Mythical Chef Josh’s Perfect Cheesesteak

– Stretch out a little bit Um, oh, god, oh, god

– We stretching every body part we're not gonna use – I think we got a cramp (upbeat pop music) Welcome to another edition of Cook Food Good, the show where I teach you how to cook food good and do other things good too, but really only the cooking thing, if we're being honest Today, we are making cheesesteaks, one of my favorite foods of all time Super easy to make

You don't need any expensive ingredients You just need what? – Fork – A fork, and cheese, and steaks, and probably don't even need a fork I'm showing my friend Javalan how to make cheesesteaks today Javalan

– Yes? – Do you like to cook? – I do not – Do you have an open heart and an empty stomach? – I do – Are you willing to learn? – I'm willing to eat – Hey, that's good enough for me I'll take what I can get

Let's get to it (soft pop rock music) We got the base of our cheesesteak here People can add mushrooms, they'll add bell peppers I'm not a fan of that I think the base of a steak is steak, onions, cheese, bread, that's it

That's what we're gonna do right now So I'm gonna be slicing up this steak in the traditional cheesesteak way, and you are going to be dicing the onions – Dicing? – Have you ever diced an onion before? – No – I'll demo This is called demoing

So, what I do is, I would cut little notches into it, and then you can cut it down that way It's a French technique called a brunoise, 'cause we're fancy in here – [Javalan] Notch – [Josh] Nailed it – [Javalan] Notch

– Oh, you're crushing it While you're doing that, I got Why did I slap the steak? I'm gonna keep slapping the steak

While you're doing that, I got this rib eye steak right here Rib eye is typically what cheesesteaks are made out of You get a traditional Philly cheesesteak, they're taking a rib eye, and what they're doing is, they're freezing it, and then they're running it through, like, the thinnest meat slicer possible to get super thin ribbons of steak, so what I've done is, I've actually put this in the freezer for about an hour to make, like, a half-frozen steak, and I'm just gonna take my knife and try and get it as thin as possible on it This is why, like, I don't like getting cheesesteaks at, like, a diner, or a place that doesn't, like, specialize in cheesesteaks, 'cause they're not taking these extra steps – I'm dicing the hell outta these onions

– That's like the cut that I like on cheesesteaks You're not doing caramelized onions, you're just making, like, a very basic saute or grilled onion So what you're gonna do is add, like, a tablespoon of oil in that pan, throw those onions in there, and then give it a pinch of salt The key to throwing a pinch of salt is, you gotta act like you don't care That's how you look like you're- – What? – What? Exactly, good

You ever do the raw beef face mask? – No, I've never had meat on my face (Josh laughs) – Cut that All right, so, what I like to do is, I like to curl my fingers, and then I let the knife blade kinda run against my knuckle – I love you, Mom – Just make sure you don't cut yourself

– Wave to my mom one last time – Did you, like, grow up eating good home cooking? – When I was younger, I thought it was good home cooking – You're gonna flame your mom in front of millions of people I love it – I went home to cook, and I made breakfast, and I made avocado toast

(Josh laughs) I said, "Ma," like, "there's breakfast in the kitchen" So she goes into the kitchen, and she comes back, she says, "There's something spoiled on the "I think you left something out, like, it's green

" I said, "No, Ma, that's what we're eating" (Josh laughs) She said, "I'm not eating that" – All right, onions are looking good We don't want them to get caramelized We're not making caramelized onions

We wanna get, like, a nice amber color Those got another couple minutes on it Let's switch back Not that you're doing a bad job, you just, you know, you're new – I told you from the beginning, I do not cook

– You know, I thought you were a vegetarian though – Huh? – I thought you were a vegetarian – In front of your friends? – No, I'm just saying, you Okay, so, like, so, one day, me and Javalan are talking, she just went home to Arkansas, I was, like, talking to her about the food she was eating She's like, "You know, I like to eat really healthy "now that I'm in California, "and, you know, I'm an actor, and a writer, "and so I really try and, you know, "my body is my temple" And I was like, "Oh my god, Javalan, that's so cool" And I walk out in the kitchen, you're eating Little Debbie's Swiss Rolls – They say, if you, like, lie to yourself enough, that, eventually, you'll believe it

