How to Scramble Eggs Good

– Welcome to Cook Food Good The show where I teach you how to cook food good and do other things too but really only the cooking

This is a show where we take simple ingredients, we cook them as cheaply and practically as possible to try and give you the survival skills you need in the zombie apocalypse If you know how to prepare a pork tenderloin, you know how to prepare a human tenderloin A little fennel crust on there Oh, that'd be lovely Today, we're making the breakfast classic, scrambled eggs

You might say, Josh, scrambled eggs that's crazy I've never heard of those Your mind is about to be blown! First thing you might be asking, what's the difference between brown eggs and white eggs? I don't know, Google it! You can tell the quality of a good egg by the yolk color So if you have a dark orange yolk that's a good ass egg, if you have a pale yellow yolk that's still pretty good ass egg Eggs are pretty good food We have two methods, wait, no, there's like thousands of methods

We, as in me, have two methods The first one is a soft scramble (upbeat music) This is like if you wake up early on a Sunday and you're like I'm ambitious today I wanna cook a brunch I want to make these like nice soft, custardy, silken scrambled eggs There was a time in my life where I would wake up to six scrambled eggs every single day without fail

I am not in that time of my life anymore Let's go three, three seems like a nice round number So you always crack your eggs against a flat surface You never wanna crack them against the side of the bowl you may get eggshell into the eggs and if you do get eggshells in your eggs, I'll teach you how to fish 'em out Let me, here, I'm gonna screw it up intentionally

This is a good way to hedge your bets, tell someone you're gonna screw up intentionally then when you screw up you don't look like you've been doing it your whole life Just gonna crack an egg against the board and say, oh, no! A little piece of shell got in the egg Take half of an egg shell and then you're gonna dip this in and then, boom! We got an egg shell out with an egg shell Look at that Wow, incredibly helpful tip Josh, thanks! You're welcome

There are a lot of myths about salting in scrambled eggs People say, if you add salt to scrambled eggs too long before you cook it they'll become watery and tough It's just not true Gordon Ramsay is one of them He did a scrambled egg video that has 40 million views

Oh, yeah, you don't wanna salt until right at the end, hey, bruv Absolutely bogus There's a chef named Daniel Gritzer for Serious Eats Salted eggs, 60 minutes, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, zero minutes before he cooked them There is literally no difference

Remember when you found out that your parents were just normal people who were flawed and like kind of trying their best? That's what most chefs are who tell you things to do when you cook, me included In five years someone's gonna go back through these videos and just be like, yeah, you don't need to pound out chicken breasts Just add a pinch, depending on how much salt you like You're gonna take a whisk and you're gonna get in there and beat the crap out of it You can't really over beat eggs either, you wanna incorporate it fully

I would recommend using a balloon whisk If you don't have a whisk you can always use a You can always use a fork not to be too bougie but I actually happen to be the owner of two forks

I like to double up the surface area of my whisking tool Then you're just gonna get in there Add about a tablespoon of butter for three scrambled eggs And you're gonna get this very gently melting in the pan Do you ever just watch butter melt? Soothing

Sometimes I need to be soothed So what you're gonna do is you're gonna add about a tablespoon of milk Gonna melt the eggs, it basically becomes a custard, and now what we're gonna do is add our eggs to that and then don't whisk it 'cause you're gonna scratch up your pot Take some sort of flat utensil and you are going to stir your pan constantly You wanna keep it on completely low heat and what this is going to do, it's gonna break up the curds of the scrambled egg and you get a nice, even cook

If your scrambled eggs look a little bit underdone that is the perfect time to pull them They're going to actually continue to cook inside the bowl or the plate So this should look like somewhat of a chunky cottage cheese I'm selling this dish really, really well The key to soft scrambled eggs is patience

Practice that mindfulness exercise that you took in that one very easy A college course that I'm assuming we all took We learned how to meditate One class they just made us eat a raisin for 45 minutes, that was it That's what I'm in debt for and I'm pretty good at eating raisins now They're a little bit underdone for what we want which is why I'm gonna pull it

Look at that, that's a perfect little soft scramble You see it's like a little bit slidey on the plate, there's like a tiny, tiny bit of run right there I'm just gonna take a little bit of black pepper, dust that over the top That is gorgeous They're super, super fudgy

This would be great on toast Boy, I wish I had bread in my home They just completely melt in your mouth You can just kind of slurp it, listen (slurping loudly) (coughing loudly) Well, I'm embarrassed

I guess I can still eat the eggs, right? It's only my spit (bouncy music) So you've seen how to make a soft scramble and now we're gonna go to the hard scramble which is even easier and for my money, kind of, the best method So we're gonna crack three eggs into that bowl, and I've already eaten six eggs today You guys didn't see this, but I screwed up the first batch of eggs, ate all three of those Made the second batch of eggs that you saw on camera, ate all three of those

What am I gonna do when I cook these three eggs? You bet your ass I'm gonna eat all these eggs! This is a nine egg breakfast for moi So you're gonna add about an eighth of a teaspoon of salt to those eggs, and then you use a whisk to just really beat them up Now, for the soft scramble method I added about a tablespoon of whole milk but for the hard scramble method I'm not gonna do that People who add milk to eggs and go like, it makes them fluffier That's like saying you can add a quarter cup of water to your ground beef and your hamburgers are gonna be juicier

It's like, no, your hamburgers are gonna be wetter and taste like water Your eggs are gonna be wetter and taste like milk but that doesn't make them better eggs in my opinion and then we're gonna take the pan and we're gonna heat it on high Don't spray Pam at an open flame Let's take Pam and lube up your pan You'll notice that I'm not using butter

You can use butter if you want, butter's probably the tastiest option If you go to a diner they're not using like this cultured Normandy butter, they got a squeeze bottle full of something weird, viscous and yellow that they spray on a flat top and you have no idea what's in it Anything you want to lube up your pan, you can do it All right, so we have our pan on high heat and we're gonna pour our eggs in there You want to hear just a little bit of sizzle, and I'm using a small saute pan this time because I want more surface area contact with the eggs but I really like to have like a sheet of eggs 'cause you go to Denny's and you don't get like tiny, little curds of scrambled egg

Nah, you get one big, old sheet and that's what I like So I get it here and then I let it sit on the pan for about 10 seconds just heating the bottom side and that's gonna heat it all the way through and almost kind of steam the top part of the egg and I'm gonna take it and I'm gonna flip it onto a plate and then you're gonna eat it when you grab a clean fork Back to you, Tina! Wait, I'm glad I forgot a fork 'cause I also forgot the most important ingredient to a good hard scrambled egg and that is ketchup If you do not dip your eggs in ketchup we probably wouldn't like each other in real life I know you're sitting there and being like, me and Josh should probably be friends

Nah, nah, nah, if you're not dipping your eggs in ketchup we're not friends Dip in ketchup, and it is so satisfying It reminds me of times when we were allowed to go to Denny's That's a good scrambled egg Thank you so much for joining us in Mythical Kitchen

Hit us up on Instagram @mythicalkitchen with #dreamsbecomefood Show us pictures of your eggs Leave a comment telling us what mythical dishes you wanna see next Listen to our podcast, A Hot Dog Is a Sandwich, coming out every Wednesday and we got new recipe videos out every week I'll see you guys next time, I'm gonna eat eggs seven, eight and nine right now

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