Easy Peanut Butter Chocolate Mug Cake

(clattering loudly) – Okay, so we got our nanners all bashed up (pop music) Welcome to Mythical Kitchen where dreams are alone for most of the day today

– Today, Josh, Trevor and I are gonna show you how to treat yourselves by making delicious desserts, with stuff you have in your pantry – If you're following along at home, you can snag the time codes right there and all the written recipes are gonna be down in the description below – Let's get cooking (laughs) Let's get cooking Let's get cooking

Let's get cooking tonight at five (pop music) Okay, so today we're making no-bake chocolate chip cookies This is an entire dessert hacks series where we're using whatever we have in the house to create something that'll satisfy your like innate need for sweetness cause I know like 10 o'clock comes around, and like I start crying at the idea that I can't just like go out and get an ice cream cookie sandwich That sounds sad I'm fine We're gonna start by taking softened butter

This is a little past room temperature so it's like pretty liquidy, but not melted All the stores were out of brown sugar, I happen to have white sugar molasses, which are the two ingredients that make up brown sugar, so I just mix them together and rubbed it with my hands and created my own brown sugar which is a fun little trick that you can use in your own home You always wanna pack brown sugar when you measure Look at me actually measuring things Now I need to whisk it up

Nicole, whisk All right cool So we're just gonna go ahead and mix As hard as you can The brown sugar into the butter and you should get a nice pasty consistency

And now what you gonna do, most people use oats when they do it, what I'm gonna be using is breadcrumbs As you see these are not even normal breadcrumbs because the store the entire baking section was gutted, and so I have Osem and is really brand Homestyle breadcrumbs, and then Manischewitz Gluten Free Matzo Meal perfect for any celiac Jew in your life We're gonna do half cup of each, you can use any breadcrumbs you have If you have panko breadcrumbs, use that If you have the normal progressive breadcrumbs use that

Do not use Italian style breadcrumbs because I tried that yesterday, there is way more garlic in those things than I remembered Two tablespoons of milk So the way this works well, roro, the breadcrumbs are gonna start to soak up the milk, and then the sugar and the slightly warm butter, is going to bind everything together And when that butter cools, it's actually gonna form into a solid cookie in the fridge Seems get your hands in there and mash at it a little bit

You can also make your own breadcrumbs, if you don't have any breadcrumbs at home, if you have like old stale bread You can just go ahead and toast that at about 250 degrees for like an hour, a hour and a half until it gets completely dried, and then you just gonna take a knife and you're gonna chop the heck out of it until it is, (exclaims loudly) completely crummy Now you take chocolate chips The store did not have normal chocolate chips These are sugar free chocolate chips

They have an ingredient called erythritol in this It's the same ingredient in the horrible sugar free gummies that makes people poo their pants on airplanes and not in airplanes If you're sensitive to erythritol don't use them, maybe use normal chocolate chips I'm gonna dump these, right into this dough As the dough sits, you actually gonna feel it hydrate more and more

All right these are looking great You just gonna grab like a little baking sheet to let things hang out on All right, so look at that You can see like it looks like a chocolate chip cookie, and you're just gonna take that and then pop it, right onto a baking sheet they should make about five cookies, maybe let's take some additional chocolate chips Yeah, oh yeah, oh that's gorgeous, look at this

This is like if Martha Stewart, were just like, live tweeting the apocalypse And we're just gonna dot, one more beautiful little chocolate chip, right there Oh, the kids are gonna love this I don't know if you guys follow Ina Garten, she just made herself like a gigantic, what's the cosmo But she's just been like getting absolute (beep) hammered in her house by yourself and it's hilarious

I actually know what a cosmo is on account of a one season three of Sex in the City now Speaking of which, so Carrie started dating younger guys played by Timothy Olyphant One of my top six favorite Timothy Olyphant roles of all time After The Girl Next Door, of course All right, so we're forming these cookies and while they set up in the fridge

(laughing loudly) – [Jovial Manly Voice] Ice cream-less milkshake, to dunk these – Don't tell me what I'm gonna do, just let me perform – Yeah – Okay, I'm sorry I need to get my head space now ♪ Cut my ♪ All right so we're forming these cookies and while they set up, I'm gonna teach you guys how to make a delicious ice cream-less milkshake with whatever you got in the house, but before that, Nicole is gonna make a super awesome and easy, chocolate chip peanut butter mug cake

(exclaims loudly) That does sound good I'll have two Nicole (laughs) I'll see you in like a month or something (pop music) – I'm gonna teach you guys how to make, a really really easy recipe It's called a mug cake

But you don't need to use your oven, you don't need to use your stove, all you need is your handy dandy microwave I'm going to make a peanut butter chocolate chip recipe But as long as you get the base which is what I'm gonna teach you first, once you get that stuff down, you can add whatever you want to You can add add cocoa powder, you can add fresh fruit, you can put whatever you want in there and it's really really easy I'm gonna add three tablespoons of flour, and I'm just gonna take a little pinch of salt

