Nicolas Cage Cage Fight

– Give me your best crazy Nicholas Cage eyes – Okay

– I want to be Ten Feet Tall! – Everybody knows one of the best actors of our generation is Nicholas Cage – That's true – The man has played countless roles One of my favorites, though: Cameron Poe from Con Air – My favorite Nicholas Cage role is pretty obviously Ben Gates from National Treasure

– I think it's a bit of a hack role He's pandering to all of the kids who wish they could find treasure – The point is I think Ben Gates is the best Nicholas Cage character and you think somebody else is I think that we should have those two characters fight and see who's best – Okay, so how do you think we're going to do that? – I think the only way we could do it is we hire our own two actors to play different Nick Cage roles and then we'll pit them against each other in a battle

– It's going to be a slaughter Hi, yeah, Greedle's Actors Cave? Do you have two Nicholas Cage look-a-likes? Thank you Welcome! – Hi, Mike – Alex, how you doing? – Nick Cage – Whoa, good start, nice

I'm seeing a lot of things I like They both have Nick Cage looks, stunningly handsome – You're breathing heavy like you might've just been stabbed in the stomach – Yeah, do you mind just kind of looking like there might be a mystery involved with the Declaration of Independence (Alex) Wow, that is unbelievable

I've made my decision, I don't know if you have – Sir, you've acquired Cameron Poe from Con Air – You, sir, are Ben Gates from National Treasure – Awesome – I'm very excited to see how you earn points

– Yeah, go get in your outfits We're going to go get our cage ready – We've got this mystery bag full of Nick Cage goodies Once our competitors reach this, the match is over – Okay then, we've got quite the battle today

Two Nicholas Cages, only one's going to get the big prize Who's it going to be? Who do you think, Mike? – It could be either one of them We've got a good fight coming here tonight for you folks We've got one cage, we've got two Cages inside one big cage I'm really excited

Now let's introduce our Cages here – Okay, up first Nicholas Cage #1 come on down – I'm Ben Gates, we're going to find this treasure if it's the last thing I do – Okay then, let's bring out our second competitor please – Hi, I'm Cameron Poe and me and the criminals are going to go for a ride; a ride up in the sky

Are you ready to go? Let's go – Oh, very nice with the doll Contrary to popular belief Nick Cages roles are purely psychological, so tonight will not be a physical fight, but rather a battle of the wits – Nick Cage is a lover and not a fighter – In order to be deemed as the winner here tonight, you do have to climb this ladder and accept your mystery prize in the briefcase above

– Okay, so your first task Nicholas Cage is known for his crazy meme eyes Give me your best crazy Nicholas Cage eyes

Let's start with you Ben Gates – (Mike) He's taking his glasses off He looks frightening and so realistic – (Alex) That is nice Alright, next, Mr

Poe Oh, my gosh – (Mike) A strong competitor as well – (Alex) He looks lost – Okay, based on pure fear alone, we're going to award this round to Mr

Ben Gates Take a step forward – That's one small step and I respect that – For our next challenge, boys, we have a signature line from the movie Con Air The line is as follows: 'Sorry, boss, but there's only two men I trust

One of them is me The other is not you' – Sorry, boss, but there's only two men I trust One of them is me The other is not you

– Let's start with you, Mr Poe, since this is your movie – Sorry, boss, there's only two men I trust One of them's me and not you – Alright, Mr

Gates, let's continue with your line – There's only two men I trust One of them is me The other is not you – Interesting

I feel like he embodied Nicholas Cage very well, but I'm not sure he got the character very well – The spirit was really there – To be fair Nicholas Cage's roles are mostly just him Okay, both performances were very disturbing, but we're going to award this round to Mr Cameron Poe

Take your step forward! – Oh, that's several steps – You will be punished – Next, we have a hypothetical question: What is Nicholas Cage's favorite color and why? Ben Gates, let's start with you – Red because roses are red, violets are blue – Great point

– That's all I know – Okay, that's it – Mr Poe? – Nicholas Cages favorite color is black and white because we come from a long line of independent actors and it's criminal what they did when we went to color So, keep it right, black and white

