Grilled Cheese Ramen Recipe

(lively music) – Welcome to Mythical Kitchen, where dreams become food Today, we are making grilled cheese ramen, which is in the Will It Ramen episode of GMM

It is one of these single tastiest foods we have ever made on the show And I'm going to teach you, yes, you how to make it You teach a person to make ramen, they eat ramen for a day but you watch this video, it's ramen time, baby We've broken the recipe down into three easy steps The time codes of which you can find right there

Let's get cooking (lively music) So we're gonna start by making a tomato ramen noodles that are gonna sit in our cheddar pork broth to get that little tomato soup action to make ramen noodles, the key ingredient is this guy right here, that almost splashed in my face This is baking soda, the main ingredient, the only ingredient, is called sodium bicarbonate You can actually buy sodium bicarbonates specifically to make ramen noodles that is going to give them their signature chew, and it's what really differentiates them from pasta dough And I don't know how to get this box open

So I'm just gonna keep talking until I do The thing about ramen noodles, that they have this really fantastic bouncy texture So even when they're sitting in broth, how many layers are in this box? Pour a little bit of baking soda onto this And I put that in the oven and wait 10 minutes (timer ringing) We have normal all purpose flour here

That is the basis of any noodle And so we're gonna take our all purpose flour, and we're gonna add eight grams of this baking soda to it So now we have salt and then the things to add together, other than that, water and tomato sauce If you've ever made fresh pasta, you know a lot of people add eggs to it, but you can make delicious noodles with just straight up water and other liquids And this is dehydrated tomato powder that's even going to give it a more concentrated flavor

And so we're going to make a little well of our dough or dough as some pronounce it And then we have just a bunch of red food dye We're gonna stir all that together We have just a beautiful, violent red color forming Make sure to just splash a lot of it all over your counter

We're looking a little bit wet So I'm just going to add more flour gradually to this and then eventually I'm gonna turn it out on the table and start working it with my hands You can see our dough is formed into a nice solid ball So you want to clear up a space for you to work, and then you're going to start kneading it with your hands You might be asking Josh, are there any available ramen noodles on the market that I could use instead of making from scratch? I never heard of it

Now, if you want to make this recipe, honestly, it'd be super delicious with just the broth and like instant noodles Oh, you can get non shim You can get Indo Me You can get Maggie noodles Zatarain's rice, just throw some wonder bread in that breath

You can do some like orzo pasta, you know, a bunch of Cheez Its, uses Cheez its instead of noodles, you know you can do– (soft music) And this is looking good It's looking a little plasticine right now, but we're going to wrap this up in some plastic wrap and get it in the fridge and all that is going to hydrate and it is going to look perfect and taste even more perfecter (timer ringing) Welcome back to the barefoot Contessa Jeffrey's out getting me flowers so I'm going to roll out these ramen noodles We're making a lovely lobster Terragon ramen noodle salad that's just perfect for summer in the Hamptons

When I think of the Hamptons and all my friends that come over, I just think, oh, they love terragon We're gonna go ahead and take the ramen noodle dough and we're just gonna flatten out the disc a little bit and I'm going to put a little bit of flour on there Really massage it in And I'm gonna take a little bit of flour I'm just going to put it all over the machine

This is called a pasta roller, also known as my nemesis We can cut to the clips of me failing at it Now this goes through, this one Goes through this one! So let's try and do good today, huh? There we go and that's rolling out nice, look at that, we got a pasta dough So we folded the dough over it on itself and running it back through that is going to create excess gluten development which is really great because gluten means chew, right? That's the protein found in flour

And so now we're going to set this to a little bit thinner and then gradually roll it out until it's thin enough to run through the actual ramen attachment, AKA the spaghetti attachment, but spaghetti is Italian for ramen All right, now that's nice and thin and you want to kind of cradle it with your hands and not just dangle it Now we've got a long thin sheet So you want to keep your noodles real nice and long So now we're just going to run this through the noodle thing

You're going to take out the widget and attach it to the didgeridoo, more like didgery don't and then you see these nice, beautiful, thin noodles coming out, that's looking fantastic I'm gonna go fast, 'cause I'm bored Yeah, look at that, it's like the Plato factory except real food And then you got a nice chewy bed of noodles So we're going to take this as a nice noodle nest

