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– In 1962 in Western Ontario Canada Sam Panopoulos lit the fuse on the most heated culinary debate of our time with the invention of a seemingly harmless culinary creation Today we are still searching for answers

Does pineapple belong on pizza? This is A Hot Dog is a Sandwich – [Nicole] Ketchup is a smoothie – [Josh] Yeah I put ice in my cereal, so what – [Nicole] That makes no sense – [Josh] A hot dog is a sandwich

– [Nicole] A hot dog isn't a sandwich (laughs) – What? Welcome to A Hot Dog is a Sandwich, the podcast where we take on the internet's biggest food debates I'm your host Josh Scherer I'm a cookbook author, food journalist, Mythical chef, and I once ate so much Fire Cracker Shrimp at a Hokkaido Seafood Buffet that I threw up in the bathroom sink The janitor was right outside actually and I like walked out and he just saw the shame in my eyes

– And I'm your other host Nicole Hendizadeh I'm a food stylist I've worked as a research and development chef for different CPG companies I'm a culinary instructor for kids and adults, but I prefer teaching kids And I also work as a culinary producer for Mythical Entertainment

– Wait is that why you treat me like a child all the time ' cause you used to working with kids? – It definitely helps when I work with you, yeah – Yeah, you have excellent patience – I really do – And it often gets tested Oh it's so much

– Yeah and I have to take many bathroom breaks, and I need my hand held for a lot of things Okay so the podcast – We should do a podcast already – Yeah I think so – All right so we should probably explain the name first, A Hot Dog is a Sandwich, and where that comes from

Well first of all, do you think a hot dog is a sandwich? – Some days I do, some days I don't – Like Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, a hot dog is sandwiches Wednesday, Friday, nah? – Maybe it depends on when was the most recent time I ate a hot dog? Maybe, I don't know – When it's like freshest in your mind – you're just like – Yeah Mmm sandwich's in my mouth

(Nicole laughs) – Exactly – Okay, so the point is like, I don't know if a hot dog is a sandwich No one knows if a hot dog is a sandwich The whole point is that it's an unwinnable debate It's if a tree falls in the forest and no one's around to hear it – does it make a sound? – It does

When I was a kid I had that exact answer Ooh it's science, the sound waves, bah But no, I mean you can argue the hot dog is a sandwich thing endlessly Like well it's it's own specific thing so it has it's own set of rules, so you wouldn't call it a sandwich It's not two slices of bread but then Subway only has one slice of bread they're the biggest sandwich, right

It's completely endless – Yeah – So to me it like represents everything pure and beautiful about the internet food debates It's just people screaming at each other through the keyboards back and forth with no winner in sight And that's what we gonna do with every single episode here, so you and me screaming at each other, and then we're gonna come out of this and we're really gonna have to do a lot of work to repair our working relationship

– Sounds like a regular Thursday, Josh – That's exactly what they say – What's the biggest fight we gotten in at work? – Oh my gosh – It was a bucket It was about the bucket

– Okay no, the first fight we had was about a bucket – It was about a bucket Okay so we needed a place to throw away our old fry oil I was like Nicole we gotta get a bucket with a lid, and she was like, no, we gotta Sparkletts container And then this like, we had to– – A Sparkletts container with a funnel

– Say the whole story – Why? But if you have a bucket you don't need a funnel – No – Then we're just adding extra funnel budget We don't have any room to keep a funnel

Anyways, the topic we will be discussing today, Does pineapple belong on pizza? I said that dramatically I realize I already said it at the beginning of the show – Yeah – Does pineapple belong on pizza? Starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Who by the way could be – such a good comic relief

– He could come with us, yeah By the Dwayne "Rock" Johnson, he is an avid proponent of pineapple on pizza – That's awesome Do you think it's because he grew up, he grew up in Hawaii? – He grew up in Hawaii Yeah or I think he's Samoan

– Yeah – But his reasoning was I'm also the person who puts tequila on pancakes, I think? Which like, that's a whole other debate Does tequila go with pancakes? The answer's always yes – If it's tequila, – Yeah doesn't go with anything

– Yeah – Live your life – Pretty much – Have fun – Yeah Pineapple on pizza, where do you stand? – I love pineapple on pizza

I will eat pineapple on pizza I actually was raised on pineapple on pizza – So when I– – Is it a Persian delicacy? – No like so– – Is it offense if I ask you that – every time you say – No you like a food – But there's a fly and I wanna get it

