Our First Episode Apart (Coming to Grips with Coronavirus)

Welcome to Ear Biscuits, I'm Link And I'm Rhett

This week at the, well, my table's not round My table is a rectangle My table is a big oval I've got an ellipse This is my dining room table that I'm seated at in my own home

I'm in a corner of my living room at a table that I actually, I actually got upset with my wife about buying this table because she got a nice table that you have to screw together in order to– As opposed to what? Well, like a folding table Okay It was a table that she got for a party that has since been canceled because of the virus Yes My son's 16th birthday

And because she can't just have a folding table like everyone else, she's gotta have a pretty, wooden table that you have have to put together, I was like, "Why do we have this? "We have to put it together" But now I am so thankful to my beautiful wife and my smart wife, my wife who had so much foresight, Jessie She's not watching She's probably not listening Well, she's taking a shower right now if I must be honest about this

You must be honest Because right before we started recording I said, "Okay, guys, I'm starting to record," and no one responded, she said, "Well, I'm taking a shower" And then my fifth-grade son had just continued to, he's talking to his classmates, he's learning They're learning He's doin' school

We are in a totally, I mean, this is the first thing that has been completely altered because of the virus for us in terms of content This is the first-ever Ear Biscuits that we are performing remotely, separate from each other Performing Performing? I don't consider, that's interesting but effective I feel like I'm sayin' weird words 'cause I'm not– You think that you're performing? I'm not in my normal environment

I would've just said, "Doing" This is the first Ear Biscuit that we're doing I don't mean performing in a performance sense, like in an entertainment sense I mean performing like in a surgical sense, because I'm gonna be honest, I'm a bit stressed out because, I mean we've got, it's just me doin' everything on my end I don't know if you've got assistance

I don't think you do No, I don't– If you do I'm gonna be angry I tried to get my children to help and they, they did not respond I'm performing a freaking technical feat here that, you know, I'm freakin' rusty Thank goodness we've been doing the vlogs

I at least know how to work our camera, and now it's like, I had to dust off my GarageBand to figure out how to record myself, and then we got this– And just so everyone will know– I got an iPad video-chatting with you Yeah, just to give you an idea of how this is set up, if you're that kind of person who's interested Well first of all, let me just say that something will go wrong with this recording It is just destined There is destined to be an error somewhere in the process, and you're probably gonna be somewhat frustrated

Hopefully not, but– I'm pretty shocked we're three minutes in and nothin's gone wrong except for my use of the word performance And I also thought that this would be a simpler process to set up I was like, oh, okay, we're gonna do this thing where we're gonna do like a split screen We'll talk about how we're trying to figure out the same kinda deal for GMM, but essentially we've got the camera that we normally record the vlogs with recording video We've got audio going directly into a computer

We both have these Blue Yeti mics This one I've had forever and Link had to get that one So this is like one of our first mics that we ever bought as a company Yeah, I actually saw a clip of when we went back to Harnett Central, we went back to our high school, I think we shot a week's worth of episodes from Miss, I can't remember whose room, Ms Soule's room, our old French class

Yeah Yeah, we had that microphone So, man So those mics are going directly into our laptops which are recording the audio on GarageBand, but then in order to be able to communicate with each other at the same time, we are on a Google Chat that's on an iPad that we are looking at So I'm now looking at Link, who's looking at me– If other Mythical team members want to log into the chat they can watch this as it's happening

Here's what we want to do today, we want to process, we want to bring you up to speed on what our process has been as we've settled into staying at home and coming to grips with what this virus means for us and what it means for our world, and also the world in general I just wanna process that with my friend here I mean, there's also this thing that's like getting past the fact that we're communicating on screens This is the new normal, a lot of communicating on screens We'll get into all that

Well, 'cause I will say, again, we're recording this a few days before the audio goes live, a week and a half or so before, almost two weeks before it would go live, a video on YouTube, so a lot may have changed by then, but currently where we're at in California, we are under a stay-at-home order so it is technically illegal at this point for us to conduct our business in the way that we typically would, ie going into the studio Now, I think we're– We wanna protect ourselves, we wanna protect other people, we wanna do the right thing– Yeah, we're not doing it just because it's– We're trying to figure that out We're not not doing it just because it's illegal

We actually, and it's interesting, at this point in the conversation nationwide there's very different perspectives There's people who are like, "Oh, this is a complete overreaction," and there are people who are like, "No, we need to be listening to what the medical experts "are telling us," and we're on Team Medical Expert We're not medical experts, but we're on Team We Believe the Medical Experts, the consensus of the medical experts being that we need to stay at home, social distance and kind of flatten the curve, so this is our effort to flatten the curve So we're gonna continue to bring you what we can bring you, it's just gonna be in a slightly flattened-the-curve manner Yeah

I just want, I wanna hear the story that I've heard like third-hand I want to hear it from your perspective, because you haven't told me Christy was talking to Jessie and I caught bits and pieces of, she was shocked by someone outside of her window I just didn't hear the full story, I want to hear that from you, right now Yeah, so our wives were on a group video chat with their close group of female friends

