Mythical Chef Josh’s Ultimate Chicken Parmesan

(Annaliese and Josh speak over each other) – Oh, sorry, I thought – I thought you said- – No, I'll slam my hand

– And then I start? – Yeah, on three, one, two, three, go (grate clangs) I meant on one, two, three, go (groovy instrumental music) Welcome to Cook Food Good, the show where I teach you how to cook food good, and do other things good, too Next week we're tackling scrimshaw and making your own jorts (Josh laughs) But today, we're taking on chicken parmesan

It is crispy, it is cheesy, it is delicious Super simple to make You don't need any fancy ingredients, and today I'm teaching my friend Annaliese how to make it Annaliese! – I'm so happy to be here – How much do you love jorts? – My generic jort opinion? – Yeah

– Really high – Better or worse than chicken parm? – My last chicken parm experience was like a soggy chicken parm sandwich from Jersey Mike's – Well, we're not gonna have any soggy chicken parm today, and we're not gonna have any frayed jorts We're gonna get those lines clean You ready to get started? – I'm ready

– Let's do it (grooving guitar music) – Annaliese, what's the first Cardinal sin that people make when they make chicken parmesan? – It's not crispy? – The chicken too thick So, what we're going to do, here, hold the meat mallet – Got it – We're just gonna fold this plastic wrap over the chicken

I'd like to cook with a lot of violent aggression, but I think sometimes, you know, small repeated wacks, it's like, you know, a death by a thousand cuts – [Annaliese] Ah, no – So, this is like (Josh laughs) – This is going really well – This is going great

This is normally how this goes – Yeah, yeah, no, I've seen the show – Oh yeah, you're a fan? – Yeah, I am a fan – Do you want me to, like, sign something? This is awkward now – Actually

But you know how I told you that, like, before I started working here, like I had your cook book – Yes! – I like, brought it today Low key, because like you should sign it – Yeah, Venmo me 10 bucks and I'll sign I'm running a freakin' business here, Annaliese

It ain't charity This looks really freaking good – [Annaliese] Yeah? – This is exactly what you want, actually It's not like, quite paper thin – [Annaliese] Oh yeah, I see that

– You still have a fair amount of nice whole muscle to it A lot of times in the past, I've told people to drive brine their chicken, which means you're gonna let salt sit on it for an extended period of time to get a reverse osmotic relationship, and get that salt actually permeating Oh, you're surprised that I know science words I got a D minus in AP chem senior year (Josh blows a kiss) Shout out to Mrs

Gaines – This guy – I'm just gonna salt it right now, and then we are going to get a dredge, and then we're gonna pan fry this I was explaining something earlier – About the osmosis

– Yeah, he was a white blood cell, and I think maybe Patrick Warburton was like a pill – What movie is that? – Top gun? (Annaliese and Josh laugh) (grooving guitar music) – Hey Annaliese, we got our chicken pounded out So, now we have to dredge it And so what we're gonna do, we're gonna go a typical flour, wet, breadcrumb, but we're gonna do a couple different steps So first off, you're gonna take these eggs and you're gonna separate 'em

– Is this a funny joke? – What? – Okay, what's next? Get it, 'cause I separated the eggs (Annaliese and Josh laugh) – What's funny is I had no, I did not get the joke until you said it – Really? – No, it was like so, it was like, I haven't seen my grandma in six months 'cause of the pandemic – Oh, yeah – And like, that is the type of joke

Don't get sad – I'm sorry – It's fine, she's fine, she's in a home (Annaliese and Josh laugh) But, that was such like a grandma joke You know? – I know

– You got any Werther's caramels from 1984? – Well, if you check my pouch (Annaliese and Josh laugh) – This is your grandma purse, pouch What do I have? I have a little knife in my pouch You wanna try some cheese? – [Annaliese] Oh yeah – All right, great

Try this cheese So, this is actually not parmesan Funniest thing about this chicken parmesan, is there is no parmesan going into it at all – This is so good – Yeah, this is Pecorino Romano and I prefer Pecorino