– You're not lying, you're manifesting – That's right – You're manifesting the healthy lifestyle that you wanna live – It takes too much time, even though we have enough time (Josh laughs) – You're like, I have more time than ever

I'm not gonna do it I've been eating, like, a pint of ice cream every night for the last two months I don't spend money on restaurants anymore, and so I'm buying $9 pints of ice cream – I saw a study that, if you eat ice cream in the morning, it's actually healthy – Kraft Mac & Cheese is rebranding their mac and cheese to be breakfast food, and I think it's genius

Are those onions burning? Yeah, shake the pan around – That's how you caramelize them, right? – We're not doing caramelized onions We're trying to get, like, a little step before that, 'cause what they do at, like, a traditional Philly cheesesteak restaurant, they're just, like, cooking all the steak and all the onions on the same grill, so the beef fat gets in there, but we don't have, like, the giant industrial-size griddle So we're gonna take all these steak ribbons, we're gonna get 'em cooking in a pan, but first, we gotta get to our cheese, dude What kinda cheese do you get on cheesesteak? – I get the white kind

– Hell yeah (soft indie rock music) Two parts to a cheesesteak, you got cheese and steak – Okay – And there's three options to the two parts of a cheesesteak, making there six total, math Anyways, what I'm trying to say, I only believe there are three cheeses that should be on a cheesesteak, and I kinda only believe there are two cheeses that are actually appropriate

So, white American is, like, the classic If you go just order a cheesesteak, that is kinda the default that will come on it My favorite, though, is Cheese Whiz – Mm – Which is a cheese that comes in a jar

– I've seen that on the shelf – But a lot of people can't find Cheese Whiz, it's not at every grocery store, so we're gonna make a homemade Cheese Whiz right now – Cool – I like the little shoulder thing – These little measuring cups are cute

– [Josh] Thank you – See, I didn't grow up with measuring cups It was just – I normally don't like these We have had to fight to get me to measure anything on the show, 'cause the whole idea is I'm, like, actually teaching people how to cook, but then it'd just be like, uh, add flour 'til it looks like this, and people are like, I don't actually know how to make this, so thank you to Nicole and Trevor for making me wash my hands and also use measuring cups, 'cause I also didn't used to – You have to

– What I'm saying is, we're gonna add the milk to the pot We're just gonna (milk sizzles) get that heating up There's the cooking sound I need you to unwrap those six slices of American cheese American cheese has a bunch of processed crap already in it

– So processed is good – Processed is good When you're making a cheesesteak, you're not trying to make the fanciest thing possible It's like the episode- – Am I just – Yeah, just toss 'em in the pan – You know I don't know – Just, pff, just dump 'em I'm also just gonna dump some cream cheese in there, 'cause, again, super processed, got a bunch of, like, dairy and binders in there

So we're gonna wait until that's all melted because that's gonna add, like, a nice chemically-processed base – Okay, what's next? – We just kinda gotta wait – Oh, okay (chuckles) (food sizzles) (timer rings) – So this is getting nice and melted, so now, we're gonna add all of our other ingredients So, Javalan, dump in cheddar cheese

Cheddar's what's actually going to give this the real cheese flavor, 'cause, like, American cheese, super mild, cream cheese, super mild Cheddar is what's gonna give the actual, like, meat of the flavor to the cheese You know, the meat flavor cheese – I smell it – Yeah, waft it

– I smell it – Yeah, yeah, this is like kind of putting a fancy cheese board in a blender All right, now, we're gonna add our paprika and our turmeric in there – Oh, color – And then we're gonna add just a little bit of salt

This is gonna give it that, like, really beautiful kind of orange-y yellow color So, last thing, we gotta add our corn starch solu to it That's just gonna thick it up a little bit So what you're doing is, you're mixing starch with the water, and then you need to mix it with the water so it actually blends evenly in that So you gotta dump it in, and then whisk it really fast

