Link’s Solo Trip Scare

And then I ended up talking to the neighbor Like she was outside on her phone and she was like I couldn't see her cause she was around the corner

She was like Link and I was like yeah She was like, "if I'm talking too loud just let me know" I'm like no it's fine Then she got off the phone and I ended up going over there and sitting down with her and just hanging out instead of going into town And we were having a conversation and I'd forgotten about the psychic sign

Oh, she had the psychic sign? Yes, she was the one with the psychic sign and so we were looking at Salvation Mountain and I was like, and she, I had heard her on the phone talking about how she had used tarot cards to determine where she was going to live And I said, and I was like, you know, I was sparking conversation, I was like do you think that that guy who on a mission from God painted that hill over there and that the universe as you refer to it, is speaking to you through these cards to tell you where to live You think it's the same thing?" And like, she started, you know My point is not to get into her answer or the philosophy of it all, but just to say that's the nature of the conversation And am I think I might have inadvertently had a condescending tone when talking about her tarot cards Cause I'm like, I'm asking detailed questions like, "well, if you used the cards to tell where you were gonna live, did you, and you ended up in San Diego, what did you say anywhere on earth? The cards please tell me

Or did you say San Diego cause I kind of wanna go there and a couple other places And this is in retrospect because Graciously I mean, she was very kind friendly person but at one point the conversation turned and she was like I don't know if I should say this but I feel and so I'm taking a risk and it's dark and she's, we're not sitting next to each other She's like sitting eight feet away from me And I can't see your face because of the way that the moonlight and the shadows of her trailer

I felt like I was in the light of the moonlight but she was in the shadow So it was like, it was kind of creepy I couldn't see her face at all I could see the sir silhouette and then she's like, she starts as she said, you know, maybe it could be And I don't remember exactly what she said but she kind of described what she what might be someone's mental where someone might be coming from, from a place of fear when having the type of conversation that I was having with her

And it was like weird It's like, it kind of freaked me out and I was like did you just like give me a reading or something? And she was like, I'm sorry I shouldn't do that And it was like, she had described, it was just weird because it freaked me out a little bit when she was talking about when people, you know, I think you're speaking from a place of fear when you're having this conversation with me about these things that my practices How did you respond to that And I was like

The way I responded was did you just like give me a reading or something? And then I made a joke about how I didn't have $5 So I deflected which, you know, she ended up saying, well, I'm an empath I can tell And I legitimately felt like that she did have, she had insight into how like the psychology of how I was feeling but I, to clarify I didn't think it was spiritual or I didn't think it was negative in nature or even spiritual in nature My interpretation of it looking back on it was that like in the way that you would like have a conversation with a therapist who would have insight into like, okay, you're kind of hiding behind your fear here in the way that you're asking me these types of questions Does that make sense? That's ultimately how I felt like she was talking to me

She could tell that you were speculative in the nature of your questions Yeah, not speculative that's not the right word The right word is suspicious Yeah Yeah, but it was kind of a weird moment

And I think she, you know, we kept talking and I think she was like she wasn't gonna offer like give me a palm reading or whatever it is she was, had her sign up for But she gave me the opportunity to ask for that But in the moonlight and in the, you know, I had reached my level of comfort I'd reached the limit of that And I was like, you know what I think I'm gonna turn in

I'm going to bed So it kind of had this, it didn't end abruptly but I kind of had this I don't know it was kind of a weird vibe kind of a moment That's like I didn't know Did you see her the next day I saw her the next day

And I was like, I was packing my stuff up and I was leaving And I was like, you know, I appreciated our conversation last night And I wanted to apologize if I felt condescending If anything I said seemed condescending And she was like, no, I think whenever people speak from a place of fear

It's always, if you understand it, it's always understandable It's like, if I were to what it is you're afraid of, I would not hold it against you It's just we didn't discuss it is kind of what she meant Does that make sense? Yeah, I guess I guess somebody who's out in the desert with a sign and finding themselves they can talk like, they can say these types of things

And you're like, Oh I know the mode that you go into with those kinds of questions So I could see what how she would take offense at it I didn't mean to, well But I like what you like, what was underneath your

But also there was this level of fear that I had about being in the hole places Like, what am I, like I said audibly a few times I was like, what am I doing here? Like after the conversation with her, I went back and I went back and I went to bed And I'm like in the bed and I'm like trying to go to sleep And I'm like I heard, I could hear her footsteps

She's sneaking And I just felt like they were coming around my trailer She gonna kill you because you doubted her And there was a little scratchy scratch on the door and Jade like barked up in the bed, but Jayden bark So I'm like, I'm just gonna lay here really quiet

I don't know what I'm doing here but if I make it, there's a night am getting Outta here And then in the morning I felt, I talked to her and I felt fine And I don't think she was creeping around my trailer Anything else significant happened? It's not like there's, it's like you spend quality time with yourself You isolate yourself with yourself and you learn a little bit

Well, I can't say exactly what I learned but I mean, it's funny cause it's stuff you talked about the personality stuff is stuff that I'm kind of exploring within myself and And I think that I don't mean to cut you off again That's the part I left out is I think that's why it kind of freaked me out was because she talked about fears And that was one of the thing that And that was the thing that I was had been thinking about And that I'd kind of walked around I was uneasy being there So there were a couple of different levels of fear that I had that I think anyone not anyone could pick up on, but someone who, you know, you don't it doesn't have to be creepy in order to pick up on it But it freaked me out a little bit

I'm processing some of the same stuff That was one of the reasons that I went away Now, I also kinda knew that a couple of days is not enough time to actually make any real progress Just people that I know that have done like, you know, the time alone that you got, you need a few days before you have some kind of breakthrough And the main thing I learned besides I have an awesome yoga class with a lot of bachelorette women

Is I'm not very good at being alone Like as much as I want to be alone And I'm an introvert through and through And I say things like I need my alone time I find when I am finally in that place where I'm alone I'm kinda like, I'm that good at this? And there is this slightly complicating factor of somebody might know who I am

It's like, you know, like I went to the spa, I got a massage and then went into the, I was like interacting with this girl And like she was like, this is where you can go There's another hot tub like on the hillside that I went to for like 30 minutes Cause it comes with a massage or whatever And then I like come back down the hill and I'm like paying

And she's like by the way, I'm a big fan of your show And because that happens pretty regularly, thankfully great, that means people are watching That's why I didn't go to the restaurant by myself, right? Because there's self-consciousness, there's this like, ooh, Rhett alone What's, he's weird I'm gonna go tell my friends, you know the guy from the show that met the good morning thing like he eats alone at restaurants

He's a creep, you know like even though I know that's not actually what that means I have fears associated with that And so there's a lot of self consciousness as I'm kind of going about my alone weekend That's why ideally I would just go to the desert where I'm completely alone and I actually don't have to interact with people And I'm like, I'm forced to kind of confront things within myself which is what I hope to do later

All that to say, I ended up doing things like, I'm not gonna watch any TV but then I watch TV I'm not gonna watch a movie but I bring up a movie on my, you know what I'm saying? It's like, I don't actually completely disconnect I kind of feel like the lesson I learned is I need to set boundaries and rules going in and actually follow through with them But even getting, I mean, if getting in touch with yourself as far as getting in touch with your self consciousness you know, I think that is an element of what it sounds like we both did a little bit

But I did, but I confronted it head on in that yoga class and I was dancing at the end, you know To watch more Ear Biscuits click on the playlist on the right To watch previous episode of Ear Biscuits click on the playlist to the left And don't forget to click on the circular icon to subscribe If you prefer to listen to this podcast it's available on all your favorite podcast platforms

Thanks for being your mythical best

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