Is Cereal Just Soup? (Food Debate)

– Have you been eating soup for breakfast without knowing it? Let's find out This is A Hot Dog is a Sandwich

– [Nicole] Ketchup is a smoothie – [Josh] Yeah I put ice in my cereal, so what? – [Nicole] That makes no sense – [Josh] A hot dog is a sandwich – [Nicole] A hot dog is a sandwich (both laughing) – What? (laughing) Welcome to our brand new podcast, A Hot Dog is a Sandwich, where we take on the internet's biggest food debates

I'm your host Josh Scherer, and I once spilled a bowl of cereal on my naked lap – And I'm your host Nicole Hendizadeh, and I think Josh is my best friend – Oh my God (laughing) You're top eight for me If we had Myspace, you'd be on my top eight

– Yeah, I just think I spend so much time with you, I think you're one of my friend It's cool that I'm your subordinate, but you're my friend – Yeah, that's a recipe for, okay So today we're taking on the question, is cereal soup? (laughing) (Nicole laughing) Nicole – Why? – What are your thoughts? – Why? – This is one of the biggest questions, it's always mentioned on Twitter, on whatever, and people always explode over it

– No, for sure – There's a very easy answer that a lot of people seem to take, but I want to hear your thoughts on it first – So it's no, for me, and it's just no Do you want me to tell you why it's no? – Yeah, yeah – Or do you want to tell me? You know what, can you tell me why you think whatever you think first? – Okay, so

(both laughing) God, I don't even like that I'm saying this, but I'm taking this position, and I do believe it, because I've thought about it, and I've really done a lot of soul searching I believe that cereal is soup I believe there's no way around it It is a food eaten out of a bowl with a spoon, meant to be consumed as a meal I believe that cereal is soup, the dish cereal, because you could say cereal is just– – Grain

– If you're eating Lucky Charms, yeah, if you're eating Lucky Charms by the handful, you could say you're eating cereal, but I think when you say– – Cereal the dish – Cereal the dish, fully with milk or some sort of milk substitute, I believe it's a soup It has to be, to me it has the same formula as a soup, you eat it in the same manner, I think it's soup – I think it's just such an iconic food on its own that lumping it in with soup defeats the beauty of cereal, in my opinion A bowl of Lucky Charms, or my favorite cereal, Grape Nuts, is just iconic

You know you're eating cereal To call it soup is blasphemy, in my opinion, because everyone has an archetype of soup If all of us were to close our eyes, close your eyes, if you were to close your eyes and you were to envision a bowl of soup, what would be inside of it? If you tell me Frosted Mini-Wheats and whole milk are in that bowl, you're lying to yourself – I'm picturing a beautiful broth with little chunks in it of vegetables, and then there's a tiger, and the tiger is walking behind the bowl, it suddenly goes "They're great", because it's a bowl of Frosted Flakes, because I am picturing cereal – I don't think, I think cereal on its own is its own dish

I think it demands the respect of being its own iconic meal I can call cereal a meal, sure, I can eat it with a spoon, sure, but I don't think it's soup – But why not? Really break this down, what are the components of soup? That's what we first have to discuss – I think we have the definition right here of what soup is – Is there like a Merriam-Webster has a dictionary decider? – There's actually two definitions of soup, there's Webster's definition and the Oxford definition

– Give me both – Webster says "A liquid food, especially with a meat, "fish or vegetable stock as a base, "and often containing pieces of solid food" That's Websters – Okay, so let's break that down So they say often with a meat, vegetable, or fish stock or whatever, so it doesn't mean that it necessarily has to include one of those

So we could consider milk to be the broth Also, I would argue that milk is essentially stock made from the teats of a cow – I don't think milk– – It's teat stock – I don't think meat constitutes stock I think if we took the teats, we stewed the teats, that would be stock, that would be udder stock

– Don't put that into the universe, because we're going to have to do that Someone from up top's going to be like guys, we need to find cow udders – That would be cow udder stock I think the liquid that it secretes is milk, and it should be milk and called milk, not broth – Fair, I'll concede that point

