Our Bucket Lists | Ear Biscuits Ep. 139

(upbeat music) – Welcome to Ear Biscuits I'm Rhett

– I'm Link This week at the round table of dim lighting, we're going to go to uncharted territory, unknown zones of Oh, putting your phone in airport mode

That's right – Well, I'm putting my phone in airplane mode – Well, I like to just preemptively get it done before I start crossing the tarmac, man, so in the airport – You got to get that airport wifi – I know you're right, but I can't not call it airport mode because, for some reason I've always done that

– You know, one time I tweeted about the problem with airport wifi Every airport has free wifi, but it never works – Sometimes you got to watch a video – But I tweeted about that, and then Ashton Kutcher, the Kutch-man tweeted back at me, and was like, "Don't use airport wifi "Incredibly insecure," or, "Incredibly unsecure

" He wasn't telling me that I'm insecure He was saying that it was an unsecured network – Ashton knows your insecurities – And then he pointed me toward some app that Cisco Systems, something he was probably involved in, which is some app that you use on your phone– – You're not secure in Ashton's advice for you – No, no, no, I'm sure that any security expert– – You think he was, did I turn your volume up by accident? – No, its' just when you touched the volume, it made me think maybe I should adjust– – One, one, one, one, one

– You know, we see somebody adust something – I'm sorry guys, we're adjusting all types of things today – We can adjust what we want It's like when you see somebody adjust their shirt, and then you kind of naturally, well, maybe I need to adjust my shirt I need to adjust my hair

– We also moved your phone out because we heard you – Well, we heard one person – We read one person complain about, "I don't want the phone in there" So fine, it's not in here We just want you to be– – Give us a freakin' break

– Happy, but– – I'm not question– – You're saying that Ashton was selling– – I'm not questioning No, I'm not questioning that I believe, wholeheartedly, that airport wifi is probably a bad idea, and anybody knows anything about wifi security and that kind of thing would tell you don't get on a public wifi if you care about your information But I'm just thinking that Ashton Kutcher's probably also personally involved in the product that he was pushing Nothing wrong with that

I'm not talking about an insider trading situation – Did you reply to Ashton Kutcher? – No, 'cause I got to the tweet like two days late I was like, whoa– – You were on a two day flight? – No I just happened to see, sometimes I go in and I click on who's replied to me, and I click on verify to be like, (scoffs) what verified people are interested in me today for a self image boost – You need a little pick-me-up

– And I saw Ashton Kutcher I was like, ho-yeah The guy, once you punched him in the stomach Remember that? – Did I punch him in the stomach? – You poked him in the stomach with a pencil or something We did a misleading thumbnail at some point about

– Our meeting with Ashton Kutcher You can look that up That was on the Good Mythical Morning channel before Good Mythical Morning existed

– MM-hm – One of our first LA, not first, but one of our fledgling LA visits we had a meeting with Ashton Kutcher, airport wifi security expert, because we wanted to make sure that we stayed secure in all of our flight endeavors – I believe– – He's also an actor – He's probably sincere Okay, so this is a rabbit hole episode

We're going to go down the rabbit hole – That's what I was trying to say, uncharted territory I need to put my phone in airport mode too, 'cause I have not done it And going back to that spot – Maybe one of us needs to be available

Have you ever thought about that? Have you ever thought about the times, we go into airplane mode when we record an Ear Biscuit We go into airplane mode when we shoot GMM – But there's always someone that, if a loved one needs to reach us, I mean, it's easy to reach us through other people – True dat – But you know, there's this thing that if you go to a concert or comedy show or some sort of venue, they've got that pocket now that you put your phone in– – They're taking people's phones

– No, you keep your phone, but they give you a pocket to put it in, and then they have the key So you can't do distracting things during the show to ruin other people's experience, like be filming, or be texting or talking But the thing that I don't understand is, and you can go outside in order to use your phone, but I don't know how you know if somebody's trying to get in touch with you I don't think they can get in touch with you – What if you made the bonehead move of leaving an embarrassing ringtone turned all the way up, or there's an alarm that's going to go off, and now it's in a bag

It's not a soundproof back – I kind of want to go to a show just to experience this phone satchel What's it called? Do you remember? – Phone satchel sounds good enough – That's our version We're partnering with Ashton

– I have many questions about phone satchel Number one is what I just raised, is what happens when something does happen to your phone? – When it's not silenced – But the other thing is, there's no way that YouTube people, such as you and me, could get away with this If we did a life event and we told people to put their phones in a phone satchel, there would be a rebellion, it would be a revolt You know what I'm saying

Chris Rock can do it, an I think he actually is one of the comedians who– – That sounds right – did it recently Traditional people can do it But if we were to tell people that they couldn't bring their phones, it seems so anti-internet to do that Doesn't it? – When we did the initial round of the Tour of Mythicality, we did have this conversation, and we decided not to say anything

I mean, our only concern was that people would leak part of the show, and that it might spoil other people's experience But we actually didn't think about spoiling people's experience when we're there – There were people, I don't know how it was, somebody associated with the tour that was handling it, they were policing the content that people were uploading related to our show So in other words, if somebody uploaded a full song performance, it may be taken down People have mixed feelings about that

It may seem a little too strict or whatever But I think the idea was is that it's fine to give people an idea of what you experienced there, but when you start releasing entire performances of songs or that kind of thing, at that point you might be spoiling the surprise for people I actually saw some people tweet, "Hey, I did a vlog and I put part of "the tour of Mythicality in my vlog, "and it got taken down" – Ooh – Kind like, eh, not really us doing that

– I hope you put too much – Yeah – And that was a good reason to take it down, not just a little bit – All that to say that we're not going to tell you to put your phones in a satchel – But you know, who knows? Three years from now we're telling you to put your phones in a satchel, and you're like, "You remember that Ear Biscuit "where you said you'd never do that?" Well, we'll just delete this Ear Biscuit