– It tastes like parmesan – Right? But, it's a little bit sharper So, I'm gonna be grating this into our breadcrumbs and I'm gonna do a lot of it I want almost like a one to two, uh-oh I'm gonna talk math

One to two ratio of cheese to breadcrumb! – Oh shoot, you did it! – Yeah! – Nice, that sounds great – Maths! So, you're gonna be separating the whites from the yolks, and we only want the whites A lot of people will use whole eggs or eggs and milk, a combination of, but when you just use the egg whites, the protein will actually help it crisp up And especially when you're doing a dish that is chicken, like covered in a wet sauce with things blanketed on top of it, then you're actually going to kind of insulate it and give you a better chance of being crispy This is a lot of gratin'

You know what this reminds me? It reminds me of scrimshaw For some reason when we learned about, like, explorers in elementary school, we learned about scrimshaw We had like a three-day lesson on scrimshaw and we scrimshawed our own bones, and that was like, that is the most useless thing I learned in elementary school Till I realized that we learned how to escape from quicksand and quicksand does not exist! – Oh my gosh, I did too – How would you escape from quicksand? – I can picture the visual of someone just like in quicksand, but like, the tip to just like start leaning back because that helps your heels come up

– Yeah, well no, that was step two – What was step one? – Step one was see if anyone near you has a rope (Annaliese laughs) That was a serious thing they said They were like, "If you can, just wait there "for someone with a rope" And I was like, "Wah, I wouldn't be stuck "if there was a person with a rope

" – I'm gonna rinse my fingers off – Anyways So what we've done, we've added a little bit of dried parsley along with our breadcrumb and cheese mixture, and then we're gonna add salt You always want to season every part of the process We're just gonna lightly salt the flour

We're gonna lightly salt those egg whites So Annaliese, whisk that up because you want to break up the proteins so that there's not any clumps – [Annaliese] Okay – I'm just gonna go ahead, I'm gonna whisk our cheese and parsley mixture So, I like to keep it pretty clean on this

There's gonna be a lot of fresh garlic in the sauce that we're gonna make And so, I like to just focus on the cheese and the parsley and this One more step So, if you see the surface of the chicken right now, it's a little sweaty – Oh shoot, it is

– Yeah, so that's- – You can see the little droplets – That's the osmosis! That's Osmosis Jones! – Oh my gosh, science! – That's Chris rock and Patrick Warburton and that other guy, they're all going around there, it's all buddy cop and then Riggs and Murtaugh are there (Josh mumbles) What I'm saying is you gotta wipe the sweat down off the chicken – Sure, for sure Would you like me to do that? – [Josh] So, you just want to lift that chicken

– Oh, I'll lift the chicken Ooh, that sound – Yeah Normally you put it so you, like, fold it in half, but now we got a crunch wrap style (Annaliese laughs) – And we sear it on this side

(Josh laughs) – Yeah, that's a TikTok waiting to happen Great So, now we got this chicken, and we're just gonna get it into the flour And you want to kind of, like, pat your fingers around it, just to make sure the flour is getting into all those little nooks and crannies – Protip

– Protip! And another protip on scrimshaw, it's really short, clean strokes – I think I missed the memo on what that is, but I don't want another homeschool joke – Ah, you make pictures into whale bones! You make pictures of like sailor life into whale bones – Into the whale bones? – Most of sailor life was making love to manatees (Annaliese laughs) That's a thing, Google it

I've talked about it before on the show, 'cause it's important to me, but the original mermaid myth, they think it was just like- – [Annaliese] Manatees – Scurvy ridden sailors having sex with manatees 'cause they were lonely – No way – Sorry, making love with manatees – Oh gosh

I one time had a sleepover with manatees, but not in that way – I'm sorry? (Annaliese laughs) Go on, no, we're here, but we're here We're talking about it – But in the way that my girl scout troop got to spend the night at SeaWorld, and so we were in the manatee exhibit – Yeah, whatever you do do, that's your life out of work, you know, like we're not gonna judge for

