Our Life Firsts: First Kiss

Welcome to Ear Biscuits, the podcast where two lifelong friends talk about life for a long time I'm Rhett

And I'm Link This week at the round table of dim lighting, we are talking about your first kiss stories and ours as well We're gonna get all of this because this is our first episode back from taking a three week 2020 break A twee week bweak We took a twee week bweak

And speaking of first, right at the top Boy, it sounded a little weird Did you add a little something? Did you notice something was different? I did because we've discussed it Not as much as I would be comfortable, not as much as I needed to be comfortable enough You know, I'm very proud of you that we were– I just like going for it

We remembered! We decided to put the slogan That new slogan at the top Well, we actually talked about this like a year ago that we were going to try to find a way to encapsulate what this podcast is, so anybody who happens to be tuning in for the first time would understand what it is right from the top Yeah, but when you're doing it and you've done this podcast for so long and you've done it in different ways, and I also have done it, it's kind of hard to know You're real close to it

And we talk about so many things and have tried so many things that it's hard to say, well, this is what this podcast is, but that's what we've landed on Maybe it will help you as you tell people about this podcast that you enjoy listening to Two lifelong friends Nope, not lifelong Two

Yeah Yep, not best friends though Two lifelong best friends Well, I mean– We are best friends We are, but my vote was to not include it in this just because it sounds like a better slogan without it

Two lifelong friends talking about life for a long time The podcast where two lifelong friends talk about life for a long time About life for a long time Not a really long time 'cause– No, just a long time By a long time we mean just like podcast length

Like an hour So it's not really a long time Okay, if you were told you need to go talk to this person, and then you were like, "Well, how long?" And somebody said, "An hour," that's a long time That's a long time But if you said, "You need to listen to this podcast "where two lifelong friends talk about life "for a long time

" It'd be like well, it's a podcast where they talk for a long time, so you're talking like, three hours? Nope You're taking the long– And applying it to podcasts Signifier and applying it across all podcasts I'm just talking about normal commerce Standard conversational podcast is an hour-ish

And the most popular podcast in the world, by the way, is like three hours on average Yeah, so an hour is not a long time, so So that's good, and what I'm saying is it's good It's good that– It's kind of like leading with a negative It's like, oh, they talked for a long time

You'll have to get used to that Well, it's just an hour? Oh, that's just a podcast This is why I'm glad we didn't have to discuss it because this is what the discussion would have been And then you would have lost heart But I love it

And you would have gotten frustrated But I love the fact that you gave in and we just said it I haven't given in It can change Welcome to Ear Biscuits where two lifelong best friends talk about life for an hour

So I don't have any problem You keep adding best, and you are my best friend, and we are best friends And I'm changing the second part too I'm not practicing what you told me I'm iterating

Okay, but that doesn't help Welcome to Ear Biscuits There's no word play in that The podcast where two lifelong friends talk about, not discuss Yep

Discuss is a little too self-important It's like, oh, these are important topics and we're gonna turn them over and we're gonna come to conclusions Now we're just talking Right, I never said discussion You added that

Yeah, and you know what? But you've also taken out life for a long time, which is kind of the only reason I liked what I came up with The podcast where two lifelong friends talk about life for a long time You do like it! You do like it! I was kind of searching for it But you found it because it's natural I need to just go for a drive and say it about 80 times

Is that how you do things? So what if it is? But like, there's so much else in life to experience No, it's just how I internalize something that you have to say the same way a lot You underestimate, you came up with this catchy phrase and it made sense in your mind, but then I have to transfer it to my mind If I had have come up with it, you would have make sense of it in your own mind You'd have to come to terms with it

I don't think it's a lot to make sense of though And if that required you driving and talking to yourself, I wouldn't ridicule you I think it would have required you telling it to me And then I would have been like, "That's good" Can we start over? But me say that part and you say the other part? Yeah, yeah

I will buy your lunch if you get it right If you get it exactly right on the first time, I will buy your lunch Can I pick what it is too? Yeah Okay, even if it's something that's aw, that's not very healthy? Even if it's unhealthy I don't believe you're gonna get it right

Okay, here we go Welcome to Ear Biscuits, the podcast where two lifelong friends discuss, shoot! No, I knew it, I knew it! Welcome Ear Biscuits, where two lifelong friends talk about life for a long time That was it, but– If you consider 60 minutes or so a long time You don't get your lunch now I get a lunch

I'm so shiny right now I'll just pay for it I'm gonna get a tissue The second part of this is, fine, go get a tissue Well, we had to cut the AC off because again we're not in our studio

Well, we haven't said that We also said this week at the round table of dim lighting, and I dunno if it sounds a little different, but if you're watching this, it does look different, 'cause we're not at the round table of dim lighting That's the other thing This is another first We are in our creative house

Now, we got everything set up We even got the sign here This is not a permanent move by the way We're going back to the round table of dim lighting I mean, it could be

It could be, but so far I don't like it It's a move of out of necessity There's construction going on at the studio right now, including in the Ear Biscuits room And so we have moved things over, but we actually took some time so that it would be a better experience We're not using our USB mics

We're using the actual setup that we typically use And we did bring the sign like Link said, and there's some soundproofing, so hopefully it doesn't sound so echoey in here, but– We're a little close to each other We're a little closer and the lighting is not dim Like, I could easily poke both your eyes out This is not the round table of dim lighting

It is a round table though We talked about bringing the round table and then they tried to disassemble it and– They realized somebody had glued it together Yeah, it cannot come out of the room without being destroyed Well, you could probably just, yeah, if you just cut the legs off and then refastened them Yeah, re-glue 'em

Yeah So here we are We've already experienced two big firsts, a new catchphrase explanation at the top of the episode, and being in here for the first time That's just by way of summary Now we can move forward

I think we decided to talk about first kisses because we were talking about it being the first episode back from our break And we do have some stories from you of your first kisses and we'll get in all that in a little bit, but– Wasn't much of a break Usually when we take a break and we come back, we have so much to update each other on Well, and it was a three week break for you, the listener But it's less than three weeks since we recorded the last podcast of the last season

So, but I think nothing is happening This is the feeling of COVID life Yeah! It's like, you're looking for something to be new And even when you think things are gonna be new, especially in California, it's like, "Oh, you gotta pull it back" And I agree with the pull back

Yeah But it's just disheartening Well, I think something happened when summer rolled around I mean, first of all, everybody had this secret hope that the virus would go away during the summer, right? And there was some, even though scientists were saying that that probably wouldn't happen, there's some reason to believe that viruses wouldn't be as serious during the summer But it turns out that doesn't have any effect on the coronavirus

