Easy Coca Cola BBQ Ribs Recipe

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Come on, everybody So clap So clap Stop (upbeat music) Welcome to Mythical Kitchen where dreams become food

Dreams become food What the hell am I doing? (beep) Coca Cola is a delicious beverage on a hot summer day, but did you know it has many other uses For instance, you can kill slugs in your garden You can get the oil stains off the cement and you can defrost a windshield with it More relevant to our purposes today, you can make barbecue sauce with it

So that's what we're gonna do We're making a Jack and Coke barbecue sauce And we're gonna put it on some oven-smoked ribs There's no oven smoking We're just ovening the ribs

They're just ovened ribs If you're following along at home, you can stack the time codes right there (upbeat music) So clap (clapping) So clap Come on, everybody

Stop Let's get cooking (upbeat music) We got ribs Is that a good opener? – [Voice] Yeah – I felt good about that

All right, so we got a rack of baby back ribs Right now, I know what you're thinking, Wow you've got ribs off the back of a baby? No, baby back ribs are a portion of the ribs under I'm gonna show you one of my own breast, the baby back ribs, if they were on me, I'm not exposing my nipple to you

They would be the more bottomer ribs So that's what we got here It's like an ironic nickname, like calling a tall guy, a shorty What I'm saying is you got to dry rub your ribs We got salt going in there

Keep in mind, these are gonna have a very sweet, delicious Coca-Cola barbecue sauce that's going on We're gonna throw a little bit of Jack Daniels in there So we want to play with the like kind of sweeter side This is my sweeter side hand motion, the kind of sweeter side of the dry-rub spectrum Black pepper, we're gonna throw in a fair amount of paprika, and just a little bit of cayenne for heat

'Cause for me, sweet and heat go really well together (metal cups clink on the surface) I want to avoid flavors like onion and garlic 'Cause I don't like when you get that kind of vegetabliness with the sweet stuff, and we're gonna throw in a little bit of brown sugar in there and then we're just gonna use a spoon to sort of mash it up We're not using a smoker today 'cause we don't have one We're about to throw these ribs in the oven

If you have a grill, you can do that Keep it on a really low heat, wrap it in foil to kind of insulate it But honestly, in like the average home, just cooking ribs in an oven, you can make them really good And you can give them a little bit of barbecue flavor with the right dry rub and with the right preparation Speaking of preparation, H

I have no idea what a hemorrhoid is, but I feel like I've had them, like, I don't understand where it lives or what it is, but I'm like, from what people say, I think I have experienced it So what we're gonna do to infuse that barbecue flavor, we're gonna take some liquid smoke, just about a half teaspoon, and we're gonna add it to some yellow mustard So we're gonna go ahead and take that liquid smoke and the mustard And we're just gonna give it a nice smear on the ribs Not only is it gonna add some of that smoky flavor, it's also gonna add like a paste for your ribs to have something to stick to

You've heard of food sticking to your ribs You want food to stick to these ribs And then we're gonna take our dry rub and we're just gonna lovingly ladle it If your body had a ladle it would be And what you could do is wrap this and let it sit in the fridge overnight That's kind of gonna give you a little bit of that dry brining aspect

which I typically do like on pork, but for some reason on ribs, I like to just keep the natural meaty texture that they have And when you dry-brine it, it's gonna give it that little kind of sausagey snap So if you want fall-off-the bone tender ribs, all you have to do is put it in oven at 250 degrees for like anywhere between five and nine hours And you can make that meat as tender as possible I don't particularly like that

I like having a little bit of bite to my ribs So we're actually gonna cook it a little bit harder at about 325 for three hours And we're gonna wrap it in foil So it kind of steams together and doesn't get like that aggressive bark And then we are gonna hit it with a really high heat on the bake and add some barbecue sauce to it

Hey, speaking of barbecue sauce, how about we barbecue at the sauce right now (upbeat music) So we've got a pan heating on high heat We'll only take three cans of Coca Cola, one of the world's leading Cola products Oh, (beep) that burns I mean, shoot that burns So we take three cans of Coca Cola and we add it in there The theory behind this is Coke Cola is a majority than just straight corn syrup and delicious Cola flavor, and also a fair amount of acid That's why you can use it to like clean the cement and all that good stuff, because there's so much acid in it

Actually, you know what's funny, in eighth grade I did a science project I read on the internet that you can dissolve a T-bone steak off the bone in Coca Cola And so I wanted to test that So I got like nine bone-in-pork chops 'cause we were too poor to afford T-bones and I tried soaking them all in Coca Cola, mix of different acids and bases And instead of dissolving it off the bone, I just made mold in the classroom And when I added bleach to the Coca Cola, it was the first time in eighth grade that we had to use the fumigation hood

They gave me third place in the science fair out of pity Anyways So to those three cans of Coca Cola We're gonna add a quarter cup of Jack Daniels, just a quarter cup, just a quarter cup And then we're gonna let that reduce for about 40 minutes

No one more thing We're gonna add (banging on table top) onion to it So what we're gonna do is we're gonna take onion and garlic, and we're actually gonna infuse that into this Because we want to take all that sweet Coca-Cola and we want to get some savory flavors in there And so all I'm gonna do trim off the skins, (chuckles) and we're just gonna cut it in half and we're gonna let it boil on there

