Oreo Biscuits and Gravy Recipe

– Oh, that's a nice big ol' butter hole (giggles softly) (upbeat music) Welcome to Mythical Kitchen, where food resembles your sleep paralysis demon

Today we're making Oreo biscuits and gravy, and we've broken that recipe down into three simple steps that you can find in the times codes right there Also, we got the full written recipe in the description And I swear it works If it doesn't work I will Venmo each and every one of you one dollar It's Oreo biscuits and gravy

The Internet is 99% cat videos and 1% Oreo recipes, so every Oreo recipe out there has been done except for biscuits and gravy So, you get all that flaky biscuitiness with all that sweet cream filling, all the gravy that your life wants and needs Let's get cookin' (upbeat electronic music) All right, so we're making our Oreo biscuits right now We're taking a pretty standard buttermilk biscuit recipe, but we're also gonna blend a bunch of Double Stuf Oreos right in there, along with some extra cocoa powder

So, Double Stuf Ahhhh, the feeling of just ripping open a fresh bag of Oreos Full disclosure, over the last week, probably eaten in the neighborhood of, what, 2-300 Oreos? And I am not tired of them I will continue to eat them First step, eat an Oreo

Uh-oh, this is taking a long time to eat I'm sorry, guys (crunches loudly) I need some energy drink to wash it down – [Crew Member] Here ya go, buddy – Thanks, man

So, you're gonna take a full sleeve of Oreos That's gonna go right in your food processor, and then you're gonna take your lid (snaps lid loudly) – [Crew Member] Dude, you did it the first time? – That was the first time I've done it on the first try! You know what it was? I didn't think I let instinct take over And then you're just gonna run this

And then you're gonna get all the cookies broken up so it's not gonna obstruct the flour when you're mixing everything in there Should be roughly the same consistency, then you're also getting some of the fat from that cream They're just gonna add extra flakiness All right, so now the Oreos are all dusted up You're gonna take that

There's some chunks It's gonna slow me down Take a chunk out And this is gonna go right into your flour And then we're also gonna add our other dry ingredients

So we got some sugar going in there We got some black cocoa powder This is a really awesome product, especially if you're doing something like recreating Oreos Cause Oreos don't have, like, a brown chocolate color to it They have this, kinda like, charcoal, almost gray aspect to it

And black cocoa is the key to that If you can't find that, just get dutch-processed cocoa It's pretty much the same thing, or the closest equivalent you can find Add that in there, along with salt, and then we got baking soda, and baking powder These are the leavening agents that give biscuits their rise as opposed to, like, yeasted dough

This is a quick bread, so instead of using yeast that you have to let bloom and blah, blah, blah, proofing, this is gonna rise right up And then you're gonna take your fork This is the first time I haven't gone straight to using my hands to mix something, and I used the utensil I feel like we're learning here One day, I'll stop spitting when I talk and getting it in the food

So the next step for biscuits, and this is very, very important, you need to take ice-cold butter (taps loudly) You can hear how ice-cold it is And then you need to chop it up into small bits So I'm gonna grab a nice butter chopper And then you're gonna cut this into cubes

So the reason you want to keep your butter in cubes, as biscuits cook, cubes of the butter are actually going to evaporate and create nice little air pockets in there Where you're creating air pockets, you are creating a fluffier biscuit Oh, oh, oh Nothing No blood, we're fine

Make sure to separate the butter cubes as you're adding them in And make sure to not run your finger against the edge of the knife And now you're gonna go in there, and you wanna get flour in between each nugget of butter Little buttery nugs Anytime I'm tossing anything in flour, I assume I'm gonna deep fry it

So as I'm doing this, I was just like, these deep-fried Oreo butter nuggets are gonna be great Can we pivot this, and just do deep-fried Oreo butter nuggets? Drop a description in the description below You're gonna move the Oreos away from you so you're not tempted And then you're gonna pour in the buttermilk So you don't wanna go too hard with this, you wanna kind of give it a nice tossing motion because that way you're not breaking up the butter

So now, you can see it's kinda coming together into a mass, but you still see a lot of the butter chunks You gotta roll out your biscuits now, so what we're gonna do is you're gonna shake off the biscuit dough from your hands, but pretend like it's just hand gestures So we're gonna flour down on our board here, and then we're gonna turn out biscuit dough We're gonna do, is we're just gonna mash it out with our hands, and all the butter should just be, kind of, into that dough right there You mash it out

Do I always breathe this heavy? So now we have biscuits here we're gonna use that knife, and we're gonna cut this into quadrants, cause this is actually going to create your layers in that biscuit And then you're gonna put it on top of each other And then you are going to continue to pat that out (groans loudly) So now we're good to cut the biscuits out So you're gonna go ahead, take that biscuit cutter, and then you got some nice biscuits

And you're just gonna pop them on your sheet right there And so now we got all the biscuits formed, we're just gonna pop those in the oven at 425 for about 15 minutes (upbeat music) So what we're gonna do, is we're gonna take the biscuits that are in there, and then we're gonna cut them in half with a knife, and then we're gonna sandwich cream filling inside so it's gonna be like an Oreo, but then also they're gonna get covered in gravy All right, so we have coconut oil going in here Oreo filling, it is hydrogenated fats, which means it's probably some sort of, like, cheap Crisco vegetable shortening

But, coconut oil to me actually works a lot better in homemade recipes because it solidifies really, really nicely So what you wanna do, is you wanna really let your hands heat up that coconut oil, but then we're also gonna take these candy melts right here You can also use white chocolate This is pretty much just a highly processed white chocolate It's like the American cheese of chocolate

