If We Could Relive A Moment From Our Lives

Welcome to Ear Biscuits, I'm Rhett And I'm Link

this week at my round table of dining And Rhett, I can't actually see your table from my live chat screen Same table Same table as last time– Okay I've got the square original The classic card table Original round table Yes

but hey, I've switched rooms man As you can see, I am in front of my own skin wall Yeah, you are, You're halfway skinned, halfway unskinned I came in here because I thought there might be better acoustics I don't know if there is– there's a rug I think it's still pretty

There's a rug, there's also a child's bed Which, I came in here and I was like, Yeah, there's a single bed– Link has put a ch I wouldn't call it a child's bed

It is a child's bed It is a white bed that has drawers on one side of it Every characteristic about this bed is a child's bed It's a single bed and yeah, it's got drawers underneath, it's an Ikea bed, that– It's kind of a vibe-killer It's kinda, I just gotta be honest with you

It's kind of a vibe-killer Well, it was in my garage, and it's kind of a garage-killer And I'm like, you know what, what, I bet you in that creative house, we could use a bed That is the bed that when Britton lived in my closet for over a year, I call it a closet, but it was just like an office, a very small office It barely fit that single bed and enough– It quite barely fit Britton too based on the length– Enough room to walk

Listen, I slept in a single bed until I got married All the way through college Well I slept in a single bed So did you But it was extra long– Extra long? I couldn't sleep in this bed I mean, I could I guess I could sleep on my side, but I mean I just

Now that we have done anything over here that makes– We haven't done anything over there, it's just a bed and a room Right, but like, I know, but it could be like, a cool couch that you could also sleep on unlike a bed, a child's bed A bed, I mean, we don't need a bed

It– We'll talk about this later I didn't need a bed in my garage so I put the bed over there Have you laid on that bed? Well let's sell it It's a nice, it's got a nice mattress on it, it's nice I haven't laid on it, I just moved it, cause it was right here

And you know, oh, you moved it? I moved it to the other side That's right Yeah, cause this, it was up against my skin wall You bedded my skin wall Well, I wouldn't put it in those terms We, typically my thought– Okay, what are we talking about? Are going in an effort to continue to have a sense of connection emits such isolation We ask you Ear Biscuit to you to set up some topics of conversation, some questions that we could discuss between the two of us

and we've got some We got some good conversation starters here We got some good questions from you guys

You wanna get into the first one? Hold on Well, did we, Did you give the prompt? Or we just, I mean, you kinda gave a version of the prompt I didn't, I don't remember what the prompt was honestly I think it was You've been in isolation

Yeah Or you've had a lot of time What do you mean? To think about things What have you been thinking about alone that we could talk about together? And Jenna Tempkin– I'll give you definitively correct answers She says, "If you had an opportunity to go back and relive "a part of your life, would you?" By doing so just to clarify, she says, "It wouldn't change the present "You would do it more to relive an amazing experience "or event that you forget

"If so, what part of your life would you choose?" Now I love questions that don't have consequences 'Cause, you know, I'm sure in the past we've talked about like time travel or like we definitely talked about points in our past that we've experienced But– We've definitely talked about points in our past that we've experienced That's kind of our entire existence at this point– But I think maybe we've talked about reliving stuff but I always get wigged out about, is it going? Or what are the ramifications, you know? Yeah, the fact that– Let's just remove those She took that completely out

Yeah, so first of all, I mean, I think that for me immediately when you add the qualifier of you won't change it, well, of course, if I had the option to just go back– Yeah And relive one moment, of course, I'm gonna do it But I have to choose one moment Oh, yeah, I know It's like

Do you have something in mind 'cause I'm having difficulty narrowing it down– Yeah, I do have something And you might think that it would, you know, some of the typical answers that come to mind are things like, well, at the very first moment, I met my wife, or my wedding day, or the birth of my kids, one of that I have to choose one And while all those would be candidates for me, I feel like

I don't feel like in the moment that those things were happening, and this may be a reason to go back to them I don't feel like I was thinking the right things in those moments or like really like, experiencing them in the right way But when I did start thinking about a moment where in the moment I said to myself, "This is as good as it gets

" I have a candidate– Okay, okay You were there You were there, but you were tangentially there We were surfing– Should I guess? Oh, we were surfing, okay I know, okay

And– I think I know what you're gonna say And I caught a wave and a dolphin caught the wave with me Yeah And I was there, and you were by me And surfed with me

And you told me afterward "Did you see that?" And I was like, "Yeah, I saw you catch a wave "and it was great" And you said, "There was a dolphin in the wave" And I did not see that So can I go back– Yeah

To see the dolphin? Well, I mean, you should probably have your own that doesn't involve watching me do something When you go back, I'll be there So I want you to say, on this next wave, look for dolphins in the wave And then in the future, which is now as we're having this conversation, my answer might be, "Remember that time that I saw that dolphin in the wave "and I swam over to it? "And you were riding the wave, "and I was riding the dolphin? Well, but here's the thing, by doing that, you would– Change something Even though you said you said you wouldn't change it, you would change the moment if you try to ride the dolphin

Because I was riding the wave and it was like, you know, we hadn't been surfing that long, like catching a wave, and like really catching a wave was still a big deal, and it was one of those days where it was just a low, long, slow– Yeah Strong wave, so you had time to like think and experience it, you know? And then I look down and there's a freaking, the smartest mammal in the ocean, besides me , is just sitting there just hovering in the water next to me, going the same speed And I was like, "It can't get any better than this" You know what will This is it, man make it better? Your life just peeked

