Our Creative Spaces Over The Years

Welcome to Ear Biscuits I'm Rhett

And I'm Link This week Boy, I've been waiting to say this again And I get to be the first one to say it, 'cause we alternate And the lot was cast to me at the round table of dim lighting

Why you looking at me like that? I just want to make sure you didn't screw it up Now you're making me nervous I want to make sure you didn't screw it up, man This week at the round table of dim lighting That's right

We are at the round table of dim lighting We are back here with our microphones, with our table, with each other, talking at each other's faces And appreciating the places that have meant so much to our creativity over the years Starting with this table I mean, I'm so glad to be back here

In this spot, having this conversation because, just like we talked about with Good Mythical Morning, shooting on split screen, man I was gonna say that's overrated, but we never rated it too highly No, it's just it got old real quick It was nice to be back behind the desk It's nice to be back behind the table, man Now, yeah, the days of, well I'm gonna say the days, that time period of USB audio where people began to complain about my breathing

I noticed that people were complaining about my breathing Well hopefully those days are over for a while Huffing and puffing and dad noises We don't know what's gonna happen We don't know if there's gonna be a second lockdown

We don't know how this whole thing's gonna unfold, but we know that we are back in the space that we wanted to be, and now we are wearing headphones and that is because Kiko, who would normally be worrying about all of this technical stuff, is still in Texas So when he gets back, I will go, I at least will go back to my, take the headphones off You're going and can-less Let it all hang out But for now, this could all go wrong because we turned all these cameras on ourselves We turn the audio recorder on ourselves and we are then going to be responsible for putting the cards

I think it's working Oh, they just make it so easy for us Mic made a video It was like walking two toddlers through the process He almost used a baby voice

He could have used a baby voice and I would not have been offended because I like things to be made clear to me and Link I'm confident that we've got it worked out And like I said, appreciating being back in this space has led to this conversation that we want to have today, which is the importance of physical spaces, to our creativity It was something that I think we knew instinctively or we had these impulses to build an environment around us that would enhance our ability to do what we wanted to do But it took a while to really come to grips with like, okay, this is a legitimate exercise

Yeah So we're going to take a trip through memory lane and trace the spaces through our career, but also talk about some of the challenges that we've experienced because of how just unusual the year 2020 has been, and what that has meant for spaces But I did, I've been sitting on a story I've been sitting on a story for a couple weeks now that I've been wanting to tell you Let it loose, man

So one of the things that Shepherd and I do together is ride bikes We don't do it so often, for me to say that it's our thing I know that you and Lincoln have gotten into mountain biking together Yeah, he's not huge into it Every time I asked him to do it he reluctantly says yes, well not every, most of the time

And Lando has a bike and I'll take them biking I mean we all dreamed about the idea of, as a dad just being able to say, "Hey, let's go do," fill in the blank And lights in our kids eyes just turning on and then being so excited to go spend the day of adventure with dad Well that only happens in the movies And it probably happens in their memories they're probably gonna remember it finally but in the moment it's like, "Do I have to go?" When I mentioned riding a bike the light goes off in their eyes

Right What happened to us Link? I don't know Video games But I have noticed that Lincoln, as we're starting to allow him to see some friends in very controlled open air environments, still with masks in the mix and distancing fully intact He's riding his bike to meet his friends and he and Locke hanging out some and they're hanging out outside and doing some explorations in the neighborhood and I'm like, yes

Finally they're doing some of the stuff that we used to do Might get you hurt a little bit A little bit of innocent trespassing Well, let's not, yeah, maybe, maybe We don't know what they're doing There might be some fences that lead to some– I don't, we don't know

Yeah, I don't know where they're going We're not going to talk about it publicly, by any means But I was encouraged that they're out on their bikes meeting each other in like– Right, just like Stand By Me They're gonna go find a dead body Well, don't spoil it for 'em

Well you kinda learn that right at the top Okay, good Also you can't spoil a movie that's several decades old That an impossibility I know, I was just playing into the Link You should watch it though

And that, yes, that's one If you didn't think Ferris Bueller would wow you, Stand By Me is a different level of movie It is a intense, joyous, but sad I mean, it's just a beautiful, beautiful movie, anyway You and Shepherd are biking

So I decide to go biking with Shepherd and this is the first time that we have, you just watered your dog with your mug I didn't realize I was so full So we decided to go out, and you know how it is I mean, for some reason, when you make a decision to be like, I'm going to go out and I'm going to ride bikes with my son I'm going to take his bike down from the place You want it to be relatively easy

You want to be like, okay I'm gonna take his bike down from the place that is hanging in the garage, and we're going to put it on the bike rack and we're going to drive to the place that we're going to bike But no, but of course, of course, when I pull his bike down, out of nowhere, his tires flat I knew you were gonna say that Do you remember ever having a flat tire when we were kids? No, but it's something– California There's some California spurs

Because I feel like I rode the same bike tires and inner tubes Never once changed– Like my entire childhood, or at least when I got a bike I kept that bike and those inner tubes Never had it, I had to pump up the tires occasionally Let me tell you jack Tell me jack

There were some sand spurs back in North Carolina too But we never hit 'em I don't know what it is But yes, okay, so had to patch the inner tube, because I didn't have a replacement Of course this requires taking the wheel off

And then I got to put it back on It was the front tire, thankfully, a little bit easier And then we're like, okay And I kind of got mad at that point Did you invite Shepherd to help you patch the tire? Because that's a dad choice

I thought about it All right son, you know what we're gonna learn to patch a tire together, because I don't know how to do it either, No, I do know how to do it because I've had to do it like five times since living in California But he was, like I got the bike down I was like, "Oh man, you got a flat tire

" And he was like, "Okay, I'm going upstairs "Let me know when you're ready" And then I was just like, okay, I'm not, I don't want to fight him here Because I'm having to fight him to go ride bikes If you force him to change it, he's not gonna ride it with you

So let me, 'cause this is a key point, I'm already a little bit in a bad mood Fix the bike, put the bike on the rack We go to the place that we're going to ride And Shepherd's already complaining He's like, "Dad, my bike hurts me "and my legs get cramped, is too small

" And I'm like, "Okay, well, first of all, "it's not that small" "And if you can go out "and do the things that I'm asking you to do today, [Link And Rhett Together] I'll get you a new bike I've been through all of this too I mean, all of the flat tires, all of the bribery Promising new bikes