– The Oxford definition says "A liquid food "made by boiling meat, vegetables et cetera "in water, often eaten as the first course of a meal" What do you have to say about that? – The first course of breakfast is always cereal for me It's part of a balanced breakfast, Nicole, it's not the entire balanced breakfast Anytime they show the cereal commercials, right, it's always next to toast, orange juice, eggs, because I don't think legally they can call a balanced breakfast just a bowl of cereal on account of it's just 100% sugar and corn – Is that what you eat for breakfast? Do you course out your breakfasts? – Sometimes

You see me in here, well it's mostly just me grazing for like hours and hours at a time – Yeah, that's different – Okay, so to visit your point about it being iconic enough to be its own dish, a lot of people also have the question is chili soup? So chili is like very iconically its own dish, and also whenever I go to a restaurant and they're like soup of the day, our soup today's chili, I'm just like well that should be its own menu item I don't consider that a soup of the day, in the same sense, but I do still consider chili to be a soup, in the sense it's made with a stock, it's got bits of stuff in it, you eat it with a spoon out of a bowl But you know, that said, if I went to a restaurant and they said the soup of the day is chili, I would feel just as misled if the soup of the day was a bowl of Frosted Flakes

– (laughs) No you wouldn't, you're just lying to lie No, okay no, I don't agree with that at all If you went to a restaurant and someone gave you a bowl of chili versus a bowl of cereal with milk, and they're like "Which one of these are soup?" would you honestly put your hand over the cereal and say this is soup? – I would honestly put my hand over both and say these are both soup, but I do agree that chili is a more soup like soup– – Didn't you say that chili, but didn't you say chili is less of a soup? – I think chili is less of a soup than say chicken noodle, beef and barley – No Well also, there's different kinds of chili

There's the chili you put on hot dogs I'm not about to pour myself a bowl of that and go to town on it, I'm not – I call it hot dog slop chili, and it's my favorite kind of chili – I don't think I'm gonna do that, but you know, if there's an artisanal chili with beans in it, maybe some sour cream on the top, yeah I'll eat that joyfully and I'll call it soup, but I will not pour myself a bowl of Frosted Flakes, put some oat milk on there and call it soup Now talk to me, I know you're going to bring up gazpacho, because that's just who you are as a person, so we'll talk about gazpacho

– Yeah, we call it the gazpacho complex – Yeah, I understand – Because a lot of people they think soup is temperature dependent, and they'll say cereal is cold One, I pour milk over Honey Bunches and stick it in the microwave for 35 seconds, I think it's very delicious – Yeah, that's like porridge, man

(laughing) – Well that's another thing, cereal, a lot of people consider oatmeal to be like a hot cereal, and then a lot of people could ask is oatmeal then soup? – Isn't oatmeal labeled hot cereal? – Technically, but the term cereal in its scientific definition, because so many of these arguments, they come down to there's a scientific definition of a thing, and then there's a colloquial, functional definition – I feel like that's kind of where this conversation always steers, yeah – So rice technically is called a cereal grain, but if you say I'm eating a bowl of cereal and someone gave you a bowl of steamed rice, you wouldn't think that that is technically cereal – Yeah, because cereal is a meal – So technically oatmeal is cereal, but when you prepare oatmeal, I think it's not suspended chunks of food in liquid, it all comes together in a paste, which I would call a porridge, being entirely separate from both cereal and soup

I think soup, which is why I believe cereal is one, needs to have a certain flow rate to it I think if we got a physicist in here, they could give us a bare minimum standard for what constitutes the flow rate of a soup, because if you take something like a bisque, right? If you reduce a bisque down enough, I believe it no longer becomes a soup and it becomes a sauce or a gravy – A sauce, sure – Right, so there's some sort of flow rate here, and I believe cereal will always fall in that flow rate, depending on how much milk you've poured in there – Do we have a physicist budget? Is it in the budget? – [Josh] I think so