So, the reason we're- (Annaliese snorts) What? (beep) Anyways, so what I'm going to do, much like sailors would bury their scrimshaw on deserted islands for future generations to tell their stories, I'm going to leave this chicken buried in the breadcrumbs because any moisture that's gonna release from it is just gonna get trapped by the mass amount of breadcrumbs It's literally like soaking your wet iPhone that you dropped in the toilet in rice – In rice, wow – Yeah You ever dropped your iPhone in the toilet? – Mmm, uh-uh

– Four times – Four times? – Dead serious, four times – Did the rice save each time? – No – Oh gosh – It's zero out of four

(grooving guitar music) The sauce that we're making, I like to go very simple Again, against all the things I've done in the past I want my sauce to taste like butter and olive oil, both good things – [Annaliese] Ooh – And then while that's melting, we are going to get some garlic kind of sweating

Have you ever done the ring the bell method, is what they call it – Yeah, I've just done the, like, chop both sides, mash it with the knife – Typically, I'll do the palm heel strike method where you- – I've seen you do it – And you go, hah! (karate chop) – Yeah But then the problem is you lose most of the garlic to the floor

So, the ringing the bell method's great because it keeps it isolated into two bowls (garlic clattering in bowls) There it is – Is this what you do? – I like to go Tom Cruise from Cocktail, a movie I've never seen (clattering continues) There it is (clattering ends) It's all right, let's check on that garlic

– Oh, it didn't work – Nah, it almost worked Look at that pot for a sec (garlic bangs violently) – Oh shoot, now it worked – Yeah, heh heh

Heh, heh, heh (Josh laughs) Ow, my titties started cramping up when I did that (Annaliese laughs) Someone roll me out This is a normal, a normal thing that we do in the kitchen (jazzy elevator music) Garlic's really tricky because it's so small

– 'Cause it's small – Yeah, anytime I'm using an onion you can kind of clamp it, but garlic, I just get my fingers really close together and just make sure the knife is being guided along one knuckle, and then just use the pressure to push back – Okay, I would like to try Here we go (knife chopping) – You'll get the feel of it eventually

– [Annaliese] Oh, I got one good slice in there – There it is! You're doin' it! We successfully taught somebody something useful – Ahh! – [Josh] Let's toss it in – [Annaliese] Okay, great – [Josh] And so now we're gonna get this garlic sweating in the oil

That is gonna kind of infuse the garlic flavor, and then we're just gonna add the tiniest pinch of chili flake and that garlic is gonna sweat – 'Cause we're sweatin' it, not frying it – Yeah, we're sweatin' it like we're sweatin' it, but we're not sweatin' it – But we're not sweatin' it – Your humor's rubbed off on me

I don't like it (beep) So, we see the butter starting to foam a little bit You hear a little bit of that sizzle Garlic's infused, but it's not browned, and all we're gonna do is, we're just gonna add in a can of crushed tomatoes One of problems with crushed tomatoes is it is a little bit watery, and so what we're actually gonna do is we're gonna cook this for just about 15, 20 minutes until we get a lot of that moisture out of there

To that, we are just going to add salt, because they typically come unsalted, and then a tiny pinch of sugar They say if you add the tiniest pinch of sugar, it neutralizes the acidity in the tomatoes Now, we are going to take a sprig of basil I don't like to put a bunch of chopped basil in there 'cause it's just gonna kind of cook and get wilted What I do like to do is, I find my stem-iest piece and I take a single basil stem and I go (blows a raspberry)

– [Annaliese] No way – All right, swe got our sauce in there and we just need to bring this up to a simmer and then we're gonna let it cook for about 15 to 20 minutes, and then all that moisture is gonna release from it But right now the seasoning on it is great You see a little bit of moisture left We want that outta there! No mold behind the bar! (grooving guitar music) – Do you want to start this time? – No, I think you should start this time, I liked when you started last time