How 'bout that? – Well, let's just say right now, you know what? We just have a feeling that we wouldn't do that But we also have a feeling that we might (laughs) We're ambivalent on the subject – Never say you'll never do something You can't do that anymore

– You said that we would never do something – Oh, you might get me into trouble here – Yeah – What'd I say I'd never do? – Something And then we were thinking about doing it

– We'll never do full frontal nudity on Good Mythical Morning – Yep, that was it – Never say never – You did though – I don't know, people say our standards are sliding year by year

So who knows, by the time we're 60 we'll be just two naked dudes And you'll have to deal with it – But it'll be below the desk You won't see it, we'll just tell that it's happening down there – It'll just be the idea, just knowing that we're naked

– We'll just be free I mean, one episode will be like, "I've taken my shoes off "I just want you to know "My shoes are off" It's kind of like in the plane

Do you do that? Sometimes I'll take my shoes off on a long flight – It depends on the length of the flight, yeah – If you wait to late, then you might have stink feet when you take your shoes off – Really? – I usually don't have that, but there's other members of my family that definitely have that – All the kids have stink feet

Oh, yeah The boys, man their feet, it's horrible I don't know what to do – I was definitely only talking about my kids And I'm like, "Put your shoes back on, boy!" Even in the house, like if we're sitting down watching something, like we're into Planet Earth II

– Oh, yeah If they take their shoes off inside, it's like what is wrong, what is that smell? – all the sudden, we're watching Planet Earth II and I'm smelling animal I'm like, "Dang it! "Who took their shoes off?" – I always think it's who brought in a new kind of cheese (laughs) – And shoved it down in the couch – I know you guys don't like strong cheeses

I do – That's the only thing that can ruin Planet Earth II by the way – Is a cheesy foot smell – Yeah And then you just cap it back up with a shoe or send that person out of the room

– But do you think that if we– – I want to talk about Planet Earth, by the way So if you're talking about something else, I'm– – We'll come back to that I'm still talking about the same thing that we were talking about a second ago – Oh – I haven't even moved onto Planet Earth yet

– Okay – Do you think if we slowly introduced being completely naked– – Oh, you were still on that – On Good Mythical Morning – Oh, okay, you want to push that So shoes, then one day I'm like, "As you know, my shoes have been off in the past

"Well, they've been off ever since then "Now my socks are off too" – We'd have to go tank top Like one of us would go tank top, then the other of us would go tank top, then the other one would do midriff, the other guy would do midriff – No, no, no, I'm saying it comes from the bottom up

– You work your way up – One day we're like, we look no different, then all the sudden it's like, "I'm just not wearing pants today, "nor am I wearing shorts "It's not going to impact your experience, "or maybe it will" – I don't even know what just happened physically to your face (laughing) – I burped while I was talking

– Yeah, but you didn't stop You just kept talking, which I like You burped through it Let me see if I can do that What was the word you were saying? (laughing) What was the word that you were saying, 'cause I want to say the same word? – I'm sorry

I mean, that is not good podcaster form – Do you know the word you were saying – If a man has got to burp during his (laughs) speak It's bound to happen This is more embarrassing than me letting my wiener hang out on Good Mythical Morning

– No it's not I can't do it, I can't talk burp And who wants to hear that anyway? Nobody – I'm sorry – What's wrong with you? – It wasn't clear that's what had happened? – I mean, I kinda figured

(laughs) Planet Earth II – Oh, I don't want to talk about it now – Oh, but you've been enjoying it – When you said full frontal nudity I was just saying from the waist down Like newscaster nudity

– That's all that really matters, though, isn't it? For men – That's what I'm getting at We just wouldn't stand up We'd never go shirtless We'd never be full nudity

We'd just be lower half frontal – I told you I watched that Game Over, Man!, the Workaholics guys movies – Yeah – I don't typically choose to watch comedy movies You know this

And the old adage is, if you work in comedy, you watch drama, if you work in dramady, dramady (laughs) – Is that an adage though? – I've heard it from many people – Oh, that makes me feel better, 'cause I don't watch comedies – I feel like when I watch comedies, I'm watching them as a student And I was like, all right, here's a good comparison for us

You got these guys who went and made this show, and they're really funny together Then they went off and they wrote a movie And I think they're all very funny individually and funny together, a fan of Workaholics And I was like I'm going to start watching this movie, 'cause I'm waiting for my wife to come and join me to watch the Wild Wild Country documentary on Netflix Highly recommended

Enjoying the heck out of that And I was like, I'm going to wait for her and watch this movie, and I'll just get a little bit of it But she was making a cake, and she never stopped making the cake It was like 1:30 AM I ended up watching the whole thing

– How big is this cake? – Talk about full frontal nudity Good gracious I mean, there was so much penis in this movie I mean, I was like, I didn't sign up for this – Oh, really

– I didn't want to see Adam Devine's penis multiple times And it was not a prosthetic Now when they cut Daniel Stern's penis off, that was a prosthetic – What? – That happened in the movie, yes – I'm not watching this movie

It's just indicative of the type, no pun intended, of the type of movie that– – Indicative – has other things that I don't know if I want – I just wasn't expecting it – Was it like just for shock value? Or was it – I don't know I didn't find those moments particularly funny I'm not offended by seeing someone's penis That's not what I'm saying

It's just, it was kinda unexpected and also like, eh, really? Why? – Was it supposed to be sensual? – No No – It was supposed to be comedic – It was supposed to be comedic There was one moment when I laughed during that scene

There was just a lot I think they could've just pulled back a little bit You know what I'm saying? They could've just pulled back a little bit – Turtle could've gone in the shell a little bit But that's all you're going to say about it