You see him? (Josh claps) – Oh no, oh no – You got him – I got it Don't high five me – Okay

– So– – Hand on the jeans where I wipe literally everything – Yeah I know So when I grew up we didn't eat like pepperoni, or ham, or sausage or salami So it was typically either cheese, mushroom and olive, or when you really wanted to get fancy with it, it was onion, jalapeno and pineapple So it's like more of a nostalgic taste more than anything else

But I will eat pineapple on pizza without any sort of discretion, I love it I'm a big fan of it – I'm a big fan too I mean, we've eaten pineapple on pizza together, the last time we ate pizza together it was a late night in the office and we had ordered from Big Mama's & Papa's, shout out to Big Mama's & Papa's, best pizza mini chain in the Valley (Nicole laughs) We had ordered a pineapple, onion, and jalapeno

– [Nicole] Yeah – And we took the pizza and we held it, both of us, over the trash can, very large mouth trash can – [Nicole] Yes – And we drizzled ranch and hot sauce over it – Yes

– And ate it, which to a lot of people is sacrilege Again to us, it's a Tuesday at work – Yes, sounds like a regular work day for me – So yeah I mean I love pineapple on pizza, you get that little hit of sweetness, you know, – and then– – It's juicy – [Josh] It's juicy

– It's juicy – It's nice it kind of like gets a little flavor plop explosion in your mouth – [Nicole] Yeah – But that's not the question It's not, do you enjoy pineapple on pizza

It's does pineapple belong on pizza Because how many things do you eat that you can say, like I eat this, I enjoy it I don't know if it belongs together And that's not to say you shouldn't eat things that don't belong together Like say if it makes you happy to put Skittles in your cheeseburger

Put skittles in your cheeseburger – Yeah, you should also go to jail That's another conversation – You should at least get checked out – Yeah

– 'Cause you know sometimes, like if, there's a story of like oh I don't know where this is going, this is probably not gonna be scientifically accurate You know there's like a stories of pregnant women like eating dirt – Yeah it's called Pica – Yeah but it's like your body realizes that it doesn't have a certain nutrient – Yeah

– So it could be like the same thing Skittles, maybe they have a citric acid and corn syrup deficiency, and they need more – Does your body naturally produce corn syrup? – Yeah, when I cut myself I bleed corn syrup, just based on the amount of Corn Pops I eat (Nicole laughs) It's a beautiful breakfast cereal – Oh that's disgusting

– Okay so does pineapple actually belong on pizza? – Yeah Yes, Josh it does – All right, but who gets to say what belongs on pizza – That's what I'm saying – Does everyone own the rights to pizza? Like has pizza come so far now

Because pizza, lest we not forget, is an Italian food – No you're right – It was invented in Italy, – you know – Sure We can talk all day about different flatbreads 'cause Persian pizza is a big thing

– It's not a big thing but it's a thing that exist But if you put Ghormeh sabzi on pizza some people might fight you – That sounds delicious though – Some people put kebab on pizza they might fight – God I would eat that

– I mean I haven't tried it personally, but I know Pizzanista! does it, right? – (Josh) Yeah – In downtown LA, does Persian pizza But like, I don't know

I don't think those, do I know if those flavors right together? Maybe, I mean people are buying it, so it must be good to somebody – (Josh) True – Same goes for pineapples – To me, like, you have to look, you have to look at the history of pizza, and like, how it evolved – Do you have to though? – No I'm just saying

We don't have to do any of this It's all pointless, but I love doing it But it's like the history of pizza, to me, you have to look at it through an Italian lense, because it all comes from like Ancient Rome, right, they made like Italian, they didn't make Italian things they were Roman In Ancient Rome they made flatbreads that were– – Isn't Rome in Italy? – Like Rome was a big ole' empire, it like spanned a lot things, but now Rome is considered Italy They still have, like, a lot of, you know, regional pride, and like things that date back there

Like the huge Etruscan Empire was big on making flatbreads covered with stuff, and like pizza did things I don't know The point is, to me, Italy like owns pizza in a way To me, Italian people get to tell me what belongs on pizza So if like an Italian man come up to me, and just goes, I can't, I'm not gonna do the Italian accent