If it was nighttime, and you were surfing on one of those waves and dolphin was in it, but it was one of those iridescent glowing waves that's happening off the coast of California right now Like there's people– is it still happening? And you know, I don't know if it's still happening but But I think it was a short window

As of like within the past week it was happening and I wanted to drive and see that but I have not done that But, of course they're opening, they've opened the California beaches for you can't sunbathe, but you can surf and you can jog You can do like activities And guess who bought a new surfboard? You did? Your buddy You bought a new surfboard? I bought a regular You haven't even been using the one you got

I bought a regular surfboard I bought an 11 foot long board Because I'm going to, I have to to do regular surfing man, I have to learn, I have to get where I don't have to have the paddle Because I want to be able to go to like Malibu and surf without people looking at me like I'm a dork I have to do that

I have to get to that place Yeah I've made up my mind So what are you gonna do? You're gonna start surfing you're gonna ask me to go and then I'm gonna be out there on a paddleboard You didn't even include me in this

Now if I'm gonna go out there I'm gonna be that guy with a paddleboard Well the places that we typically go there's a lot of people with paddle boards and there's also people who go out one person's on a paddleboard and like somebody else is not on the paddleboard I think that's fine It's just if I get where I'm good, and then I'm like, "Hey man, I'm going to Malibu" At that point you have to make a decision and by the way, I have another And that will be kinda late

Well, you told me that you can't paddle because of your shoulders So I don't know what to do about that I think that's it Yeah, I just, I don't know what to do– I've been practicing I've been practicing my pop ups

I've been just out in the yard just popping up So you you ordered a surfboard and it was delivered to your house a big honking surfboard? 11 feet, Yes It's a really, really long but I'm a very, very big man You can probably paddleboard it

It's basically a paddleboard without a paddle– My paddleboard is not even that long No It's longer, it's longer or at the same length as my existing paddleboard but it's much narrower Well, I definitely miss going surfing and now they've opened up to surf, so you can go surfing Yeah, yeah I was gonna tell you next chance we get we should go

And I'm gonna go on my existing paddleboard The thing that I probably have lost the ability to do 'cause it's been so long since we've been, but I'll probably pick it up faster than you will try to tap on one of those non-paddle boards Here's the thing I'm just gonna wait If you just take off with it then I'm gonna be tempted I'm gonna be tempted to try it

I don't wanna be left in the– And it's not like, I didn't get like, I still got a surf top I didn't get like, I mean I got like a surf tech Is that like the Walmart brand or something? No, it's like the kind you learn on Okay You know, it's still very, not intimidating and like if I hit somebody with the board, they're not gonna die

You won't kill him Okay Yeah But eventually I will get a board that I could kill people with My dad told me that, we moved to California when I was three years old

I remember not at three but like at five, my dad was talking about the surfers at Malibu, he was like, "You realize that if you go out there "and you get in the way the surfers, "they have really sharp boards "and they'll shoot the board into your head and kill you?" On purpose? On purpose As opposed to on purpose which is what I would be if I went back to relive that memory On purpose It's interesting that you, Okay, that you picked that See cause my mind immediately went to things in my past that were extremely meaningful experiences that I don't think I approached it correctly, which you alluded to So– Yeah, yeah and I'm too worried about that

I'm too worried about going back and I don't know, I picked a moment where I felt like I did appreciate it in the moment, so that I could just go back and do it exactly the same way again That's what struck me but I get what you're saying Yeah and that is why the first thing that popped into my head was my wedding day because I think, first of all, I know that i didn't enjoy myself I was like a nervous wreck the night before the rehearsal dinner, I was a nervous wreck, you know, we've been through this and you know, I just, I try when I think back on that I try to apply that to my life now but it's so hard to be in a moment and saying, "You know what, I'm gonna enjoy this moment" Because whatever it is that concerns you about it With the wedding day, I can't even tell you everything I was concerned about

It was just everyone else's expectations, which is totally wrong This is my day and Christy's day Why on earth am I so concerned about everyone else's experience and everything like that, you know, I would totally have them soaking in and have a much better time I would also really get a kick out of cause everybody that we both knew pretty much was in attendance So, it would be a way to rub elbows with everybody and have I mean, I had a moment with everybody at the wedding reception

And but it's like, I don't even remember it It was such a blur So I think it's like a cheat code to have one moment in time or have access to everyone up into that point in my life that was meaningful I had a meaningful relationship with who was there from my past and my then present, you know, so I think I've hacked it with that one I think that's actually my choice– Well, and the fact that you couldn't change anything so then you could go back and it wouldn't just be about savoring it and enjoying it, you could also be like, what if I did this like Groundhog Day, there are no consequences

What if I just dropped my pants in the middle of my wedding? Like wouldn't it be fun to see how everybody would react– That is my biggest regret– that I didn't drop my pants during my wedding ceremony No, but if there were no consequences, wouldn't you just do something to stir it up? My hesitancy in choosing a moment like that was, if I go back too far, I think I would just be thinking about things like, "Well, my body feels different you know what I'm saying?" Whereas going back to surfing like three years ago I was pretty much the same guy Like I wouldn't be thinking like, "Man like I feel so spry right now, "I'm gonna run," or you know, whatever I might do If we increased our frequency of surfing, the chances of that happening again are it's not out of the question You know Oh, I know