So you are recommending it? – I am not recommending it, no I'm not recommending it Just the way it all came together is not the way that it all came together with Workaholics That's all I can say I still think the guys are very funny

I just think that I was a little distracted by the amount of penis, and in general, it just didn't gel in the way that their comedy has for me in the past – No pun intended – We're going to get to a question, your question that will lead us down the inevitable rabbit hole – Yes – But first, we're going to let you know that you can get Link's shirt at mythical

store – You can get all types of stuff We just want to invite you to go over there and browse There are pictures of us wearing stuff, as well as some other Mythical crew members And you know what? You too can wear the stuff if you purchase it

There's the Amazon store and the mythicalstore, and there's just stuff to wear to rep your team That's us You're one of us now How do I know? 'Cause you're wearing the shirts, or drinking from the mugs, or styling your hair with the creams

– Ah, that's usually– – The pomade – Yeah, pomades Rep your Mythical self at mythicalstore – Yeah

Highly recommend Planet of the Earth II I'm not going to talk about it now, but I'm going to open this envelope It's sealed tight This thing's been sealed up for a while – You guys must've really, licked it

– Okay, here we go Don't know what's on this We're going to read it, and then, you know, it's just going to lead us on the friendly conversation I pulled the thing out and then I blew in the envelope, just because I saw Letterman did that But he would do it in order to get the thing out, but I already had the thing

– Letterman or Johnny Carson? Johnny Carson definitely blew into it as the amazing, what was he? – You're right – What was his name? – I can't remember the guy who told the jokes in reverse– – Ed McMahon laughed – Chris Clay asks, "I will be interested "in hearing your bucket lists "You are both very different people, "so I wonder how they compare" Ooh, bucket list

Now I'm just going to jump in there and say that – Going to jump right in the bucket – I've got a couple of different apps that have lists and notes in them

There's the Notes app, Evernote We were both big into Evernote years ago – I'm still pretty big into Evernote – I still use Evernote for my personal note taking Just burped, but I stopped talking

– Good I like that That's good technique – Yeah, I'm working on it I've thought about creating a personal Evernote, 'cause I got the personal Evernote, I've got the creative Evernote, and then I've got the Rhett and Link creative shared Evernote, which we don't use that much anymore because of the Google Docs

But the Link personal, I thought about putting one and calling it bucket list – I already have one – I started to create it – I'm about to break it out – I do not have one

I have one that's called thoughts (snickers) Which is kind of like the subreddit shower thoughts, like I have those just for me Thoughts So I'm going to have to come up with my bucket list You have a bucket list

– It's not very long, but I think it will be enough to get us started And I think it will give you some ideas – And I do think every time that I've thought about a bucket list, I've immediately thought, well, it would be nice if my good buddy, Rhett, created a bucket list, and I could just pull from it – Yeah That's what's about to happen

– If your bucket runneth over I mean– – If your bucket runneth over – I'll catch it Even when it comes to like vacation stuff, which I tend to think about vacations a lot when it comes to bucket lists, like places I want to visit You tend to think more about that, and I'm like, yep, good idea

Didn't have to waste my energy I could just harness yours I'm like a bucket list leech I'm proud of it – You're like a guy who gets in someone else's bucket list

If somebody already is carrying a bucket, just get in the bucket – One day you're going to go out and look in your bucket, and you're going to see it's empty, 'cause I like slurped everything out of it – I do think that you're going to be into many of these things And also, I got to say that I pictured you being there for at least some of them – And I will say, if you haven't listened to our classic Ear Biscuit on Rhett's layers, we go into, if I can recall correctly, a lot of detail in terms of that dynamic of what I just discussed

– And many of the things that are from my layers have translated to my bucket list I also have a list called things I like Which you've been with me at different times where I've enjoyed something, and I'm like, I'm adding that to the things I like list – And it brings you even more pleasure It's like we're eating at this restaurant

It's like, gosh, this is so good And then it's like your face lights up, you pull out your phone, you're like, "I'm going to put that in my favorite things list" – Things I like – "Things I like list" – Yeah

'Cause then you know, oh, I'm in New York What do I like here? Oh, just look at the things I like – Now I will tell you, if I put out a list, I could beat any list you've got with my packing for the RV trip list – That would be really exciting for you to read too – I'm not going to feel inferior just because I'm really hedging that I'm going to leech off of your list

I've thought about, literally, I've thought about publishing my packing for an RV survival kit list – I'm sure there'd be an interested audience Pretty small, but somebody's interested – Very interested though – Very motivated

Okay – You going to do these one at a time? – Yeah – I mean, we got time – Yeah, number one, and these are in no particular order, they're just in the order that I added them Fly an ultralight trike

– Fly an ultralight trike Is this the most recent one or the first one when you created the bucket list? – B – So when you finally broke the seal on creating a bucket list, this was the idea that did it What prompted this? Did you see an ultralight trike in the air? – I think I probably saw a video or a movie or something where there was one flying, and I was like, man, you really let that dream fly away, no pun intended – Can you tell when this list started? I mean, was it in the last six months? The first time you talked about an ultralight trike was the year 2002

– This bucket list was created on July 28th, 2014 at 10:34 PM – Right, so 12 years earlier– – Most recently added, January 14th, 2017 What? This hasn't been that long, has it? Yeah I think it's been over a year since I updated this I got to get on this bucket list

– Wow – Yeah, so I was probably enjoying something– – And you were reminded of your mental bucket list and how you really wanted to do an ultralight trike – And now I was just thinking about the fact that I got so into it, I actually had the inaugural flight scheduled– – I was going to go with you – You were going to go with me, and then it got shut down somehow – It was at the Angier air strip

We were going to meet the guy – No, no, no, it was Dunn It was right outside of Dunn – Had to go all the way to the crack capital of North Carolina? – The world, I think – That's what they said, yeah