– No don't do it – No not at all – But I want to – No, no, no – Ooh so bad

– No, no, no How 'bout you just go like make your voice a lower register, so like Josh is this, – this voice – Okay If an Italian man comes up to me and goes like, no you may not put pineapple on your pizza That was Morpheus from the Matrix, actually

– Was 100 percent Morpheus – You can take the red pill or the blue pill, your life will never be the same If an Italian person comes up to me and tells me, like, pineapple does not go on pizza, I'll be like, oh dude I agree with you, I'm sorry I'm still gonna eat it – That's a one Italian person – No, I lived with two Italian roommates

– Three Italian people – Gabriele D'alessio And one literally got fired from an Italian restaurant, because he refused to grate Parmesan cheese on someone's fish, he was like, no, like cheese don't go on fish Like someone asked him for red wine with fish And I kind of respect that from him

– I kind of understand that but you work at a restaurant and you know it's the service industry, you're servicing the people at your restaurant – Yeah I know that's why he got fired – He lost the money – His name is Alessandro? – No that was Gabriele – Gabriella? Gabriella, you gotta be nicer to people, that's how you get tips, okay? You can't deny people, like Parmesan on their fish

Just let it happen– – I wish you would have done your dishes more, as well It really became a problem in our roommate relationship – You seem like – Gabriella you're doing well now – What the, what are you doing? – What the hell? – What are you doing? I think he started his own production company – Good for him

– Anyways I really respect cultures that have rules about their food They take it very seriously, because I think, you know, a big problem in American culture, that's where this is going The problem in American culture Nicole is the kids are on TikTok, and they're shaking their stuff – Eating Tide PODS – Eating Tide PODS

No but like, American culture, you know, I didn't grow up with any sort of heritage or food, like we ate Rice-A-Roni every single night And I kind of wish that I had some sort of like food culture to hang on to, where I can say like, no, like you can't put fenugreek in Ghormeh sabzi – Something – You do though Well yeah I guess that's one of the main ingredients that makes it

– [Nicole] Yeah – But the point is like I wish that there was, you know, some sort of a root that they could hold on to, to kind of like give yourself It makes the food more important at that point – I think you not having a root is a good thing That's how you get to create all these crazy things and that's why your the Mythical Chef, Josh, you are

– So maybe it's a good thing – I think that also, but it also gives me a lot of shame though – No! What are you talking about? Eat the pineapple on the pizza, Josh – Lay that peanut butter and jelly pizza and put grapes on it – You put grapes on it and it was– – It was delicious

– The agrodolce – But I'm imagining – It was amazing all these fictional Italian men screaming at me, and women – You, I don't know why – I don't either

But that's my stress dream – I don't think you should care so much about what people think about what you eat I think you should enjoy it and I think if you enjoy it, it is pizza Bam – Wham, thank you mam

– Any food you enjoy is pizza – No anything you put on a pizza– – If you enjoy it I think it's right Like there's no wrong way – To eat a pizza – It's a canvas on which all the flavors can meld and build

– Pizza is, it's such an important food to the history of Italy And there's like so much locked up in that Like there's this one that the Margherita pizza, right, the whole – Of course – Myth about it is like Italian unification and the chef made the colors red, white, and green for the queen

– Her name was Margherita – To represent the flag – Yeah So like you know the stuff like, there's no food that's really locked up in like the American history myths like that You know for Italy like – That was a food

– Rice-A-Roni Rice-A-Roni the San Francisco treat, that famously ended the San Francisco Oakland war in 1935 No but there's no kind of history locked up, you know, in that, in like the American story But for Italy there's literally a food that united the whole nation, of course it's like it's all complete BS

and like – their pizza existed – Yeah, whatever before that, but I don't know To me, there's something powerful and beautiful about that and to me it makes the food even more important to have that story Like this is all marketing man You know, like it's like to have the power behind the food to me, makes it taste better

But that said, when it's late at night and I just need cheap sustenance, I'm getting a pizza covered in pineapple – And hot sauce – And I'm just squiggling sauce – all over it – Yeah And I will unapologetically dip pizza in ranch They're people that don't even know that people dip pizza in ranch at all

I noticed on Twitter some one said what do you mean dip pizza I was like what do you mean, what do you mean dip pizza? – It's the best way to eat pizza – Every bite gets ranched – The one thing think we need to talk about is what is pizza? What is it? – Pizza – What do you think pizza is, Josh? – Pizza is love