Which they, I don't think they had ever done that They've been on WeChat for years, that's the thing that they would talk to each other and give themselves cute little chat group names or whatnot They were well ahead of the curve of us finally doing that with our friends But they never did video chats, so again, it's just one example, like I said, of a new normal, getting used to this video chat, group chat stuff, but anyway, go ahead But one of the things that has been an unfortunate coincidence is that it's been raining like crazy in California

I know Yeah, we gotta deal with this virus, we gotta stay at home, but that doesn't mean you gotta stay in your house In fact, we've been trying to take advantage of being together as a family and hiking and walking Barbara's gotten more walks than, she's like, "What are we doing, what is this?" And by the way, park trails are now closed as of yesterday, you can't go on a trail Well, I didn't tell you this, but on Saturday, and lemme tell you this is whey they're closed, because on Saturday, Jessie and I were like, hey, let's go up to the local trail head to kinda get up in there, and as soon as we pull in– Get some trail head

As soon as we pull into the place, the cars are parked on the street, so you know that all the parking lots are overflowed And these trails are not wide They're narrow We drove right through and drove right out, 'cause I was like, hey boys and girls, that's not social distancing No

I mean, just because you're outside the virus isn't like, "I'm outside, and so therefore I can't move!" If somebody coughs on you or breaths on you while you're on the trail and you, like, you're heavin' and hoein'– Huffin' and puffin' Heein' and hoein'? I said heevin' and hovin' Heevin' and hovin'? Yeah, before the governor put in the stay-at-home provision we had already decided that we were gonna, both of our families, we had decided we were going to hunker down in our own homes and send our employees home and everything But it was the first day that it hadn't rained, and again, it was before that ordinance was in place and I said, "We can just go on some trails" And then we were on the trail and there was about as many people as normal, but then, yeah, the huffin' and puffin

Like, people would come down the trail and I would stand to the side and face away, but I was self-conscious because, again, this is pretty early A lot of people I think were just on the trail because it's part of their normal lives just to go on this trail and run up and down it or take their dog, or if they're an old person with the two sticks Lots of those old people with two sticks were still out there at that point Yeah So I would like, instead of just like, what's it called when you pull back and you're– That's a heave

Okay That's the heave of the heave 'n huff Now I think that's acceptable 'Course, you can't go on trails But then I would turn and I would act like I was taking in the view, you know, like, "It's beautiful out here," but just to turn away from people who were huffin' and puffin' and goin' by me

Well, what I've been doing, I haven't been on a trail yet and apparently am not ever going to be again, or not anytime soon Don't be so bleak, man We've been walking around the neighborhood, and we've seen people coming You know me, I can hold my breath for a long time, so when they get about 25, 30 steps away I just hold my breath and then I go by and then I release You start turnin' blue? What if they stop and talk to you? You're like

I just give a head nod Mm-hmm Actually, I can talk and not breath in Yep, how you doin', I haven't taken a breath yet Yep, I'm still breathin' out

As long as there's air that's goin' out You know what, I can breathe in, I can breathe and not talk, too You don't have to breathe in to talk I'm not breathing at all You actually don't even have to change the way that you talk

I don't know why we're doing that No, hold on, take a deep breath And then if I just talk, no, I'm breathing out You gotta breathe out to talk But talking is breathing out

Well I– And then you do this It lets you talk like this– You don't want to do that 'cause then you're suckin' in other people's virus Yeah, I'm just using that as example Yeah, but you can't breathe back in so it's just breathing out but you never take a breath back in, so whenever you stop talking you're holding your breath again and that is not absolutely normal Right

Anyway But where I was going with that was I haven't had an opportunity to go outside very much because it's been raining so much I think this is our last week of crazy rain and then it's gonna get back to more like Southern California But there was a moment of sunshine It wasn't very warm, I mean for California, it was like 55 degress, which we're still like, "Oh, that's a jacket

" It's like a blizzard to me But because the sun came out I went outside and actually took my shirt off, got down just to my pants and took my meditation cushion out there and started doin' some yoga, I did some meditation, I mean I just became an amateur guru out there on my basketball area out here Amateur guru is not a thing Those words cancel each other out That's why I said amateur

Wannabe guru, I think Wannabe guru Sure Nah, I don't think you're a wannabe guru And I think at this point, just sidebar, my air conditioner, heater came on

There's gonna be a lotta noise in this podcast, just get over it No one cares I'm not gonna apologize for it again Everybody was over it I was out there, first of all I was just enjoying myself just beyond words, and you know I've gotten really flexible

Have you seen how flexible I am now? No I know I've been moving around like a real old man in all our vlogs, it's because of my knee, but my knee is basically healed It took almost two months for my knee to get healed So I'm kinda back to my spry self now Okay, yeah

Just in time to do nothing Yeah, exactly Just in time to stay at home But I was doing all kinds of, I was going on the internet, looking at moves, doin' em But then I just started to kinda walk around out there and just take in the sun, and then I realized that, oh, I just walked up to the window to the guest bedroom, which is where Jessie is currently on her ladies' chat

Ah! So what was, she hasn't told me about this, by the way She told Christy that she saw someone walk by and she thought it was a shirtless vagrant, like her emotional and knee-jerk reaction was fear Yeah She was deeply afraid because her husband walked past the window, and then it took her a couple of beats and then she was like, "Wait, that was my husband" What have you done, man? I mean, like– Well, I will say– You're gallivantin' around your house and you're puttin' your own family in fear