Otherwise, it's gonna create clumps – All right – Yeah, there it is That's looking good Let's taste it

A cool thing that chefs do that'll look really stupid to people is, you take it, and if you wanna reuse the tasting spoon, you just dab it on your hand – Bro – Oh, dude, that's really hot Wait, don't do that, don't do that, don't do that – Don't do that at all – That's really hot That's why my hands are so scarred – See? – Probably just use the spoon The fact that I'm teaching people to cook with how shot my taste buds are from everything I've done in my life, it's just insane

They're just scarred and burned – Did you see my face? – No – It was like a, ooh – Right? It starts off sharp, and then it mellows – You know those little packages that you have the stick and the cheese? – [Josh] Yeah

– It's like that – Do you know what that is? – Is that Cheese Whiz? – Well, it's like crappy processed cheese, and that's what we're trying to make, but in the best way – We're getting there – I love those little snack sticks with the little dipping cheese It's like cheese pudding

Sometimes, I just eat it with a spoon if I wanna do low carb You ever just wake up and eat cheese with a spoon like a Snack Pack? – No, not, no, I've never done that, I'm sorry – No, me neither, that'd be crazy – No, I think you have – Let's make a cheesesteak

(upbeat rock music) So we have the pan heating You want it to be hot enough to where you can't do that So we're gonna get a little bit of oil cooking there I want about a 12-ounce portion of meat, and I'm just gonna get it right in there You need to hear the sizzle, but you're not trying to, like, get a lot of crispiness on your meat

I just want it to all cook at a nice hot rate so it doesn't develop any steam, but you don't want it to be, like, super brown and crispy 'cause, like, when you get a cheesesteak in Philly, that's not how it is – Have you ever been to Philly? – I have, and I have gone on a full cheesesteak tour of all the best places in Philly I'm a big fan of Tony Luke's, Geno's and Pat's, they're all touristy I remember, when I went to Philly, everyone was like, you go up to the counter, and everyone's gonna be mean to you, and you go, hey, give me a Whiz wit That means a Cheese Whiz steak with onions

I went up there, and I was like, give me a Whiz wit, and he's like, do you want a cheesesteak with Cheese Whiz and onions? And I was like, yes, please, mister – Yes, please, mister – He was mean, though, he certainly was So, you like the white American cheese, which I very much respect, so I'm gonna make you a white American cheesesteak, which has a very particular method to it, and then I'm gonna make myself a Cheese Whiz cheesesteak So the meat's almost there

You wanna, like, chop it up with a metal spatula Make sure you have a nice, like, hard cast iron pan And so you want to get it to a point where it's, like, fully cooked but not overdone, and you don't want any steam to develop – I'm just thinking about what kinda plates we need to put on – Javalan, you gotta, like, go galaxy brain on this, and think about every level of the cheesesteak

All right, so we're gonna add just, like, a hefty scoop of onions in there, and then I'm gonna give it one toss Javalan, I need you to do a really important task for me I need you to slice this bread in half – Okay, so just cut it down the middle? – Cut it down the middle, but make sure you don't cut it all the way through so you're gonna leave the hinge there So now, the steak is almost completely cooked

You wanna see a little bit of red The technique on this is very, very important Also, bread is important Everyone says the only Philly cheesesteak is made on an Amoroso roll, and Amoroso Rolls is a bakery outta Philly You seem confused

– I don't know which side of the bread I should cut – Either side, you're doing great – Okay, so – Wait, did you do this one? – Yeah, I did this one – Oh, this is actually perfect

Not actually, this is perfect I didn't mean to be surprised – Oh, okay – But, you know, you came in there with, like, a less than confident energy – I'm full of surprises, you know? (Josh chuckles) – So this is what you want

You are full of surprises I just went to a local sandwich shop (laughs) I went to Subway, and I said, "Hey, can I get some bread?" The point is, it's very hard to find, like, a real hoagie roll when you're outside of Philly Go to any sandwich shop and just get whatever white bread they have It's probably better than what you're gonna find at the grocery store