(Nichole laughs) – Pizza is a crust made with 11 item, yeast whatever, baking powder, who puts baking powder in their pizza? – No one – No one, yeast – You made that up And then you put sauce on it and then you put cheese on it, and then you put toppings on it I think you need to open your mind man, and just expand your, you know, your judgements and placements and just eat a pizza with whatever you want on it And just savor it, and not care about what every one else thinks

– I can't do literally anything without overthinking it – I don't know why I don't know why you care so much – I think every food should be overthought to the point to where you don't even enjoy it – What's the point in that? – No, not I'm totally kidding

Pizza is an enjoyment food, but when you talk about like the definition of pizza, if you take any sort of leavened flatbread and you put stuff on top of it, like does that necessarily make it a pizza Because there's other — – It's a flatbread – But can you call it a pizza If we put pineapple on a pizza do you even call it pizza anymore? Or what if we're all just eating pineapple flatbreads out there (Nicole gasps) – We're not

– – Gasp – We're eating pineapple pizza – But like okay so in Naples, right, they have, you've seen the signs like at pizza places in LA it's Associazione Vera Napoletana Pizza, the AVPN, we have the cards

I have– – AVP, Josh AVPN – AVPN is the porn awards – No it's not – What? – [Nicole] No

– I thought it was Okay so there's like the AVPN, right? We have a list of standards that they define pizza as, and again, I kind of agree with them Because to me pizza was invented in Naples They have the ability to define pizza – We have the stats here, if you wanna go ahead and say what they are

– You said you read one, I read the other one – AVPN Standards, number one wood fired oven – Number two must be cooked between 60 and 90 seconds – The temperature of the wood fired oven must be 806 degrees fahrenheit to 896 degrees fahrenheit – The pizza must be 13

8 inches wide – Must use yeast, no sour dough starter – That's weird – That's weird cause I love sour dough crusts on pizza And it's still pizza

– I'm gonna take a cue from my favorite podcast, Last Podcast on the Left, Queen Bonham, Nicole – What did you call me – Queen Bonham who benefits What I'm sorry, I didn't, please don't tell HR (Nicole laughs) – Who benefits from creating these standards of pizza now? Because like that to me, to me, if they did this – The AVPN – Yeah no literally I mean they charge a bunch of money to get the certification

But like the way I was kinda look at this initially was like they're trying to only preserve, you know, the legacy of pizza and all that So they're doing this for the benefit of pizza They don't want the pizza quality across the world to get watered down and then suddenly this beautiful Italian food is just turned to crap It's turned to us holding it over a garbage can drizzling ranch on it But this no sourdough starter thing

– It's kind of, what I'm worked up about, about the AVPN, I agree that they should preserve, you know, the humility of pizza, if you will – [Josh] Yeah – But if I were to go and get a pizza from a place that has the certification and if I were to put a Domino's pizza in front of you, would you call them both pizza? Josh? – I mean yeah – Yeah but one of them has a certification, one of them doesn't Now is pineapple anywhere listed on this, – Joshy? – One them has the delivery tracker app

– Joshy do you see pineapple anywhere on this? – No they would definitely not approve a pineapple – But we can see here, that there is nothing that states the toppings on top of the pizza So there in, put pineapple on your pizza – Bam, mic drop My favorite YouTube video of all time is it's pranking Neopolitans by giving them pineapple on pizza

– Yeah I've seen it before, it's great – It's incredible – Yeah it's incredible – The guy he goes like the most famous pizzeria in Naples and then he like delivers pizzas to people that just ordered the Margherita, whatever, and he has a giant ring of pineapple on it And they're all like what are you doing this is Naples, pizza was born here, how dare you spit on the culture

Your ancestors would rise from the grave They got so incredibly worked up about it One woman physically assaults this man for serving her pineapple on pizza And to me if some one has opinions that strong about it So many times in debates when someone's just like, they obviously feel a lot more strongly about it I'll be like yeah cool, nah you got it

I shouldn't even be talking about this You know – Josh, I'm gonna level with you here Maybe they're just mad that the person that delivered the pizza was wrong and put pineapple on it because they just wanted a regular ass pizza Did you ever stop to think of that? You spit on my culture, whatever just eat