Surfing with dolphins is actually yeah, it's something that happened So– It could happen again Yeah But I'm not getting married again We surfed with dolphins And I'm not planning on it

Multiple times Of course I'll be out there on a paddleboard and like I'll be able to go with the pad and you'll be just, you'll be all alone I am worried about Trying to figure it out being in shape enough It wears you out

Yeah, I just don't, my shoulders and just like upper body strength, like, I don't have any chest muscles I don't think you need I don't think you need them When I went to my– You just need endurance Physical therapist guru, you know, in addition to all the things that I told you that she told me about inviting my weird rib to the party How's that going? Has it come to the party yet? I don't, I can touch it now a little bit I can touch my rib now

I'm touching it right now but it still freaks me out The first thing she did was she said, "You don't have any chest muscle" It's like your shoulder– All right, thanks a lot She was like, she basically told me I had a bird chest And I paid her for that

Right You know, I was paying her, Some people pay for insults It's a thing I think it's like an S and M thing I would go back So I guess that's my

So I would go back to that physical therapy appointment, so I could That was a wild ride, man I mean, I missed my physical I noticed everything about my life that was weird, you know, that I don't get to go out and do like, be critiqued by my physical therapist or, but we can go surfing But you know, and we'll move on in a second but the real thing that got me going on this getting a regular surfboard, you know, first of all, I had like a Foam board that is not I went out on that one time, I was just, I'm too big for it, like it's not rated for it was rated for like 200 pounds I weighed like 220

I needed like a legit board that'll hold me up But the thing I was thinking is that we've got these ideas we've been talking about, with like, we've got some surfing-related ideas that I actually wanna get serious about And they require, like actually regular surfing and not having your hands on a paddle And so I was like, I just gotta learn how to do this Well, thanks for the heads up, is all I'm saying

I mean, would you have gone out? You wouldn't have gone out and bought a board No You would be like what! You would have said, "Well, let's see how you do with yours" So that's why I haven't told you but next time I go– Here we are I'll just take my board out and then eventually, I'll get good and you'll be like, "Man, you don't even have a paddle

" And I'll be like, "Yeah, you can have this too" Are you gonna let me try it? Yeah Yeah, I might have some hidden, hidden ability to do it all of a sudden since the last time we did it It's all about we gotta get in better shape It's all about endurance

That's the only, that's the X-Factor You just gotta have the ability to get to there– It's all about knowing– And still have energy to stand up When to exert yourself Once you understand how to do something, then you can channel your exertion and not waste a bunch of energy doing all the wrong things You know, that's true with any type of physical thing

You know, I'm an athlete, I understand these principles And I actually have been watching YouTube videos about and we did so many things wrong on that day we went out with regular boards, so many things wrong Oh, yeah So many things wrong Okay

Yeah I'll show you the YouTube videos I can benefit from that We got another question– Okay About music I'm excited about, but first, let's promote some Merch, check it

We're bringing back the mythical, the mythical, we're associating mythical with the clown shark in a shirt Well, yeah, speaking of the see creatures, There it is Which is you know, it's interesting That's one of the things that Locke said about surfing because I was like, "Hey, you know, maybe later this summer, "it's just the beaches are open "and now I've got these, "I've got two other Foam boards that are like smaller," I was like, "Hey, me and you and Shepherd could go "We could do some surfing together

" He's like, "Dad, sharks" He's like, "I'm really scared of sharks" and I'll be honest with you Oh, yeah You think about it a lot

And there was at one time in Santa Cruz, where I surfed a little bit that summer And there was a guy watching us surf and then it was a big group of people, you know, Santa Cruz And then when we got out he was like, "Yeah, you know, there was a great white circling all of you "the whole time you were surfing" 'Cause he could see from the cliff Did you believe that? So it does happen

Yeah, I mean, it does happen, but they don't, they very rarely attack, man They're just clowns They don't attack on your shirt Mythicalcom, check out all the stuff we got over there

You'd be surprised If you haven't checked it out in a while Look at our store mythicalcom You'd be surprised Rep your boys Mythical

com, you'd be surprised Tee up another one Okay JaeTee1 "Why is the music of the 70s, 80s and 90s so good? "Is it just nostalgia? "Or is it because music was truly epically good then "and now it's just not as good slash harder "to find good music "Oftentimes, the music now that is good, "has strong influence from the 70s, 80s or 90s

" Well, first of all, I agree that the 70s and 80s are good in terms of music Now, 90s I feel like you gotta be more specific, in order to say it's good I don't think everything in the 90s is good And I think that kinda gets at where I ultimately am gonna pick apart JaeTee with an a and an e stands on this So my interpretation, I agree with you

And I think the reason for that perspective, which a lot of people have, I've got two thoughts on this The first is, the further you get away from a time period, the more it crystallizes Yeah And you're not hearing like only what's worthy of sticking around, has stuck around So when you think of that decade, you only think about the stuff that stood the test of time

It has staying power Yeah So it's not that the 70s or the 80s, I mean, well, first of all, it probably did have less music and there is more that which is a factor, there's more and more music It is, yeah because it's easier and easier to make music independently than it was back in the day So as time has passed, there's just more and more music

So I guess it's easier for something to stand out But it isn't like there wasn't a lot of different music happening in the 70s or the 80s It's just not all that stuck around And we're still pretty close to the 90s Like, you know, people like us, we were in high school, we were in college at that time

Now, I'll make a tangential statement, which I think might be controversial, or at least people will disagree with it I think that hip hop now is better than it's ever been Period So to me, this is an exception This is my personal exception to this is that it's the best it's ever been