So, but just the fact that even when you live in California and it's not like there's a real big seasonal change, but life is different during the summer, right? The kids are out of school and you go on vacation, you travel We were planning on going back to North Carolina during July and seeing our families and that's not happening And our kids were already out of school and they're still just out of school Out of school So they're at home and you see the same people all the time

Yeah, I'm trying to figure out I'm at a different place now I remember when we hit day 50 and I think it was in a vlog

I don't know if it made the edit, but I was like 50 days in quarantine I no longer count I no longer have any interest in knowing how many days it's been Because I mean, we've been very conservative in terms of staying quarantined And so even as some things loosened up, not for us

And this is not to judge anyone, but this is just in an effort to keep our crew safe when we get together and shoot But like, we don't even go to the grocery store Like we don't go in any place The only place I've been indoors with the exception for like, maybe three minutes at a bike shop that was had two people inside of it Other than my house, that's it

We don't go inside We get our groceries delivered or we pick them up curbside Yeah It's just more of the same And I no longer account

Yeah I mean, are you counting? Can you– I did not count originally, so I wouldn't know where to start Yeah, 'cause 50 days I was like 50 days, what a huge deal We were talking about this earlier, and I'm not a routine-oriented person, right? I don't like to do the same thing every day, but something about us not traveling and not doing much besides shooting GMM, shooting this show, coming to the creative house and doing the stuff that we're doing like on TikTok or the social media stuff, it's made my mornings way more predictable, right? And so I'm not going to the gym, I'm working out in my garage I'm doing my back stuff

My exercises, my meditation, and I've never done those Like, you get the little alerts on your app that say that like– It's time to meditate For 10 days in a row or 20 days in a row I think I got to like 30 days in a row at one point Skipped a day, had to start over, but I've never been that consistent with any of those things, and even though I'm stir-crazy, there's something about getting into that rhythm of exercising and meditating and actually having time for reflection and journaling, even, even journaling, I feel like I'm in a pretty good place

Yeah, and that makes me angry at myself, not at you, because the opposite happened with me Like right at the beginning, and I talked about this, I was like, I'm buckling down on routine, 'cause I always love routine And it's like, I now have a opportunity to do more of the things I want to do incorporated into my routine every day I can work out and meditate on the same day, whereas before I would have to alternate or something like that And I went, I think it was 50 days in a row meditating because the app kept up with that and– That's a lot

And then after that, it says your record was that, and now you've done two days in a row Yeah, you gotta work back up to it I've never done more than four days in a row since I broke the streak of 50 Oh And I was working out and I stopped doing that

I just got out of that 'Cause my shoulder started hurting again, and I got discouraged And then it's like, oh, you sleep a little bit later? And then I get down on myself about it So I tried it, and then I was like, as long as I just walk every day You gotta keep doing something

Right You gotta stay active And so I just shifted from working out 'cause of my shoulder to just walking and listening to a book And then I got done with my book and it started getting really hot really early Yeah

And now I don't– It's very high in this room Can I just say that? I like it I worked out this morning So my internal temperature, it's really high right now Yes, so you look at me

You shouldn't work out, man I'm sweating You just wake up a little bit later Don't feel as bad about yourself I mean, there's like a flirtation with a form of depression here

I think it's 'cause that's just the natural I mean, when you're cooped up, that's not your way of life It's difficult And that's the kind of, I was talking about this in therapy I was like, I do feel a little guilty, right? Because the average person, most people I know, are having a really difficult time

And I thought that, oh man, this is gonna be really difficult for me because I like things to be shaken up I like to go places I like to go out I don't like eating at home You know what I'm saying? But all I'm doing is eating at home

Yeah But to me, it's a testament to the power of exercise and meditation I dunno which one is more, but something about there is this prophylactic effect of exercise on your mental wellbeing And exercise and meditation What? You mean, it's like a condom? Like a condom for your mind

No, but what I'm saying is that my experiences right now, the circumstances, and I'm not saying I haven't been down and I haven't had days of depression and sort of just like listlessness and just feeling like I can't get motivated I mean, there's been a couple of times we're working on a couple of things that require some writing And some days it'll be like, oh, I could do this all day And then some days it'll be like, I got nothing for this, but that's sort of typical anyway, right? You don't always have it But I was talking to my therapist and saying that there's just something about I've never ever been this consistent with my daily practice of exercise and meditation

And I'm experiencing the benefits of it And like I said, I feel guilty, but also I'm reminded that when things do get back to normal, because they will, we will start going into the office We'll start traveling again We'll start going to things that kind of shift your schedule around, knock you out of your routine, getting home late from something Getting home late, what is that like? I'm home every single night

I'm home already, you know? Yeah And so the idea of having that routine shaken up And walking too, I'm doing a bunch of walking and I didn't do any walking at all Like I'm seeing parts of the neighborhood that I've never seen And so I have this like desire to okay, how do you hold onto this? Because I feel like if I can take this practice into my normal busy life, when things get normal again, I'm gonna be better off

But I know I'm not gonna be able to keep up with it It's just the fact that I have the freedom to do it is the only reason that I'm being so consistent right now But I mean, it's so hard to process what you're saying Like I said, it makes me feel angry or just frustrated because I just feel like if you're not in that place, hearing somebody say they're in that place doesn't encourage you to be in that place At least for me, it's like, "Well

" I think if I started working out and doing something more consistently, I think that would help me But maybe I just need to say, "You know what?" "It's okay to just not do that for a little while" And it is okay Because I have to be ready to launch back into something But I do think I feel the cumulative problems associated with not doing that

You know? Right? Because I do think it spills into you get so antsy with everything else that we are not able to do in the way we want to do it Yeah You know? And that's the weird thing The fact that we're not working on something that is taking us out of the office and into meetings and you know what I'm saying? Like that's– People interaction That's like what I live for is the dynamic nature of our jobs, right? I mean, we have a lot that is the same over and over again, but we have a lot that makes it very dynamic and it makes it interesting and you're collaborating, and you're trying new things, and most of the things people never see, but we're working on things

And that's why I can only go back to, "Well, what's?" "Oh, it's because I'm exercising every single day" It's like, I'm not having time to let those thoughts and those frustrations, which under any other circumstances would make me feel down and make me feel depressed So yeah, to me, it's just like, okay, I gotta remember this I just gotta remember it Yeah, I don't know