You know what I believe if people tried it and had an open mind and like really gave it a shot, they'd probably love it – [Josh] Yeah – I really do think that – I do think there is something to the idea of food authenticity right like people all decide when, you know, this is authentic Mexican food, flour tortillas are another great thing when people talk about how flour tortillas aren't authentic Mexican food – Of course they are

There's a whole town, like Sonora, Mexico, that makes this beautiful white stunning flour that's made for tortillas – Yeah like in Sonora, they been growing wheat there for, you know 500 years – [Nicole] Yes – And making flour tortillas for about as long – [Nicole] Sure

So it's like how long does it take for a food to become authentic If you talk to anyone from Sonora or Baja, California too, they're like, yeah dude flour tortillas are absolutely authentic I grew up eat these How are you gonna tell me that they're not? So at some point pineapple and pizza is going to become authentic pizza – When do you think that's gonna happen? – No matter what

I'm gonna think it's gonna happen in the year 2035 Because I thought about this and I did a couple of calculations on my iPhone calculator (Nicole laughs) – Here's the date – Okay – 1889 supposedly when Margarita pizza was invented

– Okay – Right, started modern pizza culture In 1962 this is their pizza in the middle of the table 1889 Margarita pizza invented 1926 Hawaiian pizza invented

Pineapple, ham, delicious We all know it and love it 73 year gap 73 years from 1962 is the year 2035 – Oh my God

– That is when pineapple on pizza will fully become indoctrinated into the minds of everybody and they'll finally accept it – If you call me January 1st what is it? 2035? – Yeah – And if you put a pineapple pizza in front of me I'll eat it, but if you also do the same thing, if you call me tomorrow and put a pineapple pizza in front of me, I'm gonna eat it And so are you – I fully agree with that

I totally agree with that I will eat pineapple on pizza Like from a culinary perspective, it just works – It does – Especially with a salty, – spicy cured meat

– Absolutely, it does Even without, well I raised without the cured meat, but I'll have it with ham now – Yeah I'll have it with– – Cheese is salty, crust is chewy Pineapple delicious, fruity, especially if you get a little bit of char on it

– Yeah it's phenomenal – What a treat What a fantastic treat Another thing that people talk about is like well if you're just scooping pineapple straight out of the can and throwing it on pizza it sucks It's like yeah

– If you drain it well – Yeah but like – You gotta drain it – The point is any food made badly is bad food – I agree

– Any food made with craft and attention is delicious That's another thing we just need more like bomb pineapple on pizza champions Like round table pizza and their what's it called? – I don't know – I don't remember it – They have a silly name for it, it's like the – I don't know, the luau? – It's something like that

– The grass skirt – The flying Hawaiian or something I don't remember – The Aloha Oe – That'd be good

– [Nicole] Yeah – No with Zach Pollack at Cosa Buona He's making a really crafty pineapple pizza Shout out to Cosa Buona – [Nicole] I still haven't been there yet

– He makes his own prosciutto cotto – Oh my God – He does house smoked mozzarella So you get like the smokiness with the sweetness, – then saltiness in the ham – Oh that sounds delicious

Full blistered charred crust, it's great – That sounds great It sounds, it the same vein as getting a Domino's pizza, or Pizza Hut pizza with the same exact craft, love, and attention, as Cosa Buona – Domino's put a lot Domino's did a great thing

They like in 2008 or something, they put out this giant survey to all of their fans, what do they call them? I've been on the internet for too long Everyone's a fan – The domineers – Customers – The dominatrices

Domino's put out a survey to all the dominotrices – All the doms – All the doms out there And they were just like what can we do better? And people were like well your crust kind of sucks and it taste like nothing And they like fixed everything – Domino's slaps these days

– Intention That's intention – Yeah and that's why they're multimillion possibly billion dollar company – I don't know how money works – Me either

– I have no idea how money works – Me either – Do you know what the word escrow means? – Oh my gosh When your house is in escrow that means the bank owns it – I don't know, why you looking at me

I have no idea, I'm not a real adult I discuss pizza on the internet – Do you think I'm a real adult, I haven't even started paying my student loans I'm 26 – [Josh] God

– I don't know what to do – Keep talking about pizza Eat pizza and it all gets better – I wanna know why he, Sam Panopoulos, wherever you are – It should have been Pineappleous

– Is he? – Oh he's dead, he died, like recently No it's like a happy death Like he was – What's a happy death? – Well like He like lived a full life, you know, it's not like he was, like he – I just wanna know what inspired him to put like ham with it

