Easy Two-Ingredient Tortillas (Quarantine Kitchen)

– Trevor, toss me an egg – Okay, here it comes

(eggs splats wall) – Worked when I did it (upbeat music) Welcome to Mythical Kitchen where dreams become my tiny apartment, because we are what? Sheltered at home But just because we're all sheltered at home doesn't mean the entire mythical kitchen crew can't teach you a little something about food – Today, Josh, Trevor and I are each gonna make something absolutely delicious out of a pantry staple, flour – If you're following along at hone, you can find the time codes right there, also you can find each recipe down below in the description

– Okay, let's get to cooking My neighbor downstairs can start banging on the ceiling with a broomstick in about 10 minutes I was chopping an apple yesterday and this guy's just jamming on the ceiling with a broomstick, he's probably cool (upbeat music) All right, so today we're discussing what to do with a sack of flour So today, I'm gonna be making flour tortillas from scratch, all you need, flour, butter, water, a little bit of salt, and then a lot of these

I don't know why I make the motion like a baby asking for milk, but that's where I'm at today My flour sack is getting light, I'm gonna have to go raid other people's apartments for flour So we got two cups of flour going right in there, and then you're gonna need about three quarters of a teaspoon of salt, but just eyeball it, you just want to make sure your tortillas are like a little bit seasoned, and then you can take your butter, we have a whole stick going in there That's what differentiation tortilla dough from say pasta dough, because a lot of pasta doughs are just salt, flour and water, but the additional fat is really gonna make it nice and pliable and tender and able to wrap up your burritos So you're gonna cut your butter into small cubes and always make sure to push down on the blade, don't pull up 'cause I did cut myself once

And what are we not doing today? Bleeding into the food Traditional doctrine would say to whisk the salt into the flour before you do this You gotta mash your hands in there until the butter is completely incorporated with the flour Water should be at about 110 degrees The way that I estimate water, and this is absolutely true and I've gotten really good at it, it's how much more would this hurt me than a hot tub? Standard hot tubs are at 104

25 degrees, so I always like to put my hand in and if I'm like, if I couldn't sit quite comfortably in that, that's about 110 degrees So we're gonna take that, we're gonna add it in and we're just gonna start folding it around with our hands You should do this with a fork, I forgot to grab a fork so we're going hands, it might get a little sticky And you're gonna take it out of your bowl and then you're gonna go ahead and knead it until it gets slightly elastic You wanna really punch it out like that

So you wanna really roll it out and actually physically elongate it, that's gonna get a little bit of that gluten development so you're gonna get a nice chewy tortilla This is the most working out I'm gonna do Actually no, I've been working out a lot, so now I'm the creepy shirtless guy just outside on the sidewalk walking around with a kettlebell, and the other day I was walking by a car and I tried to see how I was looking in the reflection of the car window, and there was an 85 year old woman sitting in the car, staring back at me with the absolute horror I don't know if it was horror or hatred, I just mouthed, I'm sorry It was sad, I wonder what she's up to today

All right, you're gonna keep kneading that dough, you want it to be elastic but if it gets too sticky, you can just add a little bit more flour Nicole, Nicole, flour Thank you Nicole Hold on, do the microphone fold, wait, give me a second sorry, yeah, okay So your dough should feel like Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll dough out of the can if it fell in a bathtub with you because that's what you were doing and I don't judge your life

So pinch off a little nubbin of dough, and then you're gonna roll it in your hands and the just slightly flattened it into a disc That's gonna make it a little bit easier when you roll it out So we have our six even discs right here We need to get this covered with plastic wrap, then that's gonna be on the fridge for half an hour to set up, let that butter really tighten up so you can roll it out into a nice smooth tortilla All right, so we have our dough that's been rested, they're a little bit more pop like, you see they're nice and solid now

So what you're gonna do is you're gonna start pinching it out with your hands Most tortillas are made from the machine called a tortilla press, but I imagine most of you, including me don't have that, so we're just gonna roll it out So you're gonna get a little bit of flour on to your work surface, and then dust the top of that, and then you're just gonna roll it out with a rolling pin If you don't have a rolling pin use a wine bottle, if you don't have a wine bottle, use a bottle of Frank's Red Hot buffalo sauce which I swear to God is the single best rolling pin tool in the entire world So you're just gonna start rolling from the center out, turning your dough a quarter at a time, every time you do it