– Okay – Yeah, it was like 60 bucks, so we gotta get a real budget Craig's List physicist to come in – Okay, I'm down – Like someone who was ousted by the physics community because he was a flat Earther – I'm not apposed to that

– I'll take a flat Earth physicist in here to talk about cereal flow rates any day – Yeah man, me too I'm down, I think that's a brilliant idea, but the act of reducing it, every person has a preference, I feel, their milk to cereal ratio Some people like a really, really thin, just one piece of cereal to a whole spoonful of milk, and some people like a lot of cereal in their milk So I don't necessarily agree with you on that, because it's all relative when it comes to pouring yourself a bowl of cereal

– So you're saying one persons definition of a bowl of cereal, if it doesn't have enough milk wouldn't constitute, wouldn't come up to that level of flow rate – Yeah, I think your flow rate– – [Josh] If that makes sense, but it still would be a bowl of cereal – Yeah, yeah, exactly Yes – That's an interesting point

– [Nicole] 100% – In the same way that if you reduce a bisque down, it becomes a sauce, if you decrease the amount of milk enough Okay, but the way I'm thinking, because a lot of people, you're pouring the cereal into the bowl and then you're adding milk on top of that One, you always pour the cereal first – Yes, always

– You never pour the milk first – No, no, no, yes always – But dude, there's a lot of soups at restaurants, fancy restaurants, you and I are both fancy people, we have very fancy tastes – Yes – There's a lot of fancy restaurants that you get a soup, and they'll put the chunks in the bowl, and then a waiter comes around with the little carafe, or whatever, little gravy boat type thing and they pour the broth in

– Here we have a green pea stew – I have gotten some of these fancy soups and they pour in a quarter inch of broth or whatever the thing is – That's because it's small portions, man – No, I know but it doesn't even, it doesn't each like a soup at that point, it eats like a sauce So I would argue that cereal is more of a soup than some of these things that people are calling soups out here, in the fine dining industry

That's what I believe, I believe– – I think they're soups, I just think they're very, I think their texture is very, very luxurious, like a sauce So I feel like that's where you're going with it – I believe the definition of soup is so broad, because think about the world of soups, right, gazpacho, which is like cold blended vegetables – Delicious – Often served in a cup, you don't even eat it with a spoon most of the time

– Very true – It's just a liquid food meant to be consumed I think a majority of times with a spoon That's what it is, right? And so you have say a chowder, which is just a milk based soup – Based, it's not just milk – [Josh] Milk based

– It's milk based – I would argue that cereal is just milk based, because once you combine the cereal– – No, it's just milk, man – Once you combine the cereal, you get the Corn Flake residue, sorry I burped, I drink a lot of Diet Coke (Josh burping) I drink a lot of Diet Coke throughout the day It really works me up into a fervor, you know? All the aspartame and caffeine and that

– Yeah, I don't know how your blood is pumping through your veins right now, I don't know how it happens – I would argue that stock is just bone based water – Yes Tell me some facts about soup, Josh – Okay, okay, this is actually interesting

– Soup facts – In French cooking, soups are classified into two groups, clear and thick I think that's important, but they're both soups, because like you said soup, we have to break this down into archetypes So something like a chicken noodle is more archetypally soup– – Sure – Than cereal, which is obviously still a soup

– Well that's just looking at it through an American lens – Yeah, that's another thing, if we go to Japan, something like ramen, do you consider that soup? Even though the noodles are the star of it – Oh my gosh, absolutely, absolutely It's just a noodle, it's a soup with noodles The broth is the star, let's be real here

(laughing) – Fair We actually did an episode here that was really interesting, the way that other people view different foods and definitions There was an international noodle taste test, and we did pasta dishes from Nigeria and all around the world – I remember that episode – Yeah, and there were a bunch of people that commented like "Those aren't noodles, "there's no broth", and I was like what? – Oh so the definition of noodles is different per place, is that what you're saying? – Yeah, and so to me you look at something like soup, which every culture eats around the world, to me the definition is so broad that I think you have to take it down to its complete base level of a liquid based food that you eat with a spoon, or just drink directly from the cup, I think that's all it is