– Well so pizza didn't get really big in North America until like 1940s or something, when people were coming back from World War II – [Nicole] Yeah – And then around that same time is when the US annexed Hawaii, so there was like this big like weird like luau fetishization culture

– Yeah – And so people were like putting pineapple on everything There's the, you know the McDonald's Filet-O-Fish story? – No – So the — – I'd love to hear it though – So they were trying to appeal to Catholics, Ray Kroc, – Oh yes I do know, I do know, for Lent

Or for Friday, Saturdays? – What? I don't know, we're Jewish We don't know about the other – [Nicole] I don't know all that stuff – We're not allowed to eat a lot of stuff on Friday – I think on Saturday your not allowed to eat

– On Friday your not allowed to eat meat, and that dates back to an old Papal Decree, to try and stimulate the Italian fishing economy A lot of galaxy frame stuff here So it's like fish on Fridays a big thing, especially for Catholics McDonald's trying to capitalize on that And so Ray Kroc was like guys I have the best idea, for a meatless option, it's called, I think it like was the, the Luau burger or something

But it was literally a slice of pineapple with American cheese in between a bun And some guy was like what if we make a fish sandwich? He was like that's stupid People love pineapple and cheese So that could have been the initial outrage But there was like this culture like when bunch of Tiki bars started opening up and so like pineapple was this new exotic fruit, coming from this big, you know, vacation exotic destination

And so yeah like what better way to introduce it to America, then this like other new budding exotic food that is delicious and just stretchy and cheesy and carby – All right let's see what other people have to say about pizza – Okay – Jimmy Kimmel, do you know about Jimmy Kimmel's food habits? – No I don't – The dude keeps like three soux vide machines in his office

He's the ultimate food snob So you can imagine how he's gonna feel Pineapples do not belong on, can I do a Jimmy Kimmel impression, what does he sound like? – Yeah I'm Jimmy Kimmel – I'm a Jimmy Kimmel

Pineapples don't belong on a pizza – Kind of sounds like he has a little bit of an nasal and his inflections are kind of like Obama, but like not really That was pretty good – Pineapples don't not belong on pizza I don't care where your from

Any pizza that taste better with pineapple wasn't a good pizza It's not even a pizza It like a pizza colot – Okay just so you guys know that's a Jimmy Kimmel impersonation, that is not a Barack Obama impersonation – No that was pure Kimmel

– That was pure Obama – Were you not getting pure Kimmel from it? – No I'm so sorry that was a 100 percent Barack Obama – Okay, okay, here's the thing, any pizza that taste better with pineapple wasn't a good pizza, I think that's unfair – That's not true, Jimothy Kimmel – Jimothy Kimela

I, yeah, no you can, if you're crafting it to be a pineapple pizza, that's the thing, you can't throw pineapple on after the fact – No you need to let it bake into the cheese – Yeah you need to have intention to make a pineapple pizza Like Pollock at Cosa Buona, with the smoked Mozz And that like crafty, crafty ham

– [Nicole] Yeah Something that's true – I'll do this one Thomas Middleditch, who I have no idea who that person is – What, oh Silicon Valley, he's the Verizon or AT&T or whatever

– Oh, the can you hear me now guy? – No, I don't know – I don't know As a kid I didn't get it, now I fully understand What a treat, what treat pineapple is Thomas, you understand what I'm saying, and I really love that about you

I'm gonna watch your show Silicon Valley and the AT&T commercials, I promise I agree with him As a kid I didn't get it, it's because your palate becomes more refined When I was a kid, I hated mustard I would retch at the idea of eating mustard

And now I'm, like, I'm gonna put, slap some Dijon on what, on this Cuban sandwich , I don't know and I'll enjoy it I think your taste evolves the older you get – Yeah but most of the time it like evolves to acquire like a bitter flavor palate right, but this dude just like – Sugar pizza – Sugar pizza now baby

No there's something really beautiful and pure about this, like now I under, what a treat What a treat pineapple is, that exemplifies everything that pizza should be Pizza should be a treat – Pizza is a treat – But also pizza should be a treat with strict rules that I'm very shameful about

– You can read the next one – Okay, Paris Hilton I actually like it I love Hawaiian pizza I think it's really hot

– [Nicole] Okay – She said it's really good not I think it's really hot (Nicole laughs) – (Josh) Okay – I stay in Paris, to this day I love you Paris, I agree with you 1 Million percent I'm on your wavelength, Paris