So we're gonna be gridling these in a hot dry pan, you can also actually cook them in the oven, which is what they do at tortilla factories You want to be able to stick your fingers under it and actually see the color of your flesh underneath the tortilla to make sure it's thin enough All right, so the key to gridling or tortilla, you want it to be really hot and you want it to be on there for a very short amount of time, because the more the tortilla cooks, the more water's leaving the system which means the less pliable and not fold into a burrito very well, but it will make a great quesadilla You'll notice that the griddle is smaller than the tortilla, that is less than ideal I might give this tortilla a little haircut

All right, moment of truth Pick this tortilla up, try and get it as circular as possible when you drop in the pan 'cause you don't want any folds And it completely folded, that's fine Don't put your fingers in the hog riddle I can do it because I'm a trained professional

It's like the Tiger king that you shouldn't stick your hands in the tiger cage, he can do it 'cause he's a trained professional, also he didn't even sing any of those country songs, they were so good, though, also I don't think Carol Baskin did kill her husband, I think he's in Costa Rica Yeah, so give it a nice flip, you want a little bit of browning on it, and then flip it There we go All right, we got our perfect tortillas, I'm gonna show you guys how to turn this into a delicious and easy breakfast burrito, but first Nicole is gonna teach you how to take this bag of flour and turn it into fresh pasta Go Nicole, go

(upbeat music) – Okay, so today we're gonna be making pasta from scratch, which I really enjoy doing Most of the time I'm very, very lazy so I like to get the pre-boxed stuff but today we're gonna do it from scratch First thing you do is you're going to get your water boiling, but before that you have to add a lot of salt to it The reason why you add salt is because of flavors the whole entire dish The idea of pasta is that it's kind of like a blank canvas, and you can put whatever you want in there

That much salt, you want to be salty like the ocean Wrong one, just so you guys know I never cook in this kitchen, my mom cooks in this kitchen She normally is like, no cooking, this is mine So the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take two cups of all purpose flour Oh, this is my handy dandy little green scoop

And then I'm going to make a little well, I'm just going to use my hands The reason why we make a well is to create a fortress to make sure all of the liquids that we're gonna add in here don't spill all over the place and make a really, really big mess And now we crack our eggs Josh, Josh, can you help me crack an egg? – [Josh] Yeah, I got you – Okay, great

Throw that in the well Thanks Josh, that was awesome, not even a speck on the floor (laughs) Okay, I'm gonna crack two more eggs I'm also gonna add a glug of olive oil, you can use whatever kind of oil you got, grape seed, corn, peanut, maybe not sesame I'm just gonna eyeball like a teaspoon of salt

Our pasta waters already salty so you don't wanna make it too crazy salty Chopsticks are probably the best tool to use to mix pasta dough, because it helps you crack the yolks and then, oh no, we have a breach, we have a breach, we have a breach In the event of a breach, just build up your fortress Okay, great, I'm just gonna slowly incorporate in circular motions to ensure that everything gets incorporated evenly Fantastic

Mix it up, mix it up, mix it up My favorite pasta shape is actually, I love rigatoni regatte, the regatta is so the sauce can stay in the little ridges As you can see it's a very shaggy dough right now, the eggs and the oil are gonna help hydrate this dough really really nicely Don't be alarmed if you're like, oh my gosh, this is too much flour Trust me, it's not too much flour, you just have to be a little bit patient

You have all the time in the world to knead, okay? What do people do at this time? What do you guys do? Honestly all I've been doing is watching old GMM episodes What was that episode? The one where Rett doesn't believe that a country exists Obviously it exists Dude, these Italian grandmas must be super buff So I'm just gonna keep kneading this dough, it's gonna look like a really beautiful golden yellow

