Instant Ramen Churros Recipe

– Trevor what do you call this? – [Voice] The spatula – The spatulas the flat one you flip eggs with

– [Voice] What do you call it? – I call this a spoon-ya-la because Rachael Ray calls it a spoon-ya-la and I follow my Goddess Rachael Ray, Rachael come on the show, I won't be as creepy as I just was (lively music) Welcome to Mythical Kitchen where dreams become food Today we are making Instant Ramen Churros Churros are really hard to make but delicious, Ramen is very easy to make but also delicious But we can make those two things even more delicious-er by giving it the old Mythical Kitchen special and blending it up and deep frying

So follow along, and if you do, we got the time codes right there broken down into three easy steps We got the full recipe down in the description, I feel like I haven't taken a breath in a long time so we're just gonna see how long I can talk, let's get cookin'! (lively music) We've gotta make Ramen at this point, I'm using Top Ramen with chili, we're not using the flavor packet at all, we're just using the noodles but I like to get the chili flavor because I take the flavor packet and I put it on vegetables 'cause it's the only way my body will eat vegetables if it's covered in a bunch of processed orange powder Anyways, we're gonna get a could bricks of Ramen boiling, this is half milk and half water, if you use almond milk, milk has a tendency to, what's the word? Scald – Scald – Milk tends to scald so we're gonna cut it with some water and then we're just gonna get these Ramen cooked and we're eventually going to actually blend those Ramen noodles into a pastry dough

So, churros are actually made form a pastry dough that is called patachou It's a very finicky pastry that you have to cook for a long time, but I think we can kind of achieve the same texture using Ramen, at least we're gonna find out I am very confident, and I'm not normally a confident man Mine are deep in insecurities but I mask it with extreme narcissism on camera So everyones like Josh, you're so full of yourself! And it's like yeah, but it's only because I'm not

Anyway, so now we gotta start separating eggs So we're just using the yolks for this 'cause we wanna get some good little fattiness in there, we don't want the extra protein to really find it, so we're just gonna separate these eggs This is my favorite way to do it, just kind of passing it back and forth between the shell or you can just do the old thing where you just crack it into your hand and then you just kind of pass it back and forth Oh fudge, dude! What you wanna do is you wanna get about one eighth of an egg white and three of two quarters yolks into a bowl, that's the recipe now, prove it wasn't! So I'm gonna go ahead and I'm just gonna fly this Ramen out I gotta sink over there, so I gotta drain the Ramen, 'cause you gotta, drain it and drain Come on, Josh, idiot, kidding me! Can't separate the friggen egg? (timer ringing) All right, so you're just gonna drip some milk on the ground so I'm gonna take, (laughs) shake it on the floor

We have our Ramen that has been infused with the milk, that's adding a little bit of extra fat in there And then we're gonna go ahead and cream our Ramen with our sugar, someone Google that phrase, see if that's ever been uttered in the existence of the world So we're just gonna pulse this a couple times, you want the Ramen to really kind of break up and mix that sugar, that's gonna actually dissolve the sugar and we also wanna blend out the Ramen to kind of release some of that steam 'cause otherwise you're gonna get a lot of that moisture in your dough So that's great, so now we have our Ramen kind of half blended, we're gonna add some melted butter, I'm gonna add some softened butter, it can be melted, it's all gonna melt with the hot Ramen And then I'm gonna add in a little bit of salt, a little bit of baking soda, and a little bit of baking powder, and then I'm gonna, God are you serious? No, no no no no no, no no no no no! We should just only let me use a mortar and pessel at this point, that's a new rule here

Like no one give Josh the food processor, just give him like a stick and bowl and let him work it out himself Back in freshman year of football, people used to call, like say, they'd just call me neanderthal, 'cause they said I had a real neanderthal face, if you look I have like a sloping forehead and big cheek bones, and very small, beset eyes to protect from attacks and so I think I may have like a closer relationship to my neanderthal relatives than other people have and so what I'm saying is using basic tools like a stick and a bowl, I'm much more suited for than this machine I think the lunites had it right, you know? Technology is the downfall of us all So now that we got the Ramen kind of pulsed up in there, I'm gonna add some flour, and then I'm gonna drop in my three and two quarters egg yolks, one eighth, what? – [Stevie] Put it back on, blend it, and then while it's blending, slowly stream in your eggs – Why? All right! So then you're gonna put the stick back in your bowl

