Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Chicken Sandwich Recipe

– Then we would queue up John Cena's entrance music, you know, the (imitates entrance music) And then it would do the, I lost about five thousand dollars in a month

(upbeat music) Welcome to Mythical Kitchen where dreams become food, today we are making the Flamin' Hot Cheetos Crispy Chicken Sandwich, it is a mouthful both to say and to actually stuff in your in your mouth hole And if you're following along at home you can snag the timecodes right there – Yes – I got it? – [Staff] Yeah – That was the first, 'cause you thought I was going that way but I went right that way

I know the fast food chicken wars have already been won, like Popeye's came out absolutely swingin' out of the gates, it's the best chicken sandwich you can get in the market But you can make an even better one at home, I promise, using the all-time greatest chip, Flamin' Hot Cheetos, we're gonna crust it in that, fry it, put it in a bun 'cause i guess that's what a sandwich is A Cheeto is a chip It's like how a macaronis a noodle but orzo is not a noodle but couscous is kind of like a noodle puree Cheetos a chip, pretzels aren't a chip

Oh, let's get cookin' (upbeat music) All right, the first step to making a Flamin' Hot Cheeto Chicken Sandwich is to steal yourself emotionally and add some sort of protective lubricant to your digestive system to prevent heartburn, I like to make a smoothie of just tums and olive oil We'll do that on Instagram, check out @MythicalKitchen on Instagram Now we actually have to do it if they keep that in the edit – [Nicole] Way to go

– First thing you gotta do is you have to beat out your chicken a little bit So we are just using straight-up chicken thighs from the store and the goal right here is to get them to be roughly even If you watch the cook food good chicken video which not many people did but we're still proud of the work that we do What I talk about is when a chicken piece, god Chicken is supposed to be flat many times, often is not

You see, is flat here, not so flat here So we take a crude tool like Homo erectus did – Habilis – Homo Habilis Nicole's great at Jeopardy

And you beat the crap out of your chicken until it's flat and then that way you're also gonna get more surface area so it's gonna cook evenly and also be bigger on your bun So what we're gonna do, take our plastic wrap, just put it here and there we go And we're just gonna lay out our chicken right on there We're just gonna cover it with plastic wrap Normally we use the crystal hot sauce bottle but Red Rooster, it's got a little bit more chili pulp in it so that makes it a better meat mallet for beating the crap out of your chickens

You gotta attack the thicker parts first and try and get as much of the surface area of your meat mallet on there as possible And if you have neighbors that really hate you once you do this they will start banging on your ceiling with a broom and then you go down there and you try to apologize but it turns out they're just really mean and their grandson doesn't talk to em' That's a real story, I went and knocked on my neighbor's door and he just started complaining about his grandson I was like, sir, that really sounds tough but I cannot help you and I am gonna continue to beat out chicken And so you're just gonna beat the crap out of it until it is nice and flat

All right, now you have to salt your chicken so what we're doing is a dry brine You've probably heard me say that in the cooked salmon good episode that even fewer people watched but we're so proud of what the work that we do here What we're gonna do is take about a half teaspoon per two chicken thighs and we're just gonna sprinkle that What this is going to do is the salt is actually going to penetrate the beaten meat and then it's gonna season it all throughout So when you're eating the chicken sandwich you're not just getting the salty spiciness from the Flamin' Hot Cheetos but you're actually getting well-seasoned meat all throughout

And then you're gonna put those right back onto the plate We're gonna dry these off later 'cause anytime you dry brine chicken it brings surface area to the surface of Mars, when Matt Damon drank his own So we're gonna go ahead we're gonna take our beaten chicken and we're just gonna pop it in the fridge for at least an hour You can also skip this step, you can skip any of these steps, you don't have to make this at all Your life can be fully fulfilled and perfectly fine without this sandwich in your life, let's let it rest for an hour

(upbeat music) All right, so the next step in making the Flamin' Hot Cheeto Chicken Sandwich is the Flamin' Hot Cheetos themselves So what we're gonna do is we're gonna throw them into a food processor so you get them all buzzed up We're trying to turn it into the texture of the bottom of the chip bag where it's only crumbs and you're sitting on your couch and you kind of like angle it from three feet up and pour it in your mouth but then all that just rains down into your couch and you forget that this is the first time you've actually bought a couch that cost money so when you stain it actually mean something's 'cause it's not your Craigslist roommates So we're gonna go ahead and crunch them up a little bit and then we're gonna pour the entire bag in there, take a couple off the top for yourself It's so good, it's intoxicating

It tastes like middle school, you ever put the Flamin' Hot Cheetos in a bagel with cream cheese? Nicole has Somehow in southern California that became the biggest delicacy for middle schoolers was to take like the Sara Lee bagels that they sold at school, put cream cheese on it, untoasted, smash Flamin' Hot Cheetos in there and it was like a status symbol So now what we're gonna do is we're gonna add some extra spices in there because Flamin' Hot Cheetos, they're not a spiced enough for me So we're gonna take a little bit garlic powder But when you're gonna be cutting this with flour and you're gonna add to the chicken you're gonna lose a little bit of that spice