Yeah And so I said, "Shepherd, the thing that we're going to concentrate on "today is you being able to stand up and pedal" because he'll do it, but he doesn't quite get his weight, he's really using his quads, and I'm trying to get him to understand, standing up while riding your bike is how you get power It's how you go up hills This is a quintessential skill set that I'm trying to pass on to my kids

And by the time I was 11 years old, of course, I could stand up on a bike because all we did was ride bikes around But the only time that we ride bikes as a family, is when we ride bikes as a family, You know what I'm saying It's like he's not riding his bike around the neighborhood I don't know exactly know why it's probably because we've got so many hills and it would be really difficult But anyway, we get out there– Specially if you can't stand up

And we're in a relatively flat area But instead of taking the concrete path or the paved paths that we would normally take around this big area I was like, let's go down into some of these little trails and stuff It's not like a mountain biking area necessarily It's more of a walking area, but mountain bikes are allowed

And I just noticed really early on that Shepherd is lagging behind And so I'll get ahead of him then I'll go back and be like, "All right, Shepherd, "you got to keep up with me, I mean this is flat" I mean, there's nothing "This isn't hard" I kept saying, I was like, "This is not hard

"We haven't gotten to anything hard yet" He was like– I can make it hard if you want If you want to make this difficult, I can do it I wasn't there yet And he was like, "Well, it's hot, and this is hard

" And he kept having to stop and then he would stop and he would push his bike, like on a flat surface, and I was like, "Shepherd, you're not getting a new bike" It's like I was like, "You're not listening to me "You're not standing up "You're not doing any of the stuff that I asked you to do "And so I'm not getting you a new bike

" And then he just had this look of defeat I felt bad But I was also like, I was texting Jessie Tough love, you went with tough Love I was texting Jessie and I was like, "We got to do something

"We got to send him to bike school or something because Dad is failing "I don't know what to do" I'm feel like I'm losing control I know some bikes schools, if you want me to write them down for you, And then we get to this long straightaway There's a bike school This probably is one

Shepherd, I'm like, There's this long straightaway, and I'm like, "Shepherd, okay, there's no excuse "for you not being able to ride on this "It's almost like concrete, there's no sand 'Cause he was complaining about the sandy parts and then I just, I was like, I was thinking, what is the fatherly thing to do here? What is the thing that he will remember? And so I thought about what happened with you when you got drunk in high school What's that got to do with this? Well in how I dropped you off and made you walk, and then I came back to meet you Okay

I didn't really formulate this plan It kind of just came to me in the moment and then I was like, okay, I'm going to leave him on this straightaway I'm just going to bike and I'm not going to look back and I'm going to disappear Eat my dust, kid I'm going to disappear and I'm going to see if he's gonna react, if he's gonna respond, if he's gonna grab hold of this moment

Stand up and pedal And bike on this path So I go, it's a long way I go a long way Just so you do know what you seem like to everyone listening at this point, right? Listen– A tyrant No, I'm not a tyrant I know that– It was an opportunity for growth I know the feeling, I'm with you, but everybody's not

And I was giving him an opportunity to respond, right? You think I'm a tyrant? Let me tell you some of the stories about what my dad I told you that I learned how to swim in the river when my dad threw me into the river Yeah, that makes it all okay Okay, but no, I'm like, if my dad's a ten, I'm a one when it comes to this That's not true, but okay

So I– You're ditching him I drive off, or ride off Do you drive a bike? Are you in a car this whole time? You left that detail out I mean, I'm commanding the bike I'm not just riding on it, I am driving it

And I don't know the proper term, I disappear over the horizon And then I stopped under a tree and wait And then I go back around this a little bend and I look and he is pushing that bike, and I am just not happy about it Livid But at this point, I was like, I just can't, I can't do anything I can't break his spirit anymore

You could go back to the car and leave him there permanently, if you want to abandon your son So I go to him and I say, "Shepherd, I don't know what happened today "but we got to get back to the car" And so we start pushing the bikes And I'm still thinking about like fatherly things to say and how do I send a message here? How do I give him an opportunity to want to, I'm thinking about preserving his desire to bicycle You know what I'm saying? We're in that state at this point

And so I'm like, you know what, he's going very slow I'm like, "Let me push your bike "I'll push both of our bikes # "and all you have to do is walk" So I put my bike in one hand, I grab his bike in the other hand, and I begin to walk with it and two seconds into walking with this bike I'm like, something is wrong with his bike Oh, it is the tire isn't it? Is it the tire? And it's my fault

You patched No, no, no When I patched the front tire You dis-patched I put it on

I pumped it up And I, you spin the wheel to make sure that the brake is not catching, right? But something happened between putting the bike on the rack and then giving him the bike that his front brake was catching And so the reason he couldn't do anything is because it was almost like he was going up a hill the whole time, regardless of the slope, because he had this resistance in the front brake And I was like, "Shepherd, you bike is messed up, man

"Your front brake is catching "That is why you've had such a hard time today" And I was like, "Man, I am so sorry for everything that I just said to you "I thought that you"– But you should have found it You should have noticed I said, "I thought that you had just completely given up

" And I was like, he's been playing too many video games He's lost his ability to be outside, I've created a monster And then he's laughing, now we're laughing at each other And I'm like, "Shepherd, this is just a sign "that we need to ride bikes more because you "couldn't perceive that something was wrong with your bike "And as soon as I touched it, "I knew that there was something wrong

"We gotta ride bikes more I said, "You know what, "when we get home, I'm gonna pick you out a new bike" So we went home– But we're gonna break it and you have to figure out what's broken Oh, my story's not done Oh, dang

I buy a new bike and– Yeah, 'cause you offered the old bike Rhett text me And he's like, "Hey, does this Lando need a bike? "I'm getting Shepherd a bigger one "'cause he's too small for this one, maybe Lando?" And you sent me a picture of it But you didn't tell me that it was bunk It's not, no, no, that it's my fault It just needs the brakes, the front brakes need to be adjusted

It's a good bike, it's a Trek I don't want that bike So I do have a bike available for anybody who wants it So we get a new bike And you had bought your bike at the local bike shop, which is what I wanted to do