I mean, when you go back and listen to, when you listen to hip hop, it's very, especially like early hip hop, I'm talking like 80s Yeah, I mean, if you go back to the inception, it's very exciting to listen to from a nostalgic standpoint because it was just starting to bud, and now it's blossomed in all different genres, and it changes so fast it makes use of It seems like everything that catches leads to the next thing and benefits from it

I mean, I love music for a number of reasons, but I love that aspect of it When JaeTee was talking about the strong influence of the 70s, 80s and 90s, or basically you're just saying music influences music influences music, and it moves forward, but I just feel like now there's so much to enjoy, and there's so many sub-genres of hip hop that early on, like classic, you just didn't, you know, it was still forming And so there's more to enjoy It's better now especially because it's the whole conceit of hip hop, from a production standpoint is taking things and then repurposing and remaking them, you know, between sampling and splicing and looping and all of that I just think it's better

Well, okay I have but the second part of my thought actually ties into what you're talking about And I'm gonna use the NBA as an analogy, right? And we both been watching The Last Dance, which I hope that wasn't gonna be your wreck We can talk if it was But it could be We can tease a wreck, go for it

So if you care about sports, and based on the couple of times I've said things about sports on Twitter, I get the impression that the mythical beast herd is not a lot of sport's fans, but there are some, but this Last Dance ESPN documentary about the bulls, Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan, is phenomenal, is one of the best things I've ever watched in entertainment, period If you're into basketball Absolutely! And you're our age, so if you can, if you lived through those seasons in the– Yeah That was what? 98/97 Yeah and they go through the whole, they basically go through Jordan's career, but they really focus on the 97/98 season Now, one of the things that comes up a lot of times is, this, you know, hypothetical conversation about how good would Jordan be now and this is one of the, and I know you're watching it with Lincoln, I watch it with Locke

And so we're watching it with these teenage boys who are really into basketball, love the NBA And, you know, Locke kept leaning over during this thing, he's like, "I just didn't know he was that good" I just, I didn't appreciate how good Jordan was Yeah Now, but then when you ask the hypothetical question of well, how would Jordan be if you just took him, literally you took 1995 Michael Jordan, and you just put him on an NBA court now, you know

That's it He just he's there How would he do? And I feel pretty strongly that he would just be sort of a middle of the road player, initially Now, I think that he would adjust pretty quickly and become one of the, he would become an all-star, most likely But it's not a cut and dry situation

Now, the reason I say that is and you actually get this when you watch the documentary You know, Jordan wasn't playing basketball in the off season He didn't even start lifting weights until he lost to the Pistons two years in a row Yeah And was pissed off about it

Pistons I'll say Yeah, the system that generates basketball players now is a completely different system that has been fine-tuned You know, he didn't even make his varsity, the story goes, you know, in that they talked about the documentary He didn't make his varsity team in his sophomore year But now kids who are going to be and you look at the other Bulls like Scottie Pippen going to like Central Arkansas or whatever

And then like Horace Grant went to some other school that nobody, a small school That doesn't happen anymore, because the system that creates these NBA players at that level, their nutrition, their fitness, their practice, their insights that they get, their coaching, everything has been fine-tuned, and it is definitively better Now, you might be like, "It's not as rough or whatever" But if you were to take LeBron, as developed as he is, and you just throw him back into that system, I think he would dominate even more than he does because of the system that he's come up in Now, I think the same holds true in music and what you're, but I think there's something special about that time, because one of the things that makes it so special is that the opportunity to innovate and stand above the competition, and the way that Jordan did, is something that is so hard to do, there's not gonna be another Michael Jordan because the delta on the opportunity for innovation is smaller than it's ever been because the system is so efficient at producing excellence, right? And so I think the same thing has happened in music, and also the accessibility for people to create music on their own, has gotten where we are just overwhelmed with really, I mean, there's a lot of good music, there's also a lot of bad music, because there's so much opportunity

And I just think we've gotten to a place where finding the special connection with music is harder to do than it was at that point And it doesn't mean that it's not good or better or the music was, but the music was, let's just say more special back when the threshold or the threshold, the barrier to entry to actually make music was bigger Yeah That's my theory Okay well there's two parts to that

I mean, I think I agree that the fact that there's so many more artists who can be heard that it's hard for any one artist to really pop, I mean of course it still happens I mean you've got superstars You've got your Lady Gagas, you got your Drakes But does it feel different than back in the era of Michael Jackson? Yeah, because there's still There's still so much competition Right I mean, Drake can't go away that long He's you know, his features have to be just as a groundbreaking as his own albums, or mixtapes, and you know, it has to keep coming in order to remain relevant You just can't, you've gotta work really hard for that because there's so much competition

The part about the system though, I think the analogy doesn't work there I mean, if you look at, if you just look at country music and how The Nashville Sound came about, and there was a whole, there was a manufacturing process around that, around the early days of rock and roll, I mean, you got the, you know, you've got Glen Campbell and the name's leaving me at this point, but like the super group of studio musicians who are just creating this churning, they just show up every day and churn out these tracks for some singer-songwriter, or somebody who's a pretty face or a pretty voice So there was a machine for decades– But it was machine based, but it was a machine based on pure talent like Glen Campbell is sitting there, like physically interacting with a sonic instrument to make noise Whereas now a 12 year-old is in his room with GarageBand and creates something And it's just like, it's not that it doesn't take talent By the way I was talking about the Wrecking Crew, the Los Angeles studio based crew that brought in, that's not country music, but they– But don't you think that that's