And we're just going to toss that in our flour to make sure they're broken up and they don't stick when you boil them This looks like one good portion for ramen We have all of our beautiful tomato ramen noodles And now we got to get to making a broth (soft music) We're trying to do is kind of fuse the idea of a grilled cheese

You get all that like melty American cheese in there with a pork tonkotsu broth So the cheese is actually gonna add a lot of fat that you would normally get from pork bones, but we are not using any of those bones today All we're gonna do is take an equal mixture of water and milk, you could do pork stock and milk, but what we have instead of pork stock is a little pork bouillon cube If you ever want a flavor punch to the face, just start popping these back as snacks, they're great Bullion is literally just reduced stock that they have essentially dehydrated until, I just threw the wrapper on the ground

That's so sad that that's just a natural, I don't know, I don't stand for littering Put this in my pocket We got the pork stock and the water and milk in there And then I'm gonna start winging in slices of American cheese The reason you want to use slices of American cheese, because they're just so floppy and fun, you can just kinda like

When this melts, when you add all the other cheese, it's really going to help that all bind together and we're going to grab this beautiful consistency that is almost mimicking the fattiness that the pork ramen broth except with all the flavor of American cheese To be clear, I cannot teach you how to make authentic Japanese ramen, but this is a great way to kind of like infuse a fun little American classic with a Japanese food that was like a thousand years of history behind it So, the milk is starting to come to a boil Now the key is you gotta get the biggest whisk in the world that's used for making like a giant vat of chili for an entire Navy battleship And so all that American cheese has melted in the milk

So we're gonna take Monterey Jack cheese and we're going to add that in there And then we're also going to take some Cheddar Monterey Jack has kind of a way to bridge the gap between American cheese and cheddar because it's got a real nice mild flavor, but it also melts really, really well Now to get the violent orange here that we're looking for, we're going to take some of this just day glow powder that looks radioactive, his is actually dehydrated cheddar cheese and fun fact, the term cheddar actually comes from the dye that is used to make cheddar We're getting this beautiful kind of like milky broth consistency, similar to tonkotsu

But to add another couple elements, we're going to take some MSG, MSG is just a really good and safe flavor enhancer for foods Just gonna give it a hefty seasoning and salt You want to be a little bit illiberal with that 'cause we already got so much cheese in there and starting overflew, oh no! That was the first time I was successfully pulled a pot from overflowing on the air and now we don't have to stop down for 10 minutes to clean up, your welcome everybody I am a hero, indeed We're gonna add a little white pepper in there just for some flavorin' and then one final thing, just to give this a little bit more body, we're going to add in some heavy cream, which as I found out recently is not just concentrated milk

This broth is looking nice and brothy and cheesy Gonna go perfect with this tomato noodles Yeah, look at that It's not liquated cheese sauce because we have all that pork bouillon on there God, that does smell really good

Let's give it a taste Oh God, it's dripping in my hand and it burns Oh God, ow! Mmm, and now that is good to go There is your cheddar pork broth it's gonna go with the tomato noodles Now we are going to do our bread fried egg, which is really going to tie all the elements of the grilled cheese, oh don't overflow now! All the elements of the grilled cheese and ramen together, whisk faster, mush you idiot, mush! All right, we'll see ya over at the next scene

(soft music) Jeffrey never returned from the flower store and I do suspect foul play, before I exact my revenge first, we're going to teach you to make a lovely Rose hip vinegarette, perfect for summer We're going to make a bread fried egg These are soft boiled eggs It's really typical in ramen All you gotta do is boil them for exactly six minutes, pull them out and ice bathe them

I don't need to show you how to do that What we're going to do now with the softboil eggs, we're gonna take some wonder bread And we're simply going to roll it out to give it some more surface area We're going to try and use this as a protective coating So we're going to get that little bread chew when you're eating the egg in the soup

And then that is going to be crusted in panko, and a little bit of batter So what we gotta do is you've gotta roll the egg up like a little dumpling You can even wet your hands in a little bit of the batter and then use the batter to seal the edges of that You can just, you just take it and you're gonna submerge the whole thing in batter And then you're going to take it with the batter still nice and wet, and you're gonna drop that in the panko bread crumbs and then fervently, must be fervent about it, try and cover that all with panko

And now you want your oil to be pretty hot, about 375 We're going to kind of use our hands to mash it And then you're trying to form it into like a perfect egg shape And we're going to just drop it in the oil very simply And then you're going to lovingly spoon oil over it

