Josh Makes Pop-Tart Cheesecake

– Anyway so I was hangin' out with these You also wanna start slow

(light music) Welcome to the Thunderdome where two men enter one man leaves We're starting a fight club in the parking lot If you watch the GMM pop tart taste test, you know, we here at Mythical can not get enough pop tarts We'll eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner And today I'm trying to solve the problem

How do you ethically shove a bunch of breakfast pastries into a cheesecake? Find out 'cause this is Thunderdome Trying to rebrand Thunderdome, Thunderdome Kitchen And if you're following along at home we've broken the recipe down into three easy steps the time codes of which you can find right there But we also have full recipe down in the description so let's get cookin'! (light music) Welcome to the Thunderdome, that didn't work Anyways, so what we're gonna do, all cheesecakes normally start with a crumb crust

So instead of using normal bread crumbs, that's not what's in a cheesecake, crackers, Graham crackers, they're the crackers that were invented to stop you from self-pleasuring That's a thing, someone Google that So we're going to take an entire box of wildberry pop tarts which for my money, they are the best pop tarts unless that I've been on the record as saying something else is the best pop tart, now this is the best So you're going to go ahead and just open up the pop tarts and then we're gonna get them into our food processor Again, we're using the same technique that you would on a Graham Cracker crumbs crest except these will give you incredibly impure thoughts

Like I ain't nothing but Graham crackers for a month and I didn't want to (soft music) All right, so we have all the pop tarts in the food processor and now I'm gonna add the sugar and I'm going to buzz it up just before I add my butter, just 'cause I don't want any of the butter to really sink into the, I don't want any of the butter to really sink to the bottom and get stuck there So I'm gonna yeah, that fit It's gonna be a good day We're not gonna die in Thunderdome today! All right, so I just wanna buzz this up a little bit

So we wanna get this kind of incorporated If there's any big chunks you can just go in there and pluck them out, so what a lot of people don't know this at the Poptart factory they just literally mix the blueberry filling with the raspberry filling with the strawberry filling and then they add a bunch of purple And then Toby Maguire was also on one of the boxes when they changed it to Spidey Berry and not wildberry They didn't even use any real spiders in there I use the spiders in my Poptart sometimes, welcome to Mythical Kitchen

So we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna add all that melted butter The melted butter and the sugar is what, why did I splash it on the edge? Why did I take this off? The melted butter and the sugar are what's going to combine with the pastry crust and that little bit of jam in the poptart and then that's gonna actually gonna create the base And just let it run We're lookin' for like a smooth poptart sort of puree here So you're gonna go ahead and take a little bit of pam, I always keep pam in my pouch, I call it my food lube pouch

Then I'm just gonna pam down the inside of a springform pan Springform pans are what you're typically gonna use for a cheesecake as opposed to just a normal pie dish or something that's what's gonna give you that straight vertical crust that you see at places such as The Cheesecake Factory, say what you want about their menu their cheesecakes really good That pineapple upside down cheesecake, wow it's not as good as the poptart cheesecake, we'll see So we're just gonna take that, I always like to lube up my hands any time I'm doing any sort of crumb crust, I just think getting a nice lubricative layer is really helpful and then we're just gonna press out this crust and I want it to come up about halfway up the sides you wanna make sure that you're getting a nice sort of like 90 degree angle there because you don't want there to just be this nice giant bite of crust, this is an unnerving, it looks like if you dump some blue nerds into raw ground beef which shockingly we've never done here Maybe next week

There's one last step for actually preparing this to get the filling inside of it, what we're gonna do is wrap it in foil One mistake that a lot of people make, my hands are covered in lube One mistake that people make with homemade cheesecake is that they don't put it in a waterbath, they put it straight into the oven and then they're getting a lot of direct heat on it And when you think about it, a cheesecake, at least a New York style cheesecake which is what I'm kind of going for, you're essentially making a custard pie because there's eggs going into a fair amount of liquid dairy including cream cheese and sour cream, and if you get direct heat contact on that, you're gonna scramble your eggs, you're gonna get a lot of crackage on the top So you're going to try and do what you do with something like a crem brule where your filling the outside of the pan with hot water, that's actually going to insulate it from the heat and give it a nice, gentle cook on that custard

So we're just gonna wrap the bottom to prevent any water from seaping in, air tight, she's a sea worthy vessel! (light music) What I'm doing right now, I should gesture threateningly at the audience, people have said Josh, don't gesture threateningly at the people who pay the bills here, I will stop that one day So right now we're gonna make the berry jam swirl for the actual cheesecake filling insert now Also, I did that in like a tik tok recently, I opened pop tarts like this and people thought it was a bit but that's just how I open poptarts all the time And I wanna kind of get those kind of artificial berry flavors out of the poptart filling and get them into an actual fresh berry jam kind of mixing the best of both worlds as part of this balanced breakfast That was a great marketing ploy! That was a great scam to just be like look, are these unhealthy? Sure, it's merely part of a balanced breakfast