'Cause of the 95 Corridor – Yeah – So, let me get this straight An ultralight trike is a three wheeled lawn chair underneath– – Selling it a little short – A fixed wing made out of what appears to be Ziploc bags with a lawnmower motor strapped to the back of the lawn chair

You could probably find one on Etsy – That wasn't a very generous description of what I'm picturing But yeah, petty much It's basically a hang glider that has a place to sit underneath it and has a motor – So it's motorized, that's not a glider

– Because I would also, underneath this I would include those powered parachutes where the dudes have basically a backpack that has a fan, and they're basically in a parachute that's a wing There's multiple dudes on YouTube There's one guy on YouTube, I wish I could plug him 'cause I've enjoyed his videos, who has one of these powered parachutes, and he takes a camera up, and he'll be like, "Today, I'm going to fly," look this up, Jacob, because I think it's, "I'm going to fly to the McDonald's "I'm going to fly to McDonald's from my house" He like lives in the Midwest or something, so he's out in kinda the country

– So what's he going to search? – Just powered parachute, fly to McDonald's, and then he's got a bunch of videos And he'll just fly to McDonald's and he's doing commentary the whole time – Oh, wow – And then he lands at McDonald's, he gets a burger, and then– – It's like a let's play of a flight simulator – What's that? – Yes

Yeah, yeah Tucker Gott? – Yeah Tucker Gott – With two Ts, G-O-T-T – He's got one of these things

– He's got one – It just seem so– – Tucka got a ultralight – It seems so fun – Well, that's not a ultralight – That's a ultralight

I mean, look at how fun that looks – It's just a dude in shorts There's a shot that's back at him You might think he's on a fan boat in the Everglades until you realize that he's parachuting – Look at that freakin', it's a crazy, it blows my mind! – When you come in for a landing, it's like you could come in for a landing really hard if you don't watch out

– So you know the ride Soarin'? Is that at Disneyland? Soarin'? – California Adventure? – Where you smell the oranges – Yeah, it is my favorite ride at Disneyland Because of this, because the idea of flight, of personally controlled, wind in your face flight, it is one of my dreams, and I let the dream die And one of the reasons is because my wife is worrying about me dying – Well, this is what I was going to say because– – She doesn't want me to die

Why does she have to care – You had talked me into basically signing up to go on just a tandem ride with a guy on a fixed wing ultralight – But are you into this idea? – Well, here's the thing – It's like being a bird – I'm shocked that it's on your list now

I do not believe you would do it – What? – I do not believe you would do that powered parachute thing It's way too dangerous, dude You have too much life to live for You wouldn't do it

Just think about it for a second – Well, I– – Let's either make a commitment right now to do it, or just realize that you're not going to do it – But I might do the other one, the one that's just a the trike – So you're not going to do the parachute That's crazy

– Actually, I think it may be safer, ultimately I think it may be safer You're already parachuting What can go wrong? I know you can get caught up into the wing and hit the ground in a bundle of fabric – My instincts tell me that it's an easy way to end your life by accident, man

– Well, it's on the bucket list It's on the bucket list as fly an ultralight trike, and that could be flying while someone else is in control too The idea of being in the air exposed to the elements, the fact that it's possible that we live in a time where it is possible to fly like a bird, that is an option for all humans, it just seems like you have to do it once – So, you would do that? You would do what we were going to do all those years ago? It hasn't changed? – Oh, I would definitely do it But my wife, I don't know if I've ever told this story, but my wife was in a small aircraft plane crash

– Like a Cessna? – When she was a baby, so she doesn't remember Her grandfather, her dad's dad, was shot at some point, shot in Detroit when she was a baby And so they needed to get out there very, very quickly, and so they took a small plane to Detroit, like immediately, like, "Let's get in the plane, and let's go" I don't know what the hook up was And then on the way back they lost power, and ended up basically crash landing, like hit a power line and crash landed, and nobody was hurt

They were shaken up And so– – Wow – The idea around small aircraft and the danger that comes with small aircraft is something that's just like in her genes, it's part of her family heritage So she doesn't want me to do anything like this – But that's akin to like going on a helicopter tour like we've both done, and I did recently

I don't know, it's just this seems so more rickety, man Would you go on an unpowered glider, jump off the side of a mountain tandem with someone who's well qualified on a glider? I don't think I would do that – I don't think I would do that, but I'd do it if it has a motor – I don't think it's that much different You're on a slippery slope, and it's a long fall

– Okay, well let me take you to another idea – But it did inspire something on my bucket list, which I have said, which is I want to ride a horse at a gallop I won't do no loser Palm Springs situation I want to ride a horse at a gallop – That seems like a pretty easy one to get to

– Great There's nothing like checking something off your bucket list – I mean, that could probably be arranged in the next five minutes We could be down at the Burbank Equestrian Center and be like, "This man wants to gallop" And they'll be like, "Is he dying?" "No, it's just it's been on his bucket list– – If a bucket list – "for a long time

" is attainable, why is that a point of criticality for the said bucket list? – No, no, I'm just saying it's almost like, "You know what's on my bucket list? "You know, eating a triple Whopper" The kind of thing that could be arranged really easily – Is that on there? – No, it's not Most things that are on my bucket list are things that the logistics are difficult – What if it's a quintuple Whopper? There should be some food related thing

– It's difficult to talk them into that It's difficult It was difficult to talk them into that quadruple Whopper that we had that one time on the show – I think this is a series I think Rhett and Link's Twisted Yet Attainable Bucket List is the bucket list we should be coming up with

– It might have a catchier name – It should have ride a horse at a gallop, eat a quintuple Whopper – You know what a good name for that would be? – What? – Instead of bucket list it starts with an F That would be a good web series name, but we wouldn't do that We don't do that kind of thing