I'm just trying to be better I'm sorry if I made you feel worse But I'm just saying– Hey, you're speaking your truth It's separate from me And I'm all I'm saying is that as someone who has thankfully not stopped these processes, I think that's the only thing keeping me together right now

'Cause it's definitely not in most circumstances Yeah Right? And again, it's like, we don't have nearly as many worries as a lot of people Oh, yeah, right You know? So let's move on

We're gonna talk about kisses First kisses But first we're gonna talk about mythicalcom It's a website we started a while back

Lots of good stuff There's always something to surprise you at mythicalcom The good mythical summer T-shirt Check that out

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Because I could use a tank-top right now I'm feeling like– There's some tank options that are gonna be happy– It is so hot under my arms right now In the mythical store There's tank options? Well, I think that's in the works, yeah, but I don't know if it's of this shirt I can't remember right now

Well I request one of those You got some water-skiing fish-head people I mean, that is just fun Yeah Mythical

com You know what? I feel better now I feel totally better! You thought about selling T-shirts and that made you feel better? Yeah Before we talk about kisses, we didn't talk about what's on your nose Is it noticeable? I don't know if you can see it on camera, but I mean, I asked you about it and you were like, I'll tell you on the podcast, so I'm gonna have to ask

Okay, is it a scab? It's a scratch 'Cause when I got up this morning it was a bloody thing The end of my nose just had a bloody scab It looks like it just happened Oh, really? It looks like you just got scratched by a bobcat

Last night Was it a bobcat? No, it was a tree Oh

I was throwing some Frisbee with my boys We like to go out and throw some Frisbee, you know? In the street? In the street, yeah And Lincoln threw the Frisbee up in the tree and it was just high enough where if I jumped, I think I could grab the Frisbee 'Cause I shook the limbs in the lemon tree and it didn't fall And that's not a euphemism, you actually have a lemon tree? Right, and so then I was like, I can jump and I can grab it

But what I didn't take into account was in between where I would jump and grab it, there were a bunch of other limbs Yeah So when I jumped up– The lower limbs, they call it The lower limbs that were right there You know when you're focusing on something, things closer to you get out of focus

Just let this be a lesson So I raised my hand and it was like Superman taking off, like fist in the air, except that all of these limbs that were apparently just inches from my face before I started to jump– Were now in your face? Were just, like, I jumped right into limbs Oh, it could've been worse I mean, thank God I wear glasses Right

You know? Even if I had 20/20 vision without glasses, it turns out I would need to wear them just for like, eye protection Kurt Rambis Yeah I mean, I could have lost my eyesight last night But instead it hit my glasses and it hit the end of my nose

And I'm like, man, that really hurt And when I went inside, there was like a big bloody spot there on the end of my nose There's a life lesson here Don't get so focused on the Frisbee that you lose sight of the limbs right in front of your face I think the life lesson is use a broom, get a broom

Yeah, that's a– Why jump when you can get a broom? Interesting that we had similar situations This morning I had to grab a suitcase for my wife, which we keep stacked up on this shelf in the garage Okay Because she's taking a little beach trip with the kids A sabbatical from you

And then I later will join them But so it's up high, and I was like, "I can't reach that" I could potentially jump to grab it But I'm 42 There's limbs in your face? I'm 42, I don't jump for things

So many things could go wrong So I grabbed a golf club because that was the thing that was closest to me, but I couldn't get either side, neither the grip nor the club head to get under the handle– Underneath the handle Because the handle, it was one of those Away suitcases And so they're like, flush until you pull on them Do you got a step ladder? Yeah, but that was on the other side of the garage

Of the garage? Oh goodness I'm 42, you can't walk across your garage? Mr Still Working Out Everyday can't walk over to a step-ladder No, no, I can It's just, I don't know if I should

Okay? But then I was like, shoot, man I actually did think to myself, "You've been working out" "You can jump, you can jump up there" And thankfully there were no lower limbs in the way There was nothing but air between me and the suitcase

You jumped? I jumped, and it was like, first try slipped my fingers right under the handle and beckoned the suitcase my way Then when I came back down, I did the smart thing, I released as I was coming back down, so as to leave it dislodged but not falling on me Uh-huh And then I was able to do a baby jump, grab it and pull it down Did it hit you in the face? No, no, no, no facial injuries

No life lesson to be learned, I guess No, I just got the suitcase You know, I think what you described is not unlike a first kiss You've gotta really work up your gumption You gotta convince yourself that you can go for it

You gotta think about it And then you gotta reach up, and you gotta have a gentle sort of caress Well, you should be gentle Based on some of these stories, that is not always the case The moment where you can really latch on is when you should let go, and then go for a second

Delicate jump You talking about a tease? No, just, there's plenty of time for a second kiss The first kiss should not try to be the end-all be-all It's virtually impossible Now we've done an episode, I believe it was episode 114, about first kiss stories

Uh-huh And when we decided to do this episode, we were like, "Oh, it's our first episode back "First, first, first "First kisses, let's do that!" And then we didn't even realize we had done an episode Right

This is not an uncommon issue with us Until Kiko pointed it out Right But I think subconsciously we're looking for any chance to talk, and our wives support this assertion, to talk about our first kisses or our first girlfriends or our second girlfriends You know, we always go back to them

But in that episode we did share our first kiss stories I think we can revisit them a little bit If you haven't heard that, we'll give you the gist of it and maybe have a different take on it If you're really interested, you can go back and listen to that We had a couple of stories from listeners in there

And then we had a couple of crew members come on and tell their stories, but we got some good stuff from you guys Yeah So we'll keep our recounting our stories relatively short since we've told them before And we've actually told them outside of the podcast as well But the update on my story is that you actually had the privilege of being with me when we visited the location of my first kiss during our trip back to Buies Creek, and I invited you to reenact it with me

And then we showed that on LTAT You made me hold your hand And I mean, there was no kissing Right That's true

I didn't go for it But I wasn't comfortable with getting close to that Yeah, I could tell It was at the– It was at the fountain So that video's on an episode of LTAT that aired after our Buies Creek documentary episode from I guess last year

But I'm gonna give you a little background I'm not sure I've given before And of course I had begun dating, or going with is what we called it at the time, Amber, and I knew that tonight was the night I don't know how long we'd been going out, but it was like you start going with somebody and then you start kissing 'em; this is the order of things Well, the order of things is that I date Amber and kiss her first She's my first kiss