So it's gonna infuse the onion flavor in there, without actually getting any of that onion pulp And you can take all four garlic cloves, (banging on table top) palm heel strike it, and then you're just gonna toss those right in there So now we're gonna let this reduce for about 40 minutes and then we're gonna add our other stuff (ticking sound) (frying sound) (ringing sound) All right So we could stop the cooking process right now

And then you just have a beautiful Jack and Coke bisque, but I'm gonna fish out all these onions, you can save these for later For snacking or feed to your dog Dogs, love onions Dogs don't love onions, dogs kill onions, onions, kill dogs Don't feed your dog onions

We got our onions switched out, now what we're gonna do, we're gonna add a little bit of extra brown sugar, the sugar is not (exclaims) Nailed it So we've got the sugar in there

We now add some tomato paste to it, just a little bit, just enough to kind of thicken it, and give it a little bit that tomatoey flavor, you don't need tomato paste in all barbecue sauces, but I do like it And then we are going to add Worcestershire sauce, that is going to add Worcestershire sauce We're gonna take about a tablespoon of that dry rub, and then we're gonna add it to that I really like when you have a dry rub on the actual meat and then dry rub in the barbecue sauce, to me that kind of marries it together nice and perfectly And all we're gonna do is whisk this up for about five or six minutes, just until it tightens up

You'll know when it's ready to go by when you can stick a spoon in there I used all my spoons Hold for a spoon (soft music plays) You see right now it's a little bit thin It's syrupy, it's still pouring off

Let's taste the bones Ooh, it's super sweet It's acidic I always forget We're gonna add some vinegar to it

Whenever there's a clear liquid in a cup I miss it 'Cause I looked down and I go, there's nothing in that cup I'm like a dog who doesn't see his own reflection on a sliding glass door and just goes careening through it Lots of people have compared my intelligence to that of a yellow Lab, the dumbest of dogs

Now we're gonna let the barbecue sauce reduce down for just a couple of minutes until it coats the side of the spoon And then we're gonna take those ribs, we're gonna brush them down barbecue sauce We're gonna get nice and caramelized on top Tastes like raisins (laughs) Why come tastes like raisins

(upbeat music) All right, so ribs had been baking off So, I'm just gonna pull them with the mythical kitchen towel now available at toweltowel Unwrap the ribs Look at that

Those are looking great and they smell like a pork And now we want to actually get some caramelization on it 'cause right now it's perfectly tender, you see the meat has started to recede from the bone, but the bone is not pulling out And that's actually exactly what I wanted So I'm gonna take some of that delicious Jack and Coke barbecue sauce

And I'm simply gonna brush down the ribs with it I'm gonna pop it back in the oven I cranked it to 400 degrees and then we want to get some nice caramelization on it to get some good texture So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take the ribs and I'm gonna fly them in the oven And all we're gonna do is let that sit there for about five minutes and we're gonna brush it again and then we're gonna brush it again

And it's gonna be like that painting of infinite regression, where it's a painting of a man painting a man, painting and painting, painting a painting The ribs are gonna cook for a sec (frying sound) (bell dings) Look at it All that sugar in the barbecue sauce has become nice and caramelized What I like to do, is I like to hold the ribs up with tongs, just gonna turn this into a half rack

I like to just do single cuts on the ribs Somebody will do a double cut and then they'll leave one of the bones, just kind of like throw to the birds or the dogs Dogs love ribs, right? (soft pop) Dogs are so on ribs They love pulled pork So we're gonna take this and we're just gonna cut all of these down and then they're ribs

All right, all the ribs going up now (laughing) Trying to be like a weird Pokemon I was gonna do the cipher voice and then secondhand embarrassment washed over me (exclaims) I can't even do it There you have it there

There are your baby back ribs with Jack and Coke barbecue sauce All we gotta do is plate these up and then we can get to feeding time (upbeat music) These ribs look fantastic The barbecue sauce is all caramelized, it's smoky It's spicy, it's sweet, but I am no expert rib judge

My friend Jake is an expert rib judge He grew up outside Kansas city, is that true? – [Voice] That's true – That is true, So on the spot, Jake, I need his expert opinion Trevor, give me the spork bayonet So we're gonna keep socially distant, which is why I'm just gonna go ahead and

Jake, I'm trying to get you the full rack – Oh please, please- – Yeah, yeah Hold on

No, I know you'll dig I know you're a hungry guy – It's true – All right got it Maybe I can just do this

– Nailed it – Hold on We just sanitized the counters, it's gonna taste a little bit like soap, but it's gonna be clean Yeah, there it is All right, Jake, – This is working out beautifully – There you go

Yeah, yeah Oh, okay, okay (laughter in the background) We're fine, We got back up ribs I'm just gonna go ahead and pool-stick it over to you Okay? – Yeah

Oh great, here it is, nice – Yeah Now just get the camera right there Yeah, it should come off the ground, it's clean – It's really good

– Yeah? All right – That's soda, it becomes a little candied, and you can taste it And you have a little bit of like raisin lingering (laughing) – The raisin linger is always going for- – No, man It's great

I can't believe you made it's big and (laughing) – You're so good – Thank you, Jake, for your expert opinion

And thank you so much for stopping by the Mythical Kitchen We got new recipe videos every week, we got new episodes on our podcast, "A Hot Dog is a Sandwich" every Wednesday, wherever you get your podcasts, hit us up on Instagram @mythicalkitchen under #dreamsbecomefood, with pictures of your mythical dishes I'll see y'all next time (exclaims) Spork cam Rock it with a spork in your pocket

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