Start mashin' it up again, and now we're gonna take the eggs and we're gonna slowly stream them in there, and that's gonna incorporate all the fat into the starch evenly, dangit man! I thought that was the part that I could remove There was a part that you can remove So we're taking our three and two quarters egg yolks and one seven eight of an egg white-ish, we're gonna pour 'em in there slowly There we go, and now we're making a nice, smooth pastry dough when we pipe out the churros, we don't want them to have any kind of like lumps in 'em, be nice and smooth, gonna take this off, gonna scrape down the sides here, yeah that's looking nice This is kind of what patachou looks like

So now we gotta get our churro dough into a piping bag I've often been criticized that I don't know how to use a piping bag and I don't know how to fill it because before I used to kind of clutch it like you're holding you know a very fragile baby, you know not like those sturdy babies like they used to make So (laughs) churros are made with a star tip attachment, that's gonna kind of push them out and extruded them like the '90s bullyball basketball babies were extruded So we should go ahead and we're gonna fold the piping bag over and stand it up in a cup and then we're gonna use this here orange thing Trevor, what do you call this? – [Voice] Spatula – The spatulas the flat one that you flip eggs with

– [Voice] Is that not flat? – No, it's convex – [Voice] What do you call it? – Call this a spoon-ya-la 'cause Rachael Ray calls it a spoon-ya-la and I follow my Goddess Rachael Ray, Rachael come on the show, I won't be as creepy as I just was (laughs) I can't make that promise Do you believe that I was in charge of children at some point? Like in multiple points, I coached youth basketball I got basketball babies on the brain, and I remembered that I coached 11 year olds in basketball but once on the team we had a 13 year old but we didn't tell anyone, 'cause like his mom didn't wanna drive him to a separate practice and his younger brother was on the team, and also one time I accidentally squirted fire sauce from Taco Bell into a child's eyes that I was in charge of

Sorry Ben, hope you're doing great now, probably in college But anyways, we got our churro dough in the piping bag, we're gonna get this rest a little bit, it's gonna solidify up, but first we are going to make a sriracha caramel sauce, I figure it's gonna tie together the Ramen with the churro, get a little sweet, get a little spicy, get a little funky, get down tonight and we're gonna do that (light music) So we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna make a caramel sauce so we' got a cup of sugar that's gonna chill in that pot A lot of people say don't touch caramel when it's in a pan forming 'cause you can get sugar crystals I think you can kind of just whisk yourself through the sugar crystals, a lot of people will add say a little big of water to the caramel to help it, I don't think you need to do that, so I'm just not, I might be eating my words in a couple minutes, we'll figure that out when we get there So we're gonna add a stick of butter and some heavy cream to another pot, we're gonna get these heating together, then we're gonna add our salt and sriracha

Salt shouldn't be in a bowl, well yeah Sriracha you should bowl, salt not so much Got some waiting to do So middle school, right? I was about, let's call it about five 11, 245, right? Big, playin' center, we were you know, there were some like big teams, six four, six five and no one had the weight, it's all the Orange County parents they didn't like me, 'cause I'd really bully their kids on the court and so I remember once I fouled out in a game and a parent just stands up and goes "Get those monster out of there!" (laughs) I was like I'm a child, you're an adult, what's wrong with you? Talk about sturdy babies That's a sturdy basketball baby, caramel burnt

So, if your caramel burns, all you're gonna do is you're gonna kind of take it off and whisk it up, that's why I like to whisk my caramel Caramel can go from perfect to burnt instant but we got a nice amber color so I can put that back on my heat and now we got all this butter and cream melted and I'm simply going to whisk this in, keeping it on the heat, fizzling slowly, always watch your hands because this does get really steamy and it can burn, I'm in incredible pain right now but I'm trying to not let you show it, just like I didn't show any of those other children mercy in my eighth grade basketball league, I will not show pain to you today There we go, now we're gonna pull it off the heat, it's gonna get some nice bubbles on there, if you see it breaking, just put it back on the heat and just keep whisking it, but this is looking really incredible actually Not actually, I'm not surprised when I do good things in the kitchen because this is my job Now, I like to wait to add my salt, really shot myself in the foot by doing this

I like to add my salt when all the caramel is actually coming together, we're just using about a tablespoon in there and then we're gonna add our sriracha as well Just a little bit, just to kind of give you a little hint of chili and garlic when you eat the caramel in the churros you're like oh what's that there? That's a little surprise Just like I'm surprised this five 11, 245 pound teen has the conditioning that he does, 'cause I ran the floor man All right so now we gotta actually fry up those churros, got our sriracha caramel, we gotta get 'em dusted in cinnamon sugar and fried, and then we're gonna, relive our past more, probably (lively music) Welcome back to the show where I talk about my youth basketball exploits and sometimes cook