Right And then you date her after me and she becomes your first kiss Did you actually date her? Yeah For how long? But you just kissed her that time and then probably didn't kiss her again? Well, okay, so I– Right or wrong? I can't imagine that you kissed her again I don't– That would be very surprising to me

I don't remember 'Cause that was seventh grade Yeah, it was seventh grade I don't think I kissed her again I did

Do you want to tell your story first? It was at a birthday party at the Lillington Ruritan building and there was like a big open dance floor Nobody was dancing What is a Ruritan? I dunno It's people who ruritate Is it like they broke off from the Puritans? So like, "Yeah, we're not quite as pure as the Puritans

" Or maybe they ruined the Puritans Yeah, I think they decimated the Puritans They decimated the Puritans? They tainted the Puritans We rurinted them So it's like a place of debauchery, which, interesting, is why you kissed there

We were sitting beside each other shoulder-to-shoulder in these like folding chairs that were like on the edge of a dance floor that nobody was dancing on and– The best Michael and Anna were sitting next to us, and basically they sent me the message that I was supposed to kiss Amber This was the time, you know? Amber wanted me to kiss her, but like, we didn't communicate about this It was just Michael looking over at me and saying, "Go for her" Yeah

Yeah, so I went in for the kiss, and the story goes that he timed it I can't remember how many seconds it was I can't remember what I said how many seconds it was You have to go back and listen to the three years ago when I told this story But Michael timed it? We knew

Yeah And I mean, it was multiple seconds Like, I'm gonna say either seven, nine or 14 I don't know what I said before And I was more reliable in telling the story then than I am now, 'cause I haven't thought about it probably much since then

We need to connect with Michael, because Michael plays a pivotal role in my story as well Because I mean, not only was he there with It wouldn't have been with Anna in eighth grade

That would have been you or it would have been? That was me, yeah He was with Anna in seventh grade Who was he with that night? Anna No, who was he with at eighth grade? My night Who was he with? I don't know

He was always with somebody though He was always with somebody And he had confidence The thing for me when I revisit the story was that I did it because I felt like I should do it Like, I didn't have a sex drive at the time

I didn't I mean, I was a late bloomer Yes It came later I guess no pun intended

But it was like, "I gotta do this" You felt pressure, you felt pressure Yeah, I mean, it was literally like, you need to make out You felt external pressure I felt internal pressure, like a geyser

Like a literal Geyser And it was a long kiss I remember she was on my right So I had to go over and my head tilted to the left And I mean, it was a French kiss

It was like, okay As I've said, many times, I was like, I gotta be ready for this I had practiced on my bed post Right It might be a little odd that that same bed is still in our house and Lando sleeps in it, but it is painted

Have you told him that? No Have you showed him which post it was? Son, come here, let me show you something It was a round post A very face-like post But it was like a head

It was like making out with a shrunken head Yeah, her head is at least four times the size of that bedpost So that was probably difficult to navigate And it was just a wood veneer It was a stained wood

Yes, it had no mouth But it wasn't white paint like it is now It's not nearly as kissable And also the wall of my shower And this has– This is so interesting

I never practiced This has come up in conversation recently because of that TikTok where I made out with myself in the mirror Yeah And I mean, it definitely brought back that memory of me making out with my bedpost Did you learn anything? I just don't think I would learn anything

The shower's better because it's wet I mean, it's too wet, but at least you know, hey, in a really wet kiss situation I can still find my way I don't know why it never crossed my mind that I needed to practice with a wall 'Cause you were so driven and motivated to make out with your girlfriend But to me it was the pressure of like, I gotta know how to do this

I'm supposed to do this right now and– Yeah, I wasn't thinking about anything other than I felt like I was about to pull back the curtains on the most amazing thing I will ever experience It was just all anxiety for me And you know, it actually wasn't bad My recollection of it was that the kiss wasn't bad I mean, it wasn't Amber's first kiss

And she helped me out She did She carried her weight and more And there was a clockwise motion to the tongue situation Clockwise? There was like a circular dance happening in there

And I was like, oh, this is okay This is what we're doing You know? Yeah 'Cause I mean, there was no internet You couldn't be searching for how to kiss, how to French kiss

And there was no one I would talk about it with But there were movies I think I just went off movies But even that, I mean, you're not inside of the mouth You don't know exactly what's happening with the tongue

You can tell You can tell there's some tongue exploration going Whenever I looked at that, I was always just too embarrassed to study it And of course I didn't watch a lot of movies I didn't watch all those make-out 80s movies

That's why you had to practice with your shower, 'cause you didn't watch movies That is a fact There's a lot I'm learning right now So the kiss itself was not a bad experience, but everybody was watching For someone to be so anxious about it and to feel like, oh, I gotta do it, and then it's like, hey, the entire party, it felt like, was watching

It wasn't even dark It was just dimly lit Yeah, that's weird Given all the circumstances, I think I did pretty damn well I mean, Amber didn't dump me immediately

She didn't dump me because I was a bad kisser She dumped me because I was just a ball of nerves probably And I actually wasn't into dating as a seventh grader Right It was just too early for me, you know? Right

Well, my experience is a little different I'm in my own head! My experience was a little different It was dark There was a fountain No one was watching– Because you took her out there

I had not practiced I had on my blue Nike sweatshirt I knew I looked like a million bucks I knew I smelled good This is before there was such a thing as Axe body spray, but there was deodorant

Right Guard Okay Probably put a little on my neck Like a little blue residue? That was cologne Or a little white residue

That was cologne in 1991 It was like, I'm gonna put a little bit on my neck I mean, we were watching movies with our girlfriends and then you ask Amber to go outside All of a sudden, you and Amber just leave and take a walk

I knew what I was up to And we're like, "Okay, see you later" And this is where Michael Juby, I'm going first-name, last-name now, this is where Michael Juby comes into play I've got a theory about Michael Juby, okay? Does it involve his dad? No? Okay, mine does, but go ahead Oh, I– Just go ahead

I know what you're gonna say You're gonna say that his dad taught him everything and taught him how to have confidence, which is true Yeah But I have a much more complex theory than that Okay, okay

You ever think to yourself– Sometimes the simpler theories are the more elegant You ever think to yourself, man, if I could go back to high school, middle school, whatever, with the current mind that I have and mentality, right? Sure, absolutely You think about how you would navigate things so differently Yes And so– Especially yeah, with this whole ball of nerves situation? Yeah, yeah, especially in your case

But I actually think the same thing I mean, I think about things like, man, sometimes I wish I could just go back even just the way I approached playing basketball Sure Like why did I was so stupid about the way I approached it in so many ways But anyway, I believe that Michael was an adult who wished, who was given three wishes as an adult

