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– What up, it's your boy Josh, AKA Dominic Torretto, AKA Brian Earl Spilner, AKA "No! Monica!" And it's that time again Time to take two iconic snacks, smash them together, and see if we can create a beautiful food baby

We asked you which two snacks you wanna see smashed together and you chose Mountain Dew and Moon Pie Will this new snack be a smash? Find out, 'cause this is Snack Smash (electronic pop music) – That was cool – That actually did it Okay, so how you have your classic moon pie here

These are two flakey wafer cookies, sandwiched with marshmallow covered chocolate I don't think we should try and chase after what that one is though I wanna go after the old "I keep it in my pocket at all times," if you keep it– – What you got in there? – I was not expecting that – If you have to ask, you can't afford it Okay, so we got the vanilla double-decker Moon Pie

So, this is is three cookies, two layers of marshmallow So, we see the cookies, they're pretty soft and pliable Lot of vanilla flavor coming from that glaze and then it's marshmallows So, we can probably break this down into three different steps Is it good? – No

– It is what it is – I love me a Moon Pie To me this is delicious So, we got the cookies, we have the marshmallows and then we have the glaze and I think we need to infuse as much Mountain Dew as possible Trevor, stop making that face

If you don't like it, stop eating it – It's not good – Just stop eating it No one's making you do that, you're doing it on your own volition – It's not good! – So I think we gotta start just by reducing the Mountain Dew into a syrup, right? – Sure

– I can make the marshmallow, Trevor, he's our baker boy extraordinaire He is literally the gingerbread man, so I think he should make the cookies and I think you should make the glaze – Sounds good to me (all laugh) – Oh my God, you spit so much Moon Pie into me Oh my God, it's in my eye! – It's the flakey goodness

– Ah! – The flakey goodness – Stop doing it! What is a marshmallow? No one really knows It's like how did the moon get there? Why come birds can fly? This seems like a pretty standard one I'm reducing the Mountain Dew until it becomes pure corn syrup and sugar and I'm waiting for that to get to 242 degrees, which is known as the softball stage So you got our Mountain Dew in the pot

We're just gonna crank that to high and then all the water is gonna evaporate out of that and then you're gonna be left with pure corn syrup and Mountain Dew flavor which, I don't know, tastes like the mountains or snowboarding or Halo 3 or whatever So, we're gonna let the reduce for probably about an hour-and-a-half until it's actually concentrated by about eight times We're gonna go ahead and bloom our gelatine Blooming gelatine just means you are getting it into water and getting it all activated, then when you add a heat source to it it is going to turn into jello Then, we're gonna whip out the corn syrup

Looking for exactly one ounce right here We're gonna put it into a half-cup of water and simply stir that together and that's gonna act as the base for our marshmallow Gelatine smells like wet dog farts You know that's actually how they make gelatine? That's why it's not vegan It's dog farts

Food, what wonderful world You know when you threw a half-head of cabbage into a garbage can and then it sits there for two weeks and you didn't take out the garbage because you're waiting for your roommate to take out the garbage That's wet dog fart if I ever smelled it We're gonna get our bloomed gelatine Little slime ball right in there

Cream of tartar will be really useful in a marshmallow recipe since we're working with such a volatile compound as Mountain Dew And then we're gonna start spinning on this, what this is actually do, as the gelatine sets with the sugar, it's gonna get air bubbles in there, that's what's gonna give it that signature marshmallow texture And we should get a lot of that flavor from the Mountain Dew I'm gonna turn this on and we're gonna drizzle it in slowly And then, nope, screw it, we're going high

Now we pray to the snack gods So we're looking for about a cup of that in there, 'cause when you Can you guys hear me? I feel like I'm yelling

We're actually gonna probably have to food dye it, 'cause if you think about it, that amount of color right there, that delicious piss yellowness is gonna expand as this aerates and then you're gonna lose a lot of it but we still want it to be a nice greenish yellow All right, so we– Wow Pure mountain dew syrup is incredible I feel like I'm on the slopes with X games gold medalist Shaun White So you see the marshmallow is sticking to the spoonula now

Spoonula? What's that? That's not a term We wanna get it a little bit tighter but I'm gonna add my food dye now because now we're gonna get a more accurate reading for what our color's looking like It sure tastes like a Mountain Dew marshmallow I'm taking the marshmallow mixture and I'm adding food dye to it just to give it that greenish yellow Mountain Dew tinge and I'm spreading that out on a sheet pan to sit in the fridge, then I'm cutting that out with a ring mold to be the perfect Mountain Doon pie shape! Lube me up! Thanks Analiese So, you're gonna take your food lube and you're gonna spray down a ring mold

This is the exact same size as a Moon Pie marshmallow And you're simply gonna cut it out I know Trevor uses a coconut body butter in the morning I just use Pam I'm a real salt to the earth guy when I moisturize it's just straight up Pam

What it does is it clogs all of your pores That way the wetness can't escape and so it just kind of stays all in there That's what my daddy used, that's what his daddy used and that's what I'm gonna use And then you should just be able– You gotta brace it with your pelvis as you pull all the excess marshmallow apart As you see, this should unstick real simply