It's only going to fry for about 30 seconds Panko fries up very, very quickly And that's why we're using it in this recipe You're going to keep all the integrity of that egg, but it's just going to be enough to cook the batter You get the panko nice and crispy, but leave the yolk nice and runny

Now the egg is perfectly golden brown and crispy, and we are just going to let that rest right on the cutting board And we're going to slice that open and now we have to plate up our soup with a couple of more fun surprises I hope Jeffrey's not dead That only makes sense if it stays in the edit, I think the whole bits gonna get cut Now I really hope we keep the part of me talking about the bit that's gonna get cut, that was cut, so then you're just gonna be like what did Josh do? Whose dead, what's Jeffrey, whose Jeffrey? Let's make some soup, huh? (soft music) We're gonna go ahead and drop these ramen noodles in the water, we're just gonna boil them for a couple minutes and we wanna make sure they are staying separate and then we're gonna start playin' with our accoutrements

So I'm going to take that egg and I'm going to slice it in half, hopefully it looks good Look at that, the yolk is nice and fudgy You can see it kind of spilling out We've got a lovely layer of bread on the outside I wish I would have wrapped American cheese around it

Hindsight is 2020, not this 2020, am I right? This year sucks dude We're making the best of it You know, we're here So this is a chashu pork grilled cheese I didn't teach you how to make it, figured out

No we've simply taking a pork chop We're actually using a lean pork Chashu was typically made with pork belly I'm going to drain these noodles, give me a sec All right, we got our noodles, look at those, this is red that's crazy We have a grilled cheese here

This is simply chashu pork We actually got it from a local ramen spot So all we're going to do is slice this into nice little batons that we're gonna put directly into our soup the way you might get sliced pork belly, in actual Chashupork, in a bowl of tonkotsu ramen They're gonna take our noodles and we're just going to put those in the bottom Those are a lovely color

And then we're going to start ladling the hot broth over it and then the noodles are actually going to start to absorb the broth Look at that Have you ever seen such a violent color shift in a bowl of ramen, I hope not That is fantastic, there we go And now we're going to nestle that egg right in the broth

We want the outside coating to slightly absorb it We're going to take some of our grilled cheese slices and we're just going to put those right on top And there is your beautiful grilled cheese, pork, tomkotsu ramen with a bread fried egg and chashu pork grilled cheese Less than three steps, you have a beautiful bowl of food I can't wait to dig into this! (soft music) We have the finished bowl of grilled cheese ramen here, that is looking incredible, I'm just gonna give the noodles a little jimmy

Mmm, wait one more, I want it with egg It is honestly a massive massive flavor bomb Kinda looks like nacho cheese, but it eats like a broth You got all that pork flavor, the egg with the bread around it, just gives you like extra carbs to soak up all that delicious broth That is absolutely fantastic, but it's not my opinion that matters it's the opinion of my colleague, Ryan

His opinion is the only one I care about I've just been trying to get him to say, I'm proud of you for the last nine months So I'm gonna spork 'em But since we're maintaining social distance, we have the signature Mythical Kitchen spork extender now with additional extension properties So Ryan, you go ahead and come, come onto the camera and Ryan I'm gonna go ahead and chop stick you up a bite

– Okay – Airplanes comin' to the hanger – You tell me when you're you're ready – [Josh] The noodles are swinging – I'm goin'

– Wait, do you want me to push forward? – Don't push forward – Don't push forward Just come to me, I'm gonna hold it here – I'm goin', I'm goin' – I'm, sorry, I don't, sorry, I don't

That's all right get the noodles, serve the noodles I'll lift it up, you get under it There it is, like a dog licking a dripping ice cream cone What's the verdict? – This is amazing – You got a little splash damage on your face

– That's okay, I got the googles It's really good, super savory, cheese sauce is, well it's not really a sauce, it's like a tonkotsu – It's a broth – It's a broth – What's your favorite thing about it? – Watchin' you make it

– Aw, thanks and thank you all for watching me make it Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing, remember to hit us up on Instagram, my shoulders are tired @MythicalKitchen with #DreamsBecomeFood, we got new recipe videos every week, we got a new episode of A Hotdog is a Sandwich, our podcast, every Wednesday wherever you get your podcast, thanks for stopping by, I'll see you next time – Proud of you, Josh – Proud of you too, Ryan

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