So, I just go to a sandwich shop, and then I get a hoagie roll – It smells so good, you guys – Right? Oh, that's pure beef fat So you get your steak in a straight line, 'cause what we're gonna do is, we're gonna put the cheese on, melt it, flip the bread over it, scoop it up in – Little Philly technique

I saw that on a movie once – Little Philly technique Go Birds My family's actually, one whole side of my family's from Allentown, which is, like, a suburb of Philly – Mm-hm

– And so I grew up, like, eating, like, cheesesteaks in Allentown They called 'em Allentown-style cheesesteaks, which I don't believe is a real thing, but they put cream cheese on 'em It was pretty good Shout out to the Brass Rail, Allentown, Pennsylvania You're probably closed down by now, but eight-year-old me loved you

All right, so they got the cheese that's steaming on there, and then I got one last little trick Take anything flat, and you're just gonna throw it on top of your pant for about 30 seconds The steam's gonna melt the cheese This is a pizza pan You just throw it on there

(pan clangs) And then, now, we gotta, like, steel ourselves to do the tricky bread flip, 'cause it does get hard – Okay, I'm ready – Stretch out a little bit Um, oh, god, oh, god – We stretch every body part we're not gonna use

– I think we got a cramp Look at that That's what a freakin' cheesesteak's supposed to look like Now, the most important part You gotta take the roll, and you just gotta press it in there, and, you know, wait, like, 10 seconds

– My favorite part – All right, so the steak is finishing cooking in there Give it one smooth flip Boom Let it burn your hand a little bit, and then we're gonna get it in our foil, and then we're gonna pack it together, and just roll the sandwich up, and just let it sit

How excited are you right now? – I'm super excited – 'Cause that got me really excited – I'm hungry – It takes a lot to excite me – And I love food

Like, I get excited – I do too – Aw – I'm glad that we shared this together – Right

– Yeah, we should cook together more often You should show me how to make that a-va-ca-doo toast – Are we sharing that? – [Josh] What, you want your own one? – I thought, 'cause it was two buns, so I – I'll make myself one – Okay (lively pop rock music) – One knife on the table, two people What's gonna happen? (Javalan sighs) – Somebody's about to get cut up – Somebody's gonna

Actually, I was gonna cut the cheesesteaks in half So you said that you'd never had a Cheese Whiz steak – I have not

– And for me, it's my favorite thing in the world, so I also love white American, so I already cut that in half, that's wrapped up in there I'm gonna cut this bad boy in half, and then we're gonna go splitsies on it Hold on, I put way too much meat in this one (indistinct) I got a little carried away, I got a little carried away All right

All right, this is what a real Philly cheesesteak's supposed to look like in my mind You ready to do it? – I'm ready – Let's do it – Oh my god – I'm good, right? You're gonna need to floss after this

You're gonna need to mouthwash You're gonna need to take a nap, and that's what the Philly cheesesteak eating experience should be – This is just good – You gotta mash it back in – I know what bread taste like

(Josh laughs) Okay – Which one do you prefer? – My mom said, if it's not broke, fix it? What she say? – I don't know your mom – I like this one better – Absolutely fair That is an absolute classic

Javalan, do you feel confident that you could cook cheesesteak good now? – I feel confident I can cook cheesesteak hoping it turns out good, but yeah – I think it is The confidence is the real key You'd think that all the processed cheese is the secret ingredient No, no, no, it's the confidence

– And if not, I can just call you – I'll come over Not now, but in, like, you know, a year and a half or something – Right – [Josh] Yeah

– [Javalan] With your mask – Feel that – Or not – Thank you so much for stopping by the Mythical Kitchen We got new recipes for you every week

We got new episodes of our podcast out every Wednesday wherever you get your podcasts Hit us up on Instagram @mythicalkitchen with pictures of your mythical dishes and your hashtag dreamsbecomefood See you next time on Cook Food Good, the show where we cook food good, and it's just so good You can cook up your own feast while wearing the Mythical Kitchen apron, available now at mythicalcom

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