Well, the other day– This means something The other day, I was walking through the neighborhood, just by myself– Shirtless? No, but I didn't look well-kept No, no you don't Right And I had on a hoodie and some un-matching sweatpants

And like hiking shoes Okay 'Cause it was the day we thought we were gonna go to the trail Yeah And I know what my hair, listen

I've seen the comments, I've seen all the people requesting beard or hair trims At this point it's definitely not gonna happen I feel like I've been preparing for this moment all my life to look like this during this pandemic You were ahead of the curve But I was walking through the neighborhood and I started realizing that it could easily be perceived that a homeless man has left some urban area and is now up into the neighborhoods looking for a place to bed down

His territory has expanded And I got a little paranoid Oh, you got paranoid And then all of a sudden, at the height of my paranoia I hear whoop whoop, you know, like when the cops do that thing where they make that little noise Oh, sure! They chirp it up

A cop chirped you? I turn around and there's a cop like flying towards me What? With his lights on and the siren, and he's chirpin', he's whoop whoop, woop-woop-woop-woop-woop-woop bwoop-bwoop-bwoop, almost like a record scratch with the chirp And I'm like, somebody has called and said that there's a vagrant walking through the neighborhood It was probably your wife! And the cop is coming after me, but then he just goes right past me You shoulda just got down

He went right past me Put your hands behind your head or somethin' But I was thinking about what I was gonna say I was like, "Nah, nah, I live here!" And I was realizing that no matter what I said everything was gonna sound made up I haven't been cutting my hair because of therapy

It's a long story I was actually thinking about this today that even if I made a decision to trim, I'm not gonna cut my own hair at this point Yeah, well, you could, I'm not saying you could I'm not saying you couldn't, I'm saying you should But just to check in on that, I don't feel like I've, I don't feel like I've learned my lesson yet, you know what I'm saying? You know if you listen to that Ear Biscuit there's a reason I'm growing it out

I don't think I've learned what I need to learn yet I've learned that a lot of people, I've learned that it's polarizing, that's what I've learned Well, I think also have learned to, like, keep a shirt on whenever possible, stay off the streets, try to get your sweatsuit to match if you're going out in public, just do a little somethin' for yourself, you know? I actually have some thoughts about self-care in this environment I'll get to a little bit later For right now, let's plug the store Okay

Mythicalcom, go there Yeah, thankfully we've still got one We're still selling stuff We just released a new I Am a Mythical Beast tee, so check that out

Yeah, and actually the proceeds, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Be Your Mythical Best and 3D tee are going to Feeding America, a nationwide network of 200 food banks working to ensure our most vulnerable populations continue to have access to food Students who are out of school, the elderly, individuals whose jobs are impacted and low-income families The Feeding America food bank network is committed to serving communities and people facing hunger in America during the COVID-19 pandemic Find out what they are doing and how you can help at FeedingAmericaorg

Did you memorize all that? That's great Yeah, yeah, yeah I wasn't reading That was really great I've had a lotta time

You're devoting all of this extra time to memorization Right I mean, that is an idea There's time, we can invest in ourselves a little bit Rep your boys, help a good cause, be your mythical best by wearing the Mythical Best tee

There's also the feel-good stuff Everybody wants to feel good in this time We're selling some stuff at Mythicalcom to help you feel good physically, in your body Mythical dots com

I always wanna say mythical dot store Dots com It redirects, but Mythicalcom I'd just really like to process what's happened over the last few weeks

How, what have, I'm curious what your experience has been and I just figure we could share our experiences, because it's just been so surreal There's so many times when I'm like, it's like a movie, you know? This doesn't really happen I've noticed that that thought has started to happen less and less, but for the first week and a half or so, every night when I'd lay down in the bed it was just like, I'd take a breath, that would be the main thing that I would feel is like, "Is this real?" You know, it was just we were gettin' pummeled with news, every few minutes was something was changing, every one in every sector of society was just scrambling to figure out what to do and having the entire spectrum of reactions I think the one moment that will stick with me is, let's see, it was couple weeks ago before things got really stringent here Again, we were trying to be as safe as possible and we were preparing to send employees home

This is Wednesday, a couple of weeks ago And then just getting 'em prepared, like hey, Friday, get your stuff, don't come in And then I think the announcement went out officially that Sunday, so I'm not saying, "Hey, we were ahead of the curve," but we were sending people home, we were starting to process, but I had not watched the news I had read the news and I had read the bites of news, but we were in a very busy time We were actually recording a lot of GMM, and thank goodness we recorded as much as we were able to record, to then have fully-produced set-based episodes that we could stretch out

But I had not consumed live television news, 'cause it's just not a part of my life anymore, you know? I just don't like the bickering, it's nothing but stress and it just ticks me off But I was like hey, we gotta do this, so I turned it on, I think this was like Wednesday or Thursday night– Hold on one second Is the laundry room door closed? Yeah, I just closed it! Oh, it didn't get any quieter It's okay, go ahead Link It's fine, for what it's worth, I can't hear your laundry

You can't hear it because you're listening to a video chat which is not gonna get it but I guarantee you– That mic's probably gonna– And this, we shouldn't have started running the washing machine, but it's fine And by we, you mean I mean my beautiful wife