And then you're gonna let those melt in your double boiler, which is just a pot that's set above, no, it's a bowl It's like a clear pot, without handles You ever forget what words mean? So it's a double boiler, so it's a bowl set on top of a pot of boiling water The steam is actually going to heat up the bowl, so you're gonna prevent your chocolate from getting scorched You know what's great, is the sugar in the coconut oil insulates your hands so you don't feel the heat

All right, so the candy melts are nice and melty And so the heat from this is actually gonna melt the oil just enough to make it a nice paste Go, go, go! You can really see it coming together, it's starting to look like Oreo filling You just gotta really get some muscle into it So you do it, gotta get swole! They call her swole Nicole for a reason

My hands have looked like this the whole time? We got our Oreo cream, and we're just gonna put that out on our bowl The coconut oil makes everything so slippery So we're gonna take this onto our sheet pan, and we want about a half-inch layer that's gonna go in between all of the biscuits So we're gonna pop this in the fridge, cause right now it's a little bit runny Gonna form into a square, and when we pop that in between the warm biscuits it's gonna be perfectly melty

This is going in the fridge Whooooo! (upbeat music) Is that a bird? Okay, so we gotta make our gravy So we're starting with the same ingredients that we would use in a normal cream gravy, which is very similar to what is called a bechamel, which is a combination of butter, flour, and milk So we're gonna do the same thing, we're gonna incorporate some sweet elements in there to kinda mirror the effect of an Oreo cream filling So all we're gonna do right now is we're gonna melt our butter into that pot

So Okay, that's sugar, this is flour They look similar So we're gonna take the flour and we're gonna put that into the butter And then you wanna stir that immediately so no clumps form

And then you're gonna get this nice little pasty consistency that's called a roux So our roux has been cooking, you can see it actually start to foam and that's how you know you're good to go with your half-and-half I called it milk earlier, but this is, indeed, half-and-half, which to me, it's the same as milk I feel like if you just lied to people and told them it was milk, it would've been fine All right, so we got the, oh no! God! (instrumental music) All right, so we got our half-and-half burning on the stove

And then you're gonna switch halfway over to a whisk All right, so we're waiting for this to thicken up right now All that flour is cooking, the milk makes it nice and thick Go ahead and add that white chocolate It's gonna give us some extra body

And then some powdered sugar just for that sweetness, cause we are making a sweet gravy Then, just a little bit of salt The last step typically in a cream gravy you'd have some black pepper Instead I'm gonna take an Oreo and I'm just gonna crush it up And then it's gonna look like black pepper in there

And we're just gonna sprinkle some of that in there, and actually it does look exactly like a black pepper cream gravy And you're just gonna give it a taste And then you're not gonna put your tasting spoon back into the pot We're learning hygiene in this kitchen, finally It's taken awhile

No, thank you This is for all your hard work and telling me, "Josh, don't put things into your mouth that other people are gonna consume" Let's assemble that Oreo (upbeat music) So we have our Oreo biscuits These are out of the oven

And we're gonna take one and we're gonna slice it in half, and then we're gonna sandwich it with that cream filling So all we're gonna do is take the Oreo, and then we're gonna gently insert our paring knife And you're gonna run it all the way around the Oreo And look at there! Oh, that's a nice big ol' butter hole (giggles softly) Don't ever say that to a person

So we're gonna take our biscuit cutter, and now it's become a cream cutter And then you're just gonna use your hands Okay, so we baked four and I'm only using one because this is a game of numbers, right? Like, in the wild, say a cheetah has four cubs She can only expect two of those, at most, to survive cause cheetahs have natural predators Like the mountain gorilla

All right, so now we're gonna take our cream center, we're gonna load it up on that biscuit, and you got your giant, cream-filled Oreo biscuit That just needs to get topped with gravy, and then you can just shove that right in To your butter hole So now we just need to take that Oreo biscuit sandwich Claw it from the top, and then our gravy is ready to be poured on top

Look at that Wow! So we got all that delicious cream filling, and then all the warm biscuity topping on top, and then that warm cream on top It's just gonna be an absolute textural delight I'm pretty excited Can I eat this? I need to just spork right into this

I don't know which angle, it's all so pretty I don't wanna desecrate it, but I know I have to All right (sighs loudly) Aha Look at that! It's a friggin' Oreo! It's an Oreo! The crazy thing is it eats exactly like the hybrid of a biscuit and Oreo

Cause you get all that warm gravy, and you get that super flaky biscuit pastry But then there's also, just, like a giant hit of absolute, mega-stuffed cream filling in there This is stupid good The little bit of salt in the gravy and in the biscuit, like, marries the two dishes together perfectly I'm really excited for someone else to eat this, though, because I need to know that someone else feels as strongly about this as I do

It's like when I tell people to watch the George of the Jungle sequel It's better than the first Let's go feed someone (upbeat music) – [Caleb] Hello – [Josh] Hey, Caleb

I wanna be sporked too – [Caleb] What? – [Josh] Uh, wanna eat something with me? – [Caleb] Yeah – [Josh] That's fantastic So, what we have here is the Oreo biscuit and gravy Infused a bunch of Oreos in actual biscuits, made a cream filling, dumped a bunch of Oreo gravy on top

– Hmmm, okay – [Josh] Does this excite you? – It does more than excite me – I'm so excited for you – This is good – Yeah? – As I've come to expect from you

– [Josh] Thank you – I think the consistency of the gravy is really spot on, which, like, texturally makes me register it as biscuit But all that Oreo goodness pulls through – You're incredible You should be on the Food Network

– I mean, you should be on the Food Network – We should be on the Food Network – Well, actually we have our own network – [Josh] Yeah – It's the Mythical Kitchen

– Speaking of Mythical Kitchen, thank you guys for stopping by Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe If you make this dish hit us up at Mythical Kitchen on Instagram, using #dreamsbecomefood I'll see you next time I need a bite

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