I guess what I'm saying is and maybe this does go against my analogy, I think that that the Wrecking Crew was doing something that's more special than the 12 year-old in their room with GarageBand Well, no, yeah,– I'm not saying– that it's not awesome– I'm saying– But I'm just saying it's not, it isn't a special because how many Wrecking Crews can there be? Well, there's only unlimited number of how many there can be But how many 12 year-olds They turned out a bunch of stuff

Can get GarageBand? Millions Yeah they made a lot of hits but Again, I think it's a, but there are still people who are making amazing music using those tools and there's a lot more opportunity for true artists to come out of the woodwork and I think that there're, you know, I think it, but we're so close to it, you know, I think time will tell Time will tell if, are we gonna be listening to My Strange Addiction, you know, 20 years from now Probably

I think that I think so The simple fact that there's it's so clouded with so many more options over time and because of the revolution of digital music, digital music that replicates analog music I feel like you're gonna look back and it's gonna be much more difficult to recognize the sound of a decade I think that the recognizing the sound of a decade is something that potentially died in the 90s I don't know if it made it into the new millennium I just think it– 'cause what's the difference I just think we're too close to it

I mean, What's the difference between, what is the sound of the 2000s versus the sound of the 2010s? What's the difference What's the difference between the last Justin Timberlake album, which maybe is a bad example, 'cause I didn't listen to it, versus the last NSYNC album, a whole lot? You know, I think he was wearing like, a flannel on the cover of that album I was like, "Say something about the woods" I mean, I didn't listen to that one So I don't know, but Well, you were right time will tell

I'm just saying that my theory at this point is that it won't, there won't be a definitive like when you think 50s Music, what do you think? You think like Dubois, right? Not as good You know, when you think 60s music, you think like Late Starting to get interested like Okay, Weird, hippies Late 60s it gets real good Yeah

That's when music started to get real good But it wasn't before, I mean, in my opinion, it wasn't before then But then there's always something that's gonna grip you since then There's a lot, but it's really splintered And I think that just to wrap it up, I think that most of what grabs me is the stuff that is calling back to the times where I thought that music was special

So there for me, there's not a whole lot of music that's being made that isn't really heavily influenced by something in the past, that I'm really into Like I'm not into any new genres No, I think that but the phrase, "Influenced by the past it" Why do you have to say that? Just like, of course, Well, no, no, what I'm saying is that like– Of course, everything is influenced by something All music is influenced by something

So I don't think But some things are, some things are more of a departure from the past than others Some things call back more thoroughly So in other words, like, I'm not, I'm not an EDM fan, because it's very difficult for EDM to capture much of anything from the past because it's a very futuristic, forward-looking genre, but I just don't, there's no soul in it to me I don't connect with it But that's your problem

Maybe something's wrong with me Yeah, I mean in a– But do you you like EDM? I don't know enough, no And I don't know enough about it But I'm not gonna say that it's not influenced by stuff because it absolutely has to be Oh it's clearly influenced by stuff, but it's a more bold departure than say Jason Isbell You know what I'm saying? I don't know

You know Like, I mean, I haven't listened to a lot of Kraftwerk either but it's like, I mean, What is that? Kraftwerk, I think had to influence all electronic music from the 70s What is Kraftwerk? Kraftwerk is Kraftwerk with a K and then an E Is it a band? Is that what you're saying? Yeah, German band formed in 1970 While it considers innovators and pioneers of electronic music, they were among the first successful acts to popularize the genre It's just you're not into electronic music No

But I mean, you'll like the Daft Punk album, just like I will But it's just not your thing But when it's not our thing, And why do I like the Daft Punk album? Because it is by definition, a strong throwback to the 70s in disco And it even has the story of the connection to the original pioneers of disco, in the album built into the album They tell the story so from and that connects back to a time when I was actually alive

I was a little tiny baby I don't think that's what the story is I think it's the inventor of the synthesizer I'm just saying it's a different thing we don't know as much about it But he talks about that beat the Click Track and stuff

I'm just saying that, like it's literally a throwback, and it's got a historical angle And that's why we like it But if things get too on the cutting edge of the future, we don't like it anymore And unless you're really, really hip, and I don't wanna be that hip I'm not that dad

I don't know, I think We can talk about, we could have easily made this into an episode, by the way And we just made it into one question, so maybe we'll have to come back to this subject Well, you know, for the next listening party, Britton and I are working, we were like, "We gotta do something, "we gotta do some music that's now" So I think by the time this comes out, it would have come out but we decided we were only gonna play music for each other that is music that's moving that's now like brand new music Like over weeks or months old

And I had to get excited about it in a different way because it was more difficult to get excited about but there's lots of music that's moving me 'Cause it can happen Yeah, I mean, yeah, I agree Let's move on to another question This one is from Rapha Conrad

"What is your perspective about fandoms?" Okay, it's interesting cause I've been thinking more about fandoms lately because, and I think this is true for you too, I'll just speak for myself I wouldn't consider myself, I've never experienced being a part of a fandom Now, obviously, I'm excluding the fact that, you know that, there's a fandom around what we do There's a mythical fandom I'm very grateful for that and I'm very reverent towards how people have created it as a fandom, but I observe it from the, I don't wanna say from the top, down or from the outside, in, but like, I mean, a fandom formed around the stuff that we create, but I don't, even though I'm very passionate about a lot of things, I don't think that I could say that I've ever actually been a part of a fandom