Oh, gosh What did you say? Go, go finish gettin' ready! What did you just say about your beautiful wife? Nothing Okay Yeah, you don't watch news I mean, I watch the news– I knew that about you

I've known that about you for many years when we would get to work and I'd be like, so did you hear about so-and-so? But that makes it– You know what? I changed that! That recently did change because you got like an app– No, not recently! Over the past year, every day I will read the headlines on my phone, I will read the headlines! But I'm not gonna turn on– Hold on, hold on When you've been friends with somebody for over 35 years, recently is in the past year, just so you– Okay, well, that's not what recently sounds like to everybody else Just so you know So I turned on the news and it was, it's a different experience watching television news than reading about it That's when it really hit me

I mean, the newscaster looked straight down the lens and said, "We need to come to grips with this "You need to come to grips with this "This is the new normal for the foreseeable future "We're used to getting what we want, "when we want it, and that's not "going to be the case" Jade, chill out

I think she's gettin' worked up 'cause she thinks I'm getting worked up because I'm channeling my inner newscaster What are you barkin' at? Do you hear Rhett's laundry? It's okay And I gathered the kids around 'cause Christy and I were watching it, and I said, "You know what, kids, "I just want you to know this is a huge deal "We're gonna be as safe as possible" I gave them reassurance, but then I also said, "This is something that you're gonna remember "for the rest of your life

" Hey, am I gonna have to send you away? And you know what I mean by that I just mean go in another room and sit on another comfy couch The last time I remember hanging on the words of a newscaster was 9/11, and I think it was the governor of New York, it may have been thrown around by a bunch of people that this is this generation's 9/11 in the sense that my experience, all of the questions, all of the fear that came up, all of the, just not knowing how to process it and looking for someone or the people who can help make sense of it to give reassurance that there's a plan, that we're gonna be okay And I distinctly remember that morning of 9/11, just hanging on every word of the newscasters, and everyone was trying to figure it out on live television, you know? Mm-hmm And again, this was more drawn-out than that and it's different in a bunch of ways, but there was a kindred experience that then I tried to convey to the kids

I just ended up saying, "You're gonna remember this the rest of your lives "Having to hunker down in our homes," I didn't make it that bleak and doom-and-gloom As scared as I was, I didn't wanna dump all of that on them so I didn't do it Well, the interesting thing, you know, I would say two things I come from a slightly different place with this

One, my talk about the apocalypse– Uh-huh I often talk about it in, you know, I'm joking, I'm going into character and I'm just kinda BS-ing But that comes from a place of actual concern that, you know, all our systems are so fragile We're seeing that right now, we're seeing that we were a lot more vulnerable in a lot more ways than anybody, well, I'm gonna say than anybody knew, but actually there's a lot of people who've been saying for years, you know? Again, I think people who aren't in America might be a little bit perplexed as to what they hear coming out of the US

and they see on Twitter and they see on the news, it's like– Mm-hmm, mm-hmm Why is there this very bifurcated reaction to what's happening, and why does it seem like people of a particular political persuasion seem to think a certain way about a virus? I think that's probably rather perplexing to people from other places in the world And there's a lotta reasons that go behind that But I think that, interestingly, we have seen a lot of people saying, "Hey, guys, listen, this is going to happen" You see a lot of people saying like, "Nobody could have been prepared for this

" Well actually, there's some excellent books that have been written about this that basically said that this was completely and totally inevitable, unavoidable, predictable They've been telling us for years that given how global our society is now and how quickly people travel and how easy it is for a virus to jump from an animal to a person and there being no immunity, anyway, we kinda knew that this was gonna happen So I think I kinda had in the many different end-time scenarios that when you watch "Doomsday Preppers" and that kinda thing And again, I don't think that, we're not in an apocalyptic situation by any means This is not the end of culture or humanity or anything, this just a difficult thing that is affecting everybody and we have to kind of come together and overcome and we will overcome

It's just a matter of how long will it take? But you're the type of person that was familiar with the world of the world going into crisis because you have an interest in it because there's somethin', because of your personality type there's something within you that made you read about it, but then there's a second step that's like, when you would read about these things you would process them in a way that led to personal application I think it was the GMM episode where you went through all the apocalypse bunker stuff that you had bought, and you took me through it, and then you also bought stuff for me, right? Which hopefully you still have I still have, I haven't had to dig into it yet but I feel better knowing I have it, so thank you once again But yeah, I think we represent two different personality types that, like, and I think mines a little bit different, but go ahead So yeah, this was something that wasn't a surprise to me, right? Mm-hmm

But the second thing was we have the news on all the time It's kind of like, we've got the news on in the house at night a couple, three times a week, I think our kids, our kids get very tired of hearing me and Jessie talk about the news Whereas with Lando, when I sat him down and we were watching the news that night it was the first time we had ever watched the news as a family, and the newscaster was interviewing somebody and they were getting into it, like they do They were trying to cut each other off and one guy wanted to say what he wanted to say instead of answer the question And Lando turned to me and said, "Are they angry with each other? "Are they fighting?" and I was like, yeah, that's what happens on the news, which was news to him