Support local business But I decided not to do that because I didn't want to, I'm trying not to go in places I'm still not even going into grocery stores Call me crazy, but we're still– I wouldn't call you crazy I would just call you a bad dad and a bad shopper Right

We're trying to maintain, because we're coming into the office and we're working with each other and then working with a very small group of people, everyone who's doing that we're just trying to maintain essentially an isolation until we come and work together So everybody knows, hey, we're safe So I'm not really going into any place And well, so I ordered the bike online, and I don't know, I've never bought a bike online I thought this means– Some dudes gonna ride up on your body Yeah, I thought UPS man just rode up, put the kickstand down and gave it to you

There is no kickstand didn't get that kind of bike That's not what happens A box shows up And it's called a box build, which is most of the bike has been put together but some very key elements like the front fork is not attached to the frame This is a, and that's kind of a key part of the whole process, right? Oh man

And I called the local bike shop and I was like, "I just got this bike in a box" He was like, "Yeah, it's called a box build Hundred dollars and we're a month out" Oh, gosh Apparently everyone's doing this

And you could you could sense bitterness in his voice, 'cause he's like, "You jackass "You went and bought it online "You could have just bought it from us And you know, it probably isn't even a month wait I called another bike shop

They were like, "We're a month out" It's like it's the thing you'd say Punitive Tell 'em it's a month out DId you think about returning it and just getting one from the local? No, I said, well I'm gonna build it

Oh, okay I have YouTube I actually make a living on it I brought up a YouTube video And at this point, you had a dad choice to include Shepherd in the building of his bike

I knew that I did not need Shepherd to witness what was going to happen Knowing how easily this could go wrong? It was gonna be ugly Seven minutes in I break it I'm trying to attach the thing to the thing And I'm tightening it down and then there's a little cap that goes on top of your dilly dally, and it broke

Can I ask you? You can ask me anything you want When this happens, Yes I curse Are you a audible curser, or are you a mumbler? Are you a silent cursor? I think all of the above So you do go to audible cursing range? Oh, yes And is it like, full on? No, it's not

Are you going like, f bombs? Well, yeah, but I'm not, but it's more I've just like, I don't do that I'll be like, and I'm very critical of myself when I make a mistake I'm lying, I've done that And I'm like, "Rhett, you f-ing idiot" I'll say things like that to myself, because I'm just like, "You shouldn't have done this box built in the first place

"And now you've screwed it up" I hate that feeling, it's worse when it's a car, which I know we've both also done in our early days of marriage We thought we would impress our wives by fixing our own cars Yeah, I totaled a car one time Engineering degrees do not help with practical things like building bikes

And let me tell you, the YouTube videos were not helpful at all At least the ones that I watched So newsflash, I had to take the bike to the bike shop Oh man, talk about the walk of shame And, of course, first of all, I haven't been in a public place

So I, like there's, the bike shop that we go to, there's an open door, then there's the counter And so I go and I look in there and there's like three people in the bike shop Everybody's got on masks They're all standing really far apart And I just stand in the doorway until the guy helps the people and he comes to me I'm like, "Box build, I screwed it up

"I need you to do it" He's like, "You know, it'll be a month out" "Yes, I know, it'll be a month" "Did I tell you how much?" "Hundred bucks I know, yeah" And then I said, "Is there's no way "I could pay extra to get it faster?" He's like, "Ah, we've done that a couple of times

"And I can't make any promises "And also you end up doubling your investment "in what you paid for this" At that point he was just trying, he was pushing me off of it And I was like, "Okay, just let me know when you're done" I'll shamefully walk back in here

And get a bike for my son and then go bond with him Meanwhile, has he been watching YouTube videos on how to stand up and bike? That's not how it works, you got to just do it We'll you still got the old bike Yeah, I do, but I have to fix that I mean, it wouldn't be that hard to do, but I just, I'm so mad at that bike

Are you mad at the bike, or you mad at someone else? It's one of those things that when you're in the midst of quarantine, and I think that everyone, the thing that we've been noticing is the family has just never been around each other this much Oh gosh, I know it And you're just like, usually there would be somebody would go somewhere, like a kid would go someplace, school or anything I've just learned that going places and interacting and doing other things, really, even if you're an introvert, there's got to be a certain level of at least getting away from the people in your home that then it's nice to realize those more world than just the people in your own home I mean, the thing that resonates with me is the first week of quarantine I'm getting water and ice out of the friggin fridge and there's no ice in the whole, my ice makers broken

I haven't had ice the whole time This whole time? Because I didn't want to call someone to come in the house and fix it's It's like the 1700s with your house We had, we're pouring ice into the little things and then not refilling it, but leaving it in there so that when someone goes for ice and it's just an empty tray with no water or ice in it, everybody gets upset And then all this winds coming through And I look outside yesterday and the tree in front of my house, the little tree that staked down

It's like a seven foot tall tree, but still pretty thin It's blown over because the stake that was holding it up broke And here I am, I can't, I'm trying to like re-stake the tree, and I can't even do it Like we're not men anymore, man We can't do stuff that we thought that you're supposed to be, oh, the tree fell over or the bikes in a box

That's fine My son is a disappointment, I can fix this I did do plumbing, I did plumbing this past weekend You did plumbing? The garbage disposal had come loose and was leaking You tightened something

Well no, it fell off completely Oh wow And I did, and I watched a YouTube video for that and I got to a place where I was about to tell Jessie we have to call a plumber But I did it, I did it and I was so proud of myself It feels good, but it's just hard

It's hard to actually get stuff done and not screw it up I mean, kids included Everybody's fuse is a little bit shorter And it's gonna take some kind of, like I know we're both thinking about doing some kind of vacation, like local, somewhere in California maybe taking a vacation at some point, but boy It might be five separate vacations

I think we need that I'm gonna call it a firework vacation where it's like, "Okay, go" And then everybody just goes in a different direction call that the firework Yeah, how do you take a vacation and then just leave your kid somewhere, We got to start figuring that out

I think all of this, again, really brings me back to appreciating the spaces that we haven't been able to enjoy, like being back here and our offices and stuff like that, which is what we want to talk about So we'll get to it But first, we're going to give you an opportunity to just spy the shirt that Link is wearing You might remember that was a there was a time, there was a time on this particular podcast where we would answer your questions and then we would leave you with a little catchphrase Good luck with that