For like really easy to attain bucket list items – Yeah, it's just like you're sitting on the couch with nothing to do, somebody mentions something, you're like, "F it, let's do it" – The F it list – Let's do it 'Cause when you F something, its' like, F it, I'll do it right now

– Yeah, right, exactly I'll ride a horse at a gallop right now Things that can be arranged on the day and we just do them That's a great idea – I came up with it

– I told you it was a great idea – Well, thank you – Here's another one Sail to a– – Got to come up with a better name for it thought – Sail to an island

I'm going to group this together with sail French Polynesia – By the way, because you plugged Tucker Gott's ultra parachute channel, I fully expect him to fly to us now – I think that's the dangerous– – I mean he specifically is going to invite you to go on a trip to McDonald's to get a quintuple Big Mac And then you're going to be turning the guy down Before you put these things on your list, you got to think about it

– Well, I'm about to shout somebody else out – Do it – Sail to an island Now you know, if you listened to that original podcast, that another one of my deeply held convictions is that I have to sail boats at some point I actually, at one point I looked up– – You're into risky transportation

– My heritage, and the McLachlins, and they were people of the sea, and it's in me to be on the water I've been in a sailboat twice One time it was at Sharon Harris Lake – Nothing like that nuclear cruise – It was a nuclear lake, and there was no wind

I took a sailing class on a fake lake in North Carolina on a day when there was a one mile per hour northeast breeze, so I didn't learn anything The guy taught me some things, but there was no sailing that took place – You learned some terminology – And then we rented a sailboat in the Santa Monica Bay, not operated by me, it was like a man who was operating it, and the family went out there, – You chartered a sailboat – and we paid for one hour of sailing around the bay

We brought some cheese and crackers And the kids were like, "Dad, go get the cheese and crackers" And Dad, me, went down below, and immediately when I got down below it was like the whole world turned upside down I was like, cheese and crackers, I want to vomit cheese and crackers all over you folks And I was able to somehow make it back out with the cheese and crackers, and I just laid there trying not to vomit the entire time

– The rest of the time? – If the McLachlins could only see me now You know when I talk about my ancestors, I say McLachlin even though I'm a McLaughlin We've lost a little bit of the heritage So I haven't done much by way of getting ready for this But I have a book that is this couple that sailed around the entire world and took these amazing pictures as they went around

And they stopped at all these little island Island, I love islands, and the idea of just being able to sail up to an island There's a book called Sailing Alone Around the World, which my wife says, "This is the epitome "of what you're into" She couldn't believe that this is the kind of thing I was into, a book about a dude sailing alone around the world – You're like bringing this into your house, kinda like thumbing your nose at your family

– I read that whole book That's like a hundred years old, and it's just a crazy tale of adventure But this is a couple that did it in the 80s or 90s, and they have all these pictures It's incredible – I'm sure the pictures are better than the experience

– And there's these YouTube channels of people who's sold everything and just have boats, and they sail, and that's their YouTube channel There's this Australian couple, they're both really good looking Australians sailing around the world – YouTube channel – YouTube channel Look that up, Jacob

I don't know what it is Australian couple YouTube sailors (snickers) That, again, I don't know anybody's name They make it look so fun, man – They do, don't they? You know– – You want to sail on an island and make a YouTube series about it? Sail to an island

– I'd like to introduce you to a land yacht called the RV – Oh, gosh – Yes What are they called? – Sailing La – Vagabonde – Sailing La Vagabonde How recent is the most recent video? They still doing it? – On day ago, they're still doing it! That's the thing I love about that They started a couple years ago, and it's the kind of thing that you think people are just going to give up on

They're still freakin' doing it! They're sailing, man! They're living there life! They're freaking living a bucket list! You got to admire that What about the RV? – I think your bucket list needs to involve things that don't take more than a day – 'Cause that's the F it list, man That's different – You're not going to want to sail forever around the world

I mean, you're not You want to sail a little bit, and you want to have some pictures and– – That's what a bucket list is It's a list, and you do it, and you check it off – How long you going to be there? Sail to an island– – Sail to an island or sail French Polynesia – Okay

– You just do it, an then you're like, "I did it, man" – I just wanted to make sure you weren't going to sail around everywhere – Look at these And you know what? – They had a drone – They had a company give them that Catamaran, that big sailboat

Because they went out and did their stuff, and then somebody said, "Hey, we're going "to give you an awesome boat" You got to be really good looking though – Now you want to buy that boat – So, would you do this with me? Would you sail to an island? – For five to six days, yes – We're not going to get to any cool islands in five to six days

I think we got to commit two months of our lives to this I want to sail to an island where there's nobody there We sail to the island, we document the whole thing, we live off of the land– – Are our wives there, 'cause you know they're not there – No, this is like after the kids have left, they're in college, and the wives– – The kids aren't the wives – No, no, yeah, but see, if we leave now, what we have to do is when the kids are in college– – That would be irresponsible

– Then the wives, they've got their own thing, they're doing their own thing They're sailing around the world, whatever it is – You're giving them a boat, and we've got a boat – Yeah, they have a boat – They'll love that

(laughs) – At some point, they're going to get tired of us, and they're not going to want us to be around – Which is kind of my point with us on the sailboat – (scoffs) Really? Okay, we take a mediator – We would need– – We'll take Morgan We've already established who we're going to take

– Right (laughs) – Okay, we'll take Morgan All right, I got more specific This one you're really to be into Surf Chicama Peru

I don't know if it's Chicama, Jicama, I don't know how you say it, C-H-I-C-A-M-A Peru It's the longest wave in the world I showed you a YouTube video of this – Jicama – Jicama? That probably might be right

It is the longest wave in the world It's this super mellow wave that a couple of dads on paddle boards could kill You go down there and there's nothing, there's nothing down there It's totally remote There's, again, YouTube videos of these dudes surfing this wave