So if you're like is a smoothie, a smoothie gets a little bit melty and it can flow in your mouth, is that a soup? Yeah, that's a fruit bisque – That is not– – That's all you're eating, wake up, you go to Jamba Juice, you're getting a Raspberry Razzamatazz, that ain't no smoothie, that is a raspberry bisque It is a semifreddo raspberry bisque – Josh – And I'm standing by that

– Josh, you and I both know that's just a sad smoothie that you will still drink even if it's 10 o'clock at night – I'm down with the Jamba – No man, I'm sorry (laughing) I don't agree with you I think the line of sweet and savory is also something that it sometimes walks on, because Webster and Oxford says that it's meat, or vegetables or poultry, right? They never mention anything about the sweetness of soup, or the savoriness of soup

I know in Poland they have, what is it? The Polish fruit soup – Yeah, fruit soup – That we did, yeah Sure, that's soup, but when you make it, it's pretty much like a custardy dessert sauce It's not really a soup

– [Josh] But it's not a sauce though– – But it's called a soup – But we talked about it, if you reduce a bisque down long enough, it just becomes a sauce – Yeah, yeah, I don't know, I just feel like the line of sweet and savory, if they made more savory cereals, like if they made Honey Bunches of chicken – Well let's talk hypotheticals though – Okay, if someone made Corn Flakes this time with beef

(laughing) Corn Flakes with beef – Hypothetically though, for real, if we had beef flakes, which we could make, because we made Avocado Toast Crunch, right? – [Nicole] Yes, we did – That was savory We put pepper on it and lemon juice and black pepper and salt – We did

– So take that Avocado Toast Crunch, and then we pour milk on it, are we eating soup at that point? – I don't know! – [Josh] I know – Are we? – I don't know – Am I? – Conversely, are there sweet soups out there? Because that seems to be the line that you're drawing – Yeah, I feel like– – Sweet and savory – That's the line that I'm kind of stuck on

My cereals, well most of the time the cereals I eat aren't sweet, they're just like Weetabix of Grape Nuts I know it's like I'm a geriatric woman, but those are my favorite kinds of cereals, just because they have a tinge of sweetness, so I don't feel like I'm eating sugar in the morning, you know what I mean? But I don't know, I feel like you're just rocking my world here man, with the Avocado Toast Crunch and the alternate universe snacks taste testing – Think about beef flakes, I mean honestly, we could take chicken and we could freeze dry chicken, and then we could pulverize it, mix that with the tiniest bit of flour or even not, some sort of other binder, and then we could create little crunchy aerated chicken nuggets, put that in a bowl, pour milk on it, and eat it, do you think that would be cereal or soup? – Josh, I need to try it – Did you order the code red? – I don't know, I don't know man You're rocking my brain right now

I don't know Frick Maybe Maybe Josh – [Josh] What separates it? – Huh? – Say you put that bowl in the microwave– – Oh man

– And then you're essentially creating chicken stock out of that milk, but it's still the same exact food that went into that microwave – Oh my God – Because we've agreed there can be cold soups, gazpacho So what if you microwave it, you infuse some of that chicken in there, you let it cool down, are we eating cereal or soup? – I don't know, maybe– – [Josh] Nicole, you don't– – Maybe cereal is soup – [Josh] You don't have to choose

Embrace it – Have you converted me? – Embrace the fact that cereal is soup It's a beautiful world in here Nicole, the water is so warm There's no rules in any food once you agree that cereal is soup

– I was so sure I'm like no it's not, but when you break it down like this, and you talk about hypotheticals, that's wild I think, I think, shall I say it? – Say it – Shall I say the words that are on the tip of my– – Say it! (both laughing) – Okay, I think cereal's soup – Cereal is soup, we have decided, it's official, again– – I feel dirty saying that, I hope you know that