And then I'm going to take, a tablespoon of oil You can use whatever oil you got Two large tablespoons of sugar Quarter of a teaspoon of baking powder Whisk that up and you pretty much have a mug cake, but no, we're not gonna stop there

We have peanut butter, chunky which is my favorite And then, we're also gonna add some chocolate chips in there too so, a hefty spoonful, I'm just gonna finish this (clattering loudly) Beautiful I'm gonna add, some milk Yeah, look at that

And, you have the option of adding an egg yolk cause that'll make a really really fluffy beautiful batter but if you don't have an egg Don't worry about it you don't need it My final step I need some chocolate chips Hey Josh, can you give me some chocolate chips, please – Oh yeah

(clattering loudly) Sorry – Thank you So I'm just gonna give it one final mix mixture all of the chocolate chips are firmly planted inside I'm gonna shake off any sorta excess, kinda level it out a little bit, and then I'm gonna pop it in the oven for like, not a (laughs) This isn't an oven, this is a microwave silly girl

I'm gonna put this in the microwave (laughs) for like a minute and then I'm gonna check it If it's still kinda raw in the middle, I'm gonna leave it in for another 30 seconds and then if it's still raw, another 30 seconds and just keep going until I get like the perfect spongy cake consistency Follow me on this journey (whooshing loudly) Oh it's steamy It kinda looks like pudding low key

Like, cooked pudding look, can you see that? Okay, fantastic I'm going to add a hefty spoonful of some IKEA jam Josh gave this to me as a present So I'm gonna take a spoonful of jam Put that on top, and let me grab some chocolate chips from the ground

Okay, there you have it This is peanut butter chocolate chip mug cake Oh, should I eat it? I don't wanna burn my mouth That is delicious, yo (exclaims loudly) It taste like a peanut butter sandwich like you know PB&J but like in cake form

You guys should make this immediately Next up is Trevor He's gonna show you how to make his dessert (throat-clears loudly) Sorry, peanut butter, inside of me (laughs) (coughs loudly) Okay

Hey Trevor, why don't you show the people at home how to make some of whatever you're making Don't know what it is (laughs) Ryan and I'm sorry, what was the line? Hey Trevor, teach these people how to make cinnamon toast buttercream cake (pop music) – Today we're gonna be making, the most bootlegged buttercream cake ever So we're gonna start with half a cup of butter which is usually one stick

I know, sometimes sticks of butter can be unreliable I've seen some very small sticks in my days Also seen some very large sticks One minute That seems like good amount of time

Got a half a cup of melted butter A bag of brown sugar that's soon to be o I did also just put on some coconut body butter So, my hands are, extra smooth, soft and supple, but that does not lend itself to opening bags well Just gonna squeeze it out like moon sand it's gonna go in with the melted butter

And then, also I'm gonna take half a cup of regular pure cane sugar I was so excited when we decided to do this, dessert hack video because I'm the freaking king of dessert hacks Oh, it's like right up my alley, I live for this So teaspoon of cinnamon all that's going in with the melted butter You wanna give it a good whisk it might take a second for the butter to combine with the sugar

So this is gonna go on pretty much every part of this cake (pop music) So we're taking a cup of butter, which is two sticks If one stick is a half cup then two makes one cup and that's called quick maths I'm just gonna start trying to soften this and paddle it and get it kinda smooth in the bowl I'm trying to get it as soft as possible

I'd left mine out of the fridge for just a couple hours until it's soft enough to work with but not to the point where it's like, melting it all in the bowl So now the butter's kinda smooth and soft in the bottom of the bowl I'm gonna add some powdered sugar When I make butter cream I never really use a recipe I find that it really just depends

So, I'd like to just, add powdered sugar, as I go Usually one cup of butter to three cups of powdered sugar is a pretty good ratio And it's looking good I think I'm gonna add some milk to it just so that it loosens up and comes together better So, hey Josh, can I get a splash of milk? – Yeah, I got you man

Say when I can't hear you my neighbor's a dubstep DJ, he's really good though Like not the like wab wab, but more like the (beatboxing loudly) Yeah (exclaims loudly) – Josh you managed to hit every single part of my counter and every ingredient except the bowl

(dripping loudly) All right, it's actually come together, very nicely, very smooth I'm gonna add a little bit of vanilla, because vanilla flavoring is magnificent Just a splash Also, because this is a cinnamon bootleg cake I'm going to add a little bit of that cinnamon schmear that we made earlier

It's gonna go on everything Little dash just to give us a little bit of cinnamon flavor And then this is gonna go between the layers of bread on our cake (pop music) One of my favorite, struggle sweet snacks as I like to call em, is just taking a slice of any type of bread Literally any bread that you have in your home works for this and then putting butter and cinnamon and sugar on it