Oh, you think he did go back? To go back and live his life over with an adult mind 'Cause if you think about it– I think that's right Every conversation you ever had with him, every choice that he made– It's like, man, you're right He's like– You're mature This dude is playing this game of life like it's a game

And like he knows how to win it Yeah, yeah It's like, he's not intimidated by stuff And he was a year younger than us because he had skipped a grade And when he came back as an adult, he decided I'm also going to skip a grade

'Cause I'm impatient He was a year younger than us But yet, he was navigating all these things and then telling us And what he told me– And in high school he was dating women two years and three years older than him Yeah, he was dating the girls that every guy in the school wanted to date, and he just showed up and was like, "Well," "I'm gonna date them now because I am an adult

"I have been sent from the future!" That is the only explanation Oh my gosh It works, doesn't it? That's right We need to call him Because Juby is such an, I mean, maybe he's an alien, that's an alien name

It's made-up Yeah, it's probably not– You ever heard of anybody whose last name is Juby, J-U-B-Y? Yeah, that's definitely a name He was asked, "What do you want your name to be?" "Juby" It was like, "Only thing I can think of right now" And when I take human form and travel in the past

So he was an alien who lived a life and then went back and relived it? Or he was given three wishes as an adult and he was like, "I only need one" All of the above "And it's to go back "with this mind and relive my life" That's my theory And what Michael told me, he just was like, you know, "You just gotta be relaxed and you need to make it count, "and you need to literally count

" Right? Like he wanted me to count how long the kiss was so I could report back Yeah, he counted for me And because he wasn't there, I lost heart, I guess, at seven seconds But you did have this conversation with him? Yeah Yeah

He told me the things He had a connection to Dunn, right? Because I think his parents were members of the Chicora Country Club or something, and there was like a connection to Dunn Actually, I think his mom was teaching She was teaching at Triton, right? That's right That was it

And so Dunn was like the city, right? They had a movie theater, which I also kissed Amber at, but they had a Chinese restaurant They had an interstate Right It's the crack capital of the world Yeah, I think there was a crack problem

But he had this insight into what the kids at Dunn Middle School were doing And when he told me what the kids at Dunn Middle School were doing– Yeah, like sex in the hallways type stuff? I just realized that I was way behind the curve You know what I'm saying? I mean, there was things happening People were discovering things about each other's bodies in ways that us kids in Buies Creek didn't know was even possible So when he told me these things, I was just like, "Whoa, okay, all right, Dunn? "Dunn sounds like a lot for me

" And I want it all! All right, I want it all! But that sounds like too much I'm glad I'm in Buies Creek Okay So when presented with the actual opportunity, what it amounted to was a seven second wet kiss Oh, okay

Well, then I'm gonna go with nine for me then But there were many more seconds after that Literal seconds Not that night In fact, no, I think I did it again

I can't remember It just popped into my head I think I have a memory of being like– First kiss had a second back right after? Yeah, I think so Regardless, there were more kisses afterward and never went to Dunn, but except to visit her Well, you visited

You didn't go to school at Dunn Is that what you mean? Yeah, right But you like that theory about Michael Juby? We gotta call him I think we could get him to admit it Yeah

Were you an alien and sent from the, I think it's all of it Not an alien Alien seems unnecessary, 'cause aliens need to be educated This is a man who had already lived a life He went back and did it right

Yeah, so much confidence Quiet confidence It took us a while to get to your stories Carrie Green responded to our prompt about first kisses "I was at Six Flags with a group of friends

"We ate some greasy food, then rode a crazy spinning ride, "then rode a ride called The Cave "A boy I liked leaned over and kissed me "And then he immediately threw up over the side of the car "we were riding in "Never lived that down" Yeah, that's a tough first kiss

That's traumatic Yeah, that's traumatic when your first kiss makes the guy sick Or it could have been everything else that you listed before that I believe it was, but at the time– But at the time You know at the time that you're taking that and you're applying it to yourself

We have another vomit story Breezi, cheezy_breezi! "I was camping with my best friend's family "and her dad had recently remarried "Her new stepbrother had been flirting all day "and then suddenly lunges at me" The sudden lunge is not cool No

Nah, it's not cool "And puts his tongue so far down my throat," ugh, "that I promptly gagged and threw up on him" Wasn't my finest moment" Okay Okay

I'm not a forensic scientist This is an unusually long tongue and/or an unusually sensitive gag Well, I mean it might be the thought of there's a tongue that's been thrust into my mouth by surprise So that can make you gag even if it wasn't deep 'Cause I mean, can somebody get their tongue all the way back to a place where you'd choke on it? I mean, maybe like a Gene Simmons

I mean, maybe it was Gene Simmons I think if you really do the 90 degree angle on the mouth, the two mouths are totally opposed, like a mouth-to-mouth situation, and then you've really wide, like snake jaw wide But that's the kind of thing that requires the cooperation of two people And she doesn't seem like she was cooperating And yeah, it's not cool at all when– You don't wanna take anybody by surprise

I mean, if you're in kindergarten and you wanna steal a kiss under the table or something I think that there are certain circumstances in which, and I'm talking about the first time you kissed somebody, there are circumstances in which it's obvious everything about the environment and everything about the signals that you're giving to each other and everything that you're saying to each other, leads you to believe that it is okay to kiss this person If you're longingly looking into each other's eyes for a prolonged period of time, and you're having a conversation, a romantic conversation, there's ways to– But I do think that just asking permission is the way to go here Oh yeah Well, you did that

I did that with Amber And it wasn't because it was– Taught It wasn't because consent was a buzzword at the time I mean, it obviously was in my mind I wasn't gonna do anything that she didn't want

I think in my mind it was more I just want her to be ready It felt like once you ask the question, then you have to do it, I think is what was happening in my mind It was like, can I kiss you? And when she says, yes, it's like, well, it's easier to ask can I kiss you than it is to just go in and kiss somebody That's what I was thinking Uh-huh

But in a roundabout way, I actually ended up asking for consent, which I'm proud of It wasn't a pure motivation, but I think that that is the clearest way forward is to ask Speaking of which, BYMBeth said, "I went to badminton club in high school" Okay, your high school had a badminton club? "I went to the club with a boy I was dating" "We were both really nervous to have a first kiss, "so we made a bet that whoever lost the game "had to make the first move

" See, this is taking communication and then instead of making it awkward, just owning it and having some fun with it I really like this Here's the thing about badminton First of all, the thing that you're hitting is called a shuttlecock Yeah, so everybody's horny

