In-N-Out Crunchwrap Recipe

– On my left hand, I have covered in habanero, in my right a knife Which am I going to scratch with? Find out after the mid roll

(lively music) Welcome to Mythical Kitchen where dreams become food Today we are making the In N' Out animal style crunchwrap supreme We're taking two of my most beloved fast food items from two of my most beloved fast food chains and we are smashing them together simply to find out if the theory is true that every food is better when it's in crunchwrap form If you're following along at home, we've broken the recipe down into three distinct steps, the time codes of which you can find right there (laughs) Why do I keep saying of which? It's like I think I sound smarter

The time codes of which you can find right there Hey good lookin', let's get cookin' (lively music) So the crunchwrap supreme to me is like the modern marvel of fast food architecture, right? Because you have all the hot ingredients, you have the beef and the nacho cheese on the bottom and then you have a crispy layer of tostada shell in between that separates the cold ingredients of the lettuce, the sour cream, the tomatoes So we're gonna try and do the same sort of architecture but with In N' Out ingredients I know what you're sayin' In' N' Out aint got anything crispy because their french fries certainly aren't, gotcha! So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take the leftover french fries and then I'm just gonna run a knife through 'em trying to kind of really get a fine dice on these portrados because I want to be able to mash them up with just a little bit of egg white and a little bit of flour for a sort of binding agent, kind of using my bube's latke technique

Keep choppin' up these franko fritos or freedom fries as I call them Well I shouldn't align myself with that Nope, not freedom fries The term french, at least as I have heard it, refers to the actual cut of the potato and if you think of like a french cut green beans, say french cut potato, because freets were actually Belgian in nature and every Belgian will slide into your comments if you make a how-to make french fries video and they go "No, I am Belgian, "you cannot make-a french fries like that" That's my Belgian accent

You guys know any Belgians? – [Voice] Yes! – No you don't know no Belgians Just add the french fries to the bowl You can also do this in a food processor but I like really gettin' my hands on 'em We're just gonna toss in an egg white All that's gonna do is bind it

You could probably do it without the binder, but I don't wanna So we added flour, a little bit of baking soda, just gonna go in there and kind of mash it with my hands, 'cause I wanna mash the potatoes a little bit, leave some whole french fry bits in there, and all we're gonna do We're gonna smash that onto a silicone-lined baking sheet, you can use parchment paper, you can use whatever We're just gonna let this set up in the freezer for about half an hour, because then we're gonna fry it so this turns into this crispy layer inside of the tortilla We're gonna have to be about five and a half inches in diameter, think about tostada shell, that's about what it looks like

Just a lot to get through, stay tuned (timer ringing) All right so if you see, we got this patty, it's kind of nice and half frozen All we're gonna do, we got oil heatin' up, put about a half inch of oil in the pan, and we're gonna just let it float there Should fry up in about four minutes Not should, it will fry up

I have to cook with more confidence All right this is done, so we're just gonna drain this on a rack and then we're gonna hit it with a little bit of salt And yeah should probably flip it, ow Hit that with a little bit more salt We're gonna let that hang out

But now we have to make that spicy pickled habanero spread, and we're gonna do some fresh flour tortillas from scratch 'cause one of the problems with store-bought tortillas is they're never quite big enough to make the gigantic meals that I want to eat, this is a real problem in my life everybody, no tortilla is big enough to satisfy me so I make my own Let's get to it (lively music) We are making a flour tortilla I mentioned, they don't have like giant flour tortillas I like a good old 14 incher if you know what I'm talkin' about And I'm just gonna go ahead and toss some butter, what? What are you guys talkin' about? I'm adding a tiny bit of leavening agent

I go back and forth on whether I want like a little bit of puffiness in my flour tortilla and if I don't, this time, you know, I'm feelin' a little puffy today! Salt, the goal here is actually to get all of the butter coating all of the flour, it's like all of me, and all of– (light music) You want the water to kind of soften the butter a little bit beat that up with a fork until we get a nice shaggy dough starring Tim Allen, and then we're gonna, did I get that right? Tim Allen, the shaggy dog? Boom, let's go When it's all said and done, it shouldn't stick to your hands, it should feel really tacky and pliable 'cause it's warm but it should be able to fall off cleanly Like you see, there's none stuck to my hands And since we are goin' for really large, big old honkin' impressive lookin' 14 inch tortillas, we wanna eh, divide this into only about three pieces So we got one and two three