– You have to jump into the world of hypotheticals – It feels wrong, it feels impure, but I think the way that it's been broken down, if you remove the iconicism of cereal, I think in a world, if you do it properly, it could be soup – Yeah, that's all I ask, that's all I ask I look forward to– – I hate when you do this to me – To coming to your wedding and eating freeze dried chicken cereal soup

– Sweetie, my wedding's not going to have that kind of stuff (Josh laughing) You and I both know that (laughing) – Another thing with internet definitions, not internet definitions, dictionary definitions I consider the internet to be my ultimate source of information now – Same

(laughing) – I'm just saying all the pictures that you've seen of the Earth, those aren't actual photographs, those are artist renderings, they're paintings – Are you a flat Earther? Like the physicist you want to hire? – I'm like flat Earth curious – Oh my gosh, read the same card – I'm not, okay, but no, the thing about dictionary definitions that they're always changing Language evolves

– Sure, understandable – All the time So the fact that they consider soup to be often with meat and something, they even left room in there for the definition to change by using the word often – There's et cetera, and there's the word et cetera too – Et cetera, they're being intentionally vague because they know the word literally, right, they've changed the definition of that to include the hyperbolic definition, because so many times you'll get the keyboard warriors out there, when someone's like "Oh my God, I'm literally dying

" Like if you were literally dying, then you wouldn't be able to blah – [Nicole] Yeah, yeah, yeah – But no, we can now use the word literally to be hyperbole, to be an exaggeration, and the dictionary supports that usage, because so many people did it – I have one point – [Josh] Go ahead

– Can I say my point? – I would love for you to say your point – Okay, we're at a wedding, a wedding, it's a friend of ours, sitting down, the first course – Trevor's the only mutual friend that we share – Oh yeah, that's true, no, yeah, is it? Okay, Trevor's getting married, we're all invited, and it says first course, soup du jour, and they put Frosted Flakes in front of you, are you going to be okay with that? Are you okay with that? Do you think there will be an uproar from the guests, or confusions, or some sort of mutiny when that happens? Or do you think people are just going to be like chill, I'm going to eat this bowl of cereal before I go dance the electric slide, because that's what white people listen to at weddings Is that what's going to happen? I don't know

(laughing) – One, I would love to be at a wedding with a mutiny, where people rise up and storm the catering kitchen – This isn't cereal (laughing) – There's like this butternut squash ravioli is over spiced (Nicole laughing) My brother's wedding it was very disappointing for me But anyways, no of course I would be angry if they served me a bowl of Frosted Flakes, that's because it's not soup, that's because it's not high class for a wedding

If they served you bowl of Progresso chicken noodle soup, I'd also be mad – But what if it was really pretty? – Well what if it was a really pretty cereal? – What's really pretty cereal? – [Josh] What if the chef, it doesn't exist– – Made their own cereal? – That's the thing, we need to change the world of cereal – What if they made their own cereal? – What if they made their own awesome cereal and then came out with a beautiful rose hip infused milk – Does anyone make their own cereal? Well like granola, but whatever, granola – There's a lot of Indian snacks

So my best friend Deep, his mom at his house would make her own, they look exactly like cereal, it's used in a lot of puris, like bhel puri is a thing, if you've ever had it – No – It's literally a bunch of little mini cereal bites– – Oh cool – That you pour different chutneys on and herbs and onions, and there's mango and stuff, and then you eat it and it's like this cold, but it looks exactly like American breakfast cereal, but there's a lot of masala in it and all that – Like chopped masala

– [Josh] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – Yeah, yeah, yeah – Yeah, and so she would make her own essentially cereal – [Nicole] How cool – Yeah, because I would always look at it in their pantry and be like that's Corn Flakes, like no it's like a chaat, which is like an Indian snack