And I will tease that, I gained some insight through some recent experiences, which I'll talk about in a second, but I just wanted to put that out there first Have either one of us ever been a part of a fandom? And how do we define fandom? Do we need to look that up like Kraftwerk? I mean, you can look it up but I'll give you my layman's definition You can see if Google agrees with me Yeah I think it's a group of people who have connected with each other because they have connected with all connected together around something else that they like

Yeah Fans of a particular person, team, fictional series, et cetera, regarded collectively as a community or subculture Community For me the community aspect is the thing so, I would consider, I'm probably, the most I'm a part of a fandom is a fan of NC State Athletics I mean, that's the easiest thing, right? So my college, Lynx College So it isn't like I have a group of people that I get together with and watch games, but I have, like, you know, a couple of our college buddies that I'll talk to about a big game, or something like that

I mean, there's like a group of NC State people that get together at like a bar and Pasadena and watch, Really? Watch games together You ever thought about going? And there was a time, I've thought about it, I don't think I'm gonna do it, but I have thought about it Because you know, especially when the thing about being a part of a fandom is that, you relate in this way, and when you're an NC State sports fan, you relate in a very particular way of like having your hopes dashed against the rocks of– Yeah Reality over and over again for decades and decades And that makes you a certain type of fan, right? And so there's a connection there, just a like mindedness that you don't even have to think about when you meet somebody

Oh, and if you see somebody with an NC, like the thing is, is that like, the block S from Stanford is exactly the same as the block S from NC State except the NC State has N and C kinda small in there And so, when I first moved out here, I saw all these block S's and I was like State, no Stanford, State, no Stanford, State, you never see somebody wearing anything NC State, but it's after maybe five Until you do, and it's like wow And 10 years and I talked to these people, Yeah, because I talk to them there's so much And I don't talk to anybody It's, especially like, in medieval times, if you get thrown in the dungeon, you're like in the blocks and you're like you're in the shackles What are you gonna do? You're gonna start, you're gonna start talking to the guy or the girl next to you you're gonna, hey, you're gonna connect in the misery of being in that situation

That's what it's like to be a wolf pack fan And so, if you're gonna endure the heart wrenching loss And you've opted out I've opted out You've opted out of that I've opted out

I mean, I love NC State, I love my experience, but I just cannot, when it comes to the sports experience, I cannot stand being trampled And then getting my hopes up just enough to think that is not gonna happen the time after or the time after that Yeah, I get it But so yeah, there's a You have this need for a connection I mean, my insight came when and you know, I was talking about how Lily and I started watching John Mayer's live Instagram show called Current Mood which is roughly comes out every week You know, we're both big fans of his music Our families are big fans of his music

You know, we're middle-aged white guys, what are we supposed to do? Okay, you gotta like John Mayer But like our kids are into it You lose your card if you don't like John Mayer Lily's really into it and she got me into Current Mood And I've, it was such a different experience because, well it was live, so there was like more of a connect, we've done a lot of live stuff And we really built, we really started to build our community, when we were doing that RhettandLinkKast live

There is something magical about knowing that this is happening now, and if I type something, he might read it, he might respond to it There could be a little conversation, some acknowledgement But even beyond that, when an episode was over, and I was reflecting on it, I just started to appreciate specifics about it Like why I was really into it You know, the fact that he has a certain sense of humor, but he also talks about things that are serious, and he processes things in an interesting way

And he thinks in a similar way to me, I started to relate on that level, and I started to become curious how many other people had that type of experience? And here I'm in bed, I'm on Reddit anyway, I bet you there's a John Mayer Reddit thread I wonder if there's a Current Mood Reddit thread cause I didn't wanna just talk about I didn't wanna be a fan of John Mayer, I wanted to talk about that show specifically and like the episode I had just watched, I found myself wanting to discuss it with other people And there wasn't one There was a John Mayer Reddit thread And Some people would talk about Current Mood but– I was sure that you were gonna say that there was

So I actually found that I was frustrated that there wasn't and I ain't gonna start it, I ain't got time for that But sometimes there's a Current Mood entry in the John Mayer thread and I don't even know what John Mayer fans are called, if they have a name Like how they associate themselves in the fandom but, again, I'm speaking of it as if I'm not involved in it, but, I've gotten as close as I have to saying that I'm in a fandom because I found myself wanting to just talk to people about somebody else's work and connect over it And I don't think, I mean, I really like connecting and talking to people about music But music is not a fandom, you know, it's gotta be a specific thing

And it actually gets started– You mean hold on, you mean when you put on your dating profile that you like music, that doesn't mean anything Right, right And for the record, I do not have a dating profile So– Right Rhett, I don't know what Rhett's referring to

But if you did, you wouldn't say I'm really into music, I would put I like listening to music, that's a hobby of mine But when I say that, I really mean it Like I like to sit down and listen to music And I like to think about it, and I like to talk about it So I'm not some

I'm not just somebody who says, "Yeah, I like music, "yeah I like food "I like to eat food, "I like to listen to music" Right

I like sunshine But I started to think, I gained insight into how the mythical beast, enjoy our content because there's when you really get something, and I feel like, you know, the mythical beasts really get us I think that's what, that's what it means to be a mythical beast That you watch it and you understand why it's They wanna connect to us They connect to what we create they connect to who we are And I started to understand There was a whole chapter That for the first time in the book of Mythicallity about this Yes, somebody likes what you like, then you like them

