Gatorade Muffins Recipe

– And I reveal their supple, sweet, (oven beeps) stop it! Stop yelling at me, I hate you, you're not my real dad! (groovy music) Welcome to Mythical Kitchen, where dreams become food Today, we are making Gatorade muffins, why? If you have an answer, please tell me

No, you take your favorite breakfast pastry, all dense and full of butter, packing all that delicious, bright, blue Gatorade flavor into a dense little, what is essentially a cupcake, let's not kid ourselves here If you're eating a muffin, you're eating breakfast cupcakes, baby, and that's perfectly okay with me We're gonna shove a bunch of Gatorade in there Also, get the Mythical Spork Tee available at Mythicalcom, it's perfect for the large-chested, prominently-nippled man in your life

The nipple splits right through the spork It's like the handle of the spork is my nipple (laughs) If you're following along at home, you can stack the time codes right there, they break down all the steps Let's get cooking, let's Gatorade up these muffs So the first step to making Gatorade muffins, you have to make your Gatorade reduction

So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take four bottles of Gatorade and pour it into a scorching hot pan This is 80 ounces, and it's going to yield approximately eight ounces by the time we're all done with it All we're gonna do is let this boil off, and all the water's gonna evaporate It's gonna leave you with this beautiful blue hue, and that lovely cool blue flavor, and yes, blue is the flavor, there's no fruit in nature that looks like this, this was not derived from anything natural, this is pure, hot, nasty, badass science that created this flavor and it is delicious So the reason we're reducing it is because it's gonna concentrate all the flavors, and it's gonna turn into a thick syrup, so it's not gonna mess with the consistency of the muffin batter, when we pour it in it's gonna keep it all nice and tight

Nice, tight, 'rade muff All right, so our Gatorade has been reducing for an hour and 15 minutes, this is a long process Don't let that dissuade you from doing it, because it's all worth it, because in the end, you get what, electrolytes, and what are electrolytes, they're what plants crave Look at that, it's nice and syrupy, the blue has really deepened Ooh, it's actually really cool, because electrolytes are actually just salt, it's what balances out the potassium when you sweat

When you reduce this down, not only are you getting a lot of good sugar, and you're getting this beautiful syrupyness, you're also getting a lot of salt in there which is gonna help season your muffin batter So we're gonna turn this off, and then I'm just gonna take this, I'm gonna let it cool in a large bowl If you pop this in the fridge, it's gonna cool down, and you can see all that beautiful ocean blue, honestly it looks like Tide detergent, but it's gonna be really tasty Now we can make our muffin batter, let's make some muffin batter Let's bat some muffs, muff some bats

You wanna muff your bats, you know what I'm saying? I don't The eggs are sweating, I'm sweating, good news is if you're sweating, you only need to take a teaspoon of the Gatorade reduction and that's like a whole bottle of Gatorade So, Gatorade, whole bottle of Gatorade Everything you got So, muffins, what is the difference between a muffin and a cupcake? Nothing, literally nothing

Muffins are typically denser, so that's why we're adding stuff like sour cream to it But first we gotta mix our dry ingredients, so all that's gonna be is baking powder, baking soda, and flour And we're just gonna whisk that together I kicked something on the ground and it hurt, so you think it was important? – [Crew Member] Nope – Ah, we're chilling

And then we need to mix our wet ingredients together that we're going to add to our dry ingredients So we're gonna take our butter, nice and soft in the microwave, little bit melty, but you want it a little bit melty, and then we're gonna take our sugar, and we're gonna dump that right in the butter And then we're just gonna whisk it together, and we're gonna start to cream it together, it's just gonna dissolve the sugar, get it nice and worked into the butter This is how you cream something, you wanna cream anything, you got it Always a good thing, it'll help it incorporate nice and evenly

Actually, I don't know, is it a good thing, does creaming stuff together actually matter? Eh, Nicole says yeah, so I think no I still do it I like how we did a whole series where I'm just debunking food myths, and now I'm just doing it 'cause someone told me to So we got our butter and sugar cream together, and we're gonna add two whole eggs to this Don't know if you noticed how I opened that egg, I kinda just, ow

So we're gonna add two eggs to that, and then mix things together, you're gonna splash some raw egg on your brand new Mythical Spork Tee, it's great, it's got egg-resistant technology I'm gonna start making false claims about all of our merch So, we got our eggs, we got our butter, we got sour cream Sour cream is great, because it adds both sour and cream to your muffins I like adding some other dairy components, you can use Greek yogurt as well if you're trying to get swole

But muffin batter should be nice and stodgy, that's what's gonna give it a good rise and get a good muffin top on it Now we have to take half cup of our Gatorade mixture That's about a half cup, and we're just gonna whisk that together and wow, presto chango, you see it just become a beautiful, unnatural color that looks literally like the brand of Febreze detergent that I wash my clothes in, and not my sheets, 'cause I have not washed them since quarantine started And now we're gonna go ahead and take our wet, and we're gonna add it to our dry That's nice

Use a spatula to get the rest in there Sorry, guys Start whisking from the inside out, that's gonna help avoid clumps, the same way you'd make a pasta, like a rigatoni, like Giada And when the whisk fails, take your sour cream spoon and start spooning in the batter You want this to be nice and stodgy, that's what's gonna give it a good rise, whereas cupcakes, it's got a really liquidy batter, muffins have a nice thick boy batter