So once it gets to that beautifully hydrated, golden yellow color, you're going to wanna wrap it in plastic and let it rest for about 30 minutes And the reason why you let it rest is to make sure all of the gluten development kind of chills and relaxes for a little bit so your pasta doesn't fall apart in the water So my dough has been resting for about 30 minutes As you can see, it's a really pretty golden hue, I'm actually gonna take it out of the bag so you guys can see it a little better You can see that it's very, very soft and hydrated because I can pinch it and it's nice and pliable

Okay, flour, my board, cut this in half, let that hang up there and I actually don't have a rolling pin here Oh, gray goose There we go, fantastic So you can see because we let the gluten chill for a little bit it's nice and stretchy Put a little bit of flour on here so it doesn't stick

I'm gonna cut out a rectangle I'm gonna try to square it off as best as I can So I'm gonna do a little fold here where I put it inside the center then I put the other side in the center and I pinch it like so, and I pinch the back a little bit too and then I flail out the edges like so And there you go, got a little (speaks in foreign language) isn't that so cute? I made all of my little (speaks in foreign language) which I found out means butterfly and not bow tie in Italian, thanks Ryan, producing from, I don't know, 20 miles away I'm gonna slowly drop my little butterflies in

I move it around ever so gently And while that's happening, I'm just going to melt a little bit of butter I got it in I'm gonna wipe my hands on a Mythical Kitchen towel So they're starting to float, that's a good sign

And now we wait, a minute Come with me, come with me I'm gonna strain it, I'm gonna toss it in this bowl right here Look at them, they're beautiful little steamy butterflies And I'm gonna take some of my melted butter, pour that over the top, make sure to get all of those beautiful milk solids

And there you go guys Do you see that, this is actually kind of epic right now I'm gonna eat some Ooh, I got the big one Let me just dip it in some butter

(upbeat music) That is so good, oh my God, it's like soft, and beautiful, but it's so has a really nice chew to it, it's perfectly el dente, and it takes literally 45 minutes and a little bit of elbow grease to make a beautiful dish that literally looks like you got it from a restaurant So now we're going to see Trevor make some garlic biscuits Take it away Trevor Alexa, activate Trevor (upbeat music) – [Alexa] Trevor activated

– Okay gamers, today we're gonna be making biscuits with garlic butter, it's a super simple biscuit recipe but it's so tasty, so delicious, super easy to make So we're gonna start with two cups of flour going into the bowl and I've got my flour here so that I don't have to get it out of the bag and make a huge mess Is this almost exactly two cups of flour? Am I a genius? Am I a genius? It's possible, that was exactly two cups of flour I'm so good at baking And then we're gonna go a half a tablespoon of baking soda

You could also use a full tablespoon of baking powder if you don't have baking soda Fun fact, all baking powder is baking soda mixed with cream of tartar One teaspoon of sugar I'm gonna go a hefty teaspoon of salt because I like my biscuits salty And fork that together, just so that all the baking soda, salt and sugar are mixed throughout the flour

The reason that we're using cold cube butter is we're gonna add it in and we're going to mix it by hand until it's got a melee texture and the butter, you still want the butter to be in chunks So when these go in the oven with the butter chunk still in the biscuit that butters gonna obviously melt and turn into steam and it's gonna cause the biscuits to rise and that's gonna give them a nice flaky buttery texture You don't want the butter chunks to be too big, because then if they melt in the oven, some of that butter might seep out and you'll lose some of that flakiness, so you want about pea sized chunks of butter, so I'm going to use a cup of milk and I'm going to get that in the mixing bowl and I'm gonna use a fork to mix it, you could use your hands if you like messy hands, I don't generally It's gonna be really sticky and you don't have to clean the sides you just wanna make sure all the flour's off the bottom of the bowl Hot ziggity this is looking good

That's my new saying, hot ziggity It's still really sticky and mushy, but that's okay, that's the texture that you want it to be, you want it to not really come off the fork I'm gonna line up a sheet pan with parchment, and pop these babies in the oven Okay, so you wanna pre heat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and while that is heating up I'm going to line a sheet pan with some parchment paper or wax paper or really whatever you have, and then I'm also going to give it a little olive oil grease down just so that the biscuits don't stick You know you can't have your biscuits sticking