So we're gonna roll these into balls and then what we're gonna do is get them covered and then kind of hang out outside at room temperature for about half and hour, if you put 'em in the fridge they actually get kind of hard to roll out 'cause all that butter is kind of seizing up under the cold, we want it to stay covered in plastic wrap 'cause then it's gonna keep hydrated otherwise you get a sort of skin on 'em Ball it up, you got nice little tortilla balls to go with your big 14 inch burrito tortilla So we're gonna let these hang out, and while we're hangin' out, we're gonna go ahead and make the spicy spread And so we are gonna add mayonnaise, I always do a two to one mayonnaise to ketchup ratio So we got our mayonnaise, we got our ketchup, we got a little bit of paprika

We're doin' a little bit of garlic powder, we're doin' a little bit of chipotle chili powder that's gonna add some nice of that smokiness Then we're gonna add just a little bit of cumin, cumins the flavor, even though it's not represented in actual Mexican cuisine a lot it is in very Americanized versions, such as Taco Bell, so I'm gonna give that a nice stir Oh, also, we got a little bit of ghost pepper hot sauce just a teenie bit, just like don't even worry about it We're gonna mix that together, and then of course, the last step to making a thousand island are pickles, you gotta chop up some pickles, but instead of that, we found some pickled habaneros that have been in our fridge for– – [Nicole] A year – A year, at least a yeah, but that's good, that means they're just only intensifying

And so we're gonna take some of these, I'll try a little bit Ah, it's in the back of the tongue That's really nice, we just need one of these Why did I immediately get an itch in my eye? And on my left hand, I have covered in habanero, in my right a knife, which am I going to scratch with? Find out after the mid roll So we're gonna cut this up and eh! Really gets you in the back of the, it's (coughs)

(light music) So we got some minced pickled habaneros we're gonna add a fun little flavor pop and a lot of heat, but honestly you can stand a very, I was gonna say heaty instead of spicy My mouth is foamin' a little bit We got this spread, I was gonna say, since you got so many other things, you got the potatoes, you got the beef, you got the cheese, doin' some caramelized onions, got all those veggies, you can add a lot of heat with the actual condiment and it can hold up to the dish Just give it a little Oh, it's like thousand island with a little somethin' extra, I call it a thousand and one island

– [Voice] Boo! (Nicole laughing) – Yeah you do it better! (timer ringing) We got our tortilla balls, they've been setting up, you can see they look nice and a little bit shiny, so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna dust a surface, oh I should explain this thing So this is a crepe maker You can use a pan but here's the problem Tortillas aren't big enough, pans certainly aren't big enough, you need like a big old griddle to grill tortillas, so I instead bought this $29 crepe maker on Amazoncom not a sponsor, point is I like to use this to griddle my tortillas 'cause it's circles and tortillas is circles as well, so I'm gonna go ahead, tortillas, it's circles! That should be the new slogan for tortillas

Whereas right now it's just tortillas! So we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna press this out, I like to start with my ball and then I like to round it out Obviously tortillas are made with a press most times, but I found with a flour tortilla I can get it extra extra thin if I just roll it out by hand and nothing has ever bad happened to our rolling pin at all (blender blending) – Ahhh! – And so that's good, so we have that You wanna start rolling out from the middle outward And you wanna get it as thin as possible, occasionally you wanna pick it up and kind of flip, you wanna kind of shift over a couple inches sometimes when you're rollin' tortillas for no reason

And then keep rollin' it out and you'll feel it get a lot easier to roll out as you go on, you're kinda workin' that dough a little bit more, again you wanna perfect circle We're gonna, just gonna roll it out, and then one more time, whoa no Well shh shh shh shh, hey no, you're an allstar Now this looks about big enough So I'm gonna try and cut a perfect freehand circle out of this