No, so right now we have to make our cinnamon sugar, we're gonna take some sugar, we're gonna take some cinnamon, we're gonna take a little bit of cayenne just for that, pecan-see, pecan see, pecans, pecans? We're gonna put pecans in here This is, a little bit of cayenne pepper in there and we're just gonna whisk that up So what we're gonna do is we're gonna fry up the churros and we're gonna get them directly into our little spiced cinnamon sugar, we're gonna get that spiced caramel on there, and then we're gonna I guess eat them, for nutrition and subsistence but also comfort 'cause food is many things, it's also pre-poo How long you supposed to sit on a bidet? (light music) So what we're gonna do, is I'm gonna squeeze out Derp, derp! I got the oil at about 330 degress here and then I'm just gonna cut it

That's good, so all you gotta do is you gotta squeeze it in there and then you gotta pinch off the tip I'm squeezing a couple more I don't like to squeeze too much fresh dough in there at a time, 'cause before the dough has set, it'll actually bind together and so you wanna kind of give the first one some time and just fry in batches and just remember where it's at I'm just gonna squeeze in about four inch round All right, so we're gonna let that fry, let's look at this first one

That's browning up nice, you see they help their shape really well and they are getting some rise on them That's because we had the baking soda in there and it's actually working with all the liquid and the flour And so all the blended Ramen in there, is actually giving it like a really nice texture and sturdiness to it and then you got the flour and the baking soda working to actually make the pastry dough This might an actual, this might be an actual hack! (speaking in foreign language) Anyone, Luck Of The Irish, Disney Channel? Ryan Mayweather? Boom, we'll let this fry for about one more minute, this is looking nice and crispy, since this is a pretty dense dough, kind of a lot of egg, got a lot of blended pasta in there, we really wanna make sure it's cooked all the way through So splash some oil at it

That's what I do when I get bored when I'm deep frying, I just start splashing hot oil Don't, maybe don't, maybe just let it live All right, so I'm gonna pull the churro out, I'm gonna give it a one, a two, a shaboo shaboo and then we're gonna toss that right into the cinnamon sugar and get a nice dusting on it and then pull it out, just let that rest right on a cooling rack, that looks like a churro, it's kind of like a curvy turd, but that's what churros are over there, ey? So we got this churro and I'm gonna put that right in the sugar you really wanna make sure that you're getting the churro right out of the fryer after just a little bit of a drain because the excess oil on the churro is actually what's gonna cause the churro to stick, then you get it nice and coated I'm gonna keep frying these up, all we got left to do plate We gonna keep frying this up, all got plate do is to now

(lively music) We've got our churros plated up, now all we've gotta do is drizzy on these glizzies Get it real nice over the top That is so gorgeous, this is gonna be incredible Trevor, I am so excited for you, I'm excited for us to take the next step All right cool, so we got this all drizzled up

Now, we here at Mythical Kitchen, boy do we love sure feedin' ourselves, but even more so we love stabbin' people with a large plactaseen looking weapon, I got the boom! – Hi Josh! – I like your outfit – Thank you, I like your outfit – I wear this every day – Can you back, I don't like walking towards this – (laughs) It's right at your throat

All right Trev, I'm gonna go ahead, I'm gonna try and spork you a good bite, all right? – I love churros, I love cinnamon so much Are we goin' in? – [Josh] Yeah yeah go ahead, I'll listen to you later – Okay, ugh! – Oh where's it going Whoa, no no no, did you get it? – Yeah, I got it – Take some sauce, Trevor drizzle it in your mouth

You, you're the pastry expert, does it taste like a churro? – It does, I was worried the noodles were gonna make it like thicker and harder to cook through, but it's kind of great texture for a churro And the spicy caramel is really good Like it's a little bit kind of a salted caramel, but you get a little bit of chili on the back end and it's really tasty, I'm just gonna pick one up and eat it – Whoa, Trevor that's against the rules but I respect you for being a game changer and I respect you all for showin' up and watching the video, thank you for stopping by Mythical Kitchen, we got new recipes out for ya every week We got new episodes of our podcast out every Wednesday wherever you get your podcast, hit us up on Instagram @MythicalKitchen with pictures of your mythical dishes under #DreamsBecomeFood, we'll see you all next time, say goodbye Trevor – Goodbye Trevor

– I knew you were gonna say that, you little dog! I was like I hope he says goodbye Trevor – You little dog, you! – You little scamp Ah, we're so good Rock it with a spork in your pocket Get the spork tee now at Mythical


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