– Chaat means snack, yeah That's wild – And so we just need to bring that to– – [Nicole] I guess we do – America, start making our own fancy cereals, because imagine if you were at that wedding and there was some really awesome beautiful cereals, sweet or savory that they had in the bottom of the bowl, and get little borage flowers around it, and they come pour this beautiful elegant rose broth – Borage

– [Josh] Borage – I just say borage – [Josh] Borage (Nicole laughing) – Nobody knows what borage is – You know what I'm saying? The world of fancy cereals is out there, that can be served as elegant soups

– I think we need to get into the business of savory soups I think we've gotta make beef flakes – Savory cereals? – Yeah, savory cereals – You're already confusing cereal and soup – Sorry

– That means I've done my job – See, that's yep, you've pretty much brain washed me (both laughing) Sounds like a regular day at the office – Brain washing is such a negative term, I consider it, you know, you just did a little bit of late brain laundry – Oh my gosh

– You know, I just put a little fabric softener in there – I just think it's so interesting because in America, we don't eat savory cereals at all – [Josh] No – Not even a little bit, so I think if we're able to capitalize on that and market it in the right way, and be like have soup for breakfast, that could work – Absolutely

Soup is eaten for breakfast all around the world, like pho is a huge breakfast food in Vietnam – Yeah, but who eats cold beef soup? – Oh my God, mul naengmyeon, the Korean dish – So sorry – It is literally cold beef soup with ice chips floating in the broth – Like for breakfast? – I don't know if it's for breakfast, I think it's supposed to be on a hot day, it kind of cools you down

It's these buckwheat noodles, it's incredible – Oh I think I've had that at the Korean spa actually – I have too, after the sauna – Wait, wait, wait, yeah I've totally had that at the spa – [Josh] Yeah

– Okay – I'm saying once you expand your mind outside the fact that like– – But with milk though? Or oat milk, almond milk, water Want cereal with water? (laughing) – I think you can do cereal with after – Ugh – [Josh] Why not? – No

– You can do anything There's no rules anymore – I guess not – Now they've gone this far – I guess there is no rules

– We need to make our own fancy savory cereal company– – Mythical Kitchen – Because then it's healthy for kids, kids love beef, you don't want to feed them sugar – Yeah, I'm down I think this is a possibility The world is beautiful, the water is warm, is that what you said? – The water is warm in here

– The water is warm This is awesome Okay I'm down to have some soup slash cereal – Go to Mythicalcom to pick up your box of Mythical beef flakes, now available in children size

(Nicole laughing) – Imagine if we made little boxes, you know those little boxes that you get of soup, I mean, why do I keep saying soup as cereal? Oh my God You know those little boxes of Frosted Flakes you get? – Yeah, the travel size, travel size – Yeah, they can be little travel sized ones – [Josh] I'm into it – This is going to be an episode

(laughing) – What else have we got? The cereal industry uses 816 million pounds of sugar per year, not anymore, not with beef flakes There's going to be zero grams of sugar and 900 million grams of beef up in those flakes – Pork flakes (laughing) – That would be cheaper – Chicken flakes

Wow, the world, so beautiful, so expansive Josh, read some cereal facts, or some definitions – Okay, Websters definition of cereal, already established the fact that we don't trust the dictionary, and we don't trust the astronauts, because they've not been up there A plant such as grass, yielding starchy grain suitable for food, so that's where we come into cereal grains, like rice and wheat and all that Two, the definition we're talking about, a prepared food stuff of grain, such as oatmeal or Corn Flakes, but I just want to, because they say oatmeal, but they don't consider the term cereal to be the dish, which again– – We're seeing it as the dish though

– Right, I mean it has to be– – [Nicole] Yeah of course – Like you say I ate cereal for breakfast, people are assuming it's milk, because to me, the milk is what makes it a meal – I agree – In a way – No 100%

Not just eating handfuls of raw cereal I knew a bodybuilder one time that before one of his competitions, the way he would look really swol and stuff is he would eat handfuls of oatmeal before his competitions – That's hot (Nicole laughing) That's hot, I love that That's what I do before we shoot any episode

