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– You know what the most important ingredient is? Comes from right here Buttermilk

(upbeat funky music) Welcome to Mythical Kitchen, the cooking show where we teach you how to make your favorite recipes from Good Mythical Morning Today we're making donut fried chicken, aka Nashville sweet chicken That's from last season's episode, "Spicy Sweet Food Versus Sweet Spicy Food" If you wanna check that episode out, click the link in the description, and also find the full written recipe down there as well See what else you find down there

We're breaking this recipe down into three easy steps, and if you ever wanna go to one of those steps, check out the time code right there So this dish is literally one of the best things we've ever made Rhett and Link absolutely loved it The idea is you take fried chicken, and you're basically gonna glaze it like a donut, then dust it in sugar, similar to Nashville hot chicken, except we're going sweet But you know what the most important ingredient is? Comes from right here, buttermilk

That's where it's made in the nipple area Also, my nipples are right here (studio member laughs) 'cause that's where nipples are (upbeat funky music) So, we're going to start with buttermilk Buttermilk is great for brining things 'cause it has lots of natural enzymes in it So, I'm gonna pour buttermilk in there

This is a whole quart going in And you know your buttermilk is good when you have the Woohoo! Great Deal sticker on it It is a reduced price because the grocery store knows that it expires today I'm gonna put salt in there, also pepper, and whisk it up We got salt and acid and some sort of sweet into a brine

It's actually creating an osmotic relationship We're also gonna get some Aunt Jemima syrup in there You could use real maple syrup I don't like it 'cause this has all the fake maple flavor in there that tastes even more like maple syrup So, we're gonna get about a quarter cup in there

Mm This is funny, I didn't just do that for camera A lot of times, Nicole knows in the morning I'll just take swigs of maple syrup 'cause it makes me happy I just like to do it And then you're gonna get two tablespoons of hot sauce going in there

So only use flavors in your brine that you think would go good with chicken And then final ingredient, very important If there's a recipe that doesn't have a single bay leaf in there, it's hardly a recipe at all What's it gonna do? Absolutely nothing Do you still have to put it in there? Yeah

And then you're gonna take tongs, and you're gonna put that next to the chicken, and then you're just gonna grab the chicken with your hands and put that into your brine All right, so you wanna kinda massage it in there, make sure all the brine is through the crevasses You're gonna cover this and get it into the fridge It's gonna hang out between two and 24 hours Anything more than that, it's gonna get over salted

The meats gonna start to break down Anything less than that, you don't get that delicious Jemima flavor Also, your buttermilk's about to turn, so probably use it up pretty quick (upbeat funky music) First step, you're gonna take a mat and paper towels and then Do I use the tongs? I don't know

Yeah, I should probably use the tongs First thing you're gonna do, you're gonna take your bay leaf and you're just gonna Thank you for your service We wanna get this nice and dried off because moisture, though the essence of wetness and though the essence wet Wait, no

Moisture, though the essence of wetness, and though wetness is the essence of beauty? Anyways, you don't wanna get wet stuff in your fry oil because then it'll sputter So, if you notice, we're not using a deep fryer here I like to fry in cast iron because you actually get some surface contact with the pan and the chicken, and any time you get like direct contact that means you get your browning, which means you're getting what then? Flavor! KFC uses what, 31 flavors in their chicken? You don't need that many And anyways, we're just using flavors that are gonna go well with fried chicken – [Ben] 31 flavors is Baskin Robbins

– Yeah, quick edit note 31 flavors is ice cream at Baskin Robbins KFC uses 16 candles So you want a good amount of salt in there 'cause that's gonna be the first flavor that you really get and then we're gonna go cayenne pepper Sweet-spicy, always a good combination

Then paprika, then a lot of black pepper Then when you whisk it, you're also breaking up all the clumps in your flour And the reason I'm talking so fast is because I'm worried that that oil has ever heated which you should have a trusty thermometer Alright, so you want to get the oil up to 350 degrees Chicken goes into the flour

It's called a double dredge, and then we're putting it into the buttermilk brine Then we're getting it coated in flour, and what you want to do when you fry chicken you wanna use a wet hand and a dry hand That means that only one of your hands touches the ingredients at the same time So you don't get your fingers completely caked in flour like I did So just gonna place that into our oil, and that's gonna fry, and then you just get this giant like Hellboy claw