– They're just like lounging – I mean, you can surf the wave – Jicama? – Okay I don't know how it got changed to C-H in my Evernote But it looks absolutely insane

– There's like drone footage of this, trucking along like a little train beside– – Bring some of that up, Jacob – A person going on a wave – Longest wave in the world, Peru I saw that, and I was like, put it on the bucket list, man Do it, do it now

Put it on the bucket list – This is you talking to you? – This is the inner thoughts– – Or you have a bucket list secretary – of Rhett McLaughlin Look at this, Link – That's a big looking wave

– No, well, when I saw it, it was small There's a video, in fact, we should put this on the list– – To the bucket list right now? – You know what we need to do? Surf behind a oil tanker in the Gulf of Mexico Have you seen these videos? – They create a wave that then you can surf – Surf oil tanker, Gulf of Mexico – Now that you only have one chance at

The longest wave in Peru, I bet if you bail, there's another one There's another set, and you can pick up where you left off and keep surfing – There's always another tanker – But then you're waiting for the tanker You're behind one tanker, what, you're in front of, I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer

– You're supposed to be– – I'm your conscience – No, no, what you should be is you should be an enabler and a supporter When somebody is just chock-full of ideas– – You'd have to win me over You know this If you can address the safety– – You're the one who– – economical and familial concerns

– I'm the one who saw– – Then I'll get in there – Who saw the magazine cover of the people on the SUPs and then said, "We got to get that," And then we got it – Oh, so it's Chicama, not Jicama Jicama is too big We're dads

We don't want to die – We're going to Chicama You go to Chicama, and you just keep surfing, and surfing, and surfing Or we just to to Texas, which is closer, get a oil tanker But I'm the one who found the thing, – Commandeer an oil tanker

– And you absolutely love it And you're the one who's like, in fact, we should do it this week It's time to go back, jack We got to back to our spot – I'll put on my bucket list, commandeer and pilot an oil tanker

Like that's how I want to be an enabler I want to steer an oil tanker – I don't think that's the fun part, though – I wonder what it would feel like, you know You're turning and nothing's happening

You know what they say It's like turning around a battleship It's not easy – Right When it's difficult to make a decision when all the momentum is going in one direction

– It's like my nana trying to do a three point turn – Have you seen her do that? – It's like a 18 point turn – Yeah – Right She's got nowhere to be at any particular time

– Just picture this, though Gulf of Mexico, 78 degrees, I'm in a blue bathing suit, you're in a green bathing suit – Can I, I like the blue – You got a blue bathing suit, I got a green bathing suit, we've got two surfboards, we're paddling along, "Oh, here comes the oil tanker" You catch the wave, I catch the wave, we look at each other, make eye contact

Picture this moment for one second You're in a blue bathing suit, I'm in a green bathing suit – You got me – I'm on a red paddleboard What color's your board? – Cream

– Cream, off white board You look at me, now I'm on a red board, I got green shorts on, you're like, "Merry Christmas to us" It doesn't even have to be Christmas, it could be July I'm just in a Christmas theme color And You're like, "This is the coolest "thing we've ever done

" Imagine making– – And I'm like, "Merry Christmas to us!" You're like, "What!" I'm like, "Merry Christmas to us!" You're like, "What! "I can't hear you over the oil tanker!" I'm like, "Merry, we talked about this, "Christmas to u-!" and then I fall off, and you lean forward, and you fall off We're like, "You got to wait for the next tanker!" – You're ruining it Think about us making eye contact It'd be like that time I was kissing Amber and you were kissing Anna, and we made eye contact And we were like, this is the best thing that could happen

(laughs) You know what I'm saying? Was that not the best thing we had ever experienced? For me it was Not looking at you while kissing a woman I'm just saying kissing– – You couldn't have made it more weird – Kissing Amber in the way that I was kissing her at Betsy's house What that? – Betsy, yeah

– Betsy's house, Betsy P Kissing her was the peak of my existence at that point Right? I mean I was like, this is what life is about – We were both having peak moments, and we were peeking at each other – And then we looked at each other, and I was like, there's my boy

He'd doing it too (laughing) We don't experience that enough anymore I want more Amber and Anna moments in our lives That's the freaking Gulf of Mexico, eye contact – I'm with you

I'll do it I mean, I'm just saying like the dolphin moment from a few months back while surfing, that was a good moment – But you can't engineer that – That makes it even better – That was serendipitous, and it was beautiful

But you weren't right next to me when it happened The dolphin was I'm talking, we can engineer these situations where we can both be on ultralight trikes, and then we could look at each other, make eye contact, and we need a symbol or an extra big thumbs up We need something like when you, it's like ting, in fact, that's part of the series When achievement is unlocked, there's like a symbol and a sound that we put in in post when we unlock something

I'd watch that (inhales sharply) – I don't think, the thumbs up, I think we're going to feel a little self conscious in the moment – Yeah, I was just throwing it out there – Giving each other a tandem thumbs up, I think we're not going to feel that at the time I think that's going to ruin it

– Maybe we carry a bucket – Oh – Maybe we get bucket tattoos – And we show them – And you show them to each other

– At that moment – And then wink – Oh, what's that? – It's a zit, man You got to put a bucket tattoo over that thing – There's a zit on my deltoid

(chuckles softly) – Here's another one you'll be really into SUP next to icebergs – Oh (exhales sharply) – Man, they just keep coming, don't they – Talk about, sounds cold

Again, I'm being negative – You wear a very thick dry suit – You got to sell me, man I would do this– – All you have to do is Google, and then you'll be like, "Yep, got to do that "That looks incredible

" I'll move out of water sports Stay at a castle – Stay at a castle – Spend the night at a castle – Are they updated inside? – You mean you want like HVAC? – Definitely