Again, that's not my vibe, man I gotta watch the Australian news I think that's one of the interesting elements of this thing is that because the whole world of news, online, print and cable news, everything is driven by ad revenue, right? So for years we've gotten into this place where it seems like every time you come back from a break on a cable news program, breaking news, right? And I think when things actually become breaking news, like they have right now, when people actually need to know, like it's a potential life or death situation whether or not they get this information, I think people have maybe become a little bit numb to like, "Oh yeah, you guys are panicking about something" I think that's one of the things that's happening in our country, a lot of people who are like, "They're always talking about the latest crisis "They're always talking about how things are falling apart, "but does it ever really happen?" So I think that people are skeptical of that

You've even got the Nat Geo shows, like, "The seven ways that the world will end "and let's spend 60 minutes on each one," you know? And that's just not the type of stuff I like to watch You like to watch that type of stuff Because I don't want, I would rather think, and on a subconscious level it's been easy for me to think, scientists or experts in whatever field it is, they have to be alarmists in order to be heard You've gotta be your own hype man if you want anybody to listen to you And it was a convenient position subconsciously for me to settle into, but I will say turning on the news and experiencing the breaking news for the first time, because I was out of that world, I woke up

I was texting you that night I was like, what does this mean for our friends, our families, for our company in terms of action we need to take You were already talking about that, so I felt like I kinda got on board And then there's people who are still, it's had to sink in for everyone in their own time and that's the difficulty, because in the meantime this virus is movin' around But I think I did get on board and I think you were like, was there any part of you that was like, I'll call it a morbid excitement

Like yes, this is, I don't want to frame you here, maybe that's a nasty question Well, I think that, actually, I think it's helpful sometimes because, I'll talk in a second about what I'm actually fearful of and what I'm anxious about, how I've been dealing with that personally But to me, I find it helpful when I'm going through something that would otherwise be fear-inducing to kind of think about, to think about being in the midst of a story that has a happy ending, right? To think about what role you're playing in this larger adventure of humanity kind of coming together and overcoming this thing So there is, and I don't wanna talk about it now 'cause I think there's a whole other podcast in talking about why this could ultimately be good for humanity, experiencing a crisis like this We could talk about all the things that might change for the better

I know you've been watching "Lord of the Rings" as well, right? That's right, yeah So as a family, everybody in the family's already seen the movies, but it's been a while and so far we've just watched "Fellowship of the Ring" and "The Two Towers," we haven't watched "Return of the King" yet But you had to be thinking the same thing I was thinking multiple times during This could be my rec, but I have another rec, but I'll make a mid-podcast rec of watching "The Lord of the Rings" because first of all, like you said, you remember how much better it is than "The Hobbit," right? "The Hobbit" was a great book, but the translation to three movies, it just didn't, "The Lord of the Rings" is, it's my favorite trilogy, okay? That I'm on, this is my favorite trilogy When I was watching it, I was like, this is better than "Star Wars" And Lily still wanted to fight me– You know I've always thought that I know you've always thought that but I had forgotten, it was nice to get back into it But yeah, it was– I don't weep while watching "Star Wars

" There's so many moments of just pure joy and sadness Anyway Yeah But there's these things that Frodo, and Sam especially, and Gandalf, they kinda say to each other that are these epic inspirational phrases, there's these conversations that they have where they start realizing, in fact, is it at the end of "The Fellowship of the Ring" or is it "The Two Towers" where, I think it's in "Two Towers" where Sam starts talking about are they gonna tell stories about us? You know? I think that might be the end of the first movie Yeah, but it's like, are we gonna be the heroes in the story, and I'm not– Right

I like to think about situations like this, not like how am I gonna be a hero, but how are we as a species going to overcome this and what's the story that we're gonna tell? And I hope the story that we tell isn't that we started not trusting one another and we just were completely polarized This is an opportunity to come together Again, I so think it requires people to actually sorta digest what the real threat is, and I think that even by the time this podcast comes out, that many more people will be like, "Oh, okay, this is serious" So I do think there's a part of me– I find myself gleaning lots of hope from watching the movies Yeah

It's like the hope that drove Sam and Frodo on their journey and that drove everyone else to do whatever they could, even when they couldn't help Frodo directly anymore they could help out their friends They could help out those that they were with Yeah Or say, okay, we can't go after them but we can go after Merry and Pippin, you know? And it hit me at such a point where I really needed it I don't think I've ever gleaned so much hope from watching a movie that applied directly to, it just kind of fueled my ability to get up the next day and be positive

I think that's good for us Yeah That's the kind of stuff that, those are the kind of challenges that we need to face, that we need to come together and face Specifically, the way that I've kind of been responding to it in terms of how this, the virus kind of taps into my hypochondria– Okay Has been interesting

Even though I know from a statistical standpoint the majority of people who get it won't even know they have it, and then on top of that a larger majority of people who get it will not require hospitalization And then within our age group, with no underlying health conditions, again, statistically, we're probably gonna be okay even if we contract this thing, right? But you hear those stories, right? I think a lot of the stories that we're hearing, and I think that these are getting more attention because they're surprising, it's like, "Oh, 31-year-old Olympic gold medalist swimmer "just dealt with this for two weeks "and is still feeling the effects," or, "34-year-old dude in LA dies from COVID-19" So there's a part of me that, I mean, of course I'm thinking about my parents who are in the higher-risk group– Yeah