Alright, so we're gonna go ahead and fry these for seven minutes per side (laughs) Where'd that bay leaf go? You're gonna go ahead and you take your bay leaf and you're gonna drop the bay leaf in the flour, and then bay leaf goes into the buttermilk, and that's gonna go back in the flour, and then you drop the bay leaf in the oil, and then there you got chicken fried nothingness 'cause bay leaves do nothing, they're a sham Alright, so chicken's been frying for about 14 minutes, and it's actually crazy because you smell the Aunt Jemima coming out of the brine, and it literally smells like an IHOP is on fire It's unbelievable So we're gonna take our chicken and pull

The best thing about frying in cast-iron is you're gonna get little slightly uneven bits You're getting that browning there, and that browning is actually gonna add to the flavor – (laughs) Oh, I forgot I put, I forgot we have a bay leaf (blows raspberry) Oh wait, you know what? (laughs) – [Ben] Did you figure out a use for bay leaves? – (laughs) This is really good (upbeat funky music) Alright, so we're gonna take a little bit of butter and we're putting that in their pan

In the meantime, we got to make the rest of our condiments So it's gonna be equal parts Crystal hot sauce, best hot sauce in the game right now, and Aunt Jemima, best syrup, look at her She's smiling, she's having a good time Maybe a little more syrup Make this your canvas

Because here's the thing Food is art Oh yeah, that is peppery and vinegary and sweet It's gonna go perfectly on the donut fried chicken Oh, you know what, Nicole? We had the wrong burner on

Yeah, 'cause we were heating up the chicken and not this pan – [Nicole] Who is we in this situation? – Alright, so what you're gonna go ahead and do is you're gonna make sure that your pan is on the correct burner We're gonna do is make some cinnamon sugar You dump the cinnamon in the sugar, and then you try and eat a whole spoonful of cinnamon, and then you go viral on YouTube Here's the thing

So I've been calling this a pan Someone pointed out to me that it's called a pot, but I think that all pans are pots, but not all pots are pans, similar to the way that all benches are chairs, but not all chairs are benches, and that all hotdogs are sandwiches, but not all sandwiches are hotdogs, right? – [Nicole] What? So we got our butter melting, we're gonna go ahead and add our milk to that So a lot of glazed recipes will call for milk and powdered sugar which is totally fine My problem of that is it won't solidify which is why we're adding butter to it 'Cause if you think about it butter is solid at room temperature

So if you heat that up, turn it to liquid, pour it on something When that's something becomes room temperature, it's gonna solidify because there's butter in it Did that makes sense? Alright, so we've added the rest of our powdered sugar to our glaze, and you want this to be nice and liquidy So that way when you pour it over the chicken, it really kind of sets and just becomes a beautiful coating Alright, so we're gonna take the glaze and pour that over our chicken

Oh yeah, look at that We're gonna dust the whole thing with cinnamon-sugar Yeah, I like that, and we're gonna place that on top of donuts Nashville hot chicken is served on top of pieces of white bread 'cause that way the bread kind of absorbs the juices So what better thing to serve this delicious donut fried chicken on than just doughnuts? Just kind of arranged this nice and artfully insofar as fried chicken covered in cinnamon sugar can be art, and then you're gonna take your sauce, slowly drizzle it around

Wow, so our donut fried chicken, we have this just large mountain of glaze and cinnamon-sugar and delicious crispy fried animal bits, and we're gonna go ahead and feed this to someone See if they love it as much as I do See if they love me as much as I love this chicken I hope they do (upbeat music) Hey, Stevie

(laughs) Would you like to eat my fried chicken? – Oh yeah Damn! – [Josh] it feels like "To Catch A Predator" Okay, so we have our donut fried chicken here This is from the sweet spicy versus spicy sweet episode I've recreated it with a little bit of twist, and I think it should taste even better

– Oh my god – Can I feed you? – I actually prefer this I actually prefer to be fed – [Josh] It's nice, right? – I forgot this is also a camera This is very confusing

– (laughs) I have no idea what's happening – Okay, I'm gonna do this now – [Josh] Open wide, here comes the air plane I'm gonna stop – This has never been used, and it totally clean, right? – [Josh] This is incredibly awkward

How is it? – Mm my god, it's so good – My heart is filled with love – It's so good – Right? – And there's like a hint of spice? – Yeah, there's a little bit of Crystal hot sauce mixed the Aunt Jemima syrup – So good

– Oh, this makes me so happy – You need to make this – Thank you guys so much for watching this video If you liked what you saw, subscribe to the Mythical Kitchen channel Also check out the Mythical Kitchen store

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