I'm just gonna grab chunks It's about two tablespoons worth And then you just want to plop them on, and as good of a spherical shape as you can This recipe makes about 10 to 12 biscuits, depending on what size you go with Recipe's super simple, you can just double it, triple it, however many you need, if you've got a whole family of biscuit loving people, make 100 of 'em, who cares, it's your life you do with it what you want

This is the first time I've cooked in weeks and it wasn't easy mac I feel like such a phony sometimes 'cause Josh and Nicole are always cooking these amazing things and then I just smear peanut butter between two Pop Tarts and eat three boxes of easy Mac a day Before we pop these in the oven, I think it's gonna be good to get a little bit of egg wash on 'em so they get a nice golden brown Josh, can you throw me an egg? – Look alive Trevor – Alright, let's get into it

I'm just gonna crack this in the ball That bowl is precariously close to the edge of the counter, but I don't care because I like to live my life on the edge I'm gonna whip this egg up really quick So the reason I'm egg washing these is because were I to pop these in the oven right now, they would get browning on 'em, but it would be, they would still remain like this kind of color I wanna put a wash on so they get a nice golden brown texture and have a nice smooth layer of glistening fat

And I don't have a brush so I'm just gonna egg wash 'em by hand because these are rustic biscuits and I'm a rustic guy, so I'm gonna do it rustically I'm gonna get a little dab all on the top This is also an opportunity for you to reshape the misshapen ones, if you so desire, because the biscuit don't stick to you now It's a different kind of messy and the messy doesn't clash, the two messinesses don't like to messy together, so the messinesses stays messy (gentle upbeat music) And that's cooking

We can go ahead and pop these bad boys in the oven We're gonna let those bake for about 12 to 13 minutes, based on how golden brown you want your biscuits Oh, I forgot to drop that eggshell (upbeat music) Alright so while those biscuits are in the oven we're gonna get on our garlic butter I've left a single stick of butter softening, honestly since I woke up this morning

I'm gonna take a little silc spat and I'm just gonna spread it out and kind of smooth it out in the bowl, get it out of stick shape, and you may be wondering, Trevor, why do you have a micro planer on the counter? And that is the secret ingredient that is going in with this garlic butter, a wedge of Romano cheese If you don't have cheese, that's okay, you don't need it So I'm gonna add a nice healthy grating And when you're making something like garlic butter, I can't stress this enough, just do it by taste I'm using unsalted butter, you always wanna use unsalted butter generally whenever you're baking or cooking something, that way you can control the salt level

And I'm going to use about a half a teaspoon of salt, I think, to go into start I'm gonna use about a quarter teaspoon of black pepper, just a little bit of olive oil, get it nice and smooth and spreadable, 'cause who doesn't love fat on fat? I've minced garlic here So I'm gonna go about a teaspoon to start I'm gonna go a little bit extra And I'm just gonna mix that in

Hot ziggity this is looking good There it is again, hot freakin ziggity Just get a little taste Oh, that's really good All right, let's check on these biscuits

Oh, they're so pretty Oh, they're so beautiful They're so golden brown Oh, I can see little pockets of butter I'm gonna crack it open, let's see

Oh, it's so pretty It's so flaky and soft, you can see the little pocket of butter that was in there, butter chunk that just melted and steamed, it's so soft and squishy and still warm And I'm gonna butter one up Oh, it's still warm Oh, oh, it's so good

The biscuit dough is so soft and it's so flaky and tender and warm The garlic butter is so good, you can taste the cheese in there The dough is like a nice, it's like, just got a little bit of richness because of the sugar in it, it's so soft, it's so flaky, so tender, so buttery All right, let's check in on Josh Hey Josh, how's that burrito coming? (upbeat music) – Oh Trevor, the burrito is going awesomely man

Thank you for asking, how's your day The old silent treatment, huh? To make the actual breakfast burrito I like to follow a very tried and true format, some sort of crispy potato, egg, cheese, cured meat That's my oven beeping I like to have smaller cubes of potatoes in my breakfast burrito Even if these are imperfect, again, you are wrapping it all up in a burrito where all your flaws will be hidden, including your personal flaws, fear of rejection, wrap it in a burrito