Whoa All right, so now we got big old honkin' 14 inch flour tortilla and now I'm gonna take the tortilla and flop it on our crepe maker So I take it and I have to rotate it around consistently with my hands it's gonna burn a little bit, but this way as you see it's dragging the uncooked edges up onto the pan, as long as you keep it movin' and rotatin' you'll get a perfectly cooked tortilla This is actually the method that I use at home, 'cause I do this a lot Short little pitter patters with your hands to ensure that you don't burn off your fingertips but if you do, you can get away with like any crime if you really think about it 'cause that's how they get ya

So, we got this tortilla, hey look at that! We made a twirl tortilla We just want it cooked, just so it's pliable to work with, that's hot So now we got big old honkin' tortilla and now we're gonna go ahead and make our mustard fried animal style style burger patty to go in our In N' Out animal style crunchwrap supreme with spicy habanero spread brought to you by Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Fizer (lively music) All right, so we have to make our burger patty, I'm just using a simple 80/20 ground beef, figure In N' Out, they're not using so good, organic fresh ground stuff, why would I? Am I better than In N' Out? Certainly not! I'm just gonna kinda get this into a ball and then I'm gonna put this directly on the parchment paper I really like forming my burgers on parchment paper 'cause then I can just take the parchment and go ta dow and I'll slap it on the crepe maker Also, you're notice the return of the crepe maker, I'm making the burger on the crepe maker, why? I like it more better

Whenever you're flippin' burgers, I hate when you like have to dig the spatula down into the pan, you gotta get past the lip So I like using this as a griddle and also it's got Teflon, that's never done bad to nothin' We got this burger flat, I like to kind of sure up the edges with my fingees I'm gonna take a little bit of salt, just do a little sprinky sprinkle on there And take a little bit of pepper as well

I've said at some point that I don't like griddling pepper because it burns it, do as I say, not as I do, or also sometimes that I say and not do occasionally That's a good rule of thumb to follow That's one of my favorite things about The Chef Show with Roy Choi, where Roy Chois making stuff and then John Favreau is just like but you told me you should never add the cilantro in that step because it bruises it And Roy Choi just goes like, who cares? It's like that's cooking! So we're just gonna get some oil down there, gonna take a little bit of mustard, just a tiny bit and we're just gonna smear that on top of our raw beef, don't dip pretzels in this mustard later 'cause I'm gettin' the beefs on the mustard You can eat tar tar

So I got the mustard smear and now we're gonna do the old parchment splat pat it in there, then again whenever you're doing parchment paper on top of a burger, you can let it sit there for a little bit, it's heat resistant, sometimes if you try and really rip it off it's just gonna take some meat with it But just a little steam makes it comes off nice and easy and there you get a perfectly round uniform buger Season in mustard smear, the other side You can add the mustard then the salt, you can add the salt then the mustard, it don't matter Got burger, gonna go ahead and flip it, give it a one, a two, boom! That's really fantastic

We still got a little bit of nice browning on that burger, that's what we wanted, but you still see the mustard is still nice and mustard, you wanna keep your mustard mustard 'cause sometimes mustard isn't mustard but here wow look 'cause yellows Sometimes burgers has cheese on it so I'm takin' two slices of American cheese, right after you flip it, you're gonna wanna add your two slices of American cheese, that way the steam from the griddle is actually gonna help melt the cheese Poke it, it seems cooked Cookin' a big old thick burger, I'd temp check it, you know do the little press on your thumb and if it feels like human thumb then it's a burger, but for this, we pretty much know it's cooked So I'm just gonna pull it, got some beautiful browning on it, cheese is almost melted we're gonna pop a hot hash brown on there and now we're gonna get to assembling our crunchwrap

I like to get the extra juice (lively music) All right, let's go through a quick animal style check list we got our spread, we got our extra pickles, we got our mustard fried patty, we got our grilled onions, you didn't see me grill the onions, but you've seen me grill onions enough that you know how to do it! So I'm gonna take some of those onions and I'm just gonna splap 'em right on top of the burger that is indeed the correct verb, it's a splap We have our tortilla, it's a little bit stiff right now 'cause it's at room temp, that's why I only kind of par cooked it earlier and I'm gonna slap it right back on the crepe maker just to get it nice and pliable Yeah, it's gettin' nice and pliable Really, ow, oh, oh, oh hey now