And we kind of thought that it was gonna become the thing that we said In fact, we got a mug that had it on it We gotta start saying it again because it's on this T [Rhett} And then we develop this– It's the Randler Version of the Randler

With he mythical logo And now we know that the tie dye thing is, everybody loves to tie dye So now if you want to get the tie dye good luck with that T shirt featuring the Randler you need to go to mythicalcom to make that a reality You like it Jade? Take it from Jade

What you looking at? Go back down She's like, I've never seen things from this view Mythicalcom Okay

Were we still going? That was a very pregnant pause Yeah, had to push it out You actually thought of talking about space? Why did you do that? What made you think about spaces? Well Me and Lincoln building the thing? Well, no, it was the fact that we were coming back It was twofold Yeah, what we talked about, but what's the other fold? It was that yesterday Was that yesterday? Yeah We were over in the creative house

And the creative house, what the vision for the creative house of being decorated and moved in Of course, the virus also infected that process Yeah it did Really slowed it down But furniture for different parts of the house, including the living room, and then some stuff in your office came in

And Link and Lincoln were putting some of it together And so I was just thinking about, it's funny because we designed this space here for ourselves I mean, we didn't design this space that we're in right now, necessarily We took advantage of the fact that it was like an awesome recording studio that happened to be here at the space we were renting But we designed our space for our office

And then, we've talked about this already, but how we came to the conclusion that we needed our own space again, ironically, because this space doesn't necessarily say, "Hey, Rhett and Link, create" It says "Hey, Rhett and Link" "Have meetings "You're business boys" "Supervise and be business boys

" And so giving this other space where it was a new zone where we could express ourselves And we knew that that first meant setting it up it Because we have a long history of setting up spaces I mean I'll go all the way back to college We really started to appreciate having our own space

I mean that, remember how exciting it was when we moved in to our dorm room at NC State And I remember the first few weeks of school you're walking around the quad and you're going to classes And do you remember this? All of these vendors had set up They were selling crap, mostly posters You remember this? They were selling posters all over the quad

And there were huge posters, little posters Mostly just band posters and cool movie poster And they knew that college students who were just moving into their dorm rooms would just go bananas Oh yeah, it's like, oh, Bob Marley So many Bob Marley posters

I kind of felt like I needed to get a Bob Marley poster just because it seemed like the thing to do But instead we got a pulp fiction poster where Vincent Vega and– Jules Jules were, I think it's after they were shot at and miraculously didn't get hit and they just opened fire Yeah, the scene with Brad And then we also bought a meeting, a poster of a meeting between Elvis, who seemed to be in his– Last days

On his last legs, meeting President Nixon And I actually don't know the story behind that poster Well the story behind that poster is– I just thought, okay, it's kind of cool No, it was a, I'm gonna get some of these details wrong But my understanding is that it was an anti-drug meeting

That's what makes it so funny It was an ironic poster And I think that they may have even made Elvis like an honorary DEA officer or something I don't know how the legend goes, but they had been talking about drugs And of course, Elvis obviously had been using a lot of drugs And you've got Nixon in his suit and Elvis in his suit, which is a very different kind of suit

Yeah We loved that poster, man Yeah, and I didn't even know the full story behind it And I just thought it was odd and ironic I could sense the irony

I didn't have to, it didn't have to be explained to me That's where we got Mr Fly from the thrift store, The velour couch that then we would pose like Lionel, and made project Lionel And then we decorated the wall with pictures of Lionel I mean, if you don't know the story, you can get it in the book of Mythicality But it was just so exciting to have this space, this hideout, this little dungeon space

I mean, we had no light coming in, our window was right under the steps to the first floor And it was pitch dark in the broad daylight All the time, which is good for college because you can just sleep in the middle of day and it feels like night And it smelled like a basement I like that smell

It was very dank in that sense And then we moved to an apartment with Greg And then the next year is when Tim moved in too, but the apartment was like, whoa, it's not just one room now We don't just have to have this little fridge I think it was Lily that ask me about it, and she was like, "What did you have in your dorm room to cook with?" And I was like,– Toaster oven and microwave

We had a dorm fridge with a microwave sitting on top of it and then a toaster oven sitting on top of that the triple threat that's all you needed They should make that as one unit that they sell for college kids That's a good idea It's probably a huge fire hazard though And also like it'll– Fridge, microwave, toaster oven

Too much amps I'd love to have a fridge that you could just put bread into the side of and it pop out toast, that's pretty cool It's a toaster fridge, it's a good idea What it is It's a fridge that's got a toaster and a microwave And when you place your hand on one of the objects in the fridge, it knows whether to send it to the toaster oven or microwave

And then on top of that it's got like a humidifier or one of those, what's those vaporizer things that our wives put around our house and I'm addicted to it Yeah, a vaporizer That makes nice smell That seems unnecessary That feels like maybe that it's in the deluxe package Deluxe package, man

Yeah, you gotta sell them up We're gonna put that on mythicalcom Take notes, self But we always thought, and this is, we weren't seeing it as a creative space at the time, we were seeing it as a space to live in and express ourselves

But we ran coaxial cable to connect multiple televisions in multiple rooms so that we could have people over and watch movies in multiple rooms at once Well, and we had the Planet of the Apes party, if I recall correctly I don't know if we've ever told this story I'm sure we have But we got this idea that we were going to invite every woman every woman that we saw on campus

This is sounding like a you and Greg idea It was definitely me and Greg I mean I was dating Christie So I was like, I had to wash my hands of this plot So Greg and I were like, All right, what we're gonna do is– But I was interested

When you see a group of women on campus, you just walk up to them and you say, "Hey, we're having a Planet of the Apes party 3000 C, Gorman Crossings Friday night, 7 pm whatever we said

Bring whoever you want Yeah Now keep in mind that– They're like, Planet of the Apes party? It's like, yeah, we're gonna watch Planet of the Apes Don't matter what room in the house you're in You'll be watching it in sync with every one else

'Cause every TV would be playing Planet of the Apes Now, let me just say a couple of things We're talking about the original Planet of the Apes, because the new ones hadn't come out yet Charlton Heston And we weren't, because we were involved in the Campus Crusade campus ministry, as we've talked about extensively

We weren't drinking So there was going to be no alcohol But not only was there going to be no alcohol, there was going to be no anything Like no dr– And actually, this was part of the experiment Do you remember this? I showed up late