Yeah, 'cause we talked about Merle Haggard And I think that– Right The thing that we didn't do, me and you connected with each other Right Over our love for Merle But we didn't connect with a greater fandom because when we went to the concert, it was a bunch of 65 year-old people

And I'm not Britton, you know what I'm saying? Like your cousin Britton will go to a horror convention and come back best friends with a 94 year-old woman It's like you know, and that's awesome And I wish I was more open to personal connection than that, but I just, I'm not So it was like, "Oh, my friend likes this, "this is something we connect" But the greater community of people who would call themselves Mayerheads or whatever, Mayers, maybe they just call themselves Mayers

They're all Mayers of Mayer town John Mayer fans I don't know To some extent it feels like a commitment It's the same reason I consider myself an NC State sports fan, but I don't go to that bar to watch NC State lose in sports with other people

Because You gotta commit, you gotta commit not just to the thing that you like you have to commit to the other people who like it Yeah, there's a lot more time involved and I think I found myself if there was a John Mayer

If there was a Current Mood discussion, like that was reliable every week like in this environment right now being home so much like I could see myself starting to make friends in that environment and start you know, it's you know, Mike, our friend science, Mike, he's big into Dungeons and Dragons He talks to us about it, but he talks about how he'll play, and he has a group of friends that he plays with that some of them were members of his community who also like Dungeons and Dragons who were part of that community So then they would form their own little group, but I mean, you got the whole Trekkie thing that was the quintessential beginning of fandoms in my mind– Con

When you go to a convention, and then you would be, make friends with those people, and that was, but I think in this environment Hold on and by the way, by con, I did not mean the Wrath of Khan I just meant conventions Yes, you did But there is a double meaning and you have to specify when you're talking about Star Trek, or Star Trek, as I said, until I was like 13 But I don't know, I don't know, maybe I need to go full in on a fandom in order to then be a better, what are we? Figureheads of the mythical fandom? Figurehead is someone who really doesn't do anything but it kinda– There's a, there's a

And careful with that There's a very specific opportunity, given the fact that there's two of us, because you could become part of my fandom and I could become part of your fandom And that's how we fully participate in the mythical fandom

It's just like, hey, I'm a big fan of the mythical stuff, but really– You're gonna start tweeting about it You know when Linc said so and so so and so like, what like, wasn't that cool? I'm gonna start like a Twitter account that's like Link's Ocean Blue Eyes or something like that And tweet about you constantly That's what I'm gonna do What are you gonna do about me? I'm already really close to being a Mayerhead

I think that's where I'm gonna go Well, I'm not committing to you if you don't commit to me We have enough commitments to each other We don't need to be till this biggest fan Okay, let's do one more question

All right This one's from Michelle, very practical Thoughts about using a blanket on the couch Does it need to be folded or put away after each use, even if you know you're going to just pull it out next time? My husband says yes but I say no I literally use a blanket on the couch year round

We use a blanket on the couch year round I mean, there's certain blankets that our entire family has, they considered the best blanket And so then we bought a weighted blanket and for a little bit, the weighted blanket became the coveted blanket Everyone fought over, you had to get on there, you had to get underneath at first as like calling shotgun But then turns out the weighted blanket, was too heavy, too weighted

So now the second most popular blanket has now become the most– Too heavy for who? For most people, it gets too warm and you could injure yourself moving it I don't like the weighted blanket because I can hurt my shoulders trying to pick that thing up and move it I gotta preserve that for surfing How did you hurt yourself? Well, I tried to move a weighted blanket So our second most popular blanket became the coveted blanket again, I'm looking at it over there and it's gone

Somebody's got it And we just bought a second one We should about five of them So I will say, there's always blanket lying around When you watch a movie together, everyone has a blanket, all five? Yeah, pretty yeah

Yeah, it's interesting because when we watch a movie together, they all have blankets, and I just don't quite get it I'm kinda like– are you warm natured? You're a little warm natured No, I'm actually, I get cold Most of the time when you say that you're cold, I'm like, when I think about it I'm like, "Yeah, it is a little cold" I just honestly– You should get a blanket

I don't think about it as much and I like a blanket I think It's just, I just assume that it's not going to be big enough I just assume that all blankets won't fit me and so I just, it's like, it's the reason I don't try things on at stores I'm like, "It's not gonna fit me" our favorite blanket is big enough for you, man

It's such a big blanket You can, I take that blanket and I can hold it, it's about, it's like a six by eight blanket That would fit me Now, so we have a lot of blankets, you know, on the couch Well, there's at least two

For some reason, there's usually two and since three of them want blankets they get in fights, and I don't know why we haven't done the math on this but my wife is cleaning up constantly, and the rest of us are– My kids significantly worse than me, creating mess Yeah Right? And it's interesting now given quarantine, cause we don't have anybody over Right? So Jesse likes to get the house real nice for people who don't live in it Yeah

You know And But we've been keeping it pretty clean, but I gotta say that the blankets have just been nonchalantly thrown over the couch and sort of left in place for I'd say weeks now, with no like, there's no folding and putting away and now if she gets into a cleaning mindset, they will be folded and put away, only to be taken out again

Even in this environment, I think that creates a lot of problems I mean, you could anticipate my position on this I think that blankets should be folded and not put away they should be folded– What kind of problems? When you walk up to a couch and there's a blanket that someone's been in on it and it's like just like a clump of blanket, But folding doesn't make it cleaner It is not inviting because it says, someone else has been in this, someone else's bodies, body smells and skin cells and stuff is all in it Now, if you fold it up that statement's still true, but it doesn't– It does and more so