Anyways, you want to get the knife in there and then just kind of drag it along and then you can kind of filet it open Now you're just gonna take the knife and you're gonna scrape it along the jam You're not gonna get a ton It's like when you scrape the seed pods out of vanilla, you're just trying to get enough to sort of there we go, just dab it in your pot Right now, we're also going to take some fresh berries

We've got strawberries, we're gonna add them to a hot pot And we got blueberries! Fun fact, I eat about two pounds of blueberries a day That was a real statistic along with a cup and a half of Greek yogurt We're also gonna ask some raspberries in there and then we're gonna dump in a lot of sugar And while this is cooking, I really want to take this whisk and I really want to force the sugar in there

That's a process called maceration which you must save very slowly Maceration is the process in which sugar will actually get into the cell walls of the berry and it will draw out moisture We're just gonna let this cook down for about 15 minutes at a medium heat And then that's going to turn into a jam that we're gonna swirl into our cheesecake base base, whoa! Bakings hard work (timer ringing) So we got our jam cooking down

Now we need to make the actual cheesecake base I like slapping my stand mixer like it's a nice taut hog, you know? You go up to a nice taut hog and you just kinda, slap it on the, I was at a farm this weekend and I was just like slappin' animals (laughs) We're gonna make our cheesecake base which as we mentioned before is somewhat of a custard pie filling and so I'm gonna go ahead and just shove a couple bricks of that Philadelphia cream cheese in there Sponsor us, your city has no hope, the evils are garbage, Carson Wentz is done Put that on my back, city of Philly And now we're gonna take a fair amount of sour cream

We're gonna take our sugar and now we're just gonna blend it a little bit, you want your cream cheese to be softened and just otherwise it's gonna kinda bang around in this little taut hog machine, that's what this is now known as, this is the taut hog machine Anyways so I was hangin' out with these, you also wanna start slow So I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna crack a couple eggs into this very slowly and then I'm also gonna add my vanilla extract, why didn't I add it at the beginning? Unclear, truly again just add things as you go I'm gonna add the eggs one at a time that way the eggs are in there also Slowly, okay let's just crack a couple eggs while it's going Ta-dow, woop, and speed it up! Okay, so we have this creamin' together

That's almost done Just gonna take a look at this jam It has gotten nice and reduced but we see we still got a couple of chunks I'm gonna go ahead and I'm going to strain that jam off We just, again, want to get the seeds out and then we're going to let that cool

All right, that's nice and good in there And anytime I'm straining something through one of these guys, I like to take it and just kind of scoop out from the grundle region There we go, that's the good stuff So if you see, we got nice and thick and syrupy somewhere in between a syrup and a jam That's the exact consistency we wanna go for and that's gonna get even thicker when we let it cool and then actually blend it into the cheesecake

This is like the filet mignon of a poptart (lively music) Alton Brown was on Twitter talkin' smack about how cheesecake is a pie and that's a fact, it's like no it's not there's so many different types of cheesecakes out there in the world You got quesadilla, Salvadorian, then you got the (speaks in foreign language), you got Swedish (speaks in foreign language), there's so many different ones that don't have a crust Japanse cotton cheesecakes, you can't just say the cheesecake is one thing, you could say the specific style of cheesecake, the one that we have made today is certainly a pie but you have to first ask yourself what is a cheesecake? Can we talk about that in the podcast? – [Nicole] Absolutely – I have to run all my ideas past Nicole because a lot of them are bad

I still like the is the ocean a soup? 'Cause it's a salty broth, there's meat floating in it and vegetables and it's constantly rising in temperature due to climate change, ergo, the ocean is soup One time I did, I swallowed a lot of ocean water when I was a kid and I threw it up I also got stung by a jellyfish when I was a child I don't like the ocean very much We're gonna go ahead and we're gonna take the jam and I'm just gonna kind of dollop it in random parts and then we're gonna use a crude tool to swirl it in there

We're just kinda dolloping this around, getting it in a random pattern I'm just gonna take this and I'm just gonna kind of fold it, just try and push some of the jam down there and pull up a little bit of that cheesecake filling There we go, and then I'm gonna take a nice edge and just kind of give it a Toby McGuire spiderman style pattern in honor of the 2002 release of Spidey Berry poptart to celebrate Spiderman Two featuring Doctor Octopus my favorite Spiderman villain All right now our cheesecake is ready to go in the oven so what we're going to do is put the cheesecake into a large turkey pan, if you have something like a kettle with a spout then you can kind of poke it in the oven and pour that gently around your cheesecake, that will prevent you from having to transport a lot of sloshing boiling water into your oven We have no kettle in the kitchen, so I'm gonna teach you what not to do