I mean, I'm thinking more plumbing You know, when we were in Amsterdam a little over a year ago, I went to that castle, Muir Castle I think it was It was cool You could walk around on the second floor, and there wasn't a lot too it up there It was just a fortress to send attacking people away

But when you would take a crap, it would run down a hole into the moat on the outside of the castle – Right? – And that would create a lot of disease It would be a deterrent for people trying to emoat into the castle But I have to assume that they've been retrofitted inside Or maybe a one night camping situation, that would be pretty cool too

I'll do that – Okay – I wouldn't die You know, it's different than the ultralight thing – Here's my thing

– I could die on the horse, though – When we went to Amsterdam, you went to two castles – Yeah, we split up We were with our wives – I went to the one castle

– It was more romantic – When you talk about the moat, are you talking about the castle that I went to that I took the tour of, or are you talking about the bigger one that's more updated? – The older one that didn't have that much to it Maybe that wasn't Muir – That's the one that I took a picture of Shout out to Rhett MC on Instagram

I put a photo there, sorry, had to say that – It had a moat – And again, I see these things in pictures, and I'm like, we got to go there So I saw that in a picture, and I was like, we got to go there And we went and took the tour, or whatever

I may have added that to the list at this time The thing that frustrates me about touring places, like touring the Biltmore House, is I just feel like I'm part of a tour You know what I'm saying? – Yeah, yeah – I've taken the– You want to sleep over – the Biltmore tour twice

One time at Christmas Highly recommend it I mean, it's amazing I love– – But taking a tour of something is not a bucket list thing – 'Cause you're walking with all these randos, and you've got the headphones on, and some dude recorded it a long time ago

– Feel like cattle – Yeah, yeah, I'm being herded through this thing, and it's like, there's ropes, and there's doors you can't go through It's like, no, no, no, no, no, no, this is not what I want What I want is I want full access I want to be here for the night

I want to be able to walk around, naked if I please – Play cards in the smoking room – I want to be able to experience this castle as if I am the king, for a night – You can do that at The Caverns I think that's on my bucket list

– You've already been to The Caverns – But you can stay the night down in there – I'll put it on right now, put it on there Stay in hole – Overnight

– What's the official name? – Grand Canyon Caverns – I should probably clarify that Grand– – Stay in a hole overnight That will be the last thing on your bucket list that you will be completing forever – Overnight

– He's typing – Okay – There's more on your bucket list Let's make sure we don't leave anything out – Go to those huts on the water in Bora Bora

– Well, we're getting close to that – We're going to get close to that We can't talk about exactly what, 'cause we don't know exactly what the plans are at this point – We're working on something like that – But it's not that specifically

– No, it's not – It's not that So that's still going to be on the bucket list – We could go there – We should go there at some point

Again– – We decided not to go there – You could see French Polynesia, which Bora Bora is like South Pacific, right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean – And I've cheated I've looked at the rest of the things on your list, and they all seem to be outdoorsy stuff It's interesting that your bucket list kind of gravitates towards like more of a retirement scenario

Which is, again, another argument for the other TBD– – Well, I think almost all of them are– – F bucket list – are very travel oriented – It'd be more immediate – Is it Palau? P-A-L-A-U They're these amazing rock islands

– What are we going to do there? – We're going to kayak, kayak the rock island – We should kayak off Catalina – Yes – We've talked about that for– – There's freaking caves Well, not Catalina, but if you go up to the Channel Islands, the uninhabited

Again, islands, which I've talked about before, my fascination with them, but there are these islands off the coast of California, there's Catalina which has a community, and you can do there And I still haven't been there We've lived here for seven years, still haven't been You can just take a ferry from Long Beach and be there in a couple hours The rest of the Channel Islands that are uninhabited, but there's outposts, and you can go camping, and there's caves

– Yes, when you go north to– – You can kayak in the caves – Santa Barbara, you can see them out there as you're going up – We got to get better at organizing these things, and not just talking about them, but doing them – Well, the kids can't come We could get the kids in the kayak

But I want to do a stand up paddle board I really like that better than a kayak – Yeah, yeah, yeah You can do the stand up paddle board as well out there – Was that all of your list? – I also added, while we were talking, 'cause this is something that's just been in my mental bucket list, silent retreat

– Silent retreat – Yeah I used to think people were nuts when they talked about this Remember we heard that Rivers Cuomo Incidentally, I saw a few of you were interacting on Twitter and talking about the beef that we have with Weezer

Not a lot of people interesting in that, apparently – I can't remember, did we ask for them to be interested specifically? – No Sometimes you can just gauge interest on things– – Right – It didn't get a lot of– – passively – Twitter conversational traction

– But anyway, Rivers Cuomo, we were told at some point, in fact I think it was, when we were trying to do that original thing, they were like, "Rivers is going on "his month long silent retreat" Which you know, and again, this is probably being in LA for seven years, initially I was like, what? Who? Why? That's the most pretentious thing I've ever heard off Going off to your freakin' silent retreat, loser Now I'm like when am I going to go on my month long silent retreat? – Month long? – I don't want to start with a month And I don't want to do a month until, again, this is one of the things that, as a father, I don't want to go away for a month

But I do want to do a week long one, and I want to do a week long one not into the not too distant future Because I've heard from anyone who's done these, they're like, "You can't just do a weekend "It won't even be worth it "You'll get to the point where "you're about to enjoy yourself, "you're about to break through "to the other side of whatever happens in silence, "and then you'll have to come back home "So go for a week

" – Now there's no way I'm invited to this – We could both go and make a lot of eye contact We can have a lot of Amber and Anna moments It's like we're silent, we see each other in the cafeteria – We can show our tattoo to each other