Your parents, you know, we know a lot of people who are in higher-risk groups– And I got my, both of my grandmothers Yeah, you've still got grandparents who are alive in their 90s Yeah So thinking about them, but then I start thinking, "Oh, I think I have, "do I have a dry cough?" You know, I'll start thinking, "Do my lungs feel funny?" Like that's how my hypochondria kind of manifests itself and I start thinking that, "Have I contracted this? "Am I gonna be one of the statistics?" So I kinda get on a little bit of a fear loop– Spiral Doing that

And it hasn't helped that I've also, I think, now I already knew that I was slightly allergic to dogs Like when I got my allergy test a couple years ago the only thing that came up was a slight allergy to dogs and cats, but it was like a two out of five or something But COVID-19 does not give you an allergic reaction to dogs Right, but because I am now at home with Barbara a lot, spending a lot of time with Barbara, it's like I've had this drainage and sore throat that's been going on like two weeks now, and I'm reasonably certain it's just– That it's COVID-19 That's what I thought, even though those are not really symptoms of COVID-19 for most people

So up until like yesterday when it hit me, I was like, "Oh, this might be because me and Barbara "are having so much quality time," which I've really enjoyed all my quality time with Barbara I don't know what I'm gonna do about that I might have to get a better allergy medication But anyway– You could shave her bald I thought you were gonna say something else, and then I was gonna say that she's a female dog

Bald You know where the allergens come from, the come from the scrotum of the dog The hair on the scrotum But my wife has the exact opposite issue, and she thinks that she's going to give it to someone, right? Okay So I'm worried about getting it, she's worrying about giving it

Well that should make you feel better, right? That she's not gonna give it to you Well, I don't think she's worried about– Is she wearin' a mask everywhere? No, no Okay But as you know, I do have masks because that was one of the things that I had already bought many years ago I don't have many, I have like a couple of packages of 'em, because you don't need 'em unless you're sick, technically

We were gonna have just a couple for ourselves If you have an N95 mask it can offer some protection if it's sealed correctly, which is pretty hard to do with a beard like this Like if you're gonna go into a grocery store and you want to be extra safe it's not gonna hurt to wear a mask But Jessie's like, "Hey, we need to take these masks "to the hospital," so she's already talking to this person on Twitter, this is like three, four days ago And again, this is like two weeks out from when you're gonna see this episode

But in Santa Monica there was an ER doctor who was already saying, "We're running out of masks "I will drive anywhere in LA to pick them up, "I don't care how many you have," and so she was talking to this person on Twitter But at the time she kinda had a sore throat and she was like, "I just wanna let you know, "full disclosure, I have a sore throat," and the woman was like, okay, wait 14 days

Anyway, we're probably gonna give our masks to a hospital, as you should if you have some if you're one of the people that, like me, had some ahead of time I think for me it's, you know, I don't obsess about if I have it or not I feel like for over a week now already we've been isolated, we've been very strict about it, so with every day I'm gaining more confidence that we're not carrying it, and we're doing everything in our power to protect ourselves and other people at the same time So for me it's more about channeling my energies into a routine, really routine Things that I know like I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna fill my day with things, I'm gonna occupy myself

As we've been developing what our work plan is, that's certainly helped, but before we really got on top of that there were a few days there where it was just like a lotta cleaning, you know? Yesterday I went in, I always go into my shower and as I said in the You're Not Showering Properly GMM episode or whatever it's titled, we change the titles so much I will clean the drain of the shower because there's so much freakin' hair that gets in there I don't know how my wife has any on her head anymore, honestly My shower won't drain unless I clean the hair out of it, and I'm blaming it all on her because she's not currently here Her and Lily just walked out to take a walk or somethin'

But the way my shower works, it's like this fancy, long, heavy strip of tile that's like a, it's like a one-inch tall, two-inch wide, four-inch deep, like slab, that you have to pull out, because it looks, it looks fancy, right, you can't see the drain and then the water drains all in it And when you pull out this big freakin' rectangular slab there's one little drain at the end, just one silver dollar drain with like a thing on it But that whole trough is plastic, and it fills up with soap gunk And so here I am for the first time ever, not just cleaning the hair out of the drain but I'm gettin' down on all fours and I'm spraying stuff down, I'm grabbin' a hand towel and I'm cleaning out the trough of this thing Felt good

Didn't feel necessary but it felt very good Even though I totally destroyed my hand towel with bleach It's like a pink mosaic now That's nice Not really, it's pretty ugly

We've been doing a lot of cleaning, and getting to things that over time, like the area next to my bed, like my bedside table I had stacked books and electronic equipment and stuff and it just slowly, my wife calls it my corner She's like, "When are you gonna clean your corner?" You have one at the office too And I'm like, "Well, when I have time" 'Cause it's not that important, it's not important to clean the corner Well, the corner is cleaned

The corner is very clean right now, you could sit in my corner– Did you take a before and after photo? No, I don't do that kind of thing I don't need to congratulate myself with pictures Uh, you know what? I'm not gonna take that because it's your loss that you don't want to stop and celebrate your own accomplishments I don't wanna become addicted to it Of course that doesn't happen