All right, there we go Griddle the other side a little bit, do a little DJ turntable Tortilla is nice and pliable, look at that! So now we're gonna place that on the ground, we gotta work quick 'cause the tortilla is getting less pliable by the minute So now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna lay down, we got our burger, we got our cheese, we got our onions, so now we're gonna take our crispy tostada layer which is actually a bunch of repurposed In N' Out french fries but then we're gonna take a whole lot of spread goin' on that, we gotta separate our hot and cold layers, we got a whole lotta spread to really soak into those veggies and get it workin' into that potato and then we're gonna go ahead and take a couple rounds of toe maters, get three on there, and then we're gonna take pickles, animal style burgers got extra pickles on 'em so we're goin' extra pickles on our animal style crunchwrap Gotta go fast, someone get my time, I could be in a NASCAR pit crew, I don't like the exhaust though, my allergies start acting up

And now finally, we got a little bit of shredded, it's that shredded lettuce, just nestle it right in there It's not a silent T, no such thing, silent letters are BS man All right so now, we're gonna take our tortilla and we're gonna do a six pointed fold This is where a large tortilla helps you because we're gonna get full coverage so hopefully we don't have to griddle hot lettuce Pinch the last one, now we gotta flip it, try not to get your knuckles and we're just gonna griddle it

This is a large baby This is like, this is a heft This is, wow! We're gonna let this griddle fold-side down, we really want to hit it hard on those folds so it all kind of steams together And so when you open it, hopefully you don't get any sort of seapage or any sort of openage, oh-pen-age, as the Belgians say We got that griddled! That's nice and golden brown, we're just gonna give it one more flip, and that's lookin' pretty gorgeous in my estimation

We gotta plate it, we're gonna slice it in half and then we're gonna plate it and then we're gonna eat it and pull it in half with the slice (lively music) All right, this looks great, but let's see what it looks like on the inside Just gonna go ahead and cut it open very gingerly Oh that's nice, quick, short strokes (light music) I can't see what it looks like 'cause I pointed it to the camera but I saw, I got a little peak and I think it looks really good

But I don't know, I can't see Should I do this and go like, whoa! Ah, look at that, it looks so good! This is very exciting for me, but it's even more exciting for the person that gets to eat it 'cause I don't do that on the show I guess, right, do I not get to eat it? Ryan gets to eat it and that's what's the most important part thanks Ryan for volunteering your services! I'm really excited for you! So, I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna take our big old Mythical spork-poon camera, dude! How are we gonna do this? – Why don't we cut off a little piece and then I can put it on there – Here, you hold the spork-poon – [Ryan] Here I'll hold this – Spork, spork me real quick

I'm gonna cut a little nugget – [Ryan] Eh, hold on – Yeah, there we go But now I gotta load it onto the spork Why do we, there's so much pomp in circumstance, all right now I'm gonna step back

You got it? (laughs) That's called a protein style animal style crunchwrap Just please pick that up with your hands and bite it, just for me – Here we go – [Josh] I need this Ryan Oh goodness

How was that, tell me Ryan, I need to know – That is everything I wanted it to be – Oh my God, I want it – It's the perfect combination – Tell me Ryan! – Of In N' Out and Taco Bell

– Paint me a portrait with your words – You're gettin' like a little bit of like a mustard comin' through on the back end – Write me a sonnet – And the tortilla like the freshness of the tortilla, I'm really glad you made this from scratch 'cause it's very fresh – Ryans the one who told me I should make a tortilla from scratch

– Yeah – And not just use the store bought one for context Ryan, thank you for complementing me, that's all I ever wanted in life We're our own support system, we think it's important for men to be able to compliment each other openly and honestly and thank you for stopping by the Mythical Kitchen I'm in the weirdest stance right now

We got new recipes for ya, every Thursday we got new episodes of our podcast every Wednesday wherever you get your podcast Hit us up on social media and Instagram @MythicalKitchen with #DreamsBecomeFood with pictures of your Mythical dishes we'll see ya next time You can cook up your own feast while wearing the Mythical Kitchen apron, available now at Mythicalcom

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