So I'm just gonna take some cinnamon schmear and I've got my oven set to broil right now, so it is nice and hot And I'm just gonna spread some of that cinnamon on each of these slices of bread, and then that is gonna go in the oven and it is gonna get beautiful and crispy It's gonna make our cake, it's the cake The bread is the cake And, I'm gonna pop these in the oven

Really for I like a little bit crispier so I'm gonna do about five to seven minutes You toast it for as long as you want your bread crunch (timer ringing) All right, let's get that toast, out of the oven It's looking crispy around the edges just the way that I like it The cinnamon schmear is bubbling

Oh, it smells so good I'm gonna refrain from just, eating a piece of this right now as much as I want to No I'm not gonna do it I'm not gonna do it All right so while this cools, I'm gonna get to work on the second frosting that's going on this cake

That's right they're two frostings (pop music) The butter is melted Thankfully I was able to scrape up a little bit of milk So I'm add about three tablespoons of that About 1 1/2 to two teaspoons of vanilla depending on how much you like

I'm a vanilla person, so I'm gonna go two teaspoons Two cups of powdered sugar are gonna be going in here And then, you're just gonna whisk it all together till it's nice and smooth I'm surprised, for how much powdered sugar that I've used today I've kept things relatively clean

So I'm gonna whisk this together slowly Oh, right after I said I was staying clean, I'm no long That's how it works I'm gonna take some of that cinnamon mixture and I'm just gonna jump it in here You gotta have cinnamon, in literally every part of this

Look at the drizzle action happening I'm so excited I think it's time to assemble our cake We're gonna do is we're gonna take one slice of bread, the first, the base Schmear that baby with buttercream

Do however much you like, whatever your heart desires Second piece Schmear time, layer it on top Third piece, schmear time And then the last piece

No schmear We're gonna lay it on top So we've got the four layers, and now it's glazing time I'm just gonna go for the pour Honestly, it feels like the right move

(pop music) Oh yeah That is so unhealthy There's so much, literally every component of this, is just sugar and butter and cinnamon Get ready for this Nutmeg, a nice sprinkle of nutmeg on top

Obviously we gotta finish it with some cinnamon too It's like sprinkles but spice form (laughs) What is this? Look at this abomina, it's like a sandwich I could pick this up and eat it like a sandwich Oh my God, it's like an explosion of sweetness and flavor

Actually the nutmeg on top is doing so much for me right now The bread as a substitute for cake is not that bad I found that the more sugar and butter you put on something, the less it tastes like what it originally was Oh my God, well while I continue to engorge myself on this abomination Let's see how Josh is gonna make an ice cream-less milkshake

(pop music) – You may not have ice cream in the house in which case sucks to suck I actually don't either But, I'm gonna teach you how to make an ice cream-less milkshake We're gonna take an indefinite amount of whole milk Let's call it 12 ounces

Ah (exclaims loudly) Your guess is good as mine As much sugar as you're comfortable with, but you want it to be pretty sweet The way I think about it, ice cream is just milk and sugar If you were to take that and churn it, it would eventually become ice cream

So we've made ice cream all we need is something frozen I always keep a stack of nanners in my freezer at all times Problem is they all stick together so you gotta bash your nanners (clattering loudly) Okay, you probably want about one whole banana there's a lot of starch in a banana, which means it's gonna add a lot of thickness Oh God

Check it out This is how I got entrance to the Kumite, Bloodsport He smashes he goes (exclaims loudly) And only the bottom brick, and then they're like (exclaims loudly) All right so you're gonna keep adding your frozen nanners

The cocoa powder doesn't taste like much by itself When you add it to all the sugar in the nanners, it's gonna be really delicious You don't gotta use manners, you can use avocado heck you can just throw ice in there if you want to We got a nice little chocolate nanner milkshake So, my blender's not plugged in, and it doesn't reach the thing

And the only extension cord I have in my house is hooked up to the light Okay (exclaims loudly) I hope the blender is not on (blender roaring loudly) I blend it up That's a thick nanner

Now that's what I call a thick nanner We're gonna pour this in our glass, we're gonna get the cookies that have been setting in the fridge out, and then we're gonna dunk and enjoy At five Look how thick I mean honestly, this is a milkshake and it is just bananas, milk and sugar Oh, (mumbles)

(slurping loudly) Oh, that's good I'm just gonna kinda stack em up like cookies And I'm gonna take one for myself All I'm gonna do is dunk it, in that milkshake This is gonna be, oh man

I mean they're super chewy They're really dense, packed full of flavor, nice and salty Everything you want (mumbles) cookie If you don't have breadcrumbs, throw anything in there

I honestly thought about using ramen noodles but didn't – Thank you for joining us in the Mythical Kitchen – Drop me a line in the comments, let me know what other mythical dishes you wanna see next time Hit us up on Instagram @mythicalkitchen with pictures of your sweet quarantine food with #dreams become food – We'll see you next time

– [Manly Voice] You can cook up your own feast while wearing the Mythical Kitchen apron Available now at mythicalcom

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