Who's addicted to cleaning and organization? Exactly Who finds themselves trapped by their own processes? Right No one The think that I've been thinking, so we have been, from a both personal and professional standpoint, this has shaken things up, changed things around, right? Completely, really My heart goes out to the many people whose businesses just completely stopped because of this

And I understand that that's one of the big national debates happening right now And we can talk a little bit more about this maybe in a subsequent podcast, about like weighing the value of the economy versus the number of deaths, which to me seems like sort of a weird thing to weigh But I understand that a complete depression, economic depression, will harm people and make people, it will lead to, ultimately, more death in some ways So it is a factor and I'm sensitive to the people who, they don't have any way to make money right now We're in a position where we can still bring content to people even if it's slightly altered like this, but assuming that the ad market is still going to be somewhat, is gonna to exist on some level

We still are in a service business, we're offering a service that we think is helpful at this time, and so we're committed to doing it, but thankfully we're in a position where we can do that and keep our employees employed and that kind of thing And not everybody's in that position, so we recognize that we're in a privileged position to do that, but that is our mentality Yeah, I think the conversations we've been having, the word opportunity comes up a lot And when we talk to our team we're trying to convey that to them as well that, let's look at, let's be as smart as we can, let's be as safe as we can, and then within that context let's look at the things that we can actually do, the things that we have control of, and let's look for as many opportunities that this extremely challenging and scary situation grants us Because we can still make videos, it's an opportunity for us to do that

I think the main opportunities are not to capitalize on anything, I mean opportunity in the sense of service An opportunity to serve our immediate families because we're spending so much time together Our friends and loved ones via phone calls and chats Serving our Mythical team, some of which we can give work to, others don't have as much to do from home because of the nature of what they were doing at Mythical, there's just little for them to do at home But givin' them an assurance that, hey, we're gonna keep putting out content in the most creative way we can in order to continue to support all of our team and to keep 'em on the payroll, just to be blunt about it

But also to create content as a way to, an opportunity to serve all the Mythical Beasts, to serve you Because, I mean, we're continuously blown away with the opportunity we have to make things that connect with you We come back to it a lot on this podcast, that it's an amazing privilege to be able to create something that's a source of light in your life and when we all, everybody on Earth is experiencing some level of shadow being cast by this virus over their lives, some of them it feels like a complete eclipses, and if they're a Mythical Beast and we can give 'em 15 minutes, 25 minutes with Good Mythical MORE every single weekday, if we can give 'em a vlog, if we can give 'em these conversations, it's a privilege to be able to do that And it's exciting to know that we can do it It's very engaging for me to say, you know what, I can make this not just for, it's not about the business, it's not about the money except in supporting our team and our families– And we've talked about this before– But it's about supporting the Mythical Beasts, too

You know, one of the things that we have just realized over the years is that we never set out to do anything except create, right? Even years ago, we just were like, okay, we're just gonna make videos, oh, there's an audience here, and then people started talking about the effect that the regular content coming into their homes had on people, helping people get through things I think for many years I always felt really self-conscious and kinda uneasy about that, because I was like, "Well, that's not what we're trying to do "We're just trying to make you laugh," but eventually I kinda just accepted the reality that making people laugh is therapeutic, it's good, it's like you got to embrace that This is helpful, and I think that in a moment like this when you can't do anything except consume content, for some people you're in a situation where it's like, okay, I can clean, I can work out, I can take a hike, I can make myself food But really a lot of us are just consuming content, reading books, listening to podcasts, watching internet videos, watching movies

And those are, yeah, it's an opportunity, and it's an opportunity that we take very seriously, so we're completely committed, just like Link said, we're completely committed to continuing to bring you the content that we have always brought you It's gonna look a little bit different, of course, and we'll be talking about how that's gonna affect GMM and some other things, and hopefully this is not too long of a period of time and we'll get back to a somewhat normal schedule soon But our intention is that we recognize that this is something that people kinda count on, especially during this time, and we wanna, not just for the sake of our business and our company kinda remaining buoyant, but also to serve you guys Kinda the additional thing I've been thinking is, again, and I'm trying to evaluate whether or not what part of this comes from a healthy place and what part comes from my sort of, my own personal struggles with being so performance-based, kinda having that mindset of always wanting to do-do-do and finding my self-worth in what I do I've seen this virus, I mean a lot of people are taking advantage of this time to not only do things for people, but to do things that are super-cool and get them noticed, right? And sometimes I start thinking like, okay, all right, we've got GMM, that's great, but we've always had that

We've got your Biscuits, that's great, but we've always had that We've got the Mythical Kitchen stuff that we recently added to the mix, all this stuff But I start feeling this pressure to be like, "But what else could we do?" you know? And I think that some of that could be, and I also feel like from a personal standpoint, which is like, oh, you've got all this time on your hands Well you know what, you should really figure yourself out This is an opportunity to really accelerate that work you've been doing in therapy and you need to, this is when you really need to sit down and figure out what your values are and your goals and all this stuff and the things that you keep putting off, kinda like getting your mind straight about this stuff