Look at that! We got a perfect marshmallow disk that's been all lubed up with your hand moisturizer – I'm making cookies Moon Pie dough has a very interesting texture in that it's very chewy but also flakey It's kind of like a hybrid pie biscuit dough

I'm gonna do my best to recreate that and we're gonna do that by adding no butter whatsoever to the dough You might also be wondering why I have this Mountain Dew here and it's not just to remind me of a simpler time when I didn't know what deodorant was (yells) Sticky hands, that's okay I'm just gonna start scooping flour So I'm making the cookie part of the Moon Pie and what I'm using is a lot of flour, a lot of shortening or Crisco

Crisco is the most annoying thing to measure ever because it's just fat and it's sticky and you never get it off your fingers once it's on there A lot of corn syrup A little bit of baking soda, baking powder, Mountain Dew And hopefully it's not gonna spray on me And I'm doing this instead of water, 'cause it's a Mountain Dew Moon Pie

And I'm making that into a dough that I'm gonna roll out really thin Take the thing in your hand and mix the dough I've got Crisco all over my hands Good thing I've got this nice Mythical Kitchen towel that you can find on mythicalcom to wipe my hands off with

That was smooth I could've used a mixer for this, had machines do work for me but I like to feel in control If a machine were to make a Moon Pie, it would probably be really terrible because I assume that's how Moon Pies are actually made, is with machines and regular Moon Pies are awful – I love regular Moon Pies I think they are actually one of the best snacks out there

I love the way the cookie crumbles into the soft marshmallow I love that the glaze on the outside is super thin Not a single bad word to say about a Moon Pie – In order to recreate the flakiness, I'm gonna roll it out really thin and then stack them on top of each other 'Cause it's not a thick cookie but it has layers

Moon Pie's Twitter account, unlike actual moon pies, is great because they just talk about wanting to destroy the sun – I do think that it would wise to someone who worked for me started a feud with the Moon Pie Twitter account – "Hey Moon Pie Twitter account, do you want to start beef "because I hate your stupid product and they suck "and they don't taste good" All right So, we got our dough nice and rolled out and it's gonna not stick

Lovely I'm gonna take this big one, I'm gonna punch them out You're gonna get rid of the excess, then, we're gonna give it a little shimmy shimmy We're gonna pick it up and I'm gonna lay them on top and that has become our two layers And then I'm gonna take the smaller ring

I'm gonna cut out the size that I want, then I'm gonna press it out 'til it's nice, little flat disk and then I'm gonna do that a million more times 'til we've got cookies and bake them for about 9 minutes and 350 degrees Fahrenheit Nicole's making the candy coating for our moon pies – I'm gonna use candy wafers, also known as candy melts I'm not gonna add any actual Mountain Dew to this because if I were to add actual Mountain Dew like this it would make it really soupy and weird It wouldn't combine well together

I like making glazes and melting chocolate because it's very therapeutic and very relaxing So, whenever Josh gives me the task of making a glaze, this is my time to chill because a lot of the times in the kitchen, not really chilling, I'm mostly working So now this is just my time to really reflect and meditate and think about where I am, you know? I'm gonna mimic the taste of Mountain Dew with just a touch of citric acid to give that little sour note that exists in Mountain Dew Mix it up I'm going to match my glaze to be the same color as the packaging of the Mountain Dew bottle, kind of that color

The color I'm trying to achieve is this super, distinct slime, Nickelodeon, green-yellow color Mountain Dew is 20% soda, 80% food coloring Whoever enjoys Mountain Dew, no, no, no Why is this seizing? This isn't a part of the plan Whenever a liquid, specifically like a room temp liquid, hits any sort of melting chocolate– Loosen up! Doesn't matter if it's white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, it will immediately seize up and get really tight and turn up into this chunky mess

You know how I told you guys this is my time to meditate and relax? So sorry, that's not happening right now You are powerful, you are Mountain Dew You are strong, you are Mountain Dew You are my glaze, you are Mountain Dew What I think went wrong was for sure the citric acid had something to do with that

I need to let this hang out for a second (spits) Never ever do that I think the heat was a little bit high so it might've completely thrown off the recipe This is the fun part about cooking You fail sometimes

– Nicole struggled a lot at first, but then towards the middle she really continued to struggle The good news is towards the end she struggled even harder I think – I am just gonna do this one more time Take it slow, go back to my meditative state Okay, let me try this again

I melted it again and I colored it again I'm still trying to get that perfect, beautiful, slime color that I'm still trying to perfect What I'm gonna do differently is add in coconut oil Please do not let me down And just be patient with it, you know? Give it a little bit of time

Fingers crossed, everybody Okay, I'm not trying to be like I'm a good cook or anything but I did it! And now we're gonna glaze it and we're gonna assemble our cookies with Josh, Trevor I'm so excited – So we gotta assemble these Moon Pies The plan, and I use plan in the loosest sense of the term, is I'm gonna try and melt some of these marshmallows by torching them a little