– We got to get this bucket tattoo – I wouldn't want to go totally by myself because I think one of my favorite things about our friendship is that we go through things together, and then we can analyze it into the ground afterward I think that type of conversation that we have always had, I think is maybe the key to the mind meld that I think we experience creatively, I mean, our ability to work well together and to be friends for as long as we have I'm developing this theory – What's the theory? – I do think that, it's like if you really know somebody, you're like I can finish that person's sandwiches

I know what they're thinking right now Well, for us, it's not a sixth sense, it's not something magical We've spent hours and hours, weeks of our lives when you add it all up, just rehashing shared experiences and then coming to conclusions about the experience, the people, the things Isn't that true? – Yeah – That's the great thing about a friendship, or a partnership, or whatever it is

So for a silent retreat, I wouldn't want to go without somebody being there that's like whenever I came out, I'd be like, "Now was I crazy, or was that crazy?" You know what I'm saying? – I definitely agree – I just want to have someone who can like, 'cause when you come back and tell me about your silent retreat, I'll be like, man, I'll take your word for it, and I'll get a kick out of it, but I, that's my bucket list, man Talking about a shared silent retreat afterward Like having this tension build for seven days, when you're making eye contact, and you're doing thumbs up, and you're looking at tattoos of each other, but you can't speak And then you're like, man, I can't wait 'til we can talk about this

I don't know what happens at a silent retreat Maybe nothing There's nothing to talk about accept in your own mind – I do think that this– – Maybe I'm describing a cult, because of that Wild Wild thing you got me watching – Here's what

I totally agree with the general sentiment – My bucket list is just to be your friend – Of like, you want to have a shared experience Just like a dream, it's really the recall of the dream that makes the dream worth having You know what I'm saying? I think that you're going to relive a memory, and science shows that as you revisit something that happened, that you basically write over it and change it a little bit every time

But it's the act of remembering that basically makes the whole event worth living in the first place, right? And so having someone to share it with in the way that we talk about, Stevie says, "Nobody remembers "their childhood like you guys do" And then I'm like, well, I don't know if that's true or not But I think one of the reasons that we do have certain details is the fact that we talked about them so many times You got somebody to talk about this stuff with, "Remember the time," and then you're like, "Yeah, and this," and you fill in the details And so you kind of develop this picture of your past

So that applies But specifically with a silent retreat, I think, at least for the people that I've talked to, there's like a breakthrough that can happen in that time, and it's more about solitude, and process, and looking inward And then there's these levels of consciousness that you can explore It's a deeper thing While you'd want to talk about it, I think it would be distracting to be in the middle of wanting to get to some point, and then we're tapping each other on the shoulder and showing the bucket tattoo and making eye contact

So I think that it probably works for most everything except the silent retreat, because the silent retreats about– – It's going to be silent – It's about you It's about you as an individual It's about getting to some deeper layer of the onion of yourself that we just haven't gotten to yet You know what I'm saying? – Okay, fine, I'm not invited

I get it – No, I'm just saying we should go to different silent retreats or go at a different time This isn't a kissing Amber and Anna situation For me, that's– – That involved a lot more noise – That's icebergs, and sailing, and holes in the ground

That's making out with Amber and Anna – We got plenty (laughs) I do want to add the riding a mule down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon I didn't write that down from a couple weeks back Can you write that down on your list? – Yeah

– And I've realized the only things that I've contributed to the list are things involving a saddle So now I'm wondering is there something else involving a saddle I can put on my bucket list It helps me to narrow it down That's why all my kids, their names start with L They wouldn't be named at all if I was open to the whole alphabet

– Have you ever been on one of those bulls at a bar? – Fake bulls? Ooh, that's tough – There's a saddle – That's not passing my pain test How else do you use a saddle? – You ever eat at the Texas Steakhouse and Saloon? – Yeah, I had a good burger there once – They probably got a saddle on the wall

– When I worked at IBM I've done it, been there done that – Okay – I'll keep thinking about it Is there anything else you want to add to your bucket list before we put the lid on it? – No, I think I'm good right now

– Okay, Ear Biscuiteer, I want to invite you to help us toy with this idea, let's come up with a better more broadly approachable title to the F bucket list Which is something that is– – How 'bout the suck it list No – No That's like an insult

What did I say, it was like kind of a crazy yet perfectly reasonably attainable idea that can be something we put on a list so that we can start going through these things? So my longterm bucket list is to check off 10 to 20 items from my short term reasonably achievable, yet totally odd that you would write that down bucket list – What's a small bucket? What's another name for a small bucket? – Pale? – Pale? – No – Pale list No That seems like a list of pail people

– Use #EarBiscuits – Come up with a good name – Or you can suggest the types of things I mean, you can't put things on our list, but you can suggest things Right now we have a quintuple Whopper, and what was the other one? – Riding a horse at gallop – Yes

Why did I forget that? – And I think that that's probably, I think the quintuple Whopper probably doesn't qualify – We need some more food on it We're too outdoors oriented It doesn't really reflect the brand honestly We're sitting here indoors in dim lighting, and you're listening to us

Thanks for doing that You know what? We're going to speak at you again next week Chris Clay, thank you for asking the bucket list question I hope you weren't disappointed that I don't even have one – And next week, Link, I'm going to have a saddle for you to sit in

– Everywhere – No, just here on this – Oh – It's a saddle – I can't take it everywhere? – No, just– – I can't go around on a hobby horse? – I want you to be able to sit in a saddle when you do Ear Biscuits

Because I feel like I owe it to you (chuckles softly) – Great – [Rhett] To hear this Ear Biscuit in it's entirety and make sure you don't miss an episode, follow the links in the description to subscribe on Apple Podcasts or anywhere else podcasts are available – [Link] To watch more Ear Biscuits, click on the playlist on the right – [Rhett] To watch more of our daily show, Good Mythical Morning, click the playlist on the left

– [Link] And don't forget to click the circular icon to subscribe – [Rhett] Thanks for being your Mythical best

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