So I've felt sort of this intense pressure, I've actually been overwhelmed by it a couple of times, and I've felt myself waking up in the middle of the night thinking about, "What am I gonna do? "What are we gonna do?" Uh-huh "What are we gonna do to take advantage of this?" Not in a slimy get-more-attention kinda way, but it's just like, you know, being in this sort of desperate, desperate times but being in a position where we can bring people stuff, feeling this pressure to be like, what else could we do and what else could I do to deal with myself and all the problems that I have? Yeah, I mean, for me, recording this podcast is a relief for me because I now know that we're wrapping up and we actually got one in the can and were able to do it We're gonna record the first Good Mythical Morning split-screen ever in a few hours, I'll feel much better But yesterday I was completely overwhelmed setting up all the technical aspects and I just, I felt very buried so I didn't have the margin to think that much about those things but I definitely understand I think the, I wanted to read a quote form an article that I think speaks directly to this, and also hopefully can serve as encouragement to you listening, too

I was reading a Washington Post article which came across Twitter, and in that article which, I'm sorry, I can't remember what it's called, but there's a rabbi, Rabbi Yosef, was quoted from his Facebook page where he had written to his LA congregation, but then it was put in the Washington Post article and had an impact on me in terms of my mindset He said: Every hand that we don't shake must become a phone call that we place Every embrace that we avoid must become a verbal expression of warmth and concern

Every inch and every foot that we physically place between ourselves and another must become a thought as to how we might help that other should the need arise So yeah, I think that this morning, you know, in an effort to keep my routine going and to start my day with some sanity, I've been trying to do my workouts in the garage And this morning I was halfway through it and this Golden Retriever just runs up into my garage And then it ran back, I petted the Golden Retriever, it ran back out and then this woman who's a neighbor that I see but never talk to is walking by, and I take the earbud out and we had a conversation, and it was, "How are you doing?" From 10 feet away Yeah, from 10 feet away, and I was like, "Oh, maybe I shouldn't have touched her dog

" I'd only pet it once but I'm not gonna sit here and love up on the dog But we had a, it was a friendly conversation, it was short, but there was an undertone of care that I gave and received that was extremely powerful, that I never, and it was simple, it was, "This is so surreal, isn't it? "Do you have everything you need? "It's actually a beautiful morning," and then that was it, you know? But there was a connection that otherwise would never have been made And I drew strength from giving that care and also receiving it It doesn't have to be the big things, it can be those small interactions, you know? And I think about all the opportunities that I have within my own home with my family The amount of time that we're spending together is utterly unprecedented, and there's a lotta pitfalls associated with that

I'm sure we'll get into all that later We need to wrap up for the sake of uploading this huge freakin' file But I just wanted to leave it at that quote Yeah, I think, you know, we're gonna see, I think we are seeing the best and the worst in people right now There are people who are thinking about themselves

People hoarding, people buying up things, people price-gouging But I think that the majority of people are thinking about their fellow person I have hope that in the end that this is gonna bring us together, even though we are, especially in this country, divided Again, like I said, even about our perspective on a virus A virus has no political affiliation

The virus doesn't care about whether you're in a red state or a blue state, but still, for some reason we just, we're so polarized in this country that we filter everything through that We can't hear a piece of news without filtering it through the source But I think that this is, it's an unprecedented situation, but it's an unprecedented opportunity to think about what you can do for your fellow human I would say to love yourself and to love others Yeah

Okay, I think this went okay I think it went well You got a rec, though? Yeah, I do I've been telling you about this, you haven't responded to me about this yet Oh, I know what you're gonna say

Now first of all, I will say you do need to watch "Lord of the Rings," do that That's clear You gotta watch "Tiger King" on Netflix Everyone's been talkin' about this Many of you have probably already watched it, you've heard about people talkin' about it

And it's not for everybody, let me just say that It's not for everybody It's a documentary It's a docu-series– I didn't know that About a, not just, one guy, the "Tiger King", is just a dude who raises tigers, you know? And like a sketchy situation, like the whole home zoo and exotic animals and that kind of thing

But it's the world of that guy and then other people like him, but it's also kind of a murder mystery, and it's all real I watched the first episode last night because you told me to watch it and I was laughing out loud The first episode, real fresh to me, amazing There were some hilarious edits Getting to know him as a character, and then it takes some turns and it's like, it's serious

But I've never laughed so hard– You wait for episode two Like everything that you thought, like they go a level deeper and you're like, "No "No, no, no, no, no, that can't be true" Yeah, they keep peelin, it's like an onion They keep peeling back layers, I'm like, "What?" The onion goes down like four more layers on episode two

You gotta watch it, "Tiger King" You gotta watch it On Netflix, for me, the thing that I was thinking when I was watching it is I was like, "Man, we need to find a story like this," it was just inspirational for me to think about– It was like over decades Yeah, I know I don't know if he was just utilizing the footage because the guy had a cameraman follow him forever and then somebody came in and like, anyway

They get into it a little better Yeah, I agree If you can't tell, I agree with the rec Okay, so we're gonna be doing this for the foreseeable future from our homes Let us know what you thought about this conversation and how you're dealing with all this, hashtag #EarBiscuits

We'll be talking about it Hashtag #EarBiscuits We'll be speaking at you next week Love ya To watch more Ear Biscuits click on the playlist on the right

To watch the previous episode of Ear Biscuits click on the playlist to the left And don't forget to click on the circular icon to subscribe If you prefer to listen to this podcast it's available on all your favorite podcast platforms Thanks for being your mythical best

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