– My God – Strong diversity out on the field tonight What are you thinking here? – I think we could get sued if we don't give it to the Poe guy – Shoot, I really liked what Ben had going on though He had the normal confusion that Nicholas Cage embodies

– I get that, but I'm not trying to catch a suit here Let's just give it to Poe – Okay, then, we've consulted with our legal team and we are giving the round to Cameron Poe Once again, take a step forward – Alright, very good

Up next we have a piece of real Nick Cage trivia What would Nicholas Cage like to be buried in? Nicholas Cage already has his funeral plot picked out It's very specific I'm just going to pick what's closest or what I like better, because you're probably not going to say the right answer But maybe you know it

Go ahead – As Nick Cage, I'd like to be uh Or as he would like be buried in, if we speak in third person, his money

Because we try to stay away from the IRS if you know what I mean – Okay – As Nicholas Cage, I would like to be buried in big balloon just to stay safe from all of the other fanatics that are out there, six feet under Don't forget to put roses on my grave – That's a great point

I respect everything you just said The real life answer is a pyramid That's actually true Nicholas Cage would like to be buried in a pyramid in New Orleans I'm going to give this one to Mr

Poe That was unbelievable Another step closer We're both angling in here – Okay, now we have one of my favorite lines in Nick Cage history

This is from the movie National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets The line is as follows: 'Bangers and mash, bubbles and squeak, smoked eel pie, haggis!' Whenever you're ready, Mr Gates – Bubbers and peak Smokers and hash

Bubbers and peak Smoking hash Yeah, that's that – Okay, Mr Poe? – Could I hear a playback? – Sure, once more, it's: 'Bangers and mash

Bubbles and squeak Smoked eel pie Haggis!' – Bangers and mash! Smoked London pink Haggis – What was the second one? – Smoked pink olive oil, haggis

– No, no It's good It's good – Okay, it's with a heavy heart that we announce Cameron Poe, take a step forward – Right now, Michael, I'd say that both of our Cages are right at the edge of the ladder here

Based on that I'm going to say that the next correct answer is going to be our winner of the briefcase full of the mystery prize – That's what I like to hear Let's move on the final round here – For the final round, it will be a mix of a physical challenge and a line from the feature film Face/Off The physical task is: in the feature film Gone in 60 Seconds Nicholas Cage is driving his sweet, sweet mustang

So show us our best driving situation while saying the following line: – 'I want to take his face off' – 'I want to take his face off' – Mr Gates why don't you take a step back, get back to the fence You've got a long car here

– So now let's get you driving and saying: 'I want to take his face off' – Over and over again – I want to take his face off Face, off (Ben Gates) I want to take his face

off – Oh, he shifted, aggressively – Very well, thank you, Mr

Gates – A beautiful performance, today – Okay, Mr Poe, we're going to have you take a step back as well – Alright, begin driving now

– Iwant to take his face off – Oh, my God – That's really emotional – I want to take his face off! I want to take his face off! (Cameron Poe) I want to take his face off! – That was confusing

Okay, you're about to park the car – Very well done boys, thank you – Okay, let's step back up to the ladder We're going to make our decision This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do

– It was incredible because Ben Gates' driving skills were unlike anything I've ever seen – Very true – The man was standing while driving the entire time – He was really driving well, he was really maneuvering the car the way it should be maneuvered – But, emotionally, a split personality performance from Mr

Poe here – How he can do all of that at once is incredible I think we have made our decision It was a good, clean fight out there today and I think we have two very exceptional Nick Cages within this cage before me – But we do have a winner

– Mr Poe! Mr Poe you're our winner! Climb up and get it there! Get your big prize! – Okay, yeah – What do we have? Open it up and just dump out your prize – Oh, my God! I don't believe it! – What do we have Mr

Poe? Dump it on the ground! – Tell everyone what you got! A bunch of Ghostrider DVDs on Blu-Ray! – Thank you, gentlemen I can't tell you what a pleasure it is here I want to thank all the little people who helped me get to where I am – Click on the left to watch more Ten Feet Tall – Click on the right to watch more content from This is Mythical

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