I'm down with the thickness All right, let's get this son of a biscuit All right, now we're muffin batter It's, (groans) Hohoho, that tastes like Gatorade

I don't know if you can see, I was about to say a word, and then drool started coming out, because the acidity and the saltiness of the Gatorade in here just made my salivary glands work on overdrive We're gonna take some of that batter, and then just drop it in You wanna go about three quarters of the way up your muffin paper We're using fancy coffee shop-style muffin papers, I forgot the word coffee shop because I haven't been able to go to one in months That's fun

So we're gonna get this about three quarters of the way up in there, and then we're also gonna make a nice, beautiful Gatorade streusel topping, and that is gonna be just lovely (barks like a seal) Once, I was out on a raft, it was actually a kiddie pool from K-Mart that we blew up with my friends, and we were deep into the ocean, we were drinking some Claws, and then we only had one oar, so we had to paddle back and forth, and then a seal came up on us and we got real scared and it bit the oar and took it out of our hands and then our boat deflated Because again, it was a kiddie pool What are we doing? Gatorade muffins We have our muffs all 'raded and gated, and now the last step, we're gonna do a little streusel topping, that's one of my favorite things on a muffin

All we're gonna do is combine flour and sugar We've mixed together white powdery with white sand, and then now we're gonna go ahead and add yellow cubes So the butter's actually gonna melt through all this delicious streusel topping, into the muffins, then it's gonna get nice and crispy, and then kind of glaze the muffins with butter You wanna butter glaze your 'rade muffs, learned that in school Take just enough Gatorade liquid, kinda stream some in there, you want it to still stay clumpy, though, you don't want it to become a liquid

That's nice, just enough blue clumps in there (speaks German) I've been listening to too much Rammstein What are the political beliefs of Rammstein, 'cause it sounds like I wouldn't like 'em And now we're just gonna take some, and we're just gonna crumble it on top of our muffins So this is gonna get nice heat on it, some nice, beautiful crustage action on it

I like making a good crusty muffin, you know, it kinda separates it from a cupcake for me, and that's an important part of a muffin, so just gonna top it with some of that strudel What's the difference between strudel and streusel, Nicole? – [Nicole] Strudel is a pastry, streusel is a topping – Oh, that makes sense So, the streusel, or streusel as it's pronounced in German So we're gonna go ahead, and we're gonna

(beep) If you're using a silicone baking mat, a good thing to do is to have a hard baking sheet underneath it We're gonna take this, we're gonna put it in the oven, 425 degrees for 10 minutes, get a rise out of it, shut the temperature down, bake it for about another 15 at 350 Seeya, wouldn't wanna be ya, gotcha! So our muffs are 'raded, gated, and baked, so we gotta take 'em out of the oven

Oh, they're looking so nice and gorgeous That is awesome, you see all that blue peaking out, the streusel topping got nice and crusty, that's fantastic, but of course we have one more step to get even more Gatorade infused in there, I'm taking some of that reduced syrup, and I'm just gonna soak it in a nice pastry brush, and yup, we're just gonna brush pure Gatorade syrup on there If you're doing this with a cake, it's what's called a cake soak I'm doing a Gatorade muff soak So I'll just brush that in, you wanna leave it kinda nice, you don't want it obstructing that streusel topping

Get some nice drops in there, you really want the liquid to soak in there, and you especially wanna do it while it's hot and actually porous Ooh, there's a nice little crevice for some Gatorade Happy little Gatorade rivers running through the valleys of muffin Sign me up for a trip to muffin valley We gotta let these Gatorade muffins cool down for a couple seconds, and then Imma crack 'em open and shmear some butter on 'em

And get 'em into here now All right, so the Gatorade muffins are out and they are soaked, and they are looking gorgeous I'm just gonna take this out, and this is the way I like to eat muffins, I take 'em and I just break 'em open with my hands, and I reveal their supple, sweet, (oven beeps) stop it! Stop yelling at me, I hate you, you're not my real dad! So the muffins have this beautiful greenish blue hue to it, and what I like to do is I take a little shmear of butter Maybe it'll be a lot of a shmear of butter, and then I just shmear that all over the front So now that we're back in the spork kitchen, we're bringing the spork back, we're sporking all of 'em, baby! Everyone else is wearing a mask, except for me, so I am the lucky eater, I am both the sporker, the sporkee, the eater, the eatee, the muffer

I've never sporked myself before, this feels different, I should've lit a candle And so I'm just gonna You ever watch a turtle eat a grape? It looks a lot like that

I'm going back That's certainly a Gatorade muffin What more can I say? It's a really good muffin base, the Gatorade in there, it tastes like nothing you've ever had before It is really delicious, you don't expect that much citric acid in a muffin, but when that muff hits you in the face, you just go wow, it's like nothing you've ever had before That's delicious, make some Gatorade muffins, and when you do, tag Mythical Kitchen on Instagram with #dreamsbecomefood

Thanks for stopping by, leave a comment with what Mythical dishes you want to see us make next We got a new episode of "Hot Dog is a Sandwich" out every Wednesday, new cooking videos every week I'll see you next time Get muffed! Rock it with a spork in your pocket Get the Spork Tee now at Mythical


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