Easy Chickpea Shakshuka

– Now that we're here face to face, exactly six feet apart, you are my rock I would be nowhere without you

All of this is dedicated (timer beeping) to you – Time's up! (timer beeping) Shut up – Thank you, Nicole! (funky upbeat music) Welcome to Mythical Kitchen, where dreams become beans! Today's video is brought to you by our friends at Kroger, who have stepped up to be even more of a community resource by working safely and diligently to provide the groceries and home items that so many people need during this time Since we're in Los Angeles, we got these items from Ralphs, but all the products we use should be available at your local Kroger family store – Today, Josh, Trevor, and I are each gonna show you how to make a delicious meal with our boss Rhett's favorite food, beans

– I really like beans! – If you're following along at home, you can find the time codes right there and each recipe is also gonna be down in the description below – Let's get cooking! (funky upbeat music) Okay, so today we are cooking with canned beans and my favorite thing to do is eat refried beans Bean burritos, throw 'em on nachos, single favorite bean manipulation possible Bean manipulation sounds weird I'm gonna start with some bacon in a pan

Slice your bacon very, very small Refried beans are cooked with a lot of pork fat but you may not just have a tub of lard sitting around Unless it's your husband, am I right, ladies? I don't– So, all you're gonna do is render the pan out and there this is gonna give it some beautiful fat that's gonna allow the beans to kinda like emulsify in with everything when you start to mash 'em and refry them Also, a lot of people ask, why are they called refried beans when they're only fried once? Don't ask questions sometimes, it's better that way! You wanna cook it at relatively low heat as I have my burner cranked completely on high Drop that down

So, you're just gonna let that bacon sweat down and you should see a lot of beautiful fat released from it Release, bacon fat, (laughs) release! The way refried beans are typically made, if you cook a giant pot of pinto beans, there will be things like dried chilies in there What are dried chilies when you put 'em in a blender? Boom, chili powder Maybe you don't got onions, don't have the time to make a big old pot of beans, throw onion powder in there, it's gonna add like the same kind of complexity but it's a great little shortcut Like, if you don't have onions, drop some onion powder in there, it'll give you that little like nom, nom, nom taste

Important thing when you're cooking with canned beans, always taste a bean straight out of the can Different cans of beans have different salt levels in it and so that's gonna inform the way you season the whole pot It's lean, it's healthy, you've got some complex carbohydrates in there, it just moves everything through your system, if you catch my drift You see, we got a lot of nice liquidy fat rendering out of that, almost ready to throw our beans in there And, then we're gonna take a potato masher, except today, it's a bean masher which was not my nickname in high school, despite what the rumors say

And, so now we're gonna take two cans of beans It still has some of the liquid left 'cause we want to give the bacon something to kind of bind to It's like adding pasta water into like a butter sauce, right? You want that emulsification to happen So, we're just gonna add two cans into that and then we're gonna add our spices Just eyeball it based on your preference but we've got the actual measurements listed down there

Just gonna go with a little bit of onion powder and a little bit of chili powder So, eventually we're gonna be dumping this on a large tray of nachos and nachos are a food that I take incredibly seriously Like more serious than actual things in life is how I take nachos And, I fully believe that for a great plate of nachos, there has to be at least one soupy element on there I want the soupiness to come from the beans, we're gonna melt some actual cheese on there

All right, so want some of this bean liquid to cook out so we're gonna let it go for about three minutes Hey, Nicole, can you start a timer? Three minutes? – Yeah, sure thing (timer beeping) – Nicole, I've never said this to your face but now that we're here face to face, exactly six feet apart, you are my rock I would be nowhere without you All of this is dedicated (timer beeping) to you

– Time's up! (timer beeping) Shut up! – Thank you, Nicole! – I have no socks on (chuckles) – All right, now it's time to mash your beans! A lot of people think that the main mashing muscle is this right here, the forearm, but no, it's all coming from the delt Home workouts are getting jenkier and jenkier during quarantine! A lot of people have remarked that my right arm looks a lot stronger than my left, and I think it's because of cooking! That's fine, I'll be like Hellboy with just one giant fist Now, you're getting some good mash action So, keep mashing and then keep mixing around until you find the desired consistency that you desire in your deepest desires