So we're gonna go ahead and torch the marshmallow, and then you're gonna place the cookie on top of it, and we're gonna lift it and repeat the process – Yes, sensei – Wait, hold! Hold! Now! – There's just something very primal about Josh when he gets in the kitchen and he makes a lot of grunts and noises and just seems very aggressive when he's cooking – Oh my God I don't trust Josh with a blow torch because it's Josh

– I don't trust Josh with a blow torch but it's above my pay grade to make calls on whether or not Josh should be wielding dangerous objects You're doing so good – You broke it! – Nicole, Nicole Not one word I should be trusted with a blow torch

I should be trusted with a lot of things I should be trusted with babies and blow torches At the same time I could torch a marshmallow while holding a baby, is what I'm saying Be chill honey bunny

– Who are you calling honey bunny? – Don't torch the marshmallow – I'm not, it's far away – Don't – Can we talk about the fact– – You can do the hand test, you can– – The danger you put yourself in is truly shocking – I'm here for a good time, not a long time Because congenital heart disease runs in my family – (laughs) Why am I laughing, I'm so sorry – Yeah, that's not okay

– We're doing it – Wow – All right Trevor, final cookie, final cookie! (yell) – Oh, what could go wrong? Everything could go wrong – Use your heart – So call it the Albanian Kidnapper in "Taken", good luck

(all laugh) – Okay, so, I'm supposed to dunk it until like yay? – Yeah, dunk it top-side down, right-side left You're gonna kinda– – Like Space Jam Like Space Jam (all yell) – Get it, now shake it, shake it, shake it! Pick it up, no, no, no, claw it and shake it Jiggle, jiggle harder! – I can't jiggle harder

– Stop telling Nicole to jiggle – So the proper jiggling technique was this and I was doing this – What you're gonna do – Coach me through – get it in there, submerge it all, then you're gonna flip it on your hand, and then you're gonna do this (Nicole laughs) Full body – Can I see your knees? – Full body, knees are split out And then you're gonna see, that's gonna shake the glaze off

The proper jiggling technique, I believe was perfected in the 1987 classic "The Goonies" – So, I'm gonna submerge it? – Submerge it Okay, now pick it up, go! Thurst, thrust, thrust Nicole! There it is, look at it! – Oh my God, it's so hot! It's so hot – Put it down See, look how even of a layer that created

– The thing that I'm really worried about is the marshmallow because it's gonna taste bad – I hope that this Moon Pie is beautifully sticky and delicious and phenomenal and just squishy and yummy – I think a Mountain Dew Moon Pie is actually gonna taste really good I think we have the right amount of Mountain Dew extreme flavor in the marshmallows I think it's gonna be pretty good

What? So we're gonna ahead and let that set up in the fridge right before it goes in the packaging As we all know a snack is not official, cannot be sold on shelves, unless it's in packaging Let's check that out (upbeat pop music) Okay, so we have our Mountain Dew Moon Pies here, as I call them Moon-tain Dewn Pies You guys ever had a Moon-tain Dewn Pie? In Minnesota they're all the raves, the Moon-tain Dewn Pie

– Out and about on a Moon-tain Dewn Pie – Wow, look at that You get a Moon-tain Dewn Pie, you get a Moon-tain Dewn Pie All right – This is crazy

– So, I wanna see how these look in the middle, because off the bat, those look pretty similar Trevor, will you do the ceremonial cutting of the Moon-tain Dewn Pie? One clean stroke, then it's Kosher Cut that one in half – This one? – I didn't realize you did that and I screwed up your work That's a metaphor

All right, it's a little hard 'cause it's been in the fridge All right, look at that It's pretty similar We got a little bit more height on ours, but the marshmallow is in there, the cookies are about the same width, you see the flakey layers – Wow

– This is a really good job and I'm not just saying that 'cause we made it – Are you telling me we made this? – We made that Moon-tain Dewn Pie – This isn't a Moon Pie official-made Moon Pie? – Not yet it's not – [Trevor] All right, guys, let's try it – I'm going right for the middle

– I'm going – That is a flavor That's just an objective fact

– This is so much better than a regular Moon Pie (all laugh) I was so prepared to hate this – That is nuts – They packed the Mountain Dew punch You eat this and you immediately know it's Mountain Dew

If you give this to someone who's never heard of Mountain Dew and ask them what flavor it is, they'll go like, "Is that Moon-tain Dewn?" and you would say, "Yes, that's a Moon-tain Dewn," because that is a freakin' Moon-tain Dewn Pie Also, your cookie is better because it actually has some fat in it so it can easily crumb – This is phenomenal – So, we have our official smash or pash paddles Wield them out

One side we got smash, the other side we got pass We're gonna go ahead and vote on whether or not we think this snack should be in stores Three, two, one Smash, it's a smash – It's smashes so hard – This snack smashes maybe harder than any other snack that we've smashed I would rather start my day hydrating with this Moon-tain Dewn Pie than just a normal glass of Mountain Dew like I normally do Thank you guys so much for stopping by

We have another episode of Snack Smash coming out next week, we got a new podcast tomorrow and we have recipes every week Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing We will see you next time Moon-tain Dewn Pie You can cook up your own feast while wearing the Mythical Kitchen apron, available now at mythical


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