use a little bit of butter We're gonna put a little bit of butter in there And we're gonna start slicing our onions for that I'm also gonna put a little bit of creamy mushrooms in there because I like having a little bit of bite Onions kinda cook down and get super jammy and they lose a lot of texture

Trevor can you And you're gonna have your trash bowl at your side at all times And then what you're gonna do, you're gonna continue to peel the onions You wanna get the last layer out Choppy choppy

(knife thudding) That is, why why Why does that happen? All right, so the jus getting nice and roasty toasty, so we're adding three cups of pork stock in there and what we're gonna do is we're gonna let that boil down for about five minutes and then we're gonna add just a touch, a touch, just a touch of half in half and that's actually gonna give it a nice little creamy body to it like a latte So our butter's melted We're gonna add our onions in there Whoops, whoops

So you're gonna take your cremini mushrooms I'm gonna remove the stems, that way it makes them a lot easier to chop because they can just sit nice and even on your cutting board All right, so we want again, nice thin ribbons The mushrooms have so much fibrous-ness, fibrous-ness in 'em that they're gonna hold their shape You're gonna go ahead and add our mushrooms to the pot and then very early on in the mushroom caramelizing process I like to add my salt and spices, that way it starts to kinda like bleed the moisture out of the vegetables

So we're gonna do another tablespoon and then you're gonna start stirring that in, making sure the bottom doesn't scorch This is just gonna hang out for about 20 minutes You wanna caramelize it on high If you ever see your onions and mushrooms start to scorch, just add a little bit of water to it and then that water's naturally gonna cook out We got our stock going

There is one last step to the stock We're gonna turn the heat off and then we're gonna add our half and half You wanna add the half and half when the heats off because if you cook cream with a lot of things like salt, it can start to break But when you shut the heating process down, it's just gonna add a nice creaminess to it And we're just gonna stream this off

God, that's heavy Trevor, stir that pot – [Trevor] Yes chef – So what we're gonna do Fear does not exist in this kitchen, does it? – No, sensei! – So well trained, it's incredible

So you're just gonna push all the jus out of the vegetables through the strainer You see some excess moisture coming through And then we're actually gonna use this both as a side car for dipping and also to dip our sliced pork in there just to gently warm it Eatin' more onions, huh? – No, mushroom this time – Kid loves mushrooms

– I love 'em – Okay, what's up So we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna start slicing up this pork The end piece is gonna have a ton of flavor on it You want it as thin as possible

It's like a French dip sandwich, you want the meat to kinda double over on itself All right, so you remember that light blush color I was talking about earlier? You see that in there? It's not super white all the way through and you can feel the meat is actually super, super supple and tender and the resting process has actually let all the juice stay in there If you cut it right out of the oven, it's just gonna like spill everywhere Ooh and a little snacky We'll dip it in the jus

And Oh my God That is cooked completely perfectly No no No distractions, no distractions

Sandwich time! French dip sandwich, what is it? When was it invented? I don't know, but everyone who claims to have invented it is sure lying because their stories, they don't add up So what I do is I like caramelized onions, Swiss cheese, delicious roasted pork and then we're gonna put it into this French roll So you wanna slice the roll in half and you wanna keep it hinged at the edge, which some people claim is not a sandwich if they're not two distinct pieces of bread Those people are so wrong Oh my God, they're so stupid

And what I'm gonna do, is I'm actually gonna hollow part of it out 'cause I don't want the bread to obstruct all my delicious pork, cheese, caramelized onions and pork juice Trash bowl (glass shatters) So you got a bun hollowed out I don't wanna toast this because I like when all the juices kinda sop into the bun All right, so the last step, we're gonna take the pork and we're actually gonna dip it into our au jus that we made earlier

And we don't want it to sit there for too long, 'cause then it's gonna overcook and we got such a beautiful cook on it, we just want to get it soaked in its own juices Pop it in there, give it a one, a two, a how do you do? And then pull it, I don't know why I'm crouched in this stance, but it feels natural And then we're just gonna lay that down into our sandwich Stuff it in there This is the part where I get all excited