Bean desire sounds like a fan fiction written about Rhett – I really like beans – Nice and soupy I want this to tighten up a little bit but also remember that because there's bacon fat in there, bacon fat is solid at room temperature so when this cools down, it's only gonna thicken So, you wanna pull it when it's a little bit too soupy to go on nachos, depending on your soupy preferences

Do people think soupy is a positive food word? 'Cause I do, some people would describe me as soupy Well, certain parts of me as soupy Certain like regions of my body Like after like standing over a hot pot of boiling beans and you go do a workout then you get some soupiness going? (slurps) Whoo! That is soupy and bacony and delightful We're gonna start building our nacho platter, but first, Nicole's gonna be making some chickpea shakshuka in her home with tools for cooking and her brain, too! Was that good? (upbeat music) – Today I'm gonna show you guys how to make shakshuka

Shakshuka is also known as eggs in purgatory with poached eggs inside It has a lot of spicy flavors, a lot of Middle Eastern flavors First thing we're gonna do is we're gonna take a little bit of vegetable oil I'm gonna take about two tablespoons Whoop, wrong one! I always do that! One, two

So, while you're waiting for your oil to start to get shimmery and ripple, you're gonna cut two cloves of garlic up You're gonna dice them really, really fine Hey Josh, since you have much sicker knife skills than me, can you cut this for me? I don't want my fingers to smell like garlic – Huh, jokes on you, every part of me already smells like garlic (chopping) Here you go Nicole

– Wow, look at those knife skills, they're not that good I'm gonna drop my garlic in there and I'm gonna take about half a teaspoon of chili flakes I want this to be very spicy So, now I'm gonna add my tomato paste I'm gonna add my whole entire jar

Ow, ow, she's so rude, it's going really well in here Our tomato mixture has gotten really nice and jammy Our oil is also nice and red too which is a really, really good sign See right there, okay, now that that is nice and ready to go I'm gonna add in the rest of my veggies Some of these bell peppers that are already frozen

A third of this bag and then I'm also gonna add a third of this bag of chopped onions too, beautiful So, I'm gonna let these stew with my tomato paste We don't necessarily want a charr on these vegetables, we just want them to be translucent, more than anything else Wow, that looks good Then I'm gonna take a can of Petite diced, peeled tomatoes

Oh, these have sauce in them, cool I'm just gonna add the whole entire can, straight in there No, did you see that? I saved it I'm gonna let this cook down So, we've got all of our vegetables in there and now we're gonna add, what Rhett? – I really like beans

– I'm gonna add garbanzo beans AKA chickpeas Fun fact about garbanzo beans, you can save the water and you can whip it up and it's called aquafaba and you use it to make like vegan desserts Like, you can make chocolate mousse from this liquid which is why I'm gonna save it and make my chocolate mousse when this is over I'm gonna add my beans Wow, this looks like a stew

Now, I'm gonna start to add my spices So, this is where the flavor components all come through Half a teaspoon of cumin, it's very smokey So, if you're afraid of smokey flavors, maybe start with a quarter teaspoon and work your way up A few cracks (pepper grinding) of freshly ground black pepper

Half a teaspoon of dried parsley flakes Half a tablespoon of salt Okay cool, perfect, that looks good So, once this is fully incorporated, I'm gonna start to make little wells for my eggs Hm, I'm gonna put five eggs in here

I'm gonna try to fit them all in Just gonna move some of the beans over I'm just gonna throw that bad boy in there, great Now, I'm gonna do that five more times, sorry four more times Make my little hole and drop my little baby, beautiful

Oh, oh, oh, fantastic So, I'm gonna put my last egg in and then while they're all cooking I'm gonna let that go for about five minutes I want the whites to completely set And, then I want my yokes in the middle to be really, really fudgey, a little bit runny, but a little bit stuck together, too And, I can achieve that by putting a lid on it