– No you don't – Do you remember I went through a Fruity Pebble phase? – I wasn't here for your Fruity Pebble – My soup in the morning phase, where I'd eat a bowl of Fruity Pebbles – I wasn't here for that – That makes sense

– Maybe it was another– – No it's great, you have the simple carbs and it gives you pump Okay, here's another thing, let's flip the script on this a little bit, say you took Doritos and crushed them up, essentially it would look like Dorito Krispies, snap, crackle, pop action, and you poured, I don't know, a chowder broth over it Not even a chowder broth, just a little milk and salt, is that cereal? Can we take soup definitions and turn that back into cereal? Because we've already established all cereals are soups – I feel like I can do anything now, with this conversation, I feel like there is no limits – Why not? – That sounds good

– That sounds really good – Sounds really– – That's essentially a savory cereal It's like you take yogurt, and this is the Nicole snack special, and I love it so much, she takes a bowl of Greek yogurt and she smear it around the sides of a bowl, and then she'll stick a bunch of potato chips and throw it on there What else goes on there, paprika? – Yeah, I put paprika, garlic powder, salt, pepper, whatever I have in the pantry TBH, and I just kind of mash it together, and it's called (speaking in a foreign language), which means yogurt and chips in Farsi, and it's the best snack in the fricking universe, man It's like eating, it's like cereal

(laughing) – It's cereal – It's cereal, but it's not soup, Josh, that's not soup – I don't think that's cereal though, because it's not liquid I think if you thinned out that yogurt enough, I think it would both be cereal and soup – Sometimes I thin out my yogurt

Sometimes I thin out my yogurt, sometimes I use, do you know that Bulgarian mountain yogurt that's super thin and tangy? – Yeah, I do – Sometimes I use that when I don't have Greek yogurt, yeah – Bulgarian mountain yogurt is soup – It's good for you (laughing) – That should have been this podcast, is Bulgarian mountain yogurt soup? – The probiotics in that alone will just clean you out, it's so good for you

– I was at a farmer's market, and they were selling beet kvass, do you know kvass? – Yeah, it's like fermented, isn't that made from brown bread or something? – Yeah, it's like a Russian peasant drink that's made from brown bread, and it's fermented, it's a little bit alcoholic, but they were advertising beet kvass, and I'm like the only person who'd be like oh my God, they're making kvass And so I go over there and start talking about it, and she goes "There are nine billion probiotics per ounce" – [Nicole] Oh my God – And I was just like you could have said any number, you could have said there are four probiotics in every ounce and I would have been like dang, that's a lot Any number over than one was so impressive to me, the fact that she said nine million just made me a little scared

– Oh my gosh – And then I buy a bottle and she goes "Have you had this before?" I'm like no, and she goes "Oh, maybe only start "by drinking a couple sips" I was like what's going to happen to me? – Your GI tract will just go (bubbles) (laughing) – Yeah, so I drink the whole bottle and then had a cold brew – No you didn't

– I sure did – Oh my gosh, did you poop your pants? – No, I just woke up the next morning feeling great (Nicole laughing) Feeling fresh – It was the nine million probiotics – All nine million

– Just saying hi, how are ya? That's so silly – [Josh] Just checking up – Oh my gosh, that's so silly – All right Nicole, just a brief recap, because I need to hear you say it one more time, is cereal soup? – Josh, cereal (laughs), can't say it – Say it

– (laughs) Josh, cereal is soup – Cereal is soup, I agree It's almost upsetting and unfortunate that it is, but there's no way around it – I hate the fact– – Cereal, soup, dogs are horses, there's no rules anymore, dogs are just tiny, tiny horses All right, if you want to way in on whether or not cereal is soup, drop a comment down below

Make sure to share the podcast with your opinionated friends – And remember you can only listen to our next segment, Opinions Are Like Casseroles, in the audio only version available wherever you get your podcasts – Join us next week when we discuss is lab grown meat vegan? God – Touchy (laughing) Thanks for watching, bye

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