Onions! So we're gonna go ahead and take some of those caramelized onions Just give that a nice spread along the top and then my trick for melting cheese Are you tired of unmelted cheese in your sandwiches? It's gettin' all kinda sweaty and gross up in there? Me too, brother You're just preaching to the choir So what I'm gonna do is is I'm gonna take double slices of Swiss cheese and I'm gonna throw 'em directly in a nonstick pan

There's enough oil in cheese that you can just melt it, stir it around in the pan, get it nice and molten, pour it on your sandwich And just give it a little wiggle Give it a nice little flip The ol' flip and wiggle All right and then we're just gonna take that and pour it atop the sandwich

That's a pork French dip You're gonna go ahead and serve that with a side of au jus And then, like you eat it So I'm gonna slice this guy in half so maybe I can share it with my friends Let's go try and make some friends with sandwiches

Oh my gosh All that pork inside there It's still super juicy, but we're gonna make it a little bit juicier And then there's a trick to eating it You gotta bite in and you gotta slurp like a vacuum

You gotta go (sucks in) So that's what's gonna happen Turn off your microphones if you have misophonia Shout out to the misophonic community (Mouth sucking) Wow! Okay, okay

Hold on Give me just a second All that jus, it's got all that pork flavor in there, plus there's a ton of that like cocoa and coffee aroma that you get So you're more getting hit with the smell There's a ton of spice and salt and deliciousness in the pork

It is incredibly tender It works so stupid well So I need to feed someone else so we're gonna go spork 'em! That's the new catchphrase I'm trying out Spork 'em! (video beeps) Spork that person! (video beeps) Spork 'em! (video beeps) Let's get to sporkin'! (video beeps) It's sporkin' time! (video beeps) We're comin' to spork ya! (video beeps) Spork train comin' baby woo woo! (video beeps) Welcome to Spork Town Population you bro! (upbeat music) – [Link] We're filmin', we're bloggin' in here

– [Josh] You just got sporked! – Oh – Wait, you guys are filming? – Hi – Oh sorry – We have to cover his (laughs) – It's a crossover

Are we being sporked? – You're being sporked right now So how this works, you guys have seen the show – You caught me at a compromising time – So this is our coffee chocolate pork loin French dip – [Link] What? – How is it? – It's the best thing I've had all day, but I haven't eaten until right now

– That's still great A back handed compliment is still a compliment – It's really good It's legitimately good – What about me? – [Josh] Do you wanna get sporked? – Can I get a spork? – Do you mind you if I spork you with the spork that I sporked Rhett with? – I kinda mind it, but I'm also wantin' to get sporked pretty hard

I see that there is a – [Josh] There's a stabby – There's a toothpick So here I go All right

– Keep in mind that I value Rhett's opinion more than yours (Rhett laughs) – Wow You gonna swallow? – This is a big boy – [Josh] Yeah, it's a big sandwich – It tastes good

– It's good right? – I mean, what're you doing with the rest of the sandwich? – That's for you guys That was a gift Also known as a bribe Oh yeah, sip the jus – Let me get a dip

Let me get a dip before you sip Let me get a dip before you sip It's got coffee in it? – [Josh] It's go coffee and chocolate in it – Is it gonna keep me up? – Oh yeah – Hey guys, subscribe to our channel

We got a vlogging channel – Subscribe to my channel I have a cooking channel – They're already watching your channel – I know, but keep subscribing

Thank you so much to the National Pork Board for sponsoring this video If you wanna learn how to incorporate pork into your healthy diet, go to porkorg/cooking Thank you so much for liking, commenting, and subscribing If you make this dish, hit us up on Instagram at Mythical Kitchen using #dreamsbecomefood

We got another Snack Smash coming out next week Cooking recipes every week See ya'll later – [Link] #dreamsbecomefood – Yeah, I made it up!

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