It's already sexual and it's a co-ed sport So it's the perfect recipe And a lot of people think– And you're inches from each other's faces the whole time Really? No There's a net separating you, I believe

I was thinking, are we thinking about the same thing? You were joking A lot of people think that all the business that's happening is happening with like the football team and the cheerleaders, you know? No, no, no, no It's the badminton club It's the drama club Oh, that's where it's at

It's the theater kids Oh yeah That's where all the hanky panky is happening Oh yeah, okay So to finish this one, and then the next one supports this

She said, "He lost the badminton match," "but afterward he spent 20 minutes pacing up and down "saying he was nervous" Well, okay Once you had talked about it and you reached an agreement, then it's like, you just gotta go for it You can't be dancing around the ledge You got to jump off

Right So she said that she just kissed him first Well, because you had already established that that was what was gonna happen But there's something about it You should build it up because that's fun, but you don't want to build it up so much that you're paralyzed

Right But I want to dig into this theory a little bit, because I think I'm onto something And now, we weren't theater kids We weren't drama kids Or band kids

I'll read this one 'cause this one's about band Oh, oh, band kids, big time Sarah A "Mine was in high school "He asked me to meet him in the band room

" Oh, you know what's gonna happen in there "Up the stairs toward the practice room" He's gonna show you his instrument "Where he told me to close my eyes "because he had a surprise for me" Okay

Uh-huh "The surprise was him kissing me "We're married with two kids now" Damn, that was fast Okay, I mean, I'm glad that you're married with kids now

And again, I think this is a different time I would not advise this technique Yeah, don't I would not advise this technique now Yeah, yeah

I think you gotta be a little bit more open You can't say go here and close your eyes Right Go hide and close your eyes Yeah, now okay, get back to this theory though, because again, there's this sort of cultural narrative that you've got the jocks and they're doing these things and people are looking up to them, but like, they're just hanging out with each other all day

You know what I'm saying? It's these places where people are mixing with each other And especially when you get into drama and theater, and now you're actually like, you're revealing things about yourself You're having to dig deep into yourself and access your emotions for the sake of the art You add hormones into that Vulnerability

That is, I mean– Blowing on horns? Give me a break I think, yeah Band is so sexy when you think about it Think about what's happening People are just taking these instruments and putting them in their mouths

They're getting the reeds wet You know what I'm saying? Yeah, they're good with their mouth They're doing dextrous things with their fingers and their mouths at the same time I mean, this is foreplay, if there is foreplay I'm just saying

And parents need to think about this When you buy that trumpet for your kid, you need to understand what's about to happen Do you know how you play a trumpet though? So if you put your lips up to someone like you're playing a trumpet, it would just be like mouth farting into their mouth I really think it's the woodwinds that are the sexiest, because you gotta put your tongue out just a little bit and just get a– That Kenny G thing Yeah, yeah, yeah

I mean, the reason the saxophone is the sexiest instrument– It's 'cause you lick it It's not because of the sound It's because of the reed and all the things that you can touch Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's it You could spend a lifetime exploring all the new ways to caress a saxophone

It's so complex! While licking it Whereas the trumpet is just like, three things and a sound, you know? Hey, if you know how to work those three buttons, you can get some magic Now a trombone is a little different In and out Yeah, there we go

The trombone motion is the most sexual of all the instrument motions Right, you put your mouth on it and then you go in and you pump You pump, yeah Wow You're not doing that on the football field

No, you're just catching a ball over and over again And even if you just wanna think about a flute, now you're not– I'll think about a flute You're not getting it wet and you're not wrapping your lips around it, but you're delicately blowing across the opening Oh yeah, that's still sexy Oh yeah

The woodwinds I'm telling you, the woodwinds The drums? What about the bass drum? The drums The guy who just sits back in the back and just boom, just hits that Someone will make out with him

Don't feel too sorry for the guy I mean, he's the loudest one there If he screws up, everybody knows it immediately Hey, but sports you get sweaty I love the fact that when we put out this prompt, that members of the Mythical Kitchen responded

Nicole responded and said, "I had my first kiss at a park after my first day" "of sports summer camp" Okay, sports can be sexy, I guess "My mom found out and I wasn't allowed "to go to camp anymore" Well, and then right under this, Trevor, also one of our members of the Mythical Kitchen They call him an intern, but he's not

He's not He responds to Nicole "It was right after Napoleon Dynamite "We finished the movie and she was like, "Do you want to kiss now?" I love that You know, I love a woman who's just like, "Do you want to kiss now," because that'd be like– Hold on, but do you feel– You know what, yes

Like you need to clarify the fact that this is made up from Trevor? That this did not actually happen? What do you mean, why? That's not made up? I can see that happening Do you want to kiss now? Like when a movie's over, it's like, well, you want to kiss now? Oh, because you had put it under here, I thought that Trevor was replying to Nicole's– Saying that he kissed Nicole? No Yeah And he's just trying to be funny, but he put his own story in there Yeah, it's his own story

That makes a lot more sense Napoleon Dynamite I mean, at that age when you were really wanting to really start kissing, it doesn't matter what movie it is It's just as long as it's a movie Well, this was not my first kiss, but it was my first kiss with a particular girl

You were there and it was during a movie You gotta give me more information During a movie? It was– What movie? The girlfriend that your girlfriend was friends with introduced me to And then we went down to her cousin's house or something? The three of us went down to meet her Okay

For the first time Yeah And it had all kind of been arranged Okay, you guys are going to be interested in each other I know you and I know you

And so it was kind of like our first date I do remember that night, but I don't remember the specifics, yeah Me and my girlfriend, this was junior year in high school, her best friend was like, "Oh, Rhett would be great with her" And then you guys, did you start talking on the phone or something? But it was definitely an arranged– I met her for the first time that night, in my memory I don't know if my memory is correct

Yeah, my girlfriend set you up with her best friend who lived two states south and we had to drive down there to see her No, no, we didn't drove to Georgia We drove to Wilmington because her cousin was in Wilmington And so that night, the first night you met, you were making out with her? Yes

I work quickly Wow I'm a professional Shoot But do you remember the movie that we were watching? No, no

What movie was it? Helen Hunt? You talking about the tornado movie, "Twister"? Twister It was "Twister" It was "Twister"? We were watching "Twister" "Twister", that's romantic But I mean, it didn't matter what movie we were watching