Come back, in five minutes I'm gonna go read a book (sizzling) (timer rings) Well, look at that, see when I shake it it's still a little jiggly on the inside but the the whites are completely set So, I'm gonna take some parsley flakes, scatter that all around the top I'm gonna take two eggs, 'cause I deserve it

Hmm, I like this one, make sure to get all that delicious tomatoey hardiness in there And I, conveniently made two pieces of toast and there you go guys So, this is what it should look like Okay, let's taste it for real That's a fudgey yoke young man

That is good The garbanzo beans actually make it really creamy So, it's almost like you added cheese in there but you didn't add cheese in there, it's crazy And, you don't need like fresh tomatoes or like fresh anything honestly I used frozen onions and look what I did

It tastes phenomenal and I want you to make it So, please make it Next up, Trevor's gonna teach us how to make black bean brownies, what does that mean? Show us Trevor! (relaxed music) – So, I'm making black bean brownies We're gonna use them as a substitute for flour So, we're actually gonna create, we're gonna mash up the beans really fine and we're gonna create a really nice fudgey brownie outta the beans

Now, I'm sure you have lots of questions Trevor, why do you have two cans of beans when the recipe only calls for one? Why are you wearing that silly hat? I get a lot of sunlight from this window and I have a very fair skin, okay? So, I'm just trying to protect myself We're gonna preheat our oven to 350 degrees because if your oven isn't hot, it can't cook things We're gonna mash up these beans really fine Now, if you have a food processor you can totally use that, it's gonna be the easiest way to do it

I do not have a food processor, so we're gonna do it the old fashioned way And, I am also now realizing, I don't even think I own a can opener It's a bottle opener I think (thuds) I'm just gonna jam it in there, oh! I was going into this, I was thinking it can't be that hard to open a can without a can opener Maybe if I just puncture the edge of it

Thankfully you won't see that this takes me 30 minutes You'll only see the finished product and probably a few funny bits where I'm mashing the can in between "Oh, ha, ha, he's mashing the can of beans" and "Oh, there it's done now" (relaxed music) And, now I'm gonna rinse these

All right, after an hour of hard work and toil you have your can of rinsed beans So, we're gonna take a galleon freezer bag and insert your beans Second can of beans, I'm gonna use because another basic kitchen tool that I don't own is a rolling pin You're using the beans to mash the beans Again, if you have a food processor this is way easier to do with that

Gotta shake your beans And, I'm gonna cut off the corner here and squeeze them onto the cutting board Oh, okay, I, (laughs) I'm not gonna say anything I'm better than that, I'm better than (laughing) Oh man, and

(laughing) (relaxed music) And then, I'm gonna take these beans and I'm gonna mush them flat I'm gonna scrape them with the flat edge of the knife here and that's just gonna continue to grind up the bean skin more And, then once you've decided that you've had enough scraping, we can move onto the next step (upbeat music) Okay, so I have my black bean paste in the bowl, so I'm gonna start with a quarter cup of sugar Your brownie's gotta be sweet, right? If you're making brownies that aren't sweet, you're probably making brownies wrong

A quarter cup of cocoa powder, as well You want your brownies to taste like chocolate Yeah, that's a quarter cup And, very important, a quarter cup of maple syrup The good stuff, straight from the motherland, Canada

All right, melted butter also going in here This just is such a different stick than the sticks that I'm used to I think it's got more girth 'Cause some sticks are long and skinny and some sticks are short and fat There's a whole range of sticks of butter

All right, I'm gonna cut a third of this and pop it in the microwave (microwave door slams) (microwave whirs) Melted butter, very steamy, hot bowl is burning my hand I have imitation vanilla flavor, you can use vanilla extract if you like It's pretty much all the same thing Don't tell anyone I said that

I'm going to add a half a teaspoon of nutmeg Sorry I just clipped my nails, so I, ah, nutmeg I'm gonna go a quarter teaspoon just of salt Just to give it a little, a little bit of that I need eggs

Josh, egg me! – Heads up – Oh, phew, got it! – Coming at ya – Oh! Little easy on the throw next time, please Eggs, when I crack my eggs I always crack them against each other, especially when I'm cracking large quantities of eggs Because, then you don't get the whites on the counter