So I'm gonna take hot water and go go go! Okay, we want it not necessarily all the all the way up but pretty far up that cheesecake, you can leave about you know 20% of the cheesecake sticking out so now we're gonna take this and put it in the oven at 375 degrees for about 55 minutes and then it's cheesecake and then we're gonna decorate it and then we're gonna eat it and then we're all gonna have a good time! (timer ringing) All right so we have this cheesecake out of the oven, if you see it's still got a little bit of a wiggle and this ginger needs her jiggle juice so what we're gonna go ahead and do is make our sour cream topping (laughs) Iconic line, come on, Brittney Snow as a red head, what's not to love? Good movie, all right so we're gonna take some sour cream and we're just gonna do a nice purple sour cream top so it's gonna look like a poptart, it's gonna taste like a poptart but it's also gonna be cheesecake and it's also part of balanced daily breakfast All right so now we're gonna take a couple drops of that purple food dye and drop it in there and spin it up, see what kind of color we're at, we're looking for a nice color match This is really an art project Cheesecake to me is an art

All cooking is art but cooking is also love and community So now we're gonna take the sour cream mixture and we're just gonna pop it on top of this here cheese pie and then we're gonna pop that in the oven just for about 15 minutes and then I'm gonna eat a couple poptarts for energy That's the thing about poptarts, you get all these people in marathons, right? They eat these energy goos and stuff, when I'm in the middle of a hard workout, I just suck down a couple poptarts Okay so we have this, I'll smooth that, I'm gonna go ahead and pop it back in the oven just for about 15 minutes to get the sugars and the sour cream to set And then we have to let it cool for a bit, whoa! Deal yourself there boy

Be that nice girthy hog you wanna be (light music) So this is just melted chocolate that's been dyed blue Whenever you put chocolate in a piping bag, the tip is gonna get colder because there's less laten heat at the top than there is right there, then there is, that was not me doing masticating motions that was me trying to milk a cow, but I could see how they would look the same to you I'm just going to make kind of a little crisscrossy squiggles Kind of like a DNA double helix shape, you know? Anyone, remember science? This is Toby McGuire's actual DNA pattern, I hope you like it

I should've had a plan to do this So I'm gonna take some poptarts and I'm just gonna run a knife through it and get some nice little poptart crumblies to garnish on top, I just wanna take some of these actual poptarts and just give it a nice sprinkling on top of there, there we go This is a great way to save a dish Try to cook a filet for your in-laws, didn't work out, garnish it with some poptarts! I would've been awesome in culinary school So we're gonna go ahead and take an offset and just try and jimmy the outside a little bit, we don't want anything to stick

It looks like we've got a little bit of moisture from that crust 'cause again there is a lot of corn syrup inside the P-tart, some call 'em p-tarts, some call 'em poptarts, some call 'em sling blade, I call it a kaiser blade and that's fine So now we're just gonna gently remove it Wow, look at that, so this is cold as a wet side crust Nice and hard but it's still wet which is exactly what we wanted in our wet side crust poptart cheesecake, there we have it Oh my God, dude we gotta slice this up, we gotta garnish it and make it all pretty and then we're gonna feed our friends

(light music) I mean, look at the colors! All of the colors that exist in food in nature You got your bright aqua marine blue and unsettling purple and then that lovely little ribbon, I'm super stoked on this I'm gonna dig in It's got good structure Nice crumb on the poptart crust, that's what Paul Hollywood would say

That is very cool though, I am very proud of this, and Toby McGuire you should be proud too The first thing that hits you is the artificial poptart flavor which is actually really nice coming from the bottom of that crust, then you get a little bit swirled in Mmm, and it's great, it marries all that wild berry Spiderman tune nostalgic flavor that you have with the cheesecake, it's super fun and also I feel as though my breakfast has finally been balanced 'Cause really I did just eat 60 grams of protein worth of yogurt before this but it's not just my opinion that matters I'm gonna go ahead and feed my friend Jake with the patented Mythical spork camera – Hi Josh! – Jake you ready to get sporked? – I'm so ready to get sporked

– [Josh] I'm ready for you to get sporked too! – Josh, this looks amazing! – Thank you man, I'm very proud of it, I hope you're proud of me too I'm gonna try and cut you a whole slice of this cheesecake Where are we at? I can't see – [Jake] You're doing gracefully – [Josh] There it is, yeah yeah yeah

No we're gettin' there Gotta kinda sorry yeah yeah yeah Okay jimmy it? All right, is that a bite? – [Jake] Yeah! – I got a little crooked arm, sorry! All right – That's amazing! – Isn't it? – Oh! Yeah it's just really good, it tastes like a wild berry poptart Amazing job Josh, thank you! – Before you worked here were you like man I wish wild berry poptart cheesecake was a thing that existed? – No I did not

– Can you just lie and say that you did, Jake? – Yes, I was thinking poptarts, cheesecake, how could it not exist? – Thank you so much, for parroting all the lines I ask you to, thank you so much for stopping by the Mythical Kitchen, we got new recipes out for you every week we got new episodes of our podcast out every Wednesday wherever you get your podcast, hit us up on Instagram @MythicalKitchen with pictures of your mythical dishes under #DreamsBecomeFood, I'll see ya next time I gotta eat the rest of that poptart cake You can cook up your own feast while wearing the Mythical Kitchen apron available now at Mythicalcom

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