I was like, well, this is gonna happen at some point But you know, for some reason, and maybe that's just 'cause I'm a student of the cinema, I wanted to kiss her so bad, but I was kind of into "Twister" And I was like, once the kissing starts I'm gonna lose the plot Yeah, you kind of lose the plot Bill Paxton, he was great in that

Yeah And the effects for the time, the effects were great So when did you kiss her? During the credits Oh, during the credits That's good

I think that's best So a similar situation to Trevor here– The movie's over Do you wanna kiss now? Right? Well, once Napoleon Dynamite starts dancing, it's a long dance But we had done lots of hand holding and my arm was around her And again, we just met, but it was like everybody knew that it was coming at some point

But you had hit it off and you'd built it up It wasn't the first time you had talked? I believe it was Oh really? I don't think I talked to her on the phone She was like– But didn't you date? I mean, you guys dated for– A year and a half A year and a half? Yep

Really? And long-distance for a year and a half? Yeah, I would– You would just go down to Georgia and visit her or she would come up and visit you and stay with my girlfriend because they were best friends Yep And they were best friends because she had lived in Bueis Creek and then moved away Yeah, well, I mean, I knew of her when she was a kid when I was a kid Yeah, that long-distance

We can do a whole episode on long-distance relationships That was a whole thing Like driving to see your girlfriend But I mean, when you talk about the bold moves, I mean, Troy Wood, he said, "It was in the back seat of my girlfriend's parents' car "with her parents still in the front seats" No way in hell would I think about kissing a girl with the parents in the front seat

I mean, I just couldn't bear the thought of like, I don't know I'd do that I told you the story of holding, I think it was Amber's hand at the baseball game And then your mom seeing us and me being embarrassed You know? It's like, I don't know why I was so embarrassed about having a girlfriend, didn't wanna admit that to my family 'cause any question about that would just embarrass me even more

I try to talk to my kids about whatever it is that is part of development I just try to talk about it in a normal way, because I don't want to do anything to build up things for them that make them more anxious Because my blood runs through their veins, and I wanna make sure– I think you can only tell them so many things Sure, sure I think kids are gonna be who they are

But by not talking about it, for me I think it's set up, this thing was like, "Oh, it's a secret" And when you're a little kid and if you're kissing, then you kind of instinctively know it's like, "Oh, we can't tell anybody about this" Or like, Nicole's mom saying she can't go to the camp anymore because there's no telling what you're gonna do Or I don't know what her reasons are, but it's like, oh, this is something to keep secret, and to be ashamed of Well, I never kissed a girl in the back seat of a car while her parents were in the front seat, but I do remember a girl I was dating my freshman year in high school, her parents were driving us around and we were in the back seat and we were holding hands

And then when her parents got out, we went to the grocery store or something? Talking about Walmart I remember this 'cause you told me Yeah, Walmart They went in and we stayed in the car And you guys sat in the car

And just made out And when you make out in a car, the windows fog up And so we had to stop, open the door And this happened a few times And I remember you telling me about this, reporting

And I was like, "Are you kidding me? "They could come back at any moment" What would you do if her parents came back and saw you making out with their daughter in the car? Well, most of the time when you're in that situation, the person who is the daughter or son of the family that you're interacting with, they know the deal You know what I'm saying? She didn't say like, "My parents would kill me "if they knew we were kissing in the backseat" Yeah, obviously she was comfortable enough with their response to– My impression of her parents is that they knew– To fog it up They knew what was going on

But I do wanna quickly talk about, there's an infamous story We will not mention any names Okay But there is an infamous story of somebody that we went to high school with And again, this is probably just one of those rumors that happens, but it was a rumor that we all thought was awesome at the time

He was a few years older than us Are you talking about we had a friend who had an older sister, is that the story you're talking about? No, I'm talking about a guy who was two or three years older than us Maybe he was a senior when we were freshmen But the story goes is that he was in the backseat with his girlfriend while her parents were driving and they completed the act They had sex? They had full sex

Oh gosh, I don't even remember that story 'cause it was such a load of bullshit He and she, according to my sources– I don't even know who you're talking about Confirmed it Well, when I tell you who it was later when this podcast is over, and I tell you who the guy was and who the girl was, you might be like, okay, maybe it did happen I'm just saying it is one of those things that's probably not true, but if it was true, it would be them who did it

Listen, okay, now this is a different subject matter If we're gonna talk about firsts, we have to save losing your virginity as like a different podcast That's a different podcast We could talk about that as a different podcast That's quite a teaser

Sammi Larber tweeted I don't know why I put such a pregnant pause in there I think it's Lauber "My first kiss was a lovely man who soon after realized "he preferred men to me" Or don't take it personally, Sammi

I would say he preferred men to all women, I guess, is what you're saying "I had driven us home from a party "In my parents' driveway next to my minivan, he kissed me "I wish I could make the squeaky noise it made "He pulls back "and he asks–" Like blowing on a trumpet

"He pulls back and asks, "Where do I put the tongue?" You know, communication! I'm a huge fan of communication Where do I put the tongue? Well, there's only a few places Yeah, well, what do you do with the tongue? Okay, all right, you're right Because again I didn't know Again, it's like you thought you knew by looking at movies, but it's not an endoscopy

You're never inside of the mouth You don't know for sure Like, oh, you can do a rotation motion Is it an in-and-out, is it a down or is it an up? I think this is how our minds work differently, right? When I thought about kissing as a 14 year old, it didn't strike me as there was a correct way to do it The fact that there's a correct way to do it, that's not the first thing that pops into my mind about much of anything, right? Yeah

It's more that there is an opportunity to do it Just start doing it, you'll figure it out, is kind of the way that I approach it And some things you get into some trouble with that, right? 'Cause there is a right way to change a tire There's a right way to– You know there's a thing called dumb luck? Well, I think there's also a thing called dumb confidence And I think that's what you had

It's just like thinking that I'll just start kissing and it'll work itself out, it's like I envy that No, what I'm saying is that this is the point I'm making There is a difference between changing a tire and kissing, right? Kissing, you're getting into the do I do the tongue like this? Well, sure Do I do the tongue like this? Also yes Do I do the tongue? You can do the tongue however you want because it's like an art form

It's not a mechanical thing that has rules that somebody came up with that you have to subscribe to But it seems like you had a conversation with Michael Juby about this I'm sure I did See, I didn't have any conversation with anybody about this 'cause it was taboo Well, I understood that Michael was an adult from the future who had three wishes granted, and he had come back to visit us, and I tapped into his wisdom

