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– Hey guys, while we continue to be on hiatus from Good Mythical Morning, we wanted to continue to let you know about the stuff that we're excited about over on the This Is Mythical YouTube channel Stuff that we've been working on with the Mythical Crew, stuff that we are excited about

Right now I want you to check out a featurette that shows you what we've all been working on, featuring Lizzie and Ellie Take it away, ladies! (funky upbeat music) – This is it! (laughter) Our show is really just an excuse for us to explore all the things that we might not know how to do particularly well, especially in like the makeup or lady-bit format By lady-bits I mean products, but, also, potentially our buh-bits I did towel off my boobs before this – (giggling) Did you really? We cover a lot of stuff, like beauty, health, pop culture

– [Lizzie] Scientific experiments, dangerous stunts! – The bizarre, the macabre, everything, we do everything – Listen, we know that panty lines are a problem and that not everybody wants to have a thong flossing their butt-hole at all times – (blowing) Oh, boy – It's fine – Oh, good girl! – Yep, very good

– I think our content is very female-focused Not just because we're women, but also because, like, that's genuinely what our interests are A lot of times, people label traditionally girlish topics or subjects or products as things that aren't really worth comedy or worth goofing around with – Spider, spider, it's alive, it's alive! – And I think YouTube is changing that a lot, and that's definitely what we want to be doing – Also, on GMM, you've probably seen a lot of Rhett and Link testing things that generally relate to ladies, and we thought "Why not actually have some ladies test them?" Today we're gonna be testing out the ultimate strapless bra

– Today we're getting shot in the face – With makeup We're on our periods, hello! – Hello! It's super exciting, it's fun – It's nice to be able to connect to a lot of the young women in our audience that we might not always hear from all that much – They're the best

– Yeah, dude! If you like GMM, you'll like watching us because Rhett and Link sometimes test things for boobs without boobs and we sometimes test things for boobs with boobs (upbeat music) – [Ellie] Click on the left to watch more of us on This Is Mythical Click on the right to watch another This Is Mythical video And make sure to subscribe to This Is Mythical so you never miss one of our videos

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