So we've got garlic powder, cayenne, we do want this to be extra spicy A little bit of black pepper, dang it That was so close, it was like blowing a layup And then a little bit onion powder And we're also gonna do is we're gonna add a little handful of flour

What that does, Cheetos are oily so when you blend them up it's gonna get a little bit wet You don't think about Cheetos as wet unless you eat them in a pool, which I do, but what you do is that a little bit of flour and that's gonna absorb some of that oil in there so it's gonna give it a much even, much more evener coat, it's gonna even out the much more even of the coating Flamin' Hot Sandwich And just let it run for awhile All right, so what you want to do is leave all your plugged in cooking appliances unattended is what I'm saying (laughing) What we have is our chicken that's been salting and dry brining the fridge for about an hour and now we have to make a wet because when you fry chicken you always want to go flour, then wet, then Cheetos

I just implied that all chicken is fried in Cheetos, whatever You know my last job before Mythical was actually hosting a one day a week food pop-up that was all devoted to the Flamin' Hot Cheeto Chicken Sandwich, it was called Stoney Baloney Artisanal Fried Chicken and Chimichangas but I didn't serve chimichangas We're gonna crack two eggs into some hot sauce and then we're just gonna add some milk to that A lot of people do different methods, if you buttermilk brine your chicken which is good but like honestly, if you're doing a fried chicken sandwich I like the dry brining method better When you buttermilk brine you're saturating that chicken with a whole lot of liquid and then that is going to steam from the inside and give you a looser coating on it

So I just like to go right into the flour, then into some eggs, milk, and hot sauce And then you always want to pat your chicken dry on a towel You always wanna pat your chicken dry on a You always wanna pat your chicken You always wanna pat your chicken dry on a towel because when you dry brine it that is bringing moisture to the surface

So we're just gonna pat that dry on a paper towel and then that is gonna go right into the flour And then that is just gonna go straight into our wet and then from the wet we are going to get that in the Cheetos The key to this is to really mash it into the Cheetos because it's going to be sticking to that wetness but it's also gonna be absorbing some of the moisture Well that looks like a Cheeto crusted chicken if I ever seen one and I sure have So we're gonna put that on there, we're gonna repeat the process and then we are going to our get our accoutrements

That's how my Nana says accoutrement, she says accoutrements Oh, I love the Cracker Barrel 'cause they always got the best accouterments for the chicken salad, she loves the chicken salad at the Cracker Barrel, hi, Nana All right, so first we're gonna make a very simple slaw My favorite format for the fried chicken sandwich is just toasted bun, some sort of pink mayonnaisey sauce which we'll get to, a crunchy slaw, pickles, and chicken I like it very simple and yes, I am directly ripping off Howlin' Rays

Thank you, Johnny Ray Zone for the ideas and thank you for giving me that Howlin' Rays decorative skateboard that one time It's been featured in Mythical Kitchen videos, the ones where we shot in my apartment Not a ton of people watch 'em but we're proud of the work that we did This is about a quarter head of cabbage, I like using white cabbage, some people use red cabbage, it's not my favorite for this 'cause red cabbage is a little bit more obtrusive of a cabbage So what we're gonna do is you're gonna hold the knife against your knuckles and just try and make razor thin shreds all through that cabbage

Now we're gonna take that and we're gonna add it to our bowl So now we're gonna take jalapeno, I'm doing a really simple slaw dishes, red onion, jalapeno also known as green pointies, and some cabbage and so we're just gonna slice this I want some nice big chunks in there, 'cause like you're working with a lot of spicy food so what tempers spicy food, more spicy food And then just toss that in and then red onion for color and onion All I'm gonna do is make one little cut down there and then again try and get some razor thin slices on that

And that's how onions A very important step that I like to do what I'm making slaw is I will take about a half teaspoon of salt and I will sprinkle it in there A half plus 058 teaspoons of salt And then I get in with my hands and I actually massage it

The cabbage massage as they call it, you know And then we're just gonna take a little bit of olive oil just for that lubricative action and then we're just gonna toss a little bit of red wine vinegar in there So now, wow, Josh, what else do you have to do? So what we're gonna go ahead and do is we have, these are pickles, and so we're gonna set those there So comeback sauce is from central Mississippi I believe, it it's just another one of those combinations of delicious things to form a pinkish orangish mayonnaise that again, I've said this enough times, is the best condiment in the world We are using Zatarain's creole mustard, Zatarain's is a company out of Louisiana and they make fantastic products

Zatarin's, sponsor us, I sprinkle your Cajun seasoning, when I broke up with my girlfriend, well So we're gonna go ahead and add about a tablespoon and a half of Zatarain's creole mustard in there and then now we got a Heinz chili sauce Heinz chili sauce is a very old-school condiment that not a lot of people use You can honestly use ketchup because it basically is ketchup with a little bit of chili in there Then we're gonna add a little bit of Worcestershire, shout out Guy Fieri, that's Worcestershire sauce