No, no I didn't help plan it, no pun intended Me and Greg, it's almost like me and Greg, thought that it would be like a social experiment It's so stupid To not provide food or drink? No food, no drink, just Planet of the Apes

That's so stupid Worse party ever I mean, if you take care of the big things at a party, the little things take care of themselves Yeah Like if you got a bunch of strangers

I was going to say a bunch of strange women, but women that you don't know You only invited women and then they can invite anybody they want, 'Cause if you invite women, men will show up, I mean– They'll come out of the woodwork Well, it because we knew that our dude friends are gonna show up But first of all, I don't believe that any of the women that we didn't know who we just randomly asked on campus came I don't believe any of them came

I think they saw through, this isn't a typical Planet of the Apes party No food, No drink No, you know, no fun They probably won't let us even use the restroom I don't, no one use the restroom

No need for it if you're not drinking But it was so– There was a lot of people there though You knew that it was kooky It was just, I mean, is that a fair word to say? It was just like so, it was intentionally odd Yeah

And so it gave you the confidence If I'm to go up to strange women on campus, because it was just like, this is weird So me going up to someone I don't know is less weird than what I'm going to say once I get up there So it's was like, you had to work up, once you worked or the gumption to have the party, inviting strangers was easy It's kind of brilliant

Well I'm glad you think that because I never thought of it that way But then the execution You had, the whole thing was a plot to work yourself up to talk to strange women But if it had been a good party, and like memorable It would have happened again

There's more Planet of the Apes movies Yeah, well, that was the idea Let's show the first one, see what happens I don't recall it ever happening again But it was a disaster

You're not, we're not really talking about the space beyond the coaxial cables, going from room to room and not well hidden But also at that time that our idea of what a space was going to be was so like college dudes It didn't matter the washer and dryer were in the kitchen In the kitchen, yeah I was doing the laundry when I saw that giant ass rat come out from underneath the refrigerator

Yeah, very scary But our first workspace was not really that great of a space because when after engineering, there was the stint working with Campus Crusade at the regional office We were working in cubicles We went into a meeting room and we would set up a camera and we would whisper into a microphone And those are our first videos

But it wasn't our own space It wasn't, and you know, and so we wanted our own space It was around this time that, with Campus Crusade, since we were, we had special roles It's like we would travel and we would speak and we were like, resident videographers and all the things we talked about, like MCs and sketch artists, comedian guys Sketch artists

That's a completely different Yes, not in that way There was a conference that they put on just for the creative types within Campus Crusade and we were, and this was a national conference Where they pulled together everybody from all the regions Creativity Summit

Called the Creativity Summit, because when you're in a campus ministry, and or maybe this is true of any kind of group, but they like to put on conferences Oh, yeah And we got, it was an invitation only Most of the people who worked in the organization, they worked on campus They didn't, they weren't the creative type, like a graphic designer, or a speaker, or a filmmaker, videographer type like we were

So we were invited to this thing It was in conjunction with a film festival out here in Los Angeles Du Mar This was our first trip to Los Angeles Super exciting

I mean, we started meeting other creative types from other regions It was very cool It was very inspiring And then they had speakers to talk about cultivating and legitimizing creativity because our roles and everyone who was there, their roles were kind of on the fringe of what the main type of job descriptions were with the organization But I remember one guy talking and he might have been a former like Disney Imagineer

He was and he's in that documentary Imagineering Oh, really? Yeah, 'cause he was at Disney forever I remember specifically, they talked about something that seems so obvious, and it's exactly what we're talking about now, it's the importance of space to foster creativity And like I said, even though we had this instinct of like, I made hideouts as a kid, and like, my ex stepdad, Jimmy, we built that tree house, and you and I would hang out back there It's like having your own space where it's like, I can cook things up and I can do my own thing, that was part of who we were

We came back from that knowing that the cramped little office that we were secluding ourselves in was not adequate for the creative ideas that we had specifically And it gave us permission, that guy gave us permission to want to have a space that was conducive for creativity Well, and the B-hags because he's the one who told us about the big hairy, audacious goals Also Scott Derrickson was it that film festival and spoke That's right

Filmmaker Scott Derrickson Yeah, he directed Doctor Strange He directed a lot of horror movies So yeah, so we get back And that's when we know we need a space

And I knew that my father in law had this, the basement underneath his, what at the time was his business headquarters for his dentistry And you saw this in the L tat video and we went back to North Carolina, and you weren't able to go, but I kind of, it was open So I went in there But that was the beginning of us having a space that was intentionally a creative space And that's where so many of the aesthetics of early Rhett and Link stuff

See a a lot of this has remained to this day The checkered floor, which incidentally, somebody said on YouTube, that was like a Illuminati thing Oh, give me a break No, no, no I mean, I like playing into it

So yeah, it's an Illuminati thing That's why we have the checkered floor Give me a break, don't even think about it The original green, I think about it The original green, Rhett and Link green

Well, I think we– It was really for green screen We painted a wall green screen, and then we painted the other wall blue just so we could have a different background Because you can do blue screen, you can do green screen It depends on what color you're wearing And that's when I started collecting those Merle Haggard albums

And we put them around the front office room And since then, everywhere we've had an office, we've moved my collection of mural albums They're in the office right there now Well, and there was, it's funny because there were basically all the elements that we've now always tried to recreate, were technically, if you think about it, we're in that space, right? You've got a workspace where me and you have desks together And can develop the ideas

We've got a place where we shoot the things that we're doing We've got a studio space, which it wasn't it was just another room That was the back room with no windows, which was nice And we had a recording booth, right? And because music was such a big part of everything that we were doing at that time, so we turned an old closet into a recording booth It was just nice to be able to go there

And if anybody else stepped in, it's like, immediately, this is weird, like, what, in the middle of Harnett County People would step in Some people would show up and knock on the on the door, because it was like a Records Office, it was a government records office It was right next to the DWI center Right

So if someone who had gotten a DWI had to then, the county made them report to this place where they would get help And many of them thought that we were the DWI center We didn't treat anyone, that would have been irresponsible We would just send them next door Next door, yeah

But whenever we stepped in, I remember this feeling of we can do whatever we want It was just this exciting level of freedom Well, I think there's a pressure that comes too, I think And an expectation that like, all right, we set this up how we want it You set the space up