And then all we're going to do, you're gonna take the last of your canola oil, what'll you cook with now? Who knows A little bit of fresh crack pepper, and then salt, you want a fair amount of salt on this, and then you're gonna give those a nice toss with your hands Get those in there Spread them out as evenly as you can And then you're just gonna throw this 425 degree oven for about 25 to 30 minutes until you see a lot of nice browning

(upbeat music) All right, so now we're gonna start building the rest of this breakfast burrito I'm gonna take two strips of bacon, and you're just going to cut it into strips like that And so what I do is I take the bacon and I put it in a cold pan, when you heat the pan up it's gonna start rendering the bacon fat so the pan can be completely dry, and the bacon fat's gonna cook out and we're gonna scrambled the eggs in there All right, so the bacon is rendering in a pan right now, you need to crack some eggs in a bowl Trevor, toss me an egg

– Okay, here it comes – Worked when I did it So we're gonna go, probably two eggs per burrito All right, so whisk up your eggs, you don't need to season with salt because there's gonna be enough salt in the bacon, especially when you're, I like that was my motion for sauteing it all together You know when you

So you see the bacon crisping up nicely, but you don't want it to go too high because you don't wanna burn your bacon before the fat renders out, 'cause that's gonna give you some beautiful cooking oil for your eggs While that's going on we're gonna melt the cheese directly on to the eggs and the bacon I have a micro plane that's used for citrus testing, and it is terrible at grating cheese but it's all I have, so we're doing it Alright, so the bacon, nice and rendered, perfectly crispy, we're just gonna toss in our eggs, and then you're simply gonna give that a stir and then I want to add a fair amount of that cheese right on top, then we're gonna add our potatoes, and we'll start assembling this breakfast burrito Oh, wait, no I have one more thing

This is controversial, best ingredient in a breakfast burrito, Mayonnaise Taco Bell, Taco Bell sneaks mayonnaise into half their ingredients you don't notice That spicy jalapeno sauce that everyone loves is literally just like mayonnaise, cheddar cheese and jalapenos So what I'm gonna do is take my favorite hot sauce, which right now is Oh brother Chipotle habanero I'm gonna add a couple dashes to this mayonnaise and then that's going right on top of the potatoes in the burrito and I refuse to apologize for it

Now we gotta check on those potatoes, and then we're gonna start assembling this burrito (upbeat music) Pan's getting tortillas in the pan You want your tortilla to be pliable when you roll it, if it's cold it might be brittle and break So we're just gonna start to warm this up just a little bit Tortilla is nice and pliable

We're gonna get a layer of potatoes down This is how I like to architect my burritos Then I'm gonna take my mayonnaise sauce, and I'm gonna go right on top of the potatoes, and now I'm gonna take some of these eggs, you know what? We're just gonna do it, we're gonna do it and we're gonna figure it out together You know what? No, there's not enough potatoes in there, I want more potatoes Now we're perfect

So you wanna take the sides, pinch them in, and then simply fold the top over, roll it, tuck it, be gentle, gonna mash the fillings together with your hands, and then right into the hot griddle to seal it Folds nice and griddled, the rest of the tortilla is still translucent which is what I really love And there it is, you're gonna slap it on a cutting board Key, you gotta let it rest, that's not true, I'm gonna cut it Nice slice through

Oh yeah, and there is your breakfast burritos, this is awesome, you can pop them in the freezer in some foil and then just let them defrost in the oven That is fantastic If you see, all the mayonnaise has seeped into the potatoes, all the cheese in the bacon is combined with the egg I also hot sauce every single bite of my breakfast burrito And I start the day sweating

Oh yeah Give me a second, hold on First thing is a tortilla Since there's so much butter in there, it's really tender, that has enough gluten in it to actually hold the shape and really make for a solid burrito Wow I can't talk, all the mayonnaise has lubed up my mouth and is just sliding the words around

– Thank you for joining us in the Mythical Kitchen – Hit us up on Instagram at Mythical Kitchen with #DreamsBecomeFood and let us know in the comments what mythical dishes you want to see us make next – We'll see you next time – [Josh] You can cook up your own feast while wearing the Mythical Kitchen apron, available now at mythicalcom

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