– I don't think I actually did – You gotta slam your hand on the grate though – Oh, that's right But it doesn't like, shock you the same way – Just slam your hand on the grate

(Annaliese and Josh speak over each other) – Oh sorry, I thought – I thought you said- – No, I'll slam my hand – And then I start? (grate clangs) Oh God, I thought, wait – How about I slam? – We'll both slam our hands – But you only start

– On three, one, two, three (grate clangs) I meant on one, two, three, go One, two, three (grate lightly clangs) We're gonna go ahead and we're gonna fry up this chicken We've had it buried in our breadcrumb mixture

We got the oil at 330 degrees A lot of people say 350 350 for me is too high – Too high, okay, 330 – The oil temp's too damn high! – Yeah, yeah, 330, 330

– Yeah, so 330 So, I'm gonna go ahead and we're just gonna take this, you don't need to deep fry your chicken, it's fine if you get some of that pan contact – Oh, shoot! – Yeah, that's the exciting part And then quick, Annaliese! While that's frying, I need you to grate mozzarella Switch! So, we have a brick of mozzarella here

The key is to use the cheap stuff You don't want to use the like, high moisture mozzarella balls that are packed in water because it's gonna be too much moisture on there, but you don't want to buy the pre bagged shredded stuff You can totally use it, but it's covered in anticoagulating agents – [Annaliese] That's why we're shredding it – [Josh] Yes

– Get shredded, am I right? – Yes You are right, Annaliese Get shredded (Annaliese laughs) You see it's a double entendre In French, that means double meaning

See, I understand your humor We're gellin', we're vibin' – Vibin' – So, chicken's been frying for about 3 minutes on one side, and we're just gonna give it a flip and look at that – [Annaliese] Oh, it's so pretty! – This is actually one of the reasons I prefer pan frying over deep frying, is you're getting those little brown crystal flavor nuggets

– [Annaliese] Yes – And you're not gonna get that with a fryer because there's no direct pan surface contact Also, chicken parm is one of those things where I like it when it's a little bit inconsistent To me, it's like beautifully symphonic, and I don't like serving it on s'ghetti – Oh, why not? – Because I don't want any distractions, Annaliese

– Really? Distraction free cooking is what Mythical Kitchen does We're all about hardcore, focused education when it comes to food and nothing else So, we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna get this chicken in the oven I'm just gonna fly on a little mini sheet pan, I don't want to bake it on the rack And then you're just going to take the burning hot chicken with your hands, makes you feel alive

I'm gonna put that right there Look how much that sauce thickened, nice and chunky – [Annaliese] It's beautiful – I like to leave some of the chicken a little bit exposed Now, we're gonna take some of this mozzarella, no! Audible, audible, call an audible

Omaha! So, what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna grate some parmesan on the sauce 'Cause I want the broiler to touch the mozzarella last – Oh, to brown it – To brown it – I love that

– But when you brown Pecorino, it has such a high salt content that it doesn't actually melt So, I want to get this kind of like sweating on top of the sauce – [Annaliese] Nice – And then we're gonna add the mozzarella on top of that and it's gonna insulate it So you're gonna get all the flavor from that Pecorino, but you're not gonna kind of get those like, unsavory kind of burnt parmesan bits

So, now we're gonna add hefty blanket o' cheese – [Annaliese] Wow – I like to do this 'cause then you get to snack on it – That's what I was gonna say (Josh laughs) I was like, can you make crispy cheese? – Yeah, you know, just like to kind of give it a little

– Oh my gosh, yes – [Josh] A little burial shroud – Why'd you have to make crispy cheese like a sad thing? – It's not sad Death's just another part of life – Okay

– 'Cause you know, if you think about before you were born- – No, let's just keep going – We're gonna take this chicken and we're gonna fly in the oven, broil it for about five minutes, but every broiler is different, so just keep an eye on it – Let me get the door for you – Thank you Is that a joke or is that? I couldn't tell if I was supposed to laugh