If we can't start making stuff, if we don't make stuff it's our own fault And we made stuff Oh, yeah And I think that that, getting the space that we needed, that was one of the most, I mean, not in terms of the amount of content, because now we create more content than we ever did And it's sort of steadily increased

But that was sort of the beginning of us being very prolific in terms of the amount of stuff we were working on and creating No one that we saw on YouTube had a space And everything we shot, if you watch our videos, you would get to know everything in the space because we shot everything there or on the street outside of it Just look at the Facebook song music video, you'll see, the street corners of Lillington, North Carolina But on YouTube it was younger people, in their bedrooms, shooting vlogs, shooting stuff like that

It was it, no one was doing it No one that I knew of was set up in that way And I mean, I couldn't imagine that I mean, I have kids at home, if I was gonna act like a fool, I couldn't do it at home because there's babies crying Well I do think that's a, we can jump, we can jump forward and then jump back

But to contrast that, there's been a few times in our lives where we've had to involuntarily step back into a restricted space And I think that the two times that I think about most are well, I guess three times Moving to California, right? 'Cause there was the studio space in Fuquay, that was after the one in Lillington, which was another big space That was even bigger But then, and it had high ceilings

And no toilets above us But we moved to California We were working with, who became our good friends, Joke and Biagio at Joke Productions who produce Commercial Kings And then we talked them into letting us have a little office in their production studio because we were just living in these furnished apartments and had nowhere to work But that was a, again, a constriction on the space It was kind of like individual edit bays in a high rise

That's exactly what it was Yeah So we were in this basically windowless room with a couple of desks that like, okay, you come in and you work on this show for a few weeks or months and then you're gone, and someone else will work here next time It was, it wasn't a lot of character there But you know, that we were– We were under a lot of pressure, But the thing I remember, the most significant thing that we created at that time

And again, it's just, it's pretty obvious looking back that this constriction of the space sort of pressurized Just the location was small And we came up with the, what did when we– Caption fail Caption fail, the Caption Fail series, which was a little bit of a– They were filmed around there, yeah A little resurgence for us on YouTube

Because we were able to get a couple out quickly But I think that, there's no doubt in my mind, that that came from being in this place like we can't make a music video really right now The only music video I made was we made the Harry Potter song, which I'm super proud of that song because I remember that we worked all night on it It was one of the few times that we worked all night on something in order to turn it around because we needed The reason why we made that song is because the last Harry Potter movie was coming out and we were trying to jump on that bandwagon and get the views from it, in order then to attach an ad for Commercial Kings, so that we can get more people to watch our TV show

And it, I mean, it got a lot of views And it was shot right there in basically the room where we were working The ideas fit the setting But when we showed up at that place, it was like this is not, I mean Wasn't our space

It wasn't our space And it really there was like a desperation of what we were just trying to find our way again Especially once the show got canned Well, and then once we decided to, and this is, I've never really tracked the content to the space But we got our own space again, I mean own space, using that very loosely because it wasn't anything compared to what we had in North Carolina when we decided that the converted garage, or the guest house in my backyard would be our new studio

And that's where Good Mythical Morning was born And in a really small, I mean, I don't know what that room was, and maybe, it was a two car garage It was the size of this room basically And it was the two of us and Jason in there, working on top of each other

And then there was a time, there was a few months, because it was also a guest house Like when people came to stay with us, they would stay in there With the relatives and then Antonio Antonio When he first moved out, stayed in there for like, a couple of months, Did he, he slept on our couch, that couch

Yes The couch would lay down like a futon But we said like, "Hey, we gotta, you gotta be out of here "before we get to work every morning "because there's not enough room physically "for the futon, and you, and all of us to be here" Right Yeah, so it was– There was a bathroom with a shower, so that's why he was able to stay there

But we also had the yard too And that's where dope zebra happened in that backyard, several other things that we shot happened in that backyard The graduation song Because we've been, it's like, there's a really good book by the Duplass brothers I can't remember what it is

I think we may have wrecked it But basically, they talk about their story and their creative process And there's a lot of parallels between the way that they work with each other And the way that we've worked together But they talk about the way that they approach independent filmmaking, and it was to find the space for the film, to find the location and be like, okay, we can go to this town

This town has a sheriff's office, and a gymnasium, and a library All right, let's write a screenplay where these locations are featured So they let the space dictate the screenplay And that's where a lot of their, And that's why it was cheap And that's why they were able to make a lot of money off of those, or get going, because they could actually make it

And that's sort of an extreme example But I think that at each point, the constriction of the space, or the openness of the space, has then contributed to what we were working on and what we were doing Well, when you talk about openness, it makes me want to skip ahead to this studio space here, which, I mean, when you look at both sides of the studio, and we got like, well, not all 80 people are working in here, and of course, nobody's working in here now And who knows, but we got this open space where most everybody's working and there's enclaves and offices where people can go in to meet and have more private conversations, and we have our office back here in the back But even this conversations is helping me really understand what we already knew instinctively

To really get creative, we needed to step out of this space, because it wasn't doing for us what all the previous spaces did And what this space did at first Hmm, yeah Maybe it actually didn't, I mean Well, I think that, again, this isn't necessarily directly creative, but what this space allowed, and then what the next door space allowed, is, again, I feel like the decisions about the space have driven the specific decisions about what we do

So we got this space We told the story on the Dell sponsor podcast, we told the history of the business And we told the story of Ben saying, "I know that this place is beyond our budget, "but I want to let you know that I think that "we can take advantage of it "I think that this is the right place "I think we can use it

" And we took a chance, and we moved in here, not having any idea how we would fill it with a team But again, you naturally fill the space And so yes, we did some good creative work We've done a lot of good creative work in this space But I think that what this has represented more than anything is the team building and the business building

And then specifically with the other space is what made the acquisition of Smosh make sense Again, it was like, yes, we took the other space because we could The other half of the building you mean Yeah, the other half of the building, because of GMM 22, the season that we did, the 22 minute version of GMM, we needed more space for more people That only lasted one season, but then it was like, oh, we've got this space

And then I think that we were like, okay, we've done this business building, this team building thing, but now we got to get back to what it is that we're going to personally create Not just the role, we've created these products like Good Mythical Morning, or Ear Biscuits, and we know what our role is And we come and we sit down and we fulfill that role But what is the new thing that we're creating? And I think we we had a sense that it was going to be easier for us if we created a new space that was a trigger for those new ideas And now we find ourselves decorating our own offices for the first time