I mean, if you're gonna overthink it or just think it through, you need to be with somebody that you can feel comfortable talking about it Like, hey, these are the questions that I have Where do I put the tongue? You know? And them not to laugh in your face And some kids have that kind of relationship with their parents Some kids have that kind of relationship with an older brother or sister

Yeah It doesn't always happen the same way But I do think– Sometimes it doesn't happen at all, and that was my case Right, I mean, and we weren't talking about it The interesting thing is I mean, I wasn't gonna ask you for advice, and you weren't gonna ask me, 'cause we didn't know

We were gonna ask Michael Juby But I didn't ask him that And by the time we were in high school and like, I knew how to make out by that point But when you were telling me freshman year that you were in the backseat in the Walmart parking lot making out in broad daylight; was it daylight? Yeah It was daylight! It was like, 2:00 p

m Wow I was just like, man, that's far out, man But don't you wish you could go back? Oh yeah As an adult man? Oh yeah

I mean, not as an adult That sounds horrible That's not what I meant Do you wish you could go back with the mentality? And I'm not just talking about so you could kiss people I'm just saying that so that– Enjoy life! You were crippled by anxieties about am I doing things right? I had my own anxieties about the pressure to perform and like, I have to do this and I have to follow these rules

I have to be the best at this and this and this in order to receive love It's like, if I could go back and realize that like, no, no, no, you don't have to play by those rules Yeah, that's the thing I didn't follow my heart I followed the rules

Yeah, and I definitely followed the rules And you know, but you followed your heart a lot too, you know? You were driven I don't know if it was your heart Maybe it was your wiener Well, yeah, it was in certain circumstances

I wouldn't say– You had to impose the rules over it, but the rules were so firmly in place I just think the rules were different for me But I was following the rules But my rules were– You were very frustrated You have to do these things well in order to be worthy of love, I think is

And I think that you thought you have to do these things correctly in order to be worthy of love Yeah And so again, it goes back to the oneness and the three-ness of our Enneagram numbers But so I guess when you look back on it, I was super motivated and did a lot of things and I did enjoy myself I had a lot of fun

You did a lot of things You want to list them out? Well, no, I'm just saying that like, I took that drive and I applied it, and I kept trying to find the next thing So I wasn't paralyzed I was actually super driven to do things, but I wasn't finding the love that I was seeking by doing those things But I was doing a lot of things

But when it came to the kissing, it was pure I wasn't trying to accomplish anything other than I was like, this seems like the reason I'm here You know? Yeah It's like, this seems like the most amazing thing that there is in life is how I thought about it as a teenager And so I was like, okay, I need to put myself into circumstances where I can do this

I was preoccupied with it, for sure I think even when I enjoyed making out with my girlfriends, there was just a lot of other baggage that complicated it So it was never like, oh, this is a pure form of enjoyment I mean, I felt guilty as hell the whole time Yeah

So that complicated it It kept me out of trouble, I'm sure But just my very evangelical worldview at the time, which again was, for somebody like me with my mentality, was also a prophylactic, right? Because it prevented me from just being completely led by that mentality But I still enjoyed it It's just you feel guilty after the fact

Strange times You know, but just to go back to just the sweet purity of a first kiss You know? Let's go back to that I think it's just It can be sweet, right? Yeah Yeah, so I think if I would do it again, it would be much sweeter It wouldn't be in front of everybody Yeah

Yeah I think that's one thing– It's like, hey, let's step outside I mean, later behind the Oasis, like the Campbell University student center, like in between the dumpsters, I think that was the first place Anna and I kissed So like, my– In between the dumpsters, yeah My third girlfriend

It's like, boy It's like– Good spot It really stinks at a dumpster It's not a great place to make out But no one's gonna show up

But yeah, not many people are gonna show up That one's better The interesting thing is, again, like when I talked about the whole asking can I kiss you? It wasn't because I was being super considerate It was more just like, this seems like what I'm going to do right now But the circumstances of the kiss, it was at night, I had planned on it

She knew that it was gonna happen It was somewhat romantic Yeah It wasn't too extreme There was a fountain

There was a fountain I asked permission, all those things I actually feel like, okay, it's one of the things I look back and I'm like, I don't have any regrets about that I don't have any regrets about my first kiss It's a good story

I'm happy with how it turned out I'm happy with how this conversation turned out Do you have a recommendation? We gotta get back into that It's your turn I do

My family and I recently watched a movie that I think has maybe been out for two years, but if you're like me, you did not see it originally, and that is, "It's A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" The Mr Rogers story with Tom Hanks playing Mr Rogers I keep waiting for the right time to watch it, 'cause I know I'm gonna cry

What a wonderful movie And what a wonderful movie to watch with your family Oh yeah? We watched it as a family and everyone was crying by the end of it, which that doesn't always happen to all four of us I mean, it doesn't take anything to make me cry in a movie, but Did you decide, hey, we're gonna watch this movie tonight and we're gonna cry? Did you they know it was coming too or? No

Well, I mean, we knew that it would be a sweet movie It's not always easy to get my boys to watch a movie like "It's A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood," but I saw an opening and I was like, "No one's gonna die in this movie "So prepare yourself to be disappointed" And you know, there's no explosions But you already know, 'cause I think you watched the documentary about Mr

Rogers, just how significant of a life he lived and all the things that he stood for But the way that they captured it in a narrative form, and Tom Hanks is great, of course, but just the format, the way that they decided to format it and tell the story was just very compelling Just watch it Okay I'll have to watch it

I highly, highly recommend it Do you think at some point during the movie, Christine and I can just start making out? I would wait until the credits Okay But the credits, if I remember correctly, were actually pretty cool, and you'll be in an emotional state where kissing is probably not on your mind So maybe just do "Twister"

Okay, make out Do "Twister", watch "Twister" Make it a double feature Watch "Twister" first Okay

Make out Make out in front of my children And then start "It's A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" And then you won't wanna kiss anybody You just want to hug everyone

#EarBiscuits Let us know your first kiss story or how you've processed any of this Let's keep the conversation going and let's keep this going No more breaks in the near future Well, I mean, at some point there will be

Yeah, right In the near future But we're gonna be with you every week Same time, same place Maybe not the same place

Maybe this place for a while We'll see how things turn out I don't know To watch more Ear Biscuits, click on the playlist on the right To watch the previous episode of Ear Biscuits, click on the playlist to the left

And don't forget to click on the circular icon to subscribe If you prefer to listen to this podcast, it's available on all your favorite podcast platforms Thanks for being your mythical best

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