It doesn't make you think about it It doesn't– but logically Make you think someone else has been the skin cells In this blanket But the other parts of the person that came off of them and got on the blanket are now folded up and they're multiplying, when it's folded– No they're not At least when it's out in the open, they're dying The pieces of the person are dying It's in a clump, it's like a brain It's mushed together and there's all there's even more crevices

There's even more crevices– Do you think the viruses that are on the people are being crushed by the blanket being folded? Not true Well I don't wanna talk about viruses at all I just think that it's not inviting to go into, like if a shirt is hanging on a rack you're like, "I could try that on" If the shirts laying in the bottom of a, you know, the stall, "I don't wanna try that on" Even though someone else has already tried on both of those shirts to use your

Okay, lemme ask you a different question, that's related to this When your wife goes out of town and you're at home alone, do you make the bed and why? I like to make the bed because then if I take a nap, I like to take a nap on top of the bed because if I get under the covers then that's not a nap, that's sleeping Well, I was trying to trap you because your logic of other people's parts doesn't apply when it's just you sleeping in a bed, right? I just think– It's just your parts It's just more exciting

When you walk in a room and there's like, there's a blanket here and it's folded and there's a blanket draped over here strategically It's like, oh, and then it also, when something's in clumps, it sends a signal to the other people in the house, the kids, that you know what though? I can leave my chip bag here, I can leave my half drunk can of LaCroix here, I can leave my full drunk can here Do you think a clean house It sets a tone Starts with a clean bed? Yes Now listen It sets a tone

I don't agree And as you might guess, I do not make the bed when I'm sleeping alone in it And my wife makes the bed, literally, like she can't start her life if the bed isn't made And every single time I don't do that

I don't make the bed every morning But I do like a made bed But every single time I'm participating in the making of the bed, because if I happen to get caught in the room at the time when she's doing it, I got long arms, I look like I'm made to make beds Yeah I have to help, I get recruited

And every single time I'm doing it I have a number of thoughts, I'm flooded with thoughts One of them is, there's got to be a better system Like there's got to be something that is closer to a sleeping bag You know what I'm saying? Like I just, there's multiple sheets and the way things have to fold down and don't get me started on a freaking down comforter, I'm sure your wife has the same thing, our wives get similar things Yeah

But it's this down comforter that has a duvet cover, and then you have to pull it in and then fold it backwards and like tie it in a certain When we start doing that, I start going ballistic every single time, I'm just like, "I don't understand why is this the system?" This has been around for who knows how many hundreds of years and this is the way we're still doing it I would gladly make the bed if it was like Jetsons time, and we figured out a way to just do it efficiently and cleanly But I get mad at the antiquated nature of it, and it just makes me think, "I'm above this, "I'll just come back to this tonight "and I'll work my way into it and it'll be fine" We're talking about blankets though

So I think the same thing applies, of course, I think the same thing applies to blankets, if you're not gonna have guests because I do agree that if you go to somebody's house, and you're like, "Oh, there's a bundled up blanket on their couch "that means somebody drooled there, or worse" But if it's just me and my family, I know who was on the couch last night I was there, we were watching a movie together, after we argued about which one it would be I don't make my kids I don't need any blankets

Fold blankets, I don't make them do that, but I do it because I like it But I recognize it as a matter of taste So it makes me happy but I don't enforce that on the kids cause I don't think that would be fair So I think that's the compromise I admit that it's a matter of taste

Well, so is Michelle right or husband right? Because that's really what this comes down to You're saying that her husband is right I'm saying that You know I don't think it's, I think it's a matter of taste It's not a matter, you have to live together, and you know , Yeah, but I think the situation here I think that the situation is easy

If her husband believes that the blankets need to be folded and put away, well, he can do it That's what I'm saying Don't drag Michelle into it Yeah, I do agree with that And I'll give a little Okay, we've solved problems today Wreak here

Oh, yeah, wreak Thanks for giving us these, these questions, these topics of conversation I learned lots of stuff Sounds like I might get to go surfing again soon A little wreck for you guys

I mean, I could just wreck that documentary because, yeah, if you're our age, and you were into basketball and wanna relive the Jordan glory days, that's great I think if you care about sports at all, It's incredible I'll make that the wreak The Last Dance I've got at least one more episode And like Phil Jackson is an interesting person

Like, we haven't talked about this, but I'm like, man, what a Someone who doesn't fit the mold for his particular job Such an interesting guy

I wish they would have taught me more about him I wanna see a Phil Jackson documentary Well, you know, the guy who directed The Last Dance, also did a documentary on Andre The Giant I've seen that one then Yeah, that was good too

But he's also done like two or three other ones He just, cause he's, I think he did one on The Pistons maybe He did one on another team I think that I could, I don't think it has to be the Chicago Bulls, I think I'm really opening myself up to sport's documentaries in general 30 for 30s

All right, Last Dance, that's our recommendation Hashtag EarBiscuits Let us know what you think about these topics, if that's blankets or reliving a point in your life or all the stuff we said about music Let us have it We'll speak at you next week

To watch more Ear Biscuits, click on the playlist on the right To watch the previous episode of Ear Biscuits, click on the playlist to the left And don't forget to click on the circular icon to subscribe if you prefer to listen to this podcast It's available on all your favorite podcast platforms

Thanks for being your mythical best

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