Once we get some furniture in there, which is happening Do you have any, what do you have any idea what you're putting in there? I put a big shelf up because I'm like, I think I want to put stuff on a shelf I think I'm gonna find stuff that means something to me and I'm gonna put it on the shelf Yeah, Jessie's getting some shelves for some stuff And setting up the records and a shout out to my Instagram for a while back

I put the You got to say shout out to LinkNeal Shout out to LinkNeal on Instagram You got to actually give the plug to it

If you wanna look at my record shelf that's in the main living room there Makes me happy, makes me happy Yeah, well, and I'm, it's been weird because this has been such a, this has been another really constricted time So we weren't really, I mean, I've been going to the creative house more than you, but it's literally going over to an empty house I mean, anything that you saw me shoot over there, you see I'm in a chair in front of a blank wall

And I'm also, I value the creative space a lot But I have a very difficult time getting motivated to actually do the things to have like, I don't like, okay, put the shelf together, put this, I don't like doing that I like it when it's done, but I don't like doing it But I very much look forward to what it's going to be I mean, we'll talk more about this in the coming weeks, but one of the ways that we're exercising our newfound creativity is we're doing original stuff on TikTok

That's one of the things that we're doing We're writing these sketches And getting back to this, there's this interesting thing that's happening on TikTok, which is, it's not a platform that has a partner program right now It has this early days of YouTube feel to it, where it just feels like people who see an opportunity on this platform and are figuring out how to build an audience and are trying creative things are doing it And we've always approached new platforms as, for the past few years, we've approached it more as a business or as a brand

Like what is Mythical going to do on this platform, usually as an extension of what we're doing on YouTube But for the first time ever, and really, this is a very fresh thing for us, I mean, we just got a couple of things that we've written and put up there We're saying like, what are we gonna do? Like, what are Rhett and Link going to create over there? And it's totally different It's a different exercise But we're just beginning to be able to, be in the house together

Sounds like it's gonna be decorating video Shelf building videos, bike breaking videos Yeah, well, I'm sure we'll talk more about that But yeah, I mean, it's rounding out that space of what we want it to be makes it a playground for us to then make stuff that we want to make And so it is a hurdle that we're starting to clear and I'm excited about it

I'm interested for this space As employees start to come back to work Whenever that starts to happen, starts working together It's like, what's going to happen to open floor plans, are we going to revert? Everybody's talking about how open floor plans are gonna go away But I mean, the Coronavirus isn't going to be with us

I mean, it may be with us forever, but it's not going to be the threat that it is even if it comes, if it doesn't go away, it's not going to be the threat that it is right now forever I don't know, I think everyone's saying, "We're going to reevaluate the open workspace" Because you know what, by the way, people don't get any work done in open workspaces That's one of the things that I've seen people writing is people are distracted, and it isn't like everyone's working together It's everyone's working, and they're together

And, I mean, I don't know what the answer to that is I mean, we've designed this space, so that it's like, okay And it was kind of as simple as which employees might need to have sensitive conversations and/or be on the phone Yeah, but it's– And those people get office It is interesting that we built a space where people can connect and be collaborative

And that wasn't, that's not how we work I mean, we like to isolate ourselves to just the two of us Do you remember the time when we went to– We didn't create a bunch of, if we would have we created for our team, what we created for ourselves, we would turned that open area, not into desks, but a big living room, where people just lay down on couches and stuff Right You remember we went to Rocket Jump? Was that Freddie's company? Yeah Remember the first time we went there, And I was like, where's Freddie's office? And he just had a desk in the middle of everything with everybody

Yeah And I remember feeling like questioning us I was like, are we like– Elitist or seperationists? Some prima donnas, that we've got this office in the back? It's got a wall of what is now dead plants because no one has been taking care of them But then I was just like, no, I couldn't I understand the idea of being in the middle and being amongst everyone but I just wouldn't get anything done

And also me and you, because it's not one person it's two people who are constantly talking through every single thing that we're doing Sometimes in a heated fashion, just whatever the creative process entails You don't want to watch that Yeah You don't want to try to do other work when that's happening behind you, that's for sure

You actually want to the idea of what it's like for us to create together is probably better than the idea of watching us create together Let's keep the mystery alive and see the products on the other side, but it gets pretty boring, and monotonous, and mathematical, in the moment, I think And I don't know, up until this conversation I hadn't really thought about, the different types of roles here And it's like, people are saying, in general, some people are going to are going to start working from home Well that's another thing

So it's like, I haven't really, we haven't started to tackle that question for us So I'm not, I mean– But it does change the, both the fact that people are working at home, but also the fact that there's a change in the way people are seeing open spaces, that is changing the calculus on how long we'll be in this space, I think Because I think there has been a part of this, just like, okay, are we gonna need to get another space? Are we're gonna need to get a bigger space? I mean, we keep growing But a lot of things changed this year, I mean, yes, there are certain jobs that can be done from home Some people may actually prefer it

There are certainly meetings that could take place on zoom Does everyone really have to be here for a all hands meeting? Can some people join by video conference? I think that we're going to be answering those questions I've actually, yeah, and it's premature So I guess the last place I want to just verbally process is on a podcast, but screw it, let's do it My first reaction, like my knee jerk reaction is to be, Oh, we got to get back to the way things work because they were working

But it's interesting that, I don't know, I have this as a boss, I have this defensive stance It's like, well if people start working from home, are they really going to get their work done? And I don't know, I just found myself thinking that But I know that there's other ways you can answer that And people also work differently Some people can if people work better and thrive in that environment, and there's easy ways to still have accountability for your deliverables, you know when I'm saying

But I also think that the work from home thing is complicated I think about my house Oh, yeah But a lot of our employees, they don't have two or three kids running around Well, not only that

Some of them do, but most of them don't It would be a different equation if I was a single guy, or if Jessie and I just had Barbara and no kids 'Cause we talked about the spaces that have meant so much to us It's like, I bet you if I visited some of my employees unannounced, I'd be like, "Well they've, this room is a, "they've created a creative space for themselves Well it's funny, I didn't think about mentioning this