And, there's one more ingredient that's going in here (groaning) Okay, why is this so hard to, oh it's a tear open (plastic crackles) Chocolate chips in the brownie batter It actually looks like brownie batter too, which is amazing How about beans everybody, can we give it up for beans? – I really like beans

– Crucial step that you don't wanna forget, you can't forget your baking soda or baking powder I only have baking soda, so I'm gonna use a quarter teaspoon So, I'm gonna get that in there Get it evenly incorporated I'm a fan of thicker brownies so I'm using a smaller square pan, it's also good for the amount of batter that this recipe makes

If you want you can use a longer pan, but I'm a man of, I like 'em thick I like 'em big, I like 'em round I'm gonna pop these in the oven at 350 for about 25 minutes (sizzling) (timer rings) Oh, they look beautiful Now, these are molten lava hot, so please do not eat them now

Let them cool off, as I will do before you engorge yourself Okay, I've waited as long as I'm willing to wait You know what the corner one, the first brownie you cut is always really, okay, I'm gonna cut into the next one Look at that! It is still steaming but it's okay because I've eaten steaming things before That's so good

It literally, its like, it's a brownie I dunno how to describe it, you've probably eaten brownies before, I have And, it's great, it's a perfect flourless brownie I love it, I'm probably gonna eat the entire pan later by myself in my room All right, now let's check back in with Josh as he's ready to finish off those nachos

(relaxed music) – I got a giant party-sized bag of tortilla chips You might be asking Josh, why do you have a party-sized bag, you live alone? I like to party, I'm a party guy, we're all party cats Some people will put down a layer of chips and then add all the stuff on top of it then do another layer of chips I don't like that, we're not making lasagna here You're gonna pile it a little bit so you get the fringe chips on the outside that stay extra crispy and you can dip in the middle

And, then the inside should be like a nice molten soupy center Think of your plate of nachos as like a molten lava cake of chips, cheese and beans I don't like throwing nachos in the microwave I think it messes with the texture of the chips, so what I'm gonna do is melt this cheddar cheese in a pan You're gonna stir it around a lot and then you're gonna pour the molten cheese directly onto your chips

Don't be shy with your cheese, if there was ever a time to not be shy with your cheese it's quarantine nachos So, we're just gonna put that right in the pan Alright, so while the cheese is melting, I'm gonna get our nice soupy beans on there But, don't put the beans on top of the cheese So, I think cheese to chip contact is important

All right, so you've got like a full blanket of cheese and then this is gonna go right on top And, then we're gonna pour on these delicious velvety beans I'm a bean heavy guy, like if I'm eating nachos the beans are meant to accentuate the cheese Now, you've got snacking beans for later, save your bean spoon If you wanna plate like a pro, symmetry is not your friend

You wanna just kinda act like the salsa fell outta the sky Don't neglect the edge of your nacho plate This is a heck of a lunch for one person Hold my calls for the rest of the day everybody I don't get calls, every call I get is a scam

I don't keep sour cream in my house typically So, what I do is I take cool snacking cups of plain Greek yogurt and I use them exactly like sour cream, because they pretty much taste the same This is your canvas, you are Vincent van Gogh Beautiful, one last thing, jalapenos, pickled jalapenos, cheese, beans, winning combination Those are your canned refried bean nachos

All right, I'm gonna dig, I see the perfect nacho right end back Oh, look at that pull, I love it when the nacho gets saturated and you can fold it (nacho crunches) Mmm! That's a five finger lick nacho right there The beans are extra soupy and velvety You get that super chewy melted cheese

The crunch of the nachos, the perfect amount of spicy This is great, this is the type of food that'll just like make your day brighter Thank you so much to Kroger for sponsoring this video and remember you can find all these ingredients at your local Kroger family store – Thank you for joining us in the Mythical Kitchen – Hit us up on Instagram @Mythicalkitchen with your pictures of all this delicious food of #dreamsbecomefood

– We'll see you next time

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