And then whatever random spices, we got black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder A little bit of cayenne and paprika and then give it a nice stir What? Oh, we're gonna go ahead and were gonna add about a dash of hot sauce in here 'cause that was there and I forgot it and then Nicole said, Josh, put the hot sauce in Do you guys want to talk about my past relationships? No, it's gonna get too depressing So we made our comeback sauce, this is looking nice, you can see there's just a lot of spices in there

Look at, Morgan, look at, look at And then I always the best bite of food in any given day is whenever you make a sauce you plop the spoon off and then (speaking in foreign language) as they say in Italian Wow, that is delicious! The creole mustard really does make all the difference Now ready to go ahead and fry up that chicken and build that sandwich and then emotionally heal when we're ready (upbeat music) We're gonna start by toasting our bun

So I wanted time this perfectly, the correct ordering of a chicken sandwich in my opinion goes, toasted bun, sauce, slaw, chicken, pickles, more sauce, toasted bun That way the chicken is fully encased with sauce and some sort of crunchy vegetable You're gonna take any sort of fat you have, I don't even know what this is, could be olive oil, could be grapeseed oil We're gonna get the buns just dropped in there, press them in a little bit, I'm only gonna toast one side of them Untoasted buns are an absolute sin for me and then we are going to take a chicken and we're gonna drop the chicken, I'm gonna make all these to order just like I did at Stoney Baloney Artisanal Fried Chicken Sandwiches and Chimichangas despite not having chimichangas

We're frying this at 325 degrees, you do it for about four minutes I like to fry Cheeto chicken at a lower temperature because when you add the Cheeto as a crust there's a little bit of sugar in there, there's a little bit of cheddar cheese powder and so that is actually going to burn a lot easier than if you're just doing a normal flour thing Also, Cheetos are already technically cooked So fry it at a bit lower of a temperature,, you're gonna preserve that red color and you're not gonna burn it Also when I did the Stoney Baloney Fried Chicken Artisanal Chimichangas Sandwich pop-up I did something that I called the John Cena Lunchbox Omakase Special for $20 where I bought a bunch of novelty John Cena lunchboxes and then if someone gave me a $20 bill I would just take whatever I had which may have included like tater tots, sauce, slaw, fried chicken, some sort of braised beef, and I would kind of put together a little omakase bento box for them, again, in a John Cena lunchbox and then we would queue up John Cena's entrance music, you know, (imitates entrance music) and then we would do the, I lost about $5,000 in a month

I am a businessman So I'm just gonna take the buns, I'm gonna pull 'em That's a nice little toast, you don't want to go too crazy on it While the chickens frying I'm gonna take a little bit of that comeback sauce, spread it on both the bottom and the top Then we're gonna get a little bit of that cabbage and then make a nice little nest

I like the hot chicken to sit on the cold cabbage It eventually will reach thermal equilibrium at some point in your mouth And then I'm gonna put pickles, pickles three, I put pickles three atop the top bun And these are any pickles is what kind of pickles these are All right, so our chicken is done, that is looking extra, extra crispy, I see some large Cheeto chunks that got through

We're gonna give it a one, two, a how do you do, and then that is gonna go piping hot right onto your sandwich And then we're just gonna crown it with a little hat There's your Flamin' Hot Cheeto Crispy Chicken Sandwich with comeback sauce and fresh jalapeno slaw and any pickles Let's enjoy it with ourselves (upbeat music) All right, so this sandwich is looking absolutely fantastic, I'm gonna go ahead and cut it in half Let's see what this looks like

Holy crap, look at that, that is fantastic, we got all that cabbage that just sweated underneath I'm gonna eat it upside down We've gone through a couple sandwich eating techniques on the show Normally with a large sandwich I'd recommend you get in the hunch squat but for this one this is more of like a, you've given up and you got a lean This is an absolute A sandwich though, you get all the spiciness from the Flamin' Hot Cheetos, a little extra spices that you added into there

The chicken's juicy, it's crispy, its crunchyity, its red, that's fun Here at Mythical Kitchen we love to feed our friends but we also love to stay safe and socially distanced so we are introducing a brand new invention, this right here is the socially distant spork cam and so I'm just gonna go ahead and, uh oh, it's flipping Try and load a, hold on, maybe All right, so now we're just gonna, hold on Nicole, don't breathe

– I'm just gonna grab it, okay? – Don't, no – Josh, Josh, stop, I'm gonna grab it Thank you so much – I'll keep the If you need to put it back on the spork

Yeah How is it? – Real good – Good? – That comeback sauce is real good – It's good, right, it really sets it off I want to try and flip a Cheeto

– [Nicole] Good sandwich – Thank you so much for stopping by the Mythical Kitchen, we got new episodes of our podcast out every Wednesday, we got new cooking videos out every week Hit us up on Instagram @MythicalKitchen with pictures of your mythical dishes under #greensbecomefood, we'll see you all next time You can cook up your own feast while wearing the mythical kitchen apron, available now at Mythicalcom

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