But we've been talking about how long are we going to stay in this house? Like we're doing that work outside and we've had this open construction pit forever Hopefully it'll be done in a month or two But it's like, how long we're gonna stay in this house? Are we gonna stay here till Shepherd goes to college? That's another at least seven years And I think we're kind of leaning towards that But Jessie and I have been talking about like, okay, as you get older and as you live in a space, you just start answering a lot of questions like, what do we want in a home? But I still don't think we understood what we really wanted in a home

And I'm very happy with our house But there's a number of things, like just the idea of finding a place, you can't really get away 'cause our house is very open And even in this little guest house, guest room that is basically Jessie's office, but also our guest bedroom It's very close to everything It's like, everyone who comes down the stairs, every conversation that's in the kitchen

And I told Jessie, I was like, I don't know what our next home will have But, I'll be 50 probably when we're moving into it, and I just have always had this idea That when I get to be an old man, which I'm approaching that very quickly, I just want to have one of those offices that's kind of dark, there's a lot of wood And it's away from everything And maybe there's like a long hallway to it I mean, they don't make houses like this anymore

But I just have this vision of just being able to just have a retreat in my own home And I probably won't even need it by that point, because my kids won't be there Yeah, you're talking about a panic room I'm just talking about one of those offices like you see in a movie, with a bunch of books that you don't read behind you Yeah, okay

Space is important, whether it's a cubicle, a little corner of your bedroom, where, if you can, it doesn't have to be big It doesn't have to be like Rhett's talking about, at the end of the hallway, where you get tired by the time you get there, and so your kids will never bother you with their bike problems I can read between the lines there Hmm, okay I think everybody's got to have a little nook

If you got a little nook that's like this is my little space I used to go, in my room I would go inside my closet, and I had a little space in my closet where I would just go in there and sit, and it just felt like this is my space My closet was too dirty I would go in the attic I had a clean little space in my closet, man

There was a box full of foam I don't know what this foam was for, or from, but I would get into that box full of foam You'd get inside of the box? Yeah It was open top Yeah, see you're little cozy spot, man

If you take anything from this conversation, take that, take finding a little cozy Find your box full of foam No, but I think just practically, especially for those of you who are in a creative field I do think that it's important to just ask the question, what is your space? How is your space contributing to what you're trying to create? Because, I mean, we look back and we got into a little bit of the detail, but I just think that so much of what we happened to be creating at the time was largely dictated by the decision that we had made about the space And that's why it's gotten, it's very important to us, and that's why we were quick Once we realized, well not too quick, maybe it took a year or two to realize, once we realized that this space had become representative of one side of our jobs, we needed to push into the other side, the thing that drives this whole thing

So think about that creative people And I got a rec for you Rec baby, rec baby, one, two, three, four I Highly recommend watching 13th on Netflix Just to continue the conversation of racial equality and the Black Lives Matter movement, and again, keeping that as an active part of our lives is important to us

This is not just, this can't just be a flash in the pan for us personal, is what we've discussed We want to be actively engaged as part of the solution and not bystanders And there's lots of recommendations floating around This has been one of them that I watched, this documentary I'll read the summary

"Filmmaker Ava DuVernay explores the history "of racial inequality in the United States "Focusing on the fact that the nation's prisons "are disproportionately filled with African Americans" It was released in October of 2016 But it, I didn't know that when I will watched it And I was like, man, they got this out quick

And that's just ignorance, that I would find myself thinking that, it's so important for this movement now But, I mean, again, it's like I embarrass myself left and right with the things that I think because I just have not been educated and engaged enough But this documentary is, I mean 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, very well done And it gives you an overview of the dark side, the ramifications of the criminal justice system for black Americans And how it's set up, it connects the dots

Yeah, 'cause I think a really important aspect of all of this is, and this is something that has, that I didn't really understand for a long time, and it was reading some black authors who explained this to me, is just understanding that there, yes, in 2020, there continue to be a lot of policies, whether it's within our criminal justice system, whether it's within our voting system, our political system, there are policies that if you're me, you didn't understand why they're racist Right, I mean, you talk about Nixon and his, really planting the seeds for the war on drugs from the Reagan era And he's talking about being the law and order president Right I mean, which is exactly what Trump is talking about now

Yeah, yeah, when you see the history They are intentionally using the same language in order to accomplish what they want Right, and there's a way as a white person you think about these things, 'cause I was that white person who thought about these things And I was like, well, we talked about this two years ago It was like, okay, voter ID laws, that's not racist

That's just having somebody, just requiring somebody to have an ID to vote, how can that be racist? But then when you understand the history of that approach, and who is being targeted, and what is being prevented And it isn't fraud, is actually certain groups of people being prevented from voting And once you understand the intention behind it, you're like, oh, that is why that's a racist policy When you talk about the war on drugs, it's like how could that be bad? I mean, how could, just say no, be bad? And when you look at the policies in place, for the punishments associated with crack– Versus cocaine Versus cocaine

Yeah Which are the same thing but they're prevalent in different communities, white community versus the black community? Well, specifically, it was five grams of crack gave the equivalent prison sentence of 500 grams of cocaine And that was strictly because cocaine was a white drug and crack was a black drug And again, all this stuff was happening when we were growing up We were growing up in a little small town where we just thought that everybody's got equal opportunity

I mean, the civil rights movement happened years ago, everybody's, everything's equal now And once you start realizing that no, no, no, no, no, no, no, it's not It's not and that's the fight that is being fought right now And it is a fight to change policy It is a fight to change racist policy

And if you don't think that racist policy exists, then I would, my argument would be you're not paying attention And so you got– Just watch it, I'm saying watch 13th 13th is a great place to start Yeah It lays it all out and gives you something to, you don't have to agree with everything, to be exposed, to educate yourself, to be exposed to it and then reach your own conclusions but I think it's very well made and it was very eye opening for me

Okay, well we're back We're here, we're in the studio We're at the round table of dim lighting and if all goes according to plan, we will be here again next week Who knows? What are plans? #EarBiscuits Love ya

To watch more Ear Biscuits click on the playlist on the right [ Rhett Voiceover] To watch the previous episode of Ear Biscuits click on the playlist to the left And don't forget to click on the circular icon to subscribe If you prefer to listen to this podcast It's available on all your favorite podcast platforms Thanks for being your mythical best

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