– I just wanted to be helpful – Okay, you're helpful (kitchen timer buzzing) – That looks gorgeous – Oh, shoot – Look at that

That's fantastic – It's beautiful – Beautiful, nicely browned We didn't get too much caramelization on the cheese, just a little bit, it's not leathery yet, it's nice and supple I'm just gonna put a dollop of sauce on the plate

And we're just gonna take the chicken – [Annaliese] Wow! – [Josh] Nice little string of mozz Get it onto the sauce – [Annaliese] Oh my gosh – Press it down a little bit so the sauce slightly peaks through, and then we're simply going to take a little bit of this Pecorino cheese

I'm just gonna grate some of that on top, and then pick the prettiest sprig of basil out – Yeah? – I just want to put a whole sprig of basil on there – Okay – That's lovely Crown it with a little sprig of basil

Annaliese, we have made the chicken parm This is my absolutely perfect chicken parm, of my dreams I hope it is a chicken parm of your dreams Annaliese, you ready to dig in? You ready to eat this? – I can't wait Let's eat it

(slow electronic music) (slow electronic music) (slow electronic music) – Annaliese, you ready to eat this? I'm ready to eat this – It's so beautiful – It's so pretty We gotta split the basil Now, I'm gonna cut in half because here at the Olive Garden, when you're here in Italy, we do everything family style

The cheese is just like, look at that – [Annaliese] That oozy cheese – [Josh] Stretchy, stretchy, stretchy! – And like, the spotted like, brown cheese and we got the sauce – Yeah, that leopard spotted crust is absolutely my favorite Leopard spotted cheese crust

This is exciting Let's dig in – Can I? – Oh, please! I'll tell you when It puts the cheese on the chicken – I did, I'm not even getting it- – I said, I will tell you when

(Josh laughs) – Thank you, that's good Now, normally I might put ranch dressing on it, but since we're at a nice family establishment, I won't do it – Okay, thank you Josh – That is a real thing – [Annaliese] Wow

– Whenever we go to Little Tony's in North Hollywood, I put ranch on my chicken parm – Really? I mean, I bet it would taste good (dink it and sink it) – Oh my gosh – Come on – It's still crispy like you said! – And then you can get the crispy layers on the outside if you really want a crunch

– Yeah! The sauce is so like, sweet, but still tomato-y – Yeah, we didn't do much to it – And the chicken's really tender – To me, this is almost a perfect plate of food, but this isn't about me Annaliese, today this is about you

– Thank you – Do you feel that you are equipped to cook chicken parm good after this? Honestly, do you see yourself making this at home? – No, I think I do And honestly, I would venture to try this because it tastes so good and it's not like a soggy piece of chicken – [Josh] Right? – It tastes delicious and flavorful, and I have a basil plant I would do it

While I still have you – Yeah Oh no, Annaliese I'm gonna get sauce on the cookbook too – That would be perfect

This is actually such a good cookbook I don't know if we're doing like cookbook plugs on this show, but like, Josh's like, personality shines through and the pictures are so good, and the stories are fun, and the recipes are like inventive and cool, so – It says, "To my friend with a rope" But then you signed my name – Yeah

Anytime I sign my signature, I actually sign it in the other person's name – Why? – It's to you, why would I sign my name on your book? That's stupid – I thought you said you've done this before – Yeah, I have I've signed thousands of people's names

I've signed them on checks, I've signed them on other things, it's totally fine Annaliese, thank you so much for stopping by – Oh my gosh, I had so much fun, this was a blast – No, I had so much fun – Thank you

– I had more fun than you And thank you so much for stopping by the Mythical Kitchen We got new recipes for you every week We got new episodes of our podcast, A Hot Dog Is a Sandwich, out every Wednesday wherever you get your podcasts Hit us up on Instagram at Mythical Kitchen, with pictures of your mythical dishes under hashtag dreams become food

See you all next time Make your kitchen more mythical with these stickers and magnets, now available at mythicalcom

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