– You seen Paris Hilton's lasagna cooking video? – Have I? I want her to come on our show and cook with us I might cook, just stand there while I kind of like float around her and do the things for her – With the fingerless gloves? – Yeah I'll just help her, I'll be like, Paris, Paris, take that – And she just complains about literally everything in the recipe – [Nicole] I love her

– I don't know why we have the noodles you have to boil, that's not hot but – [Nicole] I'm a big fan – I guess I'll do it Yeah I trust Paris Paris is now a food authority in my book

– [Nicole] Yeah – Because she made that fantastic lasagna cooking video – Yeah I trust her more than Foodgod – [Josh] True – Justin Trudeau, I have a pineapple

I have a pizza and I stand behind this delicious Southwestern Ontario creation #teampineapple – Political pandering (Nicole laughs) Just because it was from Ontario, no, no He's trying to get Southwestern Ontario votes – [Nicole] Oh my God

– To win the next election so he can keep putting fluoride in the water and brainwashing people – Oh my God – Wake the fudge up, people – Oh we started saying fudging, instead of the actual word, because Trevor taught us to not curse as much as we should Thank you Trevor

– Our souls feel cleaner – Yeah you are our hero (Nicole laughs) It's a home court victory for him I get it, we take political pride in things – I think he's doing what he has to do

– I don't think politicians have any real feelings, or likes or dislikes, I think they are only saying what they need to do to get votes But that's interesting that he, you know, was fully on that side, because it can be a device of topic – I think he is just trying to unify Canada, cause you know Canada's real split up right now man Trying to unify the Canadians up there – No Canadian politics, if we know anything more than pizza, – it's Canadian politics – I know nothing about Canadian politics

– All right Justin Bieber Pineapple on pizza is good You guys don't like that? – There we go J Biebs – Pineapple on pizza is yummy, yummy, yummy ♪ Yummy yummy ♪ ♪ Yummy yummy ♪ – That song sucks

– I kind of like it now – I heard it so much – That song is horrific and now I love it – Justin Bieber is this a good thing or a bad thing that he agrees with us? – I think it's a good thing I think he definitely has great taste

Have you seen his beautiful wife? – Beautiful wife – Wow If you have great taste in your wife, in your wives, you gonna have great taste– – Happy wife, – happy pizza – Happy pizza – You know what they say

– Yeah And Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, you actually just said this As for my pizza toppings keep in mind I'm the guy who likes to put tequila and brown sugar in my oatmeal, so pineapple on my pizza is my jam With him So it's not pancakes

– How could you disagree with anything The Rock said? – Yeah it's another breakfast – He's incredible – [Nicole] Yeah – He's everything that a person should be – [Nicole] Yeah

– In life, he's absolutely jacked, he's super yoked – Bald – He's real strong – Bald – He's got big muscles

– No hair – And he can lift a lot of weights – Zero follicles – Oh you love bald guys huh? – I love all men (Josh laughs) – You love all pizza, you love all men

This is Nicole Hendizadeh, signing out – I'm very inclusive person – All right Nicole – Yes, Josh – Final answer

– Yes – Does pineapple belong on a pizza? – Absolutely – Yeah there was no question – Yeah man, what are you talking about? – You've been a pineapples fan since day one – Since day one

– I'm sticking with my original answer 2035 2035 is the year pineapple will belong on pizza I will continue to eat it until the day I die, but until 2035 I will feel a deep sense of shame And there's nothing wrong with that – We'll eat it together so we can absolve the shame

– We're gonna record our next podcast at CPK – Oh my gosh I love CPK – [Josh] The Jamaican Jerk pizza's so good – Oh my gosh

– Okay, okay, if you'd like to weigh in on whether pineapple belongs on pizza or not leave a comment down below And if you like this episode please share it with your opinionated friends But the debate doesn't stop here, you can listen to the full podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you normally listen But the only way to access the next segment is via the audio version – The segment is called Opinions are like Casseroles where you read and respond to your questions, comments, and criticism from Twitter

If you wanna be apart of that make sure to head over to your preferred podcast platform or click the link in the description – Thanks for watching, we'll see you next week – Oh casseroles rhymes with We're commemorating our creative promise to each other with the Blood Oath tee and long sleeve at mythicalcom

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